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caitlinsnicket · 10 months ago
you accidentally call them mommy/daddy (arcane preference)
a/n: the taglist is downstairs! sorry it took so long, I was having my finals. feel free to like, reblog, and leave a comment. requests are closed, but feel free to send things anyways!
| Jinx
Tumblr media
she's got you on her lap, riding her thigh with your hands tied behind your back
her ministrations are slow and deep, which only makes you frustrated because they lead to nothing
she can see you're getting frustrated, but she's just amused
you can feel tears burning behind your eyes, just wanting her to do something
"please, mommy, please let me-"
you squeak when she suddenly grabs you by your throat
"what did you just call me?"
she doesn't look pissed, just confused
"sorry... mommy?"
well she likes that
unties your hands and puts her hand between your legs
"well done trinket. you did so good. here's your reward"
cue the best orgasm of your life
wants you to call her mommy all the time now, won't shut up about it
will refer to hersef as mommy
i just want her to top me wtf
| Vi
Tumblr media
you're holding on for dear life in the bed rest, hips above Vi's head while her tongue works wonders in your clit
her hands make marks on your ass from how tight she's holding you
you just keep rambling while feeling your orgasm build up
"yes, mommy, just like that-"
you don't even register what you said, just enjoying the moment
afterwards, while holding you close and kissing your neck, she gets a little flushed
"did you call me... mommy? like, i'm not not into it, i just didn't think you were into it"
cue a long pillow talk about all the things you wanted to try with each other
you start to call her by the nickname when you two are alone, not just at sexy times
she likes it, makes her feel comfortable and in a powerful position
will tease you in public, low enough for only you to hear
"don't you wanna do good for mommy, kitty? then behave"
| Caitlyn
Tumblr media
she's teasing you around her office, giving you light touches and kisses and soft name calling
you're starting to get annoyed, as you're there to work, not to flirt
still, she keeps pushing your buttons until you've had enough
"stop it mommy, or you wont see me for a week"
the what now????
turns into a tomato and stutters
a shiver runs down her spine at that
leaves you alone because she is embarassed, and you just decide to turn it against her
when you get to your house, you corner her in a wall
"what now... mommy? you bothered me the whole day, what are you gonna do to me now?"
your 'fuck me' eyes are good, because she just lunges for your face and fucks you silly
next morning she sees the marks in your body and gets even more embarassed
"I won't mind if you call me that again"
| Ekko
Tumblr media
he's pounding you from behind, holding your hair with one hand and spreading your ass with the other
he's going in deep, moving his hips so that his thrusts always hit your g-spot, biting his lips trying not to cum on the spot
your moans start to get louder and he knows you're close
"yeah, just like that daddy-"
oh well
his dirty talk game just goes astronomic
"oh yeah? is daddy pounding you just right? is daddy turning you into a slut?"
you don't expect him to become so dirty, so you clench and when he slaps your ass, you can't hold back anymore
him, on the other hand, can't do anything except hold onto you for dear life
he cleans you up and kisses you sweetly, carrying you to bed
"daddy, huh? i could get used to that"
will like to be called that only in his private chambers
| Silco
Tumblr media
he actually sugested it for you one day
"i know you like experimenting. maybe we could try some name-calling. whenever you're ready"
you give it some thought, but there's a lot happening, so you don't act on it
until one day, when you're both entangled on each other, just enjoying the way your bodies touch
he's in his high chair and you're on his lap, kissing him and rocking yourself very slowly
his fingers brush against your clit slowly while you purr in his ear
"how is this petal?"
"good daddy, so good"
you two don't mention it, but now he refers to himself as daddy during sex, never in front of others
gets a warm feeling in his chest when you say it, and twitches inside of you
| Viktor
Tumblr media
you're sitting in his workbench, legs spread in front of him and skirt rolled up
his hands are working wonders in your slit, touching all the right places
he looks like he's figuring out a hextec piece, a light blush on his cheekss
"is this good?"
you pant a "yes" filled with longing, and he starts kissing your thighs
he keeps going with his ministrations, watching you with gleaming eyes
"just like that daddy, you're doing so fucking good"
his ears go red and he keeps his pace, nipping at your soft flesh
you cum all over his fingers, calling him daddy and gripping his hands
he doesn't let you catch your breath, just goes right back to it, using his mouth next to make you a overstimulated mess
a soft dom for sure
loves it when you call him daddy
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lacroixqueen · 8 months ago
Silco: you are perfect, my dear. also Jinx:
Tumblr media
it's the aggravated jaywalking for me
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imajinxnation · 9 months ago
Idk why this is so funny to me but how would silco, Vi, Viktor and jinx react to someone walking in on them and their s/o during spicy time
Someone Walks In On You Two - Arcane Preference/Reaction
Warning: Smut and a bit of crack lmao
I love this idea so much, it would be so awkward and weird to be walked in on lmao
Female!Reader, it's just easier for me to write it this way due to me being a girl
Tumblr media
"Oh, god," you huffed out, one of your hands flying to your forehead.
Vi thrusted her fingers roughly into you as she heard you moan out for her. She always loved it when she had control over you in bed. You gasped as you suddenly felt her tongue and lips around your clit, shuddering at the feeling. Vi always knew what she was doing and what buttons to press when it came to things like this. What she didn't know is that she had left the door to your room unlocked. There were footsteps coming down the hall when, suddenly, the door opened, only to reveal Caitlyn talking about how she needed to talk to Vi urgently.
As soon as Caitlyn saw the scene before her, she apologized and left in a hurry. You flushed in embarrassment, while Vi just laughed and reassured you that it was okay and that you could continue later.
Tumblr media
He was stressing the whole day about an attack on the Shimmer shipment, when you asked if you could help in any way, he knew what you were implying and said yes.
So, there you were, him sitting on his chair, behind his desk, while you were down on your knees giving him a stress relieving blowjob. You started going further down on him when you both heard a knock on his office door. It was Sevika, wanting to talk about what happened earlier with the Shimmer shipment. You went to come off of him, but his hand on the back of your head kept your mouth from leaving him, implying that he wanted you to keep going.
Soon enough, their conversation was done, but before Sevika went out the door, she said something that made you burn with embarrassment.
"We'll talk more about this later, Silco. By the way, you're shit at keeping secrets, I know you're here (y/n)," she smirked.
Tumblr media
You always knew Viktor as the type of person to work until he dropped, even if he had a lot on his mind. You could tell he had a lot on his mind by the way he was working and the look on his face, so you decided that he needed a little break, plus you had been missing him ever so much. You pushed him lightly back on his chair, climbing to sit in his lap, careful to avoid putting pressure on his bad leg. He stared up at you with shocked eyes and his face red from embarrassment. You lightly placed your lips on his, but that lightness quickly became very heavy and needy as Viktor got into it more. He placed his hands on your hips, bringing you closer as you slipped your toungue into his mouth.
A minute or two into it, the door opened, Jayce standing there with a book in his hand, just staring at the scene before him. You two were so busy with each other that you didn't notice him come in. Jayce slowly backed out of the room and closed the door slowly, as to not make a noise. While he was scarred for life, ya'll had no idea why Jayce was so awkward being around you two the next day.
Tumblr media
Jinx was feeling in the mood for a whole week when she finally snapped and couldn't hold back from jumping on you. She stomped into your shared room, pushing you backwards onto your bed while she was complaining that you had been teasing her all week. Her hands immediately roamed your body as she dove in for a heated kiss. Her left hand finally landed on your breast and she started squeezing and groping, her right hand on your waist to make you stay still.
It wasn't too long into your session when Silco walked into the room, wanting to ask Jinx about a new mission he had for her. He immediately stopped in his tracks when he saw what was happening. Jinx gave him a warning look, as if to say, get out before I make you.
"Just come to my office when you're done, Jinx," Silco sighed as he walked out of the room, trying to get the image of you two out of his head.
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kissettka · 12 days ago
day 39498698658486393948243952394829389424032855824 I'm still looking at the smiling silco out of context
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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viktorstittytank · 4 months ago
Girls night (NSFW)
Everyone’s reaction to reader coming back from a girls night tipsy and horny
I thought this idea was wayyy too funny
18+ minors DNI
Tumblr media
Probably was at the girl’s night with you.
If you smack Mel you’re losing access to your hands and they will be pinned.
She completely understands getting caught up in the moment but she isn’t the one to slap. It’ll just be used as an excuse to steal your soul.
This girls got gadgets you’ve never even heard of and they’re all gonna be working at their highest setting tonight.
Accidentally traumatizing Jayce and waking up to enough noise complaints you could swim in them.
Tumblr media
At first she’s a pouty puppy. Hasn’t even noticed that you’re tipsy and hella horny. She’s too caught up in feeling bad for herself that you left her at home to spend time with your girls.
She has to get a good look at you before she realizes what’s going on and smirks.
Handsy, hot and bothered, she’s liking this side of you.
But then her pants are coming off, and wow you taste like hard liquor and when did you get her top off?
As soon as she realizes you’re moving a little too fast for her she panics.
Locked herself in the bathroom and sat in the tub till you passed out by the door.
Tumblr media
At first he’s excited to see you. He’s ready to hear about all the places you’ve been and what you guys talked about until he sees this carnivores look in your eye he’s never seen before.
You pretty much jump his bones.
You’re going to break the man. You’re squishing his face and he’s fighting to breathe while you’re having some of the best sex the two of you have ever had.
Moans in confused and a little scared cus what the fuck is going on.
He’s half out of his mind while you’re bouncing on him and only really comes back to earth once the two of you are done.
Littered in bite marks and can’t look you in the eye in the morning. Doesn’t even know who you are anymore. This is going in his journal.
Tumblr media
Babes can do more than handle you. You’ve met your match with this one. She doesn’t really care if you’re gripping her hair hard if anything it makes her work harder.
Bite her she’ll bite back harder.
