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sherlockianpancakes · 11 months ago
Imagine if Guillermo had just kept dancing with the “non-vampires” rapunzel style and then at the very end he’d ended up in Nandor’s arms and fbfnfjfndnndndnsn
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kaminari-s · 6 months ago
i'm so prepared for exams tomorrow,, like i totally didn't wake up at 3am to study my ass off and i totally did not only get 2 n half hours of sleep 😋
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nattynyx · a year ago
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tomsholland2412 · 7 months ago
I hate and love having feelings for someone
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hardtchill · 12 months ago
I don't know why you assumed it was tobin stans saying that play was bad lol I actually saw Arsenal fans saying it more I agree it shows lack of knowledge about the game but your assumptions are hilarious
It was an example....
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missmolsa · a year ago
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They have one braincell collectively your honor
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flowk1ng · a month ago
you ever just wake up at 2 am just to wonder where it all went wrong
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kulluto · 5 months ago
this is the funniest fucking tweet ever
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owowhathis · 7 months ago
"I understand that you've lost something - a lot of things - but you're still the same person. I know, because loved you then, and I love you now, and I know that's not enough to make you happy - to make anyone happy - but you're the same person, Simon. You're still you."
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babybrat824 · a year ago
never told anyone anything bad cause that shits embarrassing u were my everything
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madamaude · 2 months ago
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“Take your pick.”
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hawkinstigers · 3 months ago
i dunno sometimes it just really bugs me how stranger things never dares to really raise the stakes & eventually falls into this formula where the only characters to die are the ones that haven't been given a chance to really get integrated into the group and every season you expect some bigger shocker of a death or dark plot twist to finally come and instead they just pull a fakeout death / axe off a comic relief character that's only been around for six eps and sure, that leaves you sad for a while because they were so close to making it out safe and happy, but at the end of the day, losing an established main would've had so much more emotional impact. think about how different season 4 would've felt with hopper dead for real, knowing as the viewer that if such a major and beloved character could bite the dust just like that, nobody else's truly safe. anyway vol. 2 please deliver i am begging
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kimwexlersponytail · 2 months ago
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Uno / Cobbler / Fun and Games
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zooophagous · a month ago
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These two are so beautiful but alas. Born of the cursed sex.
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mc-lukanette · a year ago
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It's adorable how you call Marinette a stalker when you are apparently digging into the posts of someone who doesn't even stay in the main tags, meaning you had to work to get here, but sure, babe, I'll pretend like you're worth my time.
You want examples? I’ll give you examples.
"Stormy Weather" - leaving the merry-go-round to take pictures with Adrien caused Alya and Manon to be trapped in an ice block, she blamed herself for it (even though she would've been trapped and unable to transform had she stayed with Manon; rememeber, it was ALYA'S idea to leave the house, not Marinette's), never got to have her picture taken with Adrien and it was Manon who got to do so instead
"The Bubbler" - got scolded by Tikki for using Lucky Charm for the wrong reason, then went in to sign her gift (Alya's idea, by the way), which allowed The Bubbler (again, she admitted that Tikki was right to berate her for this) to capture more people; her note to Adrien on his gift was also crushed and discarded, all her hard working having no personal benefit to her
"The Pharoah" - had to waste the whole episode trying to distract Alya away from looking at the book that she herself dropped, which ended with Alya getting captured by The Pharoah
"Lady Wifi" - got reprimanded in front of the whole class for yelling and was sent to the principal's office
