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gothoffspring · 22 hours
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my babies! download comin' tomorrow~ whatcha think? I CAN BE A CAS GIRLIE TOO, RIGHT? (click/open in HQ if u so desire)
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nintensims · 2 days
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{Ms. Bella Goth}
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vampirepill · 3 days
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imaginary friend for @diactrl 's server sim occult challenge !!!
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wildmelon · 2 days
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my wayhaven detectives 🔍🖤
🥺👉🏼👈🏼 i’ve been wanting to post them for a while, but i always put it off (mostly since i tweak them constantly, i’ve redone all of these portraits at least once since i first drafted this). but it’s a foggy november morning here and it put me in the mood. here are my actual children, i’m putting info about them under the cut for anyone like me who loves reading about other ppl’s mcs 😊
Elliott Moran [Felix] 
Kind and thoughtful, Elliott has the disposition of an elementary school history teacher. Slightly spacey and dreamy, he’s better at connecting with people than he is holding information. On the bright side, his intuition tends to steer him right when it comes to technology, and he has a knack for fixing things. His perpetual cheerfulness quickly charmed Natalie and attracted Felix.
Elliott’s sensitivity can leave him easily hurt and drained. His care for the people around him supercedes hurt feelings, though, and he’s incapable of holding a grudge. He’s happier than he ever thought he’d be since he started dating Felix.
Waverly Green [Adam] 
Waverly spent much of her youth rebelling in bids for attention from her absentee mother. Whatever her initial motivations, she maintains an innate propensity for chaos as an adult. Impulsive, sarcastic, and stubborn, Waverly isn’t always the easiest teammate, though she can turn on the charm when she wants to. (Nine times out of ten. Adam seems immune so far.) She’s always been drawn towards the catharsis of combat. Exercising is one of the only times her mind goes truly blank. She’s also fairly well versed in technology and naturally handy. Her open pessimism and incisive quips sparked a somewhat unlikely friendship with Mason.
Past her bravado lies a deeply insecure and wounded girl who feels like a chronic failure, never good enough for the people around her. (This whole situation with Adam may be touching a nerve.)
Araminta (Minty) Udo [Nat]
Naturally charming and charismatic, Araminta’s easygoing nature and popularity made her a good choice to be detective. The people of Wayhaven trust her wholeheartedly-- or at least they did before all these supernatural occurrences began cropping up. Still, her optimism and quiet self-assuredness puts the people around her at ease. She maintains a (seemingly) great relationship with her mother, has fallen head-over-heels for Natalie, and gets along particularly well with Farah.
Minty seems so well-adjusted it can be hard for people to remember she needs to be taken care of as well. Her forgiveness and patience seem inexhaustible but take a toll that sometimes makes her want to scream. Luckily, she now has Nat to worry about her feelings. 
Alice Atwell [Mason] 
Incredibly intelligent and deeply logical, Alice is often the voice of reason. She prides herself on her ability to keep calm in a crisis, and her levelheadedness serves her well. Being a detective seemed like the best way to put her sharp mind to good use in Wayhaven, and her sincerity has made her a trusted figure in the community. Her knowledgeability, easygoing nature, and interest in history contributed to a fast friendship with Nat. Mason, meanwhile, is attracted to her goodheartedness against his will (and knowledge).
Underneath Alice’s patient exterior lies a deep need to prove herself and receive love. She seems to have a good relationship with her mother, but Rebecca’s long absences have left her with deep-rooted fear that she’s unlovable that she tries hard to keep buried. (Good thing she’s falling for Mason, he’ll provide her with plenty of reassurance. /s. At least she’s an optimist.)
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gashface · 3 days
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ɪ ᴄᴏᴜʟᴅ ᴛᴇʟʟ ᴛʜᴀᴛ ꜱᴏᴍᴇᴛʜɪɴɢ ʜᴀᴅ ᴄʜᴀɴɢᴇᴅ ʜᴏᴡ ʏᴏᴜ ʟᴏᴏᴋᴇᴅ ᴀᴛ ᴍᴇ
- Buddy
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bunmou · 11 hours
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me & you
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aniraklova · 2 days
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Ladies and Gentlemen - THEM
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bibliosims · 21 hours
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if karma doesn't hit you, i fucking will.
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mangosimoothie · 2 days
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lou-from-moonwood · 3 days
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current wip: A living room, their favorite spot (🌻)
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dreamer-trait · 2 days
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Krysta <3
Pose: @mel-bennett
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silwermoon-sims · 19 hours
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nintensims · 1 day
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a little b n’ a of my recent 💫
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coatedinhoney · 3 days
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Happy Birthday, Rani!
Raniyah didn't want a party for her birthday all she wanted was to eat out and a pirate-themed restaurant cause she's quirky like that. She rolled the Drama Llama aspiration and the Dance Machine trait just like her brother.
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wildmelon · 2 days
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martina: love at first bite (mini bachelorette challenge) 🌹
new york city’s lower east side vampire clan is famous for their annual holiday party. each december, the clan puts on one of the most anticipated events across the supernatural community at the goulding hotel, their refurbished headquarters. as the clan leader, ronnie’s name is on the invitation, but it’s the clan’s matriarch martina who’s particularly enthusiastic about the celebration and works tirelessly to make it flawless. 
martina pacheo is happy nurturing and mentoring fledglings who find their way to the clan and working downtown at a fashion house. her true age is a mystery, but she’s got at least two centuries under her belt. martina was married to her mortal true love until his death a long, long time ago and hasn’t been in a relationship since. she’s a hopeless romantic at heart even if she’s given up on finding love for herself ever again. her clan decided to mark their hundredth holiday party by trying to turn martina’s head!
graceful, charming, and elegant, martina has an old-world glamour about her that draws people in. she’s broken plenty of hearts unintentionally without lifting a finger. thoroughly goodhearted, she loves her family fiercely & they adore her back, hence the clan’s little scheme to invite special guests in the hopes that someone will sweep her off her feet!
martina’s traits are good, creative, and art lover.
accepting submissions until december 13!
the rules:
- entrees don’t have to be vampires, but after the heartbreak of losing her mortal husband, martina won’t consider a relationship with a non-immortal. any immortal being is fair game, though, so feel free to be creative!
- must be okay with sims undergoing minor tweaks to “match” my game (just stuff like my eye and teeth presets)
- any amount of cc is ok, just gimme 1 formal outfit
- romance-oriented traits or aspirations are ok! story will most likely override game mechanics for me, though i’ll rely on that for the tough decisions :)
- will be accepting 7 entries of any gender 
- backstories encouraged! ramble! lemme read! pick one of martina’s friends and explain why they invited your sim if you want!
- tag entrees with #martina lafb
(i thought this would be really fun since i don’t have the commitment for a bachelor challenge even though i love them, plus i wanted to do something festive!)
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alt-simz · 2 days
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