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Draco: One annoying thing about Y/n is that she offers information when no one asks for it.
Theo: another annoying thing about Y/n is that her information is almost always right.
Draco: … It’s really hard to stomach :(
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The sweetest dream
Summary: When you fall asleep on Draco´s lap, it leads to some unexpected confession.
Draco and you had been best friends ever since you could remember. When you were younger, you almost lived in the Malfoy Manor, since your parents were really close friends. That´s why you couldn’t think of a life without Draco. And if you were honest, you also didn’t want to. He had always been there, and he always would be. That´s what he had promised you, even before you attended Hogwarts when you turned eleven. Back then you had been scared that you might fall apart when you would start to go to school and meet new people. But Draco had assured you, that it would always be the two of you. And he kept his promise. Because since the two of you were sorted into Slytherin all those years ago, you grew even closer, even though you thought this would be impossible. Not only did you spend every second of your free time together, but you also studied together, and he sat next to you in nearly every class. And when it had been time to go home in the holidays, it didn’t even take you one day to appear at the door of the other one, not able to be separated from another for longer.
But these holidays had been different. You had been away with your parents for nearly the entire summer, visiting some distant relatives in another country. Draco and you had implored that he would be able to accompany you, but since his family needed him at home, this had been impossible. And when you had suggested you could stay home as well, your parents showed you once more, that they had a heart of stone, neither allowing you to stay home alone -even though you were already old enough to do so-, nor allowing you to stay at Draco´s home like you had done it so many times before, and Narcissa had assured your parents that she would have been glad to welcome you. But since your parents were the monsters they were, they forced you to spend nearly two months somewhere nearly on the other side of the world, where the sun was shining and you could lay on the beach all day with a drink in your hand and many friendly relatives who had already been dying to meet you. But none of those things had mattered since Draco hadn’t been with you. Even though you owled every single day, even sending some photographs, you missed him deeply and counted the days until you would finally be able to escape this paradise that was hell for you and finally get back home. And by home, you didn’t mean your house or school. You meant Draco. Because that´s what he was for you. Wherever you were, if he was with you, you felt at home.
And today you would finally get home again. It was the first day of the school year and you were already waiting at King´s cross. Usually, you arrived only a minute before the train would leave, always making Draco worry you may not make it, but today you were nearly half an hour earlier, not able to wait until you would see your best friend again.
But for now, you didn’t see him yet. You had just met Pansy who was a nearly as good friend as Draco. The two of you shared a dorm at Hogwarts and together with Draco and Blaise, the four of you were the absolute best friends Hogwarts had ever seen. In your opinion even better than Potter and his friends.
While normally you loved to chat with Pansy who was telling you about her vacation, you were now way too nervous to concentrate on what she was saying. Your gaze was restless and your leg bounced in anticipation.
“(Y/n), are you even listening to me?”, Pansy asked as she saw you nodding and forcing a smile at something in her eyes unacceptable, she had experienced in the last weeks.
“Mhh? Oh yeah of course. That´s nice.”, you answered absent-minded, not even caring to ask what she was even talking about.
“I don’t think there is any use for you before you haven’t seen Draco, is there?”
You shrugged your shoulders and looked at your friend guiltily.
“I´m sorry Pansy. But I haven’t seen him in ages. We´ve never been apart for so long.”
Pansy laughed.
“Well, it´s good then that you´ll meet again soon before you actually go mad.”
“It´s just all this waiting drives me crazy.”, you sighted dramatically.
“If you would look over there you would be done waiting. Just saying.”, Pansy smiled and nodded in the direction of the entrance.
Your gaze shot up. There he stood. Hands in his pockets and with a board grin on his face. It only grew wider when he saw your face lightning up at his sight.
“Draco!”, you yelled, leaving Pansy behind, who just shook her head, smiling to herself, as she saw you running up to the boy you had missed so much over the last weeks.
Draco took a few steps forward, opening his arm to welcome the girl he had missed just as much as she had missed him. When you reached him, you wrapped your arms around his neck, while his sneaked around your waist, lifting you from your feet and spinning you around.
“I missed you so much.”, you mumbled, burying your face in the crook of his neck, inhaling his intoxicating scent.
“I missed you too love.”, he smiled as he nuzzled his head into your hair.
When he finally let go of you, you stepped back, eying him from head to toe.
“Looking good Malfoy.”, you smiled.
And that wasn’t even a lie. You had always been aware of the fact that he was very pretty, knowing many girls knew that too, which you always teased him about, but you had forgotten how beautiful he was. Draco had grown at least a few centimetres over the holidays. His hair was now a bit longer and slightly messy, maybe also due to your tempestuous greeting. It made him look older and, even though this thought caught you completely off guard, really attractive.
“You don’t look too bad yourself (Y/l/n).”
He mirrored your smile, his grey eyes lingering on you as well as yours on him. You could feel the blush creeping on your cheeks under his intense gaze. You cleared your throat.
“So how were your holidays?”
“As if you didn’t know. I sent you at least a hundred letters.”, he laughed.
“Yeah, but I want to hear it from you. In-person. From eye to eye. And if it´s just to hear your voice. So what happened? Tell me everything.”
“Actually, they were really awful.” He smiled down at you as he brushed a strand of your hair behind your ear. “I couldn’t enjoy anything. I was thinking about you the entire time.”
His confession made your heart for some reason beat faster.
“Me too.”, you admitted, returning his smile. “Just promise me we´ll never be apart for that long again. Don’t think I´ll survive this another time.”
Draco laughed at your staginess but became serious again within a second.
“The next time we´ll spent our holidays together. And if our parents have different plans, I don’t care. I´ll run away with you if I need to. Two roamers roaming through the country, staying at dive bars, living on the streets.”
Now it was on you to laugh.
“You wouldn’t survive two days.”
“As if you would.” “Longer than you definitely. A week at least.”
“I could do it too. As long as you are with me, I would sleep in a tent under a bridge if I need to. It´s still better than not being with you.”
You felt the blush darkening your cheeks once more. To hide it, you pulled Draco in a tight embrace once more.
“I know. Any place with you is home.”
“Indeed love.”
“Would you two lovebirds stop snuggling? We still have a train to catch.”
You turned around, seeing Pansy and Blaise waiting for you, both for some reason grinning knowingly.
“Shut it, Pansy.”, you mumbled, before greeting Blaise.
This year would be great. You just knew it.
And you were absolutely right. Even though your classes were harder than ever and you spent much time studying, you enjoyed every single moment of it. Because learning magic amazed you even after all these years, your grades were great and you and your friends spent much time with each other, growing only more and more close.
After you hadn’t seen him for such a long time, Draco and you had to catch up much time and you didn’t waste any second of it. You spent much time learning, laughing, talking and also cuddling, probably more than ever. That led to some teasing from the other Slytherins, especially Pansy and Blaise. Draco, who had always stated that he had a reputation to lose, why he never liked to commit any kind of physical or emotional closeness, seemed to be clingier since the beginning of this year. And all those comments that he always used to hate, he now just laughed off. When someone made a comment about the two of you laughing in the corridors between class, he just grabbed your hand, telling them that it wasn’t his fault they hadn’t such amazing friends and if someone mentioned how the two of you laid on the couch in the common room together, he just grumbled something incomprehensible and pulled you only closer, making you sight comfortably. You didn’t mind his new behaviour at all. Salazar, you even loved it. You enjoyed every second with Draco and that he was now able to show he felt the same, made you even happier.
But still, the comments of your friends, especially Pansy, annoyed you. They always said that the two of you would make such a cute couple or how the two of you should get a room when you got close once more. You mostly just rolled your eyes in response, trying to hide the fact that your face heated up, every time someone brought up the special bond between Draco and you.
Because if you were completely honest, the one thing that changed the most since the last school year, was your feelings for your best friend. Before the holidays, you had never seen more in him than your friend. An amazing one, but still, only a friend. Whenever you had heard Draco´s and your mother talking about how they were sure that the two of you would get married one day, you scrunched your face at the thought of marrying Draco out of all the boys.
But since that day at the train station, you couldn’t help but sometimes catch yourself daydreaming about what could happen if the two of you would ever be more than friends. Because if you were honest, Draco was everything you were looking for in a boy. Not only that he was good looking and his family was rich and pure blood. You couldn’t mind less. But he was the one person in this world who truly knew you. He knew all your secrets, all your fears, your hopes and dreams and you knew his.
The only thing he didn’t know was the way your heartbeat sped up whenever someone only mentioned his name, not saying when you saw him. He didn’t know about the shivers that ran down your spine when you heard him calling your name or when his skin unintentionally brushed over yours. He didn’t know how you got lost in his eyes, whenever you looked at him or how you wondered how his lips would feel on yours whenever you watched him talking. He didn’t know any of these things and you were glad about it. Because you didn’t want to ruin your friendship for a stupid little crush. That´s what you told yourself it was. Only a crush. Even though after nearly half a year, you slowly started to realize that it might be more than this. You knew you wanted more, but you were also scared that you might end up with nothing if you would confess it to him. And you rather were just friends with Draco, than lose this as well.
You told no one about these feelings, not even Pansy. But your friend seemed to notice. She had always told you that Draco and you would one day be more than just friends. You had always laughed at her for this, telling her that this was absolutely impossible.
But by now, you couldn’t laugh about it anymore, just forcing yourself to smile whenever she brought this topic up. Obviously, she noticed the change of your behaviour and also suspected the reason for it. And as usual, she was right.
“(Y/n), you can´t tell me you don’t love him.”, she told you one evening.
Pansy and you were sitting in the common room, waiting for Draco and Blaise to get back from their Quidditch training. It was late in the evening and it was already dark outside.
“I never said I don’t love him. He is my friend. Of course I love him. But so I love you and Blaise.”
“You know that´s not what I mean.”, Pansy said, rolling her eyes impatiently. “I´m not talking about loving someone as a friend. I´m talking not only about loving but about being in love. And you clearly are in love with Draco.”
“Great Pansy, shout it out of the window, maybe the students from the other houses haven’t heard you yet.”, you hissed, when her voice got louder and some other students looked in your direction curiously.
“So you admit that you are.” She sounded triumphal.
“Never said I am.”, you mumbled.
“But you also never said you are not.”
You shrugged your shoulders.
“It doesn’t matter anyway, does it? I mean Draco and I are best friends. It would be awkward if I… I don’t want to ruin what we have. I don’t want to lose him.”
To the end your voice became quieter.
“But if you won´t do anything, you ruin what could be.” Pansy´s voice sounded much softer now.
“Draco doesn’t feel the same as I feel for him. I mean if I would… you know… be in love with him. Which I´m not saying I am.”, you added quickly.
Pansy giggled.
“Of course not. But seriously (Y/n). I don’t get it. Everyone can see how much you love each other. I mean how much in love you are. Salazar, you always steal those glances, blushing and smiling stupidly whenever someone just mentions the others name. And you are so close. Closer than with anyone else. Have you never noticed that Draco had never even looked at another girl?”
Now that Pansy mentioned it, you realized that this was right indeed. Even though you knew many girls were interested in Draco, he had never shown any interest in someone. Sometimes you had talked about it. But Draco had always said that he didn’t want to settle for something if he wasn’t absolutely sure that he loved her. That didn’t mean that he hadn’t made his experiences, but it had never been more than this. It had never been something serious. And for some reason, you were really glad about it.
“I´m just scared to lose him Pansy.”, you sighted, kicking your feet up on the couch as well, now laying down.
“Your connection is something special (Y/n). Even if he wouldn’t feel the same, and I highly doubt that this wouldn’t be the end.” “But I probably couldn’t even look him in the eyes anymore after this. And by the way, how am I even supposed to tell him? ´Hey Draco, I know we´ve been best friends ever since I can remember, but I think I might be in love with you so let´s get this to the next level?´”
“Maybe not that direct.”, Pansy laughed and you joined.
That´s when the door opened, and two tall boys entered the room. When they saw you still sitting there, they headed towards you.
“Lovely Draco, isn’t it? Our girls have been waiting for us.”, Blaise chuckled, while Pansy and you just rolled your eyes.
You always acted as if you hated when the boys referred to you like this, but you secretly enjoyed it and, even though Pansy would never admit it, you suspected, that she enjoyed it just as much.
Blaise fell into the chair next to Pansy, while you lifted your head from the sofa cushion, making some space for Draco. When he had sat down, you placed your head on his lap instead. His hands immediately found their way to your hair, softly stroking it. You sighted comfortably.
Draco and Blaise told you about their training. When at some point the topic changed to some different tactics they wanted to try at the next game, your felt your eyelids getting heavy. You didn’t really try to fight it. Draco´s hands were still in your hair, drawing small circles on your scalp. You inhaled the scent of the body wash he always used after the training and the unique scent of his jersey. Listening to Draco´s and Blaise´s soft voices, you slowly drifted off into sleep.
“Did she really fall asleep?”, Blaise asked.
“Shh, don’t wake her up again.”, Draco hushed him, looking down at you on his lap.
You had actually fallen asleep, now lost in the world of your dreams, unaware of your surroundings and the conversation of your friends.
“This looks so adorable, don’t you think Blaise?”, Pansy purred as she looked at Draco and you.
You were still snuggled up on his lap, eyes closed, lips slightly parted. Your breath was slow and steady. Draco on the other hand looked down at you in admiration. He wanted to take this moment in, every second of it. He didn’t dare to move, too scared he might wake you up, except for his hands. They slowly wandered from your scalp to your face, brushing away a loose strand that had fallen into your face, then gently caressing your cheeks.
“Lovely.”, Blaise chuckled. “But careful Draco, you´re drooling already.”
Draco quickly brought up a hand to his mouth, before rolling his eyes and burying it in your hair again. The movement made Pansy and Blaise laugh quietly.
“If you´ll ever tell me again you aren’t in love with her I´ll remind you of this moment.”
Draco tensed under you.
“I don’t want to talk about it.”, he grumbled.
“But why? You two are made for each other. Everyone can see. Everyone except for you two.”
“It doesn’t matter if I love her or…”
“You do.”, Blaise interrupted him.
“Well, maybe…”
“No, for sure.”, Pansy said.
Draco sighted.
“Okay. I am. I am totally crazy about her. As if you didn’t know. But this doesn’t matter. I mean, she doesn’t love me. Not the way that I love her. And I can´t lose her. I just can´t”
Draco looked down at you, smiling softly in your sleep. Hell yes, he loved you. He loved you so much it hurt. He did so ever since he could remember. But unfortunately, you had never seen anything more in him than your friend. It killed him to play pretend, but anything was better than losing you.
Then he heard Pansy chuckling. He looked up, shooting her a deadly glance.
“You don’t actually think it´s funny, do you?”
Pansy was quick to shake her head.
“No. Not at all. It´s just… (Y/n) has told me literally the same thing not even an hour ago.”
“Pansy, that´s nothing to joke about.”
“I´m serious Draco. She had told me just before you came in here. Told me that she is too scared to tell you how she feels because she is too scared to lose you.”
Draco looked down at you, still sleeping, completely unaware of the fact that Pansy had just exposed you. The fact that you might feel the same for him as he did for you, was unimaginable for him. You were such a good person, so pure, everyone loved you. And he was… him.
“You probably misheard her. Or misunderstood. She doesn’t love me. Not like this. And she shouldn’t. She deserves so much better.”
His friends looked at him with pity, fully aware that you were the only thing in Draco´s life he was actually insecure about because of how much he cared about you, but also wondering if their friend could actually be that stupid. In fact, both of you. Normally, the two of you were pretty intelligent people. But when it came to your feelings for each other, you were completely clueless. It might have been funny to watch the two of you secretly admiring each other if it wouldn’t have been that sad.
“But what if she doesn’t want something better, Draco? What if she just wants you?”, Pansy asked, not expecting him to answer.
“Just think about it mate.”, Blaise said, before standing up. “I´ll go to bed now. I´m done for today.”
Pansy was quick to get up too.
“I´ll go too.” She looked at Draco. “What about you?”
But Draco just shook his head, his gaze still lingering on you.
“I can´t wake her up now. I´ll stay.”
Blaise shook his head in incomprehension.
“And you really want to tell us that there´s someone better for her?”, he chuckled, before leaving the room.
Pansy followed shortly after, leaving the two of you alone, closing the door of the common room behind her.
Draco looked down at you again. Your eyes were still closed, your head still rested on his legs.
“What are you only doing to me (Y/n)?”, he whispered, before he continued playing with your hair.
You woke up to the sound of a door slamming. It took you a moment to realize where you were. You were still in the common room, laying on the couch, your head placed on Draco´s lap. You could still feel his warm presence and heard his steady breath. You must have fallen asleep over all the talking of the boys. You weren’t sure how much time had passed, but according to the sounds around you, it was only Draco and you who were left in the common room.
You were just about to open your eyes, wanting to ask Draco why he didn’t wake you up, when you heard his voice.
“What are you only doing to me (Y/n)?”, he whispered.
His voice sounded different than usual, much softer and much more vulnerable. From the way, he was careful not to move too much and his low voice, he probably assumed you were still asleep. His hands found their way into your hair once more this evening and you had to suppress a comfortable sight. But you couldn’t help the small smile that crept on your lips and the goosebump all over your body when you felt his hands touching you. You could have fallen asleep again right away, but then, Draco started to talk to you again.
“Have I ever told you how beautiful you are?”
You felt your cheeks burning at his words and were thankful that the light in the room was dimmed, so Draco wouldn’t be able to notice.
“Of course, I haven’t told you.”, he continued. “There are so many things I have never told you. Even if I wanted to. But I´m way too scared. Now, look at me. I´m such a coward, only able to talk to you when you are asleep.” At this point, you should probably tell Draco you were already awake or at least acting as if you would wake up, but something held you back. You felt as if your eyes were glued, you were not able to open them or give him any other sign you were anything but asleep. You knew it was wrong to listen to him when he thought you couldn’t, but you were way too curious not to do so.
“I really want to tell you. Everything I feel for you. I always intend to do so. I swear to Salazar I do. But as soon as I see you, as soon as you look at me, I forget whatever I wanted to say. Because you take my breath away. And then I´m just staring at you like some idiot. And you don’t even notice. You still think I´m nothing but your best friend. I am (Y/n). We are best friends and we always will be. But you just don’t understand that I want more.”
Your heart was beating so fast in your chest that you thought Draco would notice. But he didn’t.
“You are so smart (Y/n), but when it comes to my feelings for you, you are so clueless. Do you remember at the end of our first year, when you mentioned how amazing Terence Higgs is? He was the seeker back then. Why did you think I wanted to play in this position? Of course, it was great to play against Potter. But the real reason was that I wanted to impress you. And it worked, you were so proud of me. But never anything more. Or back in our third year. You had told me you had a crush on Graham Montague. Why do you think I hexed him that nasty rash into his stupid face?”
Draco chuckled.
“He was in the hospital wing for nearly two weeks. You were so worried about him and I already regretted it, thinking I might have only gotten the two of you closer, but then he screwed it up himself. I have always been so scared of the day you would actually fall in love. The day you would get a man who loves you just as you love him. And I still am. Because I knew that this is everything you deserve but I know that it will break my heart (Y/n). To see you with some other guy who is not me. I have always told myself that this is because we know each other for so long. That you are like a sister to me and I just want to protect you. But that´s not true. You´re nothing like a sister to me. The real reason I´m scared is that I won´t be able to stand it seeing you being in love with someone who isn’t me. I know you deserve this. You really do. And I wish you nothing but to be happy. But why can´t this be with me? You know, sometimes when I look at you, I think you might feel the same. When I see you smile at me, I feel like it is different from the way you smile at all the other boys. Sometimes I still have some hope left that you might want me one day the way I want you. I know you love me (Y/n). But not in the way I love you. You understand? You´re all I´m thinking about, when I wake up and when I go to sleep. When you are with me and when you aren’t. I´m so in love with you (Y/n). I love you so much, it hurts. And you still have no clue about it. You have no idea how much I love you.”
But you did. Now you couldn’t hold back the uncontrollable smile on your face anymore. You opened your eyes flutteringly, blinking up to the boy above you.
“I love you too Draco.”, you whispered.
The poor boy jumped up when he heard your voice, nearly making you fall from the couch. In the last second, some strong hand grabbed you, preventing you from doing so.
“By Salazar (Y/n), you scared me to death.”, Draco breathed out as you sat up again, smiling at him from the side.
You laughed.
Draco smiled too, but as he thought about what he had just told you, his heart dropped into his stomach.
“How much have you heard?”, he mumbled, as he felt his cheeks redden.
“Enough I guess.”, you smiled.
Draco cleared his throat and scratched his neck.
“Listen, I really didn’t want you to hear this. I really thought you were still asleep. So if you want to we can just forget everything that happened and continue being friends. I mean, I totally understand if you don’t want to. Because that was really awkward and all, but…”
“Draco.”, you interrupted him.
“If you´ll give me one more chance…”
“Draco!”, you said, now a little bit louder.
The boy stopped and looked at you worriedly.
“Did you even hear what I have told you?”, you chuckled.
“That you heard enough?”, Draco asked.
You laughed.
“Before this.”
“That you are sorry or that you…”
Draco stopped and looked at you with widened eyes.
“You… you love me too?”, he asked in disbelief.
You nodded.
“I love you too, you idiot. Or more precisely,”, you corrected, “I am in love with you too.”
As if in slow motion, a grin started to spread across Draco´s face.
“You love me too.”
“I love you too.”
“And I love you.”
“You love me.”
You both grinned at each other stupidly.
“Can I uhm… can I kiss you(Y/n)?”, Draco asked shyly.
You didn’t even care to respond and just crashed your lips onto his.
It was a messy kiss. Even though you had both known each other’s bodies for so long, it felt strange to feel his lips pressed on yours. But in the best way possible.
And slowly, the two of you started to relax, becoming more and more familiar with this new sensation. Draco´s hands found their way to your face to cup your cheeks. You could feel his rings, which you loved to play with whenever you were bored, cold against your heated skin. You placed your hands on his chest, drawing small circles on it, before they wandered to his collar, pulling him even closer.
One of his hands travelled down your back, helping you stabilise as you swung one leg over his lap, now sitting on top of him, as Draco tried to pull you even closer.
At some point, both of you were finally out of breath. You cupped his face, your thumb brushed over his swollen lips, while his hands wandered restlessly over your back. You pressed your forehead against his, feeling his hot breath hitting your skin. When Draco finally opened his eyes, he looked at you in admiration. You looked at him just the same. Not getting enough on the way of his grey eyes, scanning every centimetre of your face, trying to remember the way your cheeks had reddened and your breath was so much faster than usual. He wanted to remember this moment for the rest of his life, every single detail of it, and so did you.
“I love you.”, he whispered.
His lips brushed slightly against yours as he spoke.
“I love you too.”, you smiled.
“And I hate the both of you.”, you heard a voice behind you.
You spun around, seeing Blaise and Pansy standing in the door frame, looking at you. Both of them were grinning, even though Pansy looked not as happy as Blaise.
“Now I owe him five galleons.”, she sighted.
“You betted on this?”, you asked in disbelieve.
Pansy shrugged her shoulders.
“Everyone did. We knew this would happen, it was only a matter of time. I was so close to winning, but Blaise was even better.”
“I know my friends.”, Blaise simply said with a smug grin on his face.
“If you know me so well you know you should better start running if you won´t get out of here in the next five seconds.”, Draco growled, shooting deadly glances at your friends.
“Sorry, we didn’t mean to disturb you.”, Pansy laughed and raised her hands in defence. “Let´s go, Blaise.”
“I can sleep somewhere else tonight if you need some privacy.”, Blaise chuckled and ducked quickly as Draco threw a pillow at him.
“Out. Now!”
“Whatever. Have fun you two.”
Blaise winked at you and quickly disappeared before Draco could get up.
You groaned and hid your face in the crook of Draco´s neck.
“That was so embarrassing.”, you mumbled.
Draco just laughed and kissed your temple.
“I don’t care.”
“But now everyone is going to talk about this.”, you sighted.
“Let them talk love. I regret nothing.”
Slowly, you dived up again, looking into his smiling face.
“Neither do I.”, you admitted and his smile only grew wider.
“Well in that case,” Draco placed a small kiss on the tip of your nose, making you giggle. “We might as well take advantage of Blaise´s offer.”
“What offer?”
“Get him out of my room. I would love to spend some more time with my beautiful girlfriend tonight. You know, somewhere we won´t be disturbed.”
You raised an eyebrow.
“Girlfriend?”, you asked, the grinning in your voice clearly visible.
Draco looked down, slightly embarrassed.
“Only if you want to be, of course.”
You smiled and pecked his lips.
“I would love to.”
Draco mirrored your smile and pulled you in a deeper kiss once more.
After you parted again, you looked at him playfully.
“Now you have told me something about a more private place?”
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prettygirlkay · 3 months ago
requested. marriage AU.
I can’t lie this fluff makes me SICK but a lot of you loved it so I’m reposting it for you <3 i know, I know, you looovee me.