"Timebreaker" - got reprimanded and had to apologize twice for not being there to deliver the cake to Nadja, even though Nadja was the one who'd come at the wrong time (intentionally coming early and then complaining about things not going her way)
"The Evillustrator" - got yelled at by Sabrina and told that she was "like Chloe" multiple times while she was trying to do the right thing and deal with the akuma while Sabrina ended up going back with Chloe again
"Rogercop" - got scolded specifically by Tom for daring to suggest that anyone could be guilty of stealing Chloe's bracelet
"Copycat" - spent the whole episode in a blind panic for an impulsive decision (fun fact that Alya was the one who suggested Marinette go looking for Adrien's phone in the first place), took the blame for Theo's akumatization when it was in fact Chat Noir who irked him, and her absence allowed Chat to convince someone that he and her were "a thing," which Theo continued to believe even to the end of the episode
"Dark Cupid" - was bullied and laughed at by Chloe for reading Adrien's letter; the letter also never got signed so Adrien didn't properly receive her confession
"Horrificator" - never got her kiss with Adrien (that thing that Alya stirred on; Marinette wanted to look for Mylene initially), interrupted by Chloe who accused her of malicious intent in front of the whole class
"Darkblade" - her diary got stolen because she dared to be human and leave her box open after leaving in a hurry; had to turn it around in her favor or risk her secrets getting out
"The Mime" - spent the entire episode panicked and embarrassing herself while trying to remake the video due to an accident, then set up an interview for Alya in return
"Kung Food" - her great uncle got akumatized because she dared to stand up for him to Chloe; she said later that she should've have provoked Chloe
"Gamer" - was literally attacked by an akuma and had to be saved; gave Max his place back and never got to properly play in the competition with Adrien
"Animan" - Alya told Nino about her Adrien crush and then lied to Marinette about it
"Antibug" - was questioned by multiple characters for not wanting to believe a habitual liar, also scolded by Tikki specifically; nearly got her identity found out and had to apologize
"The Puppeteer" - Manon got akumatized and Marinette apologized to Nadja directly, improving by the end and no longer falling for Manon's act
"Reflekta" - scolded by Tikki for trying to steal the card (for selfless reasons since retaking the pictures doesn't benefit her at all but go off I guess), nearly got caught by Chloe and had to worm her way out of it; ended up doing the Lawful Good thing in the end which is what got Juleka the pictures she always wanted
"Pixelator" - Jagged sent her away at her first pair of glasses not being up to par (meaning she didn't get any time with Adrien like she'd hoped for), Tikki got on her case for it, Chloe laughed and made fun of her for failing; Marinette had to make up for it to make a proper pair of glasses
"Guitar Villain" - Jagged insulted her for following Bob's orders and not listening to Tikki (which was unfair narratively so Jagged realized what was going on and reassured her)
"Princess Fragrance" - had to spend the whole episode trying to get Tikki back because of what Alya was pressuring her into; apologized profusely for it and went to see Master Fu as soon as Tikki was back in her hands
"Simon Says" - literally got grounded for being unable to balance her superhero and civilian life; reprimanded by both her parents, Alya, and received little to no sympathy from Tikki who basically was like "eh, that's superhero life :)"
"Volpina" - well, I mean, how about we talk about the consequences of the fandom making her mistake all about Adrien when she was clearly angry at hearing Lila blatantly insult her on top of everything else had to spend the whole episode dealing with Volpina, feeling bad about it later and apologizing, which Lila did not accept and Marinette now has a series-long enemy in her because of it (Nino also gets on her case later in "Chameleon" for what happens in “Volpina”; do note that Tikki was the one who wanted to follow them whereas Marinette wanted to tell Adrien that Lila stole the book)
"A Christmas Special" - was partly the cause of an akuma (that she had to then fix) due to a misunderstanding that Chat Noir caused; the gift she made for Adrien was also given away and did not survive through the akuma fight (not being revived through Lucky Charm)
"The Collector" - had to lie to Gabriel that she had stolen the book herself so Adrien could return to school
"Despair Bear" - embarrassed herself in front of everyone by having to cheek kiss Chloe, then is mocked by Alya later and embarrasses herself again in front of Adrien
