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My Creative Process.
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Happy Thanksgiving
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"Me and who" "who and when"
Me and sleep. Sleep and now.
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Living for the One That I Love
All around him, his companions slept soundly, even the hanyou perched high in the tree, his standard spot right above the future born miko. It wasn’t the fire crackling just feet in front of him, or the neko purring loudly to his left, or even the faint crickets in the forest. What had his full attention was the demon slayer sleeping in Kirara’s fur, her lips parted as she took in a deep breath. Sango. 
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handy texting
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so true
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one of the most enlightening realizations ive had was finding out that non-24 hour circadian rhythm people were a pretty large group and most of us have oddly similar cycles of usually around 28hr internal "days" and this masquerades as "insomnia" but if allowed to sleep and wake naturally we will just advance forward through time an extra 2-4 hours a day at a relatively stable pace. we can't go to school or jobs or even run errands on normal schedules without massive pharmacological and behavioral intervention. most of the people who have been diagnosed or figured it out themselves will report horrific, life-ruining disruption in their professional lives and terrible health from accrued lack of sleep. this disorder is most common in vision-impaired people which seems to suggest it's related to light cues. anyway just thinking about this as extremely loud yard work woke me up at 8am for the second day in a row
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Barney, snoozing on a hilltop, in the summer of 2009. 
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Sleep tip for the neurodivergent: While I agree that putting my phone away for an hour before bed is not ever gonna happen, I do intentionally have a slowdown period. Like how you can’t go from sprinting on a treadmill to a sudden standstill, your brain does need to calm down before bed.
For me, this means no loud noises or “fast” activities in the hour before sleep. I crawl into bed with my pets and read fanfic/ebooks or troll through Tumblr before listening to some lady on YT gently tell me to relax when actively trying to fall asleep.
No fast or loud activities means no TikTok/YouTube shorts/videos that require energy from me, especially in quick bursts. No TV shows or movies either. I also avoid strenuous activity and don’t do any house chores that aren’t part of my bedtime routine. My little autistic brain loves being primed for things so once my bedtime routine goes into motion and I crawl into bed, as long as I don’t get too sucked into what I’m doing, sleep is easy.
I recently talked to someone with ADHD and she has been sleeping like a mess and never goes to bed at normal hours. Part of it was that she hasn’t been giving her brain any ability to slow down to sleep. Please be gentle to your brain.
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Everyday schedule
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Weeeeeeee! (via)
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thoughts when you stick the foot out the blanket at 3am (it is meant to fade out like that at the bottom, it’s a visual representation of me shutting myself up)
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