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thingsoverheardatua · 2 days ago
Todoroki: You’re going to ace this test.
Midoriya: You think that because you love me and love has made you dumb.
Todoroki: I disagree. If anything, love has made me smarter. Remember last week when I boiled that egg?
Midoriya: That was big. I was really proud of you!
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peterokii · 10 hours ago
Tumblr media
[you] feel like home
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sattosugu · 16 hours ago
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the origin trio laughing 
boku no hero academia season 5 - ova #2 
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z-mizcellaneous-z · 2 days ago
*explosions* bakugo: ICY HOT, KILL ME RIGHT NOW. todoroki [in the middle of eating soba]: alright, but why? bakugo: i betrayed deku. i swore i'd never hurt him again... todoroki [concerned]: what did you do? bakugo [distressed, tears in his eyes]: HE WAS SLEEPING ON MY CHEST AND I FUCKING DROPPED MY PHONE ON HIM. todoroki: todoroki [continues eating his soba]: i'm not killing you over an accident. go away. bakugo [sobbing]: HE SQUEAKED AT ME LIKE A TINY BABY BIRD. todoroki: i don't care.
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dogwaterdish · 2 days ago
Iida: How late were you up last night?
Todoroki & Midoriya, in tandem: Me?
Iida: No, not you two. You stay up late all the time.
Iida, to Uraraka: You.
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tododekucrumbs · a day ago
Tumblr media
My Hero Academia x Lion Oral Care 2022! 🦷
Shoto with the green and blue toothpaste, Izuku with the blue toothpaste 💚💙
And they will be selling an Izuku & Shoto decorated toothpaste set!
Tumblr media
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supercoffeeblogs · a day ago
Tumblr media
[INSPIRED BY @/its_astoria]
[Pro-Hero AU]
The Pro-Heroes from Class 1A were invited to a media convention by the Hero Agency. They all sat around a semi-circular conference table, mics before them. Dove sat between Bakugou and Todoroki, listening to their small talk, as she read her book. The convention soon commenced, and they all spoke with media personnel, journalists, and fans. Everything was going good until a misogynist took the floor.
“Pro Hero [H/N], what’s it like being the #2 Pro Hero?” He asked. “It doesn’t feel any different from being the hero I was before I got the title,” She answered with a shrug. “Do you think you deserve the title?” He asked.
She looked up from her book. “What do you mean?” She asked. “You are a woman. Do you believe you should be a hero… Much less be the #2 Hero?” 
She closed her book and placed it on the table before leaning forward and staring at the man. “I worked my ass off at U.A. for three years… Of Course, I deserve to be a Pro Hero. If it bothers you so much, how about you go to the U.A. academy and then try to be better than me. So, when you fail, I can laugh and spit in your face,” She said, eerily calm before she picked her book back up and opened it to the marked page.
Mina burst in laughter while the other girls giggled and smirked.
The convention went silent for a few moments before it erupted in pure chaos. The man went red.
Bakugou leaned down and kissed behind her ear. “My badass chick,” He grumbled in her ear. She blushed as she felt Todoroki’s warm hand rub her thick thigh. She shivered when she felt something wrap around her calf. She looked under the table and saw black whip tightened around her calf. She glanced at Midoriya, who was smirking. She buried her face further into the book as her ears and neck went red and a small smile formed on her face.
“You are in a polyamory relationship, am I correct?” The man asked again. “I’ve been open and proud of it. Is there an issue?” She replied. “Polyamory relationships are an excuse for women to be whores. I was right. I know a whore when I see one,” The reporter said with a smug look.
Pause. “It’s because you were raised by one, annit?” She asked. Silence.
The crowd turned into pure chaos as Flower got up and left the public area.
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linphd · a day ago
Hello may I request shoto as a big brother to y/n headcanons? Where y/n is also in class 1a along with shoto? Thanks
You are like siblings | Headcanons
gender neutral
-> The character and you have a sibling-like relationship, as you are an only child.
-> Katsuki Bakugou, Hitoshi Shinsou, Shoto Todoroki.
Katsuki Bakugou
Tumblr media
Maybe it was because you reminded him of himself, feeling all superior and then extremely humbled when you lost in a random fight, after being admired for many years. Maybe it was because you were an only child as well and didn’t share a strong bond with anyone. But Katsuki liked you.
Even Izuku couldn’t tell why, but the blond seemed to want to train you, help you to get better. Sure, he would also yell at you whenever you would follow him around, just like Denki and Kirishima. But he would also burst into laughter when you would slip so bad you fell on the head. People kept talking about this to this day.