"Prime Queen" - Nadja got akumatized after Ladybug got upset by this adult prying into her love life, which Chat Noir gave her no sympathy for and opted to ask her out for ice cream instead; Ladybug also was forced to act as if she and Chat Noir were in love later
"Befana" - literally got her grandmother akumatized when Marinette was just trying to spare her feelings, also being blamed for lying when she had actually told Gina the truth before leaving; her friends also all got shot by the akuma
"Gigantitan" - everything went terribly and Marinette both embarrassed herself and failed to do anything with Adrien even after realizing that she shouldn't go with the scheme
"The Dark Owl" - got Mr. Damocles akumatized due to trying to spare his feelings by willingly embarrassing herself; had to fix it and almost got her identity found out twice because of it
"Glaciator" - got Andre akumatized and had to take blame for not going on a date with Chat Noir; had to deal with Chat putting up a fuss until she apologized
"Gorizilla" - spends the whole episode in her pajamas with Adrien, which she realizes by the end and is ashamed by it
"Zombizou" - Chloe vandalized her gift due to her not noticing that her locker hadn't properly closed, which led to her being upset by it while Caline gave both of them credit for the gift, eventually leading to her luring an akuma that ends up shifting to akumatize Caline herself, which she had to fix and apologize to Chloe for insulting her
"Syren" - she literally spent two separate times trying to talk to Fu about Chat Noir's concerns while Chat Noir unfairly guilted her AND Plagg the whole time for secrets that weren't either of theirs to tell, so she did everything she could despite what the fandom says
"Frightningale" - nearly got her identity found out and never got to do the performance with Adrien in the end
"Troublemaker" - got humiliated on live TV for her Adrien pictures in front of everyone who was watching the show at the time, which included Adrien
"Anansi" - got Nora akumatized over her trick and apologized for it, feeling ashamed by it
"Sandboy" - had to run through Paris in her pajamas while being chased by a nightmare version of Adrien (so... Adrien), became embarrassingly helpless as Ladybug and had to rely on Chat, and had to apologize to Fu alongside Tikki and Wayzz
"Reverser" - humiliated herself as Ladybug and became virtually incapable of moving, then got mocked by Nathaniel and Marc for her clumsiness
"Frozer" - embarrassed herself in front of Adrien and Kagami and ended up being saved by Chat despite him being the one to throw a fit (I guess it's her mistake to reject him?)
"Style Queen" - loses the bee miraculous, ultimately setting off the events of "Queen Wasp"
"Queen Wasp" - has her authority denied and is loudly questioned by Chat on live TV over it, which allows Queen Bee to get away when Ladybug dares pull Chat aside to tell him hey maybe don't do this right now??
"Malediktator" - made to feel bad about being happy that her bully is gone and the guilt that comes from it leads her to follow Adrien's comments on Chloe, giving her back the bee miraculous and leading to multiple other events that turn out horribly for her, most notably "Miracle Queen"
"Catalyst" - spent a portion of the episode in a blind panic and dismissed by her parents for her sleep-deprived lie that was in part caused by her being overwhelmed by her Ladybug duties (she also is presumed to be lying about Lila due to "jealousy" despite the most recent incident of "jealousy" being "Frozer," which from Alya's POV was Marinette willing to let Adrien and Kagami have their moment)
"Mayura" - Carapace and Rena Rouge got akumatized because she couldn't come up with a good enough excuse to give them their miraculouses separately (this event also presumably leads into Nino and Alya trusting each other with all their secrets, giving Alya the capability to disobey Marinette in both "Optigami" and "Rocketear")
"Backwarder" - got laughed at by random train passengers for trying to write a love letter for Adrien, which never got successfully delivered and she was humiliated in front of her friends
"Weredad" - her father got akumatized, she got scolded by Tikki, she had to save herself, and she also had to correct herself in the end
"Chameleon" - her friends all turned against her for lying and Alya hypocritically believes Lila over her; Lila also threatens Marinette twice because Marinette had outed that she wasn't as stupid as her friends by trying to out Lila (these threats partly come to life in "Ladybug")
"Animaestro" - got Thomas akumatized and had to fix it, embarrassed herself in front of everyone, Chloe realized that she liked Adrien and made fun of her for it, and Adrien never got to eat her macaron
"Bakerix" - got her grandfather akumatized and had to fix it
"Reflekdoll" - literally gets blamed and punished for everything that Alya pushed for, and had to apologize for it
"Oni-Chan" - got humiliated in front of Lila and later ended up having to save her
