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indigoidiot · 24 days ago
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gender man
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lionbearfox · 4 months ago
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some relatively early impressions i have of orv
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pagesofkenna · 21 days ago
there's a post in the tag about someone wishing to see more Omar in D20 and I agree, but it also reminded me about how a year ago a few RPG streamers I like started Power Play, and I never ended up watching it, and I just recently learned that Omar was in that and I could have seen what an awesome player he was long ago if I just had watched it
and then I got to thinking about how many cool actual plays are out there that don't have the budget that Dimension 20 or Critical Role have, but tell really cool stories with really good players regardless! And a lot of these players deserve recognition, but there's so little space to showcase new players for audiences who only watch D20 or CR
so anyway I compiled a list of every single actual play Omar has been in (at least, those I could find VODs for)
Power Play: actual play of Icons, a silver-age inspired superheroes rpg, hosted by QueueTimes! It's played remotely, about 59 episodes long, and includes several one-shots where (I think?) they play some other game systems as well
The Borros Saga: Banesbreak: actual play of Dungeons and Dragons, hosted by PixelCircus! Played in person, about 12 episodes long, with some one-shot vignettes. Aabria is also a player here!
Monsters and Fables: actual play of Dungeons and Dragons, hosted by the official D&D channel! Played in person, 6 episodes long
Buffy the Vampire Slayer RPG: actual play of Dungeons and Dragons, hosted by Hyper RPG! Played in person, about 9 episodes long, and half the time Omar is DMing!
Balboa Cantrip Academy: actual play of Kids on Brooms, a rules-lite magical school rpg, hosted by Hyper RPG! Played remotely, and only 3 episodes long (Episode 2, Episode 3, on Twitch)
Pugmire: Homeword Bound: actual play of Pugmire, a simplified D20 with dogs, hosted by Saving Throw! Played in-person, only 3 episodes long
The Last VHS Store: a 3-episode series hosted by Saving Throw, where Omar GMs a lite D20 system he designed himself! All in-person
Carrier Penguins: a series of 4 one-shots hosted by Saving Throw, playing Lasers and Feelings, an easily hackable lite system. Ep1, Ep2, Ep3, Ep4, all in-person
Oneshots specifically:
Aces in Space charity stream with QueueTimes, playing Blue Shift - remote
The Golden Girls charity stream with PixelCircus, playing Lewd Grannies - remote
The Gauntlet s2e2 with Hyper RPG, playing Pathfinder (Omar later GMs the 8-episode s4) - in-person
Spy Island ep1 with Hyper RPG, playing ?? (an ad-hoc mafia/werewolf rpg) - remote
(And here's just a truncated list of his Saving Throw oneshots, bc there's a lot: Scooby-Doo rpg playing Wildlings, Lasers and Feelings with the Doubleclicks, House of 100 Nightmares GMing Dread, John Wick charity stream playing Lasers and Feelings)
Game the Game (board games instead of tabletops RPGs) with Geek and Sundry, playing Pitchstorm, Aftermath, and Scott Pilgrim - in-person
He was also a campaign guest player in Failed Save c2e3 (D&D, PixelCircus), Damsels, Dice, & Everything Nice s3e2 (D&D, PixelCircus), and Ironkeep Chronicles ep21 (D&D, Saving Throw)
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olisephart · 3 months ago
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I’m rewatching @jelloapocalypse ‘s Tellius playthroughs once more and man. I simply adore the character quirks Yam gives Soren. Gay little mage boy my beloved
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protosstar · 9 months ago
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chibi-esque rtvs fanarts i never ended up posting on the tumble
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breezypunk · a month ago
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venturing through kabuki. ♥
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playitagainmyjohnny · 3 months ago
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the island
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linipik · 6 months ago
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red-dead-simp · 6 months ago
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glassrunner · 10 months ago
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My Top 5:
@virmire​ asked: top 5 video game environments?
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swarnpert · 6 days ago
watching analysis videos about the newer 3d pokemon games (main series) and getting really depressed because like all games series nowadays it's about quantity over quality now and i know everyone is saying the same thing it's just very sad to see coming from probably my all time favorite game series
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sk298908 · 15 days ago
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nightcityberries · 7 months ago
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gain the strength
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noirapocalypto · 27 days ago
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ᴊᴜᴅᴀʜ ᴅᴜʙᴏɪꜱ
Do not edit or repost anywhere.
[shirt] by @cybervesna
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grasslandgirl · 8 months ago
sometimes i really think about how i have so many dear lovely friends that are just. crazy good visual artists. and i go a little fucking insane bc you guys can just. draw stuff. you can see it in ur head and get ur pen or ur pencil or ur digital stylus pen thing (i dont know how digital art works im sorry) and you can just. draw it. how does it feel to be a god amongst men. to be able to draw the little images you see in your head. this BAFFLES me i CANNOT draw and i specifically Cannot Draw People i am CURSED by having sooo many little pictures in my head and NO technical skill to draw them. i am in awe of visual artists every day. i envy your skills so terribly and i am so deeply impressed at the same time. my beloved artist mutuals do you ever think about the gift you possess?? do you ever look at a piece of your art and think “wow this was in my head and now its right here and not in my head any more. now other real people can look at it with their eyes.” like THINK ABOUT THAT. what i would give to be able to draw. i love you all so much. i see ur art on my dash and i am filled with awe and love and pride like that is my FRIEND. they DREW THAT. and its BEAUTIFUL. look how TALENTED they are!!!
this is incomprehensible. art is insane. 
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astrandofgold · 21 days ago
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savageymir · 8 months ago
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Soma Jarlskona
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