graciegra · a year ago
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ATLA + Scenery (1/2)
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auffilet · 2 months ago
JOE HILLS: Excellent, and I’d like to remind my viewers that if you’d like to join Hermitcraft, you could just send a tweet to Hypnotizd- no, don’t do that.
XISUMA and CLEO laugh.
CLEO: No, do it! Do it, it would be really funny.
XISUMA: (overlapping) That would get so annoying.
JOE HILLS: But the tweet shouldn’t ask to join Hermitcraft, the tweet should say, “Hypnotizd! I watched some of your videos today, and they made me happy.”
XISUMA laughs.
XISUMA and CLEO: Yeah-
JOE HILLS: Don’t mention-
CLEO: -that will get you on.
XISUMA: Do that!
JOE HILLS: Don’t mention the server. That’s- that’s the handshake, it’s just- wink.
CLEO laughs.
JOE HILLS: “I like your videos-” wink.
XISUMA: (laughs) Brilliant.
JOE HILLS: In fact, y’know what, go ahead and comment and like on my videos, too, folks. That’ll be a real humdinger if you’re trying to get on.
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lotus-duckies · 3 months ago
Saiki, eating ramen with the boys: I have no intention of making friends
Saiki, helping Mera keep her jobs so she doesn't die: I'm only doing this because otherwise would inconvenience me
Saiki, going to a party with them: Having friends is pointless
Saiki, in a group hug: Disgusting
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Tumblr media
Scott: Will you marry me?
Isaac: Uh............
Derek: Will you marry me?
Stiles: Oh my God, are you dying? *gasps* Am I dying?! Is one of us dying?! *starts running around the room in a panic* OhmyGodohmyGodohmyGodohmyGod....!
Theo: Will you marry me?
Liam: *pulls out a wedding planner binder he's been working on for months* Took you long enough to ask...
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apuestoaquequieres · 5 months ago
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Gloria Guida in ‘L'affittacamere’ (1976)
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msdanvers · 9 months ago
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i want that too. my want is so wide that i cannot cross it.
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msdk-00 · 2 months ago
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ut-girl666 · a month ago
Lost Light: *notices Rodimus is up really early/late doing something/working on the bridge*
LL: *materializes up holoform*
Lightlost: *scolding parent voice* Captain!
LL: You should go to bed. If you don’t, you’ll hate yourself in the morning.
Rodimus: *on his sixth cup of coffee, and second full size twix in his bag of stashed candy, about to unwrap a watermelon jolly rancher, on his eighth datapad of the past three hours.*
Rodimus: *turns to look at LL dead in the eyes*
Rodimus: joke’s on you;
Rodimus: i’m gonna hate myself in the morning regardless.
LL: *visibly concerned* Captain no-
(Sentient!Lost Light AU belongs to @cuppajj)
Update: drew it out. See in reblogs.
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multiverse-mxdness · 10 months ago
Hotch: can i help you
Spencer: i like chocolate milk
Hotch: yes i caught that before
Spencer: can i have some chocolate milk
Hotch: what do i look like your mother
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ongawdclub · 9 months ago
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incorrecthsrquotes · a month ago
You are NOT welcome to my twisted mind! Keep out, it's private!
Strong Sad, probably
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graciegra · a year ago
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LOK + Scenery [White]
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auffilet · 2 months ago
JOE HILLS: Hey, what’s that thing that has “be the change you want to see in the world”? I think that’s just Ghandi.
CLEO: Yeah, that is just-
JOE HILLS: Boom! Low budget spoof.
CLEO: (laughing) Ohh, Joe!
XISUMA: That’s like that Michael Jackson song. “If you wanna make the world a better place… take a look at yourself, and make a change.”
CLEO: Man in the Mirror.
CLEO: I think- I think we may have gone out of our key demographic there.
XISUMA: Yeah, I was- I was watching-
JOE HILLS: (overlapping) I don’t know, Michael Jackson was a real Thriller.
XISUMA laughs.
CLEO: (groaning) Ohhh, Joe!
XISUMA: I was- I was watching a- uh, video by- I think it was Guude and BDoubleO- and, those guys love Michael Jackson.
CLEO giggles.
XISUMA: And I sort of read the comments a bit… and noticed that there is a real generational gap there.
CLEO: Massive.
XISUMA: And it’s-
CLEO: It’s ridiculous.
XISUMA: It’s quite scary… kind of.
CLEO: Yeah, I think- I mean... At school, you can make references and just- just… be completely oblivious. Quite scary how- how fast…
JOE HILLS: Don’t worry, TV Tropes-
XISUMA: Well- (inaudible)
JOE HILLS: TV Tropes will remember forever.
CLEO: That’s partly what scares me.
XISUMA: He was- he was the biggest selling artist of all time, like- no one’s overtaken him. Very likely, no one ever will. And… uh, I don’t think, like- every time he was on, I don’t think these kids don’t see the kind of impact he had on the world with his music, and… now- now, do you know what I mean?
CLEO: I do. I do, and- and-
XISUMA: (overlapping) It’s time to move on, innit?
CLEO: (overlapping) -see it on a regular basis. It’s- can be quite. It makes you feel old.
JOE HILLS: See, I’m okay with it, because it gives the kids room in their lives to enjoy what we make. Like, if a kid was like, “I gotta listen to every best selling album ever constructed-”
XISUMA laughs.
JOE HILLS: “-since 1920, I’m gonna start with this swing, move into this jazz, there’s a little bit of blues here. Okay, now I’m catching up to the 40’s and 50’s- oh hey! Buddy Holly doesn’t have- uh, one of those cool synthesizers yet, so he’s using one of those, so he’s using a xylophone for one of the synthesizer part of the song- that’s kind of neat!” And then, y’know, by the time they’re dead, they’re like, “Oh, maybe I’ll watch a video by ZombieCleo.”
XISUMA and CLEO laugh.
CLEO: You’re not like-
JOE HILLS: I’m okay with this! We directly benefit from these kids not having time to know who The Beatles are.
XISUMA laughs.
JOE HILLS: I mean, they- they might be The Bee-attles, I don’t know! Maybe I’m pronouncing it wrong!
XISUMA: That’s so very true. Very true.
CLEO: Oh, Joe... Joe… positive spin on everything!
JOE HILLS: Well, no- I mean, if it benefits me, then I can spin it positively. Otherwise, y’know, it’s terrible.
XISUMA and CLEO laugh.
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awakefor48hours · 27 days ago
Ekko: my girlfriend turned into a psychopathic killer
Caitlyn: that’s rough, buddy
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incorrect-hs-quotes · 4 months ago
Equius: D—> Hmmmm, the Land of Sand and Zephyr
Equius: D—> Count how many sand is here, Aradiabot. That is your first mission.
Aradiabot: 0kay. 0ne, Tw0, Three, F0ur….
Vriska: Why the fuck would you make her do that????????
Equius: D—> It passes the time—
Vriska: Its gonna t8ke soooooooo loooooooong!
Aradiabot: Nine, Ten, Eleven, Twelve…
Vriska: Equius! its gonna 8e so annoying!
Equius: D—> Im curious what the STRONGEST number is.
Vriska: No! Shes just going to 8e counting forever!
Aradiabot: Twenty, Twenty-0ne, Twenty-Tw0, Twenty-three…
Equius: D—> Perhaps.
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apuestoaquequieres · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
‘Playboy: Sexy Lingerie III’ (1991)
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