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In no time
Tumblr media
Pairing: Sirius Black x Reader
Warning: 18+, Minors dni!, Breeding Kink, and Cock Warming (if you don’t blink)
Word count: 0.2k
Tumblr media
“I know puppy, just keep it in.”
A mixture of sweat and tears trickled down the heated skin of yours and Sirius, holding a firm grasp of both of your wrists whilst he pressed your hips against his, shoving his twitching cock further inside your heat.
After an orgasmic flood, his dick stilled in you, locking in all of his white sticky liquid and not letting anything escape, not even a driblet.
“Be good for daddy, hmm.” he cooed beside your ear as he dragged his dick further in. “Don’t waste anything.”
He marks his lips on your collar, serving as a comfort for the rough fuck he gave you earlier. Your mewls only arouse him more to suck harder on your bare collar, going up to your neck. Pressing a harsh one on your throat with his hand leaving your wrist and setting it on the back of your neck for you to have nowhere to go, causing you to lose a bit of air.
“Going to look so good with your belly all round up, your breasts swelled up nicely and big.” he moaned at the thought, pushing in deeper and deeper by the second if he can. “You’ll look so pretty with our kids in your belly.”
With the force that he puts on in shoving his cock inside of you, you whimpered when you felt him twitch and harden once again.
“Don’t worry love,” he kisses your forehead, giving you a big and warm grin after. “We’re gonna get you pregnant in no time.”
Tumblr media
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kiss sick | sirius black x reader 
summary sirius black takes your virginity
warnings nsfw (18+ please) shy!reader, fem!reader, p in v sex, oral fem receiving, idiots in love, praise kink, fem!reader, she/her pronouns used for reader [word count: 2.6k]
"Just… lie back," Sirius says tiredly.
"Are you frustrated with me?" you ask him, giggles fading as you lay down in the middle of his plump sheets. His bed is soft and squishy, smelling of sandalwood and something heavier, maybe cedar. 
"I'm not," he reassures you. 
"You seem mad." 
He laughs, gently nudging your legs apart to lie on top of you. His elbows rest either side of your chest, hand coming up to stroke the small baby hairs near your hairline.
"I'm not mad," he says, words warm and quiet. "You keep laughing at me when I'm trying to seduce you, wounding my manhood permanently and indiscriminately. But," he dips down, giving you a heart skipping smile, "I'm not mad." 
"This is a seduction?" you ask, half-hopeful.
He pauses. His words are very careful. "No, not if you don't want it to be." 
His hair tickles your face and you giggle. When he notices he aims to do it again, and only stops when you say through your quiet laughter, "And if I want it to be?" 
Which is how you end up kiss sick and sweaty with your t-shirt missing, red-purple crescent moons bitten into your neck and chest. Sirius sits, cheeks flushed, with your legs in his laps, your trousers at your ankles. He pulls them off and shoves them away, running his hands up and down your calves after he's done. 
"How do you feel, doll?" he asks, dipping down to kiss your naked kneecap.
Slightly overwhelmed. Sweaty. Kind of sticky. "Is this gonna be messy?" you ask quietly. 
He smirks. "Definitely." 
You flush and cross your arms over your chest. "I- I'm… Sirius-" 
He cuts you off. "I'll get you a towel, if you want. Yeah? No worrying about mess, then." 
He retrieves a towel and tucks it under your pelvis with an amused and somehow comforting smile. You stretch your hand out tentatively before he can climb back on top of you, reaching for his trouser buttons. He steps toward you and your fingers shake as you pull down his zipper, worse when you look up for a cue.
"You wanna touch me?" he asks. You nod but can't seem to make yourself do it, pulling your hands back towards your chest insecurely. "Hey, it's okay. It's alright. Here." 
He palms himself through his boxers and adjusts his cock so it's standing up. You watch and feel a twinge between your legs, mouth drying as he puts his hand out for yours. He shuffles closer and guides your hand onto his cock, pulling your hand up and down his length until you're acquainted. You're scared to hurt him, wrapping your fingers around him lightly. He twitches and you try to pull away. 
"It's alright," he says.
"It… moved." 
He laughs loudly. "S'cos it feels good when you touch me." 
You flush from head to toe and, emboldened by his confession, slip your hand under his waistband to stroke his naked cock, pushing his boxers down with the bottom of your hand. With your palm against the base of his shaft there's almost two inches of space between your fingertip and his head. You bite your lip. 
"You're really big," you murmur, breathless as you look up at his handsome face for reassurance. "Is this going to hurt?" 
He grabs at your hand where it rests on his cock and twines your fingers together, holding both hands in his. He brings them up to his chest and leans down until you're almost nose to nose. 
"Sweetheart," he says slowly, "I don't know if it'll hurt. It's different for everyone, but I'm gonna get you ready, and I'm gonna take care of you. I'm with you the entire time, you know that?" 
You lift your chin up and he indulges you, leaning down for a kiss. You steal your hands back to thread your fingers in his long hair, pulling him in closer, deeper. He shrugs out of his trousers as you kiss, a fact you're all too aware of, then his boxers. He pulls back and you whine until he obliges you with a shorter, sweeter kiss, climbing into the bed with you and over your legs. His knees dig into the towel. 
You spread your legs to accommodate him. 
There's an awful fondness on his face as he discovers your damp underwear. He rubs a hand in the space where your cunt meets your thigh. 
"Look at you," he murmurs, "my sweet girl. I'm gonna take these off now, okay?" 
You nod more enthusiastically than you mean to, though you're rewarded when you see his shoulders relax, a little of his worried tension slipping away. 
He rubs his thumb up the crease of your underwear, feels the squishy wetness at your entrance. His expression becomes almost pained as he pulls your underwear down your thighs, leaving them to dip between your knees. 
"Fuck, sweetheart. Your cunt is so fucking pretty." The sincerity in his voice makes you dizzy and the feeling only increases as he pulls your folds open with his thumbs. "Fuck," he says under his breath. 
You watch him over your fast-moving chest, hands pressed to your ribs. You hadn't realised how nervous you were at being seen until it was actually happening, and his reaction fills you with both love and confidence. 
You hike one of your legs up and anchor yourself with your heel, smiling at his surprise. He smiles back, reaching out to bring your hands to his mouth and adorn your knuckles in kisses. 
The other hand trails lightly up your slit, spreading a line of wetness over the small bead of your clit. Your lips part in reaction.  
"You're beautiful," he says, and you look from his touches to find he's watching your face, eyes on yours as he draws slippery circles around your clit. "You're so fucking pretty. All of you." 
His eyes drop back to your cunt. "Have you ever fingered yourself, sweetheart?" 
You giggle nervously. "Uh…" 
"C'mon, don't be embarrassed." 
"I've tried," you admit, voice cracking. 
"Yeah?" he asks. When he smiles you can see his canine teeth. "I'm okay to have a go?" 
You nod. "I don't think- I think. Um. I think I tore my, my… you know. Before. I scared myself." 
He doesn't look how you worried he might, doesn't look disgusted or weirded out. He gazes down at your cunt with a thoughtful quirk to his lips. You tremble as his fingertips circle your twitching entrance and then climb back up to continue his ministrations on your clit. You squeeze his hand.  
"If you still have it, it'll probably bleed a little if I reach it. If it hurts too much, you can tell me to stop. If it hurts at all," he amends. "You want me to stop and I'll stop." He explains everything with a gentle patience and you feel guilty but you can barely listen, pleasure shooting up your tummy. 
You lift your hips off of the towel just a tiny bit, hoping he'll take the hint and that you won't have to say it aloud.
He takes the hint, letting your hand go. "How about I make you cum first, and then we'll see if you're feeling ready for me. How's that sound?" 
You nod. Back in his element, Sirius grins, pushing your legs open wider and leaning down. You gasp in surprise as his mouth meets your cunt, startled and intoxicated by his first, broad lick up your slit. 
His fingers grip into your thighs, mouth searching and hot and wet, lips closing around your clit. He sucks, licks, laps at your wetness until you're mewling, first quietly and then desperate. He pauses only to mutter out amorous seductions. 
"You taste sweet," he says innocently, glancing at you with his mouth and chin shining. 
You push your hands into his hair and encourage him back down. This delights him beyond words and he eats you out with renewed vigour, leaning his cheek against your cunt as he suckles your clit. His fingers tease your entrance, sliding first one finger and then two inside you, shallow and careful as you twitch underneath him. 
You cum before he's managed to work in a third, the feeling so overpowering that you squirm away from him and pull your hands from his hair carelessly. He pulls his mouth from your cunt and you hardly notice as he slides in his third finger, riding out your orgasm breathless and seized up. 
"Good girl," Sirius praises, fingers in a slow rhythm as they spread your hole open. "Good girl. Doing so good for me." 
You pant for breath. "Sorry," you say tearfully, "for pulling your hair. Sorry, baby." 
He pulls his fingers free from your sopping pussy and shakes his head. "You can get rough with me whenever you want, sweet thing." 
You smile blissfully at being forgiven.
"How was that?" he asks. "Hurts?" 
"No, it felt nice." 
"Even with three?" 
"I didn't notice," you admit, mortified. 
He straightens up and drags your hips towards him, shifting into a more comfortable position on his knees. "You ready to try?" 
"Please," you agree. 
His hands are everywhere, rubbing your legs, your tummy, your inner thighs. You know he's trying to keep you calm as he pushes the head of his cock against your cunt, sliding the throbbing head of it up your slit and then down. 
He looks hot. He's sweaty and your slick is all over him, his face and his hands and his arms. His chest is bare, tattoos stark black against his torso. You reach out to brush your thumb over the scorpion crawling across his ribs as he lines up and pushes in. 
It's nothing new at first, your wetness and his fingers having prepared you. An inch, two, he thrusts into you slow. His hips flex. 
"Doing so well. Doing so well for me, sweetheart," he says softly. 
It feels good, you realise, a little dazed as he pushes in further. Then, a tenderness, a pinch. You cringe at the feeling and he pushes just a little further before he stops, hands holding your hips in place. 
"There?" he asks. 
"Keep going?" you ask back. 
"You sure?" 
"Please? It felt nice at first. Get it over with," you whisper the last part. 
"Just a little more. Little bit more for me, baby," he whispers, then hisses. "Fuck, you're doing so good. Good girl." 
He ducks down to kiss the side of one of your rising tits. He catches your flesh in his teeth and bites lightly, sucking a hickey, eases in so slowly you almost don't notice. 
"Tiny bit more for me," he says, reverent, and then he bites down on your nipple just as his cock bottoms out. 
You whimper. He instantly releases your tit and soothes the swollen bud with a handful of sweet kisses, following a trail up to your collarbones, up your neck, until his eyes are hovering over yours. 
"I'm sorry," he says, rolling his hips gently, deep-seated inside you. He reaches down between you to rub your clit, "I thought one pain might distract you from another." 
He was right, in a way, your nipple does hurt more than the uncomfortable stretch of your walls, and his new plan – figure eights pushed rough and fast into your clit – is half as successful. 
"It's okay," you say wetly, chasing his touch. 
"Do we need to stop?" 
"No. No, it's okay." 
He kisses you chastely. "You're fucking beautiful." 
"So are you," you whisper, bringing your hands up to his face. He presses his forehead into yours as he pulls out. His returning thrust is sharp, then another, another, until the pain is an afterthought, until every stroke brings that feeling of fullness and stretch with it. 
He notices your pleasure. "There you go." 
He braces his hands on your chest, massaging the swollen peaks of your tits in his fingers as he drives into you. 
Your moaning becomes indistinguishable, peppered with expletives and startled little gasps when he hits something just right. He marks your sweet spot, finds it over and over, his own breathing warping into something deeper, a rugged moan. 
He climbs off of your chest and you hike up on your elbows to watch as he takes great handfuls of your hips, sliding your weeping cunt onto his cock with an echoing slap, the towel underneath you sodden with wet and cum. 
His eyebrows draw together. You do your best to move down onto his cock, calves hooked over his thighs. You roll your hips, a milking motion that pulls curse after curse from Sirius' throat. 
"Fuck," he says, voice deep and more ragged than you've heard before. "Fuck, sweetheart, where can I cum?" 
You squeeze your walls around his cock. "In me, baby, please. Wanna be full of you," you murmur, grabbing for his arms. He eases into your hold, letting you wrap your arms around his neck as his thrusts lose their speed, become sloppy. He buries his face in your neck, arms squeezing you so tightly it aches as he cums inside you, fucking it into you with a final, hip-aching thrust. 
He breathes loudly in your ear, turning his face into your neck. You, dazed, bring your hand up to cradle the back of his head. 
He comes back into himself and quickly takes his weight from you, cock moving inside you. The sudden restart of movement gives you chills. 
"Fuck, are you cold?" he asks. 
"No, no, sorry. Just feels funny now." 
"Oh." He chuckles and moves onto his haunches, pulling his cock out of you. He pumps the shaft with his hand, a mix of cum and slick dribbling down between your legs.  
He wipes his hands clean in the towel and you sit up shakily, staring down at the wet patch in surprise. 
"Messy," you murmur. 
"A little." 
You both giggle, a mixture of highs. 
He puts his hand out between you and you move your face into it in a familiar dance, crawling across the bed to climb over his lap. He receives you eagerly, hand pressed to the small of your back and pulling you in, chest still rising quickly between you.
You kiss for a little while, exhausted, before you hook your chin over his shoulder. He pats your back and sways you from side to side, his voice soft as velvet as he says, "Did such a good job, such a good girl. My good girl." You blink away tears and tighten your arms over his shoulder blades as he continues. "So pretty. Did you enjoy that?" 
"Yeah," you whisper. 
"Yeah? Felt good?" 
"Amazing," you say, face aflame, pushing your lips into his skin. You plant open mouthed kisses across the hill of his shoulder, hoping it translates as the thank you you mean it to be. 
"How did it feel for you?" you ask eventually, mouth still smushed against him. 
He nestles his nose into the side of your face. "Fucking perfect, sweetheart. Better than I ever thought." 
"You thought about this before?" you ask, confused.
He laughs like you've told the funniest joke in the world, hand stroking your spine. "Too often." Then, after a long, serene moment in his arms, "Let's get you cleaned up, sweet girl." 
You nod, though you close your eyes and take a deep inhale of his skin, his scent washing over you in a great wave. 
"In a minute. Wanna stay like this." 
Sirius pats your back again. "Got all the time in the world for you." 
thanks for reading ❤️
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You're not my wife?
Tumblr media
Sirius Black x fem! reader
Tumblr media
Summary: Sirius comes home very drunk and accidently lets something slip while his girl looks after him
Warnings: swearing, established relationship, pure fluff, mentions of drinking, drunkness (both on Sirius' part), sex and being unwell, slight nudity and some suggestion but nothing explict, Sirius being the sweetest and cutest drunken puppy, very quickly proofread
A/n: 3k words, not requested, the idea just popped into my head and I needed to feel better after a really tough week and a bit x hope you enjoy! I''ll be writing requests again soon, I might make a post about it tomorrow x
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
You were snuggled up in bed, entering the perfect land of slowly drifting off yet still in control of your fantasy. You were somewhat aware of your surroundings. You could feel the coziness of the blanket. the soft plush of the mattress below, the safety Sirius’ pillow brung as you cuddled it. Yet. You didn't register the front door closing with a small thump, nor your boyfriend whispering curses at it for doing so, as well as at the floorboards for creaking
Sirius was beyond drunk. It was James’ fault really…or perhaps it was Marlenes? Or maybe Dorcas and those little cocktails that just tasted too good to stop drinking. Whatever it was he was smashed, and he was certain you had never seen him this drunk, in fact he was sure he’d ever seen himself this drunk, and for the life of him he didn’t remember why he got this drunk. 
All his brain could focus on was he had to get to you, you were the most important thing in that moment 
“Shit and fuck” he hisses as his jeans belt loop catches in the handle of the bedroom door, causing him to be pulled back and wack the side of his head
After more than a few attempts the door released him from its crutches and his eyes fell upon you, beautiful, beautiful you. He staggered over to his side, stripping himself of his jacket, attempting to unbutton his shirt before just pulling it over his head. Once those were off he just stood there for a good minute, brain blanking on what he was supposed to be doing before he heard you hum
“Y/n” he mumbles, collapsing surprising gently to the floor and planting his chin into the soft covers “How’d I get so lucky” he says, admiring how the soft glow of the street lights brings out your features
He starts talking to himself, telling your unconscious self all of the ways he loves you even if it’s really coming out as incoherent babbles.