She’s gonna chuckle into your mound while you grind yourself against her face. Usually you’d never even think about sitting on her face because you’ve said it before you’re too scared you’ll suffocate her. It’s hard to believe the words ever left your mouth at the sight of the two of you.
When the strap comes out if you get wild she’s just gonna enjoy the show. Completely ignores you when you try smacking her. Only really cares about the faces you’re making cus you look cute.
Sevika can take a couple of hits this is a piece of cake.
Tumblr media
Someone missed you while you were gone as much as he hates to say it. He tried distracting himself with work but couldn’t help thinking about you and how cold you’d left his presence.
He waits for you at the door so once you come stumbling in he’s getting mowed down immediately.
Congratulations you’ve caught the king off guard and wow this is definitely a new position, have you always been this flexible? What are you doing to his body?
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whirlybirbs · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
HOBBYISTS & FINER THINGS.   ;   silco / reader
summary: perhaps all this trouble is worth it. or, you come into ownership of the lilac lounge and after a business inquiry, find you've earned silco's interest.
word count: 2.1k
pairing: silco / f!reader
a/n: a little something i've been stewing on. enjoy what will undoubtedly become a little series, knowing me. this pretty gif is by @aestheticsicrushon from this set here!
read me on ao3  |  next chapter >
You're beginning to think this whole thing was more trouble than it was worth. By 'thing', you quite candidly mean the fact The Lilac Lounge — one of three brothel's residing along the Lanes' main strip — was now under your ownership.
You'd be lying if you said it hadn't come as surprise.
(The sort of surprise that had riled half the Lanes the next morning — your screams of disbelief had ricocheted down the strip, the squawk sending whatever poor gutter rats and ravens fleeing from their morning meals. WHAT?!)
You and Yeleni — the previous owner — had never really seen eye-to-eye. She was a disgruntled, old courtesan who could rarely admit a single fault, and yet you stuck around. Be it loyalty or stubbornness, you're still not quite sure. You were one of her best girls; you've spent the better half of your life working in that plush, little brothel.
Those rooms have seen your maturity sharpen.
Whatever. Fuckin' Yeleni. She put your fuckin' name on the deed. Then, she up and croaked. Slipped away in her sleep. Not exactly the way you'd imagined her going, but it happened. You always thought there would be more screaming, more clawing — a last, desperate cling to life just like she clung to her vanishing creams smuggled from Topside.
There's a whole pile sitting on your desk back at The Lilac Lounge. You can't seem to get rid of them fast enough. You thought handing off a dead woman's half-used beauty regime would be easier. Turns out it's quite the contrary.
...Perhaps Silco...?
You silence the intrusive quip with a quick flash of your lashes.
You have to admit — you anticipated the man before you to be a bit more... garish. From the way Yeleni had spoken of him, it seemed as if he was a pain to look at. From her stories, every interaction between the two verged on violent. Though, you suppose that eighty-six-year-old whore rarely had any sort of functional relationship with any of her coworkers, patrons, or protection. It was charming... in a twisted way.
His back is to you now. He is in the corner, by the phonograph. There's a cart there with a myriad of pretty little bottles and pretty little spirits. The offer of tea comes as a surprise.
From your place between the two of his enforcers, you shift in your chair. Your cross your legs and rest your knotted hands on your stockinged knee when your coat has parted.
"Sherry," you speak slowly; the point in your words remains pleasant if not professional, "If you have it."
Across the room, Silco takes pause. His own drink is forgotten for a moment — and he's suddenly struck with the fact you are not Yeleni. You're... well, little old Yeleni would have already threatened to castrate him for suggesting he didn't have her tea ready on her arrival.
"Not a fan?"
She'd been a mythic woman. Quite small, but mighty. Respected.
Why she left The Lilac Lounge to you remains to be seen.
He moves, the lip of the crystal tinkering neatly against the glass. He turns back, both drinks in hand.
"No," you explain lightly, "I can never get past the sting of the water."
You get a good look at him then, backlit by the jade windows that suck in the dim light from the Lanes outside. Your chin is held high, posturing rigid as a board. Silco is a bit surprised to see you've kept your coat on. The high collar brushes your cheek.
He offers the sherry and your gloved fingers brush his.
He holds your gaze.
You're a pretty thing. Beautiful, even. Not in a delicate sense, but in a pointed sort of way. Sharp. Perhaps it's the wicked way your eyes narrow ever so slightly when they meet his.
Hm. No, not bad to look at. Not at all, you reason.
His eyes lift and with a wave of his hand, he gestures for his men to wait outside. You watch, sherry raised to your lips, and only sip once the door has clicked shut. When your head swivels back, he's still watching you.
Finally, he leans back and ventures around the center table to his rouge loveseat.
The spirit stings your throat. It's nice.
"You know," comes the slow drawl as he leans and gathers a cigar before dropping down to the sofa, "Your predecessor would have threatened me four times over at this point in our meeting..."
You snort into your drink. Quiet. Lady-like, still. Your voice echoes in the crystal as you hesitate a sip.
"Would you prefer I begin now or later?"
Silco almost laughs. Almost. The corner of his lips tug. You see a flash of intrigue narrow his good eye. The other, burning bright as embers, stares on.
"Hardly," he leans forward, elbows on his knees. Gracefully, he clips the cigar and procures a heavy, gilded lighter from the same box. He snaps it open with a satisfying tink before lighting the expensive piece of tobacco. It's a gesture. Reminding you where you are.
"Yeleni thought highly of you."
It's Silco's turn to snort. "Did she now?"
"No," you cut it down, resting your glass on your knee as you watch him extend back like a cat. He props his arm up and takes a long drag of the cigar; your smile is cunning, "But, she never thought highly of anyone but herself. So, perhaps let me rephrase: she respected you."
Silco lets that settle in the air between the two of you.
"And you?" he asks after a moment.
You swirl the glass. Your gloves are sheer. Dashed with glimmer little bits of woven metal. It flashes silver in the jade light of the office. When you lift your eyes, they inadvertently land on a painting over his shoulder. Your face snaps, a tension breaking, at the sight of—
"A Friedlingmer?"
Silco blinks.
His head turns, following your gaze.
The painting of the idyllic topside pasture has ensnared your attention long enough for Silco follows the trail of your figure. The glitter along your cheekbones catches the light as a stream of light filters in from the afternoon.
"It was a gift," he speaks into his whiskey, ignoring the stroke of admiration that blooms in the wake of your interest.
"It's beautiful," you speak slowly, eyes still trained on the intricate frame holding the painting, "And rare. He only completed eight paintings in his time spent Topside. You're the sole owner of one, it seems."
"...You're an academic, then?" Silco prods, "It's not often I have the pleasure of holding company who can speak on Friedlingmer's residencies."
Your laugh is melodic. Like a diamond. Pretty and rough and rare. "You flatter me, Silco."
His name is honey-sweet on your tongue. It rolls off easier than you mean for it. Silco's lip tugs again.
"It was merely an honest inquiry."
"No, no, I — I'm a hobbyist, if you will," you wave it off, your attention turned back to the man before you, "But, at the end of the day, we all chase the beauty of things we cannot have, don't we?"
Lights alive, you're something.
...He gets it now.
This is dangerous. This little feeling that's nibbling at his heartstrings. This is — fuck.
Silco clears his throat after a long moment.
Stick to business.
"Yeleni and I had an understanding," he speaks carefully as his cigar burns between his fore and middle finger. The smoke rises up, dancing in fine lines of smoke around his face, "I take it you were aware."
"I'm looking to extend the terms of the agreement."
Silco almost chokes.
He smothers his surprise, masking it as a clearing of his throat. He leans forward, a hand falling along a crossed knee. He's a lithe man — but long. Tall. Lean and sharp. Handsome, still. You can't help but feel a bit of a bitterness creep up. Yeleni should have warned you as much.
"Our agreement was extensive—"
"I want security present for twelve hours every other day," you say sharply, as the web of the conversation begins to unravel just as you'd hoped, "For an increase to ten percent of our earnings."
"I don't have the men for that."
"Lying is unbecoming."
Your gazes connect and it's white-hot. Like gasoline on open flame.
Silco almost snarls.
"Twenty percent."
"—As if I'd give you anything more than eleven."
He misses Yeleni.
But, it seems you're not finished — and for yet another time in the ten minutes, he realizes just why Yeleni left The Lilac Lounge to you.
"We're vulnerable. Shimmer puts us in a dangerous position. The work we do is sought after and demand hits a new peak with every month. Protecting us puts good faith in you. It's a mutually beneficial arrangement."
Silco exhales. Then, he takes a long drag of his cigar.
"Ten percent," he affirms after a stretch of contemplation. His yield is granted with a small tip of his head; his eyes are roaming your face, "And I'll give you ten hours, three men, everyday."
Your brow lifts ever-so-slightly.
"...That's kind of you, Silco."
"Consider it good faith," he remarks dryly before lowering his voice, "I... owe Yeleni as much. She... She was a good woman. And I'm sorry for your loss."
His lips quirk when you bark out a laugh. This one is less lady-like. Honest, maybe.
"As I said before," you harp, "Lying is unbecoming."
"Please," comes the rather comedic urge for a shred of composure, "She's dead—"
"Isn't that a blessing?"
Before Silco can split the air with his own dry laughter, you continue.
"We'll settle, then," you offer your hand across the gap, "Eleven percent for ten hours, three men, every day."
A hum of appreciation settles in Silco's chest. Your insistence on a fair settlement is... different from his day-to-day. Based on principle.
He sets his glass down, drops his cigar to the ashtray, and leans. He catches your hand in a warm shake. Firm. Sturdy. The foundation of a great partnership.
He ignores the burn that clings to his skin when you pull away.
"I appreciate your time, Silco."
The sherry is slipped back and finished in a swallow. His eyes follow the gesture.