"Miraculer" - blamed for not having the time to see Chloe due to having school, and is chided by both Tikki and Chat
"The Puppeteer 2" - got humiliated by following Tikki's advice and practicing on what she thinks is a statue when it was actually Adrien wrongly pranking her (an event that was preceded up by what Alya had done, despite Marinette's clear anxiety and protests), then got indirectly shot down by Adrien before she could confess
"Desperada" - got embarrassed in front of her friends after she misinterprets Alya's usual wingwoman gesture (which usually is directed at Adrien), which she realizes later and feels awful about; she also is hit by Desperada over 20,000 times due to choosing Adrien and is promptly put in the position of "needing the MAN to tell her what to do" when Adrien has to be the one to suggest giving Luka the snake miraculous
"Kwamibuster" - had to tackle multiple miraculouses at once after Chat had distracted her and caused her to be shot by Kwamibuster
"Feast" - admitted to her mistake of giving Alya the fox miraculous, an event that led Gabriel to finding out about Fu and Fu beginning Marinette's guardian training (which is implied by Wayzz later to doom her to having her memory erased one day when/if she gives up the box)
"Ikari Gozen" - is scolded by Tikki, has to cover for Kagami to Tomoe, then has to make it up to her by becoming her friend properly (a friendship that leads to "Mr. Pigeon 72," another episode where she is humiliated in front of Adrien and other people)
"Party Crasher" - is humiliated in front of all of the guys at the party and is the first hero to be taken out by Party Crasher
"Gamer 2.0" - Max got akumatized because she dared to have other things to do, the stress of which caused her to try to rush the akuma battle because Chat continued goofing off despite her saying that she had other things to do; she then embarrassed herself in front of Gamer 2.0 because of this and got mocked later after Chat sacrificed himself (Marinette admitted to "being wrong" at the end of the episode and tried to amend it)
"Cat Blanc" - the world literally almost ended because she delayed too long in dropping off Adrien's gift after being pressured and threatened by her friends, and she had to claim that she had failed to said friends (when she could’ve told the truth and then added that she forgot to sign it); she was also the ONLY person to take any heat/blame for it within the preserved timeline, and her gift to Adrien was completely dismissed/disregarded despite how much effort she must've put into it
"Felix" - Marinette's video of a successful confession to Adrien ends up being deleted, presumably a consequence to... I guess not looking to make sure Luka was in the room when she was rambling??
"Ladybug" - gets expelled after trying to call Lila out, is treated completely unsympathetically by both Alya (who seems well-meaning on the surface but refuses to look into Lila, the actual culprit) and her parents (who force her to work in the bakery despite claiming to believe her, which makes it difficult for her to leave to transform)
"Christmaster" - is forced to apologize and have her privacy invaded by a child after he got akumatized when she did the exact thing that Alya (who wasn't punished) did to Manon in "Stormy Weather"
"Heart Hunter" - dared to be human and be caught off-guard by seeing Adrien and Kagami on her path to Fu (after she'd selflessly let them go), which leads to Fu being found out by Hawk Moth and Chloe getting akumatized into Miracle Queen because Marinette dared to put her foot down in "Miraculer" to say that Chloe's entitled self was never getting a miraculous back (and holding firm to that; Kagami was the right choice between the two, hands down, and the dragon also was required to fight Miracle Queen).
"Miracle Queen" - a continuation from "Heart Hunter," Luka got hit by the bee because he was protecting her (because she dared to be overwhelmed and have a mental breakdown) and thus led to her and Chat have to fight him; Fu also had to give up guardianship to Marinette, thus giving her the Miracle Box complete with inevitable memory loss in her future, an invasion of her privacy in "Truth" when she frees the kwami (something she nor Tikki could've predicted), and more responsibilities than before when she'd just had a mental breakdown over her responsibilities in "Heart Hunter" to Luka
"Truth" - embarrassed herself in front of Luka, forced to deal with her akumatized boyfriend, and then break up with said boyfriend in order to continue selflessly following the identity rule
"Gang of Secrets" - has a mental breakdown and has to deal with her akumatized friends after they had tried to invade her privacy and force secrets out of her, leading to her revealing to Alya which causes - in part - the events of "Mr. Pigeon 72," "Optigami," "Sentibubbler," and "Rocketear."