Tumblr media
“darling, i’ve got to run to gringotts. just take the kids wherever, no need to wait”
you nodded and smiled to your two children, shaking their interlinked hands on each of your side to get them somewhat excited. they grinned back and jumped, giggling to each other about whatever adventure they’d be going on. you looked back to your husband, “is twenty minutes alright?”
draco smiled lovingly at his family, a subconscious moment of appreciation for everything he cared about right infront of him. “that’s plenty. have fun you three,”
he gave one last glance at them before they wondered off through the crowd of diagon alley, a graceful mother with two aristocratic, charming children. scorpius was seven in a few weeks, and their daughter lyra had only just turned four.
draco couldn’t help but thank the universe silently whenever they were all together, and he felt some sort of homesickness whenever they were separated - such as now, despite it only being a ten minute departure.
he’d had business with work, a large sum of money coming to possession of him due to post-succession of a complex project, and it required official signatures, authenticating of cheques, etc. all the fun stuff that came with being an adult.
the goblin grumbled something along the lines of a farewell and thanks for coming before draco turned from the counter, scanning through the last few documents in his hand. it happened so fast that he hardly realised what had hit him - literally. a woman had stumbled right into him, making a sound of surprise and apologising profusely.
“not a problem, don’t worry about it.” he hardly looked up, trying to remember where he was up to reading before the woman’s voice interrupted.
“draco? draco malfoy?” his head slowly tilted up from the files, barely acknowledging her for the first time since their bump in. there was some recognition there in her face, but not enough to spark a name.
“my apologies, i don’t think i - ”
“it’s astoria greengrass, from hogwarts! daphne’s sister? girlfriend of two years? come on, draco!” her features lit up at the sight of him, clearly happy to meet a familiar face and one that she had a thing for at that.
his memory briefly flashed by and he vaguely recollected an astoria from sixth year to the year after school finished.
they’d dated, it was true. an arranged relationship due to their parents that was broke off few months after he met you, that soul connection that the two of you had was just too good to sabotage. so, naturally, he’d broken off any contact with her.
it seemed she took it roughly, with the way that she’d cried and sobbed and wrote letter after letter, but she’d gathered her dignity after all these years and seemed over him, which came as a relief for draco.
he nodded politely, “my mistake. are you well?”
as she was replying, he nudged her to the side of the main room of gringotts, stepping them aside so that they weren’t in the way of other customers. “i am, actually. and you?”
his lips tightened as he fought off the want to grin and just boast all about his current family, but instead nodded again. she kept smiling, “you look good, too. you seem to have a certain glow about you now.”
“life’s treating me well, i suppose.”
astoria giggled as if he told a joke, holding her hand up to her mouth in an act to stifle it. draco couldn’t help but think it looked much better when you did it, and even more so when you would laugh obnoxiously and shamelessly at something he’d said.
“i’m glad. it’s been so long since we last saw eachother, we should catch up!”
a brief chuckle left his lips, “indeed it has. but actually, that’s not a good idea.”
her head tilted, her smile a little more forced, “why?”
she interrupted him to say, “oh - i guess work is keeping you busy? not a problem, i understand. i can give you my new address, then you can just floo over whenever you’re free?”
draco made a move to hold his hand up, aiming to start flashing his ring but stopped when he heard a familiar child’s singing voice. lyra.
the girl sounded otherworldly happy, completely contented with life as she waltzed in while lulling a little tune. his smile turned genuine and less forcefully formal as he heard another voice alongside call out to him - yours.
“your daughter insisted we buy you an icecream as well,” lyra let go of her mother’s hand to come running up to her father, an icecream in each hand. one was half eaten, the other completely brand new and kept from melting thanks to the wonders of a certain charm.
astoria studied the scene, lips pursed and eyes tightened as the shock settled in. draco was…married. and with you? who even were you?
he chuckled and took his daughter’s hand, ice cream in the other. her only thought as she surveyed his gentle mannerisms; where did the hardheaded, arrogant rich boy from school go, and who was this fatherly, very much wedded man infront of her? this was not the draco malfoy she knew, and yet the sentimentality of him made him all the more desirable.
it took a second for you to notice her, but it only made it worse when you smiled and introduced yourself so kindly.
her hand extended, “astoria greengrass. i used to go to school with your…husband, actually.”
your eyebrow raised and your eyes lit up, “really? that’s so wonderful that you’re meeting again. i’m Y/N malfoy - scorpius, come here!”
draco’s smile turned prideful as he heard you routinely say his last name, and then more amused as he saw you turn and grab scorpius who, courtesy of his father’s troublemaking genes, had wondered off in the middle of gringotts.
his attention was taken away by astoria’s voice, “she seems lovely. not from hogwarts though, is she?”
“beauxbatons. prestigious family,” he replied, shaking his head.
a nod in understanding and then a few moments pause. “you’ve changed a lot since hogwarts, i’ve noticed.”
his eyes were still on his wife and children as he said, “i know.” he then flickered to her face to say, “for the better.”
you then returned, smiling patiently despite the little boy who was tugging quietly in signal that he wanted to leave, and that his boredom had already arrived.
“the offer’s still open, you know. if you maybe want to catch up or,” her eyes glanced at you, painting a kind smile but speaking her next words that provoked your calm contentment to slightly dissolve, “perhaps if you want a break. from your busy schedule, i mean.”
draco didn’t reply, waiting in unseen smugness as he knew you’d step in any moment now.
“how did you say you knew him, astoria?”
and stepping in you did.
“well, we actually dated for a few years.”
draco looked at you instantly, “only two short years. our families - you know how it is.”
you smiled reassuringly to draco, a sight that made him soften instantly.
“my husband’s actually occupied with his family at the moment, but it was lovely meeting you, anastasia.”
perhaps the purposeful accidental use of the wrong name had sparked humour in draco, because he simply cleared his throat to subtly hide it instead of correcting his wife.
you turned before calling, “scorpius, lyra, darling? - let’s go home.”
astoria looked back to draco who merely shrugged, his bottom lip sticking out in a suggestion of a smirk.
“the missus calls, i’ll excuse myself now.”
as astoria watched your retreating figures, she felt a sort of envious feeling that repeated it could’ve been her, that made itself a mantra as you interlinked hands with a little blonde headed boy and draco smiled down at a cutesy, Y/H/C girl.
you briefly turned your head over your shoulder and fluttered your fingers goodbye with your free hand; astoria didn’t miss the fact that it was your left hand you used, the one adorned with a heavy, expensive ring.
draco didn’t miss it either, but judging by the way he teased you for being jealous that evening, proving to you by nightfall that it was definitely unnecessary (and yet certainly attractive to him) - it seemed that he didn’t mind your possessiveness.
after all, it’s not like he wasn’t just as bad when it came to his wife.
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robynlilyblack · 27 days ago
You had one job Weasley!
Tumblr media
Fred Weasley x fem! slytherin! reader
Tumblr media
Summary: Fred and Y/n are on opposite sides of the war, engaging in a dangerous game of sneaking around, but will their luck run out when the final battle is upon them?
Warnings: swearing, angst, sad and happy fluff, mentions of war, death, murder, injuries, blood, grief as well as Greyback and Bellatrix being ruthless, established relationship, secret relationship, hurt/comfort, kissing, remus lupin lives, only proofread once x
A/n: 6.5k words, Timothy Greengrass and Joey Taggert are my OC's, wolfstar implied but if you ship remdora it's written neutral x thank you for the request, as you can see I missed writting for freddie and hence wrote alot, please enjoy xx
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Your leg bobbed uncontrollably, paranoia seeping through your brain at every small noise you heard, even the wisp of the the wind had hairs standing up. This wasn’t how you pictured your late teens, you expected some drama sure, maybe some minor life threatening when your original plan to run away with your boyfriend was discovered, but a war, becoming an order spy, having to shield your thoughts constantly from the darkest and most powerful wizard of your generation? Yeah…maybe paranoia was an understatement
Currently you were deep down a lane off diagon alley yet you could just about see the orange hue of your boyfriends shop shining down the far end. You checked yours…well actually Sirius’ pocket watch, it was 4 in the morning. Fred was likely not awake yet you hoped the light of your patronus was enough to wake him through the window. 
There was a risk George or Lee may see it, but they wouldn’t connect it to you. Deatheaters were known to be unable to cast them, only exceptions were you, Timothy and your late friend as you highly doubted a man like Snape could do it. On top of that there was no words, no message with it, because Fred would know it was you, just like he always did
“Please come” you whisper, hugging yourself as the winter cold cut straight through your jumper and jacket
You probably should have worn something more, but you loved this jacket, it was cool, Sirius wherever he was now would totally approve. In fact the jacket was his, given to you from when you did run away. Yet less than a year later you would lose him and be forced by Snape and Dumbledore to return to your parents and the dark wanker himself. You would go on to convince them you were only doing as the former told you in order to gain their trust and to do that you had to make it completely believable.
Your parents were typical slytherins, yet even though you pretty much knew most slyhterins were arseholes you were proud to be one. It took a while for people to trust you.
Sirius trusted you the moment you arrived at his door, you’d later understand why as he did the same thing when he was your age. Remus followed his friend's suit and Harry trusted his godfather. 
The Weasleys were cautious and all but Fred remained so, his trust grew quickly much like your crushes, to the point you were a couple by the time your final year began. 
Hermione never trusted you, to the point you and your friends weren’t invited to the DA, even after Fred went off on her for it. You didn’t blame her, nor argued your way in, yet you felt sick that she was probably revealing now about how she was right. How everyone would say you were this monster just like Peter. How Sirius would be so disappointed in you now. How you…
You dart around, extending your wand
“Just me love” Fred lets out a chuckle
You let out a shaky breath, heartbeat returning to normal 
Lowering your wand you took a second to admire him, he looked the exact same. Same light in his eyes, same goofy smile…same terrible colour scheme…orange and blue fred? What are you an Irn bru can?
Fred may have looked like he was joking, taking things slow and letting you come to him. Yet in reality all he wanted to do was take you in his arms and never let you go. He was constantly worried, to the point that not even George knew he was meeting with you, everyone in the world saw you as a traitor but not him.
“You just gonna drool over my banging physique or are you gonna kiss me?” he gestures to himself
He watches you let out a small laugh at his joke and it kills him. The light in your eyes had almost faded into nothing but a mere sparkle when you looked at him. The girl that was his underground agent back in his last year of hogwarts was now in the major leagues, risking her life more than he or most of the order were, his radio and missions child's play compared to you
Snape had tried to break his heart, told you there could be no loose ends but you refused. Instead you told him everything and offered to obliviate him if he wanted after, giving him the choice. That choice made him love you all the more, he knew remembering was dangerous, but in no world he wanted to forget you, hate you, if not for himself but you as well.  
“You want me to come to you?” he offers and you nod, upper face scrunching like you want to cry but have no tears left to fall, the war had sucked you dry
He wraps his arms around you, nose nudging into your hair. It was greasy and tangled, swept back in a clear attempt to hide it. He didn’t mind. You still smelled like you, the same thing he breathed in every night as he kept your scarf, well his old scarf that you stole, on the pillow you should be sleeping on. It was even charmed to hold your scent, and above all your place until you could return to him
“Hi” you mumble into his jacket, arms clutching onto him like he’s going to disappear
“Hi” he whispers back, holding you that little bit closer before he pulls back
Your hands still cling onto him but your head tilts up so you can see his face, leaning into his hand as it cups your cheek. His eyes flick over your face, lips parted as his thumb glides over your cheek
“What are you doing?” You ask softly, a little shy under his gaze
“Memorising every inch of you….just in case” he answers truthfully, you both knew by now it was likely one or both of you may not make it through this so you savoured every moment like it was the last
He leans in and kisses your forehead. It’s lingering. His heart aching that this was the way it had to be. That everytime he sees you he tries to remember every feature, blemish, indentation, that little hue of colour in your eyes you can only see up close. When you leave it’ll replay in his mind every night, hoping, praying to gordic himself that he won’t be replaying it for the rest of his life and he’ll have a chance to see you once more
You find yourself doing the same, eyes tracing over trying to remember every detail, the slight wrinkles caused by laughter, every freckle that scattered his face, the shine of his hair…
“I love you” are the first words that escape your lips, hands trying to pull him just that little bit closer
He melts, but it’s in a soul crushing way. Your voice is beautiful, the one he heard late at night when he purposefully stayed up too late, his over tired mind finding it easier to imagine you beside him, assuring him his family and friends would make it. That you would make it. Return to him. Start a life together. Grow old together
Fred’s eyes are watery when you meet them “I love you so much” he says earnestly before cupping your face and leaning in to rub his nose against yours “How long do we have?” he whispers
“10 minutes” you give him a sad smile
“How would you like to spend them?” he asks, trying to smile as crying together would a waste
“Hold me”
He manoeuvres backwards, sitting down on a small ledge and gently pulling you onto his lap to hold you. His arms hold you securely, heads tucked into the others necks, your arms wrapped under his arms, clutching his shoulders. The ground is crisp, his arse soon growing numb as do your knees yet neither of you care, all that matters was these few minutes. They would pass slowly and quickly, there would never be enough time, even forever would never be enough
“You think he’ll be proud of me?”
You don’t have to say his name and Fred knows, pulling back to look at you, one hand moving to fiddle with your jacket 
“Yes” he nods firmly “And if he was still here he would be proud to call you his daughter” 
“A few more weeks and I would have been” you look down “I still have the papers hidden under the floorboard” you confess
Fred presses a kiss to your hair line “You could always change your last name to his” he offers and you look back up, nodding with a mournful smile
“Or become a dog” you let out the smallest of laughs
He joins you “You’d make an adorable dog” he nods
“Imagine the mischief” you laugh again, its freer and Fred’ heart swells
“We’d be unstoppable” he chuckles
The giggles soon die down, the cold alley quieting again as you pull a small bit of paper from your pocket. Fred watches you fiddle with it for a second, before you open it up and smile. He can’t see the contents until you turn the paper around, his hand coming up to take it
“You drew this?” he asks as his eyes trace over, instantly recognising himself
You nod, eyes growing glassy again as you talk
“You know Joe used to give me and Tim these stupid sketching lessons back at Hogwarts” you let out a breathy laugh “We’d always fluck them, drawing silly things instead” a tear falls “We found all his scetchbooks after he…” you can’t say it “Me and Tim decided to continue filling the two he had bought for us but never had the chance to…” you look back up at Fred I’ve drawn lots of you, and Sirius…and him from memory” you sniffle “That ones my faviourite” you point to it
Fred stares down at it before looking up again “Why give it to me?” he asks, heart heavy that this was you saying goodbye
“Because then you can give it back to me”
He folds up the drawing, carefully placing it in his inner pocket before bringing your lips to his. The kiss is slow, made up of multiple little kisses with whispered ‘I love yous’ slipping out in between them. 
The kisses last a while, until your both hugging each other close, noses buried in each others neck
“I need to go” you murmur, placing a chaste kiss to his skin
His heart drops but he nods, letting you off of his lap and accepting your hands as you hold them out. Even after he’s stood up his hands never leave yours, neither of you can let go. 
Not just yet
“I’ll see you again” he says, holding your hands tighter, nodding
I’ll see her again
You smile as much as you can, nodding as well “Until the next time”
There will be a next time
“Until next time” he repeats your words, reluctantly letting your hands slip away
You turn away, beginning to walk when you look back, staring for a moment before running backup for one final embrace
“Next time” you whisper before pressing your lips to his
“Next time” he kisses you once more but a little harder, thumbs caressing your face
You kiss him one last time, softly, before parting and walking off quickly, knowing if you look back again or stay you would never leave. 
Fred watches you walk away, taking his heart with him while yours remains here with him. As his hand moves to wipe the tears that fell the moment you turn the corner he feels something sticking out of his jacket pocket
It’s a piece of paper similar to the one you gave him earlier. Opening it the years fall harder, it was a drawing of you while you’re laughing, it’s so beautiful, and in the corner is your writing
Joey drew this the week before he died. I want you to have it. It's been six months since I last saw you. I don’t know how long it will be until we see each other again, if we see each other again, so I want you to remember me like this. Happy.
I love you Freddie
“She’ll come back” he holds it to his chest “She going to come back”
Tumblr media
The next months were hard. In fact hard was an understatement when yourself and Timothy were paired with Greyback and his snatchers. 
During that time you met Ted Tonks once more, a man you respected, yet you couldn’t let him go free and that was a decision that would haunt you and Timothy forever. Greyback was the one that did it, something that was so cruel, so horrific it was beyond words. He waited until the full moon, set Ted free and hunted him like it was a sport. Bellatrix arrived the following morning but only to cackle over his body while you and timothy watched
You saw many things that made you lose faith at times. Timothy was always there though, and although Joey was gone you had his drawings, even the ones which held old conversations from potions. You would talk to them sometimes, perhaps it was on set insanity but it helped.
It kept you going
Now you were back at Hogwarts, shaky hands as you waited for Snape to give you both instructions that weren’t a vague be within the castle walls as soon as you can
“Where have you been?” You ask a little on edge Tim as he enters your old common room “Oh no what?” you notice his face
“It’s happening, Harry’s here and the order has arrived too” he replies, looking beyond nervous "I think they've taken over the great hall but I didn't stick around to check"
You nod slowly taking a few breaths, heart racing that Fred was so close “Guess that’s why he wanted us here” you take a seat on your old spot on the couches and Timothy joins you, leaving a space in the middle for where Joey once sat
You both look at the empty space and then each other
“He should be here” he whispers
“Yeah” you nod “Though if he was he’d tell you that shirt looks terrible” you can’t stop the giggle
He scoffs “Well fuck you too” he starts chuckling too, looking down “Salazar it is terrible isn't it…why'dyou let me wear this?” he shakes his head
“You didn’t wash any others” you shrug
“Can you transfigure it?” he pleas “I can’t die in this”
You let out a shocked laugh “I can’t believe you just said that!” 
“What it’s true! Doesn’t matter if both sides are gonna try and kill us, when they see this monstrosity they’ll be like let’s kill the wanker in the shit coloured shirt”
You giggle at him but then your face falls a little “You aren’t going to die…we’ll make it out” you say, looking serious before you crack a smile “Cause Joe will never let us live it down if we die”
“Yeah" he laughs "He’d rip the pish out of us the moment we got there, wherever there is”
“And say that shirt is a crime against fashion” you giggle, taking your wand and muttering some spells to change the shirts colour
“Much thanks” his fingers fiddle with the soft green material “Matches my eyes…well one of them” 
“I’m not making the other half blue Tim. Then you would look like a right wanker”  
You both chuckle for a little while. Enjoying the small bit of normal you always found in each other. That was until you spot a bright light out of the common room window. Standing, you both make your way over, watching the light stretch down through the water to the bed below
“It’s weirdly beautiful” Timothy notes watching the shimmer
You hum in agreement “I know it’s always been real. The war I mean. But now it feels…”
“Really real” Timothy takes your hand “Like it’s the beginning of the end”
"Yeah" you squeeze his hand before looking up at him “Just hope it’s the end we hope for”
“It will be” he stares out of the window for a second and takes a deep breath, then he turns to you “Love you” he gives you the best smile he can muster
“Me too” you nod
“You love yourself?” he teases earning a playful hit
Tumblr media
Fred made his way up the stairs, following Remus, Tonks, and the elder of his family, George walked beside him but it was quiet. Air feeling so thick it was almost suffocating. Everyone he loved was here except you, he had no idea where you were. Where are you in the castle? Outside the barrier? Worse?
“You alright?” his twin whispers as they get to the top
He wants to say no, I’m not okay, I have no idea if the love of my life is alright, but he can't, instead he lies
“Yeah…you?” he asks, walking outside towards the balcony of the tower
“Yeah” George gives a firm nod, hands finding the wall “Nice view”
“Seen better” that makes George chuckle
They watch the spells hit the barrier. It was beautiful in its own way, like the calm before a storm, yet the storm is always inevitable and rips away everything
But you can only hope its not everything
Georges drift to the side “Looks like someones trying to cheer us up” he chuckles drawing Fred’s attention
“Wha…” he starts to ask when he sees it, a patronus, your patronus
He smiles
“Kinda looks like Sirius’ in his dog form” George notes “Think it’s Remus’ they were thing once weren't they?” 
“Could be” Fred shrugs “I’ll go see, be back in a jiff” Fred pats his twins shoulder as he passes, walking towards the dancing light, following the dog as it patters back into the tower and down one flight of stairs, eventually disappearing behind a tapestry
His heart does a little skip wanting nothing more than to run in but he holds himself back, glancing around to check no one can see him before he enters slowly
“Love?” he whispers looking around until his eyes fall on you, leaning on the small window as you stared out “Love” he repeats a little louder
That gains your attention and you waste no time making your way over to him “Hi” you greet, trying to stop your hands from shaking
Fred takes them in his “Hi” he says, thumbs smoothing over your knuckles 
“I love you so much” you can’t stop the tears as they were already falling, your hands slipping out of his and cupping his cheeks shocking him a little but then his own chase yours, grasping your wrists
“I love you too” he squeezes them, worry swarming in his stomach at how broken you look “What’s going on? Do they know you're a spy? They get Timothy?” he asks mildly frantic
“No nothing like that they have no idea…although they’ll know soon enough” you assure him before taking a breath
“Then what is it?” he asks softly
“You know when we said no promises? Because life's so unpredictable there's little chance we’ll be able to keep them” he nods “I need you to not to necessarily promise, but tell me you won’t get yourself killed. That we’ll make it out and we’ll get married and have a life together. A beautiful messy, chaotic life together” 
He can feel the tears hitting his hands as he answers “I promise” his own eyes watering 
“We’re so close to the end” you say with a shaky voice “We’ve come too far to lose it all now...I can't...” you take a sharp breath trying to compose yourself
“And we won’t" he wipes your tears and cups your face "When this is over, I'm going to ask you to marry me, and you’ll...hopefully..." you giggle "...say yes, and then we’ll move into a weird and wacky cottage, raise children if we want them and then grow old and grey together”
“Good” you smile at him, nodding as your hands fall from his cheek and wrap around his torso while his slither around you, holding you tight
You held each other for less than a minute but it felt like a small eternity. The first and last promise you would ever make to each other spoken in that little hideaway, and when you parted, watched Fred walk back up the stairs and you headed down to meet Timothy again, you both hoped it wouldn't be broken
Because if it was, neither of you would survive it
Tumblr media
“Tim!” you shout, flicking a spell towards one of Greybacks snatchers
Running down the hall you found yourself near Gryffindor tower once more, yet you couldn’t worry about Fred. You had to find Timothy, Fred had the order looking out for him while you and Timothy only had one another. Everyone was out for you. In fact you had saved Remus from a death eater only to be spotted by Tonks soon after and almost killed whilst trying to slip away
“Tim” you say mostly for yourself, frantically looking around when you see a flash of red hair
He was fighting death eaters who had forced their way through what must have been one of the not so secret passages. He hadn’t seen you as you continued down the corridor towards him, hoping Timothy was just behind or in front of you.
You couldn’t head back now there were too many looking for you
You movements stopped though when you saw him “Fred” you see him join Percy's side
Of course he’s laughing, you think as you draw closer…then you see it
A death eater pointing his wand towards Percy and Fred through the windows of the corridors. You didn’t think just ran towards them. Percy was a little closer to the impact zone as the spell hit the wall, blowing up the bricks and sending most of it down and towards Fred and you guessed now, yourself
They hadn’t noticed your approach, reactions delayed until Percy was flung backwards and down a flight of stairs when you were a mere metre from Fred
You turned your body towards the falling wall yelling “Retcuto!” the spell vaporising the wall and the impact of which sending you and Fred flying deeper down the corridor, landing next to one another as smaller debris lands almost softly around you
“Fuck” Fred groans, wand still in his hand as he processes what just happened “Percy!” he shoots up, ignoring the sting as he looks to the side, not seeing his brother but you wincing on your side “Y/n…Y/n!” he says the first in shock and the second in alarm scooping you into his arms
Fred ignores the calls of his name from not only Percy but Ron and Harry who seem to have stumbled upon them, the small well of rubble blocking their view. Your eyes open, panting heavy and he thinks you’re going to say something sweet, maybe a cute a hello, but instead you hit him multiple times in the shoulder whilst sitting up as best you can with his help
“You had one job, Weasley!” you scold him, earning a shocked laugh
“We almost die and you’re shouting at me?” 