“Glow of your hair and the shine of your shine…sorry the shine of your skin and the softness of your eyes” he mixes them up but they’re said so lovingly you would probably understand if you heard 
“Your pretty…” he continues on and on, repeating himself and these slowly wake you, eyes fluttering open to see Sirius smiling away in his own little world
The next thing you register is the smell, alcohol and cigarettes, it clung to him, while one more prominent than the other you didn’t really mind, you were just glad he was home and safe and happy
“Hi” you greet, giggling as his eyes light up and his chin edges closer to you “Are you nude?” You wonder eyeing his bare back with fuzzy vision as it wouldn’t be this first time
He shakes his head but a cheeky grin appears “I can be” he winks, or at least tries to, as he ends up just blinking theatrically with his head tilted forward
“Flirt” you roll your eyes, digging your cheek further into the pillow to hide the effect even terrible flirting still had on you
“Your flirt though” he shifts closer, kissing your cheek softly
“You are” you admit turning back to face him, you had seen Sirius drunk many times but you had to admit he looked so dazey almost dizzy looking you were sure he was currently in the late stages of blacking out “You need to take off your jeans before getting in” you say, spotting to dark hue of blue now your eyes had adjusted 
He scrunches his face but does it. Not gracefully though as he lets his arse fall to the floor, causing you to move his pillow back up and crawl across. Peering over the bed you watch him with an amused smile, his body flat on the hardwood floor, wiggling out of his jeans
“All the way?” He asks like a child
You nod “All the way puppy” your use of the nickname causes him to work not only faster but wear the cutest little grin as he does it
Eventually he’s left in his boxers. You admire him, even as he struggles to work his way back up to his knees and kneel at the side of the bed again “Can I get in now?” he pleads, flashing his big puppy eyes
You would normally say yes, but his breath was pretty bad. Besides, he had told you once he hated waking up to the stale taste in his mouth, so made you promise if not inebriated yourself to make him clean his teeth
“You should brush your teeth” you give him a sad smile, heart aching at his pout “I can help you if you want”
His eyes grow wide, mood shifting and he nods quickly. You lift the covers, revealing you’re only in a slip. Sirius is enamoured by it. A giddy grin on his face when you accidentally flash him and he realises you have nothing underneath
Standing up you look down, holding out your hands for him. He takes them but lingers on the floor, a look on his face you know all too well
“One peek” you concede, holding your giggle as his head pokes between your legs for a few seconds
He soon pulls back, looking more than satisfied with himself as you help him stand up
“You’re so pretty” again his voice is dazed, but it doesn’t stop the smile on your face
What is it they say? Drunken words are sober thoughts? If that was true it meant everything Sirius did and said were true, only now it was amplified and had a dizzy puppy vibe
Guiding him into the bathroom he plops himself on the edge of the bath, something that could end badly but would be equally hilarious…knowing him he’d probably give up and ask for a pillow if he fell in
Grabbing his toothbrush you squeeze a little bit of paste onto it “Open wide” you instruct and in return he cheeses at you “Siri” 
“What?” He shrugs before opening his mouth properly, jaw slack so you could manoeuvre easy
You softly brush his teeth, not wanting to place too much pressure since you had only done this for him a few times before when he was really sick. 
Sirius watches you the entire time and in that moment you were like some kind of angel. Sure he was drunk, the bathroom light behind your bed was causing spots as he blinked and created a halo around your head, but still you were angelic…maybe more than that to him as his brain ran one very drunk cell who was convinced he was missing something 
“Spit” you ask and he turns his head away from you
Your eyebrows furrow before you realise, watching him spit it out in the bathtub. He then turns back looking proud of himself, a small bit of paste still clinging to the edge of his lips
You smile sweetly, taking the pad of your thumb and clearing it off. You can’t pull away though because Sirius’ darts forward to capture it and sucks on it
“Siri!” You squeal at pulling it out, you weren’t mad but you did hope he’d feel tired soon…and merlin did you hope he stayed human and didn’t run around as a dog like he did when he had a fever a few weeks ago
He laughs loudly at the face you made, before he begins to laugh at his own laughing resulting in a small fit. 
You quickly rinse the toothbrush and place it in the holder, then move to steady Sirius since you’re sure he’s gonna fall if he’s not careful, and knowing your luck he’ll fall forward onto the tiles rather than the bathtub behind him
His giggles die down. Taken a sudden interest in you and his eyes wander up your body. Drinking it in. He lingers on your thighs and then on two particular assets, to which you’re sure he’s thankful for your lack of bra and coldness of the bathroom. Eventually he reaches your face, eyes darting over it and his smile brightens
His smile drifts to a funny one “I’m sorry you have to look after me” he apologies with a slight chuckle, hands finding the outsides of your lower thighs and pushing upwards towards your hips, bringing the slip with it
You pinch the material around his hands outwards, letting it fall back down enough to cover you. Not that you cared about him seeing, it was more you were sure he would get distracted again
“You’d do the same for me” you assure him
He reponses by nuzzling his nose into your stomach “I’m gonna be so hungover” he mumbles, a small moment of clarity washing over him, although it wasn’t really true clarity as his brain still connects all the wrong dots as time and fantasy mixes up 
“I know. Don’t worry tomorrow…well actually later today, I’ll make you breakfast in bed and tease you rotten” you smile down at him
His head lifts and his eyes can meet yours “Thank you sweetheart” he smiles lazily before standing up shakily with your help
You move back a little, hands finding his shoulders while his slip down from your hips briefly only to grasp them again over your slip
“I'm glad you’re my wife” he says casually, a fond smile on his face while your eyes blow wide…and so does your heart
You just stare at him a moment, processing. Heart fluttering around at the title you always imagined having one day, yet were nowhere near prepared for how good it would sound from his lips. Nor how easily it slipped from them
“Siri love” you cup his cheeks 
“Yeah?” He says like a hum
“I’m not your wife” you inform him
Instantly you regret it
His happy expression drops, pouting and almost looks like he may cry “You’re not my wife?” his grip on your hips tighten, voice cracking
You shake your head and find yourself aching at how heartbroken he is over it. You know it’s the booze, you know he likely won’t remember this come morning but you still scold yourself for not playing along 
“You said no?” he asks and you look at him baffled
“To what?” you wonder, even if there’s a tiny voice screaming what it was in the back of your mind
He doesn’t answer, merely asks “You didn’t want to be my wife?” 
His tone is soft and so pure you could cry yourself, yet you still started to smile, heart thumping as you watched your boyfriend in mild awe
“You didn’t ask me to be your wife Siri”
“I didn’t?” 
If you could describe him in that moment you would have to say he looked like he was doing some complex mathematics because boy oh boy was he processing for almost a good few minutes
“You wanna marry me?” He finally says “I really...really want to marry you”
You find yourself itching to scream yes, but you also know he probably isn’t going to remember this nor are you 100% sure he’s…
“I have the ring and everything...” 
Your hands drop from his cheeks to his chest “What?!” You stare at him in complete shock
“...give me a minute I’ll go get it and get down on two knees...one knee...my arse?” he shrugs trying to walk away but you stop him
“Siri, y-you have a ring?” You ask confused and happy and sick all at once, eyes glazing as you listen to his answer and start to believe this is actually real
“Yeah in the…” he hiccups pointing out the bathroom door “…in the bottom drawer of my bedside table” realisation dawns on his face but not the kind you think “That’s why I got drunk! I remember now I was so nervous you wouldn’t like my proposal...and the...ughh...talk...umm” 
He freezes, clogs turning before he closes his eyes. You can almost see his memory reseting, like remembering the real reason made his drunken brain short circuit
“You really didn’t say yes to the picnic? At the same lake where had our first date?” he asks opening them, eyes now boring into you and you can no longer find it in yourself to deny him
“I did. I did say yes Siri” you nod, smiling brightly up at him
“You did?” you nod again “And the proposal…wait no... the speech! Was that okay? Prongs cried at it but Reg thought it was a little long and moony called me a sap…or was that Marlene…or Dorcas?” his eyes blow wide “It was shit wasn’t it? That’s why she gave me the little pink drinks cause it was terrible and you found it terrible...and him terrible and me...” he scrunches his face
“It was beautiful Siri” you pull his face up to look at yours, cutting his rabble off before you let them slip back down to his chest once more “Utter perfection. I was just pulling your leg earlier” you giggle trying to brighten him up while simultaneously trying not to squeal at the idea of there really being a ring in that drawer and him actually proposing
He sighs in relief, quickly wrapping his arms around you
“Thank merlin I’ve been worried for weeks” he tucks his head into the crook of your neck “You’re finally my wife for real. I'm not dreaming right?” he asks once more pulling back to look at you
“I am” you confirm "I'm so your wife...so...definitely your wife" you emphasise with all your heart and it makes his face light up brighter than the tree back at hogwarts
He grins, cupping your cheeks and squishing them ever so slightly “You’re my…” he hiccups again “…I’m your wife” he finishes
You giggle at his mistake but can't find it in yourself to correct him “You’re my wife…” you peck his lips “…and I’m your dashing husband” you go along with it
He pulls you in for another hug, almost bone crushing but you don’t care, your heart had never been fuller
“I love you so much” he presses a hard kiss to your temple, hand to the back of your head
“I love you too wifey” you tease gently, though in his state it’s literal, he’s now your wife and you’re now his husband, no take backsies “Now let’s get you to bed”
He nods into your neck, kissing it softly before allowing you to lead him through. Reaching the bed he sits on the edge while you push down the covers. He smiles at you and then your arse as you crawl over to your side, accidentally exposing it to him
You turn back and notice his stare “Enjoying yourself?” you ask, purposely lifting your arse up before yourself fall into your side
He nods shamelessly “Very much” he falls backwards, shifting around into the bed and letting you pull the covers up “You’re so good to me” 
You finish tucking him in and move forward so your chest touches his “What kind of husband would I be if I didn’t take good care of my hot wife?” you tap his nose
He chuckles so cutely at the gesture “I am the hottest wife” his words like a sigh as he pulls you into him, rolling you over onto your back so he can cuddle into you
His head settles on your chest
“That you are puppy” you wrap your arms around him, feeling his cheeks rise “And I’m the prettiest husband”
He looks up at you bobbing his head ever so slightly “You are the prettiest human in the whole world” he turn back to lay on your chest “And have the best boobs to sleep on”
You giggle as his head lifts up and his hand comes up to pat your boobs in order to get comfortable before he lays back down again. Arm slithering around your torso and within seconds he’s gone quiet
“Siri?” you lean forward "Siri?" you ask again then realise he's finally passed out, and is smiling like an idiot into your chest 
You gently rock him off and replace yourself with a pillow briefly. Briefly being the main word as you quickly slip out of bed and kneel down at his drawer. You take a deep breath before opening it, and sure thing there is a black velvet box tucked away in the back. 
You bite your lip, grasping bringing it into the light so you could see it clearer. Again you take a second before flicking it open with your thumbs, grinning so wide your nose scrunches up when you see the ring and your heart bounces around the room 
Come morning he wouldn’t remember much, only moments like you brushing his teeth and his head being between your legs, to which you would laugh at his brains priorities on the second.
You wouldn’t tell him that you already knew, nor that you had seen the ring and technically already agreed to be his wife…and, you guessed, husband as well. No. You would listen to the beautifully crafted speech by the lake, in your best outfit, from the man you loved and it would make you cry happy tears. And then he would ask that all important question. To which you, of course, would say yes
But for now you sat there, admiring the ring for a few a little while, before putting it back exactly where you found it and closing the drawer.
You were positively glowing as you made your way back into bed with Sirius once more. Replacing pillow with yourself and watching Sirius instantly cuddle back into you, humming as he does 
You hold him tightly and press a lingering kiss to his hair, then whisper
“Goodnight Siri. I love you and I can’t wait to officially be your future…” you giggle “…your future husband tomorrow”
Tumblr media
Thank you for reading ♡
Tumblr media
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mediocre-daydreams · a month ago
𝐚𝐩𝐩𝐚𝐫𝐢𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧 𝐚𝐜𝐜𝐢𝐝𝐞𝐧𝐭
Tumblr media
summary: sirius accidentally apparates into your bed instead of his.
w/c: 3.5k
notes: mutual pining, sirius is so jealous of jily, a few swears, suggestive moments, remus likes crosswords, soft! sirius
sirius felt pathetic.
“i feel pathetic,” sirius whined, throwing himself on one of the potters’ cushy sofas. he buried his face in a decorative pillow and kicked his feet against the couch cushions.
“quit your little temper tantrum,” lily said, rolling her eyes. “it makes you look more pathetic.”
“which is shocking, because i didn’t think it could even get worse,” remus piped from his seat at the kitchen island, where he was doing yesterday’s daily prophet crossword.
“what’s a six-letter word and starts with an ‘s’ that could be similar to cowardly?” remus tapped his quill against his chin.
“scared?” said sirius.
“sirius?” said lily.
“hey, i’ll have you know that i am in fact a gryffindor, despite what my parents have to say about it!” sirius retorted, throwing his pillow at lily’s head blindly and missing.
“what the-” you were hit in the chest by a flying pillow as you wandered into the sitting room, looking for your friends. you identified sirius as the culprit. “are you serious?”
“why yes, i am!”
you rolled your eyes but with no real malice; instead, discarding the pillow to the side and flung yourself on top of sirius’ back with full force. he oomph’d at the sudden weight.
you wrapped your arms around his shoulders and tucked your knees into his sides to pin him down. he protested meekly.
lily giggled as she watched sirius squirm under you as he pretended to be upset while you clung onto him triumphantly. sirius could’ve easily pushed you off, or even flipped you over, but he wasn’t going to complain about how close you were to him. no, sirius didn’t mind it one bit.
loud, thunderous footsteps could be heard bounding down the stairs as james made his presence known. euphemia trailed behind him, wary but amused.
“james, you can apparate now,” she chided. “why do you insist on causing such a ruckus every time you use the stairs?” 
“but muuuuum, last time i crashed into the clock and you were all upset. i’m just being cautious.” james smiled guiltily.
euphemia waved him off. “your friends combined make less noise than you do, james.” she sighed happily as she watched her mosh of children settle soundly into her home. remus was sleepily humming a muggle song, james had taken a seat by lily and was resting his head on her lap, while you and sirius continued to smother each other.
“remus, feel free to head upstairs anytime,” euphemia said sweetly. she looked towards your crowd. “and you all as well. there’s no rush, but it’s getting late and fleamont and i will be heading to bed soon.”
there was a chorus of thank yous as euphemia left, leaving the lot of you alone on the lower level. lily looked at you and quirked her head.
you nodded. “i think lily and i will start washing up as well; goodnight everyone!”
lily kissed james’ forehead. james’ blush was apparent even in the dimness of the evening.
sirius perked up as you slid off from his back with a laugh, hoping for a kiss too. the two of you were normally affectionate anyway, so it didn’t seem so demanding.
when you made no indication of giving sirius a goodnight kiss, he sat up and pouted theatrically. “what about me? can i have a kiss too?” he whined, pointing his chin at james, who looked smug.
you appraised sirius for a minute “hmm, let’s see. have you been a good boy today?” you tapped your chin like you were deep in thought.
sirius’ heart raced.
“i think so, yes,” you decided, stepping closer to the anxious boy. you pressed three fingers to your lips—it was better than nothing, sirius decided—and slapped him (gently!) across the face.
“there’s your kiss!” you grinned mischievously.
james and lily laughed, even earning a snort from remus, who was half-asleep already.
“hey, that wasn’t- you slapped me!” sirius stammered, feeling cheated. “look how nicely lily gave prongs his kiss! you conniving little minx!” sirius crossed his arms.
“ah, well lily and james are dating and we are very much not. you’ve got to be promoted to the boyfriend level to earn that kind of salary.”
lily nodded solemnly. “that’s true. and your resume must be strong, too. job offers can be very competitive these days, y’know? and your girl has a lot of applicants.” lily winked at you.
your girl, sirius thought. he liked that. “well, how can i apply?” sirius joked, looking up at you with raised brows.
you pinched his cheek endearingly. “oh sirius, you flirt. now goodnight, all.” lily took your hand and pulled you up the stairs, hushed whispers trailing behind you and the occasional giggle from lily. sirius sat on the couch, dazed.