"You're a busy man — I won't keep you," you explain as you gather yourself up and gently offer the empty crystal glass to him. The rim is stained with the painted color from your lips. Your perfume threatens to drown the office in a delicate femininity that's all but lost on the space. It stokes a frightening sense of longing in him.
He stands quickly and rounds the table.
"Regardless, I appreciate your time, madame," comes the courteous reply, holding more poise than the official title; and while not entirely unwelcome, the title of madam is still one that you're not used to. Madam of The Lilac Lounge. It has quite the ring to it. You're not too sure of the tune, though. Not yet.
Then, a slow reach for your hand. You allow him to take it.
He offers a chaste press of his lips to your knuckles. The sheer material there does little to save your skin from going alight at the heat. His eyes, all the while, bore into you.
Your expression flits into something akin to interest. It's fleeting. It's replaced with a slow kiss of your lashes to your cheek. You bow your head.
"Be well, Silco."
"Until next time, madame."
When — a handful of days later —a carefully wrapped parcel arrives in the arms of two of Silco's men, you find yourself smothering surprise. It's big, and as the two muscle it through the brothel at the earned attention of nearly the whole house of staff, you can't help but hiss and ha at the roughness with which they treat it.
There's a note attached, tucked into the pretty blue twine.
You pull back a torn corner, and then immediately slap it back.
Your head snaps to the doorway of your office, where a gaggle of your workers have gathered. They stare at you owlishly. Your eyes are a mile wide, you reason, because you're met with an excited chatter of gossip. They leer in, rushing forward in a sea of masked, painted-on lovers.
It's a Friedlingmer.
Perhaps this whole thing was all the trouble it was worth.
By 'thing', you quite candidly mean the fact you're now the owner of an original pasture piece by Friedlingmer and The Lilac Lounge.
And apparently the interest of Silco himself.
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zoeykallus · 9 months ago
Arcane - Little Flower
Tumblr media
Silco x female!reader
Warning: SMUT! 18+
Oral recieving/ PiV Sex / Some Fingerplay/ Grinding/ Inexperienced reader/ Soft Dom Silco / Soft Dirty Talk/ Dubious Consent
Author's comment: I recently finished watching Arcane... so anyway, I started simping and I'm making it your problem :)
As for my Star Wars content followers- don't worry, there is more coming. I actually got three WIP's in the making, one with clone wars Rex, one with Tech and one with Crosshair, and there was an idea for something with Hunter but I haven't started that one yet. I don't know wich one will be finished first, that depends on my mood and motivation.
Playing on repeat while writing this: Going Down Power Of Love Niemand
PS: reblogging and commenting is always welcome.
Following Chapters:
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Arcane - Little Flower
So much potential had always been seen in you, at least your family had. And yet here you were, working at the front desk of a brothel. So much for potential. Things always went differently in Zaun, if you were too meek you didn't get very far. And unfortunately, you were one of those rather meek people.
It was only your second day and you were already fed up with this job, but you had to live on something. After two days you had already seen a lot of different customers and heard some noises that you would have liked to block out. But at least you were not one of the sex workers, that would be the last thing you wanted to do. Considering that you were still a virgin, that would also be completely inappropriate, at least in your opinion. Even if your boss saw it differently and had initially tried to persuade you to become one of the easy girls.
You reckoned as always with everything, but not with your next customer.
When he entered the brothel, his presence filled the entire building. A slim, tall man with dark hair combed back, a few gray strands, well dressed, sublime step. The left half of his aristocratic, prominent face was haggard with scars, his left eye mutated. The narrow nose in profile reminded of an eagle.
He moved directly toward you. You knew this man, had heard his name many times. Silco. A man who was feared in Zaun, just as he was respected. He didn't have nicknames like "The Eye of Zaun" and "The Industrialist" for nothing. This city was more or less his. He had a reputation for being ruthless and unscrupulous. He ruled over everything he owned with a hard hand and questionable ways and means. It was better not to mess with Silco.
He was outrageously attractive in his own way, at least that's how you looked at him.
Your heart beat up to your neck when he stopped in front of your counter, usually you had to greet people accordingly, but when he looked down at you, your voice got stuck in your throat.
Silco knew what effect he had on the people he met.
He smiled and under his gaze you seemed to get smaller and smaller.
"How can I be of service?" you finally asked, almost so quietly that he could barely hear you.
He looked you up and down, leaned a little further over the counter, closer to you and said, "You're awfully quiet, little flower."
His voice was smooth and dark, vibrating through your senses.
"What can I do for you?" you said a little louder this time.
He chuckled, "Unfortunately, I'm not here for pleasure, I need to have a conversation with your boss. Do you know where I can find her?"
You gulped and answered, "In her office," and pointed in the relevant direction.
One of his large, slender hands approached your face. He was wearing black leather gloves, one of his gloved fingers running along your right cheek.
"Pretty thing," he murmured, finally making his way to the office door with a wink in your direction.
Your mouth was dry and your heart was racing. It couldn't possibly be good when Silco paid you such attention.
Tumblr media
Silco faced the madam, a middle-aged lady with too much makeup, too much confidence and too little decency. At least if you asked him.
"I assure you, we will take care of the incident that happened with your subordinate," madam Celest promised with a flutter of her fake eyelashes.
"Hmm" grumbled Silco "That would be better for you, otherwise I'll leave the brothel in other, more capable hands".
"That won't be necessary" said the madam hastily.
He leaned back in his chair to glance through the ajar door and caught a glimpse of you standing behind the counter, apparently going through some paper. When he turned back to the madam, there was a shallow smile on his features.
"There is something, something you could use to pay off your debt to me".
The madam listened up, "Oh yeah?"
"Yes. The girl outside at the front desk. I want her."
The madam blinked and tilted her head to the side, "She's not my property, she just works here. Besides that, she's inexperienced, she's not one of my girls, she just works at the counter"
Silco sighed wearily, "I don't care. I want her. Make sure she comes to the club and works for me, then we are even"
"I'll talk to her, but I can't promise anything."
Silco's eyes narrowed as he said "You better make an effort".
Tumblr media Tumblr media
After two days in the brothel, you already had another job. The madam had told you what Silco wanted from you and suggested to accept the offer. One never rejected his offers, that never ended well. But even if one accepted it, not necessarily something good came out of it.
You had spent the last few days bringing him food and drinks, his cigars or mail that was left for him at the club. Otherwise you sat in your room in the same building where your bed was and the few belongings you owned. Silco paid well, but you could hardly leave the building because he had you watched all the time. In the free time you had for yourself, at least one of his goons followed you everywhere you went. They were probably there to make sure you didn't run away.
Carrying a tray of fresh fruit, an outrageously expensive luxury in Zaun, you walked into his office just as one of his goons left the room and locked the door behind you. Uncertainly, you glanced at the sprawling desk and the large, noble chair behind it in which Silco sat. He had a cigar in the corner of his mouth. The smoke rose and the entire room smelled of it, of the cigar and his aftershave. A strangely intoxicating mix.
Your heart beat faster, as it always did when you entered his office, or when he entered a room you were in.
Suddenly he looked up, he smiled when he saw you. Trying with all your might to suppress the trembling in your hands, you approached the table and placed the tray on it.
"Thank you, little flower"
That's what he often called you, little flower.
When you were about to leave again, Silco put out his cigar in the big heavy ashtray on his desk and he stopped you from leaving.
"Wait. Come here," he said, beckoning you to him with two fingers.
You approached the table again, but that wasn't enough for him, he waved you even closer. When you got closer but still not close enough, he impatiently grabbed one of your hands and pulled you towards him. He was still sitting in his chair and looking up at you. The sea green of his normal eye shimmered in the setting sun that shone through the large window behind him.
"Don't be shy," he said teasingly, as you flinched because his knee touched your leg.
“What can I do for you?“, you asked nervously.
"Hmm, you could let me do something for you, because there's something I'd be hungry for."
Your heart leapt into your throat at his words.
Instead of an answer, the long, slender fingers of his large hand stroked along your leg, ever upward, under the hem of your skirt, and upward still. You shivered as his fingers ghosted over the delicate fabric of your panties, just above your sex.
"You're really glowing between your legs, this will probably be a warm meal for me," he quipped with a smirk.
„S-Sir?“, you stuttert feeling heat rising in your face and ears.
Again instead of an answer, he acted. His fingertips feel the edge of your panties and slipped under the fine fabric. Gently his long fingers slid through your folds and at the same moment you felt yourself getting wet, fluids pooling out of you.
You did not dare to say anything or withdraw. Partly out of fear, but also because his touch felt delightful, even if you didn't want to admit it.
When he withdrew his fingers you had to suppress a disappointed sigh. But when you saw him guide his fingers covered with your slick to his lips and lick them, a small whimper escaped you.
"Hmm, my little flower is a honey pot," he murmured delightedly.
Your gaze wandered almost automatically to his crotch and you saw the bulge in his pants, it was practically impossible to miss and gave an idea that he was far better equipped than you had assumed.
With a jerk he suddenly pulled you onto his lap, facing him, your legs left and right over his. One of his hands went to your back, went down to your bottom and gripped into the tender flesh. You inhaled sharply and suppressed a small, startled cry.
His free hand went to your neck and urged your head down towards his. He sniffed your neck and sighed devotedly.
"You smell fantastic Y / N, little flower, so gorgeous," he said in a hoarse voice.
The hand on your bottom pressed you even closer, closer to his body, you could feel his hard erection through the fabric of his pants and your panties on your femininity.
He let out a low, heated growl as you tried to move on his lap.
"Where are you going?" He asked, amused.
"I ... nowhere"
Silco began to kiss your neck and a low whimper came over your lips. His hot breath wandered up your throat to your ear where he whispered: "You don't want to get away from me, do you?"
That was neither a lie nor the truth. He attracted you magnetically and at the same time you were afraid of him, of what people said about him.