So, without really anyone being able to understand, not even yourself, you and Katsuki became really close. Maybe it helped that he saw how much you cried when you rescued him from villains during the summer, and that he had to hug you to calm you down. Well, you had hugged him and he allowed you, but still. It felt odd.
« Your quirk is so strong ! It’s unfair ! It’s like you were literally born strong. I had to train for my quirk to change like that ! » You whined after you lost yet another fight against him. « Stop being jealous, you’ll get even uglier. I can already barely look at you. » He replied. You huffed. « I’m literally embarrassed to stand next to you when your pants are so low that you walk weird. » Look at you, picking a fight you can’t win.
He would often laugh at stuff you would say. He would often agree with you -you two had the same kind of personality and state of mind to begin with, after all. But he would also comfort you, in his own way, after you would cry -one thing that differentiated you from him. « Why would he take you to the pool for your first date anyways ? Sounds like a trap. He’s a dumbass and you are one for even agreeing. » Well… it worked, I guess.
Hitoshi Shinsou
Tumblr media
You were an only child that would spend a lot of time with Aizawa as he had been training you since the beginning of your year in 1A. Shinsou was an only child that would spend a lot of time with Aizawa as he had been training him since the sports festival. So you guys would see each other a lot.
Even before you would actually meet, you thought he looked cool during his fight against Midoriya. So how delighted you were when you learned that Aizawa had seen the boy’s potential and decided to train him with your help ! And thus, as training buddies, you guys got close real fast.
You would also share some lunches together, spending time together outside of the training sessions -it started when Aizawa asked you to go to the store together for him, and sharing your same experience as only children. Seeing Aizawa more than your actual parents and thus seeing him as a father figure also helped.
So, even before Shinsou would train with the hero branch, in order to get transferred there in second year, he would sometimes spend time with them as you would bring him over to the dorms. A Halloween party ? You force him to go there and dress him as a ghost. The Christmas party ? « We never get to celebrate it with many people ! It’s the occasion ! »
You guys would also have those « Aizawa family meetings » once Eri is also present in your life. Present Mic would often hang around so you would joke that he is a parent as well, like a family. It seemed weird for others to see you that close to Shinsou, but to you it only made sense, and he learned to like you as you helped him get better, just like Aizawa did.
Shoto Todoroki
Tumblr media
After Shoto got rid of his attitude, you guys grew close rather quickly. Sure, you would always talk to him before, but he finally genuinely replied and tried to continue the conversation after that. Not so surprisingly, you guys became close sharing one thing : doing stuff together that you didn’t as lonely kids.
When you learned that Shoto never spent time with his siblings, you told him that he didn’t have to feel like he missed stuff, like enjoying a family trip or just some activities that are better in a group ; you had never done those neither ! Maybe he didn’t understand well what you meant, but he decided to hang out with you so you would have « sibling activities » together instead.
« Shoto ! Let’s try this restaurant for lunch ! » you would say, excited. And he would agree. Sure, he would talk about it to his actual siblings and say it would be nice to go there with them. But he enjoyed those times with you ; he considered you one of his bestest friends, after all !
This wouldn’t stop there : he liked to congratulate you during trainings and help you out. He knew you admired his quirk and his strength, and since he didn’t want you to feel bad or not enough, he would often reassure you or just give you a thumbs up after seeing you do something.
« Shoto ! You cleared the mission in 3 minutes ! How did you go so fast ?! » you asked during the hero class. He smiled and pat your head -Natsuo and Fuyumi would do this to each other, and he thought it looked pleasurable. « You did great too, (Y/N). And I just used my quirk to increase my speed. I’m sure your quirk can be useful in this mission, as well. » Who would have thought that the asocial kid from the beginning of the year would be the one reassuring you right know ?
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chaoseclips · a month ago
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Some requests from Insta✨
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everendering · a month ago
Tumblr media
Copycat ch. 363
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zoepillustrationoff · 8 months ago
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Another day of successfully making stranger cries on the internet
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sugawaraxo · 3 months ago
cried during sex
warnings: suggestive content + fluff
characters: shoto todoroki, katsuki bakugo, hitoshi shinso
synopsis: how they react to you crying during sex
a/n: surprise :)
shoto todoroki
• freezes, literally
• his whole body tenses and he reflexively frosts over the sheets underneath his hands
• he’s confused and worried that he hurt you
• almost starts crying with you
• almost
you didn’t have time to process what was happening to you until you were already in the midst of breaking down. shoto was so gentle with you, so meticulous with every stroke of his body against yours. the way his eyes stayed locked on yours the entire time. you’ve had sex before, this wasn’t your first time. but it was your first time with him. the first time you felt seen as more than an object for someone’s pleasure. the first time you felt like someone was touching you because they truly cared for you and wanted you to feel good. in fact so good it made you cry. not simple dismissible tears that could be wiped away as though they were never there, you’d wished that was all it had been. no you full on sobbed, body convulsed, shallow breathed, sobbed and despite all your efforts, you couldn’t stop. shoto halted mid-thrust, you felt him accidentally freeze the sheets beneath you in the process. the lustful gaze you were just lost in now morphed into one of worry.