"Mr. Pigeon 72" - embarrasses herself in front of Adrien and is yelled at by Kagami; gets trapped in a room and needs to be saved by Alya and Plagg
"Furious Fu" - gets yelled at by Su-Han and has to prove herself worthy of holding the Miracle Box
"Guiltrip" - embarrasses herself in front of Adrien and has to apologize to Juleka
"Crocoduel" - scolded by Alya, embarrasses herself at the party, messes up and is lowkey mocked by Jagged when trying to stand up for Juleka, then has to apologize to Luka for everything that the show made up for this episode because she hadn't avoided Luka at all in "Sole Crusher"
"Optigami" - embarrasses herself in front of Adrien; also, trusting Alya to the degree that she does leads to "Sentibubbler"
"Sentibubbler" - got captured by Sentibubbler for a large portion of the episode, then had to be saved and fix the rest of the situation
"Rocketear" - Alya betrays Marinette’s trust and tells Nino what she promised Marinette that she wouldn't tell
"Ladybug & Chat Noir" - failed to remember to capture the akuma due to doubting herself and being overwhelmed by the information Tikki had provided, leading to the akuma multiplying and Stonehearts being created all over Paris; she had to fix it in the end
"Stoneheart" - misunderstood the gum incident with Adrien, which led to the moment that ultimately caused her to fall for him, a 3+ season long crush that would ensure that she would make tons of other mistakes based on him alone, be ashamed and humiliated (sometimes for just having the crush at all), get pressured constantly by her friends (usually with no results to show for it), and waste hours and days of her time for absolutely nothing as she proceeds to fail at every opportunity (either at her own fault or because the universe hates her)
Just because it’s not the consequence you want doesn’t mean it’s not a consequence.
And consequences do not mean, "character is arrested/grounded/wounded" for their actions. It can mean anything that makes the character's life more difficult, even if it's just through them suffering throughout the entire episode (read as: Marinette in the series) in order to fix what they "broke," and any actual "reward" would (rarely) follow if she was willing to correct her mistakes instead of leaving them (ex: if she’d kept Adrien's phone forever, ignored Jagged's demands to spend time with Adrien anyway, never gave Max his place in the competition back, et cetera). I would say that I would expect you to understand that concept, but you can't even capitalize Luka’s name. It’s no wonder you stayed on anon.
Now pick up yourself up off the floor and learn which battles you should fight before you humiliate yourself again.
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unnaturaldecay · 10 months ago
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grimfantas · 4 months ago
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you can call me heartless all you'd like, but it won't bring her back and it won't help you heal.
#tails the fox#shadow the hedgehog#sonic x#based on a roleplay I had with my partner. who writes an extremely incredible shadow#I write my thoughts here because Sonic X ending has me terribly fucked up#considering how young tails is to be suffering from grief I bet it's especially difficult to handle a kid who has no clue how to process it#who had to make an extremely unfair choice to kill someone he loves. and then to take it out on his big brother#Taking out his anger and insisting on blaming someone for cosmo's death... it's very heartbreaking.#Imagining if Shadow had come back and Tails had not finished grieving yet. there already soooo much anguish#Exploring grief in art is very very fun but there is something so gutwrenching imagining someone so young have to figure out how to deal#with that. younger people often acting out and not realizing how unfair they are until time has passed and not understanding#multi faceted perspectives etc. I know its a bit odd to go crazy about osmething like this over Sonic X but something about Cosmo and Tails#just hit very hard and I care about them very much. tails is huge favorite. i care about him so much#I probably shouldn't dwell on the sad parts of sonic x too much but that last scene tails has with sonic stuck hard#Can't imagine how strained it might feels for the next few months. and Sonic just takes it. Can't even look at Tails or answer him. HMMMM#anyways im done being chatty in tags I will delete my thoughts later as per usual. hehe. Sorry <3#sonic
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