"Good, because I still have a lot to do with you, my beautiful," he cooed with a smile.
He arched his hips slightly, pressing his lap into yours and nibbling on your delicate earlobe at the same time.
“Hmmm”, you heard him hum with satisfaction, “Your smell, the warmth of your body, the sweet little honey pot between your legs, you are perfect, little flower. A perfect bloom grown in all the junk around us. And I found you, now you are mine. "
You swallowed and said softly: "Please don't hurt me"
Silco stopped moving, his hand on your neck, pressing your head so he could look you in the face.
"What did you just say?" He asked.
Your eyes darted back and forth wildly, looking for an escape.
"Look at me, stop looking so nervously from one corner to the other," he demanded gently but firmly.
You followed his request very nervously.
"Tell me, Y / N, has any of what I've done so far been painful?"
"N-No," you answered him in a very low voice.
Still calm and gentle, he asked, “No? Then why do you assume that I intend to hurt you? "
“People say things about you. They say ... that you are dangerous and angry and that you hurt people "
Silco nodded thoughtfully, then smiled and said: “Yes, I have a certain reputation. But you are not people. You are my little flower "
You nodded slowly whereupon he smiled in satisfaction.
"Good girl"
He turned the chair and you towards the table, grabbed your hips with both hands and lifted you onto the table. He was much stronger than he looked.
His fingers were nimble, slipping under your skirt and pulling down your panties, brushing them over your ankles and off your body. He didn't toss them carelessly to the side as you had expected, but laid them on the table beside you. Finally, he pushed up the fabric of your skirt, reached for your trembling thighs and spread them.
The corners of his mouth twitched upward as he saw you spread out before him like a buffet. He leaned forward in his chair, his face hovering so close over your pussy that you could feel his hot breath on your moist folds. A soft whimper came from your mouth.
He took a deep breath and chuckled, "Incredibly intoxicating, I'm going to lick your little honey pot dry until you forget your own name, little flower."
Your pussy twitched at his words, heat flowed to your center and the tickle of his breath made your bud swell with desire.
The fingers of his right hand ran gently, almost delicately through your folds, one fingertip caressing your entrance, collecting your juices and sliding upward to your pulsing pearl. As he drew small circles on your clit, you were dripping wet and a high pitched moan came from your throat. It never felt this good when you touched yourself, this was something completely different, much more intense.
Silco gently asked you to lean back with your back on his table and you complied expectantly.
His finger continued to massage your sensitive bud as his tongue ran over your folds. Surprised by the sensation, your thighs twitched. His tongue swirled hot, strong and deft through your folds, to your entrance and dipped inside you.
You couldn't help it, the words coming hoarsely from your mouth, "Oh God!"
He chuckled into your folds, the vibration almost sending you over the edge.
Your toes curled, your thighs trembled with tension, your whole abdomen seemed filled with liquid heat. He licked you out, with intense movements of his tongue, humming over and over again with excitement and satisfaction, chasing sweet vibration into your sex.
In a groan it came from your lips, "Please! S-Silco I'm gonna...."
He hummed deep and hungry this time.
"Yes" he mumbled into your folds "Come for me, let go, I'll catch you".
The knot loosened, tingling hot waves vibrated through your pussy and you tightened around his tongue.
Silco moaned and worked you even further, working through your high, gently stroking your hips with his free hand. Eventually he let go of you so he wouldn't overstimulate you, though he couldn't resist the naughty little kiss on your still swollen pearl. He wiped his mouth and grinned at you as you propped yourself up on your elbows and looked at him.
Still nervous and breathing heavily from your climax, you smiled shyly at him.
"So, did that hurt?" he asked teasingly, getting up from his chair.
You shook your head and said almost in a whisper, "No. That was nice."
He undid the belt of his pants and at the sight of him unwrapping his length, nervousness crept up in you again. Heavy and girthy, his veiny cock stood out from his body, the blunt tip slightly swollen. He saw the look on your face and tilted his head slightly to the side.
"What's wrong? A little above average I know, but I promise you I'm gentle".
Your mouth opened and you shyly told him softly, "I've never done this before."
"What?" he asked with a puzzled blink "Really never?"
You nodded, shying away from his scrutinizing gaze.
"Now I understand why you're so nervous all the time, you had no idea what to expect did you? Poor thing, must have been scared, but there's no need to be, I'm not going to hurt you, I'm going to make you feel good", he cooed.
He gently pulled you off the table onto your wobbly legs and held you as you almost buckled.
Tumblr media
Silco led you to another door in his office and opened it. Behind it was a bedroom with a huge bed with black silk sheets. The rest of the room automatically blanked out of your mind because you knew this bed was the target and your thoughts swirled solely around it.
He began to undress you until you finally stood naked in front of him, his gaze wandering up and down your body.
" Delicious! On the bed with you, little flower".
You complied with his request and climbed onto the bed, turning to face him and watching as he undressed as well. The torso first, out of the fancy coat of the fine vest and the red dress shirt.
Yes he was slim, but under his pale skin hard muscles stood out, a body stronger than it appeared at first sight. A few fine hairs on his chest, already graying, gathered in a line leading down into his pants, accentuated by the appetizing V line of his hips.
At the sight, your mouth watered. Torn between sexual desire and a touch of fear, you watched as he slipped off his shoes, socks, pants and underwear. Again your eyes fell on his privates, so proud, veiny and heavy. Your heart beat wildly in your chest, towards him, and at the same time your nerves fluttered with nervousness.
He smiled at you, in his own haunting way that got under your skin and made you shiver.
Silco climbed up onto the bed, over you, gently but firmly spreading your legs with his, lying down on top of you and pressing his hard shaft against your wet folds. His arms supported most of his weight as he gently began to roll his hips, rubbing his length over your sex and creating glorious friction on your pearl.
With an excited sigh, you wrapped your legs around his body almost automatically and began to move with him. You realized that was far from all, he wasn't even inside you yet and you longed to feel him inside you as much as you were afraid of it. But so far he had been gentle and considerate, so you were nowhere near as scared as you had expected.
There you were, lying naked in Silco's bed beneath him, expecting him to deflower you at any moment. Something you never would have thought would happen just a few days ago. At least not with Silco.
His face came closer and when his lips gently touched yours, your eyes closed with a soft sigh. He was warm and softer than you had expected, this mouth that often gave such harsh words speech, such grim commands- was warm and gentle. His tongue slid over your lower lip, asking for entrance and you granted it only too gladly. As his tongue slid into your mouth and playfully explored yours, you could taste yourself in his mouth, a strange, exciting sensation.
As he increased the pressure of his hips in your lap, you moaned into the kiss and his lips twisted into a smile.
Silco slowly detached himself from your lips and spoke softly in a voice like hot dark chocolate, "Are you sure this is what you want?"
Nervously you licked your lips. Yes you wanted it, you wanted to feel more of him, wanted to belong to him, every fiber of your body craved it even if a part of you still trembled gently at the thought. You nodded, but that wasn't enough for him.
"Tell me with your words, little flower," he demanded, cooing.
"I want this, I want you, Silco."
His smile sent shivers through your expectant body.
"Very well, then you shall have what you desire".
He pulled his hips back a bit to line up at your entrance. The tip of his cock hit the folds at your entrance, parting them slowly and gently. You gasped as he slowly entered you, at first with just the tip. As expected, he not only looked massive but felt so as well. Slowly he pushed further, you felt the stretch as he slowly filled you, then a slight resistance and a small sharp pain that made you wince against your will.
You held your breath, nervous and unsure.
Silco stopped, bent down to you without advancing any further, kissed your shoulder and whispered: "Keep breathing, little flower, you don't have to be afraid, this little pain was all the discomfort you will feel, I promise".
You breathed a sigh of relief, but stuttering, irregular. His lips moved to your neck, placing open mouthed kisses on your heated skin, trying to soothe you.
Silco placed a kiss under your ear and whispered, "My beautiful little flower, relax, breathe in and out, breathe with me."
His gentle encouragement helped you regain your composure, his warm lips on your skin, began to rekindle the tingling in your core. As Silco felt you gradually relax under him, he pushed deeper into you.
Your fingers clawed into his shoulders as you felt him filling you, filling your cleft to the hilt, stretching you. The small bush of curly, partly graying hair at the base of his shaft tickled your pearl.
A curse escaped your lips and he chuckled.
"Are you all right?" he asked softly.
"Yeah... it's just so... so much"
With a smile he cocked an eybrow at you, asking, "Too much? Do you want me to stop?"
"No!" you said hastily, wrapping your legs tighter around him and rolling your hips.
"Do you want more?" he asked, his voice a promising whisper.
„Yes! P-please, more...need more“
Silco began to move, pulling his hips back, slowly, and then forward again, into you. The feeling was indescribable. He kept moving, paying close attention to your every reaction. He changed the angle, shifted his weight, until he could see in your face that he was hitting just the right spot in your wet, hot cleft.
"Oh my love, you're so tight and hot and wet, just for me," he uttered hoarsely, and you saw his good eye darken with desire.
But he held back, taking you with gentle thrusts, giving you time.
It wasn't long, however, before your fingers dug into his buttocks, urging him to give you more, harder and faster. He emitted a surprised sound, but immediately complied with your wordless request.
Wet sounds filled the room, mixed with the sound of naked skin meeting naked skin. A sensual and sinful sound. Heat flowed into your pussy, your body quivering with each of his thrusts. His lips and teeth caressed your neck, greedy yet gentle, leaving marks on your skin as he took you greedier and greedier, his breath becoming heavier and faster.
Sweat covered both your skin.
"S-Silco," it came harshly from your lips, "more, please, f-faster..."
With a growl that came deep from his chest, he granted your wish, taking you faster, harder. Whimpers and high pitched moans came rushing out of your mouth, your fingers clawing over his back, his shoulders in helpless horniness as his cock buried deep inside you, moved inside you. His tip kept hitting that one spot that made you see stars and sent hot waves through your body.
