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floppywrist · a day ago
They lost focus and had a consensual workplace relationship
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purgawhatory · 9 months ago
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the unofficial official art for tsoa
By Alice Blake
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alessiajontrunfio · 2 months ago
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"My pulse jumps, for no reason I can name. He has looked at me a thousand thousand times, but there is something different in this gaze, an intensity I do not know. " [The song of Achilles- Madeline Miller]
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basstual · a month ago
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achilles it's a pointless resistance for you
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moonstoast · a month ago
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the milk train doesn’t stop here anymore by tennessee williams // holly warburton // holly warburton // memory for forgetfulness by mahmoud darwish // before sunset (2004) // calling a wolf a wolf by kaveh akbar // teodor axentowicz // anne magill // the song of achilles by madeline miller
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pigeon-princess · a year ago
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He is half of my soul, as the poets say. 
Re-designing my favourite book covers, this time for a story that has stolen my heart a thousand times, The Song of Achilles. 
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shkespeares-ass · 8 months ago
The feminine urge to not finish a book because I'm emotionally attached to it and don't want it to be over.
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cazydiva · 8 months ago
The tension between me and starting a new book while i still haven't finished my current read
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heljos · 4 months ago
the phrase "what has hector ever done to me?" continues to haunt me
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in-a-closet · 17 days ago
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…and our joy was so bright we could see nothing else but each other. 🌅
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karynslee · 2 months ago
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what has hector ever done to me?
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raphael-angele · 3 months ago
Don't Mess with Books
Damian, coming home from school: Todd.
Jason: Yes, demon spawn, what is it?
Damian: May I borrow your gun?
Jason: Why is that?
Damian: Some boys at my school have been annoying me for the past few days and it's starting to get on my nerve
Jason: What did they do?
Damian: They keep on calling me names that I assume are used to degrade someone, they push me around, and they vandalize my table.
Jason: Sorry, kiddo, no can do. Dickie's gonna kill me if I let you bring a gun to school or a even just a tranq.
Damian: I understand, however, I despise the reasoning.
---A Few Days Later---
Damian: Akhi...
Jason, worried cuz Damian rarely calls him that: Yes, habibi?
Damian: I'm sorry...
Jason: Why? What's wrong?
Damian: They've come up with a new way to tantilize me.
Jason: What happened this time?
Damian: When I've gotten back from lunch, I've noticed that my copy of Song of Achilles was no longer in my bag. (Jason gave it to him)
Jason, starting to realize the situation:
Damian: I found it in the school dumpster. They wrote inappropriate words and drawings on it and there were torn pages and I think they soaked it in something. I'm sorry, I'll reimburse the price with my-
Jason: It's okay, Dami. It wasn't your fault, mkay?
Damian: I'm really sorry.
Jason: It's okay. You don't have to pay for it, okay? It's just a book.
Damian: But-
Jason: However, I am going to need these mofos' names, addresses, phone numbers, parents' information, contacts, emergency numbers, and their social security numbers *taking out a paper and a pen*
Damian: The first one is-
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So I just finished reading The Song of Achilles, and forgive me if I'm stating the obvious but . . .
About two thirds of the way in, Thetis tells the boys that there is a new prophecy, that "the best of Myrmidons will die before two more years have passed." And at first they're afraid that it's Achilles, but then Thetis tells them that he will be alive when it happens
The first time I read this, I didn't understand. It was only when I read that passage again, after knowing what happens, that I realized the prophecy was about Patroclus
The book even acknowledges it later on, when Briseis is saying goodbye to him . . . "'Best of men. Best of Myrmidons.' She places her fingers to my lips, stopping my objection. 'It is truth,' she says. 'Let it stand for once.'"
In the first half of the book, a lot of Patroclus's pov is dedicated to describing how beautiful and amazing Achilles is. And when you see how ordinary and pathetic Patroclus makes himself look in comparison, you almost start to wonder why Achilles loves him in the first place
But Patroclus was the best of all of them, even better than Achilles. No one else had his kindness, his tenderness, his unwavering care for others
And Achilles knew this. Further on, Briseis says that Patroclus was worth ten of him, and Achilles doesn't disagree
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one-and-lonely16 · 4 months ago
ok u know that line "if only i could, i'd make a deal with god, and i'd get him to swap our places'??? yeah imagine that as achilles thinking that a few days after patroclus died
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doesephs · a year ago
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‘perhaps it is the greatest grief, after all, to be left on earth when another is gone’
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deadpoet-of-asgard · 9 months ago
Achilles didn't fight for glory, for honor, or for the Greeks. He fought to die. He fought to die only to be reunited with his beloved, Patroclus. And when he died, he died smiling, because he knew he'd meet him soon.
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thephantasmagorist · 4 months ago
Patroclus: I don’t think we can mansplain, manipulate or malewife our way out of it this time...
Achilles: *cracking his knuckles*
Achilles: Manslaughter it is.
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