“what in merlin’s name happened?” james hissed loudly. “what do you call that, pads?”
remus rubbed his eyes blearily and sat beside james. the two boys stared down sirius from their couch like they were courtroom judges and sirius was being interrogated. in a sense, he was.
“i- i don’t know! she just slapped me and then ignored what i said!” sirius exclaimed.
james shushed him. “you’re going to wake up the entire house!” 
remus sighed disappointedly. “are you two daft? she clearly thinks you’re flirting with her-”
“-i am!”
“-as a joke. you flirt with everyone, padfoot. coming from you, flirting is almost like… platonic behavior.”
“that literally makes no sense, you realize that, right?” sirius scoffed.
james hummed and shook his finger as he came to realization. “no, no. moony’s right-”
“-when am i ever not right?”
“-you flirt with all your friends. if you want to make it obvious you like her, you have to treat her differently. for you, that wouldn’t be flirting. it’d be more like…”
remus butted in. “domesticity, i think. little, genuine things that let her know you’ve been thinking of her. nothing too theatric; that’ll make her think you’re doing it jokingly too. you’ve got to be personal with her… vulnerable, even. yes, that’s it. you should be vulnerable. everybody knows loud, annoying padfoot-”
“-i am not annoying!”
“-but if you let her see you without all the exaggeration, she’ll know you really mean what you say.”
james and sirius looked at lupin, impressed. james shook his head like he was clearing his thoughts. “when did you become so wise, moony?”
remus smirked. “wouldn’t you like to know?”
sirius couldn’t sleep. well, he was restless most nights, often plagued with nightmares or a constant stream of thoughts, but tonight he was simultaneously battling james’ snoring and remus’ rolling and shuffling around.
sirius groaned quietly, draping an arm over his eyes. he needed a break. with a quick breath, he apparated himself into the potter’s kitchen and poured himself a cup of juice, sipping quietly as he leaned against the counter.
living at james’ house was like living on the moon. at home, sirius never got to decide when he wanted to sleep. he wasn’t allowed to brush his teeth with his friends and get foam all over the counter, or nibble on a secret stash of sweets at midnight, much less leave his room to raid the fridge.
when sirius finished his juice, he wrapped up his late night escapade with a quick scourgify and a quiet sigh. once again, he apparated upstairs to avoid the creaky staircase.
sirius had made a grave error.
“what the-” you sputtered for the second time that night. “sirius?”
sirius looked down at your sleeping figure. this time, he was the one sitting on top of your body, though he was considerably heavier than you were.
“lumos,” you whispered. “sirius, what the hell are you doing here?” you tried to sound scolding, but your voice came out slurred and bleary as you tried to blink yourself awake.
“i- i don’t know! i tried apparating back to-”
“shhh!” you furrowed your eyebrows, grabbing him by the neckline of his shirt and pulling him into bed beside you. “you’ll wake lily! thank godric she’s a deep sleeper.”
you huffed, pushing yourself upright. while the boys were crammed into james’ room, you and lily were sharing the guest bedroom which housed two larger twin sized beds. there was just enough space for sirius to move off your chest and to your side.
“i’m sorry, i went downstairs for a drink and i must’ve apparated to the wrong place or something-”
“clearly! how on earth did you manage that?”
“i don’t know! i’m tired, alright?” he punctuated his words with a big yawn.
“you know,” you began, a smug look growing on your face. “you have to envision where you want to go when you’re apparating. thinking of me in bed, are you now?”
sirius gulped, burning with nerves at your close proximity. “n-no! i mean, it’s not that i haven’t thought about- shit, i mean- uh, i can go now, if you want.”
you laughed breathily. “you’re good, siri.” you yawned. “maybe… maybe you should stay here for the night. i don’t want you to splinch yourself if you’re tired.”
sirius chewed his lower lip, admiring the side of your face as you fiddled with the edge of your blanket. he was wordless as he tried to steady his breathing.
you turned your head suddenly with wide eyes and met his. “you don’t have to, of course! i don’t want to make you uncomfortable, i just thought-”
“no- oh no, i mean, yes! yes, i’ll stay. i’d love- like to stay. i appreciate it,” he smiled, eyes flickering across your face. you hadn’t realized how close the two of you really were; you could easily kiss him bump heads if you leaned in. of he shuffled a bit closer to you and his thigh brushed yours. “sorry, the bed’s a little small.”
your mouth formed a little O as you scooted over as well, making more room for him. “i hadn’t realized—here, you can have some more space. you’re bigger anyway.”
the two of you awkwardly adjusted as sirius slipped under the covers. he punched the pillow a few times and cozied into a comfortable position. his body faced yours; his breath fanned over your skin.
“hey,” you whispered giddily.
“hi,” he echoed, biting his lip to stop himself from smiling too largely. sirius’ face seemed to melt into something soft—it was a vulnerability you’d never seen from him—as he gazed at you. he almost seemed to marvel at you.
“you’re so beautiful, y’know?” sirius murmured, brushing a few loose hair from your face. when he was finished, he didn’t pull his hand away. instead, he let it cup your cheek gently as he began to rub little semicircles into your skin with his thumbs.
“that means a lot, coming from the prettiest boy i know.” you placed your hand on top of his, hooking his thumb between yours to stop the movement. “my pretty boy, hm?”
your eyelids fluttered. sirius wasn’t sure if you were fully present; you looked half asleep. still, your words made his heart flutter, even though he knew he shouldn’t take them to heart.
“my best girl,” sirius cooed, slipping his hand out from under yours to wrap it around your shoulder instead. he pulled you closer to his chest and you eagerly obliged until the two of you were completely pressed together. you sighed in contentment.
sirius pressed a gentle kiss to your forehead. “g’night, lovely. i- i love you.”
you responded with a soft snore.
click! a bright flash and twinkling laughter made you open your eyes. you squinted at the harsh light—had somebody left the blinds open? you groaned, making a note for tonight.
you buried your head into your pillow, inhaling a deep breath of the potters’ laundry detergent. you knew the family was rich, but were they so rich that their detergent smelled this heavenly? they must’ve put some sort of spell on the bedding. it was rich; a little smokey, with notes of spice that reminded you of christmas cooking. you smiled to yourself, nuzzling closer. the potters were sweet to invest in something that’d make you feel welcome in their house. you’d never felt so at home.
click! another flash. a chuckle, but deeper and decidedly male. you hummed with annoyance at the interruptions.
your pillow was moving. did the potters enchant the pillows as well?
“dove?” sirius’ raspy morning voice mumbled into your ear. the vibrations tickled your skin and sent goosebumps running down your arms. 
“sirius?” you exclaimed. the ‘enchanted pillow’ was not a pillow at all, it seemed. it was your best friend longtime crush, whose body you’d been cuddling up to all night. well, shit.
“did y’get a good one?” james’ voice floated through the room.
“oi, shut up, prongs. ‘m trying to sleep,” sirius grumbled. he didn’t seem to care about the intimacy of your position. instead, he only tightened his hold on your waist and even brought his other arm to rest at the name of your neck, which allowed him to settle his chin on the crown of your head. you could hear—and feel—the steady thumping of his heart.
as you awoke, you became more aware (and more horrified) at how you’d fallen asleep. one of your legs was bent over his, and his hands were carded through the hairs at the nape of your neck.
“holy shit,” you muttered, pulling sirius’ hands off of you. “sirius, wake up. i think they’re taking pictures of us.” you looked up at james, lily, and remus. “-those little shits.”
“huh?” sirius jolted awake, his arm never leaving your waist. “what in merlin’s name-”
james snickered. “you two seem to have had a good night, eh?” he wiggled his eyebrows suggestively.
“shuddup, prongs,” sirius retorted. “get your head out of the gutter.”
“sirius…” lily ribbed, pursing her lips in amusement.
any annoyance on sirius’ face vanished and was quickly replaced by pure terror. “oh fuck,” he grimaced, before throwing the sheets off his body and running awkwardly to the bathroom while adjusting his pants.
your face heated. lily came by your side, practically in stitches, and you squeaked in shock. james went jogging after sirius, yelling suggestive comments unabashedly.
“so, what was that?” remus probed, sitting on the corner of your bed where sirius had just been laying.
“he was wearing clothes, alright? stop- don’t make this weird,” you pleaded.
“we didn’t say anything about states of undress,” lily chided, looking triumphantly at remus, who sighed.
“what’s it to you, anyway?” you pushed yourself out of bed, fussing with your hair momentarily as you tried to tame your bedhead. “‘s none of your business.”
“oh, but it is. james owes me three galleons,” lily announced. “and remus is coughing up eight sickles.”
“you bet on me?”
“well, not on you, perse,” lily backtracked. “on you and sirius’ relationship. so technically, that’s not either of you. it’s a relationship. aaaanyways, remus thought you were going to get together before summer break, i guessed during the second day of staying here, and james guessed at the end of our stay. and i was right! well, i was a couple hours off. but i still win.”
you closed your eyes, unable to process the audacity of your friends. “you lot are cheeky assholes, y’know that?”
“oh, we know. but these ‘cheeky assholes’ have blackmail now,” lily smirked.
“or, photos and a good story for your wedding,” remus piped in. lily nodded her head eagerly.
“i didn’t take you for a romantic, lupin,” you mumbled, beginning to dig through your clothes and change out of your pajamas. “what time is it, anyway?”
“nine-thirty!” lily chirped, placing emphasis on each number. “we let you two sleep in. it was cute.”
“we aren’t cute.”
“aha! so there’s a ‘we’ now!” james cheered from the doorway. sirius had returned in his normal clothes, still looking a little flustered. you averted your eyes.
“‘m gonna change. goodbye, twats.” you shuffled down the hallway. as much as you pretended to be annoyed by your meddling friends’ antics, you smiled uncontrollably as you heard them interrogate sirius next, who did a much worse job of hiding his feelings.
feelings. were there feelings? and james’ question still stood. was there a ‘we?’
“i’m starving,” james whined, clutching his stomach dramatically. “if we keep pushing off breakfast, i’m going to be too weak for quidditch season next year.”
lily rolled her eyes. “you big baby. c’mon remus, let’s leave the toddler here and make something for ourselves.” lily linked her arm through remus’ and made a big show of trotting away, with james scrambling after them desperately.
when you came to the kitchen, your friends were still fighting playfully over lily’s taunts. “i am not a big baby!” james complained.
“you’re literally throwing a fit right now!” lily laughed, shoving him with her shoulder. you laughed alongside her as you watched james stumble.
sirius, though he’d always found james’ embarrassment to be funny, didn’t laugh. he was watching you, smiling hopelessly at the way your laugh seemed to pierce his senses more sharply than the brightness of the sun, noticing the way your body shook a little from the enthusiasm of your happiness, and staring longingly at your parted lips.
remus thwaked sirius in the back of the head with the most updated copy of the daily prophet. “stop staring like a fucking idiot and do something,” he hissed. sirius found himself pushed off his chair as remus slipped in with a pencil in hand, already immersed in his crossword.
“siri, y’alright?” you giggled, noticing sirius’ unusual quietness and the odd, hazy look in his eyes.
“yeah! ‘m all good.” sirius startling slightly. “thanks, dove.”
sirius made his way beside you and again, wrapped his arm around your waist. you shivered. “are you cold?” sirius asked.
“ah- no. you’re just- you make me nervous,” you said hesitantly. 
sirius’ words were slow, calculated. “in a good way or bad way?” he looked down at you and raised his eyebrows questioningly. he bent down and lowered his voice. “‘cos i’m really hoping it’s a ‘sirius black, you give me butterflies and i’m madly in love with your charisma, luscious hair, and gorgeous face,’ type’a way.”
“ugh,” you groaned, pushing against his chest playfully as your face burned. sirius only strengthened his hold on you. “you wish, black,” you sniffed, tipping your chin up at him haughtily. but then your teasing smile dropped into something intense and genuine. you opened your mouth to speak, but no words came out. 
so, sirius did the speaking for you. cupping your pointed chin in a delicate hand, sirius lowered his head until his lips brushed over yours—just barely. he smilled, his breath warming the planes of your face as he held himself still.
pulling sirius closer down to you by the fabric of his shirt, you dusted your lips across his for a fleeting moment. you pulled away almost immediately, panicking at what you’d just done. sirius shook his head, amused, and pulled you in once more, pressing his lips against yours firmly and holding you there, supported and assured, until you melted comfortably into his mouth.
“siri…” you gasped, pulling away. “oh my merlin, sirius?” you called, chewing your kiss-swollen lip as you watched sirius sway hazily in his spot. he was muttering silent words.
“pads!” james hollered. “way to go, padfoot!” he slammed his hand into the back of sirius’ head.
“ow, what the fuck, mate?” sirius rubbed the spot that james had attacked.
“you dog!” lily shrieked, running around the counter to throw herself at you and wrangle you around excitedly. it seemed that your friends were more passionate about the kiss than you two were.
well, that wasn’t true. the two of you were a bit too dizzy to appreciate the excitement of it all.
from remus’ position at the stove, two eggs came magically whizzing through the air and cracked themselves on top of james and lily’s heads.
“moony! what the hell was that for?” lily sputtered.
“i just did a hair mask last night!” james complained.
remus rolled his eyes, nonchalantly waving his wand over the pan of scrambled eggs he was cooking. “leave the two of ‘em be. i’m sure you’ll have plenty of moments to see them snogging in the future.” remus turned towards the two of you, looking bashful. sirius had given you his hand to hold and you were fiddling with his fingers. he looked very pleased.
remus sighed exasperatedly, before turning back to his eggs. “now you two get out! you’re killing my appetite.”
you and sirius looked at each other, and with bright, childish giggles, you ran out of the kitchen with sirius on your heels. remus huffed grumpily, waving his wand again to scramble the eggs, but unbeknownst to his friends, he cracked a satisfied smile.
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timotheechlamett · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
WARNINGS: smut, dom!regulus black, dom!Sirius black, dom!james potter, sub!reader, daddy kink (barely), polygamy, voyeurism, size kink (barely)
“Oh yeah? Right there?” Sirius taunts, thrusting deep into me using his thumb to circle my clit.
“Mmm” I whine out gripping onto Regulus, hiding my face in his bicep.
“Likes it so much she can’t even form words.” Regulus grips my hair forcing me to watch Sirius’s assault on my soaking hole, “Such a good girl,” He praises snapping his hips faster, “Taking your boyfriend’s brother so well.” Sirius coos.
“S’tight Reg, fuck, she feels so good-“ Sirius grunts picking up the pace.
“Fuck- She does put on quite a show. He’s splitting her apart.” James chimes in palming his throbbing cock rubbing his precum over his length.
“F-fuck, gonna cum, Reg-“ I mewl as tears form in my eyes from the way Sirius fucks into me.
Regulus smooths down my hair, “Aww Kitten you still have me and Jamesie to fuck you silly.” He tuts, Sirius thrusts deep into me hitting just the spot I needed to release then and there.
“Daddy c-can’t t-take anymore.” I cry.
“C-can’t take it.” James mocks earning a sinister grin from the brothers, drawling out a deep moan from my throat as the brink of ecstasy pushes on.
At his words I see white, my orgasm feeling like a drop of water in a desert, my entire being in complete bliss while Reg strokes my cheek.
“Look at her, a fucked out mess already.” James almost moans pumping his length.
“You wanna be a good girl right?” Regulus questions after I come down from my high .
“Uh-huh.” I breathe out.
“Then shut the fuck up,” Regulus grips my throat as Sirius paints my insides white, “And fucking take it.” His eyes turn dark as he stares into my own.
It’s gonna be a long night.
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fairydxll · 5 months ago
sirius getting sick and trying to convince u that sitting on his face will make him feel better. and reader j wanting to make him feel better so she does it and he finishes her and just says how it was the best medicine ever <33
"please, baby," sirius pleaded with you. "it'll make me feel better."
"fine," you sighed. "but only because you're so annoying, and it'll shut you up." you slipped off your pajama shorts and climbed over sirius as he made himself comfortable underneath you.
you hovered over his face for a second, "ready?"
"oh, yeah," he said, and you noticed the shit-eating grin plastered on his face as you lowered your hips.
