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Reading ladies in my room
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Bookstore in LA
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i do not think i can fit any more books on this bookcase
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don’t lie to me, all of you were either a ‘dreamt about owning a book cafe with floor to ceiling shelves and lazy cats’ kid or a ‘dreamt about working in a very old library uncovering secrets and blowing dust off paper in some archive’ kid and it shows.
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Some classics, some poetry
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Viking Portable Library books from the 1960s
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Vigilance ™️
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I polled some friends, and we all agreed that it is now perfectly acceptable to put Halloween decorations up in September 👻
instagram: @latenitesushi / twitter: @latenightsushi
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Love my lil classics shelf <3
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Current shelf look 🖤🧡
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Arcadian Books & Prints (New Orleans) 
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The First Bookcase of Sapphic Shelves!
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List of titles, authors, and synopses below the break!
Edit: Found a few typos, and that is simply unacceptable.
Shelf One:
"I Kissed a Girl" by Jennet Alexander - Find love where you work, if where you work is a B-horror movie set.
"Guava Flavored Lies" by JJ Arias - Cuban feudin'!
"The Winter Duke" by Claire Elizabeth Bartlett - Fake marriage trope, but to avoid a political assassination.
"Cinderella is Dead" by Kalynn Bayron - In the way Nietzsche said God is dead.
"Written in the Stars," "Hang the Moon," and "Count Your Lucky Stars" by Alexandria Bellefleur - Buzzfeed listicle writers and overzealous dating app creators blunder their way into relationships.
"Nevada" by Imogen Binnie - Disaster transbian meets egg. Not to be confused with "Idaho" by Emily Ruskovich.
"Delilah Green Doesn't Care" by Ashley Herring Blake - Wedding photographer x bridesmaid. Kind of like "A Date for Mad Mary" without the Irish accents.
"The Key to You and Me" by Jaye Robin Brown - Aw, the poor hyperprivileged kid doesn't know how to drive a car.
"Claire of the Moon" by Nicole Conn - The book of the film, itself a prime candidate for "How Did This Get Made?"
"Passion's Shadow" by Nicole Conn - Lesbian "Stacy's Mom."
"She Walks in Beauty" by Nicole Conn - A writer writing about a writer writing about a writer.
"Inkmistress" by Audrey Coulthurst - A thinly veiled metaphor for authors putting pieces of themselves into their writing. Not a Cornelia Funke novel.
"Of Fire and Stars" and "Of Ice and Shadows" by Audrey Coulthurst - A trilogy that abruptly ended after the second book, starring a firestarter and a horse girl named (I kid you not) Mare.
"Dragon Queens" by Kathleen Death Plume - a fun premise that gets mired in Plot.
"I Think I Love You" by Laurianne Desombre - Friends-to-enemies-to-lovers film students: one pretentious, one good. Think Nicole Conn and Marina Rice Bader.
"Hot Dog Girl" by Jennifer Dugan - Mascot love. Chapter 32 is a tour de force.
"Some Girls Do" by Jennifer Dugan - Some girls sue their former schools. Other girls escape their parents' attempts to live vicariously through them on the pageant circuit.
"Verona Comics" by Jennifer Dugan - A nuanced study of cycles of abuse and toxicity in different kinds of relationships. Also, there's a comic book store.
"The Raven and the Banshee" by Carolyn Elizabeth - Fictional lesbian pirates, because there were no real lesbian pirates ever.
"This Is How You Lose the Time War" by Amal El-Mothar and Max Gladstone - The Doctor and the Master in love, basically.
"Cheer Up!: Love and Pompoms" by Crystal Frasier and Val Wise - Cheer captain punches transphobia in the face, literally and figuratively.
"Her Royal Highness" by Rachel Hawkins - She actually /is/ a spoiled princess.
"She's Too Pretty to Burn" by Wendy Heard - Might remind you of an Oscar Wilde novel.
"The Price of Salt" by Patricia Highsmith - The original lesbian road trip! Except that if you read it on a plane, it's edited to just be a story about two friends.
Shelf Two:
"A Song of Silver and Gold" by Melissa Karibian - Lesbian Little Mermaid.
"Read Between the Lines" by Rachel Lacey - If an indie bookstore fell in love with Amazon, basically.
"No Rings Attached" by Rachel Lacey - Fake girlfriends for a wedding plus-one? What could possibly go wrong?
"She Gets the Girl" by Rachael Lippincott and Alyson Derrick - An autobiography.
"Ash" by Malinda Lo - Cinderella sells her soul to the fairy godfather.
"Huntress" by Malinda Lo - All the worldbuilding that Lo wanted to put in "Ash," but the publisher thought would be a hard sell to yt readers.
"All I Want for Christmas," "All I Want for Valentine's," "All I Want for Spring," "All I Want for Summer," "All I Want for Fall," and "All I Want Forever" by Clare Lydon - Two roommates become Roommates; chaos ensues.
"Before You Say I Do" by Clare Lydon - The wedding planner spectacularly fails at her job.
"Change of Heart" by Clare Lydon - A discarded script for a medical procedural.
"It Started With A Kiss" by Clare Lyndon - How did it end up like this, it was only a kiss, it was only a kiss, etc.
"Nothing to Lose" by Clare Lydon - (in Linda Belcher's voice) It's the mayor! HI, MAY-UH!
"Once upon a Princess" by Clare Lydon and Harper Bliss - What happens when there is only one place to get breakfast in town.
"You're My Kind" by Clare Lydon - A pun.