“Yes, you complete arse” you were laughing now as well hitting him between words while he just chuckled "You promised"
“I know my snake in not so shiny armour” he quips even if his heart hurts that at the idea that without you he would be dead
His joke earns another nudge but then you wince again, face scrunching
“You okay?” his brows knit, smile dropping to concern as his hand moves to your side only to feel some wetness “Merlin” he gasps looking down, realising some of the glass from the window had hit your side
“That isn’t good” you press your hand to the area, feeling the blood seeping out too quickly before looking at him “Freddie I…” the adrenaline was wearing off now, the pain was searing and you were quickly feeling faint “...I feel a little…” you can’t finish but he understands
“Stay with me okay?” he cups your cheek, some bloods smearing across it
“Fred when we call you…answer” Percy starts a little intense and finishes with a whisper “Who?” he can’t quite see your face
“Fred we…” Ron and Harry jog up after throwing a few covering spells “...is that...” Ron trails off
Your head falls into Freds chest, unable to hold yourself up “Y/n love I need to you stay awake” Fred was panicking now, still ignoring his family as tears stream "Please we promised" he whispers kissing your temple when your eyes won't open
“Fred we need to go!” Ron shouts in an almost uncaring manner
“No!” Fred bites back with a tone none of them had ever heard, scaring them “Help me get her somewhere safe”
“Shes a death…”
“One more word and I will never speak to you again” he warns his younger brother while Percy has already moved to help
“If you can carry her I’ll defend you. We can hide behind one of the statues until it dies down enough to go to the great hall, okay?” he says softly, kneeling down
Fred nods, lifting you up with a little help from Percy
“Got her?” he checks and Fred nods
“We’ll help” Harry chips in, earning a thankful look from Fred, a nod from Percy and a baffled look from Ron
“Harry” Ron shakes his head shrugging
“Just come on” Harry doesn’t bother to argue just follows “We’ll talk about it later”
Tumblr media
Fred was in the great hall now, crouching by your small bed on the floor and watching Madam Pomfrey work. His family were slowly making their way in, all in sheer panic for a moment until they see him and Percy who was sitting nearby
“Will she be okay?” he looks hopefully at the nurse when she stands
She nods “Yes, the wound isn’t magical nor was it deep so she will be fine. Normally I wouldn’t say she shouldn’t walk when she wakes up but given the circumstances Mr Weasley if she wants to fight she can” the older women tells him before taking her leave, answering quickly as she simply didn’t have the time
“Freddie!” his head shoots up at his twins voice, clambering to his feet to hug him tightly
“Thank merlin” Fred breaths out, pulling back and cupping his brothers face “Thought I'd lost you in chaos”
“Can’t get rid of me that easily” George chuckles, pulling him in for another hug before Fred parts and bear hugs Ginny, followed by Charlie, Bill, Fleur and his parents, whilst percy does something similar
The reunion however is cut short when Tonks approaches with Remus not long behind her
“Why is she here?” the small group looks towards them, the pink-haired women looking rather upset while the ex professor seemed sad
Remus had regarded you in a similar way to Sirius, even if he had grown disappointed in you since your ‘betrayal’, he still felt sick to his stomach seeing you hurt
“She’s a death eater…she has the mark” Tonks points towards the peaking of black ink under your scrunched sleeve
“Dora” Remus says lowly, looking around as the word must draw attention yet no one is looking their way, instead they're looking at some members of the order pointing their wand at Timothy Greengrass
“Lower your wands there is a brief truce” Kinsley commands to which their wands are reluctantly put away “You try anything and Imean anything, I will not be as understanding” he warns
Timothy nods wearing a thankful smile as he walks deeper into the hall. Eyes searching the room before the fall on Fred, making his way towards him quickly to ask if he had seen you when he sees your body laying there
“No” he whispers to himself, eyes widening and not caring about his knees as he hits the stone floor beside you “What happened?” he looks around but mostly towards Fred looking beyond worried
“She saved me from being hit by the wall but a shard of glass was embedded in her side”
Fred glances at his family, few seemed between sympathetic at Timothy and surprised you saved him, Remus evening wears a tiny twitch of a smile. Yet the ones he wanted to be wore no such thing. His mother and twin’s expressions remained hard, although they did waver a little upon hearing the first half
Timothy's face is still painted with worry “Will she be okay?” he asks, relaxing when Fred nods
“She saved your life?” Bill is the first to speak, most level headed as he wraps his arm around Fleur, holding her close to him
Fred nods “She did” 
“Why?” George asks a little sharpy 
“Because she loves me” Fred answers like it was obvious
Again his elder brothers and Remus seem soft towards it, like they can believe it, his father does as well but he remains neutral due to Molly who scoffs along with Tonks and George. Ginny seems somewhere in between and partially in her own world, her mind most likely preoccupied in worrying about Harry
“No she doesn’t. She broke your heart and ran off to join the death eaters. Since then I have watched you for the last two years mope around over her. She’s a traitor Freddie...please” George pleads like he thinks he doing the right thing but it only makes Fred upset
Fred shakes his head “She isn’t” he says shortly “Neither is Timothy” he adds, earning a grateful smile from the boy as he holds your hand, thumbing circles in it to comfort you but mostly himself
“You’re mad” Tonks states “They’re traitors plain and simple, you’re just blinded by your misplaced affections”
“No” Fred glares at her “They’ve been…” he stops himself, glancing at Timothy who nods, letting him know it's alright to tell everyone now “They’ve been working undercover”
She scoffs along with Molly who seems to only be quiet due to Arthur's hand in hers, while George’ head tilts and the rest of the weasley, plus Remus, listen carefully
“Undercover?” Tonks crosses her arms looking sceptical, while his mothers is closer to disappointment “Didn’t feel that way when their other little friend came after me and your younger brother” 
Timothy grimaces at them mention of his late friend, more so at the question thrown towards him 
“Where is he anyway?” She looks right at him “Almost killed us along with my crazy aunt”
Timothy sighs, heart aching “He…he didn’t make it” he looks away from them and to you
Remus watches the boy carefully, as does Fred’s elder brothers, Fleur and Arthur, all noting the grief and how he holds your hand just that little bit tighter. Tonks however flushes slightly, guilt beginning to swarm her stomach as she thinks back to the blasting spell she sent his way before she and Ron used the port key
“Who knew you were undercover?” Remus asks calmly, recognising something he felt all too well in the boy before him
“Sirius knew we were to gain info in our final year, but when he died Dumbledore and Mad-eye sent me, y/n and…Joe uncover. Our mission was to imbed ourselves along with Snape, feed the order information and when the time came, turn against them”
“You caused the death of my father” Tonks interjects “If you were really on our side why would you…how could you...” she can’t finish, trailing off but the boy understands what she’s asking
“I’m sorry about your father. Truly. It’s something I can never forgive myself for, nor do I even deserve it for playing a role in it, and I’m so, so sorry” he says so genuinely they all believe it, at least on some level “Not that it helps but Greyback…” Remus grimaces at the name “…the one that murdered him, won’t be hurting anyone else ever again”
“He’s dead?” Remus asks, eyes wide and lips parted
“Yes. I checked myself when he fell during mine and y/n’s tussle with him…but then I lost her in the chaos that ensued afterward. The other snatchers in his pack sought revenge ya see” Timothy explains and Remus looks like a weight has been lifted off of him “There’s no proof besides Fred and of course Snape's knowledge with Mad-eye and Dumblerdore dead. But if me and y/n were being honest we have no idea what Snapes mission really is...was? He was always so...cryptic. We had no idea he would kill Dumbledore, nor that we would be forced to fight against you all in the battle of the potters, or work with the snatchers and that monster”
They all nod slowly, taking the information in while George turns to Fred whose now moved to sit beside you once more, taking your other hand and stroking your cheek gently
“You knew the whole time?” he asks and Fred turns to his brother, his whole family and his friends awaiting his answer
“Just after Sirius’ death and before she 'turned', she sat me down. Explained the mission and everything she had been doing at Hogwarts while we were all off playing hero with the DA. After which she offered me a choice. She could obliviate me or I could remember but never tell anyone”
“Do you have any idea how dangerous that was!” his mother finally speaks up “You could have gotten yourself killed!” Arthur wraps his arm around her, rubbing her back to try and soothe her nerves
“I know but I didn’t mum” he answers simply, calmly, a stark contrast to his usual demeanour and it makes his mother listen “I love her, really love her. She’s the bravest person I’ve ever met” he turns to Timothy “As are you, and of course Joey” he turns back to the other while Timothy smiles “They were the ones leaking information, information that saved more than we lost. They risked everything to help us even after Mad-eye died and they were all on their own, merlin they all were forced to get the dark mark…” his eyes trail down to it, fingers glazing it
“She might have been lying” Tonks says but her voice is softer, less angry than she was before
“Maybe but I believe it” Percy states “I believe you” he says meeting Fred’s eyes
“So do I” Remus adds, earning a quizzical look from Nymphadora before she says a quiet ‘Me too’
“Me Three” Bill winks 
“Four” Fleur adds cuddling into her husband
“Five” Charlie says with a nod
“Six” is from Arthur
“Six and a half” Molly grumbles lowly, earning a small chuckle from the small group
“Seven” Ginny smiles
“Eight” George finishes “I believe you” he kneels down next to Fred taking his hand “I always believe you” his head taps his twins
“Thank you” he says mostly to George but then turns to the others "You won't regret it, believing" he smiles and they smile back
Your whine however brings his, and Timothy's attention back, their grips on your hands tightening while the rest of the small crowd step back and sit among themselves, except George who stays by his brothers side and Remus who takes a seat on Timothy's other side
“Y/n love?” Fred calls softly as your eyes flutter open
“Yeah?” your head turns to him, not really aware of your surroundings just yet
“You had one job future Weasley” he scolds lightly and you giggle
“Well if you had done yours I wouldn’t be in this predicament” you clap back before your eyes widen
“What?” Fred asks but your already sitting up way too quickly, side stinging but you couldn’t care less
“Tim! I need to find him” you say trying to stand up when the boy your looking for places his hand on your shoulder stopping you
“I’m here” he assures you “I’m alright, I'm okay” 
You sigh in relief, leaning into him a little bit “I couldn’t lose you too” you breath out
“You didn’t…you haven’t lost either of us sunshine” he gives you a smile and then looks toward Fred
Your boyfriend smiles back at the boy before his focus returns to you “We’re keeping our promise don’t you worry love” his nose nudges into your hair
Timothy lets go of your hand then, letting Freds arms engulf you as your head buries itself into his chest “I love you” your murmur so only Fred can hear
“Love you too” he whispers as he pulls back, digging into his pocket and bringing it out just enough for you to see “I’ve carried it everyday. And when we win I’m going to give it back ask you something very important” he tells you
Your heart flutters “Yes” you whisper to which George, who could totally hear everything, lets out a small smile
“You’re supposed to let me ask first” Fred scrunches his nose at you
“Freddie it’s been a yes since we were 17” you inform him, placing a sweet kiss to his lips
“What’s going on here?” Ron asks approaching with Hermione, both staring at your and Fred as you part
“Y/n’s injured” Remus answers for you
Your head whips around to him, surprised “Hi” you whisper, wincing at the idea of how disappointment he must be in you
“Hey” He gives you a warm smile “He’d be really proud you know…I’m proud” he tells you, eyes a little glassy
You nod, heart warming as you turn back to Fred and Timothy, both helping you stand up as they know there would be no stopping you from continuing the fight 
“I know she’s injured” Ron replies a little mumbly “I mean why is everyone okay with her...and him here” he motions to you and Timothy, Hermion nodding next to him
“Y/n and Timothy have been working as spies little brother” Bill states, the whole clan turning to look at two thirds of the famous trio
Hermione and Ron look at him baffled, and then eye you and Timothy for a second. They have questions, of course they do, a boat load in fact but their was no time for that right now, their were more pressing concerns
“Has anyone seen Harry?” Remus’ face instantly pales “He went up to Dumbledore’s office but he never came back” Hermione asks, looking concerned as her hand finds Rons
“You don’t think he turned himself over do you?” Someone asks, and while everyone looks at each other in a quiet worry all Remus can think is that’s exactly what James would do
Tumblr media
Thank you for reading ♡ I will fix some of the links up top tomorrow morning xx
Tumblr media
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thatblackravenclaw · 5 months ago
Time To Let Go
Tumblr media
author note: fewer tears this time around 😅 might do a part two if enough people want it.
Poly!Marauders x fem!slytherin!reader (reader doesn't have a specified race, but she isn't fair skinned)
word count: 960
warning(s): smut, clit stimulation, titty sucking, fingering, miscommunication trope?, angst, like one curse word i think
Tumblr media
I honestly knew this day was coming. I knew it from the moment I first met Lily. Fair skin, green eyes, red hair, perfect. She’s so incredibly kind. How could you not like her? The boys really do. They don’t think I’ve noticed, but I have. It’s been like this for 4 months.
My parents would never have approved of them. My whole bloodline is Slytherin and that’s how I was told it would stay and here I go falling for a few goofy Gryffindors.
Remus went with Sirius and James to quidditch practice, so I felt like this would be the perfect time to come get my stuff from their room.
My heart clenches when I walk into the empty room. A room I didn’t think I’d have to say goodbye to until we all graduated yet here I am, 2 years premature, leaving.
During our honeymoon phase the boys were beyond obsessed with me. So obsessed that they hated being without me, so whenever I would come over I’d leave a piece of clothing for each of them for whenever our schedules didn’t collide.
 I go to Sirius’ bed first. His trunk is pretty full, but I’m able to find my stuff pretty quickly. I let him have my sweater that I bought just because. It’s his favorite color and he claims it heavily smells like me. It was worth the sacrifice to see the smile on his face.
 Every memory playing in front of my eyes like a movie. How he used to hold me in his arms after a long day. How he would lay in my lap reading mystery novels that he said was oh so boring but begged me to skip doing homework to continue reading. How he would hold my arms behind my back while Remus lazily rubbed my clit, so I don’t move during my punishment for being bratty throughout the day. How he would whisper in my ear, degrading me for being a spoiled brat and how if it was up to him, he wouldn’t touch me at all. He’d use my throat and fuck it until I couldn’t speak.
Next is James. He always loved my green jumper. Sleeps with it every night. I go to look for it under his pillow and sure enough it’s there. I wonder if he even remembers it’s there. I hold it up to my nose and hug it. It doesn’t even smell like me anymore. It’s pure James.
I remember how whenever I first wore it around him he said it complimented my skin tone. He then proceeded to grab the middle of it and pull me towards him. Moments later it was pulled over my tits while his face replaced where my bra once was. It became a routine that whenever it was just us we would lay in his bed and his mouth would suck on my nipples for hours. He would every so often look up at me with a dreamy look in his eyes which in turn would send a feeling right down to my pussy and I would get more wet with every pull and every look.
Lastly is Remus. I actually didn’t give him any clothing. I gave him my charm bracelet and in  exchange I got his ring. Neither of them anything special, but it reminded us of each other.
Whenever all of us would be intimate and I wasn’t being punished, Rem would sit behind me rubbing my thighs to calm the shaking from Sirius overstimulating my clit while slowly thrusting his fingers in, but not showing any sign of letting up any time soon. The feeling of the bracelet caress my skin sending a shiver down my spine.
I look at the ring on my finger for a minute before finally taking it off and placing it in the middle of his bed.
Once I get to the door, I look around one last time. My heart feels heavy and so do my arms from holding the jacket and jumper. I feel a sob creeping up my throat, so I turn around and walk out their door for the last time.
Tumblr media
James POV
“Do you think she’ll like it Lils?” I ask Lily.
“Look, all I’m saying is that if she doesn’t accept your guys’ promise ring then I will. I wish I had a boyfriend like you guys.”
“Sorry, but I don’t think anyone can be as good as us.” Sirius says.
We say our last goodbyes to her and head to the common room. I can’t wait to see her face in a few days after our anniversary picnic that we have planned for her. I’m so glad Lily was willing to help us find this ring. Coming up with ideas was probably the hardest thing we had ever done.
Sirius and I come to the door to see it open. We look at each other with our brows furrowed, but continue to walk in.
Remus is just standing by his bed holding what seems like a ring.
“You good Moony?”
He shakes his head no and looks up at us.
“She’s gone.”
“Who’s gone?”
“Y/n. She returned my ring.”
I run over to my bed and find her jumper gone. No. No. Why would she leave? I feel the tears in my eyes threaten to spill
I turn to see Sirius throwing things out of his trunk. Clothes and school supplies flying everywhere.
“She took her sweater back. I don’t understand. I just don’t understand. What did we do?”
I see tears in his eyes as well.
“No. I refuse. We’re going to go find her. Now.” Sirius says before starting towards the door. Remus and I quickly fell in step with him.
part two
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l0renz0sgf · 22 days ago
POV: you catch a cold while outside and Theo is worried
Warnings: sick reader, mention of stuffy nose and sore throat, fluff!
Request by: @siriuslydestiny
I loved writing this lmk how y’all like this one
Theo head cannon- lorenzo zurzolo
Tumblr media
Theodore nott loves the snow and I mean LOVES the snow. So when the first snow day arrived at Hogwarts he begged you to come out and enjoy it with him. He looked so cute you couldn’t deny his request. “Please y/n please come outside with me, I promise you will have fun “ Theo pleaded with you but you’ve always loved snow days, just from the inside of course. “Okay fine Theo but not for long you know I can’t handle the cold like you” you slightly giggled at the reaction from the boy in-front of you. After layering fabrics underneath one another and putting your boots on you were ready to tackle the cold with Theo. “Wait y/n!” Theo shouted at you from in the back of his closet. You turned around with a questionable look as Theo pulled out a dark green scarf and beanie just for you to wear. He wanted to make sure you stayed warm so you could be outside with him longer. “Thanks love” you said as he wrapped the scarf around your neck. “Anything for you y/n” Theo said with a crooked smile that mirrored onto yours.
The two of you walked through the empty corridors of Hogwarts barley seeing anyone since everyone was enjoying their day in the warm shops at Hogsmeade. As you got to the courtyard you could see Theo’s eyes light up as he saw the snow that acted as a blanket on every thing that sat outside. Little did Theo know you brought your Polaroid camera with you and you had to capture this moment( the cover photo). The two of you had spent the whole day making angels and snowman. You were like two little kids on a rush of happiness. After playing in the snow, you were exhausted so the the two of you went to the great hall to have some dinner and tea. The both of you had made it back to Theo’s dorm and you put your favorite record on, Songs from the big chair and head of heals starts to play.
Play Head over heals now!
“Come on love let me run you a warm bath” Theo said sweetly and you happily hummed in response. Wanting to take off all the layers you had on, you quickly realized you couldn’t get your boots off so you needed help. “Theooooooo” you went on calling for him until he came out of the bathroom and saw you struggling to get your boots off. He smiled and then came over to help you. After relaxing in the bath and changing into Theo’s sweat pants and hoodie that practically drowned you, you made your way to his bed where he layed waiting for you to be done.” Did you enjoy your bath?” Theo asked as he pulled you to his chest.” it was so nice thank you” you said as you quickly relaxed into his chest. “Go to sleep darling I know you’re tired” you heard him whisper into your ear. You hummed in response, letting sleep take over you.
The next morning:
Theo had early morning quidditch practice and you knew this as it happened every weekend. The both of you established that you guys would always meet at the great hall to have breakfast together after practice was over. The only thing is you slept through your alarm and breakfast. Theo quickly became worried and went to your dorm to see you weren’t there. He went to his dorm and walked into to see you sleeping soundly. His nerves calmed down and went to the side of the bed gently moving the hair out of your face. You started to wake up and opened your eyes to see your boyfriend smiling at you. You cupped the hand that rested on the side of your face. Once you were finally awake you realized you had a stuffy nose and you were freezing even though you were covered in a thick comforter and wrapped in blankets.” Are you okay love?” Theo asked clearly concerned. “ I think I just have a cold” you practically whispered thinking your throat hurts too.”This is all my fault” Theo said as he pinched the bridge of his nose thinking of ways he can help. “ Darling I will be right back I am going to get you some soup” Theo said quickly before practically running to the kitchen. All you could think about it is that you just wanted to be cuddled. You wanted warmth and you knew your boyfriend could give you that.
Theo came back after about 20 minutes with your favorite soup. “Hey y/n I’m back with some soup to help warm you up” Theo said with a smile trying to do as much as he can.” Thank you teddy but, I really just want you to cuddle with me right now” you said with a pout. “ Oh of course baby” you rolled to one side of the bed and lifted the covers up. Theo slipped off his shoes and slid into the covers. He pulled you to his chest and you wrapped your arms around his neck pulling him even closer to you. Theo started to play with your hair trying to make you relax. Your eyes started to feel heavy and you knew that you were about to fall asleep but you tried to fight it because you loved moments like these with your boy.” Y/n i know you’re tired, I will still be here when you wake up. I love you darling” Theo stated. “ I love you too” you said letting sleep take over you.
Okay how did y’all like this one????
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dreamcubed · a month ago
she’s my collar | tom riddle x reader
song; she's my collar [gorillaz, kali uchis] pairing; tom riddle x fem!slytherin!reader genre; angst, hurt comfort(ish), soulmates, s2l word count; 6,8k timeline; riddle's last years at hogwarts warnings; swearing, minor character deaths, minor character murders, discrimination (muggle-borns), talk of hate crimes (muggle-borns), mentions of physical pain, injuries (involving blood), implied depression, implied manipulative relationship summary; most people were destined to never find the person who was born with a matching tattoo to theirs - you weren't one of those people, but you were forced to endure your soulmate creating horcruxes and the effect it had on your soul
"she's the serpentine, she's my collar."
In a wizarding world with soulmates, but no guarantee that you would ever find yours, you - like many others - resorted to hopeful dreams of the perfect match. Your parents didn't inflate your hopes, and kept you grounded, as they themselves weren't soulmates, like so many other lifelong couples. Nonetheless, like little muggle kids dream of being royalty and heroes, wizard and witch kids dream of finding their ultimate love.
It was estimated that less than five percent of wizards and witches found their soulmate, which was a huge reason behind parents not fuelling their children's imagination. The whole concept might as well not exist if you weren't destined to find your partner - at least that's what you thought frequently.
Nonetheless, some hope remained burning within you even after your infancy ended, and resided in the back of your mind as you started Hogwarts. Often at night you found yourself tracing the snake tattoo curled around your left forearm: it was significantly larger than your friends' soulmate tattoos. Most inked marks were small, no larger than a galleon coin, and yours in comparison was massive.
Your friends often speculated that it was a sign of you being more likely to meet your soulmate than the rest of them, but you had always had a feeling it was something much more sinister, but you didn't know why - so you brushed it off as simply your pessimistic mindset. A signature trait of yours was only seeing the bad in things.
Perhaps you got that from your parents, who had reacted so negatively to your tattoo that they had told you to hide it, in fear of something dark. You had never really understood why - sure, snakes were associated with evil, like basilisks and Salazar Slytherin, but there were a fair share of Slytherins in your family who were the nicest of people. Despite that, they had reacted negatively to you being sorted into Slytherin. Sometimes it felt like they knew something that you didn't.
It wasn't something you liked to think about too often, but it still crossed your mind sometimes, like in potions, where you sat etching mindless graffiti into the table. You couldn't help but stare at the tip of your tattoo poking out of your sleeve, unaware you were subconsciously transcribing a snake into the dark wood.
You were so consumed in your thoughts that you failed to hear Slughorn dismissing everyone, until he walked up to your desk and tapped his wand where your graffiti was.
"A fascinating drawing, Miss L/N. Why a snake?"
Your eyes snapped up, a small hint of fear at being caught bubbling within you.
He sensed your apprehension, and laughed, "Don't panic, it's nothing a little magic can't cover up."
You watched as he wordlessly moved his wand over the snake, transforming it back into smooth wood.
"You didn't answer my question - why a snake?"
You shrugged, playing with the sleeve that covered your tattoo.
Slughorn noticed the fidgeting, and also caught sight of some of the ink. "Your soul mark? Is it a snake?"
You nodded.
"Fascinating. Very fitting of a Slytherin, don't you think?"
"I suppose," you said quietly.
"Perhaps your soulmate is a Slytherin?"
"Anyway, my lesson has finished, if you hadn't noticed. You're free to go."
You pushed all your belongings into your satchel, and began making your way to the exit in a hurry.
"Oh, Miss L/N, I think you dropped something."
You span around to see Slughorn clutching a black book, cornered in brass - it looked like a handful of notebooks you owned from that distance, so you didn't think twice about moving forward and accepting it from him. As you shoved it into your bag, you mumbled a "thank you" before leaving the dungeon classroom for good.
Only now you were sat at your desk in your dormitory did you realise that the book was in fact not yours.
Like usual, you had completed your evening routine of going through your satchel and organising any new assignments and notes you had gathered that day, causing you to open the book you had thoughtlessly accepted from Slughorn to see what you had written in it. Except, you hadn't written in it - meaning it couldn't be yours, as at this point in the year there was not a notebook you kept on your person that wasn't written in.
At the very least, its emptiness probably meant no one was missing it.
You shoved the book aside and picked up a fresh piece of scroll for your next due assignment; you dipped your quill into the ink pot sat at the back of the desk, and as you brought your hand back to the scroll, a couple drops fell from the quill and landed on the still-open page of the mystery book. You wouldn't have paid any attention to it if the ink hadn't then dissolved into the page.
Suddenly, the assignment didn't matter to you anymore. All that mattered was the evidently charmed book, that could potentially hold someone's secrets if it was some kind of invisible ink spell.
Maybe someone was missing it, then.
In the case you managed to return it, you decided to write a small message to them, to ensure to them that you didn't invade their privacy.
Your charm works by the way - I can't see a thing in here.
You watched as the ink disappeared, but it surprised you when ink appeared in return.
D: Do you know the charm placed on this diary?
You hadn't expected a response, but found yourself replying nonetheless.
Y: An invisible ink one, right?
D: Wrong.
Y: What charm is it then?
D: A companionship charm. I provide company to the owner.
Y: Do you have a name?
D: I am named after my creator. I am him, in a way.
Y: Who is he?
D: Tell me your name first.
You hesitated. You didn't want the owner of the diary to know you had been writing in it.
Y: I don't think I should say.
Y: What did you mean by "I am him, in a way"?
D: A part of his soul lives in this diary.
D: It allows me to think, talk, and act like him.
At the time, you assumed that the diary was referring to a soul-imitating charm of sorts, as you hadn't gotten the impression of dark magic being at play.