Immediately he began lapping at your cunt like a starved man. you nearly jumped off the bed when his lips made contact with your clit. luckily sirius had managed to slide two strong hands up your thighs and plant themselves on your hips.
his name fell from your lips repeatedly as you shook from the pleasure. sirius' tongue fucked you repeatedly, feeling like he was going as fast as humanly possible. "if you keep doing that I'm gonna come," you breathed.
suddenly you felt two fingers enter your core while his lips sucked on your clit. "fuck, siri, you're so good at that. please don't stop. don't fucking stop."
when his fingers brushed your g-spot you knew you were finished. you arched your back as the high washed over you. panting, you lazily climbed off the boy and threw yourself down on the bed next to him.
after a minute of catching your breaths, you turned to sirius and said, "feel better now?"
"fuck yes," he said. "best medicine ever!"
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velvetcloxds · a month ago
Pairing: rockstar!sirius black x fem!reader
Warnings: none that I can think of
Word count: 2k words
Summary: in which sirius black falls in love with the very girl whose heart he had to help rebuild after his best friend broke it
A/n: part 2 of come back... be here, part of my taylor swift songfics series- literally so excited that this is finally finished
Tumblr media
Sirius’ hands were entirely respectful as they held you against his chest, the group paying the gesture no mind as it was hardly an unfamiliar notion, if it were not his arms that surrounded you, it would have been Remus’ and if not his, it might have been James’ had things not taken such an odd turn a few years back. Now, however, Lily was the one that laid enclosed by the material of a plaid blanket against the curly-haired man’s side while Remus strummed unrehearsed on Sirius’ acoustic guitar- he created a senseless melody, filling the room with a carefree daze of notes flooding into the atmosphere.
It seemed like decades passed since the last time you were all in a room together, everything and nothing had changed all at once, some rather obvious such as the rings that sparkled on the couple’s fingers or the university pamphlets that poked out the pockets of that same old blazer Remus wore out of habit more than comfort. Unknown to almost everyone, or so you hoped, was the most notable change of all, you and Sirius. It had been a very unplanned turn of events for both of you, after helping you get over your feelings for James it seemed highly unlikely that you could feel that way for anyone ever again, but Sirius Black had a way of surprising you.
“Man, I can’t believe you own this place,” James noted, eyes wondering over the interior of the little bar that Sirius had bought a year after leaving Hogwarts, though the money to acquire it had his family’s name all over it, this place was entirely his, not a hint of the Blacks on any preface of it.
“It’s a quint little space,” Remus teased with a half smirk, looking up from his moving fingers to witness the exaggerated eye roll offered to him by the topic of conversation, your lips tilting into a smile as you shift against Sirius’ body to look up at him, a little squeeze to your waist indicating that he sees you.
“Oh, we’re all very proud of our little property owner,” you mused, the group laughing softly in agreement. “Who thought we’d ever witness the day that Sirius Black finally grew up to be a big boy,” you added, and your grace had passed by the time Sirius placed his drink down onto the floor, smirking as you jumped to your feet.
“Watch yourself, trouble,” he warned, sitting back against the stage, watching with sparkling eyes as you collected the empty beer bottles, making quite a show of your distant steps as you shifted around the scattered cushions that were stolen from broken barstools for the group to sit on. “I know where you live,” he mused and shook his head when you stuck your tongue out as a reply before scurrying off into the back to retrieve more of the good beer from his hidden stash.
Sirius missed the pairs of eyes that followed his every move once it was only the four of them, Remus’ strumming coming to a halt while he watched his friend pull a cigarette from his pocket, attention still far from the room as he listened to you singing one of the songs he’d performed during his set. 
“Pads,” James began, looking at Remus for confirmation to continue before moving his body and Lily’s into a more functional position.
“What?” Sirius hummed, pausing with the unlit cigarette between his lips when he found everyone to be looking at him, instantly sighing when he realized where this was heading. “I don’t want to hear it,” he defended instantly, waving a hand in the air before making a motion to demand Remus give him a lite.
“Well, you’re going to,” Lily was the one to speak, pushing herself away from James to steal the lighter from Remus before Sirius could get it. “Sirius Black, you’re either completely blind or dafter than I realized because that girl is so in love with you it’s sickening,” the utter bluntness of her statement took Sirius by surprise, the scoff from his lips coming out breathless as he looked away.
“You’re as subtle as ever, Evans,” he sighed and shook his head as he turned back to find a satisfied smile on her lips. “And wrong, for that matter,” he defended simply, shrugging, attempting to convince himself more than anyone else as he heard the familiar string of profanities echo from the back, a result of you walking right into that broken corner of the bottom shelf he refused to fix. “It’s not like that, we’re friends.”
“No, we’re friends,” James budded in with a tut, stealing the cigarette from the rocker’s lips before flicking it across the room. “And you’ve never looked at me like that.”
“Oh yeah? You jealous, Prongs?” James was about to answer, prepared to give the argument of his life about why he thought you two were perfect for each other, how he wanted more than anything for you to be happy with someone who loved you the way he wished he could back at Hogwarts, but he was interrupted by the sight of you stumbling back into the bar, smiling bashfully as Sirius jumped up to take the sixpack of beers from your hands.
“You have to fix that counter, Siri,” you breathed, falling right back into his lap when he guided you down with him, huffing hair out of your face as he used his rings to open your bottle. “I’ve got a bruise to remember every visit by now.”
“Good,” he smirked, stealing a sip from your drink before handing it to you with a wink. “Don’t want you forgetting me when you’re out there on the other side of the world,” you scrunched your nose at that, thankful that Remus started playing again, less you’d have noticed the long, painfully obvious looks that James and Lily were giving you.
The night ended far sooner than anyone wanted, planes to be caught and dreams to be followed, and before you knew it you were wiping the steam from the half-broken mirror in Sirius’ bathroom, fighting a smile as you gripped the towel around your body, realizing quite quickly that your plans to stay at a hotel were null and void.
Sirius placed a glass of whiskey down on the bedside table, making sure you noticed the way his eyes traveled over your bare legs before returning his attention to the notebook in his hand. There was an absent smile dancing on your lips as you sauntered towards him, stilling next to him as he reached over to offer his glass to you.    
“All freshened up?” he mused, smirk evident in his voice as he scribbled some words onto the page, thoughtlessly moving his feet to the music floating about the little makeshift bedroom, knowing that you’d soon enough pick up on the specific record he’d chosen.
“Couldn’t help but notice that my clothes were missing,” you noted, humming softly as you sipped at the cold liquid, reveling in the familiar taste and smell that never failed to remind you of the very man sitting all too comfortably waiting for you.  
“Strange,” he shrugged, closing the notebook to meet your waiting gaze, eyes ambling down your body as soon as he had the chance, appreciating the familiar sight of his shirt draped on you. “Found a nice replacement?”
“Decent enough,” you teased, and he shook his head, retaking the drink from your hands to steal a rather large slip. “I wasn’t planning on staying the night, Siri,” you informed him, ignoring the way your cheeks heated up at the lie, knowing you’d never say no to spending more time with him, knowing that you were already considering what he’d make you for breakfast. “Move over,” you demanded as if giving in to some imaginary fight that was never had because why on earth would you say no to his silent demand?
“Thought so,” he noted and was more than willing to leave his arms open for your body, hand falling to your upper thigh when you moved your leg over his, always hesitant to give in but more than willing to be enveloped by him once you did. “Did you enjoy yourself?” he demanded with a gentle hum, instantly drifting into a comfortable state with you so close to him, rings cold against your bare skin as he brushed his hand up and down your leg, other hand moving stray hairs from your face to see you, smiling to himself at how peaceful you looked.
“Yeah,” you breathed, reaching over to steal his hand from your face, fiddling with his fingers, not entirely sure why but he didn’t mind, happily watching you shift his rings around in place, kissing the metal in between thoughts. “Was nice seeing everyone again,” you continued, smiling when you noticed he was staring, he always was, could never get enough of you like this, in his bed, in his clothes- was enough to rob him of all sanity, but that innocent smile restored his senses, he was reminded instead how right Lily Evans was- reminded how much he truly did love you.
“Will you stay?” he asked suddenly, surprising you, a confused scoff meeting his ears as you looked up at him through your lashes, trying to understand.
“I’m already in your bed, Siri, what more do you want?” you attempted, heart racing purely at the way his eyes surveyed your own, as if he was trying to tell you what his words couldn’t, what his heart begged him not to- he realized once again how utterly terrifying it must’ve been when you told James how you felt- his own heart was racing now, running away from him as you moved to sit up, hovering over him in a way you’d done many times before so he had no idea why it had him this nervous. “You okay?” you worried, moving a hand to his neck, frowning at the rabid beat that drummed against your fingers.
“Stay,” he repeated, leaning into your hand as it moved up his face, cupping his cheek- he had to stop himself from closing his eyes, groaning lightly at the soft gesture that affected his whole body. “For good,” he explained, and your eyes largened at the realization, stiffening when his hands gripped your waist.
“You mean?” you were breathless, not thinking as you moved your thumb over his cheek, soothing him, soothing you. “People will talk, rockstar,” you hummed, and he scoffed, tightening his hold as if you’d bolt out of reach and maybe you would’ve if he was anyone else, but he wasn’t, he was Sirius- your Sirius.
“Let them talk,” he shrugged, and you giggled lightly, hell what else could you do when the man you loved was laying under you, looking at you like that, asking you that- it was enough to make you doubt reality, doubt your consciousness but it was real, and you had no idea how to take it.
“Okay,” you concurred, shrugging as well as you looked down at him, gaze dazed, dreamlike as the world tried to fall back into place around you, shifting out under your feet as you smiled at him in complete obliviousness- complete oblivion right in his eyes, dancing on his lips, “Now you kiss me,” you noted, nodding lightly as you pushed down onto his bottom lip with your finger, knowing it would push him to do it.
“Is that what you want, trouble?” he teased though he was holding himself back in order to do so, stopping himself from giving into you completely as he had been doing for every second of every day since seventh year.
“To begin with.”
harry potter taglist: @mirclealignr @moonbcrry @oliverwoodmarrymepls @saintlike78 @cupids-crystals @scarlet-prey @fandom-life-12 @natashxromanovf @justreadingficsdontmindme @alexxavicry @lillytoyourjames @murdockcastleslut @onyourgoddamnleft @eichenhouseproperty @wrathspoet
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urmommies--girl · 6 months ago
Anon: More horny? Like, idk, maybe Stepdad Sirius hearing you on the phone to your friend about how your boyfriend can’t make you cum and you have to fake it so he shows you how a real man fucks?
A//N: y’all straight up have issues…
Warnings: 18+ only, Smut, Dark!Stepdad Sirius x sub!Reader, cheating, unprotected sex (wrap it before you tap it y’all), breeding kink (kinda?), p in v, praise and degradation, masturbation, stepcest, Older Sirius Black, r is of age, innocence kink
Word Count: 1.4k
“I don’t know… I mean- he keeps fucking me but I always have to fake it when I cum.” You complained into your phone, “I don’t see why you’re still with him honestly.” Your friend responded, “Well- I love him…I think.” You mumbled the last part, “What about your hot stepdad?” She mused, you blushed at the mention of him, “Sirius?” You spluttered, “Yeah- well I mean I guess he’s hot but he’s my stepdad!”.
“You know maybe he could fuck you.” Your friend suggested with a laugh causing you to blush furiously, “I wish.” You sighed into the device, “Oh come on, he’s totally into you. I’ve seen the way he looks at you.” You could hear the grin in her voice, “I’ll remind you again. He is my stepdad!” You yelled at her, she chortled another laugh, “Right he’s your daddy.”, you whined in frustration, “I’m hanging up on you now.”.
As you set your phone down you rolled onto your back with a sigh. ‘Sirius was moderately attractive.’ You thought, eyebrows furrowing as a dirty thought crossed your mind, ’No, no. It wouldn’t be right. He’s your stepdad.’ The thoughts continued to flow your mind. Few rational ones coming across.
You were so caught up in your thoughts that you had allowed you hands to slip into your panties as you rubbed quick circles on your clit, bucking up into your own hand at dirty thoughts of your stepfather.
Unbeknownst to you, said stepdad was smirking as he stood outside your door, listening to your pretty cries of his name.
Sirius had originally come upstairs to ask you about dinner when he heard your conversation about him with your friend. He didn’t mean to pry of course- actually he very much did. Sirius knew he shouldn’t have naughty thoughts about his much younger stepdaughter but how could he help it? She was practically whoring herself out to him. Wearing slutty tank tops around the house that barely covered those pretty tits of hers.
As his mind traveled further down the rabbit hole he heard an especially loud cry come from you, pulling his mind out of the gutter. Sirius took this as the perfect opportunity to walk into your room.
The door opened and you immediately sat up, removing your hand from your panties and covering the spot of cum with a blanket.
“Everything ok in here, pup? Heard you call out for me.” Sirius’s deep voice rung through your ears as you tried to recollect yourself, “uh- y-yeah. E-everything’s fine, Mr Black.” You mentally cursed yourself for being so formal, he would’ve seen right through you.
“Mr Black, aye? Haven’t heard that in a while. Surely somethings the matter, puppy.” He mused, shutting the door behind him as he walked towards you.
You blushed more as he continued to walk closer, stopping only when he stood above you.
Sirius’s finger hooked under your chin, forcing you to look up at him as you gulped nervously, “Were you planning on telling me about these little fantasies of yours?”, You were confused for a moment before he tore your blanket away to reveal the white patch on the bed.
“Sirius it’s not what you think-“ You tried but were silence by one of his fingers against your lips, he tutted at you, “S’not my name is it princess?” He hummed, you gulped again, “N-no daddy.” You corrected, forcing your eyes away from his piercing black ones, “hmm. Better. But I think I should make sure you remember that.” He smirked.
His words confused you but then you were pushed back on the bed as he hovered over you, “Sirius-“ you realised your error at his hard glare and were quick to correct yourself, “daddy what are you doing?” You asked.
“Whatever that dumb brain wants me to do.” He flicked your forehead teasingly causing you to pout in annoyance, “Now, how about you start by telling me what you were imagining daddy doing to you.”.
You looked to the side as you contemplated whether you should tell him or not.
“I want you to make me cum. Properly. I wanna- wanna cum on your cock.” You inhaled sharply as the wetness grew more between your thighs, Sirius scoffed a laugh, “Can’t your boyfriend do that for you? Or have you been saving yourself for daddy?”.
Sirius’s hand landed a slap on your pussy when you didn’t respond to him, “Answer me, pup. Don’t wanna punish you.” He definitely did just not before he got to fuck you.
“He- he can’t. My boyfriend doesn’t make me cum. He get’s himself off and I have to fake it.” You explained, a faux pout formed on your stepfathers lips, “That won’t do now will it? Let daddy show you how a real man fucks.”
You gasped as your felt the cool air hit your cunt with the loss of fabric covering your sensitive areas, “You know, I’m a little disappointed your not a virgin although I hardly think that will matter since this cunt is probably too tight to even get a proper cock in you.” The laugh came out taunting and mocking as Sirius teased your entrance with his fingers.
“Don’t even think I need to prep you. Y’did that all on your own like a good girl, s’nt that right?” He hummed, you could only nod in response but that wasn’t enough for Sirius, “Answer me, poppet.”, “S’right daddy. I did it by myself.” You mumbled, “Tell me. What did you do all by yourself?” He quoted, of course he already knew the answer but seeing the humiliation it brought you made it so much better.
“I fingered myself so then you don’t have to.”, the proud smirk that fell upon your stepfathers lips made you shiver.
“And you know what that means? Means I can fuck you straight away.” He mused, you whimpered in response, “Please fuck me, daddy. Need it so bad.” You begged the older man above you.
Sirius cooed gently as he wiped a stray tear from your eyes, “M’gonna fuck you so good, petal. Make you my little fucktoy.” He kissed your forehead gently.
His belt came off along with his trousers and shirt, “Y’gonna be a good girl and let me use you now?”, you nodded desperately, “Yes- fuck- please daddy, want you to use me.” You whimpered pathetically.
“That’s my good slut.” And with that he sheathed himself inside you, encouraging a wanton moan from your throat, “Knew you’d be tight but fuck- your squeezing me like a fucking vice.” He gasped out as he reached a sensitive spot inside you.
Sirius began to thrust in and out of you at a rough and brutal pace, you guessed you would probably end up with a bruised cervix by the end of the night.
The sound of slapping skin filled the room as your hips were met with Sirius’s, “F-feels good daddy.” You moaned softly, “Feels good, puppy? Just needed a real man to- shit- fuck you?” He said in between grunts.
“Yes daddy. Jus’ needed a real man to make my pussy feel good.” You answered.