“shit, y/n? are you ok? did i hurt you? why didn’t you say something? i’m so sorry. shit.” he panicked before disconnecting your bodies. he then pulled you into a hug, your ear pressed to his chest with his hand cupped around the back of your head, the other draped around your torso. his heart was racing abnormally fast and you knew if you continued to stay silent his heart might actually have stopped working.
“n-no you didn’t hurt me, at all. the exact opposite actually. it’s just i, it’s stupid.” you stopped yourself, choking down the embarrassing words that threatened to spill out.
“it’s not stupid, especially if it’s enough to make you cry. what happened? you can talk to me.” shoto reassured you and you teetered dangerously close to tearing up again.
“you care. about me. and it’s so genuine and pure the way you show it and, i don’t know. that’s overwhelming i guess. because no one i’ve cared for in the way i care for you has ever truly reciprocated it…until now. that plus you literally reaching parts of me i didn’t know could be reached was a lot to handle i guess.”
he chuckled at that, the rumble of the small laugh echoed in your ear that was still rested against his chest. he began stroking your hair. you hadn’t noticed how tight his grip on you was until he loosened up. his heart rate slowed.
“if it makes you feel any better, i almost cried too.”
you pulled away from his grasp and playfully hit his chest, “shut up. you don’t have to lie to make me feel better.”
his eyes locked on yours in the same way they did before your body betrayed you.
“i wouldn’t lie to you.”
you smiled at the sincerity behind his words.
“then i apologize for almost dragging you down this emotional well with me, won’t happen again” you laughed softly.
“it can happen whenever you need it to, i don’t mind.”
all you could do was smile. he was so patient and sweet and that overwhelming feeling was back, yet this time something was different. you leaned in to kiss him. you figured that in this moment it’d be better to show him through your actions how you were feeling instead of summing it up with sappy words. he obliged eagerly, wasting no time to finish things from where you two left off.
katsuki bakugo
• doesn’t really notice until he hears your soft sniffles
• he just assumes your eyes were watering from how good it felt
• wouldn’t be the first time
• but when you you cover your face, sniffling as you try to block him from seeing what was happening
• he realizes
“y/n?” his breath hitched and he tore your hands away from your face so quickly it was almost humorous.
“are you crying? why are you crying?” the deep look of confusion and fear settled on his face did make you laugh which confused him even further.
“what the hell is going on with you? say something.” his eyes scanned your face frantically and you could tell he found none of this funny, he was genuinely worried and you weren’t doing anything to ease his nerves.
“sorry sorry, i don’t know why i’m crying kats. well i do but, i don’t want to say it. i’m scared to say it.” you admitted before you hid behind your hands once more.
“scared? what is there to be scared of, i’m here y/n. just tell me.” his voice sounded almost desperate, like he was anticipating the worst news of his life and your heart dropped.
“it’s nothing bad, i promise. i…i love you. like a lot. like an inexplicable amount. and today was perfect, you’re perfect. i’m just overly emotional about it all.”
that was the first time you’d ever said ‘i love you.’ he had said it once before but you weren’t ready to say it back, too guarded and still healing from past wounds to trust that he actually meant it. but today he proved that he did beyond anything you’d ever imagined. he planned a date for you that felt like it was snatched straight out of your dreams, his attention to detail and all the small things you’ve ever told him was impeccable. and then this, being physically as close as your bodies would allow you. it was perfect. he was perfect.
“i love you too y/n, more than you’ll probably ever know. but if you ever need to cry while i’m balls deep inside you again, can you please start with the fact that it’s nothing bad? i think my heart almost stopped.”
you laughed and he smiled, that smile that made you fall for him months ago.
“sorry kats, i think i know how i can make it up to you though.” you suggested before trailing your way down his body until your mouth hovered above his now semi-hard length. without any hesitation you took it expertly in your mouth and down your throat.