Y: Does that mean this diary is connected to his soulmate too? Has your creator met his soulmate?
D: I suppose I would be bonded to his soulmate - that's my soulmate as well, as I am a part of the soul.
Y: That's cool.
Y: What's your soulmate tattoo?
D: Tell me your name first.
You chewed your lip in thought. Were you really this curious? Did a part of you think that maybe the owner of this diary was your soulmate? It was perfectly normal to compare marks with every person you met - although this wasn't really a person.
Y: Y/N L/N.
D: Okay, Miss L/N, this is my soul mark.
You watched as a design began forming on the page, as if being drawn by an invisible hand. You stilled in shock as you realised it was taking the form of a snake - one exactly like your own tattoo.
Y: Do you have eyes or something? A seeing charm?
D: What do you mean?
Y: You drew my soul mark.
D: I do not have a seeing charm placed on me.
Y: What's your name? I've told you mine.
You stared in nervous anticipation as the diary began to reply.
D: Tom Marvolo Riddle.
The grip you had on your quill tightened until your knuckles were white.
Tom Riddle was the mysterious - albeit handsome - boy in your year, in your house. He scared everyone with his dominating presence and calculated words, along with his fascination in dark magic. He had always had a magnetism of attraction about him, but a million girls fancied him, so you had always thought that everyone felt it.
You knew that should have been where you returned the diary to him, but you found yourself way too curious about your potential soulmate. So, you found yourself conversing with the diary right until the early hours of the morning.
Were you ready to have Tom Riddle as your soulmate?
Sure, he was a woman-charmer, a handsome guy, clearly intelligent beyond his years... he just seemed so disinterested in love and relationships. Did he even want you? Well, not you specifically, but a soulmate in general.
Did you even want him?
The sinister feeling around your snake tattoo had grown stronger ever since you first wrote in the diary, and something told you that Riddle was a person of many dark mysteries. Yet, still, in spite of that, the childish desire to be in the arms of your fated remained twisting inside of you, pulling at your core and urging you to confess to Tom.
"Riddle," you called out, just as your defence against the dark arts class had been dismissed.
The boy looked up, and narrowed his eyes at you as you approached him.
You couldn't help but gulp as you reached his desk, feeling threatened by the height advantage he had on you. "I believe this is yours," you finally spoke, presenting the diary to him. If he was paying any attention to your appearance, the bags under your eyes - which were normally well-rested - would probably give away that you had been up all night writing in it.
"And how did you reach that conclusion?" he replied - his tone as cool as ever.
"Whatever charm you put on it works. The diary talks back."
You placed it in his hand, looking up to meet his gaze.
"I must apologise - I did write in it for a few hours. It was so fascinating that I couldn't resist."
He didn't say anything in response, so you took that as your cue to leave, bowing your head as you exited the classroom.
"Avery," Tom drawled, staring daggers into his friend, "Your little spell of life force draining doesn't work."
"My Lord, I promise you it does. It isn't even my own spell."
"Yes, it's the oh so trustworthy dark magic you found in Knockturn Alley."
"May I ask what leads you to believe it doesn't work?"
Tom sighed, "Little Miss L/N in our year found my diary - which you dropped, by the way, I trusted you with it in confidence-"
"My apologies, my Lord."
"Do not interrupt me - anyway, she found it, spent some time writing in it, and didn't form an emotional attachment. It's supposed to happen within a few minutes of writing in it."
"Maybe the diary was already attached to someone else? It can't drain two people at once."
"Then that's all the worse for you if two irrelevant nobodies got their hands on it when it was supposed to be in your possession."
"The charm is genuine, though, my Lord, I promise."
"The book did say the charm doesn't work on the soulmate of the caster."
Tom stilled in his movements, slowly leaning towards Avery with a cold expression, "Are you suggesting what I think you're suggesting, Avery?"
"Maybe, y- yes, my Lord."
"That's a weighted hypothesis you're making, you know, I would hate for you to be wrong."
Tom flicked open the pages of the diary, grabbing an ink pot and quill from the nearest table surface. Slowly, but carefully, he began writing.
T: Why couldn't you begin draining L/N's life force?
He watched as the part of his soul within the book began forming ink on the pages.
Within seconds, he was staring at a fully drawn version of the soul mark imprinted on his left forearm: the serpent.
His hand gripped the edges of the page tightly, and he watched as his knuckles whitened as a result of the pressure. Eventually, he let go, throwing the diary towards Lestrange, "It's your responsibility, now, don't disappoint me."
He then stormed out of the room swiftly and menacingly, with only one thought bouncing through his mind.
At this time of night, you weren't necessarily meant to be asleep, but you were meant to be in your common rooms or dormitories. You shouldn't have been in the library so late - Merlin knows it's a miracle the librarian didn't find you tucked away in your corner. It was also a miracle you made it back to the Slytherin dungeons without running into a teacher or a prefect.
Only when you walked into the common room to see that it was completely deserted did you realise why you hadn't run into any prefects: it was very late. Hence the empty room.
Or so you thought.
A cough made you jolt, spinning around frantically to identify the location, to then spot a figure looming in the shadows.
"Y/N L/N."
"Yes?" you replied meekly, preparing yourself to grab your wand from your pocket. You relaxed when Tom Riddle emerged from the darkness, letting your hand fall back to your side.
"My apologies, I didn't meant to scare you."
You didn't think you had ever heard Riddle apologise to anyone before. "It- it's fine. Do you need something?"
He didn't reply verbally, but walked closer to you. All you could do was observe as he reached down to grab your left wrist, and pulled up your sleeve. You heard his breath hitch as he looked upon the serpent design, and you felt your eyes wander to his clothed left arm.
Letting go of your wrist, Tom stepped back and pulled up the material of his jumper, revealing the identical tattoo patterned on his skin. You didn't know what to say as his gaze met yours, so you hoped that he would lead the conversation.
"You are my soulmate, L/N."
No shit, Sherlock.
"I can only apologise for what your soul will have to endure."
You wish the night hadn't been sleepless for you, but the truth is Tom's words were playing around in your head like a broken record. Maybe it was just a joking apology about being soulmates with him? He didn't seem like the type to crack a joke, especially considering he said it so cryptically. No, you knew that there was a darkened undertone to his words, and you had a feeling it was connected to the diary.
Still, there was a burning desire inside of you to grow close to him - to be his, and for him to be yours. Every ounce of self-doubt told you that the man had no interest in a relationship, he was clearly preoccupied with other business.
That was definitely evident when you sat down at the Slytherin table for breakfast, immediately looking in Tom's direction. He watched as you sat down, but then turned back to whispering to his friends. Well, friends was a strong word - you weren't sure you would refer to them as that. Avery and Lestrange seemed to follow Riddle not out of platonic affection, but out of obedient loyalty. Their "friendship" dynamic had always immensely confused you, but they appeared happy so you didn't question it.
Tom didn't sit next to them in defence against the dark arts that day - he sat at your side, forcing the girl next to you to move. You gave him a glare for being rude to her, but it was futile as he clearly didn't care.
"There are certain things that come with being my soulmate that you might not be prepared for," he said quietly to you while the professor droned on.
"Such as?"
"I can't speak of them here," he said, "But I have great plans for my life, and you cannot be of any hinderance."
You frowned at him.
"Essentially, you're either with me completely, or not at all."
"I need to know your exact plans before I make that decision," you whispered, unable to squash the confusion you felt, along with the slight hint of hurt that you might not spend your life with the boy who was already making your heart race.
"It will have to be discussed in private."
You weren't entirely sure where you were, if you were honest. To your utter dismay, you had been blindfolded and led to a secondary location, something that had been strongly advised against by your parents. Unfortunately, you had been inclined to oblige, due to the blindfolder being your soulmate. Avery and Lestrange were tagging along as well, as you could hear them talking a little ways behind you, but couldn't make out what they were saying as you were too busy attempting to memorise all the turns and twists you took - though you weren't doing a very good job.
Eventually, all movement stilled, and you felt smooth hands brush against your skin as the blindfold was removed from your face. You looked around, but quite honestly still had no idea where you were: the room was darkened, with no windows, and you could hear the faint sound of dripping. After your eyes adjusted, you decided it was an abandoned classroom deep in the dungeons. Every instinct in your body told you that you were about to die.
You looked upon Tom shakily, wondering just what he was capable of.
"Everything said here must not leave this room, do you understand?" he asked, disregarding your blatant fear.
It seemed best to comply, so you nodded.
"Even if you decide not to join me, you cannot speak a word of this to anyone. Ever."
Again, you nodded.
Tom pulled his wand out of his cloak and held it to the palm of his other hand, "Blood pact."
You watched as he cut the palm of his hand open with magic, and held out your hand to allow him to do the same. Closing your eyes, you felt his fingertips brush over the back of your hand as the wand cut a stinging line on the front. You opened your eyes to shake his hand, feeling in your bones the bond then created between the two of you.
Tom then stepped away from you, looking towards Avery and Lestrange, before beginning to talk. "I am the only known living descendant of Salazar Slytherin... and thus I have a large legacy to live up to. Thankfully, my aspirations and skillset align with great things."
You held your injured palm in your other hand as he continued to speak.
"I desire to be the most powerful wizard of all time. The entire package - indestructible, intelligent, immortal."
The emphasis on the last word made you tilt your head in confusion.
"Did you know that immortality is possible, Y/N?"
You nodded, "The philosopher's stone - but only one has ever been successfully made."
"There is in fact a much more direct way," he said, "However it is not popularised due to the method involving... dark magic."
Shock and understanding coursed through your being: suddenly all of Riddle, Lestrange and Avery's strange behaviour was making sense.
"Have you ever heard of a horcrux?"
You shook your head.
"It is an item or creature in which a part of one's soul is contained. The division of one's soul into multiple vessels allows for it to be very difficult for one to be killed. All horcruxes must be destroyed for one's life to end - do you understand where I'm going with this?"
Meekly, you nodded your head once more.
"The more horcruxes the better, therefore, and by spreading them out far and wide - it would be near impossible for someone to find them all, especially with no clues."
You remained quiet as he stared deeply into your eyes.
"The diary that you found is my first - and currently only - horcrux."
"Do you age?" you finally summoned the courage to ask.
He nodded, "Yes, it is simply my soul that cannot be erased. Eventually my physical body will die a natural death of old age - but I can gain a new body with my continually living soul."
"There are a multitude of spells and rituals for the task - all dark magic, of course."
"Who will do it?"
"My faithful followers," he said simply, as if it were the most obvious piece of information in the world, "I'm thinking of calling them death eaters."
You gazed off into the distance as you thought about the diary. "I was talking to an actual part of you?"
"A part of my soul, but yes."
"How do you make a horcrux?"
"Through a painful and grim procedure."
Trying to ignore the dull ache in your palm, you asked, "Why would you have followers?"
"I already have Lestrange and Avery, as you can see - it's really no mystery as to why many pure-bloods and half-bloods will be willing to follow me."
You frowned, connecting the dots in your head, "Something to do with muggle-borns?"
"Part of the cause is my- our- vow to erase mudbloods from existence."
Every part of your body froze, as your mind ticked back to the memory of muggle-born student Myrtle Warren's recent death. You couldn't help the itching sense of terror that consumed you as you looked upon Tom, who was analysing your body language carefully.
"I understand if this is a lot to take in."
You gulped, looking between him and then Avery, and then Lestrange.
"Can I- can I have some time to think about it?"
As he opened his mouth to reply, Avery cut in, "My Lord, it's getting late. We should return soon so as not to attract suspicion."
"Very well," Tom said, "You may have a week to decide. Regardless of your decision, you must not tell another soul of what we have discussed."
"I can't anyway," you mumbled, in reference to the blood pact.
The blindfold was soon on you again, and you were being led out of the mysterious location wondering how you made it out alive.
"Would I have to call you my Lord as well?" you asked.
"No," he said shortly, "I suppose not."
The journey then continued in silence, until you tripped when going up a set of stairs. It seemed that a fall was inevitable, as by some miracle one had not occurred on the way there.
"Please tell me when there are stairs," you snapped, with an anger-driven wave of courage.
Tom, who had caught you by gripping his hands on your arms, muttered, "My apologies."
You almost missed the surprised and confused way Avery and Lestrange began whispering to each other after that. In your defence, your mind was filled with a million thoughts a second.
You hated how safe you felt in Tom's arms, how secure his hold was, because there was a very good chance he was a killer. It should be a no-brainer declining his offer of joining his muggle-born hate group, but the part of you that was soulmate-bonded to Tom wanted nothing more than to be by his side.
But, at the end of it all, you were petrified. Petrified both of your soulmate and of being without him.
You had a lot of thinking to do.
One thing you read up on was that upon first making skin-on-skin contact with your soulmate, your bond would deepen and you would find it more difficult to be away from them. Many long-wed soulmate couples spoke of how it became easier eventually, but only after it got harder.
That was one famous quote you had always been irritated at the paradox in: it gets worse before it gets better. If you were going through hardships, and kept repeating that line, what is the point at which it gets better? Surely it would just continually get worse, as it has to get worse before it’s able to get better, but if it constantly has to get worse, then the better that was spoken of never takes place, which would mean that the quote- which is somewhat of a theory- becomes null and void.
You were overthinking it - fixating on one specific minute detail so as to distract from the mortifying ordeal of the bigger picture. Maybe it got better once things could no longer get worse, i.e. when you reached rock bottom. A more inspirational quote to you was once you've reached rock bottom, the only way to go is up. The only problem was that you weren't at rock bottom: your grades were perfectly adequate, your friendships were perfectly intact, and you had achieved the most common desire among wizarding folk. Of course, your woes were as a result of the latter.
You wished you had never found out it was Tom Riddle, the orphaned boy with sinister plans, because you knew deep down that this would end with you choosing your heart's wishes over your brain's logic. His touch was the subject of your cravings, and his elegant manner of speaking the music in your mind.
Your dearest friend Sullyoon could do little to gain your attention as you stared longingly at Tom from across the potions classroom. Despite having permanently placed himself at your side in DADA, he had not made the same move in Slughorn's lessons.
Sullyoon was a weird part in your finding of your soulmate, as normally she dragged you out of lessons the second they were over, but the day in which the diary was mistakenly handed to you was the day she was in the hospital wing nursing a severe quidditch injury. If she hadn't swerved left when in a quaffle-battle with chasers during the match between Slytherin and Gryffindor, the beater of the opposing team wouldn't have accidentally whacked her arm instead of the mischievous little bludger he had originally intended on. The poor boy had felt absolutely awful, but thanks to the wonders of wizarding medicine, Sullyoon didn't have to suffer for more than a day.
"Babe, I can't even get you to look my way for more than a second these days," she spoke, adding various ingredients to your shared cauldron, "You keep gazing at Mr Arrogant like Cupid has struck you."
The look you gave her in reply must have been an open book, because her jaw instantly dropped.
"Oh, Cupid has struck you."
You saw no point in denying it, but you weren't sure if she had jumped to the conclusion of soulmates yet, or just thought that you had developed a crush.
"Well, he's handsome, I'll give you that. But completely and utterly up himself."
You hummed.
"Not even sure if he's capable of love, to be honest, he's very closed off - always whispering suspiciously with Avery and Lestrange."
Part of you wanted to tell Sullyoon that she had every right to be suspicious of their whispers, but you were bound by a blood pact. You were reminded of that when Tom's gaze shifted to lock with yours, quirking an eyebrow in the most subtle of ways. Subconsciously, you began fidgeting with the sleeve that covered your soul mark, and only realised the habit when Tom then moved his eyes to look there.
Sullyoon observed all of this, and when you turned back to look at her you couldn't miss the understanding now enveloping her expression.
"Shit," she muttered.
"Shit," you repeated in agreement.
Did Tom feel the longing you felt on his end? Did he desire your touch? Crave your presence? You had to agree with Sullyoon's questioning of whether he was even capable of feelings as soft and affectionate as love. However, you reasoned, that wasn't the only way to love - some love was toxic, obsessive, but passionate. Was Tom the protective type?
All these questions that you wanted answers so desperately to seemed to push you in the direction of joining him. It was bad.
Fuck, that was an understatement.
It was immoral, unethical, evil - but at its very core, it was powerful and impressive. If Tom were to succeed entirely in his dark dreams, then he would be a serial killer. Even that term felt mild to describe who he would be if he followed through with the things he spoke of. He would be the most terrifying wizard to walk the planet, the miserable cloud hanging over history, and the name people feared to speak.
But, worst of all, he would still be your soulmate.
Whenever your eyes met his in lessons, when your hands brushed in the corridor, or when he greeted you politely at meal times - you would temporarily forget his dark side. The cliché butterflies in your stomach accompanied with the blood rushing to your ears would flourish as he gave you that devastatingly gorgeous smile, and you would feel at ease. Why did you feel so safe with someone so unarguably dangerous?
Which is why, to your utter moral dismay, you approached him before the week time limit was even up, telling him you would join him. He had grinned devilishly, before quickly instructing you to meet him after dinner in the girls' toilets that had been closed ever since Myrtle's untimely death. No one of a sane mind dared to step foot in them, as the death was far too recent.
Plus, Myrtle had elected to come back as a ghost.
Tom wasn't there when you arrived, but you caught sight of a ghostly flash in the corner of your eye. Apparently, Myrtle was far too shy to start properly revealing herself to students yet, but you assumed that would change as the years passed.
When the boy arrived, he appeared as calm and collected as ever, and it took you by surprise when he kissed you on the cheek and took your hand in his. Still, he did not say a word to you, turning towards the sinks before speaking- to your horror- in fluent parseltongue. You knew all too well that it was an ability blessed upon the bloodline of Salazar Slytherin, but you also knew it was heavily associated with dark magic.
Your shock was replaced by a different one when the sinks moved to form an entrance to somewhere - but all you could do was let Tom lead you into the unknown abyss of darkness, leaving the faint cries of Myrtle Warren's ghost behind.
You walked for a while in silence, though your tight grip on his hand must have spoke volumes. You didn't fail to notice the way his thumb lightly stroked yours, and for a brief second you speculated that maybe Riddle was capable of affection.
Those thoughts were quickly forgotten, though, when you reached a gate with a design of snakes decorating it extravagantly. Subconsciously, you shifted closer to Tom's side and gripped your free hand around his bicep. He made no objection to your movements, and spoke in some more parseltongue to make the gate open, presenting a very large and very scary room beyond.
"This-" he finally spoke, stepping in, "-is the Chamber of Salazar Slytherin."
You gulped.
"I've never taken anyone here before," he paused, "Well, that's a lie. I've never taken anyone here before in good intent."
At your frown, he further explained.
"I've never taken anyone here before without the intention to kill them," for a brief moment you felt a pang of fear for your life, but it was soothed by him saying, "Until you."
He guided you further into the chamber, and you couldn't mistake the sound of something moving in the background.
Tom, again, began speaking in parseltongue, and you nearly jumped when a giant snake- a basilisk- slithered out of one of the many interconnecting tunnels. Its eyelids were shut, but you knew what lay behind them, so instinctively buried your face into Tom's shoulder.
"Darling, the basilisk obeys me - another perk of Slytherin blood - so rest assured that I will not let you see into its eyes. I prefer you alive."
Cautiously, you peeked out from the material of his cloak, feeling your heart thumping tenfold in your chest. He spoke more parseltongue, and the basilisk began moving around the two of you, at which point he reached out to stroke it with the hand you weren't holding captive. He gestured for you to stroke the serpent as well, and with an immensely shaky hand you released his bicep from your grip and let your fingertips run over the reptilian scales.
"I always saw a soulmate as a weakness," Tom began, "I hoped I would never meet mine so as to not be held back in my plans, more concerned about you not being able to handle this lifestyle than being with you."
You looked back up at him from stroking the basilisk.
"It's strange, though, how now that I've met you, I don't care about weakness anymore. Despite the fact you're evidently going to take some warming up to my choices, I feel the need to protect you, to hold you safely in my arms from any dangers."
Pulling your hand back from the snake, you let it wrap around Tom's side, somewhat forcing him into an embrace with you. He returned it, much less stiffly than you had thought that he would.
"And to protect you from these dangers, I must create you a safety net," he spoke, stepping back from you to pull out his wand.
For a split second, you thought he was going to use it on you, but he didn't. He turned away and muttered a charm under his breath, which, to your further horror, brought two younger students into display - alive, but tied up and gagged.
"In order to be further bonded, and for you not to be a weakness of mine, we will become horcruxes for each other. I will not be your last horcrux, of course, but it is a rather romantic first step, I'd say."
You nervously looked over at the two students, feeling the urge to sob when you saw the fear in their eyes.
"Hey, shh, shh, darling," he only spoke gently to you, pulling your head into his chest, "They will be at peace soon."
Why did you lean into him even now?
"Did you not notice all the ruckus about two missing students? Mudblood students? Did you not suspect I was the cause?"
You hadn't noticed nor suspected him. You had been so wrapped up in your thoughts lately that you hadn't even spared an ounce of attention towards Sullyoon's relentless gossiping, or the rumours spreading like wildfire throughout the castle.
And that's when you heard more parseltongue, and the movement of the basilisk once again. It had its back to you now, but it wasn't difficult to decipher that it had opened its eyelids under Tom's orders. You were then overwhelmed with blood, and his voice, and the feeling of something within you being ripped and stolen like you were being mugged by a sadist.
But then it stopped. You collapsed a little, weakened by the experience, and noticed a burning sensation on your left wrist. Once your vision stopped spinning and Tom had pulled you upright, you looked at your soul mark to see that it had risen beyond ink, taking a bumpier three-dimensional form, blackened completely. You soon saw that Tom's mark had done the same.
What then took you off guard was your soulmate speaking to the basilisk, only this time, you could understand him. He was telling the snake to leave now, but with a hissing edge to his voice. It then further surprised you when you found yourself speaking to him effortlessly in parseltongue as well, which only caused his grin to expand.
"Yes, only my soulmate should also possess the ability of parseltongue. Very fitting."
And then his lips were on yours. A voice in the back of your head screamed that you should resist, that you should walk away, but you melted into Tom's touch. The number of books you had read on the first kiss with your soulmate didn't even come close to capturing the euphoria you were in, as well as the security you felt.
"You, my darling, are my forever."
"My Lady, the Dark Lord is waiting for you," the small and nervous death eater spoke, his height falling shorter than yours.
You dismissed him, turning back to the mirror that was cracked at the edges and scratched along the centre. Despite its wear and tear, you could still make out the darkening bags beneath your eyes, giving them a sunken look. The whiteness of your eyeballs had long since taken a permanently bloodshot appearance, but you found yourself uncaring. You ran the tap of the sink in the old-fashioned bedroom, and splashed cold water on to your face, enjoying briefly the refreshing feel - not that hot water was an option in this abandoned house.
Eventually, you left the room, forcing yourself to take upon a more confident walk as you passed death eaters in the dozen. They all bowed respectfully at you, and instantly rushed to open the door to the main room of the house - the centrepiece.
Within the room, Tom was sat alone at the head of the grand but beaten-down table, but his face lit up when he caught sight of you.
"My darling, my Dark Lady," he spoke, rising from his seat to peck your lips and pull you into his chest. You remained there for a while, unwanting to move, which Tom sensed. His arms were the only place you felt comfortable and happy these days. "What is troubling you?"
You shook your head, knowing that your dissatisfaction with this life was a bad thing to discuss when in a house full of murderers. "Nothin', Tom."
Tom was a name rarely spoken when in reference to the man before you anymore, being pretty much exclusively referred to by his chosen name of Lord Voldemort. You were about the only person who could speak his birth name without igniting a fury that could kill nations, but only when you were within closed doors. You could get away with "Tom" in public, but it would lead to a stern chat once you got home that ended in your tears more than you'd like to admit.
He would then comfort you, and coddle you, and, well, you could never stay mad at him or away from him for long. Sometimes you were sure that he had masterfully manipulated you along the way, ensuring your dependency on him, but you were thinking about your situation less and less - in a permanent state of disassociation save for when Tom embraced you.
"Darling," his voice pulled you back to reality, "You don't have to attend if you don't want to. You're the only person allowed to ignore my orders and I want you to use that privilege."
You shook your head again, nuzzling your nose into his warmth. Perhaps you would have taken him up on that offer had you not been under the influence of the drug that was his being.
"Are you sure? The last time you witnessed a murder you were quiet for a week. I don't like seeing you upset and unhealthy."
You mumbled something, but your voice was too muffled for Tom to understand it.
"Hey, hey, look at me, my darling," he said, tilting your head up with his forefinger so you could gaze at him, "Please look after yourself, you are my rock, my forever."
You nodded slightly, feeling exhaustion settle in your bones.
"I want you to rest, we will be back shortly."
He then kissed you, taking his time, slow and delicate as if you were a fragile ornament. But then he parted from you, leaving another peck on your lips before exiting the room.
And, as you watched him disappear out of sight, you briefly allowed yourself the luxury of pondering how life would have been had you walked away all those years ago.
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pinkykats-place · 6 days ago
Draco Malfoy x Slytherin Reader
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slytherinchevy · 2 months ago
Can you do headcanon for hermione meeting then falls in love with a half-blood reader in slyterin that has adhd. I just think it would be interesting hermione learning how to deal with some like that she would definitely make sure they would take their medicine since they be bouncing off the walls with out it.
