shannondraws · 4 years ago
My submission for the TAZ animated collab!
So glad I got to do a part for this, and finally got around to uploading my piece!
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ami-v-dragnire · 2 years ago
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Merch Haul!!!
ft. @lightningstrikes-art @shannondraws @sebbdraws @trashcanprince 
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tessmontyart · 4 years ago
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When you earn money at a convention and want to support as many artists as possible ..... 😅 WORTH IT!!! 
1st photo - supporting my artsy friends and mutuals 💖💖💖cute corgi sticker by @crystalleearts 🐶, ying and yang cat pin by @sims3art 🐱, SU stickers by @rennygadeart 💎, Kingdom Hearts print by @fearthescribble 💙, adorable pink diamond print 💖, Tohru sticker 🐲, Ruby and Sapphire sticker ❤️💙 and Yuri on Ice charm ❄️ by @sebbdraws and @shannondraws, Miraculous 🐞 and Kiki 🍞print by @thirteenthangelheart, KK Slider print by @that1nkyone 🎸, cute Kirby 🌈 print and Eevee 💕 enamel pin by @meganalisondesign, and cute mermaid prints by @lanajayart 🐬
2nd photo - supporting new artists with beautiful art! 💕💕💕 Vanellope print by @mocheree-art, cute Mabel by .. some amazing artist, I can’t seem to find their business card D:;; Steven Universe print by @cactuskhee, the 2 pearl postcards by @chai-bean, Dragon Maid print by @princeylyart, cute lil bee girl postcards by @thebeecommunity, adorable Rabi-en-rose and zine by @chickorysticksart, awesome Bob’s Burgers print by @striffle, and beautiful eeveelutions print by @foxeaf 💖
3rd photo - prints my boy bought me and cute trinkets I had to have 💖💖💖 Cute eeveelution drinks by @crylicakress, Phos print by @kirabunnii, croissant necklace by @lemunkytoto, mimikyu and tohru stickers by @withoutpenorpaper, puppy dessert stickers by @foxeaf, cute Miku and Vanellope stickers and Dipper and Mabel pins by @mmmorttt and @mocheree-art, rainbow pawprint and sakura resin crafts from a talented maker (my boy got them for me and I can’t find their business card 😭) pretty flower clip by @coasayu, Sylveon and Lapis charms by @honeymilkstar, pretty washi tape by @xhibiki19, adorable Diamond charm by @thiskidthatkid and adorable stickers, Peridot brooch and Aku Aku wooden charm by @cristina-jane! 
I might not do another walkaround for another few cons cause this always happens lmao .... stop being so talented everyone gawwwsh (please keep it up I love you all!!)
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gemanimate · 5 years ago
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Yep. I'll ( @katieelle ) be doing it with the assistance of @shannondraws and @sebbdraws. Speaking frankly, I do not want to find a new animator who is up to the task and then have it be late again because they are untested. It means you will be seeing a lot of animation from myself, Shannon and Sebb (who have already helped me out of a bind with some shots) in Gemanimate 2 but that's the way it goes.
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shannondraws · 4 years ago
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A little Klance mini print I made for conventions late last year!
(sorry for the art spam! finally getting around to posting everything I forgot during convention crunch!)
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phuijl · 5 years ago
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My first time in Melbourne!! I’m currently staying at @ashethehedgehog’s place for 2 weeks and oh man look at her crazy ygo shrines... I recognize some artists from her wall, which include some animators & illustrators for the @ygoreanimate! Day 1 have been a pretty tiring day for both of us, but we did ended up playing some games, watching movie, shopping (that include buying ygo cards) and constantly nagging her adorable dog Axel heheh... precious lil nugget.  I’m having a wonderful time there so far, can’t wait to meet @chicinlicin, @preciousorgel and @ckr-the-cat on Monday!! :D
(Click the photos for captions)
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