“god, i fucking love you.” he groaned.
hitoshi shinso
• slows his pace and wipes your tears
• he asks you if you want him to stop
• but you say no, that’s the last thing you want
• so he reluctantly continues, wiping each tear from your cheeks as he does so
shinso’s strokes were deep yet slow and he had this expression on his face that you couldn’t quite decipher. pleasure mixed with something else. probably concern. you could tell he was worried because of the way he kept wiping your tears from your face. he would occasionally hunch down to kiss them away and your heart fluttered each time. he had asked you twice if you wanted to stop but you insisted that he kept going, you didn’t want to ruin this good moment. but you could tell his head was swarming with questions and felt it was unfair to keep him in the dark. you placed a hand on his lower abdomen indicating for him to stop. he did just that, eagerly waiting for you to say something. anything.
“i’ve had a completely shit week shinso. but when i’m with you it’s like every bad thing is nonexistent. those weren’t sad tears, sometimes it just happens when we, you know. usually i’m better at hiding it though.” you confessed.
“oh, so you’re not mad at me or anything?” he asked and his voice cracked a little almost as though he himself was about to cry prior to your explanation.
“no baby. not at all. not even close.”
“good. well i’m glad you’re ok, i hate seeing you cry. but weirdly, knowing that they weren’t sad tears makes it kind of endearing.” shinso admitted.
“i’m glad you think so because i genuinely can’t control it, it happens every time. like i said, i’m usually just better at hiding it.” you laughed lightly.
“it’s ok if you can’t hide it. i’ll just keep wiping them away for you, and besides, you look so pretty when you cry.” shinso smiled before he thrusted into you again.
the waterworks were almost instant, but as he insisted he would be, shinso was there to wipe your tears away.
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peterokii · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
he doesnt wanna talk
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weluvsosa · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
pairings # bakugou , izuku , shoto , kirishima
cw # not much really — mentions of lactation kink , biting , marking , mentions of sex
Tumblr media
# izuku
mkay not gonna lie he definitely seems like the type to say “i like personality” when someone asks him whether he prefers ass, thighs, or tits
but honestly…he love him some titties, especially yours
they’re just so nice to look at, every little movement you make they’re just bouncing away and he’s literally in a trance
he loves when you where those little crop tops that barely covers your tits, instantly gets him hard and have the urge to pounce on you
not to mention how soft and squishy they feel, whenever he’s having a bad day he just likes putting his hands in your bra and squeezing away as he rants to you.
whenever you two are cuddling his hands instantly latches onto your chest, kneading your boobs as he pulls you closer to him
honestly he’d probably have a lactation kink—the way he harshly sucks on your breast and his teeth gently tugs at your nipple as he whines like he’s just waiting for some milk to come out…definitely wouldn’t mind being breastfed by you.
# bakugou
ass. that’s not even a question foreal.
big or small — doesn’t matter the shape or size he LOVESSS him some ass
no matter where you’re at or what’s going on, he’s gonna make the effort to touch your ass in some way
he purposely buys you booty shorts so he can watch your ass jiggle as he watches you walk around the house, the shorts not even covering you all the way so the bottom of your ass is showing
100% loves backshots so he can feel your ass clapping against his dick and so he can get a good grip of it, nails digging into the meaty flesh
and spanking? you don’t even have to ask. he’ll take any opportunity to bend you over his leg and harshly slap your ass, watching in awe as the flesh ripples under his aggressive hits
you’ve lost count of how many times you caught him staring at your ass
whenever the two of you are laying down he always opts to lay on top of your ass, calling it his pillow
like…he loves your ass so much he’s offered to eat it
# shoto
i 100% think he’d be into tits too
this lowkey ties into his mommy issues too but we’re not gonna get into that this episode
you’ve literally been talking to him and he would just stare blankly at your boobs, not caring about whatever you were talking about
he would never tell you but he would love to motorboat you.
shoto loves missionary so he can watch your tits bounce up and down every time he slams into you, it damn near puts him in a trance
he loves buying you the corsets that push your tits all the way up, it’s a guilty pleasure for him
along with izuku—he also likes sucking them like a baby trying to get some milk, but he would also litter dark hickeys all over your breast, he loved seeing your tits marked up.
i feel like he’d show them off to his friends too: “look at this picture of y/n” — “she looks so pretty!” — “yeah, her tits are pretty too aren’t they”
# kirishima
every since you two got together, you’d notice that his hand always had to be on your thigh— in the car, in a restaurant, the two of you could literally just be watching a movie and boom his big hand is on your thigh
he just loves how squishy and soft they are :(
don’t get me started on when you where thigh highs or thigh garters— kiri will quite literally foam at the mouth at the sight.
sometimes he’d just stare at them and squeeze and poke and play with your thighs when he’s bored, and boy is he bored a lot.
i think he would be so into eating your pussy all the time because of how your thighs clench around his head — borderline crushing him but he just loves it so much.
always biting and kissing your thighs
even when he’s not eating you out, kiri just likes to lay his head in between your thighs as he scrolls on his phone.