"The Case of the Not-So-Nice Nurse," "The Case of the Good-For-Nothing Girlfriend," and "A Ghost in the Closet" by Mabel Maney - Slightly-gayer-than-average Nancy Drew mysteries.
"Kiss the Girls and Make Them Spy" and "The Girl with the Golden Bouffant" by Mabel Many - Jane Bond has to take over her brother's spy work because he has finally caught a venereal disease. That's not snark; that's literally the plot.
"The Unbinding of Mary Reade" by Miriam McNamara - Lesbian and GNC pirates. The title is a pun.
"One Last Stop" by Casey McQuiston - Lesbian separatism, across the fourth dimension!
"Gearbreakers" by Zoe Hanna Mikuta - Power Glove.
"The Girl from the Sea" by Molly Knox Ostertag - Selkies!
"When Katie Met Cassidy" by Camille Perri - GNC women in suits sepremacy.
"Her Name in the Sky" by Kelly Quindlen - If gay bad, why girl pretty
"She Drives Me Crazy" by Kelly Quindlen - Enemies to fake lovers (while still enemies) to frenemies to actual lovers maybe to enemies to lovers. High school is hard.
Shelf Three:
"Late to the Party" by Kelly Quindlen - "Her Name in the Sky" for a mass-market audience.
"Catch and Cradle" by Katia Rose - Lesbian Lacrosse. Very Canadian™.
"Stop and Stare" by Katia Rose - Serial monogamist notices that their best friend exists.
"The Devil Wears Tartan" by Katia Rose - An examination of the negative influence of toxic authority figures. Also, highland dance enemies-to-lovers. What is "niche?"
"Just Might Work" by Katia Rose - A send-up of cringe love scenes and bad romance tropes.
"This Used to Be Easier" by Katia Rose - What I imagine all writers say at some point.
"Desert of the Heart" by Jane Rule - The original lesbian age-gap romance!
"Carmilla and Laura" by SD Simper - Unbury your gays (or unstake them, in this case)!
"The Falling in Love Montage" by Ciara Smyth - A mishmash of tropes, but on purpose.
"Not my Problem" by Ciara Smyth - She figures out that it is.
"These Witches Don't Burn" and "This Coven Won't Break" by Isabel Sterling - An interrogation of respectability politics and "us-vs-them" in queer discourse, but witchy.
"Satisfaction Guaranteed" by Karelia Strenz-Waters - Woman inherits her grandmother's sex shop. Chaos ensues.
"Laura Dean Keeps Breaking Up With Me" by Mario Tamaki and Rosemary Valero-O'Connell - I start breaking up with her.
"The Mermaid, the Witch, and the Sea" by Maggie Tokuda-Hall - There's a genderqueer protagonist too, who apparently didn't merit top billing.
"Squad" by Maggie Tokuda-Hall and Lisa Sterle - The love child of "Mean Girls" and "Teen Wolf."
"Crier's War" and "Iron Heart" by Nina Varela - Robosexuals! Spoilers in the timeline.
"Malice" and "Misrule" by Heather Walter - Angsty lesbian Sleeping Beauty. Headcannon: Princess Aurora is a mspec lesbian; her name is literally Aurora.
"Fingersmith" by Sarah Waters - Waters really takes off the kid gloves for this one!
"The Paying Guests" by Sarah Waters - They are in love, your honor.
"Tipping the Velvet" by Sarah Waters - Shipping the velvet.
Shelf Four:
"Something to Talk About" by Meryl Wilsner - The slowest of burns.
"City of Shattered Light" by Clare Winn - Cyberpunk 2069.
"Mooncakes" by Wendy Xu, Suzanne Walker, and Joamette Gil - Cue the discourse on sapphic inclusivity.
"Vampires Never Get Old: Tales with Fresh Bite," edited by Zoraida Córdova and Natalie C. Parker - Killed it first.
"Godslayers" by Zoe Hanna Mikuta - A sequel, I guess.
"I Kissed Shara Wheeler" by Casey McQuiston - Who hasn't, at this point?
"Scarlet Sun" by Isabel Hansen - Transbian Canadian Road Trip™!
"Amber Stars" by Isabel Hansen - Enemies-to-lovers summer reading program.
"The Fate of Stars," "Heart of Silver Flame," and "Death's Abyss" by SD Simper - Grimdark lesbian Little Mermaid duels with eldritch horrors.
"A Memory Called Empire" and "A Desolation Called Peace" by Arkady Martine - Mass Effect: Mesoamerica, basically.
"Honey Girl" by Morgan Rogers - Drunk Vegas wedding brides-to-lovers.
"Skye Falling" by Mia McKenzie - A lesbian disaster with a level of sarcasm I can only aspire to.
"The Boy in the Red Dress" by Kristin Lambert - Gatsby's Drag Race.
"Love and Other Disasters" by Anita Kelly - Sapphic Master Chef, basically.
"Yerba Buena" by Nina Labour - Don't let a tragic backstory get in the way of a good ship!
"Girl, Serpent, Thorn" by Melissa Bashardoust - He's a literal snake in the grass.
Life is Strange: "Dust," "Waves," and "Strings" - Pricefield? Amberprice? Who needs ship wars when we have parallel realities?!
The Legend of Korra: "Turf Wars" and "Ruins of the Empire" - It's canon Korrasami; literally nothing else matters.
Kim Reaper: "Grim Beginnings" and "Vampire Island" by Sarah Graley - Sure, it's basically just a pun, but it deserved a longer run.
Stay tuned for a Sapphic Shelves Two, once I finish my TBR (and find another bookcase...)
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