Hermione x ADHD Reader
A/n: So, I am an idiot who forgot I wrote this headcanon and never posted it.......yeah...
Thank you so much for the request and I hope I did it justice. Feel free to give any pointers you would like me to learn about so I can better myself!
Also, never written a headcanon before, so not sure how much of a good job I've done.
Warning: overthinking, anxiety spiral mentioned?
(disclaimer: any act of translation or plagiarism will not be tolerated. this oneshot is not available anywhere other than tumblr so if seen somewhere else, please do notify me)
You were a 4th year Slytherin and happened to be fortunate (or unfortunate) enough to go to Hogwarts as the same time as Harry Potter.
You were quite shy, someone who didn’t talk much. You thought you would be picked on quite a bit seeing as you were half-blood, but it wasn’t as bad as you thought it would be. There were a few pure-blood supremacists but they were present in all houses.
Overall you were enjoying your time at Hogwarts. Until this one person entered your life and made it even better. Hermione was paired up with you in Prof. Flitwick’s class when you were in 3rd year.
You both became fast friends, spending time together outside of the classrooms.
After a huge fight with Ron and Harry one day, Hermione found you near the black lake and confessed of liking you romantically.
The funniest thing about the confession was how right after you had said you liked her too, you noticed three swans nearby and immediately had your attention swept away.
It took a while before Hermione found out that you had ADHD. You didn’t mind and also didn’t let that label bother or define you much. Your parents had always treated you just the same, just the fact that you had a few medicines you needed to remember about.
You both would study together in the library all the time, well Hermione for sure. You would try your best for 15 minutes before finding a unique insect on the shelf. Before you know it, Hermione finds you in another isle surrounded by books about bugs.
It amused Hermione to no end.
“Hermione, how do snowflakes actually have such intricate patterns?”
“Mione, do you think when the lake freezes, the giant squid knows its trapped inside the lake? Oh wait, do squids do something similar to hibernate? Do any water animals?”
“Y/n, we need to leave now, library hours are almost over.” “uh, you go ahead, I still need to finish five chapters” “Love, that’s not even the assignment!” “ But its so fascinating!! Did you know that you can hypnotise a frog by laying it on its back and stroking its stomach?”
There would be times when the two of you would be enjoying a nice afternoon in the courtyard and Hermione looks beside her to see you completely gone. And then finds you on the courtyard wall, enjoying the view and beckoning her to join you.
Once when you two were sitting on the wall, you got distracted by the bird beside you and almost lost your footing. Hermione almost had a heart attack just watching you.
Sometimes when something absolutely incredible happens in your day, no matter how much you tried, you would not be able to stop yourself from interrupting Hermione and telling her about the incident in complete detail.
She’d have to get you back on track with the story because there were always just so many tangents available for you. But she never complained.
Your stories seemed like the only thing that seemed to calm the brunette as times got harder.
Though if it really bothered her to not be able to speak about her stuff, she would tell it to you in all honesty and you listened. You knew you had a habit of interrupting.
The Gryffindor had come up with a system for this. She would tell you to note your incident in points just so you don’t forget what you wanted to tell her about and once she is done with her story, you can continue with yours. She even got you a small diary for this.
Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn’t because you didn’t feel like writing it down or forgot to and then completely lose interest in that incident. But it did make things better.
You had a period of having an obsessive craving for fishy green ale which Hermione always made sure to be on top of buying for you whenever you had Hogsmeade trips.
But as times changed, things got harder.
The pressure your family was facing with being stuck as one of the only few ones to defy Voldemort started to get to you.
Hermione noticed you becoming more absent-minded and restless over time.
You hadn’t been taking your medicines properly, even when you had the schedule your girlfriend had made for you. Things just got harder to do.
You couldn’t concentrate on anything, you were always spacing out. It started affecting your academics more than ever before, not to mention your health deteriorated too.
It wasn’t long before Hermione found out and saw how not taking your meds just made things worse.
But she stayed. She helped you whenever she could. She even sent her owl to remind you to take your medicines when she couldn’t be with you.
You joined the DA and the golden trio in all of their plans on defeating the dark lord.
You kept your sole attention on getting better in your combat skills. You had completely given up on your academics, a part of you rationalizing that in the near future, it’s not going to save you as much as fighting. But there were times when you spiralled from not being able to concentrate on anything or when you overthought how you would survive and get a job after Hogwarts.
Hermione always promised one thing to you whenever doubt settled in. That you will get through this and everything will be fine one day.
And she was right.
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anifankenobi · 7 months ago
Potion Princess (Tom Riddle x Slytherin!Reader)
Tumblr media
Summary: January 1945. You have caught the eye of Tom Riddle, the popular seventh-year Head Boy of Slytherin. You try to focus on your Potions studies, but he keeps growing more and more intrusive each time you see him. Can you trust your gut and see him for who he really is before it’s too late?
Warnings: smut (18+, NSFW), dark!Tom, dom!Tom, f!reader, dubcon, noncon, fingering, blow job, p in v, facial
Word Count: 2.4K
A/N: Written for lovely @little-diable​ for her Four Seasons Challenge. The prompt: Tom Riddle – a new job (elected as Head Boy) – rainy – chase. I divided my fic into four parts to honor the theme of the challenge!
Tumblr media
You’re heading straight to the library from the Potions Classroom. Potions N.E.W.T. class had been a nightmare. Libatius Borage’s Advanced Potion Making had been released only recently, but Professor Slughorn already decided to start the lesson with a nasty pop quiz on it – and right after Christmas holidays for Merlin’s sake!
You didn’t have the book yet, since Flourish and Blott’s were sold out, but your father had promised to send you a copy as soon as possible. Meanwhile, Professor Slughorn made sure that everyone in the class heard that you had decided to attend the first Potions lesson of the year totally unprepared. As result, you received a ton of extra assignments that are due to tomorrow.
“Hey”, someone catches up to you even though you’re almost galloping like a wild horse towards your safe place – the library. You recognize him as the Head Boy of Slytherin. He’s taking the same Potions class as you and he probably saw every bit of your humiliation. “Are you okay?” the boy asks with a compassionate look on his face. It doesn’t look sincere to you.
“Fine, thank you”, you reply with a cold tone, your pursed-up lips indicating that you’re not in the mood for talking. You’re well aware that the Head Boy is a real favorite of Professor Slughorn. Top of the class. Popular among the girls, too. You heard your roommates yakking about him all evening again. Tom Riddle. He’s the last person you want to see right now.
You step into the library, which is busy at this time of the day, and he follows by your side. You find the shelf you’re looking for. B as in Borage. You’re not surprised to see that the brand-new Advanced Potion Making hasn’t reached the shelves of Hogwarts Library yet. His older work would have to suffice for now.
“Look, Slughorn can be a massive knob head sometimes”, Tom Riddle says while leaning against the hardwood bookshelf. “Oh, you think?” you reply dryly, your eyes still scanning the line of books on the middle shelf. You run across a couple that seem like worth reading and you pile them up in your arms. Borage’s Asiatic Anti-Venoms. Zygmunt Budge’s Book of Potions. Some Phineas Bourne.
“I think it’s because he can’t see past your pretty face”, he says with a flattering tone. You feel like rolling your eyes as he continues. “I mean, you’re obviously very beautiful, but there’s more to you than just that. You’re excellent in Potions. He shouldn’t have picked on you like that.” He puts his hand on your shoulder. It’s weird because you don’t know him, but it would be rude to shake it off, so you let him do it.
“Look, I've got a lot on my plate today, so…”, you hug the heavy pile of books and turn to meet his dark eyes. He raises his hands in mock surrender. “Okay then, Potion Princess”, he says amused and leaves you to your books. A nickname, yak! You’ve always felt like there’s something off with him. He’s too smooth, slick almost – even more so after he got appointed as Head Boy.
The musty air of the library fills your lungs as you take a deep breath. Serpent is the wisest of creatures, you try to remind yourself. You’ll find a way to finish the extra assignments in time, for sure. You discover a perfect study spot by the windowsill. The rain beating against the window has a calming effect on you, and soon enough you find yourself immersed into the world of Alchemy and Potions.
Tumblr media
The sound of you roommates’ giggles carries from inside the dorm room. You sigh and rub your face, trying to brace yourself for the girls’ annoyingness. You’ve been toiling away at the Potion assignments all day, and you’re quite ready to slip into something more comfortable and hop into bed. Agatha and Dorcas are the worst. Prudence is sometimes bearable. Frankly, you’re not in the mood for any of their giggles and tittle-tattle.
As you open the door, you find two of your roommates sitting on Prudence’s bed and one on the floor, legs crossed. You’re surprised to see Tom Riddle in the room, sprawling between Agatha and Prudence. Tom is not supposed to be in the girls’ dormitories at this hour, but rules get broken in the Slytherin Dungeon all the time, especially among the seventh-year students. Not so often among Head Boys and Girls, though. Your roommates barely even notice your arrival, but Tom instantly sits up straight and nudges Agatha’s hand away from his hair.
“Potion Princess”, he greets you. The girls are not too happy to see you since you’re clearly interrupting their playtime. They just love flirting with anything that moves. “Hi girls”, you greet them. “Head Boy”, you add and nod at his direction. Your dorm room seems awfully crowded and you decide to head back to the Common Room instead. Comfy clothes would have to wait. Tom hops up from the bed and follows you to the corridor, leaving the three girls sitting in the room with dissatisfied expressions.
“Wait”, he sings out. “I actually came to see you.” He reaches out to touch your shoulder, forcing you to stop. The Bloody Baron passes the two of you in the hallway and Tom takes a step closer to you, giving way to the Slytherin House Ghost. The dim lighting of the hallway makes Tom look even paler than usual, but other than that, you must admit that he is quite handsome. Handsome and Head Boy – no wonder the girls are all over him.
“Why?” you ask, sounding a bit more pungent than intended. “Well, I thought you might need this.” Despite your incredulous look, he offers you a book. The cover is dreadfully familiar. Advanced Potion Making. “It’s my copy but you can borrow it.” He holds the book, and you take it reluctantly. “We Slytherins look after our own”, he adds with a wink.
“Thanks for the offer, but I’m okay. I’m getting my own next week at the latest”, you try to explain. It feels awkward to borrow something from him. You don’t even know him. You don’t particularly like him. “Keep it”, he insists. “I only ask for one thing in return.” He smiles and leans in for a kiss. It’s so sudden that you don’t even have time to react. Your heart seems to skip a beat. You should pull away, but your lips automatically respond to the kiss. His lips feel pleasantly cool but soft. It’s a good kiss.
You can hear a group of girls approaching the hallway, their footsteps and laughter echoing somewhere nearby. Tom pulls back, and before you even know it, he’s gone. He walks past the group of students entering the hallway to the dorm rooms and someone in the group greets him. You’re too distracted to even recognize the faces of the girls. What on earth just happened?
After he’s gone you open the front cover of the book. Clock Tower, Tuesday 7 p.m.
Tumblr media
“Oh, you came!” Tom sounds surprised as you step into the top floor of the Clock Tower. You try to locate the source of the voice, but the only light in the room is the moonlight shining through the glass clock face. “I didn’t expect you to show up”, he admits as he steps out of the shadows. “Yeah, me neither”, you reply. Your heart is beating fast, but you’re not sure whether it’s from climbing up the stairs or from seeing him for the first time in days. Tom uses the Wand-Lighting Charm to light up the dark room. His eyes are so dark that you can’t tell apart the pupil from the iris.
“I actually just wanted to return this.” You hand over the book you borrowed. Your father’s owl had finally arrived yesterday, and you want to get rid of the Head Boy’s copy of the Advanced Potion Making as soon as possible. Professor Slughorn could probably make another scene if he heard that you stole the book from his favorite student.
“So, you showed up just to return this?” he asks amused. You shrug. Returning the book seemed like a good enough reason to show up. The kiss had messed with your head, and you wanted to see him again to get some clarity in your feelings. As you look at him now, you come to the same conclusion as before: he’s handsome, but there’s something about him that makes you feel uneasy. You don’t trust him. He smells good, though, you find yourself thinking.
“Or perhaps…”, he starts and slowly takes a step closer, “you showed up for this.” His eyes are eager and this time you’re more prepared when his lips press onto yours. The kiss is stronger than last time. It’s no longer soft and cool, but warmer and more determined. More passionate. You’re surprised by the feelings evoked in you as you kiss him back. You’re not supposed to like him, but your body does.
A Wand-Extinguishing Charm turns off the light from his wand and the room gets dark again. It doesn’t matter because his palms find your cheeks and you close your eyes. He holds your head still as he kisses you again, his tongue brushing against yours. He’s holding you so that you couldn’t pull back even if you wanted to. He starts to lean in more and you’re forced to take a step back. Your back presses against the cold stone wall of the Clock Tower.
“Tom…”, you chuckle as you feel his hand tracing the side of your thigh and lifting the hem of your skirt. He plants kisses on your neck, your body still pinned between him and the cold stone. He’s almost sucking the delicate skin of your neck. “What?” he chuckles innocently, his breath tickling the skin of your neck. His fingers find the fabric of your underwear and he starts pulling them down.
“Tom”, you say again, a bit more seriously this time. This isn’t what you expected. His fingers slip swiftly underneath your panties, and you inhale sharply as his index finger touches the soft skin between your thighs. He finds the most sensitive spot and rubs it.
“Stop. This isn’t me”, you finally say, realizing that you shouldn’t allow him to make you feel this uncomfortable. You push his hand away from under your skirt. He removes it reluctantly. “I don’t do this. I’m not like my roommates”, you add with more confidence. You twist yourself free from under his body and leave the Clock Tower before he gets the chance to say anything.
Tumblr media
You’re startled awake in the middle of the night to the feeling of Tom Riddle’s palm pressing on your mouth. Your eyes fly open. It’s dark inside your dorm room, but you can see his index finger lifted on his lips as he shushes you silently. You can hear the girls breathing heavily, sound asleep, and rain beating against the dorm room windows. He climbs on your bed, straddling you, pinning you down not only with his palm but with his whole body. You reach out to your wand, but a quick spell binds your hands together rendering you defenseless.
“Chasing you used to be fun, Potion Princess, but now I’ve grown tired of it.” Tom leans in to whisper in your ear. He takes a deep breath, sounding very disappointed. His breath feels warm against your cheek. His hand reaches out to unbuckle his belt while, the other palm still pressing your mouth shut. “Let me go this instant”, you hiss as he removes his other hand from your mouth to pull out his manhood from his pants. “Shut the hell up”, Tom growls and places himself on top of your thorax. His erection is huge as he pushes himself in your mouth.
The tip of his penis hits the back of your throat making you gag. He tastes salty. You should yell or bite him or do something – anything at all – but still, you find yourself sucking him and surrendering to his dominion. He thrusts in again, this time slower, enjoying your tongue moving on his shaft. You can hear the girls breathing heavily in the same room, oblivious to what is going on in their roommate’s bed. He pulls out leaving you gasping and swallowing hard. He throws your blanket on the floor rustling it so loudly you’re afraid it might wake the girls.
Tom forcefully pulls your Slytherin pyjama bottoms down exposing you completely. Your hands, tied together by wrists, reach down trying to cover the naked skin, but he immediately grabs them and pushes them away. He places his wet tip on your opening and watches your expression change as he slides himself in. Your walls stretch abruptly trying to accommodate his whole length. You whimper. “That’s a good girl”, he murmurs, praising you. You try to relax your body as he starts moving. His thrusting is fast paced, but the sound of the pouring rain somewhat covers the creaking of the bed.
His breathing changes from panting to more uneven gasps. You know that he is getting close. He reaches out to rip open your buttoned pyjama shirt, detaching some of the buttons. He pulls himself out, leaving you aching, and jerks himself off above your naked breasts. Hot fluid starts falling on your chest as he cums. Some lands on your face, on your lips, your hair, your neck. “Bloody hell, it feels good to be the Head Boy”, he whispers as he comes down from his high.
You can hear Prudence’s breathing growing weaker in the bed next to yours. You freeze and hold your breath. Tom turns to look at her as she rolls over. Her breathing finds the slow, deep rhythm again as she falls back asleep. Tom tucks himself back to his pants and throws the bundle-of-a-blanket on top of your naked body. “Remember, Princess, that power belongs to those who take it”, he says as he releases your wrists. “See you in Potions”, he adds and leaves the room.
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poony-madfoot · a year ago
A text conversation between my Slytherin best friend and I at 3 am.
Slytherin: I want to keep running on an endless road on a rainy day with no thought in mind.
Hufflepuff: And I will be driving slowly beside you with a blanket, dry clothes, and a towel in case you want to get in at some point.
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incorrectquotesharrypotterv · 2 months ago
Blaise: Are you religious? I'd like to introduce you to my religion.
Draco: What is your religion?
Blaise: [Shows picture of Y/n]
Draco: I'm interested.
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Okay, an enemies to friends to lovers type where you’re a slytherin but you hang out with the golden trio frequently and Draco considers you a traitor of sorts, but it’s really because he’s jealous of harry. Maybe were childhood friends and hes just always had a thing for you? Do what ya feel. Love your works btw!!!
Thanks for the request. Really hope you like this!
“You´re my best friend, aren’t you?”
“The best in the whole wide world.”
“And you always will be?”
It´s been years since Draco and you had this conversation. Still, it felt as if it had been just yesterday that he promised you, that the two of you would always be friends.
A lie.
You knew you couldn’t blame him for what he had told you when you were eleven, at your last talk before you went to Hogwarts. But this didn’t relieve the pain you felt.
Draco and you had been friends since you could remember. Your parents used to know each other even before you had been born and the two of you literally grew up together. There was little to no week the two of you haven’t seen each other and if there has been, there had always been an ocean of tears at the mere thought of the two of you being separated for more than a few days. And when you knew you would attend Hogwarts together, both of you were looking forward to a time where you could finally spend each day together. And you promised you would.
A lie.
At first, everything seemed to be just perfect. You had been sorted into Slytherin as well as Draco and as well as everyone in your family. You couldn’t be prouder. Together, you thought, you would be king and queen of the best house in the whole world and would be the best students Hogwarts had ever seen.
A lie.
Because quickly, Draco started to hang out with people you didn’t like at all. Crabbe and Goyle, as dumb as humanly possible. But what they didn’t have in their brains they would compensate for with pure aggression. But they needed someone to tell them what to do to reach their full potential. A leader. And they found one in Draco. He seemed to enjoy all the attention and power he got through the two boys who obeyed his orders without constraints. And as time went by, he forgot his once best friend more and more. The two of you were still hanging out, but as soon as Crabbe and Goyle appeared, you left and Draco didn’t seem to mind. He assured you that they could never replace you, that you were still his best friend, but his actions showed you differently.
A lie.
So, you had to find new friends as well. At first, there was Pansy. The two of you shared a dorm and you got along very well. Then there was Blaise. He was a very silent, bit arrogant boy, but loyal as no one else. At least more loyal than Draco.
But through the years you realized that there was a life outside of the tiny world, the Slytherins had built in their dungeon. And you wanted to get out and get to know it. So you did. You started to make new experiences, met new people and made new friends. You had been especially taken with three young Gryffindors from the same year as you. In Hermione, Harry and Ron, you found what you had been missing since you had lost Draco. They were true friends and shared all of their time and effort with one another. And after a short time of getting to know each other and overcoming your own prejudices, the trio became a quartet. And even though most of the Slytherins weren’t exactly happy about your new friends, nobody actually seemed to mind.
Except Draco.
Harry and he had hostility since the first day. And when Draco found out that you were friends with him, a mud blood and a blood traitor now, he got very angry with you, claiming he didn’t want you to get hurt.
A lie.
Because if that would have been true, he wouldn’t have made you choose. But he did. And you did as well. Because when Draco told you it was either him or the Gryffindors, you chose them. Not because you liked them more than Draco, hell, you loved that boy, but because they accepted you the way you were. But Draco didn’t. So you made your choice.
And since that day, Draco had expended his hostility with Harry on you as well. And he hated you with the greatest passion.
At first, you thought it was only his wounded pride speaking when he called you a blood traitor and not being worthy for a Slytherin. But soon you realized that the boy you once meant so much to, now had nothing left for you but hatred. And when you heard him talking to Pansy and Blaise, who didn’t want to get involved in all the drama, about how they should end their friendship with you as well, something inside you had snapped. And since that day, you hated Draco Malfoy with each fibre of your body.
“I´m telling you one last time Malfoy. Get. Your. Things. Off. My. Chair!”
The blonde guy grinned up to you.
“Why am I supposed to do so?”
“Because this is my place.”
“A traitor like you loses her right for a place at the Slytherin table.”
“How dare you call me a traitor? I´ve done more for that house than you ever would.”, you snapped back. The colour of your face had by now turned unhealthily red.
“What have you ever done for us? You befriend the enemy. You soiled the name Slytherin. You´re not worthy to be one.”
How dared he? Even though you couldn’t quite understand the competitiveness between the houses, you adored your house more than anything else. It was your home. Your family. Your everything. Draco knew that and that boy still had the audacity to question your loyalty to that house. And to do so was the worst insult you could imagine. But you knew exactly what Draco wanted. He wanted you to freak out in front of all those people. In front of all the teachers. But you wouldn’t do him that favour.
With a sweet smile, you grabbed the chair and lifted it to one side. All of Draco´s belongings crashed on the ground, while you sat down, acting like nothing had happened.
Now it was on Draco to freak out.
“What is your fucking problem, (Y/l/n)?”, he yelled, his face was now at least as red as yours. “Pick it up. Now!”
“No.” You shook your head.
Quickly, he grabbed his wand and held it to your chest. You didn’t react though. By now, everyone was looking at you. He wouldn’t dare to actually hurt you.
“How dare you, you filthy…” “Mr Malfoy, lower your wand.”, a voice sneered behind you. You turned around and sighed. Professor Snape.
“She dropped my things, Sir.”, Draco said, clearly fighting with himself to keep control.
“He didn’t want to give me my chair, Sir.”, you quickly jumped in.
Professor Snape's face didn’t show any emotion, but his voice was sharp as a knife, leaving no doubt he meant what he said when he told you: “Miss (Y/l/n), pick up Mr Malfoys belongings. Mr Malfoy, let Miss (Y/l/n) sit in her place. And if I see the two of you fighting again, you will get detention. I´m tired of your childish behaviour.”  And with that, he turned around and was gone as silently as he had appeared.
Draco threw you a deadly glance.
“All because of you.”, he hissed. You just rolled your eyes in response.
“He´s driving me crazy. I swear to Salazar, one day I am going to kill him.” You fell onto the couch right next to Hermione. Your friend looked at you compassionately. “I mean, he´s got his life. So why can’t he let me live mine in peace?”
“Because he´s a spoiled brat who can´t stand it if you choose someone over him.”
“I didn’t choose you over him, Ron. I just…” You stopped. Because somehow Ron was right. You didn’t wanted to, but he made you choose. And you chose them. Not him.
“And now that you destroyed his inflated ego, he pretends he can´t stand you anymore because otherwise, he couldn’t stand himself.”, Harry agreed with Ron.
“He doesn’t pretend. He hates me. And I hate him too.”
You saw your friends changing meaningful glances.
“Besides,”, you added, “This happened literally ages ago. I mean shouldn’t he move on?”
“Shouldn’t you?”, Ron asked.
“How am I supposed to do so if he won´t let me?”
“But if he would let you, would you? Move on I mean?”
You shrugged your shoulders. You hated to fight with Draco, since every time you looked into his grey eyes you tried to see the boy who you used to adore so much and the boy who felt for you just the same. But every time you looked at him, all you could see on his face was disgust. And even though you looked at him just the same, you had to admit that sometimes it did hurt you to see him looking at you like this. But on the other hand, whenever you were fighting, it somehow felt good. Because you were able to talk to him. To look at him. Knowing he noticed you. It wasn’t like it used to be, but still, you interacted with each other. The times when he just ignored you were much worse. Because then you felt as if you weren’t even important enough to him to annoy him. And this just felt horrible. To know the person whose world you used to be not having anything left for you. Not even a thought.
So maybe your friends were right. Maybe you needed those fights with him. Because you would never be able to actually move on. Not after everything you had been through.
But forever didn’t seem to last long when you are that young.
“But that’s not the point, is it? I mean he started this. I didn’t want to. He forced me. He forced me to hate him. I mean, we used to be friends. Why couldn’t he be happy for me? Happy that I am just as happy as him?”
“Maybe because he wasn’t.”, Hermione stated.
“He wasn’t what?”
“Happy.” When she saw your confused face, she tried to explain. “I mean, we are everything he hates right? And you are everything he loves.”
“Loved”, you corrected.
“However.”, Hermione continued unbothered. “It must have felt like we robbed you from him. Like you betrayed him.”
“Obviously he thinks so. He tells me I´m a traitor all the time.”
“No, he tells you you betrayed your house, your moral values. But I think he feels like you betrayed him in a more personal way. Like you betrayed your friendship. He was scared to lose you.”
You laughed bitterly. “He wouldn’t have lost me if he wouldn’t have let me choose.”
Hermione shook her head. “I think at this point he already thought he had lost you. Maybe it was one last try to get you back.”