One particularly intense thrust made you yelp, "hnngnaaah!.... close, I'm c-close!"
"Good girl, cum for me, cum on my cock!" he forced out through clenched teeth.
The sound that came from your mouth as the knot burst was almost a scream. Your walls tightened around his length, your thighs quivering tensely as a tingling, hot wave followed by many smaller waves like an echo, coursed through your abdomen, radiating heat with a tickle into all your limbs.
Silco growled again as he felt your cleft tighten, your climax racing over you. His thrusts became erratic.
"Where... where do you want me...?"
"Inside me!" you hastily interrupted him, feeling that he could barely hold it in.
Almost at the same moment he let go, his cock pulsing inside you, his seed flowing hotly into your cleft, and for a moment you felt even fuller than before.
With an extended sigh, his thrusts became slower and slower until he finally stopped, breathing heavily. He licked his lips and looked into your sweaty face.
"That was..." your lips twisted into a wide smile as you saw the look of anticipation on his face "Indescribably beautiful."
With a satisfied smile he said in a raspy voice "I don't think I can ever get enough of you. I can't wait to show you more".
He kissed you gently as his shaft slowly softened inside you.
Holding you to his lips, he whispered questioningly, "Would you like to spend the night here, little flower?"
A tender yet joyful, "Yes," was your answer.
Again he showed that smile, that one that he seemed to show only for you, that filled your heart with warmth and your belly with butterflies.
Tumblr media
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silence-burns · 9 months ago
Silco: relationship headcanons //part 1
Fandom: Arcane
Tumblr media
Silco is a man of focus, commitment and will to sacrifice a lot in pursuit of his goal. He knows half the people of the Lanes and controls a big chunk of the rest, but doesn't flinch before sacrificing those he considers pawns in order to fulfill his dream. There are very few people he keeps close and shares even a sliver of trust with. 
And then you march into his life and refuse to leave. 
What confused Silco the most at first is how you seemed to genuinely not want to use him for your own gain. You were involved in freeing the Lanes from the Piltover's clasp, and you had a decent skill set that came in handy on a few occasions. You slowly worked your way up, started working closer with Silco… and never stabbed him in the back. 
That surprised him. Loyalty is hard-earned in the Lanes and you seemed too good to not be an elaborate trap, and yet there you were, standing by his side and looking like you enjoyed the place. Like you wanted to be there.
With him.
It took Silco a while to realize what he felt looking at you was something more than care over a good investment. That the people he sent with you on missions he chose with special interest. That he always wanted you to bring him the reports, to accompany him to meetings, to keep an eye on Jinx when he had to take care of especially gruesome business alone.
It didn't take Sevika that long to notice. But Sevika didn't care what was going on in her boss's private life as long as you were less of a problem than Jinx. And given how you didn't bite her even once throughout all the time you worked for Silco, she might even like you more than the kid.
Silco tried to move on, to get rid of the feelings he knew would be his weakness in a world where he could afford to show none. But his mind would constantly linger on you, on your smile, on the way you delivered the newest report, the tone of your voice or the small gestures he noticed you made - and knew he couldn't live like this.
What Silco didn't know was your side of things. You did allow yourself some freedom in his presence he wouldn't take from his other goons, but was something more behind it? 
Silco tried to be subtle at first and did his best to make hints and figure out your feelings from the reaction to them, but he quickly fell into over analyzing every single word or look you gave him. It led him nowhere and Silco didn't like that.
The matter of whatever was between you and him was something Silco was extremely sensitive about. He didn't need half the Lanes learning about his weak spot and using it against him, so whatever rumors would arise, he made Sevika crush before they caught the wind (or your attention). Sevika didn't mind. She might even enjoy the show and Silco's rising frustration.
He broke at some point. It was after yet another one of his ploys he thought were smart and direct enough, but still left you oblivious to his true intentions. He appreciated you thinking you were just his extremely trusted assistant, but there was only so much he could take.
So once Silco made sure to be somewhere private and secure with you, he decided to be as blunt as possible and let you decide whether you were interested in him in the same way, or would prefer things to stay on a purely professional level. 
He was ready to be rejected (he could think of many reasons behind that), and respected you enough to accept whatever choice you made.
His heart felt like a hammer in his chest when he waited for your answer. He stood tall and confident, even though the hands he clasped behind his back were ice cold. 
The smile Silco allowed himself when you accepted him was one of the very few genuine and happy ones you saw him make. By then you could easily tell them apart.
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bexbaxx · 10 months ago
Silco X Reader: When You're Sick
(I thought if I wrote one for Viktor, I might as well write one for Silco)
Tumblr media
• If he sees you moping around and realizes you're sick, he just rolls his eyes
• At first he'll act like it's super inconvenient to him
• "When I was a boy, growing up in the Lanes..." insert him monologuing about his bad childhood
• Once he realizes you're really sick, he'll begrudgingly ask you to lie down while he looks for a home remedy he used to use as a child
• He'll ask if you have a temperature, and if you respond "I don't know", he'll huff and press his hand against your forehead
• "You'll live."
• If you fall asleep he'll try to keep things quiet for you. When Sevika suddenly barges in talking, he shushes her
• Doesn't really like to cuddle, just because he's worried he might catch whatever you have too, so the most he'll do is let you lie your head on his lap while he's talking about work
• You don't realize it, but he's trying to come up with the most boring possible story to put you to sleep
• He might caress your face a little while you're there
• He'll get someone to go buy food for you, probably some kind of soup. Don't bother trying to complain about the taste because he won't hear a word of it
• Of course he would never admit this outloud but he secretly revels in being the person to look after you
• If you say you're feeling better, he might question that, and try to convince you to stay put for an extra day... or two
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angelltheninth · 23 days ago
Can you write Jinx, Silco, Viktor and Vander dealing with a reader who stayed up late to work or just finished a massive workload?
Oh I feel that Anon. I try to make a routine for myself so I get enough rest each day.
Pairing: Jinx, Silco, Viktor, Vander x Reader
Tags: fluff, domestic, overworking, cuddles, kissing, comfort
A/N: You don't need to work all the time to have value. Take a break every once in a while and treat yourself.
Tumblr media
Depending on how late you stay up Jinx might try to convince you to come to bed early. She really misses you and she likes to cuddle a whole lot so you better not overwork yourself. If there's anything that she can do to help you finish work faster she'll do it, even if it's just getting you snacks or drinks. Will occasionally bend down and kiss you on the cheek for good luck. When you do finally finish work she will wrap herself around you and tell you not to get up from the bed until the next day, it's time to sleep, you've more than earned it.
"Workin' still sugar? How much longer till you're done? That long?! You're really set on finishing this huh? Can I do something for you then? I don't know, can I get you anything you need? How about a kiss then? Oh now I have your attention, I see how it is. Lean in then."
Tumblr media
Silco understands the need to finish work, even if that means overworking yourself, it's what he did for a long time, especially since he became a father. That being said he also sees the value of keeping things organized and scheduled. If he sees that you're working way too much and not taking time for yourself he will offer to help you organize your day better so you have time to rest and spend time on yourself, and of course spend some more time with him.
"Darling you're working a bit too much lately don't you think? I understand how you feel, but it's not good for your health. Come on, finish this and then I'm taking you to bed. No. Not for anything lewd, you're way to tired for that, don't even try to tell me that you're not. I can give you a kiss for good night sleep however."
Tumblr media
Viktor is no stranger to staying up late to finish work. Although he's not used to being on the other side of that. Seeing how tired you get makes him reflect on his own behavior and how worried you must be when you see him looking as tired as you do now. The moment you're done he'll take you home and get you into bed, only pausing for kisses and affirmations. He offers to split up work in the future so neither of you have to stay up so late again.
"Now I know how you felt darling, seeing me working myself into exhaustion. It's not pretty. You know it's not. I understand that it's important, believe me I do, but not at the cost of your wellbeing, you taught me that. Let's go to bed hm? In the morning when you're well rested I'll help you finish up."
Tumblr media
Vander was always a hard worker so he knows the signs of someone burning themselves out from work. There's no way he's gonna let that happen to you while he just watches from the side. If you insist on finishing work then he will stay up with you and the moment he sees that you're done he'll take you in his arms and give you a bunch of kisses while he carries you to the bedroom. He will make it clear to you that you can't do stuff like that to yourself. Work is important but you are much more important to him.
"That's quite enough darlin, you've worked enough for the day. At least take a break. Really? Even if I let you sit in my lap and I kiss you? Haha, there we go, knew I could convince you. Finish up and then we can cuddle all you want, and I'll give you all the kisses you want. And to further sweeten the deal, you can pick the spot I kiss."
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inari-zaheer · a month ago
Headcanons of what's like to be Silco's s/o?
Thank you for the request!