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moxiepoxart · a month ago
Tumblr media
I spent too long on a shitpost
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dogwaterdish · 2 days ago
Midoriya: I currently have 7 empty notebooks and I have no idea what to put in them. Any suggestions?
Todoroki: Put spaghetti in it.
Midoriya: I am currently taking suggestions from everyone but you.
Uraraka: Put spaghetti in it.
Midoriya: I am currently taking suggestions from everyone but you two.
Iida: Put spaghetti in it.
Midoriya: I am no longer taking suggestions.
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wwwredriot · 28 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
𝐚𝐭𝐭𝐫𝐚𝐜𝐭𝐢𝐯𝐞 𝐭𝐡𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬 𝐚𝐛 𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐦 ;;
𝘧𝘵. 𝘮𝘩𝘢 𝘣𝘰𝘺𝘴 <3
his voice is so underrated. when he’s not angry or agitated , his voice is raspy and collected. he doesn’t usually call anyone by their first name , but of course, you are the only exception. hearing your name roll off his tongue is absolutely brain melting. his voice >
will always treat you differently. ALWAYS. if he’s telling everyone to fuck off and leave him alone , everyone’s gaze is wide and gawking as he gently takes your wrist, gently leading you to his room. he wants you to know that you ARE SPECIAL. you bagged the legendary dick head of ua , how couldn’t you be? 😮‍💨
in my head he has a really pretty , toothy smile that not a lot of people have seen. you make him laugh quite often - and the first time he showed you that eye- crinkling smile of his , you melted. his sharp canines sparkly as can be, only slits of his ruby irises visible now- his smile is only for you.
SO WE ALL KNOW HE WORKS OUT A LOT RIGHT? from experience, when you do legs you always wanna stretch and all that shit . so, he is constantly stretched and when he does, his eyes flutter shut for a second and he lets out that littlest groans. if he’s raising his arms, you can see his biceps flex almost gently in his shirt. help
oh my god pls ,,, the way he looks at you. hold my tears. he has the most beautiful green eyes. i hc that he deadass has an rbf, so if he’s listening to you speak, and he’s really focused , his eyes may look a bit heavy- lidded and he’s just looking up at you that way. his gaze is so delectably sultry and feminine. makes you feel like he can see right into your pretty head , just boredly gazing at your thoughts
posts workout videos on his snap story!!! he has a thing for doing hip thrusts, so when he maxed out the machine he posted a 24 second video of him doing so. his abdominal muscles slick and tight , dipping as he worked them tirelessly - it was Godly. his built is so so beautiful and all he sees is that he’s sharing progress and motivating his work out buds!!!! i love him
once you guys are together he can be rly bold. there’s no longer that ‘ what if they don’t like me’ CUS YOU DO!!!! HIS OWN BEAUTIFUL PARTNER!!!!! OWWWWAAAAAA!!!<3333 there’s nothing to be scared of, so if he wants a kiss he’s TAKING IT 😮‍💨 looking extra yummy today? boyfie izuku is the first one to let you know. love love love
sO TOUCHY. SOOOOO TOUCHY PLEASE TOUCH HIM. if he’s next to you he wants your knees touching his, his arm against yours, if across he’s reaching for your hand under the table, massaging your calf under the table, behind you? rubbing your pretty shoulders. scratching your scalp. loves to touch
man spreading WHO? cannot keep his legs together when he sits , it’s so natural for him to have them sprawled out - and he hates the school desks cus of how narrow they are ): but back to the point ahehdhjswi shoto sits with his legs spread , hands sometimes idly moving up and down his own thighs. it’s a mindless thing but it’s so pretty to look at )): he��s so))))):
if y’all are in public ( more so in a busy place) and he needs to tell you something, he’ll gently take hold of your chin. your jaw. if he can’t get ahold of those it’ll be him tugging on your shirt w his face literally looking like 🥺 cus he isn’t a fan of loud shit. just wants to talk to his baby and loves touching you. so here we are <333
this was totally self indulgent 😍😍😍😍
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