“But that’s how he irrevocably lost me.”, you said sadly. You just stared into the distance feeling the bitter-sweet feeling that hit you whenever you thought about Draco.
But he wasn’t worth it. Not anymore. He had ruined one friendship, but he wouldn’t affect this one. You took a deep breath.
“Let´s just change the topic.”
“Damnit. Is it already that late?”, you cursed while you looked at your watch. Hermione, Harry, Ron and you finally have had a great evening after all. But it had gotten late. And you should´ve been in your dorm half an hour ago. Quickly you grabbed your things.
“Hopefully Filch won´t catch me. Or worse, Snape. Can´t get detention now.”
“I can get the invisibility cloak and bring you to your dorm.”, Harry offered.
“But I don’t want you to get caught because of me.”
Harry laughed.
“We won´t get caught, that’s the point. Besides, it´s not the first time. And if I get caught, it will be worth it at least for once.”, he winked at you playfully and you nudged him.
“Oh yeah, because we´ve never done anything good with this. Protecting the Philosopher´s stone for example.”, Ron teased.
“Or freeing Norbert. I mean Noberta.”, Hermione added.
Harry grabbed the cloak and left with you. Luckily, you wouldn’t even have needed it, since the hallways of the castle were deserted.
When you had finally reached the dungeon, you thanked Harry and said goodbye.
“Purge.” The door to your common room opened.
“Sweet dreams.”, Harry whispered. A small laugh escaped you.
“You know I only dream of you.”
You closed the door behind you, with a small smile still on your face.
“So lovely, I want to throw up.”, you heard a familiar voice sneering behind you. You sighed and turned around.
“Is there something you wish to tell me Malfoy?”
You looked at the boy who was loafing on one of the couches. He smiled at you, but it didn’t reach his eyes.
“Oh yeah, actually, tell your boyfriend to drop you off on time the next time.”
“He´s not my boyfriend.” Why did you even bother to tell him? “Besides,”, you added, “I wouldn’t know why this would be any of your business.”
“It will be if you get caught and we will lose points. But this probably wouldn’t even bother you, am I right? Because now you´re the Gryffindors´ whore.”
Your hand clenched around your wand.
“I dare you to call me like this again Malfoy.”, you snapped.
Slowly, the boy stood up and came closer to you until he was right in front of you. You could feel his breath hitting your face. Against your will, you felt your heart beating faster.
“Why? What will you do about it? Run to your Gryffindor friends and tell them I was mean to you? Poor baby. But I tell you something. The next time you go to them, just stay with them as well. Because we don’t want you here. You´re not one of us anymore. You have never been. So if you leave, no one will miss you. Hell, we will be glad about it. Because you are a pathetic little Gryffindor whore.”
You slapped him right across the face.
Stunned by your action, both of you just stared at each other.
Then you felt the anger boiling up in you again.
“You know what Malfoy? I don’t care what you think. I couldn’t care less. But now let me tell you something. I´m so much more of a Slytherin than you will ever be. Because I look forward. I am trying to make the best out of my life and I don’t concentrate on ruining someone else’s life just because they did something that bothered me years ago. And also, I am not the traitor. You are. You want to tell me something about loyalty when you dropped me as soon as you found someone better? I would have stayed with you, Draco. No matter who I would have met, no matter who I would have been friends with. You would have still been the one who would have mattered the most to me. But when I didn’t obey the way you wished me to, you left me. And you broke your promise. Remember Draco? You promised me you would be my best friend. Forever. But you weren’t. I don’t blame you for breaking your promise. I blame you for blaming me when you are the one who did me wrong. And you know what? Fuck you. Fuck this. I don’t want to see you ever again.”
By now you could feel the tears running down your cheeks, but you didn’t care. Draco should know. How much he had hurt you the last years. How much you detested him.
You expected him to make fun of you now or hex you. But he just stood there staring at his feet. And he didn’t say a word.
But there was nothing left to say.
So you left him, heading towards your dorm.
“I´m sorry.”
The voice was so quiet that you thought you might have imagined it.
“I´m so sorry, (Y/n).”
You didn’t imagine it. Draco had just apologised.
A part of you wanted to forgive him immediately. But images of the last years flashed through your mind. All the things he had done to you weren’t forgotten with an apology. As much as you wished it would be that way.
Slowly you turned around. Draco was still looking at the ground. His arms hang useless beside his body. Your heart ached at the view. And even though your head knew that it wasn’t a decision you could make that easy in the matter of a few seconds, your heart had already chosen whether or not to forgive him.
A small smile crept on your face.
“Good night, Draco.”
And when you had nearly reached the door to your dorm, you heard his voice again.
“I´m gonna make it up to you. Whatever it takes.”
And oh boy, he did. When the other Slytherins woke up the next morning and wanted to go to breakfast, they were wondering if they might still be dreaming. Because Draco acted as if he had been replaced by a friendlier copy of himself. At least towards you. He greeted you with a big smile on his face, asked you about your day, held the doors open for you and offered to help you with your homework.
You didn’t know whether to find it sweet, amusing or annoying. He somehow reminded you of a puppy, the way he followed you around, watching you with widened eyes, greedy for a chance to help you with whatever you were doing.
Pansy and Blaise found it rather amusing to watch him like this but mainly they were glad that two of their best friends finally got along again, or more precisely for the first time all of you had been friends. When they teased Draco about his behaviour, he just laughed it off, not daring to be unfriendly to people who were your friends as well.
Even the Gryffindors experienced his changes first-hand. When Draco accidentally called Hermione mud blood again but immediately apologised for this, glancing at you, scared of your reaction, you couldn’t help but finally forgive him.
But the best thing was to watch him calling out Crabbe and Goyle when they had been mean to you again. They didn’t seem to understand the sudden change of the mind of their leader. When they called you a traitor once more, Draco totally lost it and threatened to hex them if they would ever do this again. After the incident, he apologized to you at least a hundred times. He only stopped when he saw Pansy and you exchanging meaningful glances. At that point, he might have realized that some of his behaviour might have been a bit exaggerated.
And after some weeks of carefully getting to know each other again, it felt like there had never been a time in which the two of you hadn’t been friends. And when Draco finally started to act like a normal human being again, you enjoyed spending time with him more than ever.
There was much to catch up about. You hadn’t even realized how long the two of you had hated each other. Many things had changed. Not only both of you but also between the two of you.
When you had been younger, you had always seen him as your best friend. He had been a part of your family. He was the one to share your secrets with, the one to protect you, the one you could trust with your life. And he still was. But you couldn’t help but notice how much he had grown up. Just as well as you.
He wasn’t a little boy anymore. He was a man. And -even though you hated to admit it- a really handsome one. And while, back then, you had never seen anything more in him than a friend, a great one, but still, only a friend, now you caught yourself fantasising about more. You noticed the way you could get lost in his stormy grey eyes, the way your breath hitched when he touched your body, the way your heart skipped a beat whenever you saw him, the way he not only was there when he was physical with you but also in your thoughts and even in your dreams.
Sometimes you thought you caught him staring at you the same way you secretly admired him whenever he wasn’t looking. But you probably just imagined it. And besides, things were fine just the way they were. And you wouldn’t risk your new old friendship for some silly butterflies turning somersaults in your stomach and turning your life upside down.
But obviously, your friends noticed. And while they all teased you about it, funnily enough, Harry was the one you could talk about it with the best. Probably because, while you were scared to ruin your friendship with Draco if you would tell him about the feelings, you may or may not had caught for him, Harry was in a similar situation. He had admitted to you that he had a crush on Ginny, Ron´s younger sister. And now he was scared that this might ruin his friendship with Ron and also might affect the performance of the Quidditch Team, because he, Ginny and Ron were all in the squad.
For that reason, Harry and you had spent much time together recently. And Draco didn’t seem to like it at all. He had by now accepted your friendship with the Gryffindors, he sometimes even tried to be nice to them when you were around, but when it came to Harry and you, he acted very strange. And the only reason Draco and you ever fought was that Harry and you spent, in his opinion, too much time together.
One time, when the two of you were snuggled up on a couch together, he was talking about it again.
“I get it, you know, that you have all those friends. But Potter? Why Potter?”
“Why not?”, you chuckled.
“I mean, he´s a git. And the way he looks at you…”
“What do you mean?”
“Are you sure that you two are just… just friends?”, Draco asked carefully as if he was scared of your answer.
You raised your eyebrows.
“I am.”
“And are you sure he knows that too?”
You laughed. “I am absolutely sure that Harry is not interested in me, Draco.” “Why?”
“Trust me, I have my reasons.” You had sworn to Harry that you wouldn’t tell anyone about his feelings for Ginny. And you were sure that he would definitely hold it against you if you would tell, out of all the people, Draco Malfoy.
“Well, if you say so. Just wanted to make sure.”, Draco mumbled.
“If I wouldn’t know better, I´d say you´re jealous.”, you teased him and tried to ignore the pleasant feeling that spread inside you at the thought of it.
“Why should I? You can do whatever you want. It´s not like we're together or something.” You felt your heart clenching in your chest at his words.
“No, we aren’t.”
“We´re just friends, right?” Neither you noticed the bitterness in his voice, nor the sad glance he gave you.
You nudged him.
“Best friends.”, you corrected.
“Yeah, best friends.”, he sighted and pulled you closer. But even though you were right beside each other, neither of you had felt so alone for a long time.
“And then he told me I could do whatever I want. It´s not like we're together or something.”, you aped Draco. Your gaze was fixed on the beautiful landscape in front of you. The sun was almost going down and got reflected in the lake right before your feet. Frustrated you grabbed another pebble and threw it into the water.
Harry had listened to you patiently.
“I mean, it was all well. Why do I have to catch those stupid feelings right now?”
You could feel tears stinging in your eyes. You rubbed them away vigorously.
“I´ll be damned if I will ever waste a tear on a boy again.”, you tried to joke.
But Harry noticed how upset you were. Quickly he walked over to you and pulled you in a tight embrace.
“He doesn’t deserve you, you know this?”
“I know.”, you chuckled. “But still…”
“But still, it´s going to be alright.” Harry placed a small kiss on the crown of your head.
“Do this again and I´ll fucking end you Potter!”, you heard an angry voice.
Little did you knew that Draco went looking for you and had seen what was going on. Or at least what he thought was going on.
“And that’s what you call just friends.”, Draco spit in your face.
You didn’t know what to say. In all those years you had been fighting with him, you had never seen him this angry. And somehow… disappointed?
“Draco, it´s not…”
“Oh don’t tell me it´s not what it looks like!”
“But it isn´t.”, Harry stepped in. “We were just talking about…” He stopped and looked at you indecisively. “About my crush on Ginny.”, he quickly added before you could do something about it.
Draco´s face fell.
“About what?”
“My crush on Ginny. Needed someone who is not that involved in it. (Y/n) helped me very much.”
You gave Harry a thankful smile, fully aware of what he had just done for you.
Slowly, Draco began to smile again. It spread across his whole face until he looked like the sunshine himself.
“Well, well, Potter. The little sister of your best friend. I knew your taste was bad, but this is…”
“Draco!”, you interrupted him. “I think right now you´re not in the position to judge, are you?”
Draco looked slightly embarrassed, but that didn’t lessen the smile on his face.
“And I really thought you two…”
“Well, I told you I had a reason, but you didn’t want to believe me.”, you mocked.
“Think I´m gonna leave you now.”, Harry said, as he awkwardly looked at the two of you smiling at each other. When he left and passed Draco, he mumbled, so quiet that you couldn’t hear it: “Don’t screw this up.”
Draco just slightly shook his head. When Harry was nearly out of reach, Draco turned around, once more.
“Potter!”, he shouted. “Say hello to Weasley from me. And his sister, of course!”
You rolled your eyes. He just couldn’t resist it. But even this was one thing you loved about him.
Draco and you just stood there and stared at each other. The sun was now going down, painting the whole landscape in different shades of orange.
Finally, Draco cleared his throat.
“I… I´m sorry about… Well, you know…”
You nodded.
“I know. But why though?”
Draco shifted from one foot to the other.
“It´s just the thought of you and him.” He shook his head. “No that’s not true. The thought of you and any other boy. It´s just driving me insane.” The fading sunlight only stressed the red that crept onto his cheeks now. You had to admit it just looked adorable.
“But you were the one who told me I could do whatever I want.”, your voice sounded bitter. And Draco noticed.
“Well, I… Maybe I was lying at this point.”, he finally confessed. “But you told me we were just friends, so I thought…”
“Well, maybe I was lying at this point.”, you smiled.
Draco´s gaze grew more intense as he stepped closer to you. A gentle breeze blew across the lake. It messed up Draco´s perfectly styled hair. Carefully, you raised your hand and brushed the loose strands out of his sight. You shivered as the cold of the breeze mixed with the heat of his breath. Then, his rough lips touched yours tenderly. It was a small, innocent kiss, but it made a firework exploding inside you anyways.
“I wanted to do this ever since I could remember”, he whispered against your lips.
“I wish I knew this earlier. We´ve wasted so much time”
“But we will make it up again soon love. Trust me.”, he smiled. But then his face became more serious again. He cupped your face with his big hands. Their warmth and the cold of the rings on them, made you shiver. But you melted into his touch as if it was the only thing that mattered right now. And honestly, it was.
“But there is one thing I have to tell you, (Y/n).” As you heard the tone of his voice you looked at him worried.
“What is it?”
“I´m afraid I have to break the promise again.”
You narrowed your eyes in confusion. If this boy was playing games with you… But when you saw the look on his face, you calmed down immediately. Whatever it was, no one could ever fake the adoration that laid within his eyes as he looked at you.
“Because I don’t think I can be the best friend of the girl I´m in love with.”
And instead of answering, you just smiled and pulled the boy into another kiss.
It was already dark when you went back to the castle. But there was one thing left.
“You´re in love with me, aren’t you?”
“Truly, madly and deeply, my love.”
“And you always will be?”
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prettygirlkay · 3 months ago
requested - the story of how he came to meet the love of his life.
Tumblr media
draco had left hogwarts feeling unsatisfied.
life felt like it was so mediocre and dull, everything planned out yet…just about average.
his partner was someone who’d been introduced to him by his family, two pureblooded lines that would be suited to eachother and should leave the pair happy. only, he never felt happy. not really. but he didn’t know anything more than this, and so he accepted that’s just how life was - then why did everyone else seem to enjoy it so much more?
his job was okay, he supposed. he’d been working towards becoming an auror, training in the department for a full year’s course before he was actually an official officer. draco didn’t need to work, not with all the inheritance he had and the pure floods of money he owned, but he wanted to improve himself. be a better person. and because of that, he chose a career that put himself in the position of persecuting the worst types of dark wizards. the type he could’ve been.
his friends were half involved, distant. life felt like an itch left unscratched -
until he met you.
you were a ministry of magic official by the time he’d met you. he’d only just received his certificate of authenticity for an auror, and you’d just been moved from a different city’s department to the one in london. the department of international magical co-operation, you worked in.
the reason why he hadn’t ever had the pleasure of meeting you prior to that was simply because fate had been prolonged, and you’d been sent to different schools. the first time he saw your kind face, the way you introduced yourself so politely, made him feel like he had a fresh start waiting for him. complete redemption in one person.
you felt like a safe place, and then you turned into everything more.
you listened to his past, shared yours. the stories were exchanged and, in reward, a soul-connected love blossomed. he left his old girlfriend within months of meeting you, that unsatisfied part of him slowly relieving itself.
- 2000
he’d brought a new place, moved out straight after he got a job. his parents stayed in the old malfoy manor, and he lived alone in the new one. it had felt cold and empty, even emptier when astoria had come to pay him visits, but there had been life given to it when you came.
the living room couch, directly in-front of a burning fireplace. it was where you’d try and teach him french, then laugh at the way he’d fail with the vocabulary, the exclamations of frustration at all the ‘unnecessary letters’.
the kitchens was a place you insisted the two of you tried cooking together. and the amount of baking, god. cookies, cakes, biscuits, even batches of bread. his manor started to smell divine, like a homely bakery alongside that heavenly perfume you’d always wear. maybe it was your natural scent, because it left him missing you when it would stain his pillows or linger around the house.
another core memory; it was a saturday. he distinctly remembered every scent, every little sound that surrounded the two of you. the gardens were his new favourite place, simply because they were yours.
flowers of yellow dotted across the stretch of field in his backyard, looking to the west at the sun that lingered for its final moments before its eventual fall. evening birds had come to say goodbye for the night, and those little critters that made buzzing sounds were ever so lively - as were you; dressed in a pretty sundress, wearing something that made you look just as part of nature as the blossoms had done.
you were on the grass besides him, both of you leaning back on your palms and looking off at nothing - or rather, you were looking at nothing. it remained secret, but he was forever looking at you.
it then happened so casually that draco almost didn’t hear you. your head was tilted, you inhaled the fresh spring air and your voice sounded so breezy as you said, “i think i might love you,”
- 2001
the day you first met his parents was a day he thought would’ve been terrifying, but on the morning of draco had found himself not caring about their eventual opinions.
well, it mattered, of course it did. but he knew at the end of it all the only thing that mattered was himself and you, regardless if his parents his father approved.
you came in like a beam of sunshine, smiling and already earning narcissa’s adoration. his mother loved you straight away. it went unspoken of after, but he heard the conversation that struck after dinner between you two.
“please love him, Y/N. for me. i can see that you truly make him happy.” his mother had said.
your voice was reassuring, emitting a pang of something almost painful from draco as you replied, “you can’t ask something from me that i’ve already done. i’m afraid i’ve already fallen in love with your son, mrs malfoy.”
perhaps she was crying when she sniffled afterwards, but he couldn’t see anything. he reckoned that you embraced eachother because of how muffled her next words came out as. “thank you, my dear.”
after that, his mother wrote almost twice as much. constantly asking about your well-being, when you’d next be free to come over. and no, not if her own son would join as well. mother and daughter bonding, he supposed.
it was a slightly different story for draco’s father. lucius gave you a tight lipped smile, initially disappointed with draco for leaving a greengrass for a Y/L/N. you weren’t an influential family, but you had more than enough to offer for him and so, naturally, draco ignored his father’s strange looks the entire evening.
draco was certain he’d have to battle his father over it, already exhausted at the thought of the arguments from an adult son to a father growing too old to be this uptight - but when it came to the end of that night, lucius had nodded at the two of you and spoken words that left him in shock. they weren’t meaningful or immensely loving, but for his father they were as good as gold.
“take care. until next time, Y/N.”
- 2002
“come on, darling!”
you glared are him as he carried the heaviest of all the boxes, way ahead of you as you struggled with another one.
moving in day.
“draco, i’ll curse you.”
he merely chuckled and carried on bringing your boxes in, full of precious items and memories but none that felt as cherished as the engagement ring on your finger.
you’d look at it whenever the days seemed too long or your moods dipped below average, and it would remind you of happiness. if that didn’t help, you’d grab draco and ‘force’ him to lie with you for a while, fiddling with his fingers and the large diamond that was on his left hand. that always did it.
god, you were so in love. you’d never known a home like this - sure, your childhood was as normal as could be, and nothing particularly exciting or interesting such as an entire life threatening war had ever happened at beauxbatons - but draco offered more than normal. it was raw, undiluted love, and the comfort that you offered to one another was just another way of home.
you were hope, to draco. he knew it from the first time he saw you, and it only took a year and a half for him to propose after your first encounter.
- 2004
the manor had settled with the two of you, entirely used to your presence. you’d been finally wed on june the twenty first, the perfect summer event.
the wedding was extravagant, immoderate, lavish. nothing less for his wife, he’d said, scanning all those cards as he chose the best versions of whatever you wanted. anything, and everything.
now that you were settled, draco then decided to spark a certain conversation. it was a quiet night, undisturbed to your evening of showing eachother just how much love you had to give.
his kisses were i love yous, your small breathless sounds were returned appreciations. he paused his soft teasing of his lips on your neck, leaning upwards to whisper in your ear. it was his low, raspy voice that had you fluttering shut your eyes, a small arch to your back as you nodded. “i want a family with you,” he’d said.
moments later, once you found your own voice, you trailed your hands around to pull him closer and breathily replied, “then give me one.”
- 2005 + 2008
scorpius malfoy came like a gift to the universe, the most important thing in draco’s entire life joint equally with the woman he loved.
he’d thanked you with more expensive gifts, whispered words of gratitude and love, stolen little kisses all over. you were everything to him, and now you were more. the mother to his child.
children, actually.
because three years later, little lyra came along. a daughter had never been so loved, so absolutely adored.
it seemed that itch he’d always felt, the mediocre values he’d settled for, they were all solved when you walked in. you introduced him to things he didn’t know existed, a side of life he didn’t believe in. to show his appreciation, despite your attempts of deeming it as entirely unnecessary, he’d shower you with luxury and flash his money to make sure you were never less than lavished.
draco malfoy loved you. you provided him with everything he didn’t even know he wanted, you were everything he needed, and so he gave you anything you could ever wish for.
and whenever his friends would stare open mouthed at just how much he splurged out on your family, he’d simply turn up a corner of his lips and shrug, “whatever she wants.”
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robynlilyblack · 7 months ago
I want you
Fred Weasley x fem! Malfoy! Reader
[Soulmate AU]
Summary: Y/n has dreamed of finding her soulmate ever since she was little, but would her soulmate love her for who she was, not only a werewolf but a Malfoy as well?
Warnings: cursing, mentions of blood, violence, scars, kissing,
a/n: Slytherin and werewolf reader, no Voldemort AU so the first war never happened, long one 8k+ words so get cozy I hope you enjoy xx
Tumblr media
Joey Taggart, Jessica McConnell and Timothy Greengrass are my OC’s.
Soulmate rules: Scars and busies you have show up on your soulmates body, when you turn 16 you can talk to them by writing on your hand, but writing your name doesn’t work, nor does blood status after a law passed by the ministry 
Bold italics – Fred’s writing, italics – readers writing
Tumblr media
Masterlist | Fred Weasley Masterlist
Tumblr media Tumblr media
There were two things about you that made you scary to the average witch or wizard, one everyone knew, you were a Malfoy, a pure-blooded Slytherin, the second only a secret few knew, you were a werewolf.
Your mother and father did everything to ensure what you were remained a secret, lucky for you, your family was as rich as they came making the task easier. Your godfather was excellent at brewing potions, every month he would brew your potion for you both while you were at Hogwarts and over holidays.
Due to always having access to Wolfsbane potion you didn’t have many scars and most were along your torso along with a bite mark on your hip from the original attack. At school, your parents paid to have your necklace charmed, creating a kind of shimmer around you, hiding the scars and any future ones in case they were inflicted in a place visible. The necklace was illegal as it hid your soulmates marks as well as any messages from them but your parents didn’t care, it was common practice in pure-blooded society anyway.
The idea of soulmates was a dream for you ever since you first found out about them. Until that point you knew one thing about yours, they were clumsy, always seeming to get small cuts or bruises. You couldn’t wait until your 16th birthday, when you could write on your hand and actually speak to them. Unfortunately, that dream became a nightmare during your 3rd year.
While on Easter break, your friends Joey and Timothy had gone home, bored you took a walk around the forbidden forest. While exploring you heard a howl, you tripped over a branch falling to the ground as you ran away, getting it caught in the process, you could hear the approaching creature as you tried to free your leg. The last thing you remembered seeing was glowing eyes before waking up to your father shouting at Dumbledore in the hospital wing. You had a bite mark on you hip, gashes along your stomach, you were lucky your godfather was the one to find you, saving you before the werewolf killed you.
After that night things changed, your life became a big secret, sneaking out to transform in the forest every month, finding a little spot near a pond where you could sleep off the transformations. You had a dorm to yourself courtesy of dear old daddy, so no one noticed your disappearances, Draco was there to help when you really needed it, but on the day to day you started feeling terribly alone.
After a year of going through it yourself, you told your two best friends. They had noticed your depressed mood, how you were shutting everyone out, when you told them they were relieved and happy you trusted them. Even after your refusals they became animagi, Timothy a fox and Joey a hare.
The idea was sparked by one of your professors, Sirius Black, he had spoken about becoming one for his husband. Despite being related, your family didn’t associate with him, he was a blood traitor and a Gryffindor, your father and mother even mentioning how he poisoned Regulus’ mind, turning him into a bloodtraitor as well.
When you turned 16, things should have gotten better, you would be able to talk to your soulmate. You knew they would know you were a werewolf, that much was obvious, but you couldn’t condemn them to a life with a werewolf soulmate, not to mention your parents had practically forbid you from seeking them out.
Over your 6th year, the Triwizard tournament kept your mind off of things. You had received some messages, mostly hi’s or hello’s, but one night you received a paragraph on your arm, telling you how they couldn’t wait to meet you, that maybe you were younger than them and that’s why you weren’t responding. When you read it, your heart clenched feeling guilty, it took everything not to write back.
Your friends tried to get you to talk to them, both of them had found or at least talk to theirs. Tim’s was a muggle girl he was planning on meeting over the next summer, and Joeys was a Hufflepuff in the year below. You went with Timothy to the Yule ball and Joey took his soulmate after you and Timothy spent almost a week hyping him up.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
You were currently sat at the Slytherin table with Timothy feeling anxious as you always did on the day of a full moon.