Dating Silco Headcanons
Tumblr media
Pairing:Silco x Reader
TW:Mentions on smoking
First of all let me tell you this man would have you in the finest clothes his money could pay
Always gifting you with new items, like random things that reminded him of you, things for your collections if you had any, or gifts that you said you thought it was pretty
He'd not want you involved in the bussines as to not risk your life, but sometimes he could not help himself but bring you to simple meetings just to be in his lap looking pretty for others to see
If you wanted to he'd teach you how to smoke his cigars, specially on late night sessions where he'd completely forget his work to be with you as cigars should be calmly appreciated
If you really wanted to he'd let you help him organize his paperwork just so you could spend more time together
He'd take you on fancy dinners not only in Zaun but also in Piltover, this man has his contacts
I imagine him having his bedroom in the Last Drop for his safety and just cause it's easier
But as soon as things got serious between the both of you he'd renovate that part of the building to look more like a home than just a room for the two of you
You'd be one of the only people to see him without makeup (along with Jinx and Sevika)
Once he was comfortable enough he also let you apply his makeup for him
Also, another way to have more quality time together is the both of you sitting side by side in your vanity getting ready (morning makeup dates with Silco? Oh hell yeah)
He may have all the mob boss aura sorrounding him, but he's really soft with the ones he love
Two of his favorite activities to do with you are him reading for you with your head on his lap while he caress your hair
And slow dancing in his office when he knows nobody will come and bother you
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caitlinsnicket · 10 months ago
body worshipping them (arcane preference)
a/n: this is nsfw. be warned. feel free to like, reblog and leave a comment!
| Jinx
Tumblr media
you have her pressed up against the bed, just the way she likes it
she expects you to sit on her face or to just go down on her like you usually do
but you take her hands on yours and kiss every finger, every little crevice and patch of skin you can reach
you whisper "angel" and "lovely"
she hates you for it
she hates you for making her feel like this
so much love, for someone like her?
she doesn't deserve it
tries to push you off of her
you just hold her softer, staring in her eyes
"you're perfect. flawless. there's nothing in this world I wouldn't do for you"
she just starts crying, and then kisses you
it burns her chest, but its a good kind of pain
she loves your love
"thank you"
you keep kissing every little mark and ink in her, and she just purrs
cums in your mouth and immediatly pulls you up to kiss you
holds you close and buries her face in your neck, allowing herself to feel vulnerable
| Vi
Tumblr media
she's used to be the one in charge, the one who does the dirty, the one who does all the work
but when you start kissing her back so gently, and telling her how much you love the things she can do with her muscles, she melts
it's not like she's never had someone appreciate her before, but this is different
this is intimate
you keep praising her body, until she's naked and breathless underneath you, whimpering and moaning
"these arms, this neck. this chest. i fucking love you"
she smirks at you and shows her teeth
"then show me how much you love me"
she keeps her posture, the big dom guiding you throught you eating her out, but you can see the blush on her face
you finger her while staring into her eyes
"you're the most precious little thing i've ever seen. you look so pretty like this"
you whisper her name and she just explodes, clinging to you for dear life
finds out she's a switch
also has a praise kink
| Caitlyn
Tumblr media
she loves making out with you, especially when you're so touchy
you sit her on a table in her bedroom and start kissing her thighs and telling her how good of a girl she is
oh my god wait what
"what- what are you doing?"
you're not usually this vocal
or so praising
or so domINANT
"i'm pampering my girl. my good girl. who's always so good for me and who does so many good deeds. you deserve this. you're so pretty"
she just can't stop her hips from bucking in your face, and repeats your name like a prayer
(might let out a 'mommy' slip out who knows)
"was i... was i good?"
you kiss her shoulders and arms
"you were the best"
blushes for a whole week
| Ekko
Tumblr media
he knows he's cute and cool and all that, and he feels good about his body
but after all he's done, after who he's hurt, it's hard to see himself as someone capable of being good
so when you hold his hands up to your neck and tell him you trust him with your life, he just gets warm
"these hands aren't made for war. they're made for building a future, and they were made to protect. but you weren't. you're just a boy who deserves the world"
then you kiss those world wrecking hands
the same ones that soothe you when you have nightmares
you ride him so slowly, he thinks he's melting
he feels at home
he feels loved
| Silco
Tumblr media
he holds himself as if he feels like the best all the time
but he still gets self conscious from time to time
one night he sees a man flirting with you
but it was a tough week, so he just goes up to his office without saying nothing
you realise something was wrong
you go up there and he's just sitting there looking at nothing
you sit on his lap and hold his face gently
"what is it?"
"you could do better than me"
sitting in silence for a while
you start kissing the scarred side of his face
he sighs, relieved
"you're the best i could ever do. it's you, and its always gonna be you. you're mine, silco"
he purrs, enjoying the attention you're paying to him
just holds you while you kiss him all over the place, gently drawing shapes with his fingers
might moan a little idk
| Viktor
Tumblr media
he's super insecure, there's doubts all over his head
so one day he goes to your house after finishing up in the lab
and you have a nice little dinner set up for both of you
he just gets overwhelmed
why would you be with him? there's no reason why
but you just kiss him and tell him why
"these hands, because they take care of me and they are building the future"
"this face, because it's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen"
you start taking off his clothes to see him better, and he just blushes and lets you
"your neck, because it's so sensitive and so pretty"
you bite him and he can't stop the whimpers
"your whole body is so precious to me. let me show you. let me love you, Vik"
cue to the best blowjob and ride of his life
holds you tightly to his chest, enjoying your warmth
has a collar of bite marks all over his neck and chest
shows it proudly
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charmedghostie · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Okay, I gotta share a little something.
This scene, between Sevika and Silco, shows so much depth to her it's not even funny. She doesn't like Jinx, we have seen that time and again all through Act 2. She views Jinx as a problem, an unnecessary risk to Silco, his reputation, his dream, etc. All the things that made her betray Vander and become his right hand woman.
But, they have spent years together now. Sevika has been there through Jinx growing up, and probably had to help in some ways either through advice or action when Silco was in over his head. It's clear because he accepts what she says, he doesn't argue. He listens to her advice when she gives it and he accepts it. Which, in my opinion, shows that she has had to help him before with Jinx.
And despite her extreme dislike of Jinx THIS scene shows just how close her and Silco are. Yes, he is her boss. But they are also friends. She comforts him and gives him advice about Jinx even when all she wants to strangle Jinx.
This scene is one of my favorites, it shows such a deep level of friendship and trust between the two. It shows Sevika in such a kind, caring light and how her loyalty to Silco is because of him, not just his ideals. She proves this through action with Finn.
Which means that she will probably be trying to kill Jinx in season 2, so that'll be heart wrenching.
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imajinxnation · 9 months ago
Having a Short S/O - Arcane Preference/Reaction
Just saying this now, the height I am imagining is 5'3 because I'm that height
Warning: fluff
I don't think I put any gender for the reader, but I suppose it is more directed at female readers, but males can still read it if they want
Tumblr media
Honestly thinks it's cute how short you are, of course he'd never admit it, though. I have no idea why I thought of this, but now I just have to say it; he will PICK YOU UP. If you were standing in front of him and he needed to get past, he would pick you the fuck up and move you to the side, he don't care if you don't like it, he gonna do it anyways. Also, I imagine head pats. Like, if you're angry at him and almost to the point of yelling at him, he would just pat your head, like, "Oh yeah, you're SO scary."
Tumblr media
You both kinda help each other; he has a hard time getting things from lower places due to his leg, and you have a hard time getting things from higher places. He always tells you how much he loves your height just in case you get insecure. 100% rests his chin on top of your head when hugging you, and kisses the top of your head while he's at it. Lots of forehead kisses.
Tumblr media
Now, I read somewhere that her official height is 5'3, I have no idea if this is true, but I'm stickin with it. She absolutely loves your height and has mentioned on multiple occasions that you two are "short buddies". Being the same height makes things a lot easier for you both, well, other than high shelves, but I'm sure she'd give you a lift if you needed it. She really doesn't need a lift, but she asks you anyways because she likes your touch. Calls you cute 25/8.
Tumblr media
You cannot tell me this woman doesn't pick you up and twirl you around in a hug! Sometimes she just stares at you with pure love in her eyes, and holds your face in her hands. Because you're short, she feels like she has to protect you all the time, so she does tend to baby you a lil bit. I love the idea of her tilting your face up and slowly leaning down to kiss you.😍
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kissettka · a month ago
i was thinking you probably don't have enough of my silco posts, so here's a compilation of the silco profiles.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
because every time i see this i'm like
Tumblr media
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viktorstittytank · 9 months ago
Being Silco’s secretary headcanons
☁️ଘ(੭*ˊᵕˋ)੭* ੈ♡‧₊˚🐑
Tumblr media
.when you saw the ad for zaun’s precious Silco in need of a secretary you laughed
.you didn’t take it seriously and jokingly applied with some of your friends
.all fun and games until you found yourself in Silco’s office in business casual and stilettos
.the man will stare you down for what feels like an eternity
.”Do you know why I chose you?”
.”You were the only idiot to actually send me their application.”
.will wear you to hell just for the fun of it cus he likes seeing you huffy.
.”Y/n bring me my jacket.” “Y/n sharpen this pencil.” “Y/n could you do this paperwork for me my hand is getting tired.” “Y/n go tell Jinx I said no.”
.You'd reluctantly carry out the tasks just thankful the man hadn’t murdered you out of boredom
.As soon as you’re able to sit down and work on any paperwork he’ll give you commentary
.”I dont like your slacks today.”then give you that sinister smirk knowing full well he provided you with your uniforms
.You are expected to have his coffee memorized because no he does not take it black that’s not complicated enough for you.
. When he’s frustrated you 100% have to take the fall
.It gets to the point that if Finn pisses him off you’ll find discreet ways to ruin Finn’s life
. Jinx will bother you for sure. Why? Cus he’ll let her
.He only says something if she gets carried away
.One time she jokingly cut up your blouse…while you were wearing it
.You went home humiliated and he had to boost your pay just so you would step foot in his office again. Safe to say he keeps Jinx at an arms length for you from here on out
.After a while he’ll start to play nice
.When paperwork is at its worst and the two of you are working late nights he’ll look up and see you passed out and just quietly drape his coat over you taking any unfinished work away
.will pretend he doesn’t know what you’re talking about if you bring it up later
.sighs constantly. You listen to it so much it becomes a sound of comfort
.never tells you about the missions or his business above ground so that you’ll be safe
.one day you’ll come in and find a gift basket waiting for you on your desk
.he doesn’t say anything and he’ll come off a little tense but if you thank him he’ll ease up
.randomly sends you home cus your voice is like an ear worm and simple phrases you’ve said will echo through his mind for way too long
.he hates the way you look at him. Batting those big Betty boop lashes (currently realizing he doesn’t even know who that is) up at him.