You grabbed Sirius’s hair for dear life as you pulled roughly on the roots, enticing pleasured moans from the raven haired man above you, caught up in the moment you subconsciously trailed your nails up and down his back, driving Sirius absolutely feral and making him fuck you harder than before.
“Daddy m’gonna cum! Can I please cum?” You screamed out as your legs wrapped tightly around his torso.
“Let go for me, pup. Need to feel it. Go on, let go for daddy.” He groaned out, using his own hand to knead the soft flesh of your breasts.
With his words you came all over his cock, squeezing him tight enough that you practically milked him for all he had, “Fuck yes- you feel so good. M’gonna fill you up so good.” He whispered in your ear as he fucked himself through his own orgasm.
The room quieted as Sirius fell to your side, “What would your mother say?” He teased as the first words since he pulled out, you let out a soft giggle, “Let’s maybe not tell her, daddy. She might have a heart attack.” You innocence made Sirius want to take you all over again but he refrained, instead pulling you closer towards him.
“Such a good little puppy for me. Always such a good puppy.” His voice was hushed as you slowly drifted off to sleep.
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shyposttree · a month ago
Why? {S.B.}
✰ 𝐖𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬: none just a bunch of nosy mfs honestly
✰ 𝐏𝐚𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬: Sirius Black x fem!reader
✰ 𝐖𝐨𝐫𝐝 𝐂𝐨𝐮𝐧𝐭: 650
✰ 𝐒𝐮𝐦𝐦𝐚𝐫𝐲: Just teasing Harry for liking redheads.
✰ 𝐀/𝐍: Requested by @ell0ra-br3kk3r and I would like to remind everyone to pretty please send in requests Moodboard isn't mine, I found it on Google.
Tumblr media
You, Lily, and Marlene were cooking and setting the table as James, Remus and Sirius cleaned up. Harry was sitting at the table, leaning on his hand with a dopey smile.
"So... Who's the lucky lady?" You asked, setting a plate in front of him.
Harry quickly snapped out of his daze at the question. "What? Aunt (Y/N), how'd you do that?"
You laughed at his surprise and set the plates down next to you. "I'm friends with your dad and Uncle Moony. Also married to Uncle Padfoot. I know a few things about love mate," You told him sassily.
"Who's in love?" James asked, popping
"No one's in love!" Harry yelled, accidentally drawing more attention from people in the house.
You, being the greatest aunt that you are, ratted him out. "Harry is!"
"Merlin (Y/N), why?" Harry asked.
"OoOooooOOOoO! With whom?" Sirius asked, sitting on the table next to Harry. He was swatted off by Marlene and he settled for leaning on the table instead.
Haary blushed at Sirius' teasing. "It's nobody Padfoot."
Sirius scoffed. "Guess who tried pulling that with me?" He asked the younger boy.
"Me." You, James, Remus, and Marlene said at the same time. You all looked at each other weirdly before shrugging and looking at Harry again.
"And guess who found out every single time?" Sirius asked smugly.
"Padfoot." You, Harry, James, Remus, and Marlene said in unison once more.
"Because who's the relationship expert?" Sirius asked, pointing at himself.
Lily swatted Sirius' head with a rolled up newspaper. "Not you! Stop teaching my son it's okay to pry." She said, shooing everyone away from Harry's seat.
"Lily! No fun!" Sirius complained.
Lily had brushed the hair out of Harry's face and kissed her son's cheek. "It's okay dear, you don't have to tell them. If you want to tell me because I'm your mother then I wouldn't complain though." Lily said, patting his cheek lovingly.
"Mom..." Harry said, clearly embarrassed.
"I'm just saying. I don't mean to meddle in your life, you are a growing boy after all and-" Lily was cut off by a very red Harry.
"Fine, I'll tell you. As long as you do not continue that sentence in front of everyone." Harry said, sighing heavily.
Everyone cheered since they had finally, finally, broken Harry.
"It's Ginny Weasley." Harry mumbled, looking away from everyone.
"Molly's daughter?" You asked. Everyone just looked at you like "Huh?" including Harry.
"How did you know?" He asked, baffled that you knew someone so much older than you.
"Who do you think taught me everything I know about cooking? She was my neighbor when I was younger. We still keep in touch," You explained.
Harry hit his head at himself for not realizing sooner. "That actually explains a lot."
Remus put his hands up as a "pause" signal. "Wait wait wait, you mean Weasley as in, the family full of reheads?"
"Yeah why?" Harry asked.
Remus couldn't stop the laugh that came out of him. "What is it with you Potter's and red hair?" He asked through his laughter.
"Yeah mate, wa'n't your mum's hair red too?" Sirius sked James.
Lily fixed James' glasses for him. "Must be something in the water then. They've lived in Godric's Hollow for generations, maybe they've mutated," She teased.
"Why is this my life?" Harry asked, laying his head on his arms.
Marlene patted his back encouragingly. "Because you're Prongs' son Harry. This was meant to be."
"Merlin. Shut up guys..." Harry tried, lifting his head up.
Marlene tried giving him a hug. "It's okay hon, this will only be brought up at every family gathering."
Harry huffed. "You mean forever?"
"Yes." Everyone told him.
. . .
𝓣𝓪𝓰𝓵𝓲𝓼𝓽: @my-my-only-angel
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the-marauders-world · a month ago
*On the phone*
James: Hey padfoot!
Sirius: prongs.
James: Come home
Sirius: What?Why?!
Sirius: Look i-i cant! What's going on?
James: i dont know how to tell you this but uh...- i think Y/n's CHEATING ON YOU!! I told you you shouldn't have married someone so much hotter than you!
Y/n: *trying not to laugh*
James: All right look if you can't come home and deal with this then i'm gonna-
Sirius: NO!
James (gasps): I just heard him!
Sirius (quietly): Can you hear him now?
James: No.
Sirius: Alright.
James: I'm going in-
Sirius: NO WAIT!
James(gasps): I heard him again!
Sirius: All right just stay there. I'm coming home, okay?
James: Great i'll see you when you get here. I'm gonna wait out in the hall in case the dude comes out.
Sirius, tiredly: Is that really necessary?
James: Absolutely! You'd do it for me Not that you ever have to because, i know how to keep my women satisfied!
Y/n: *falls off the bed, laughing.*
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cloudspotterclub · a month ago
push and pull (s.b.)
Tumblr media
Pairing: sirius x fem!reader
Summary: Sirius isn't used to rejection, especially not from you. While he claims his feelings are genuine, you aren't keen on trusting him just yet. As the Christmas ball approaches, the two of you struggle to contain your growing emotions, and you can only stay away from each other for so long.
Word Count: 5.1k
Warnings: fluff, angst, lots of pining
a/n: Oh, to spend a cozy Christmas at Hogwarts with the marauders. I think this is my first fic where all of them actually get a line lmao.
You frowned at the pages of notes sprawled out on the table before you, knuckling at your drooping eyelids. “Do you want to go over anything else? I think I’m heading to bed in a bit.”
Remus looked up from his seat across from you. “Hit that wall, have you?”
You smiled apologetically. “I know it’s barely eight o’clock, but I can’t physically retain any more information. Sorry, Remus.”
The tall boy shook his head, already starting to gather his belongings. “There’s no need to apologize, I think we’ve covered more than enough for one night. Are you sleepy-tired or just study-tired?”
“Definitely just study-tired.”
“Alright,” Remus had moved on to gathering your belongings as well, “common room or Great Hall?”
The two of you balanced your books in your arms as you led the way to the Great Hall, eager to see if there was anything sweet to munch on. Peter and James were so busy devouring leftover dinner scraps, they didn’t even notice you. Both boys had gravy dripping down their chins, oblivious to Lily and the several other girls watching them in disgust from a few feet away.
“They can be quite barbaric,” Remus observed.
“On second thought, let’s just head to the common room. I’ve suddenly lost my appetite.”
You and Remus walked in silence to the Gryffindor common room, which was typical of the both of you. As you climbed the steps towards the Fat Lady, Remus nudged you.
“You know, Sirius is probably in there waiting for you,” he said.
You sighed. “I truly hope he isn’t. But he’s not really the type to back down, is he?”
Remus was right—the second you stepped foot into the room, you saw a mop of dark hair perk up from one of the sofas.
“Moony! Where’ve you been, mate?” He came bounding towards Remus, giving him a pat on the shoulder. He then turned to you as if he’d just noticed you. “Oh, hey, doll. Didn’t see you there.”
Remus rolled his eyes. “I told you Y/N and I were going to study at the library. You knew that.”
Sirius shrugged. “Must’ve slipped my mind. How’d it go? Learn anything new about Snargaluffs?”
An amused smile settled on your face as you pushed past him and went to sit near the fireplace. “We finished learning about Snargaluff pods last week, Sirius. Do you ever pay any attention in Herbology?”
Sirius appeared undeterred as he planted himself beside you, slinging an arm over the back of the sofa.  He shot you a grin, cocking an eyebrow. “How could I when you’re in that class?”
You gave him a stern stare. “Turns out I’m sleepy-tired. Goodnight, Rem,” you said only to Remus before making your way towards the girls’ dormitories.
Remus laughed as he plopped down next to his frowning friend. “Wow, I reckon you’ve just set a new record, Padfoot. You had her bolting out of here in less than two minutes.”
Sirius groaned, slapping his hand over his eyes. “I don’t get what I’m doing wrong. You said she likes me back.”
“No, I said she’s always liked you. The problem with that is she’s seen you, the boy she fancies, snogging everyone else for the last six years. You have to understand how odd it feels for her to suddenly be the object of your attention when you’ve only ever treated her like one of your mates. I don’t blame her for not trusting you.”
Sirius fiddled with his thumbs, hating the way Remus spelled out the truth for him. “How do I get her to trust me then? I’ve tried everything.”
Remus eyed him skeptically. Sirius had indeed tried all his usual tactics on you, but they were the same tactics he’d used on all his short-lived flings. By no means did Sirius ever intend to use anyone, but his relationships just never seemed to last past a couple of weeks.
“Why don’t you ask her yourself?”
“You saw what happens when I try to talk to her, Moony.”
Remus gave him a pat on the knee. “Talk to her like a real person.”
As you walked into Potions the next morning, you were surprised to find Sirius already seated in the otherwise empty classroom. You usually came to class half an hour early, it gave you time to calm your mind before the other students streamed in. Sirius was the opposite, and often arrived just before class began if Remus didn’t drag him in earlier.
You considered your options, deciding it’d probably be weirder if you pretended he wasn’t there. You composed yourself before sliding into the seat beside him.
A grin instantly took over his face. “Moony wasn’t kidding when he said you come to class early.”
“Is that what this is? A ploy to corner me?” you said, digging your quill and parchment out of your bag.
“What? No, I just wanted to—”
“Relax, Sirius,” you giggled. “What is it that you want to talk about?”
Sirius had never felt more flustered as his eyes darted around the room. “Oh, uh, I talked to Moony last night. He said you don’t trust me.”
You paused, directing your focus away from arranging your stationery and onto Sirius’ face. It was rare that you saw him look so uncertain, and you suddenly felt guilty at the way you had stormed off the night before.
You bit your lip. “I trust you, Sirius. You’re a good friend.”
You sucked in a breath when he reached for your hand, stopping you from pulling at the loose thread in your skirt. You regretted the way your head snapped up at the contact. The second you met his gray eyes, you were at his mercy.
Sirius delicately took your hand in his, looking at you with such intensity you thought you might’ve been in one of your daydreams. “I don’t wanna be just friends, Y/N. I really, really like you. I was hoping you might like me too.”
You struggled to gather your thoughts, frozen in his hold.
Of course you liked Sirius. You couldn’t help it. He was too brave for his own good, teetering on reckless most times, but always in the name of defending his friends. You wished he’d put his talents to better use than pulling cheap pranks on Slytherins, but you couldn’t deny he was one of the most skilled wizards of your year. Not to mention how devastatingly charming he could be in his own, rough-around-the-edges sort of way.
You took a deep breath. “Sirius, of course I like you.”
His grip on your hand tightened, and he leaned his body closer to yours. “Really?”
You almost didn’t have the heart to say anything else when you saw the way his face lit up at your words. “But I don’t want to be with you.”
The smile dropped from his face. “Why not?”
“Because I don’t want our relationship to end after a couple weeks. I can’t go back to being friends with you if you break my heart. It hurts enough that you’ve only decided to return my feelings now, and apparently out of nowhere, when I had no choice but to like you since we were eleven.”
With one last sad smile, you turned back to the notes in front of you, effectively ending the conversation.
Sirius was stunned into silence. He had no idea you’d thought of him that way, and it hurt a little that you were so sure of these assumptions you’d made about him.
A few weeks earlier, Sirius had attended one of James’ quidditch practices with Peter and several other Gryffindor boys in their year. He wasn’t paying much attention to the drills the team was doing on the snowy field, when he saw you and Remus enter the arena.
One of the boys, he couldn’t remember which, had said, “Y/N’s always with Remus. You think they’re dating?”
Sirius scoffed at the thought, but didn’t interject.
“Nah, mate, they’re always just reading or somethin’,” another boy responded.
The first boy eyed you as you made your way towards them. “Huh, think I’ve got a shot, then?”
A third boy snorted, “No way, she’d never go for you. Definitely out of your league.”
The conversation died down as you and Remus reached them and greeted everyone.
Your cheeks were bright pink as you smiled at Sirius, “Hi, Siri.”
“Hey, doll, you cold? C’mere.” He gave you a gentle smile and patted the spot next to him.
You obediently sat beside him, and he immediately wrapped his scarf around your neck. As he worked on securing the knot, his eyes dragged over your flushed face. Snowflakes dotted your hair and eyelashes, and you were shivering slightly despite the heavy layers of clothing that drowned your figure.
After thanking him for the scarf, you turned and watched the quidditch field silently for the rest of the afternoon.
Sirius, on the other hand, was suddenly even less interested in watching James. His body was turned towards the arena, but his eyes snuck glances at you every few seconds. Those boys had implanted a thought in his mind that Sirius hadn’t realized he was capable of having.
In that moment, he had allowed himself to indulge in the idea that maybe, possibly, you had been the girl for him all along.
Since that day, Sirius had shifted all his energy towards flirting with you. He’d thought it’d be easy—he always had a sense that you looked at him in a different way than you looked at James, Remus, or Peter. He was stumped when his efforts backfired and had the opposite effect; you began distancing yourself from him instead. Where you were shy and quiet, but always kind to him before, you suddenly became sarcastic and dismissive. You were still nice, but something about it felt insincere.
After your outright rejection today, he was at a complete loss. He didn’t speak to you for the rest of class, only giving you a small nod when you’d asked if he was okay half an hour into the lecture.
You were used to him not paying attention, but the silence was new. Usually, he’d be passing notes to James—who sat right by him with Lily—or doodling on the pages of his books. You felt horrible about it, but you were also relieved that he finally seemed to receive the message.
In the coming days, Sirius seemed to be actively avoiding you.
You walked into the Great Hall one day, finding him and James already seated next to each other for lunch. You waved off the hazy cloud that always came over you at the sight of the raven-haired boy, and sat across from them.
“Hey, guys. Where’s Lily?” You asked, dropping your books with a thump that seemed to startle Sirius. You tried not to look at him, but you still saw the way he shifted uncomfortably the second you sat down.
James didn’t seem to notice. “Dragged Moony off to practice charms a while ago. Told her to take Wormy too, he makes for a great test subject.”
You tutted at him. “Don’t be mean, James. Peter tries so hard to please you.”
“What’s it to you, Y/N? I just meant he’s good for this sort of stuff,” James huffed, running a hand through his already-messy hair. “I know he does. I appreciate him.”
You hummed in response, cracking open your copy of A History of Magic. You tried to focus on the section on wandlore, but you couldn’t shake the feeling of eyes on you. You looked up just in time to see Sirius avert his eyes to the wall behind you. You dropped your gaze back down to your book.
Sirius abruptly stood from his seat. “Uh, Prongs, I think I’m just going to go take a nap.”
James tilted his head in confusion. “Why? You went to bed earlier than Wormtail last night.”
Sirius was quickly backing away. “I know, I’m just not hungry. I’ll see you in Transfiguration.”
“But it’s steak and kidney pudding day!” James called after him, but Sirius was already gone.