“You alright” Timothy nudges your shoulder in comfort
“Yeah, just nervous you know” you shrug
“Come on eat up, you’ll need your energy” he encourages
“Yes mom” you joke, making him chuckle as you both begin eating
As your taking a bite of your food Joey runs over, sliding in next to you, knocking your fork out of your hand “Joe what the hell I was eating that”
“Please tell me you didn’t eat any of the pudding” he looks at you face full of concern
You flounder for a moment processing, while your other friend seems to understand what Joeys getting at, the realisation dawning on him. Your eyes widen as you start to panic yourself, hesitating as you speak “Why shouldn’t I have eaten the pudding”
“Someone figured out the house-elves stopped putting sugar in it, I overheard some Gryffindors boasting about fixing it”
You felt sick, you were the reason there was no sugar in the pudding, along with Professor Lupin of course. Sugar made your potion ineffective, you had never gone through a transformation without it, it was safe to say you were utterly terrified.
You stood up abruptly, walking out of the great hall, followed by your friends. Your exit caught the attention of most of the room. Draco looked concerned, he knew it probably had something to with the full moon, if Joey and Timothy didn’t follow you he would have. Sirius looked up from the head table, slightly confused but brushed it off.
Cedric and Jess looked up with furrowed brows, they were two of the few people who knew you didn’t believe in blood status’ like your family, they had a feeling you were a werewolf but they never confronted you, respecting that whatever you were, they would be there for you.
The golden trio along with Fred and George, watched your exit.
“What you think that’s about?” Ron half laughed, he wasn’t concerned in the slightest
“No clue” Harry replied, thinking for a moment as he chews on a bit of pudding “Is the pudding different or something, it tastes better”
“Well my dear Harry, we figured out the house elves stopped putting sugar in some of the puddings” George started “So we fixed that oversight” Fred finished both looking pleased with themselves
“Did you let Professor Lupin know?” Hermione states, clearly annoyed
“Why?” they ask confused
Hemione sighs “There’s no sugar in the pudding because it makes wolfsbane potion ineffective you dimwits” she whisper-shouts
“Shit, we need go tell him” Harry stands quickly making his way out of the great hall, followed by Ron and Hermione
“You okay Freddie?” George turns to his brother who’s turned chalk white
Tumblr media Tumblr media
When Fred learned about soulmates he was conflicted, but after seeing his parents, James and Lily and Sirius and Remus, his heart warmed to the idea. He didn’t know much about his soulmate as he grew up, there were some scraps or bruises but nothing huge, he actually wanted to apologise for giving them a few shiners over the years.
One night in 3rd year he felt a strange sensation, it was the same one he felt when his soulmate hurt themselves, but this time it was much stronger. His brother and Lee woke up as Fred looked in the mirror, seeing the gashes across his stomach, the bite mark on his hip. He wasn’t an idiot, he knew what it was, his soulmate was just turned into a werewolf.
Every full moon after he couldn’t sleep, it was like he could feel them transform. Fred became more adept at making healing potions and supplies, ready for when he met them he could help. When he turned 16 he wrote on his wrist, hello, as well as a heart on the back of his hand in case he could spot them.
Unfortunately, he never spotted someone with it. He would write hello, or hi on his hand every so often, hoping that maybe they had turned 16. As it neared the Yule ball, he wanted nothing more than to have taken his soulmate, instead he went with Angelina as friends. A few weeks before the yule ball he wrote a paragraph on his arm, he had no idea if they saw it. Truthfully, he hoped they couldn’t see it, his worst fear was them finding out he were their soulmate and rejecting him.
That night he felt so guilty as he sat looking out of the window, the guilt swelled in him as he felt a tingle on his neck. Looking in the reflection of the window pane, he saw a new gash, what hurt more was it must have been self-inflicted, it also meant there was a good chance his soulmate was out in the woods suffering because of him.
As morning came he was shattered, he couldn’t sleep at all. As he got ready to head to breakfast he wrote on his hand;
Everything’s going to be okay, I’m here for you love
You woke up the den you built in the woods, Timothy healed your cuts as best he could, luckily your necklace would hide the scarring. You felt drained, you never wanted to feel like that again, you felt the bloodlust for the first time and it scared you. You had never felt like a monster until that moment, you were acutely aware of how you were in no control, merely a passenger in the body of a monster.
It was now you were happy Joey and Timothy were animagi, they helped lure you away and kept your attention on them instead of hurting yourself. You just felt bad for your soulmate having to have such an ugly scar on their neck, along with all the others.
Just as you were about to put your necklace on you saw writing on your hand, reading the message you felt your heart swell. Love, they didn’t even know you and yet they seemed to care for you so much. Smiling you pulled yourself up, body still aching as you took out your quill and wrote back for the first time
Thank you ♥
Tumblr media Tumblr media
“Holy mother of Godric!” Fred exclaimed barging out of the bathroom, his face the definition of happiness
“Bloody hell!” Lee shouted back, clutching his chest as he sat down for a moment “You gave me a heart attack ya’ big tree” he shifts picking up a pillow throwing it at him
“Hey!” Fred picks up the pillow about to throw it back as George walks back into the dorm
“Ughh” he looks between his brother and Lee “What’s going on?” he chuckles
“Ask your brother, he’s the one that just scared the living daylights out of me” Lee points to Fred, the two looking at him for some kind of explanation
“They wrote back!” George breaks out in a smile as Lees expression softens “Look!” he shows them his hand
“Ooooo a heart! Flirty, flirty” Lee wiggles his eyebrows
“Hey…what happened to your neck” George asks moving his brothers head to get a better look
His expression drops “We did that, fuck Freddie this is my fault, it was my idea”
“George, we didn’t know” Fred tries to reassure, not sure if he’s saying for his or his brother’s sake
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Fred, George and Lee all headed to breakfast, coming in a bit late. You were already sat at the Slytherin table, exhausted, your body aching and your neck still sore to touch. No one could see the wound but you could feel it constantly.
“You heard what happened to Adrian this mornin” you were too tired to really listen to Joeys gossip, merely humming as Timothy asked what happened
“Right, so he was trying to chat up one of the Ravenclaws in the year below and he was walking backwards…” Joeys voice trails off, his eyes wandering to the table across the room
Timothy looks behind him, his eyes following Joeys, widening as he sees it.
Joey nudges you “What” you grumpily answer
“Y/n look” Joey nods in the direction of the Gryffindor table
Your eyes follow, mouth dropping open as you see the scar. You were in disbelief, staring at the elder Weasley twin. You felt your heart constrict and swell all at once, you found your soulmate but he was also the one person you couldn’t have.
You had watched him from afar, admiring his and his brothers pranks and creations, how handsome he became as the years went by, but the one thing you envied was the freedom he had. You knew if your soulmate wasn’t a pure-blooded Slytherin your parents would be upset, you knew they may accept a pure Ravenclaw, maybe even a Hufflepuff, but a Gryffindor, not to mention a Weasley, there was no way.
Your parents would almost definitely make you have an arranged marriage, despite everything, purist families still practiced it, your aunt Andromeda was disowned for going against hers, running off with Ted Tonks, same went for Regulus when his was a regular muggle.
You had thought about it, running away. The idea of showing up at Sirius’ or Regulus’ door crossed your mind more than once over the years, but you could never bring yourself to do it. For one, you couldn’t leave Draco, he was your brother, even if his views didn’t match your own. Second, you were a werewolf, not on the registry because your parents paid them off, if you left they would almost defiantly use it as a way to get you to stay.
So here you were, heart aching, realising the boy who you would have been thrilled to find out was the one destined for you, who just told you he was here for you, was someone you could never be with. Even if you did give up everything for him, which in your heart you knew you would, he wouldn’t never want a Slytherin for a soulmate, let a lot a Malfoy.
Your friends had turned back, you had been catatonic for about 5 minutes now so they just decided to let you process, Joey continuing his story about Pusey falling down the stairs.
Fred felt eyes on him, looking around he saw none other than you, y/n Malfoy looking at him like you had seen a ghost, eyes misty. As his eyebrows knitted together your eyes widened, realising he caught you staring, quickly looking back down at you plate, heat rushing to your face in embarrassment. Fred shook his head returning to his brother and Lee bickering, but he was only half listening, you in the back of his mind.
Everyone knew who you were, a Malfoy, the most eligible girl in the whole school, every Slytherin hoping you would be their soulmate to marry into the noble house of Black. In first and second year you were happy, talked a lot, seemed very unlike your family, but during your third year you grew quiet, kept to yourself and didn’t speak to anyone outside your house, except Cedric a few times. Most assumed your change was to do with your brother coming to Hogwarts, the boy that ran to daddy over any minor inconvenience.
Fred hated Draco, especially when he made fun of his family for being poor. You and he had never actually spoken to one another despite being in the same classes for 7 years, so he didn’t really know where he stood on his opinion of you. You defiantly weren’t like your brother, he was sure he’d never heard you or your friends say a slur or belittle anyone, but you didn’t stop your fellow Slytherins from doing it
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Over the next month leading to Christmas you and Fred started talking almost daily via your bond. At first you were nervous but over time you grew to love the interactions, giving you hope he might actually love you even if you were a Malfoy
Hi love
I’m so glad I can talk to you now
Me too
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Does it hurt?
Yeah, but the potions help, I just feel sleepy
Do you go through it alone?
No, my friends help
Are they Animagi?
Yeah how did you know?
I remember Professor Black mentioning becoming one for his soulmate
Promise me you won’t try and become one, I don’t want you to risk Azkaban for me, it’s bad enough my friends did it
I promise I won’t become one unless I have your permission?
Tumblr media Tumblr media
What animals are they?
Fox and a Hare
Tumblr media Tumblr media
So, you’re at Hogwarts then?
Yeah, you?
Yeah, I’m Gryffindor you?
Fred noticed it took almost ten minutes to receive a reply
I’m not Gryffindor, does that bother you?
No, not at all, just asking so I can track you down easier ;)
Why don’t we tell each other one random fact every day?
Deal x
Tumblr media Tumblr media
The facts differed day to day, sometimes it was general information:
I have one brother
I have many brothers and one sister
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Other times it was secrets:
Over summers me and my friends sneak out to go to muggle theatres
I once blackmailed someone who stole money from me
Tumblr media Tumblr media
And occasionally it was your insecurities:
I’m afraid my parents are ashamed of me, that I won’t live you to their expectations
Sometimes I feel my mother doesn’t believe in my dream
Tumblr media Tumblr media
As the Christmas holidays arrived you were spending it at home alone as Draco was going to Blaise’s and your parents were off on holiday somewhere. A couple days before Christmas you invited Timothy, Joey, Cedric and Jess over, usually Cedric would invite you to his, or you would all go to Jess’ town and she showed you how cool the muggle world was. This was the first time you had invited them to your house, you told dobby that if anyone came to the door to tell them no one was in, or to let you know if your parents arrived home abruptly 
When they arrived, you sat Cedric and Jess down, after talking with Joey and Timothy you decided it was time to tell them.
“I’m a werewolf” saying out loud you felt like a weight was taken off of your shoulders
You looked between Jess and Cedric to see their reactions, but their expressions didn’t change. Jess lunged forward giving you a hug, while you stared behind her at Cedric in shock. His face morphed into a little smile as you realised
“You guys already knew, didn’t you?” Jess pulls back, the two nodding as Cedric stands to sit by your other side
“Yeah, thank you for trusting us, if you need any help we’re here” He smiles giving you a hug
Jess and Cedric learned of the boys Animagus forms, your soulmate being Fred Weasley and how you’ve been keeping it a secret using a shimmer, taking off your necklace to show them your scars. After that you all headed into the kitchen, Jess had told you about how muggles make their own gingerbread houses at Christmas, so you all decided to try and make some. Separating into two teams, boys vs girls, rules, no magic or tampering with the other teams baked goods.
You and Jess were waiting on yours baking so you danced around to the radio, as Joey, Timothy and Cedric bickered about their ginger bread mix being the wrong consistency. Dobby was seated on a chair nearby smiling, you wished you could free him, you even thought about asking your dad to gift you Dobby on your 18th birthday so you could actually do it, but for now you told him to relax, to take the time off while everyone else was away.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
“This place always gave me the creeps, it’s worse than our old house” Sirius shivered, looking up at the glooming mansion
“Come on, we drop off the gift and head back” Remus started walking, Regulus joining him
“Ugh” Sirius groaned, trudging after his husband and brother “I know we said we would try to be civil since their family, but we all know they’re just going to shut the door in our face”
“Even if they do, remember Draco and Y/n are still young they might not be like Narcissa and Lucius” Regulus reminded his brother
“Come on, you ever tried to teach that kid he’s basically a carbon copy with one really overrated catchphrase” Sirius complained
“Pads love he’s right. I know Draco’s a handful and a bit of an arse but Y/n seems more like you and Reg” Remus tried to assure his husband
“Y/n reminds me of you and Draco reminds me of myself. I was a arsehole too once upon a time but you never gave up on me. Y/n doesn’t have a James but…maybe we can let her know she has us in case things get too much, she’s graduating this year and we both know if her soulmate is anything other than a pureblood she’ll be forced to marry some git, so stop whining and come on” he gestures for Sirius to knock
Sirius sighs, nodding as he knows his brother is right “Come on let’s get this over with” just as he is about to knock the door Remus stops him
“Wait, do you hear that?” he moves his head around trying to figure out what the muffled sounds are
“I think it’s coming from around there” Regulus points
He starts walking around the side of the mansion, Remus and Sirius following closely behind. As they walk around the corner, they realise its music, peering through the window they see you and your friends. You and Jess are dancing, twirling dobby around as the elf joins you, the boys starting to chug bits of flour as their bickering reaches a boiling point
“Is that Cedric Diggory and Jess McConnell?” Remus looks in surprise seeing the two Hufflepuffs
“Yeah, McConnell’s a muggleborn right?” Regulus asks
“Yeah” Remus confirms
Small smiles graze their faces, Regulus and Sirius look at each other, sighing in relief that you aren’t like your parents.
“Tim!” you shout as a bit of flour hits you “Oh its on!” you pick up some flour throwing it back
The three men try not to snigger too loud as you all have a mini war, as you run around the island of the kitchen your cardigan slips a little, revealing your neck
“That scar…” Remus’ face pales with the realisation, it was just like his
“Wait…” Regulus shakes his head, clearly upset “…y/n’s a werewolf? How the hell did we not know that”
“Oh merlin, that was her” Sirius breathes out
“What was-” Remus asks but is cut off
“Get down” Regulus pulls the two down behind some bushes as Jess moves to shut the window
They sit with their backs against the bushes, “Sorry, what were you saying?” Remus turns back to Sirius
“At the start of term, while you were sleeping off your transformation…I heard another howl so I went to investigate. There was another werewolf in pain clawing at itself before seeing a hare run by and running off to chase it. It was the same day I saw y/n practically run out of the great hall” Sirius grimaced as he spoke, he always knew how much pressure you must have felt being from a family like his own, but the new information killed him a little
“The pudding…Harry came to me telling me not to eat it because the twins put sugar in it” Remus closed his eyes, he hated seeing someone like him, no one deserved to go through what you and he did each month
“Poor girl” Regulus sighs, heart breaking
The men returned home after leaving the gift at the door along with a letter for y/n. This year Regulus was hosting Christmas, the Weasleys and Potters were invited to stay for the week, with Dorcas and Marlene coming for dinner on boxing day.
As Sirius and Remus took a seat in the sitting room, Regulus went into the kitchen to help his partner and Molly with dinner. As the men settled themselves on the couch, they scanned the room, their eyes widening as they see a very familiar scar on Fred’s neck
“How was the Malfoys, Pads” James took a seat on the chair across from them, causing the rest of the people in the room to turn and look.
“Oh umm” he thinks for a moment before answering “Only Y/n was in”
“She isn’t all by herself is she, no one should spend Christmas alone” Lily comes in setting herself on the arm of the chair James is sitting on, a concerned look on her face
“No, her friends were with her”
“Greengrass and Taggart?” George enquires, Remus and Sirius nod “They stick together more than lil Roniekins, Harry and Mione”
Ron groans at the nickname, rolling his eyes as Ginny giggles next to him
“It wasn’t just them” Sirius looks over at Remus as if to check it was a good idea to tell them, to which he gives him a small nod “Cedric Diggory and Jess McConnell were also there”
Everyone in the room looks at Sirius, all in shock you had two Hufflepuffs, one of which being a muggleborn in your house. Fred smiled a bit in surprise, before his attention was pulled to his hand, his smile widening as he read it, letting out a small chuckle
George looked down, smirking “What did they say that’s got you so happy”
“Who?” Ron asks
“His soulmate”
George peers over at the message reading it aloud “Merry Christmas Eve Eve, fun fact of the day I suck at Ginger bread house construction”
The room giggles, James and Lily cuddling into each other as she’s moved to sit on his lap. Sirius, Remus and Regulus, whose now re-entered the room and caught on to the situation spotting the scar, smile knowingly. They all discussed later not to say anything, it was an unspoken rule to not interfere in soulmates finding one another, hence why it took so long for a certain Potter and Evans to get together.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
As the new year came so did incentive for Fred to find his match, with every passing day he was falling deeper for a girl he’d never even met. He knew they were at Hogwarts and he desperately wanted to find them before he graduated.
You were in a similar boat, your affections towards Fred grew with every message you received. In one of your classes you shared he and George smiled at you before turning back to their own conversation, to which you felt your heart flutter and your knees weak. They weren’t the only ones to smile at you, Harry and his little group didn’t seem to sneer at you anymore, you noticed Remus and Sirius pay more attention to you, the latter even asking how you were from time to time. You understood to a degree why Sirius and Remus were paying you more attention, you received theirs and Regulus’ gift, with a note attached saying they wanted to get to know you more.
For a while you thought maybe they had found out you were Fred’s soulmate but then Fred would write to you about how he couldn’t wait to find out who you were, to meet you in person, so you figured they probably didn’t know and it was merely a coincidence. You were wearing a shimmer as well so there was no way anyone could work it out.
Fred found your little blush at his smiles cute, beginning to pay a little more attention to you. He noticed you seemed a bit lighter, happier than you used to, Harry even brought it up that you smiled back at him. He figured maybe Christmas and them being nicer towards brought up your spirts, he didn’t know why, but seeing you smile made him feel all warm and fuzzy.
Now he was paying more attention to you, he noticed the disappointed looks you directed at your brother when he made fun of others, how you rolled your eyes when other Slytherin tried to flirt with you. He wondered if you had found your soulmate, he wondered if it was maybe Timothy or even Jess since she didn’t seem to have one yet either.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
You were currently headed to Herbology, walking into class you saw everyone sitting in the wrong places, you looked around a bit confused when Professor Sprout called you
“Ah Miss Malfoy, I’ve assigned you all new seating for your final projects, please take a seat next to Mr Weasley” Your eyes widened a bit as you turned to see your soulmate doodling in his workbook paying no one any mind
Fuck, fuck, fuck, you cursed to yourself as you slowly made you way over sitting down, you were close enough to smell him, it was times like this you hated your heightened wolfy senses, the smell of cinnamon, gunpower and chocolate overwhelmed you. As nervous as you were sitting next to him, his scent made you involuntarily relax.
As you sat down Fred looked up smelling sweet perfume and what he assumed must have been your shampoo filling the air around him. You gave him a shy smile as you started getting your books out, shrugging off your robe. He gave a small smile back, returning to his doodles.
Sprout was currently trying to help one of the first years that appeared to have been sent for something by another professor, so you had a little look over to see what Fred was drawing. It seemed to be some kind of plans for a new creation, you traced over it with your eyes, a small smile of admiration grazing your face. You didn’t notice Fred had stopped doodling and had notice you examining his work. He felt relieved when he saw the smile on your face, something in him swelled at your look of appreciation.
You looked up at him, now is your chance to actually talk to him y/n, you hyped yourself up
“What will it do?” your voice wasn’t what the boy was expecting, it was soft, sweet, and above all genuine, you weren’t mocking him “You don’t have to tell me if its top secret” you wavered a bit
“Oh, sorry” Fred chuckled, cheeks grazed with a light dusting of pink as he explained what he was drawing “It’s an idea for a telescope that would punch the person that tried to look in it” he bit his lip after he finished nervous you would laugh at him
“Well if you need a guinea pig I could ask my brother, he’s so gullible and does deserve one to the face” you giggle shyly, you didn’t poke fun at your brother to anyone other your friends but you felt like you could to Fred, he was your soulmate after all
Fred’s eyes widened in surprise before his face morphed in a cheeky grin “Duly noted” he winks before turning to face the Sprout
Your cheeks heat up, smiling to yourself as you also look towards the professor. Every class after that you and Fred engaged in small conversation, once you giggled a little too loudly at his joke, causing some of your fellow Slytherins to stare you down. During class one afternoon he asked a question you were dreading;
“So, you spoken or written to your soulmate yet” his tone is casual as he was currently trying to focus on cutting a sample of the plant in front of you
“Umm” you feel a lump in your throat getting nervous, Fred looks over at you seeing you look a bit paler
“Hey” he turns, looking down at you “You don’t have to tell me, I get if it’s not something you can talk freely about”
His understanding made your stomach do backflips, you nodded a little “Thank you, I have written to them, I’m almost certain I’m in love with them…” taking a deep breath you sigh “…but I don’t think they’d want me” it felt strange saying your deepest fear to the boy that was completely obvious to you being their one true mate, but at the same time it helped a little
Fred felt his heart crack a little at the last part, why wouldn’t someone want her she’s amazing, he thought
“I know how you feel, I’m head over heels in love with mine” You tried your hardest to keep your face from breaking out in a smile, you weren’t sure if he could hear your heart thumping in your chest as he continued “They’d be a fool not to want you, you aren’t like your family. Over the time I’ve gotten to know you, you haven’t once said a mean thing, and trust me even some Gryffindors shame me and George for our inventions”
“So, you wouldn’t care if your soulmate was Slytherin or something?” You ask trying to mask the hope in your voice
“Maybe if you had asked me a few years ago I would have said yes, but now?” he shakes his head “No, I just want to meet them, make sure they’re okay, it kills me knowing I can’t help them sometimes”
Your eyes became misty, trying not to let him see how overwhelmed with emption you are. After a while you composed yourself, continuing to talk about regular subjects again.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
While you both where getting to know each other in person, the daily messages continued
I like the smell of wild heather and lavender
I like the smell of pancakes in the morning
I can make pancakes but everything else I will burn to a crisp x
Haven’t even met me yet and you’re ready to make me pancakes in the morning ;)
Maybe I am x
“Merlin, wash that off you two make me want to barf” George fake gags
“Your just jealous Lee wouldn’t make you pancakes” Fred rebuts laughing
Tumblr media Tumblr media
How was last night? You feeling alight?
I’m tired, little sore but I’m okay
Maybe one day soon I can help convince you to skip class and I can hug you all day
I’d like that
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Morning x
Morning x
Anything special today?
Not really, just study for NEWTs
So you are in my year, you dropping hints love?
Maybe a little, you got plans?
I have plans just not to study x
You giggled, knowing he means he has some kind of prank planned. It was a Saturday, Hogsmeade was next weekend so you decided to try and get a weekend of study in so you could enjoy Hogsmeade next week.
You were headed for a break to have lunch, when you turned the corner only to trip over something, falling to the ground your books scattered on the floor. You gripped your arm in pain but before you could do anything you felt water over your head and a distant curse from down the corridor.
You gasped as the freezing water hit you, soaking you through, as you looked at your hair you saw it turn bright pink. Looking up in shock you saw some people around you starting to laugh, as well as two very guilty looking twins. Fred looked concerned as your eyes watered, watching as you quickly stood up grabbing your books, wincing as you did before you run off
Fred was too worried to register he felt a strange sensation in his knees and arm as you fell and pushed yourself up. Without a word he ran after you, following you into the bathrooms.
“Y/n” he approaches you slowly his heart aching seeing the tears falling down your cheeks, “I promise it wasn’t meant for you, it was supposed to be for Snape I swear”
You look up at him “I believe you, I’m just embarrassed” you gesture to yourself
“Here” he pulls out his wand, muttering a spell under his breath “There, back to normal”
You turn your head looking into the mirror, your hair returning to its usual colour
“Thank you” you give him a small smile “I…I should go” you say quickly, picking up your stuff, as you attempt to put on your bag your arm aches as you walk out of the door leaving Fred standing in the bathroom alone.
As he watched you leave he felt his arm tingle as he saw you wince, then he thought back to when you fell, remembering the same sensation. As Fred stood processing, his brother came in
“Freddie we’re gonna be late to lunch…you alright?” He tilts his head in concern
“Oh yeah, I just felt bad, she was so upset” he shook his head, following his brother out
As Fred sat at lunch, he stared at the spot you usually sat at, Joey and Timothy were talking among themselves but you weren’t there. He was confused, maybe what he felt was a coincidence but he couldn’t help but comb over everything he knew about his soulmate. He remembers them telling him about not living up to their parents’ expectorations, which made sense if you were a Malfoy, how your secret was sneaking off into the muggle world, and how you never told him what house you were in
He sat back a little, his mouth dropping as he remembered your pause when he asked about what house they were in, then yours and his conversation on soulmates. As he recalled the conversation he could hear the hope in your voice as you asked if he cared if his soulmate was a Slytherin. He started smiling to himself but then it faded, if you were his soulmate how come you didn’t have a scar on your neck,
“Mate I’m sure she’s alright, she’s not like Draco, she isn’t going to run tell daddy on us” George said after watching his brother stare into space for about 20 minutes
“Huh” Fred turns, sighing as he registered what his brother said “I know, I was thinking about my soulmate actually”
“Oh, you have an idea who it is yet?”
