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(5/7) Here’s the fifth fake team I came up with for the new life series! Also pls forgive me for the absolute mouthful of a team name I gave them I could not think of a good one T-T
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Borrowers AU if Joel found Grian instead.
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boat boys between sessions plotting the servers demise on their couch mattress (not to be confused with their bed mattress, which is on the other side of the ship)
drawn in during an aggie session with some discord mates, so excuse my other random doodles lolol
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daily-smol-beans · 3 hours
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life!pearl is a wolf girl, life!scar is an occult girl, and life!joel is a mix of both. to me.
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I redesigned Joel in my joke superhero au Also surprise he and jimmy are exs bc why not
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Statement of Lizzie Shadowlady, regarding a wolf in the woods.
HAPPY FROM THE ARCHIVES MONDAY! and a happy(?) anniversary! :)
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We Have a Child, Now What?
The first chapter of my Tiny Tom fic is finally here! I’ve been rotating this since the first episode with him and it is time to share it with all of you. I hope you enjoy!
WC: 1718
Chapters: 1/?
Relationships: Jimmy/Joel (more will be added later)
Tags/CW: Implied sexual content, giving a child up for adoption (tags will be updated as story develops)
Summary: Joel convinces Jimmy to make a baby with him for his secret santa, but now that the child is here Jimmy wants to keep him. If only it was easier to compromise on custody discussions with his (not-so) unrequited crush and the hermits while coming to terms with his past and his culture. All Jimmy really wants to do is raise his new son and kiss a pretty man.
You can read it on AO3 here!
Chapter 1: Meeting Tiny Tom
Jimmy startles awake to someone pounding at his front door. A glance out the window tells him it is only just after dawn, sunlight not yet making a full appearance over the nearby mountains. He groans and rubs the sleep from his eyes. Maybe, he thinks, if he stays quiet they will assume he is still asleep and come back later.
Much to his dismay, the visitor continues to rattle the door with their loud knocking. Fine. They win this time.
“I’m coming,” he shouts towards the door, his voice still raspy from sleep. Thankfully they hear him and the noise stops. He moves to roll out of bed and winces when standing causes a tight pressure to grow behind his eyes. It fades into the background after a moment, but not before he identifies it as dehydration. Right, yesterday. He really didn’t want to think about yesterday.
After grabbing the nearest set of clothes and throwing them on, he begrudgingly climbs down the ladder. He pauses to slide on his boots before opening the door.
Joel. Of course it’s Joel. He’s leaning casually against one of the columns of the porch with his arms crossed. Jimmy frowns at a light bruise above Joel’s right collarbone as memories of the previous day come flooding forward.
The excitement Jimmy had felt when Joel asked if he would try to make a baby with him. Their laughter as they chanted and ran around the lore tree. The way his heart raced as Joel grabbed his hand and led him towards the Stratos inspired house. The feeling of Joel’s lips and warm skin against his own.
The crushing disappointment he felt afterwards when Joel said this was a no strings attached situation. How Jimmy sobbed himself to sleep feeling used and now knowing his feelings weren’t mutual. That if they had succeeded, he wouldn’t even be able to keep his own kid.
He’s brought back to the present by Joel clearing his throat and lifting an eyebrow. Jimmy’s yellow wings puff up behind him defensively. “What do you want?” he demands, glaring at Joel.
Joel doesn’t seem affected by the outburst, forever hiding behind a facade of nonchalance. He simply moves to stand upright and shrugs. “I just came over to tell you that it worked and we have a kid now.”
Jimmy’s jaw drops in shock and a glimmer of bittersweet hope sparks in his chest. “We do? It worked?”
Rolling his eyes Joel retorts, “That’s what I said, yes. I found him under the lore tree this morning when I went to add some decorations.”
“He?” Jimmy asks. Joel nods in response before Jimmy continues more enthusiastically, “Where is he now? I want to see him!”
“He’s still by the tree. I left–”
“You left a child unattended?” Jimmy interrupts loudly, not giving Joel time to respond before pushing past him and flapping his wings to catch the cold morning air. Within seconds he lands heavily near the tree, looking around frantically until he spots the child sitting on a blanket in a small fenced-in area under the shade of the tree.
He forces his wings to relax as he looks around and notes the lack of danger as well as the fact that the kid is happily playing with some small blocks of wood. Joel lands beside him and huffs in irritation. “I was trying to tell you I left him in a safe place with some toys. I’m not an idiot Jimmy, I know how to take care of children.”
Jimmy looks towards Joel in surprise before remembering Hermes. Of course Joel would know not to leave a child in an unsafe location. He feels a pang of jealousy in his chest, thinking about how much Joel cares about Sausage and their kid, decidedly pushing down the flicker of desire for Joel to look at him the same way. That wasn’t helpful right now.
No, Joel had made his views on their relationship very clear. Jimmy shakes his head to banish those thoughts before approaching the child. His child.
The young boy looks up at him curiously as he approaches, purple eyes gleaming as they spot his bright feathers. Eyes that exactly match the color of his own.