You debated going after him, but you feared what might happen if he got the sense he had a chance with you. Even after he had gone, you still had trouble absorbing the information in your book. You were stuck replaying the short interaction you just had. If that was any indication of the effect he had on you, you knew you couldn’t trust yourself around him yet.
Sirius was mortified at the way he had behaved around you. When did he become a stuttering, unsure mess? He was fine just days ago. Up until you’d said what you said to him.
He groaned in frustration as he stuffed his face into his pillow. He should be over it by now, but he wasn’t. Perhaps his ego was bruised. Maybe he wouldn’t feel so awful if you hadn’t been so sorry, so pitying about the whole ordeal. Like you felt sorry he wasn’t the man you wanted him to be.
It all felt so wrong, and that feeling wasn’t fading in the slightest.
He’d always tried to be a good friend to you, or at least he thought he did. He spent hours walking around the castle with you during O.W.L.s last year when you were too stressed to do anything else, listening to your incoherent rants about the public school system. He defended you when he overheard a couple of Ravenclaws mocking your half-blood status, yelling at them with such anger they ran away. And he always kept you warm during James’ quidditch matches.
He didn’t want to think too hard about the possibility that he’d grown a lot more fond of you than he realized. That maybe he’d felt like this far longer than he thought, and what those damned Gryffindor boys said was just the wakeup call he needed.
He had to face the truth. He had completely lost control of his feelings before he’d even noticed they were there.
You were spending another late night in the Gryffindor common room with Remus, the library having closed an hour ago. You were huddled on the edge of the sofa closest to the fire, attempting to ease the cold bite of winter that somehow managed to creep in past the castle’s stone walls.
Tonight was one of the rare instances where Remus yawned first.
Your lips turned up at this. “You should go to bed, Rem. If I come across anything important, I’ll tell you tomorrow morning.”
“You sure, Y/N? I can hold out for a little while longer,” he claimed, but he was already reaching for his bag.
You waved him off with a smile and returned to your notes as he exited the room. Truth be told, you were sleepy as well, but you felt guilty that Remus had been doing the bulk of the work lately, and you wanted to offer your notes to him for once.
That didn’t work out too well, as half an hour later you had dozed off on the arm of the sofa with your legs tucked under you.
Sirius rubbed his eyes as he trotted down the stairs from the boys’ dormitories in search of a novel that could get him to sleep. Instead, what he found was you fast asleep by the fireplace.
He considered returning to his room. He didn’t want to deal with the awkward interaction that he’d surely have to partake in if you woke up, but it didn’t seem like that would happen any time soon. He crept up to the bookshelf, picking out the book with the most boring title he could find. He quickly snuck back towards the staircase, but a sudden creak in the floorboards stopped him in his tracks.
You stirred at the loud sound, cracking one eye open to see a figure standing before you. Your voice was heavy with sleep, “Siri?”
His heart panged at the sound of the nickname and the fact that you were directly addressing him for the first time in a while.
“Hey, doll,” he said softly, “what’re you doing out here?”
You weren’t all the way awake as you mumbled, “Was studying with Rem.”
He frowned at the pages of parchment scattered on the floor under you. “You should probably head to bed. Don’t want McGonagall finding you out here past curfew, hm?”
“But the notes,” you grumbled.
“You’re barely awake, doll, what’re you gonna do with the notes?”
You sighed, the action seeming to lull you back into sleep.
Sirius chuckled, sitting on the floor in front of you to gather the parchment and books that had slid off your lap. He could have Remus return them to you the next day. He peered up at you, his stomach twisting a little. He missed talking to you. He missed being around you. He just wanted to be close to you again without all the weirdness, but now he knew for sure it wouldn’t be enough to go back to the way things were. He craved more, but he wasn’t about to push you into it.
Sirius pushed his bedroom door open, neatly organizing your things on Remus’ nightstand. Pausing, he thought back to the way your body shivered despite being by the fire, and he decided to go back downstairs one last time.
Just before ten o’clock, you startled awake, puzzled to find all your belongings gone and a thick blanket draped over you.
“That looks amazing on you, Lily!” You exclaimed, admiring the sparkling emeralds on her floor-length gown.
She made a face in the mirror. “I don’t know, is it too much? James insisted, said wearing it could be my Christmas present for him. Would you believe his mum got it for me?”
You smiled a little. Sometimes, you thought James could be spiteful, but he was always sweet towards Lily. “I think it’s perfect. It goes great with your hair.”
She sighed, turning around to face you. “Well, I think you look incredible. I wish I had your complexion—I could never pull off pink.”
You glanced down at yourself. You had on a simple baby pink prom dress your muggle mother had picked out with you that summer. It was definitely more modern than Lily’s heavier gown, and probably most of the other girls’ dresses.
You shrugged. “At least you’ve got a date.”
“You could’ve had one too if you weren’t so against dating Sirius.”
You stopped at the mention of Sirius, recalling the mysterious blanket you’d discovered on you a week ago. Remus refused to confirm or deny whose it was.
“I’m not against dating Sirius. I mean, I’ve liked him forever. I just don’t think he’s capable of being as infatuated with me. He’d get bored.”
Lily gave you an unconvinced stare. “Hasn’t it been a month since you turned him down? I’ve never seen him go longer than two days without snogging someone, but all he’s done since then is mope. James keeps complaining that he’s no fun anymore, which is exactly what Sirius said about James when he was making a fool of himself chasing after me. Sirius didn’t even ask anyone to the Christmas ball, you know.”
“Yeah, but Lil, James has always made it clear he’s mad about you. Sirius never even paid attention to me until a month ago,” you reasoned.
“Well, I know that’s not true. He never calls anyone else ‘doll’ or offers up items of clothing for extra warmth. He’s just been flirtier in an obvious way lately. Maybe what bothers you is he’s treating you the way he treats his flings now, and it’s not special.”
Your eyebrows pinched together. “Okay, but he said he literally just decided to like me back.”
“Did he, Y/N? Or did you say that?”
You thought back to your conversation in Potions class and realized Lily was right. Those were your words, not his.
She continued, “I wish you’d let yourself be happy. Even if it is with a marauder.”
The Great Hall was nearly unrecognizable as you stepped into it. Every surface gleamed as though coated with ice and snow, with beautiful ice sculptures lining the walls leading to the massive Christmas tree at the end of the room. The band played cheery music, and the dance floor was already filled with students and staff spinning to the upbeat tune.
“Oh, there’s James!” Lily grabbed your arm, dragging you over to the refreshment table where James and Peter were.
They both had on similar dress robes, but details like Peter’s crooked bow made him appear less put together than the taller boy. Still, they both surprised you with how polished they looked.
You all exchanged greetings, and you soon found yourself scanning the room. While the girls all wore beautiful gowns that showed off their personal style, most of the boys were dressed similarly, and you had a hard time distinguishing them from each other.
“They said they’d be here soon, Y/N, don’t worry,” Peter snickered, breaking your trance.
You turned crimson at the insinuation. “Right. I’m going to get us all drinks.”
As you whipped around, you smacked straight into someone. “Oh, I’m sorry I—”
“Hi,” Sirius said quietly, an uncertain smile on his face as he gazed down at you.
You just about pissed yourself. He was stunning. He had on the same dress robes as everyone else, but there was no chance you’d ever lose him in a crowd. His handsome face was brought out even more with his long locks tucked behind his ears. Pressed up against his chest, you noticed just how much taller he was than you. And how he smelled of leather and honey.
You were too flustered to even notice the way his breath caught at the sight of you.
You slowly peeled yourself away from him, fighting every instinct in your body.
“Hey,” you coughed, stepping back to look at Remus. “You guys look great.”
“Sure we do,” Remus teased. “Come on Peter, let’s have a look at the snack table.”
You hadn’t even realized James and Lily had left for the dance floor in the time you were ogling Sirius. And now you were alone with him.
Your eyes were locked on the floor as you stiffly stood beside him.
He glanced at you and cleared his throat, “Y/N, do you want—”
Your head snapped up to see Sirius clenching his jaw. You followed his glare to find Severus Snape at the receiving end of it.
The sullen boy silently maneuvered around the two of you to reach for a drink.
“Watch your hands, Snivellus,” Sirius threatened.
His tone was making you nervous. “Sirius, come on, let’s just find the others.”
“Listen to your mutt, Black,” Snape sneered, “She’s wearing the most garish thing here, but even she’s got more sense than you.”
Fury flashed through Sirius’ eyes, and you panicked as he began reaching for his wand, causing Snape to do the same.
“Sirius, don’t!” You grabbed his hand, stopping him.
Snape shot out a spell that Sirius only just dodged. The Slytherin quickly disappeared into the crowd after ensuring nobody saw what had just occurred.
Sirius grabbed you by the shoulders, frantically checking you over. “Bloody hell, are you alright, love?”
You were speechless, still trying to process everything that had just happened.
“Sirius, you’re bleeding,” you finally said, eyes wide.
He touched a hand to his cheekbone where a small cut had appeared. “Oh, that’s nothing, doll. Did he get you anywhere?”
You shook your head, and he released you after giving you a final once-over. His face hardened into a scowl. “I’ll kill that bastard.”
Your hand shot out to grip his bicep, making him turn to you again. His expression softened when he saw the alarm in your eyes.
“Sirius, please just stay with me,” you pleaded.
He conceded, allowing you to dab a napkin at his cheek even though there wasn’t enough blood to run down his face.
Your hand shook as you pressed it against his face, the close proximity causing goosebumps to break out up and down your arms. His heavy breaths were warm against your cold skin, and his dark eyes were piercing as he stared down at you.
Sirius wrapped his hand over your wrist. “Don’t believe anything he said. I think you’re the most beautiful girl here, Y/N,” he said with such sincerity that you nearly combusted.
“Thank you,” you managed to choke out.
He pulled your hand away from his face, enveloping it in his. He spoke with a sadness in his voice, “I really mean it. I wish you could see that I’ve always meant it.”
You sighed. “I know that now, Siri. But a part of me still thinks there’s no scenario where this wouldn’t end badly. You haven’t exactly had the best track record.”
“You’re right. I’ve acted like a dog with two dicks, and that can’t have been easy for you. I’m so sorry for that, and I will continue to be sorry for that for the rest of my life. I know I have a lot of growing up to do to catch up with you.”
You laughed a little. “That’s for sure.”
Sirius smiled at your response. “But I want to meet you where you are. I believe that I can make this work if you give me a chance, Y/N. I have never felt like this about anyone else, and it’s completely devouring me. You’re killing me, doll.”
You chuckled softly at his dramatics, contrasting the tears that were brimming your eyes. “That was your blanket, wasn’t it?”
He nodded slowly.
Your conversation with Lily echoed in your mind.
“I want to meet you where you are too, Siri. I’m sorry I pushed you away. I was scared,” you sighed, sniffling slightly. “But I suppose you’ve more than proven yourself. Would you trust me to do the same?”
His eyes were wide and pleading, the grip on your hand tightening. “You’ve already got my whole heart, doll. I’d trust you even if you crushed it all over again because you’re the only one that I can ever imagine having it.”
Memories of you flooded his brain. Walking into the common room balancing stacks of books in your arms. Your pained smile when you turned him down. Chastising James in the Great Hall. Your sleeping figure curled up by the fire. The snowflakes in your hair and eyelashes that day on the bleachers.
There was no denying it any longer. “I—I think I’m falling in love with you, Y/N. I think I have been for a long time.”
“Sirius,” you choked up, tears dropping down your cheeks. “I’m in love with you too.”
Sirius wasted no time pulling you into him, pressing you hard against his chest as he kissed you. You ignored the wetness on your cheeks as you wound your arms around his neck, meeting his lips with just as much fervor. Warmth spread from his hands on your waist, as he desperately tugged you closer.
After what felt like an eternity, you broke apart, breathing heavily. He didn’t release you from his hold, not even when you heard cheers and hollers from your friends. Your cheeks burned, but Sirius didn’t care, a wide grin plastered on his face.
He delicately tucked your hair behind your ear, thumbing at your cheek. “Does that mean you’re giving me a chance, then?”
Any attempt at holding back a smile was useless. “Siri, you’ll have a million chances if you keep kissing me like that.”
He cocked an eyebrow. “Is that so?”
You shrieked in laughter as he dipped you backwards, sloppily meeting your lips.
You slapped his biceps as he put you down. “Sirius! I didn’t mean like that. First thing you ought to know about being in a relationship with me—I don’t enjoy being shown off.”
Sirius smirked. “So we’re in a relationship now?”
“Well, if you don’t want to be—”
“No! I want this. This is good. We’re in a relationship,” he grinned. “So, what else can’t I do?”
You tapped your chin. “I’m not a fan of PDA in general, really.”
Sirius pouted. “I never hear you complaining when I give you my scarf.”
“That’s not PDA,” you pointed out. “I’m talking more like, I don’t know, kissing and hands on thighs and stuff.”
Sirius huffed out a breath. “What can we do then?”
You bit your lip, slightly embarrassed that you had to say any of this out loud. “We can hug and hold hands? You can kiss me on the cheek, I suppose. I’d rather keep everything else private.”
“Deal.” His eyes twinkled with mischief. “Can we dance?”
As soon as you nodded, he ushered you onto the dance floor alongside your group. You quickly loosened up, following his lead as he twirled you around to song after song. Lily shot you knowing looks that you returned with eye rolls, and even Remus was wiggling his eyebrows at you as he moved to the beat. You didn’t think you had ever laughed as much as you did then, surrounded by your friends and with Sirius by your side.
Hours later, you’d retreated to one of the tables to slip your heels off, for you were sure to get blisters the next day.
“I reckon you’ve had a change of heart, then,” Remus said, taking the seat next to you.
“Don’t know if I’d call it that. My heart’s always known what it wants. My head’s the problem, I think.”
“And the fact that Sirius has always been a bit dim,” Remus added.
You gave his shoulder a light slap. “It just took him a while. He came around.”
“Right. Tell me one thing, am I about to lose my study partner?”
You laughed. “Aw, Rem, of course not. Sirius just might be joining us more often.”
Remus slumped in his seat. “God help us all.”
“Talking ‘bout me, are ya?” Sirius’ voice rang out from behind you. He placed his hands on your shoulders, and you leaned back to smile up at him.
“And that’s my cue to leave. Be safe, you two,” Remus shot you a look, walking off in search of the others.
You got up from your seat to face Sirius, who immediately cupped his hands over your cheeks. “Aw, doll, your cheeks are as pink as your dress.”
“Are they?”
Sirius nodded, squeezing your face. “That happens a lot. Did you know that?”
A curious smile appeared on your face as a strangely familiar feeling spread over you. “I guess I’m a little bit cold.”
Sirius smiled gently and opened his arms, “C’mere.”
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hellfiresangel · a month ago
Little Princess (S.B)
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Warning(s); Attachment issues,public daddy kink,soft pure fluff,Remus kinda being mean,little bit of angst,mentions of age regression,brief mention of abandonment,protective Siri <3
Pairing(s); Sirius Black x crybaby! Girlfriend! Reader.
Summary; Remus makes fun of how clingy you are with Sirius not realizing why that is.
A/n; doing gods work.
You were laid in the common room Sirius’ large figure taking up the love seat while you laid on top of him. Your fingers braided up his hair weaving the strands together while he laid reading a book. His hand ran up and down your back in smooth comforting strokes helping you come down from your stressful day.
The common room was suddenly filled with yelling and you peaked over to couch to see James and remus arguing. “They’re going at it again, daddy” you said and he shrugs “they need to just fuck and get over all this bullshit” you giggled. “So sex solves problems?” “Yes it solves many problems. Not for us though, I like talking with you too much” you smiled and dropped your head back to his chest.
Eventually the two boys walked around the couch and plopped into separate arm chairs. “Pads, Moons’ is being mean.” James pouted. “Mean? What do you mean mean! You can’t-” Sirius shoots him a look and he finally stops. “Just fuck it out for Merlin’s sake. Fucking loud as shit” he grumbled. You smiled nipping at his jaw making him smile in return.
He patted your back “alright, I gotta piss, love get up” you whined in response and he looked down at you. “I’m just going upstairs baby,I’ll be right back. I promise” you shook your head and clung to him tighter “you can’t come with me this time honey, cmon up we go” you whine when he sits up lifting you off him. “Noooo! Daddy!” You wrap your arms around his hips and cling tightly.