.you look like a doll and in his mind he’s an old man so he’s definitely never gonna approach you in a romantic way
.will let his feelings die/ consume him in silence.
.Eventually once he’s faced the fact he’s fallen for you you’re gonna lose your job and get demoted to like bartender at the last drop or something
.he’ll come by and visit but it won’t be the same
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whirlybirbs · 9 months ago
girl PLEASE do another part of ‘hobbyist & finer things’!! it is in the top 3 of the best silco fics i swear.
Tumblr media
chp.2  |  HOBBYISTS & FINER THINGS ; silco / reader
summary: you're late on payment. silco pays you a visit. your courtesans are curious. it's rather romantic. read part one here.
word count: 3.8k
pairing: silco / f!reader
a/n: you all really enjoyed the first part of this little work of mine! thank you all for leaving such kind little notes and reblogs. i'll probably by using a mastertag to track this series - so if you want to check my blog for any updates, check the hobbyists & finer things tag! yet again, this pretty gif is by @aestheticsicrushon from this set here!
< previous chapter  | read me on ao3  |  next chapter >
You're three days late on payment.
Sevika makes a point of letting him know.
Set in the center of the bazaar, The Lilac Lounge is a ten-minute ride down the Lane. It's tucked neatly between shops nearly adjacent to Babette's own establishment. It creates a stream of pink and lilac light creeping into the streets, carried by the open doors and open arms of eager workers. The Lilac Lounge is a teetering two stories — the first is a sprawling maze of velvet-walled rooms for services and the like; up a winding staircase in the back sits the second floor where workers were boarded.
Once upon a time, the brothel would have been considered fashionable, but as time crept on, Yeleni was hesitant to change her ways.
Seems as though you've ushered in the new era, however — the previous sign has been removed in favor for one that glows brightly in the inky black evening air. The lilac florescent bleeds into the fog. Below the sign, curling clouds of shimmer waft towards the street’s lamplight.
There's a rag-tag gaggle outside, men and women gathered to leer and look through the windows, to consider the services — a few girls hang off their arms, goading them to come inside, to warm up, to get comfortable...
He ambles down from the carriage and shrugs his overcoat closer. It's nearly winter now. The days, as dim as they are, have grown shorter. He can see his breath now, mingling with smoke from his cigarette. He flicks the dying ember to the ground.
Silco's gold-tipped shoes meet the cobblestone. In one move, he leans and smothers the light with his heel. His leather gloves, as soft as silk, pass along the carriage door as he snaps it shut.
His men flank him as the carriage peels away.
The sea of bodies — watching owlishly at the appearance of the Undercity’s reigning Kingpin — parts with ease.
His good eye slips across a few of the faces — he meets them with level disinterest.
Silco, tall and lean, ducks through the open door of the brothel.
He's visited one brothel in this life of his. Babette's. He was young, then. Not a boy, but still half the man he is now. Vander, then, was tied to his hip. Now, older and wiser, he's settled that this sort of work perplexes him. More than anything, he respects it. Deeply so. It's the price of the truest vulnerability. Physically exhausting. Mentally draining. The list is long.
Immediately, heat greets him. The snap and crackle of a well-maintained fire burns in the corner. There's a girl behind the main desk — but she's far off in a book. The walls are a pale purple, rimmed with intricate, merlot top and bottom trim.
Silco inhales and moves to peel his gloves off.
You've touched up the wallpaper. Added a few new pieces of furniture.
He drops them on the counter. Still, no stir. He continues to take in the establishment, to look at the faces of workers and patrons alike. Then, for good measure, he reaches to ring the bell by the stack of pamphlets detailing services.
Suddenly, he realizes lobby of The Lilac Lounge has gone silent. Packed to the brim with pretty faces. The phonograph in the corner drones on some low tune.
The girl behind the desk — she's young, maybe a few years older than his Jinx — is looking at him with eyes wider than a mile when he finally finishes his lackadaisical inspection of the lobby.
His head lolls to her, attention torn from the piece in the corner. It’s new, he thinks. He can’t remember. Yeleni never had an appreciation for art. You are different.
"H-How may I help you, sir?" comes a timid question.
Silco speaks as warm as ever; he leans with one arm on the counter. His face softens. The girl is young.
"I'm here to see the Madam, sweet dear."
Her posture is straight as an arrow. Silco watches as she swallows. Her eyes seem to seek comfort in the sea of workers around her. They seem just as unsure as her.
"Th-The Madam is very busy," she explains in a rehearsed manner; Silco is left to wonder then how many visitors have come asking for you by name, "She is only to be seen by appointment."
Hm. Curious, he tuts.
Suddenly, Silco can hear your voice.
While this room has gone still, the winding river of workers and patrons has not slowed in the hallway beyond the lobby. The calls of chatter are equally comfortable as they are poised. Flirtations and jeers, music and sex. All of it blends together in the electric atmosphere of the brothel on this busy weeknight.
"Take them straight home to your mother," you call as the figure of man rounds the corner. Silco sees that you're pushing him by the shoulders out the door; there's a box in his arms, and he's laughing, and you've got a warm smile on your face, "Get these damn creams out of my brothel—"
The corners of his eyes crinkle, painted with lilac shadow and shimmer. He stills, however, at the sight of Silco.
You do, as well.
Immediately, you’re assessing the situation in the room with a matronly concern. In a flash, you’re looking at Gwenievere — the young girl behind the main desk. She looks apologetic; guilt washes over you in a flash. Clearly, she’d heeded your instructions to beat back visitors by insisting on appointments. And... Well. You pride her in her dedication for insisting the Kingpin of Zaun needed a damn appointment.
Your voice is warm. A rush of relief, almost. Silco wonders if perhaps that’s wishful thinking.
"Hello, Madame."
The smile he offers is lopsided but warm.
His voice is warm. Cordial. Very bit the gentleman.
But, why is he here? To pay a visit? Or —
“To what do I—?”
Suddenly, you snap rigid.
Silco, at first, isn't sure how to read the expression — in truth, he's a bit preoccupied by the rather Edwardian state of your attire. Your blouse is tucked into trimmed trousers, and the sleeves billow around your elbows in a mismatched roll. It's a very different appearance than the one you'd manicured when you'd visited him for business. This one, loose and easy, seems to speak more to your nature.
Rather charming, really. Horrifically so.
You've clearly been busy. There's a quill behind your ear. A smear of ink is dashed across your chin.
You round the counter in a few long strides as your hand reaches up to your lips, hoping to smother a look of sudden remembrance. As easy as breathing, you touch the sleeve of his overcoat.
Silco settles his weight on one long leg as he leans against the desk and tries to reign in his look of appreciation.
The whole room hangs on the interaction.
The whispers are starting. Faces peering in windows, courtesans hanging from the doorframes. Eyes watching.
The Madam touched Silco.
"I knew I'd forgotten something," there's a squeeze then, and an apologetic exhale that tells him enough about your current state of affairs. Your eyes are heavy with a genuine sort of look that makes Silco feel as if he's been completely disarmed, "How many days?"
"Three," he replies easily, almost bored. His gaze is rooted on you.
More whispers as more heads duck back into their rooms. Since when does Silco go easy on debts owed? Will there be trouble? He doesn't seem angry—
"—Shit," you curse in a whisper as you press your fingers to your brow.
Suddenly, you're painfully aware of your less than impressive appearance.
If you had known he was coming, perhaps you'd have worn something a little nicer. At the very least, maybe fix the mess of your hair.
God, you have ink all over you.
And here he is — oozing power, as magnanimous as it is. He's prim. Not a hair out of place. His aftershave is sharp. Masculine. Handsome. The whole of him is entirely so.
You've not gone a day without think of him, not with that beautiful painting hanging in your office.
"I understand you've been quite busy, Madame," Silco explains slowly as he inhales and pulls himself up from this lean, "And I had yet to see The Lilac Lounge under its new management. I chose not to pass up the opportunity."
You note the tone. Cooler now. Like you're back in his office, dancing politely around business dealings. The danger lay in the implications.
So, this is one of those moments — the ones Babette mentioned.
He will show he holds the leash. Be ready for it.
But, this seems different.
"I'd offer a tour," you say lightly, testing the waters, "Though I have a feeling some of my courtesans would be eager to volunteer first."
A compliment. The corner of his lip quirks. You notice.
"Kindly, I'll have to decline. Perhaps, though, a tour of your office? Or, would I need an appointment, miss?”
His smile is inclined Gwen’s way. It’s kind. Fatherly. The girl bites her cheek shyly.
“I think we can pencil you in. What do you think, Gwen?”
“Yes, Madam.”
With that, Silco nods to his men behind him. They ease up, reminding you that despite Silco’s calmness there are others who are keen to act. You give him a thankful look. He gathers his folded gloves in his hands and gestures for you to lead the way.
More chatter passing between lips and ears now. And did you hear about the painting? He's going to her office alone, now—
Silco doesn't mind the narrow hall you lead him down. He does feel a bit like a piece of meat, in all honesty, when eyes follow the both of you to the office at the far end of the long hall. His shoes pad along quietly, long strides following your lighter, more graceful ones.
Masked and painted faces stare back at him with every colorful, bright room passed. Giggles and whispers crescendo at your passing, silenced by the older courtesans clearly encouraging the younger ones to mind their business — all while their own eyes narrow in critically on their Madam and the Kingpin.
Finally, your office.
It's rather...
Silco looms behind you, his hands tucked neatly into his overcoats pockets, as you lead him through the open door.
Your voice is quiet. "I apologize about the mess. Admittedly, it’s been quite the week.”
“Appointments...?” Silco asks quietly as you move to nudge the door to your office closed. He watches you over his shoulder as you flick your eyes down the hall one last time; you’re aware of the curiosity this little visit has drawn. They’ll talk. You decide to let them.
Your exhale is tired as you move across the room, clearing off a plush little armchair for him adjacent to Yeleni’s — no, your desk.