“Hello my sweet boy,” Jimmy coos softly as he sits in front of his son. “You like my feathers don’t you?” The child makes grabby hands towards his wings and Jimmy laughs lightly. “Here let me help you.” He reaches down and picks him up, sitting the boy in his lap and pulling his wing closer. He plucks a loose feather and hands it to the child, who clumsily grabs it with his small fingers.
While he is studying the feather, Jimmy takes the time to truly look at his child for the first time. He has dark, nearly void-black skin that is peppered with small light gray freckles, particularly on his arms and across his nose. His hair is a vibrant silver and sits in tight curls against his head. He is wearing a purple onesie and soft gray socks. Judging by how the child sits in his lap, wobbling slightly but able to hold himself up, Jimmy figures he must be just under a year old.
Jimmy can feel his love for the boy blooming in his chest. A strong desire to protect and nurture swiftly overwhelms him. He pulls his wings around himself and the child in his lap. Taking a shaky breath, he sees bright purple eyes look up at him.
The small boy babbles at him and Jimmy is sure he has never smiled this fondly at anything or anyone. This child is already his whole world.
His wings puff defensively when someone nearby clears their throat. Poking his head out from the feathery cocoon, he sees Joel staring at him with an eyebrow raised.
Flustered by the interruption and embarrassed about forgetting Joel’s presence, Jimmy cradles the child against his chest and stands. “He’s perfect.”
Joel barks out a laugh. “Yeah, perfect for my secret santa.” The statement feels like a punch to the stomach. Jimmy recoils, stumbling backwards a couple of steps, wings coming up to protectively surround the child in his arms.
“No,” Jimmy shakily replies. “I won’t let you give him away.”
Joel’s face contorts into mild concern. One hand halfway reaching towards Jimmy as if to stabilize or comfort him, before he decides against it, hand returning to his side. Joel’s expression shifts back to careful neutrality and he clears his throat before responding.
“I’ve already told you that I am putting him up for adoption. And I’m not going to tell you who's getting him, because I know you will just go steal the child back. But,” he pauses, looking between Jimmy and the boy in his arms, “I’ll let you name the child. If you want to.”
Jimmy huffs at this before looking down and adjusting the child in his arms. The boy is still staring at his wings and Jimmy moves to run his hand through his silver curls. Jimmy takes this moment to take stock of the situation. He is, of course, still furious with Joel for continuing to insist that he was giving the boy away. But at the same time, he is not going to pass up the opportunity to name his own son.
But how could a name capture such a perfect child? This decision would follow the boy for the rest of his life, granted he decided to keep the name. The pressure of the decision seems to force any name he had ever known from his mind.
Looking back up to Joel and shuffling his feet awkwardly, Jimmy admits, “I, uh, can’t think of any names.”
Joel rolls his eyes. “Think of any name.” Jimmy looks back down towards brilliant purple eyes. Of course Joel wouldn’t be taking this seriously. He thinks for a moment before the perfect idea strikes him. This is his son after all.
Jimmy glances up trying his best to contain his grin. “Any name?” Joel nods, eyeing him suspiciously. “How about Jimmy Jr.?”
“Ji- ugh, no it can’t be Jimmy Jr.” Joel exclaims throwing his hands up in frustration. “Because obviously they are going to think it’s from you. It’s a secret santa.”
Well there goes that idea, he thinks. Okay any name, he can do this. Maybe a name that could compliment his own? “Alright, um, Tiny Tom.”
With a clap Joel declares, “Tiny tom it is! There we go. Tom, our child.” Joel reaches out to take Tom, but Jimmy avoids his hands by taking a step back.
“Can I at least keep him around for a day or two?” Jimmy asks desperately. Maybe he can buy some time to figure out how to make sure Tiny Tom stays with him.
“No, I need to take him to my secret santa.” Joel states, keeping his arms extended towards them.
A tightness makes itself known in Jimmy’s chest and tears threaten to spill. His voice wavers as he pleads, “Then let me at least say goodbye.”
Joel lowers his arms and takes a single step back. “Fine, but make it quick. The secret santa presents are due soon.”
Jimmy brings his wings around himself and Tom, blocking Joel from view. He cradles Tom tightly in his arms and kisses his forehead. A little hand presses against his face as a tear falls.
“I’m coming back for you,” he whispers. “Joel might be taking you for now, but I will find a way to get you back. I love you, my beautiful Tiny Tom.”
He takes a shaky breath and tries to blink away some of the tears. Another breath, and he pulls back his wings and straightens his shoulders. Something flickers across Joel’s face when they make eye contact, but it is quickly replaced by another too-neutral expression.
Stiffly, he steps forward and passes Tom to Joel. He watches as Joel adjusts Tom in his arms and leans down to take a pair of small headphones out of a nearby shulker. After placing the headphones over Tom’s ears he adjusts his elytra straps and pulls out a rocket.
With a nod and a simple goodbye, Joel takes off and quickly disappears over the mountains.
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[62] Peekaboo
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Hermitcraft Headcanons: boys night out
It's a long night they planned. They were to hit up four bars and be back home after the sun comes up again.
This did not go to plan
Etho left for two hours and came back with a fez.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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