“Princess, I’ll be right back, I promise. Cross my heart pretty girl.” Your lip wobbled but you let him go getting head pats in return. You sit back on your legs you butt resting on your feet as you fiddled with your fingers anxiously. “He was just going to the bathroom are you that needy?” Remus asked and you looked up at him. “Well, I just I miss him when he’s not next to me” “phew you’d get on my nerves hanging all over me like that.” Remus added.
“I think it’s sweet!” James defended but you start to chew on your lip. “I…I don’t annoy him” you mumble warm tears pricking your eyes. “You have to? The Man can’t even pee without you whining about it! It’s ridiculous” “Moony I think….” James interjected. “What? He won’t say it. She need to hear it. You’re constantly clinging to him it annoys him.” “Remus!” James yelled and you hiccuped, tears running down your cheeks.
“Sorry…” you whimpered and got up running towards the common room entrance. “Princess where are you-” you ignored him leaving and he snapped his head to his friends “what the fuck did you say to her?” He snapped out. “What? It’s just the truth and she’s being a baby” Sirius glared at Remus. “You don’t understand what the girls been through. You’re inconsiderate asshole” Sirius huffed out. “Just because you’re pissed at your boyfriend doesn’t mean you can yell at my girlfriend! Fuck you! I outta punch you for that.” Sirius grabbed your blanket and left to look for you.
He found you sat right outside the common room crying just as hard as he thought. “Come here princess” he lifted you up, hiding your face in your neck as your body racked with more hiccups and sobs. “It’s alright, I’m sorry baby. Daddy left you with that meanie I’m sorry.” He draped your fuzzy blanket over you tucking it around you. Sirius held you close and peppered kisses on your face and head until he could get you calm enough to speak.
“You okay princess?” You nodded using your sleeve to rub away left over snot from your nose. “Do I annoy you? Being so clingy?” Sirius shook his head immediately “no! Not at all! I love it. I love getting to have my baby next to me all the time” you sniffled “Remmy said it annoyed you” sirius patted your back gently.
“Well, it did at first. I’m not used to this kind of affection and it took getting used to. Now that I know why you love being attached to me I love for you to be.” He kissed your forehead. “You don’t annoy me baby. I love being here, next to you, breathing in sync,kissing you whenever I want, pinching your cute little bum when you walk away” you smiled and took a deep,shaky breath. “Easy poppet, easy.” He rubbed your back and you laid into his chest.
“Wanna go back inside?” You shook your head “don’t wanna be around Remmy he’s a jerk face.” Sirius laughed at your version of a insult. “Princess, that’s not very nice to say about your friend” you let out a small ‘hmph’ and he pecked your cheek. “Cmon, I’m sure he will want to apologize” “….you won’t leave?” Sirius shook his head.
With a arm wrapped around your back making sure to hold your blanket to you he carried you back into the common room. Sirius eyed remus who cleared his throat “y/n, love I’m sorry I was mean to you” you didn’t say anything, not even bothering to lift your head from Sirius’ chest. “I was mad with Prongs and I shouldn’t have taken that out on you. I’m sorry” you sniffled and shrugged.
“What can I do to make you forgive me?” “Will you buy me a sucker at hogs this weekend?” Remus smiled “of course I will.” “All’s forgiven” Remus chuckled at your childish antics. You rubbed at your eyes sighing as Sirius went back to his book, you went back to braiding his hair.
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luveline · 3 months ago
request: sirius being unbelievably in love w easily flustered reader please ily
sirius knowing exactly what it is he does to you and loving it is so dangerous (I would let him do bad things to me) <3 TY for ur request
"You look terribly pretty today," he says. 
You look at Sirius with a beaming smile all curled up in the corners, though he can see from your quick blinking that he's embarrassed you. 
What was he supposed to do? Not tell you? Across from him on the picnic blanket with the sun kissing your skin, your skin glowing, and your usual soft smile. You're the loveliest person he's ever seen, and he loves to tell you that.
He's got it down to a science. First, a genuine compliment. He could give you a thousand if he weren't so eager for the next step. Your hands tremble, flustered by his sudden compliment. 
"Thanks, Siri," you say. You have to clear your throat. 
"You're shaking. Are you cold?" he asks, gesturing to your hands. You start to say something and never finish, swiftly cut off by his theft of your hands from where they rest in your lap. That's step two. He pulls them onto his thigh and rubs them with a gentle touch. 
You're the opposite of cold – your hands burn. He suspects your entire body to be flushed by a similar heat. 
"I'm fine." 
"Yeah?" he asks. He couldn't keep eye contact with you if he wanted to, and he wants to, your gaze dead set on the blanket between you. 
Sirius ducks his head into your view. Step three: a kiss. He waits for your eyes to click into his and smiles at you until you smile back, pleased and shy and adorable. 
"Kiss?" he murmurs. 
You're so eager, your quick nod and your eyes slamming shut, it makes his heart race. 
He pulls himself towards you with his hand between your thighs, your hands still in his lap, and kisses your pouting mouth carefully. The barest brush of his lips on yours. 
He takes your thigh into his hand and squeezes as he moves in for a firmer kiss. Step four. 
You make a sound that he's never going to get used to, a hum of startled pleasure. 
He pauses and you keep kissing for a second, caught up in the moment. When you realise you move yourself back and smile sheepishly. 
"Sorry," you say. 
He brings his hand to your face and feels the heat under your skin. "For what?" he asks, pretending to be entirely clueless. 
You stammer as his thumb skips over your cheek. He puts you out of your misery with another kiss. He loves to tease you almost as much as he loves kissing you. 
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robynlilyblack · a month ago
That doesn’t leave us many options
Tumblr media
Sirius Black x fem! shy! reader
Tumblr media
Summary: Sirius gets an unexpected visitor whose in need of a place to stay
Warnings: swearing, mentions of food, eating and sex, acquaintances (but more mutual pining for afar) to lovers, sirius being a total sweetheart
A/n: 2.7k words, it's a little bit different to the usual enemies to lovers one bed trope and is more friends to lovers, I hope you like it x
Tumblr media
Navigation | Sirius Black Masterlist
Tumblr media
You took a deep breath before lifting your hand to knock, but your knuckles barely graze the wood, resolve faltering once more. You had to thank merlin that his flat didn’t have a peep hole, only thing that could make this situation worse was the embarrassment of knowing he saw you standing outside his door for what was quickly becoming a shameful amount of time
It shouldn’t have been this scary, the goosebumps on your arms and legs half from the cold air and half from the reason you came here in the first place. If it had been any other marauder you would have been nervous sure but not near crippled at the door. But this was no normal marauder this was Sirius, he boy that rendered you, an already shy, near mute girl just that completely
You had liked him for a while, that school girl crush you held grew post-hogwarts when yours and Marlene's flat just so happened to be across the street from his, James' and Remus'. The narrow street and similar height of your windows made things a little difficult…little being an understatement considering the amount of bruises you had now sustained via falling and/or launching yourself away from the window when you saw him
“You got this” you whisper to yourself, bouncing on the balls of your feet in order to psych yourself up
One shaky breath later you knocked, letting out a small yip at how loud the first thump was before letting the next two be rather pitiful as if that would make up for it
You honestly didn’t know if you wanted him to answer, but as you heard some weird creak from down the hall you hoped he would, and soon at that. Marlene was staying with Dorcas tonight as it was their anniversary and Dorcas' flat was closer to the restaurant, while James and Remus were off on a camping trip.
Why exactly? Because Lily and Marlene bet James he could never camp like a muggle for an entire weekend. And as for why Remus was accompanying him? Well, someone needed to vouch James didn’t cheat and actually did it, ergo leaving Remus with the job as Sirius wasn’t trustworthy enough not to lie or find a work around on his friends behalf
You knock again, flinching at the grumpy ‘I’m coming’ before a small crash and swear. Shaking your arm you prepared for him to open the door, not knowing whether to cringe or brace yourself for the one extraordinarily upset puppy you just woke up
“What!” he snaps as quickly as the door opens, breathing heavy and a groggy look about him
His eyes are still half shut when he hears your little squeak, flying open to see you standing in front of him looking sheepish
“Y/n?” his face softens immediately, instead of anger concern now paints his rather chiselled features…
...Not the time y/n...
Out of all the people to show up at his door Sirius never would have expected you, yet at the same time he always hoped you would. It wasn’t that you never came over on your own but more you came to see or talk to anyone but him. It hurt, although it was more of a dull ache now, it had been like this since hogwarts, you and he just never spoke, no matter how much he wished you would
Instead he let himself admire you for afar, that statement made true as he bribed Remus for the front bedroom so he could face yours. He was never a creep, but he did workout by the window, read and do mundane things there just so he may glance up to see you reading, laughing with marlene, maybe dancing around as you cooked…and once falling which was equally concerning and funny to him
“Hi” you give him a shy smile that looks more like a wince, still nervous he’s angry you woke him
His heart ached that he shouted earlier, even if he didn’t know it was you he still felt bad, like the way you step on an animal's tail and can’t begin to explain how sorry you are. Sirius never really felt guilt during his worst pranks, the willow incident excluded of course, so this feeling was foreign, yet it was how he knew you were special, he didn’t just care for anybody
“Hi…” he says quite roughly so he coughs in attempt to remove the scruffiness “Hi” another cough “Hi…fuck it” he lets out a breathy laugh embracing the scruff, even more at your little giggle “What can I do for you darlin?” he wonders, it was late not quite midnight but still late, anything could have happened, you needed him and he was more than here to help
“Well…” your words lose you, although from Sirius’ rough voice, somehow perfect bed head curls and use of the pet name you just adored, you were sure those words where running off to the hills and never to return
“Well?” he extends the syllables softly, not wanting to pressure or scare you away
You chew on your bottom lip, breathing slowly in and out your nose to compose yourself and try to remember the little speech you had planned
“Marlene is out, she’s staying with dorcas and…” you say shaky, nerves overcoming you as this would be the longest conversation you had ever semi held alone with him
He mistakes your nerves for fear though “What happened? Someone try to get in? Something break? On fire? Trust me I’ve dealt with it all…mostly being Prongs as he has a nasty habit of leaving the door unlocked…” he speaks quickly, soon off on his own little ramble, hands subconsciously finding the sides of your upper arms 
“Sirius?” your voice is timid and quiet but it’s enough for him to stop
“Sorry” he shake his head and self out of it “Sorry” he repeats, removing his hands and letting out a edgy chuckle as he scratches the back of his neck “So Marls is at Dorcas'…” he prompts trying his best to stop the blush creeping up his cheeks
Your eyes widen nodding as you begin explaining again “Marlene watched a movie without me last week…” you aren’t looking at him more just in his general area, eyes defocusing so you could concentrate on talking hence you don’t clock his surprise amusement at your first statement “...you see we rented it together but she watched in retaliation to me eating her…sorry” you cut your ramble short much to the boys dismay
“Don’t be, continue” he gives you a sweet smile
You return it bashfully 
“I decided to watch it myself as we need to give it back in a few days but she didn’t tell me it was a horror movie. So now every shadow I see or noise I hear I’m terrified it’s a little…creepy…” you bring your hands to the bottom of your face, wiggling your fingers “...thing coming to get me” you lower your hands, a little embarrassed but his fond smile makes you less afraid to ask “Can I stay here tonight?”
“Yeah” he says a little quickly and loudly causing you to jump “Sorry” he does it again before finally lowering his tone “Sorry. Still a little high from thinking I needed to kick a robbers arse” he plays it off, it was true in a way but he didn’t want to seem way too keen about having you under his roof
“I’m still a little high too…I sort of threw the remote control at a vase and smashed it thinking it was one of those things” you confess as he motions for you to enter and closes the door behind
He walks deeper into the apartment with you closely in tow “No shame in that. Me and Prongs made a fort the first time his parents left us alone, gathered every pillow and cover in the…fuck” he stops causing you to walk into the back of him
“Ow” you whisper as he turns around cringing “What's wrong?” you tilt your head
He scrunches his face “Moons and Prongs’ beds don’t have mattresses” he says almost like an appology
“Oh” you pout “What happened to them?” a small smile gracing your face as if you know the marauders you’ll know it’s something funny
“You can’t tell anyone” 
You hold up your pinky watching as he eyes it. You were about to explain what it was when he grins, wrapping his own around yours and giving it a squeeze before letting go
“Prongs and Moony bought a muggle tent for the bet, but Red and Marls never specified what size nor that the items inside couldn’t be charmed” he smirks and you listen to him entranced “They shrunk down their mattresses and bought an 8 person tent, took all of the covers and everything as Prongs thought a sleeping bag was uncivilised and Moony…well Moons’ back would break if he had to sleep on the ground like that” he chuckles
“That's really smart” you commend them, knowing pretty quickly it was Sirius’ idea by the way his happy grin turns prideful
“Thank you” he bobs his head, heart fluttering that his crush found him smart “Actually there is a spare mattress, we got it after the…” his words slow down “...you don’t wanna know” he shakes his head
You nod a little wary, following him into his bedroom and watching him look for the spare. You had never been inside his room, Remus’ loads since you, Lily and he would host your secret book club there, and even James’ once or twice. It was nice, smelt just like him, posters on the walls, clothes scattered about here and there but nothing too untidy
“Do you have a spare quilt too?” you ask causing him to stop raking and turn to you
“Yes” he nods but something flashes behind his eyes
“Yes?…” his repetition is less certain “...No?” 
He gives you a look somewhere between sad, embarrassed and weirdly proud “We used them to make a fort in the study so me and prongs could nap in our forms. They’ll be covered in hair…and probably drool…Prongs' drool’” he says firmly but the blush on his face tells you it’s not just prongs and you can’t help but feel your lips tug upwards at the image
You face then drops to a look of thought but before you could speak he does
“You can have my bed I’ll sleep in the little fort as Padfoot” he offers, ensuring your comfort came first
You start nodding but as he goes to leave you stop him “Wait…” you don’t finish your thought though
There were two perfectly good beds in your flat, you could offer them but a selfish little part of you wanted the idea that just sprung to mind “You once said that sleeping like that for more than two hours... fucks your back” you quote him on the last bit
Sirius’ face goes through a mixture of positive emotions that you remembered that tiny group conversation from well over a month ago as well as the fact you swear so sweetly it's almost not even one at this point
“That doesn’t leave us many options” his eyes flick to his bed then to you, as do your own, both thinking the same thing
“It’s a decent size” you note rather awkwardly
He chuckles “It is a decent size, average” he gestures to the air as awkwardly as you do before meeting your eyes “Little bigger than average actually” he says raises his eyebrows, underlying tone beneath h words
You cock your head in confusion before you get it, mouth like a fish before you press your lips together, trying to suppress your smile, cheek rising.