"I’m sure you know how it is. Transitions in power always garner attention,” you explain as you struggle with a stack of paper. You plop it down on the long table in the middle of the room, set between two loveseats. It’s cluttered with various boxes and stacks of paper you’ve procured from God knows where. You rub your cheek as you turn back to him, “Some of the Chem Barons were hoping I’d forgo Yeleni’s previous contracts and seek new, exciting, profitable opportunities.”
You waggle your fingers. Your tone indicates your lack of interest.
Silco scoffs.
You laugh a little at his reaction, then move to the fireplace against the far wall. It’s dying — and you prod it lightly with one of the glimmering pokers Yeleni had kept over the years. The crackle is satisfying.
Then, his attention turns to the painting you’ve ceremoniously hung behind your desk.
It fit nicely. Just as he’d hoped.
You take a few steps closer, padding gently on the carpet, and extend a hand. “Let me take your coat?”
Silco’s attention is torn back to you. He obliges. For a moment, the tension between you is thicker than smog. You blame the proximity.
So, you take the heavy, wool overcoat from his shoulders and hang it neatly on the back of the tall chair across from your desk. You smooth it down. It’s warm. Smells like his cologne. Smoke clings to the collar.
When you turn back to him, he’s adjusting his golden cufflinks. His eyes are still on the painting.
“Missing it?” you ask playfully.
Silco’s good eye squints a bit in jest. “I believe it’s better suited with you.” Then, a pause. His voice falters. It’s quiet. “Do you like it?”
“Like it?” You sidle up beside him. “I love it. Thank you. Truly, Silco.”
He hangs onto that. It settles neatly in his heart. If he had a locket, perhaps he’d write the words down. Tuck them away.
“I’m... I’m glad.”
“Yes, well, I really went and showed my appreciation, didn’t I?” you sigh and move across the room to your desk, “Three days... I’m sorry, Silco—”
“I figured you were busy,” he chirps, bending at the waist to pluck up a stack of... budgeting expenses? From... god, from seventeen years ago? “With... this?”
The keys in your hand jingle. You close the top drawer of your desk. The eyeroll is as exasperated as the expression on his face.
“Welcome to my new life.”
“She kept...” he wets his thumb and flips a stack of pages; his eyes flick across the parchment, “All of this?”
You roughly unlock the bottom drawer to your desk. In it sits a neat silken satchel of coin currency. The gold tinkers as you set the heavy little purse down on the desk. You wag the key at him. “With no organizational system. I’ve been finding laundry notes mixed in with things like that.”
Silco sneers. “Why not just burn it all?”
You lean back in the large chair, head dropped back against the lilac leather.
You sag a bit.
“Because,” comes the tender reply, “Suddenly, I’m... Suddenly, I’m mother to forty people who... w-who rely on me to make sure they eat, that they have somewhere to sleep. And I have no idea how Yeleni did it.”
The Kingpin’s expression softens.
“You’re overwhelmed.”
Less of a question. More an assessment.
Your gaze connects with his. You’re quiet for a while. “Babette told me not to let you in on to that little secret.”
Silco’s laugh is more like a little puff of air. His eye closes briefly. He places the stack of papers down, and tucks his hands in his pockets. His voice is gravelly and low. “Yes, well, Babette and Yeleni both adored me—”
It’s your turn to snicker. You stand and move towards the small cart in the corner by the sonograph. “Babette seems rather proud to claim you visited her brothel—”
Silco stiffens. He almost snarls. “Please. She’s still spinning that tale? It was decades ago."
With a smooth pop, you uncork a bottle of wine. It’s by no means the sort you’d ever dream of offering Silco, but he seems to beat your preemptive warning as he nears the cart. You pour some for yourself in a shallow little glass, and the Kingpin moves to take the bottle from your hand.
He’s had plenty of bad wine in his life.
It’s humbling.
“Is that not what happened, then?” you raise a brow and lean back against the table as Silco pours himself a glass, “She warned me — that Silco, she said, quite the charmer...”
So this is what we’re doing.
He pauses, stream stopped, and flicks his eyes up to you. “Do I seem the type to indulge in...”
He waves a hand around him, gesturing to the office. To the brothel as a whole. Then, he finishes pouring his glass.
“...All this?”
“No, you’re far too busy,” you say quickly as you swallow a mouthful of wine, “But, you did gift the Madam of The Lilac Lounge an authentic Friedlingmer — to which she is incredibly thankful, had I said that yet?”
“You did,” he clinks his glass to yours. There’s a glimmer of something in his eye. Mischief, maybe?
“Yes, well. You're a smart man. Surely you’re aware of how that looks?”
“Painfully so,” comes the rough swallow; Silco’s mouth is red from the wine. It’s by no means the worst he’d had. He takes another sip and straightens his posture. He places the glass down on the cart and easily recorks the bottle with the heel of his palm; he considers his next words carefully, “And pray tell, perhaps that is what I intended? What then, Madame?”
You’re suddenly aware of how close the two of your are standing. The room is warm. Your skin is hot. Your cross your arm across your chest, holding your wine delicately as you tilt your head and hold his gaze.
“I’d be flattered.”
It’s quiet. He asks as if he’s anticipating it.
For whatever reason, that stings. Your brows twitch. Silco can see it. He breaks from your gaze to eye his wine. He swirls it absently and exhales.
“There’s no disqualifier. I — I am flattered,” you step away, moving towards your desk, “Though I have to be completely clear that I’m the Madam of this house. If you’re expecting trade for gifts, I regret to inform you I no longer offer those services.”
Suddenly, you hear him choke over your shoulder. Silco slams his fist into his chest, coughing roughly. Lights alive.
“You misunderstand—”
Your brow rises sharply. Silco pushes a hand through his hair, moving a flash of greying strands back.
"Do I?” you ask, confused.
“Yes,” he urges, then snaps his good eye shut, “No, not entirely — that sounded horrible. I apologize. I hadn’t meant to insinuate that... this...”
His hand falls. His words die. He pinches his brow.
“You thought I was propositioning sex?” he asks then as he looks up at you with a pained expression, plain as day and dry as the wine.
You roll your eyes and your posture sags; you kick the edge of your desk and lean against it. “No, no. I — not at first. I thought the gift was lovely — but, then I had plenty of chattering little courtesans making me think I was giving it more weight than it truly held.”
“I intended for it to... be heavy. To have some meaning.”
Your gaze catches his. He looks utterly distraught. Almost embarrassed. There’s something charming about the erosion of his usual icy composure. You find you like it quite a bit — his concern about your respect.
You tug the inside of your cheek between your teeth.
Fuck it.
Then, Silco watches you move quickly towards the second drawer to the top on your desk. You’re focused, gently procuring a small wooden box. When you stand, Silco catches a glimpse of a gilded little seal running along the front.
You set it down.
He watches you.
“These are for you.”
His attention bounces between you and the box. As he nears, you set his wine down gently on the desk. You can see the flash of surprise on his face.
Expensive, Piltover-finest cigars. Cigars wrapped in gilded labels, sealed tightly in a cedar box. There’s a gauge on the side, reading out the humidity of the inside. Clean, dark paint. Clearly well-minded. Imported.
His face softens.
He clears his throat.
“Do... Do these have weight, then, Madame?”
Your heart catches a bit. You exhale, ignoring the dreamy flicker of his lashes when he scans your face. There’s hope on his face, you realize. Silco tries to smother it before you see it, but it’s too late.
“They do, Silco,” you answer honestly.
His fingertips run along the seam. The action is... Well. You file that away.
“These were expensive.”
“Perhaps you can forgive me for being three days late on payment, then?” you jest, trying to lighten the tension. It’s wrapped itself around your heart.
Silco’s lip quirks. He pulls back from the box, swigging his wine. He sets the empty glass down and wets his lips. When he looks back up at you, you have to try not to squirm.
His voice is low. Honest. Warm. Tender.
“You were forgiven the moment I saw you again, my dear Madame.”
You swear then that your heart is his hearth. His words are wood, and your affections are the flames lapping eagerly up at them.
He's rather proud of himself.
He feels a rush of boyish pride at your parted lips, at your soft look — in the chaos of your office, he's made you slow down. He is the center of your attention. You, the beautiful Madam of The Lilac Lounge.
Suddenly, the grey in his hair and the ache in his knees and the lines on his face aren't so apparent.
Silco straightens his tie.
"Is this the payment in full?" he asks, gesturing to the velvet purse.
You nod, still holding your wine. You watch him.
With ease, he sweeps his overcoat on. The collar, high and crimson, kisses his cheek as he snaps the front down. He gathers his gloves, slides them on, and begins the arduous task of snapping each button. He makes the task look near poetic. Pretty.
He pushes a hand through his hair and bends to gather the gold.
Then, Silco extends a hand.
You graciously give your own.
This time, there's no glove to keep his lips from your skin. The kiss he presses to your knuckles is chaste. The look he slides up at you amidst it is dangerous. You know yourself well enough to steal your breath, to bide your beating heart. Your fingers twitch. Silco straightens himself and lets them slip from his grasp.
It's all... very romantic.
He gathers the cigar box and gingerly tucks it beneath his arm.
"I thank you for your time, Madame."
When he pulls the door open, you hear the scatter of footsteps. His head drops, and his laugh is quiet. You both know well enough that privacy is a rare enough gift in a place like this. You worry your lip and take one more sip of your wine.
Your face is hot.
"Silco?" you call as he steps into the hall.
He turns, inky black eye casting you a forlorn look over his shoulder.
"Do tell me how the cigars are."
...He will.
He smiles at you — toothy and sharp — and begins down the hall.
You watch and watch and watch until... he's gone. And the brothel sighs with ease and the halls flood with expectant faces and eager looks and gossiping little smiles.
But, lights alive, what do you have to say for yourself?
After all, you were three days late on payment.
And that's all the courtesans get out of you for now.
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