“Maybe, I don’t know. They’re definitely in our year and not in Gryffindor but no one has the same scar I just don’t understand” Fred head felt like it was about to burst, were you his soulmate or was this all just some big fluke, leaning his head on the table he groaned
“What’s wrong with him” Sirius chuckles as he walks by
“He knows his soulmates probably in the room but he can’t find them, no one has the same scar” Lee gestures to the boy’s neck
Sirius nods, he wasn’t allowed to interfere but that didn’t mean he couldn’t tell them a story that might help, plus, when was he one not to bend the rules?
“You know I knew Remus was my soulmate for a while, it wasn’t until I ran away I revealed it. You see my mother the horrid women she was made me wear a bracelet on my wrist which hid any marks my soulmate had”
“Seriously?” George said in disbelief
“Yeah, the marks were pretty obvious it was a werewolf, my family didn’t want that to taint the family tree so they forced me to hide it”
“Isn’t it illegal to hide the marks” Lee asks
Fred lifts his head up, listening intently
“They are, but rich families can afford it, some pure-blooded and even muggleborn families are cruel like that” Sirius sighs before nodding his head to say goodbye as he leaves
George and Lee talking among themselves as Fred sits in thought, you were his soulmate, something inside him always knew that on some level. The fuzzy feeling he felt when you giggled at his joke or smiled at him, how he felt at peace when you were close by. Never in his life he thought you would be his soulmate but at the same time it all felt perfect. As he smiled to himself he noticed writing appear on his hand
You there?
“Anyone got a quill?” he asked around looking around frantically
“Here!” Hermione chucks a pen at him
Fred eyed it “Mione, what…”  he looks at the object in confusion
“For goodness sake” she stands up walking over, demonstrating as she draws on her hand
“Oh thanks” he replies watching her return to her lunch “Why the hell do we still use quills when this is so much easier” he mumbles to himself as he replies
I’m here, everything okay?
Bad day
Want to talk about it?
Not really, can you tell me something funny?
Fred then proceeded to write a long paragraph about the time he convinced his brother to accidently dye his mother’s hair green.
Thank you, that cheered me up a bit x
Anytime x
As he chucked the pen back to hermione he realised there was nothing stopping him from comforting you in person now
“Hey, guys I need to go check something, you got the map?” he asks his brother
“Yeah here mate, oh by the way can you make yourself scares till about 10 or so tonight” he wiggles his eyebrows
“Thanks, yes and…gross” Fred scrunches up his face as George and Lee chuckle to themselves
Fred pulls out the map, he hoped you wouldn’t be in your dorm if you were he would have to wait until tomorrow. He looked over the Slytherin common room, the rest of the castle, even the astronomy tower but you were nowhere to be seen. As he scanned the map he noticed your name out by black lake, folding up the map muttering ‘mischief managed’ he puts it in his back pocket heading outside
Tumblr media Tumblr media
You were sitting on the shore, playing at the pebbles beneath you as you stared out at the water, your parents latest letter sitting next to you. This was it, the thing you were dreading, a letter informing you of who you were to marry. As if your day hadn’t been bad enough already, pranked by your soulmate and now you were to married to a man almost twice your age
As your tears finally seemed to dry up you hear footsteps approaching, you quickly put your necklace on, turning around you saw Fred approaching. You tried to wipe your tears but you were certain he’d already seen them.
“May I?” he gestures next to you, you nod not trusting your voice
“I am really sorry about earlier”
“I know” you sniff a bit, your cracking voice breaking the boy’s heart, but your next sentence broke it more “I’m not crying about the prank…my parents just sent me a letter telling me I’m about to marry Rabastan Lestrange”
“Isn’t he married to your aunt?” he looks at you in confusion, you were too busy staring at the lake to see the sadness in his eyes
“No that’s Rodolphus, Rabastan is my uncle in law” you clarify
“And your parents are happy to marry you off to a man almost twice your age? Does he have a soulmate?”
“Toujours Pur…always pure, the Black family motto. Rabastans soulmate was a regular muggle, who disappeared under well…mysterious circumstances so he never married, and for me there are some things that…well” you chose your next words carefully “…there are some things about me that make my situation more complicated”
Fred nods, as you hesitated he knew you were talking about, not many people wanted a werewolf for a bride in case you passed on the infliction.
He thought for a moment before he spoke “What about your soulmate?”
You fiddle with your necklace as you speak, Fred’s eyes lingering on it then back to you
“I’d want nothing more than to run away with them, I don’t care about being disowned, I haven’t for a long while now. I thought about running away to Sirius’ or Regulus’ over the years but I stopped myself. I know Draco’s a pretentious arse but he’s still my brother, and I guess I hoped…still hope, one day he’ll realise blood-status don’t matter. There’s other things too that they could use to make me stay, plus I don’t even know if my soulmate would want me” your heart felt heavy, looking down at your lap you tried not to cry again
Fred’s heart ached as you spoke but it flutters slightly as you said you would run away with him. He reached out taking the hand that was fiddling with the necklace lacing it with his own. You finally look up at him, seeing his eyes a bit watery, his other hand moving to brush some hair from your face.
“I want you” he caresses your cheek
Your mouth drops, tears pricking your eyes “You want me?”
He nods “Who wouldn’t want you” he tilts your head up, eyes flickering to your lips for a second “May I?”
“Yes please”
He captures your lips with his own, both of you smiling into the kiss as he moves his hand from your cheek to the back of your head deepening the kiss. As you kiss Fred grips your hips, moving you onto his lap, as you straddle him you wrap your arms around his neck.
After a few minutes you pull away, both of your lips a little pulp as you shy away only for Fred to tilt your head back up to him, kissing your forehead “I’m so glad I finally found you” he smiles sweetly
“I’m glad you found me too, I’m sorry I made you wait so-” he presses his finger to you lips, making you pout
“Don’t apologise love, I understand” he leans down pecking your lips
His eyes wander to your necklace, you follow his gaze, you bite your lip as you reach back to remove it. As you do the scar on your neck is revealed, he traces it with his fingers before leaning down, planting a gentle kiss along it.
“That was all my fault” he rubs his thumb over the scar
“What do you mean, Freddie” you look at him confused, he can’t help but smile a little at you calling him Freddie for the first time, it just sounded so natural rolling off your tongue
His smile drops as he looks back at you “If I knew sugar made it ineffective I never would have…” he trails off swallowing hard
You place your hand over his, the other on his cheek “It’s okay, if it didn’t happen I never would have known my soulmate was you”
“How did I get so lucky” his eyes filling with adoration
“You and me both mister” you smile as you lean in to kiss once again
Tumblr media Tumblr media
“Y/n Malfoy’s your soulmate!” George looks at his brother in shock
“And you snogged her?” Lee adds, smirking
“Yes, and oh yeah” Fred couldn’t contain his smile, going off to his brother and Lee about what happened by Black lake
Meanwhile you were headed to Sirius’ office, knocking on the door you hear a distant ‘come in’
“How can I…oh hello y/n everything alright” Sirius’ eyes soften seeing you, he watches as you nervously walk in and take a seat
“Yeah, I…I think so” bite your lip, after talking with Fred and maybe making out a bit more, you decided you would go talk to Sirius about living with him or Regulus after you graduate, but now you were actually here you were so nervous, what if he says no, you thought
“You can tell me anything, you know that right?” he gives you a reassuring smile
“umm…canIcomelivewithyouafterIgraduate?” you blurt out, cringing after you did
Sirius’ eyes widen, taken aback “Sorry what?”
You take a deep breath “Can I come live with you after I graduate?”
The man looks at you for a moment before he stands up walking around the desk. He looks down at you, your eyes filled with hope as you wait for his answer
He breaks out in a smile “Of course you can sweetheart”
You jump up hugging him, the man takes a second before wrapping his arms around you, as he does Remus walks in the door seeing the scene. Remus looks at you then to his husband, seeming to almost ask him a non-verbal question to which Sirius nods, making the scarred man smile as well
When you graduated, you didn’t head back home to the mansion, instead you went home to Sirius and Remus’ cottage. You sent a letter to your parents informing them you weren’t coming back, to which they sent a howler back, demanding you come home calling you all kinds of things as they tried to blackmail you into staying, threatening to disown you and out you as a werewolf.
Remus and Sirius were furious when the heard your fathers voice boom through the house. After a couple more howlers, they officially disowned you and you didn’t hear from them after that, in fact you didn’t see them again for 5 years.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
You were currently closing up your shop which lied just off diagon ally, with help from Remus and Sirius, as well as some anonymous help from a certain godfather of yours you opened up a potions shop. The shop was a front and allowed werewolves to come in and get their potions for a discounted price, sometimes even free if they really needed it, without fear of being judged or found out.
Joey helped you as he was excellent at making potions, becoming your brewer and looking after the shop when you were away. Sure, you definably weren’t the most profitable shop, but it was defiantly the most moral one.
After you locked up, you headed down to meet Fred, after Hogwarts you both started dating officially, his family was kind to you and welcomed you in as one of their own. You both supported each other, helping one another achieve your dreams.
As you approached Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes your heart swelled seeing Fred already waiting, standing outside the store. As he spots you walking up to him he smiles, wrapping an arm around you as he hands you a bouquet
“Hey love” he kisses the side of your head
“Hey Freddie, these are beautiful” you lean up kissing the corner of his lips, smiling as you breath in the smell, lavender and heather
“I know they’re your favourite my love, come on we’ll miss out reservation” he winks leading you down the street
As you rounded the corner you run into three people you hadn’t seen in almost five years, your mother, father and Draco
“Y/n” Draco says, looking between the two of you “Weasley”
“Mr Malfoy, Mrs Malfoy, Draco”
“Mum, Dad, Draco” you greet as Fred pulls you closer to him
“Still with the bloodtraitor then” Fred’s jaw clenches at your fathers’ words
“Lucius” Your mother scolds “How have you been dear?”
Your mother had been angry at you for a time, but unlike your father she realised herself and your father were the problem, she felt guilty
“I’m doing great” you answer proudly, looking up at Fred as he smiles down at you
Draco tries to hide the smile on his face as he looks at the loving eyes you give Fred. Ever since you left he slowly realised how wrong his parents were, he had thought about reaching out to you over the last few months, he had found his soulmate, he wasn’t sure if Timothy had told you or not but it was your friends’ younger sister, Astoria. She helped him become a better man, his views on blood supremacy changing.
“Well it was…nice seeing you again but we have somewhere to be” Fred gives a fake smile towards your parents as you begin to walk away
“Disgrace to the Malfoy name” Your father sneers earning disapproving looks from your mother and Draco
“Good thing she’s not a Malfoy any more then” Fred smirks holding up your hand, flashing the ring on your finger “She’s a Weasley now” he winks leaving your father and mother in shock, Draco letting out a small chuckle as you walk away
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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thatblackravenclaw · 5 months ago
Good Girl
Tumblr media
author note: bye I did this instead of my government paper lmao. Like this is BEYOND dirty (but not completely dirty). I hope y'all enjoy it.
Fred Weasley x AFAB!Reader (house neutral)
word count: 1.5k
warning(s): cursing, smut with a side of plot, public sex, exhibitionism, Cormac (yes that needs to be put as a warning), clit stimulation, titty stimulation, pet names (bunny, daddy, babe, baby), degrading, praising, dom Fred and sub reader, unprotected sex (because Fred 100% has a breeding kink but please y'all use protection), cockwarming, cum eating, half proofread by me because my roommate is asleep
Tumblr media
“Cormac I already agreed to tutor you. What else do you need?”
“You never told me when and where.” He says with that boyish charm that seems to work on literally every girl.
“Oh, right, um let’s meet in the library at 5.”
“Alright cool. See you there babes.”
I give him a forced smile and decide to go to the courtyard for some air. I hate when he calls me that. I’ve told him countless times to stop and yet here we are. I still can’t believe he had the audacity to say it in front of Fred. It took everything in me to stop him from beating Cormac up.
“Hey, love.” I hear before I feel a kiss on my forehead.
“Hello. Oh, I have something to tell you. Well, two things.”
“I’m listening.” He says as he sits next to me and holding my hand. I’ll never point it out, but ever since we started dating 2nd year, he always touches me. Whether it’s holding my hand, rubbing my leg, sucking my nipples, he’s always touching me.
“Okay, firstly, remember that spell I invented?”
“Yeah, the telepathy one?”
“Yeah! Well, I got it perfected. I had Padma help me. Now, all you have to do is say the spell while looking at the person you want to speak telepathically to.”
“You gonna teach it to me?”
“Maybeee. Okay, for the second thing, I’m tutoring McLaggen in about 30 minutes.”
I feel him tense up at my side before asking me why. I explain that he had been following me around, annoying me, so I just said yes to get him to shut up.
“Baby please don’t go,” he says in between the kisses that he’s leaving on my neck. I’m very tempted to not go when I feel his hand caress my thigh, getting higher each time his hand returns from my knee.
“Babe, I gotta go.” Which is what I thought I said, but instead came out a sigh.
He all of a sudden stops which causes me to whine.
“Shh. Come with me.”
He takes my hand and starts walking me somewhere. I guess I spaced because before I knew it, we were in the library. I continue following him until we stop at a table in the middle. Pince is at her desk, but we’re far enough that she didn’t see us come in.
“Baby?” Fred says looking down at me.
“Yes?” I ask
“Teach me your new spell. Please?”
“Okay,” I keen knowing I can’t say no when he asks me like that, “Look me in the eyes and say, “loquere in mente”.”
We both mutter the charm and decide to test it out.
“Can you hear me?” I ask. He responds and we just continue talking for about a minute to make sure it for sure works. I was about to ask him why he wanted me to teach him the spell, but then I hear the library door start to open. Before I can look in its direction, Fred sits me on his lap, face the table, and does the concealment charm.
“What are you doing?” I whisper yell. He puts a finger against mine.
“No talking out loud. Just go with what I do.” He says in my head.
Then I feel his knees go in between my legs, spreading me out. I lean my head against his shoulder while he kisses and sucks on my sweet spot. My mind is spinning while trying to contain my noises and trying to figure out why Fred decided to do this now.
“Look at him bunny.”
I furrow my brows and look across the table seeing McLaggen sitting there with his books, waiting for me.
“Now, I’m gonna play with your pretty pussy while you look at him. Take your eyes off of him and I take my hands off of you. Okay?”
“Yes daddy.” I respond.
He starts caressing my thigh like he was doing outside while unbuttoning my shirt. I grind on his lap silently begging for more. He shushes me and moves his hand from my shirt to my hips and slows me down.
“I’m gonna give you what you want, but you gotta stay still for me bun.”
Once I pause my movement, his hand goes back to my tit and his fingers from his other hand tease my clothed pussy. I involuntary buck against his hand, but quickly apologize. The feeling of him palming my tit while lightly caressing my core sends shivers down my spine and I feel my arousal spreading.
“Take your panties off for me, love.” I immediately obey because I know that Fred gives the best rewards.
Once my panties are on the ground I take my place back on his lap and he spreads our legs again. He returns his fingers to my nipple while his other hand goes back down to my pussy, sliding his middle finger through my folds, collecting my arousal, then circles around my clit causing me to throw my head back against his shoulder. I was so close to cumming when he just stops. I almost sob.
“I told you that if you took your eyes off of him I would stop.”
“I’m sorry I’m sorry I won’t do it again just please” I beg while putting my hand on top of his and moving it back down.
He puts a little pressure on my clit while rubbing it in circles. I shudder and focus on Cormac.
“You like this don’t you? Being spread out like a whore in public. Anything to cum, huh slut?”
I nod my head and lean my head back while keeping my eyes forward. A gasp escapes me when he starts stroking his middle and ring finger inside of me, keeping a steady, slow pace that drives me crazy.
Cormac looks around but doesn’t move from his seat. He slumps against the chair and lets out an aggravated sigh. I guess he got bored enough because he actually picks up a book and starts reading.
Fred picks up speed which causes me to start meeting his thrust and grinding against his cock. With each grind I feel him get harder and harder while my slick starts spreading to his pants. I would be lying if his little shushes and praises inside of my head didn’t turn me on. The tone of his voice sends a spark through my body and makes me crave him more.
“Okay, baby I need you to be good for me and take my cock. Think you can do that?”
I nod my head again and murmur yes, not fully trusting myself to say anything else. He removes his fingers from inside of me and sits me up a little while he unbuckles his pants. I decide to fully take off my shirt and patiently sit there until he pulls me back.
“Now, take my cock and put it inside of you while I rub your clit.”
I do as he says and as I feel him bottom out, I let out a content sigh.
“Good girl, now just warm me while I play with you.”
He continues rubbing my clit while adding a bit more pressure, but still going slow. I feel my pussy start to throb from being edged two times. He moves one arm around my waist starting thrusting faster. I grab on to his arm and move it to around my neck not only because that’ll push me over the edge, but because it’ll help keep me quiet.
The speed of his finger picks up on my clit while speed of his thrust pick up making me feel him deeper and deeper inside me hitting my g-spot with every thrust.
“Fuck, if only you knew how good you felt. Such a good whore for me. Getting fucked in front of McLaggen while you’re supposed to be tutoring him.” He says which in response I let out a moan which I hope with everything in me was made in my head and not out loud.
“Please let me come, daddy. Please? I’m so close. You feel so so good. please daddy.” I babble. he lowly growls and tells me to wait.
I hold for about ten more seconds before I beg again. He doesn’t respond, so I keep holding in. Five seconds later he tells me to cum and I do with a choked moan while feeling his pants become more wet under me from my orgasm. I thank Godric that Cormac doesn’t make any sudden moves, because that means I did my job and kept quiet.
Fred continues saying praises to me while I feel his cum still shooting in while he softens inside of me. He softly caresses my body to calm me down from the aftershocks while praising me.
He slips out of me, and I feel his cum start to drip out. I reach down with my finger and scoop some up, so I can taste him.
By the groan he lets out I can already tell I’m to expect a second round.
He lightly palms my pussy and watches as Cormac gathers his books and stomps out of the library.
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l0renz0sgf · 29 days ago
POV: you get convinced by your best friend pansy to go to the first Yule ball after party and the Slytherins are hosting…let’s just say Theo,draco, and Blaise can all play the guitar heheheh🎸🎸🎸
Tumblr media
btw I made a playlist for this
lorenzolover is my user and the playlist is called Yule ball after party remake!
Hey guys this is my first time ever writing b4 so just feel free to leave me some feed back but I thought of this and I can’t forget about it
Also I’m writing this while listening to AM on vinyl and my mahogany apple candle is burning I mean how fitting okay whatever I need to stop okay bye
Everyone is in 6th year!!! All characters in this are either head cannons or Jk Rowlings creds to all!!
Warnings: mention of alcohol and drugs, fighting between characters , kissing
“Y/N!!!!!” Pansy yells at you from the bathroom connected to your shared dorm. You walk in to see her struggling to zip her short black silk dress and her Yule ball dress on the ground in the corner. You walk over and let out a small laugh before eventually helping your friend out. “Wow pans you look breathtaking” you say before you could do anything else Pansy grabs your hands while begging you to go to the party with her. While in potions a week ago the both of you had been told by Blaise that they are throwing the first Yule ball after party. You have never been a big party person only ever going to small gatherings usually held at the black lake. I mean what can you say you’re a simple gal. “Please please PLEASE Y/N please come to the party I promise you will have sooo much fun plus a special someone is going to be there” she says with a smirk. You cheeks immediately turn a dark pink knowing exactly who she was talking about… the one and only Theodore Nott but I mean you couldn’t help it he’s gorgeous and has always had a soft spot for you. After five more minutes of begging you cave in and decide to go. “ YAY Y/N I have the perfect dress that will match y/e/c” Pansy said while practically grinning from ear to ear. Pansy begins searching her closet for the dress when she eventually pulls out a dark green body con dress. You’ve never been one to wear tight dress because you found them uncomfortable but you had no other choice. “ well what are you waiting for put it on we only have thirty minutes!!” Pansy says while laying the dress onto your bed. You go to put it on and take a look in your mirror and you think to your self damn I look good. After you are done changing into your new dress you hang your Yule ball dress onto the door of the closet before closing it you grab your black stilettos.
You and Pansy take a few polaroid pictures before walking out the door to the boys dorm. Just as you are about to knock Theo comes walking up the stairs in his unbuttoned white oxford shirt and dress pants. You think to yourself god that he looks so good. ( okay but imagine that like omg) “Oh hey guys” Theo greeted before walking to the door to unlock it and walk in. You and Pansy walk through the door and see Blaise performing a spell to double his supply of fire whiskey so they have enough for the party. Draco is in the bathroom applying cologne. Draco walks out and says “ Okay let’s go guys we have to get all this alcohol downstairs” everyone nods and each person grabs two bottles. As you’re walking down the stairs you lose your balance and almost fall until you feel an arm around your waist saving you from face-planting. You look behind you and see Theo smirking at you but before you can say thank you he bends down to your ear and whispers “be careful I don’t want you hurting that pretty face of yours”. All you could do was blush and turn your head in an attempt to hide it but little did you know he already saw the effect he had on you. Once Theo let go of your waist so you could continue walking you couldn’t help but feel a pain of sadness since he was no longer touching you. After setting up the whiskey ,casting a silencing charm on the common room, and setting up the lights and music the room was finally ready. After thirty minutes the room was filled with people dancing and loud music. You hated to admit but you were having the time of your life. You were dancing with Pansy in the middle of the dance floor you were on your second drink and started to feel buzzed. Adrian Pucey and his other friends were drunk and started to try and dance with Cho Chang who was waiting for Cedric to get back with drinks for the two. “Please go away Pucey! I told you I’m not interested” she continued to plead but he didn’t care.” Hey Pucey she said she’s not interested just back off ” Cedric said with two drinks in his grasp. “ come on Cho I know you are just playing hard to get” Pucey persisted but Cedric had enough and gave the drinks to Cho before pushing Pucey away. “ She said she isn’t interested.” Pucey pushed Cedric back and threw the first punch. Cedric punches Pucey until Pucey gets knocked into the speaker causing the music to stop. Everyone starts complaining until Draco yells out to everyone to hold on. He rushes up the stairs to his shared dorm. Following along are Theo and Blaise. You look at Pansy with a confused expression that she shares with you. The boys come back down stairs with guitars in hand. Theo’s hand around the neck of the electric guitar. You can’t help but stare. Draco connects a new speaker to all of the boys guitars and continues the music.
Start playing in my feelings by Lana del Ray!!
Draco is the first to start strumming his guitar. Theo and Blaise joining along. Everyone started to yell and cheer at the boys who saved the party and god did they look so good. Pansy and you are both star struck not knowing they are had the ability to play guitar. This only made you attracted to Theo even more. You and Pansy began to swing your hips to the music together when you make eye contact with Theo. Your heart started to skip a beat and the both of you held eye contact until he eventually winked and closed his eyes throwing his head back as he continued the song. (Peep the cover page but imagine it’s a electric guitar) The night continues and you were eyeing Theo down as the boys are playing their final song of the the night, Call Out My Name by the weekend. Pansy saw you staring and whispered into your ear” if it makes you feel better Y/N he’s been staring at you all night too” that made your stomach flutter. As the song came to an end, you looked up to see Theo walking over to you after finishing the song. Pansy had walked away to go talk to Blaise and Draco leaving you guys alone. Now Theo was stood in front of you causing you to have to tilt your neck back so you could see him. He said something but you couldn’t hear it. He took a note of this and bent down to your eye level and said “ I asked how did you like it” all you could do was think about how close you were to him. You eventually gathered the words to say” I loved it don’t get me wrong but I didn’t know you could play, why did you never tell me?” you asked the boy. Theo smirked and said “ well some things are just better off as surprises”. He held out his hand sending you the message that he wanted to dance. You slowly reached your hand out to connect it with his.
start playing she by harry styles!
Draco and Blaise had gone back for one last song because Pansy begged for them to play your favorite song basically setting you up but what’s new. You and Theo started to sway to the music and you mumbled “I love this song” not thinking he could hear you. But he already knew this he always noticed how you would hum this song while trying to focus on making a potion or how you would always request it at gatherings. He took notice of everything you did. As the song continued the two of you maintained eye contact. Your arms were draped over the back of his neck and his hands rested on your hips while swaying them to the song. The space between the two of you had slowly started to close as the song neared the end. Theo bent down to your ear and whispered “ you look beautiful tonight” making your ears warm and causing you to hide you face in the crook of his neck. Theo let go of your waist letting one of his hand gently prop your chin up so you could look at him. Your breath hitched and you were thinking this can’t be real this can’t be real. It felt like it were only you two in the room now. As if you both noticed, you couldn’t help it anymore and closed the space between you. Your lips touched and he immediately kissed back. Theo pulled you even closer by pushing your lower back with one hand and the other hand on your upper back. When you pulled back for air, Theo whispered into your ear and said “finally, but I was supposed to be the one to kiss you first”
Should I make a pt 2?
Is this even good?
Idk this is so cringe what am I doing
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