Sirius’ felt quite proud at that, especally as you were quite clearly flustered yet not looking uncomfortable, if anything your shoulders relaxed
Neither of you say anything else, instead moving to get into the bed, both fixing your pillows before you notice one final detail
“Single quilt?” you lift up the end Sirius places over you
He smiles coyly “Fake answer or real answer” he lets you choose, usually he would spout the fake one but you were you, he didn’t mind you knowing the truth
“Fake first” you ask and he obliges
“Cheaper and they only had a single at the shop” he says simply as you both shift under the cover, a healthy distance between your shoulders as you stare at the ceiling
“And the real one” you look over at him
He glances at you then keeps his eyes fixed to the ceiling, looking embarrassed as his answer is by any definition sadly sweet “A single encourages cuddling, something I really want but will never ask for cause I’m…I’m too scared” he admits, not daring to look at you to see your reaction, you probably think he’s a…wait
He feels you lift his arm, head snapping down to watch you slide in next to him, arm coming around his torso as your head settles above in the small space between his upper arm and chest
“Is this okay?” you check, even though you're sure his previous answer was an invitation...or at least you hoped it was
He doesn’t answer, just wraps his arms around you, tugging you impossibly closer and igniting some giggles from you. He eventually lets up his tight grip, your head on his chest with his chin brushing against your hair
“Why have we never really spoken to one another?” he whispers, the sorrow evident in his voice
Your head shifts upwards to you can see him, looking down at you with characteristic puppy eyes and you remain silent for a moment, thinking your reply through
“I’m quite shy…” you start “...back at Hogwarts you merely looking at me made me so…so flustered” you confess, eyes flicking away from him, missing how his own light up “I couldn’t even make a sound. Now, although I’ve gotten better I guess I supposed you wouldn’t be interested…in talking to me” you add in after a small break in order to save yourself from rejection
He gently rocks you closer and you return your eyes to his “I was very interested…in talking to you” he plays the same trick
“Me?” you bring your hand up to point and he could've died right there at how cute you looked, eyes wide filled with hope, disbelief and everything he'd ever craved
“You” slides his arm from your waist, taking your hand and kissing the palm, lingering there as his eyes say fixated on you, and that was the moment you died and gone to the sweet hereafter
“Are you free tomorrow?” he asks, letting your hands intertwine before bringing them to his heart
You nod, heart thumping and you’re sure he can feel it as his is doing something similar
“Want to go on a date with me?” you nod again, a huge smile on your face “Sure? You don’t seem too eager” he teases, confidence returning now he knows you want him the same way
“Very sure” you can’t stop your smile from getting wider, nor your faces moving that little bit closer as you’re caught up in the excitement
He chuckles “We could make a day of it if you want? I have the bike” he suggests 
“What are you thinking?” you ask, eyes sparking as your faces continue to move closer
“Maybe to the peak district or the dales where some of those books you love are set? Maybe bring a picnic with us. With the bike we can get there in like a couple hours never any traffic up there” he jokes, cheeks going a little red as he realises how he just gushed, but the embaressement fade as your nose brushes over his  
“How long have you been…umm” you whisper, unable to finish as you didn’t want to assume
“A lot longer than I’d care to admit at present”
You both giggle
“You aren’t what I imagined'' you say when the laughter dies down and his head tilts ever so slightly “You know when you imagine someone in your head, and you tell yourself there is no way they would really be this sweet, especially not to me?” you think out loud
“More than anything” he replies, eyes meeting your own and occasionally your lips
“You more than exceeded my wildest dreams” you tell him, adoring how his eyes shine like the star he’s name after
“Ditto darlin’” he winks and chew on your lip, holding your smile as you watch his eyes drift down to it, lingering before the come back up “You should know that I’m putty in your hands…I’d do whatever you asked of me, and not even within reason I'd really do anything” he laughs as do you
“Anything” he nudges his nose with yours
“Kiss me”
Tumblr media
Thank you for reading 💛
Tumblr media
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fantastiqueali · 5 months ago
✎ 0.2k Celebration 
Tumblr media
╰┈➤ P Link 
࣪𓏲ּ  Warning: 18+, Minors DNI!, and Twitter P!Link
˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥ The Marauders Edition
I feel like I should make it up to you for not posting for such a long time.
Tumblr media
James Potter
“I think we should take a shower again…”
“Spread wide for daddy, yeah?”
“Wake up my beloved, step-sister.”
“On Sirius’ couch!?”
“How many times do I have to tell you that I don’t like that kind of milk?”
“Mommy, stop teasing please.”
“Mum's out. Wanna watch a movie?”
“Do it. Push it all out, m’love.”
“How pretty is that cunt? So pretty that I want to eat it.”
“That’s it. Be a good girl for your daddy.”
Sirius Black
“Who in the fuck told you that you get to whore around my brother?”
“Try it on for me?”
“Pass the test and you’ll get a reward.”
“Tie me up, please.” 2
“Yeah? Know what I’m gonna do to you? I’m going to tear these apart along with you.” 
“Do it again, I swear this is not the only thing you’ll be getting.”
“Just the tip, I promise.”
“If you wanna be a whore, might as well show the whole world.”
“Think my little pup deserves a reward.”
“Daddy’s gotta do it. You don’t want him to get sick hmm?”
Remus Lupin
“Squirt on daddy's cock.”
“Breakfast is ready love!”
“Professor, can you teach me how to play the piano?”
“Bounce on m’cock like the good whore you are.”
“Remmy wake up, you’re going to be late for work.”
“Step-daddy, what are you doing?”
“Got dolled up for me, bunny?”
“You don’t wanna shut up? Fine, I’ll shut that slutty mouth of yours myself.”
“I don’t fucking care if we’re in a car.”
“Professor, why are my grades so low? I finished everything, haven't I?”
Peter Pettigrew
“Shush, mum’s going to hear you.”
“Cat’s got the tongue all right.”
“I love the golden hour. Do you?”
“Why are you wearing my shirt?”
“Good morning, love.”
“There’s no one here, Y/N.”
“I fucking love you.”
“Pete, stop teasing me!”
“Why don’t I show how beautiful you are?”
“Don’t worry dad. Little sis will be taken care of.”
Tumblr media
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𝐬𝐡𝐚𝐤𝐞𝐬𝐩𝐞𝐚𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐧 | 𝐬𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐮𝐬 𝐛𝐥𝐚𝐜𝐤 𝐱 𝐠𝐧! 𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐞𝐫
summary: after taking etiquette classes, sirius confesses his feelings for you in shakespearean.
w/c: 1.6k
notes: friends to lovers, fluff + jealous! emotionally incompetent!sirius, name puns, one swear?
Tumblr media
“your parents sent you to etiquette lessons?” james scoffed, leaning back in his seat. you and the other four marauders were once again riding the hogwarts express towards an exciting sixth year. as usual, your shared compartment was full of chatter. you and sirius took one side of the benched seats with james, remus, and peter in front of you.
“aye, mine own moth’r bethought i wast out of controleth,” sirius said straightfaced.
peter snorted. “you can’t be serious.”
“what art thee claiming? i am, at each moment-”
“you’re always sirius. yes, that was a clever one, good sir,” you finished, struggling to hide the mortifyingly huge grin that threatened to escape every time sirius was around.
it had been months since you’d seen him, which felt unfair, because james got to see him every day. and the four of them would always gather during the full moon to help remus with his transformations and you didn’t have an animagus form that would allow you to join.
“mine own loveth, thou art the only one who is’t und’rstands me,” sirius swooned, placing a hand around your shoulders and pulling you into his side.
you blushed and averted your eyes, an action which did not go unnoticed by the ever-perceptive remus lupin. 
“what are you on, pads?” james shook his head, amused. “c’mon, we all know you’re not being seri- for real.”
sirius sighed. “fine, i concede. i have no clue what that rat-faced bastard—sorry, wormtail—was talking about. it was mostly stuff like memorizing the ‘lineage of the noble house of black,’” sirius raised his voice mockingly, “and ‘gentlemanly manners for a young pureblood bachelor like yourself.’”
“you? a bachelor? do they know that you’re in a very loving, committed relationship?” you joked, poking his side which was like a jab to your own stomach.
“oh yes, they knoweth much about mine own womanizing ways,” sirius muttered sarcastically. what you, nor james or peter knew was that sirius hadn’t so much as talked to a girl in months (with the exception of family, but they were more like demon-spawn than human women). it wasn’t that he didn’t have the opportunity to—oh merlin, not at all; women were throwing themselves at his feet—but because he had no interest anymore.
remus cleared his throat. “and wouldst thee liketh to speak of courting such maidens in particular?” he raised his eyebrows at sirius. i’m giving you an opening.
“uh- sorry, i didn’t understand you,” sirius lied.
“won’t you tell us about your summer escapades?” remus rolled his eyes, knowing that sirius was going to chicken out of admitting his feelings towards you once more.
“there’s nothing to tell,” sirius said truthfully.
“oooh, pads doesn’t kiss and tell,” you smirked, nuzzling closer to him. “don’t worry, you can trust me. i’m good at keeping secrets,” you whispered into his ear seductively. shit, was that too far?
“cheeky girl!” sirius squished your nose teasingly, perhaps to hide the flush creeping up his neck and the new goosebumps littering his arms at your proximity and words. “trust me, if i had any romantic endeavors worth sharing, you’d be the first to know.”
remus wanted to bash sirius’ head in. he glared at sirius. you big fucking liar!
leave me alone! i’ll tell her! …someday!
you’ve been saying that for the past two years, romeo! maybe you should’ve paid more attention in your bachelor training lesson or whatnot, because you clearly have no idea what you’re doing!
“y’guys okay?” james narrowed his eyes at the intense silent exchange between remus and sirius. peter waved his hand in front of remus’ face.
“yes! totally fine,” sirius blurted loudly and unexpectedly, “terrific, actually! super good.”
you looked at him oddly, but your thoughts were interrupted by peter suddenly announcing his dire need for the bathroom (the poor boy always got motion sick) and the knock of the trolley witch on the compartment window.
“treats!” james exclaimed, jumping out of his seat immediately. you laughed and looped your arm around his on his way out the door, and he dragged you into the corridor.
sirius watched the two of you longingly, jealous of the way james would tousle your hair and the way you’d pretend to get upset with that stupid, adorable huff. he scowled when you’d push james’ glasses up his nose for him with such casual affection and how he’d pinch your cheek teasingly only to be rewarded with one of those brilliant smiles sirius wished could be for him. he glared when your hands brushed as you both reached for trolley treats, and when-
remus’ voice snapped sirius out of his daze.
“alright, i’m putting an end to this,” remus declared, slamming his fist into his open palm decisively. “if you don’t confess before we arrive at the castle, i am not letting you off this train.”
sirius looked at remus incredulously. “you can’t do that.”
“who says i can’t? i’ve gotten pretty good at the full-body bind curse, if i do say so myself. would you like to be my first test subject?” remus reached for his wand threateningly.
“right! okay, i’ll do it. i’ll try.” sirius was silent for a beat. “…how exactly would one go about doing that?”
the compartment door slid open and you and james breezed through with snack-laden hands. you practically jumped onto sirius’ lap, cozying up to his chest like you hadn’t been making his heart palpitate. you scrounged through your pile and held up a caldron cake for sirius triumphantly.
“for you!” you beamed, twisting your torso to stare up at him with such delight that the boy wanted to melt into the velvet cushion lining.
“t-thank you!” he stammered, unusually nervous. “that’s sweet. i mean, you’re sweet. you didn’t have to buy me anything, though. i’m not that hungry. but thanks.”
your face fell momentarily. “oh, sorry then. you don’t have to eat it, of course. no pressure.”
“no- no, i’ll eat it! it’s a gift from you. i- thank you.”
as you opened a chocolate frog box, lupin mouthed at sirius you’ve said that three times already.
sirius pinched the bridge of his nose. merlin save me, this is going to be the worst train ride of my life. he peeked out the window and to his horror, saw the thick forest that indicated the castle was less than 20 minutes away.
you munched on a leg of your chocolate frog contentedly, pressing yourself closer to sirius’ chest. as much as he loved the way his head nestled perfectly into the crook of your shoulder and the smell of your shampoo and the soft, sweet breaths that occasionally tickled his face, he hated how obviously his body was responding to your touch. he was genuinely surprised that you hadn’t picked up on his furious heartbeat.
“dove, can i talk to your for a second?” he murmured into your ear, looking straight at the carpet and refusing to make eye contact with anyone.
you looked confused but agreed. he never felt like he deserved someone like you, who was so easily trusting and loyal to someone like him.
the trolley witch had long finished her rounds at your corridor when sirius pulled you outside your compartment.
“siri, is everything okay?”
sirius’ hand snuck beneath his hair and scratched the back of his neck. “yeah, yeah. nothing’s wrong, necessarily, it’s just that i- er,”
you quirked your head stepping closer to him. sirius took a step back nervously.
“hey, you know i mean it when i say you can tell me anything, right? i’m not just joking in front of the other boys, i- i mean it with you.” you paused and then smiled slyly. “perhaps you could say that i’m sirius about it.”
sirius chuckled, looking to the side—anywhere but your face, really. you extended a hand, rising onto your toes to coax his gaze back at you. somehow, you’d ended up with sirius’ back pressed against the corridor wall, with you “boxing” him in. well, if boxing in was more like you standing in front of him as he metaphorically shrunk under your gaze.
“oh fuck it, i’ve just gotta- ilikeyou.”
“you need the loo? i’m sure peter should be done any moment now, you-”
sirius groaned, combing his fingers through his hair in frustration. “no, i’m- bloody hell, i like you. i like you… non-platonically. as in, i’m really in love with you and i can’t think straight so words are just falling out of my mouth right now and i’m sorry,” he gasped, catching his breath.
you stared at him with your mouth open. sirius winced at your wordlessness.
“thee liketh me? thee… loveth me?”
“um… thou art c’rrect.”
you blinked at him a few times before bursting into giggles, slapping your hand over your mouth to muffle them. sirius looked hurt.
“no- siri, i’m so sorry. i- i loveth thee too! i just hadn’t expected; well, i had made this big plan with lily to… bid thee how i hath felt the first week we did get backeth, but thee did beat me, i supposeth.”
sirius squinted his eyes at you in disbelief. “you are so annoying! i can’t believeth i loveth thee,” he complained, rubbing his eyes in frustration. “you’re so insufferable sometimes that i just want to kiss you stupid,” sirius grumbled.
“then kisseth me, thee coward!”
sirius didn’t need etiquette lessons to understand that one.
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"Then Will You Braid My Hair?"
Tumblr media
Aesthetic is not mine. Full credits to the owner.
"Then will you braid my hair?” -Prompt
A/N- Just a break from the series I've been writing. The series which I'm working on currently is extremely angsty, and I need some fluff. Yes. Fluff with Sirius Black? Yes. So... yes... self indulgent. Also why is this so short lmao.
Sirius Black X Female Reader
Written Third Person
Warnings - Tooth-rotting fluff (?) slightly insecure Sirius. Let me know if I should add more.
And I've heard of a love that comes once in a lifetime And I'm pretty sure that you are that love of mine
Sirius twirled his wand between his slender fingers, his rings clicking with the polished wood with every twirl. His black and luscious locks fell in front of his sharply chiseled face, as he tried to concentrate more on the wand twirls rather than her painting her nails. It was a glossy black color, the kind that attracted Sirius' attention. He loved to wear black, not because of his surname, no. It was an unexplainable affection for the color, considering he hated his surname.
He stopped twirling his wand and then suddenly sat up straight on the bed, observing the strands of curls framing her face, the soft glow of the dusk sunlight kissing her face. Her lips were parted, as the tip of her tongue peeked out off the the gap, her concentration on applying thin coats of the gel polish. He watched the way her fingers worked around the cap of the bottle of polish, the hairs of the brush dipped into the liquid, painting her nails in the dark shade. He suddenly wondered what it would be like to paint his own nails.
Sirius quickly shook his head at the thought. He was a man and men weren't supposed to adorn themselves with these kind of 'feminine' things … were they? She got distracted once her nails had been painted, and muttered a quick spell to let her nails dry in an instant. Sirius stared at the bottle of polish longingly, fiddling with his fingers. She took notice of this, and tucked a piece of stray hair behind his ear.
"You wanna paint your nails?" she inquired, taking the bottle and keeping it in front of his metal gray gaze. His eyes averted to her and then he replied "No...."
She chuckled as she unscrewed the bottle and asked him "Then why're you staring at it like you wanna shag it?" This statement bubbled a hearty chortle leaving his lips as he ran an inked hand through his hair. "Yeah?" he voiced, chortling. She beamed at her friend... and crush chuckling at her joke.
"I mean, I'd like to you know... paint my nails... but men don't do they?" he asked, a need of assurance sewed into his voice. Her face broke into a soft smile, her kind eyes beaming at him. She spoke soft, as if his mother, providing him the love he deserved but never got "Everyone can paint their nails sweetheart-" his heart flipped at the nickname "-it's okay to show your 'feminine' side Sirius. Even though there's literally nothing 'feminine' about the simple task of painting one's nails." she completed, taking his hands into hers.
She squeezed his hand softly, when he did not meet her eyes. It was like he was deep in thought. So she rubbed soft circles on the concave of his palm. His palm was just like how she had imagined, rough, calloused yet soft and smooth at the same time. She could feel intruding veins against her palm, the cold bands of metal warming under her touch. He shifted slightly, and averted his gaze on his friend's face
"Then... will you paint my nails too?" he asked, scarlet lips curled into a smirk oozing mischief, eyes no longer lurking with dull doubts, voice no longer having the element of need of assurance. He was back in his cocky, dramatic self again. She rolled her eyes slightly at his antics and swatted his head softly. But she couldn't stop the twitch of smile that adorned her face even after biting her lower lip to stop smiling like the idiot in love she was. And Sirius was having an internal battle to not kiss the smile away and leave her with red swollen, kiss nipped lips. She smiled and nodded at her head, and Sirius looked overjoyed his, pearly white and goddamn perfect teeth full on display. Then he voiced his next inquiry
"Then will you braid my hair?"
Those words did nothing but to let the sparks of love she held inside for the man glow even more.
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