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Lucifer: Come on, I wasn't that drunk last night.
Diavolo: You were flirting with Mc.
Lucifer: So, what? They're my lover.
Diavolo: You asked them if they were single.
Diavolo: And then you cried when they said they weren't.
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liyacreate · a day ago
Hi! I really like the way you write the Obey me! boys. I hope reqs are open, if not feel free to ignore. How would they(brothers or datables) react to a very cuddly mc? I’m talking trying to bury themselves into the boys when they get to cuddle? They are very shy when it comes to public affection so this would mostly happen during more private moments. Thank you a ton if you do write this :D <3
That's such a cute imagine hhhhhhhh. Also thank you for the compliment, I'm glad you like my writing!!
Also yes my reqs are very open! I really need the ideas ehe.
Also also I wanna do the dateables too so I'll put them in a seperate post since this one is a little longer than my usual stuff
Dateables vers. (Coming soon)
He isn't a big fan of public affection either. He prefers to show it when it's only you two as it makes it feel more special, more intimate. He wishes you and only you to see him when he's vulnerable. Being able to be that close to the avatar of pride and being able to see him tired but content in your arms is a privilege he is willing to give only to you.
He always looks forward to your usual cuddles, especially after a long day of work. Being in your arms or having you in his arms recharges his energy and for however long the cuddles goes, he can put all his worries away. He can relax and feel that everything is fine. For the moment, he is able to take off his strict persona and just feel your warmth and comfort. He appreciates it and you never fail to make his day no matter how horrible it was before.
He likes being big spoon and feel you in his arms to remind himself that you're safe and nothing can take you away but sometimes when the day gets too stressful, he like being small spoon. He likes to face you while you're cuddling so that he can bury his face in your chest and hear your heartbeat to calm himself down. He loves it when you try to bury into him. It melts his heart and fills it with pride.
He absolutely LOVES your cuddle sessions. He will never admit it but he gets grumpy when you miss cuddling him for the day. Mams is extremely touch starved, please don't forget to cuddle your greedy demon.
Whenever he feels horrible, he has started to instinctively seek you out. Simply being near you is enough to bring his spirits up, imagine how he feels when you're hugging. You can tell how much these cuddles mean to him every time. With how he lowers his volume to keep the relaxing vibe. How he's so gentle and careful not to accidentally hurt you. How his eyes give that look like you're the most precious thing in the 3 realms, that you're worth more than any amount of grim or any treasure that exists. With how his arms squeaze you slightly sometimes as if Mammon is afraid that you'll leave but relax when you smile at him and every insult hurled at him, every debt he has, every problem he's been faced with just vanishes. He loves you so much and these cuddles will always be one of the best things in his life.
He likes to switch things up sometimes. He likes being big spoon because it makes him feel like you'll never disapear. He also likes small spoon because he feels like no problem can reach him, not when you're holding him close to you. That's why he goes feral when you bury yourself into him, trying to get closer than you already are.
He malfunctions for a while at the start. Freezes up and stops breathing. Do you actually want to cuddle him? HIM?? Are you sure? Reassure him but he'll still be in disbelief the first few times. He will eventually realize that yes, you do indeed want to hold him. It feels so unreal to him that you would be fine with being in such close contact with him, let alone actually WANT it. But he won't turn you away. If anything it feels like he's pulling you in. He'll start to get extremely upset when you don't cuddle him.
Your cuddles become a comfort to him. A sort of anchor and reminder that you like him. That you like hanging out with him and don't see him as a yucky otaku that should be avoided like the plague. It makes him feel loved, something he didn't realize he's been missing for so long. Now that he has it, he can't ever see letting go of you. You allow him to feel safe and comforted. For after centuries he gets to feel that someone cares about him. And he is so thankful for everything you've given him.
He is fine with being big spoon but is over the moon when little spoon. He loves the feeling of you around him. The feeling of you close to him lets him forget anything that may be borthering him. He feels protected and loved. He will however malfuntion again if you try to bury yourself into him. Instant tomato cosplay. One thing to note is that he also has this habbit though it's more so to hide his face when he gets too embarassed.
I feel like he would also be a cuddler. Being able to keep you close is one of his life's best joys. He loves being able to hold you while the two of you are reading books together. Be it where you read seperate books or the same where one reads it out loud for the other. It ends up becoming something the two of you do at least once a week. A special event of sorts that the fourth born looks forward to everyday.
Your comfort becomes one of the few things that can calm the avatar of wrath down. So much so that everyone has realized that whenever he gets out of control, you're the person that should be called immediately. Ever since you've arrived in the devildom and wormed your way into their hearts, the amount of property damage has been reduced considerably. He appreciates you so much and he loves showing it with his cuddles. Wishing the words that even the knowledgeable Satan, who has read more books than seconds you'll live, cannot say with words alone can be conveyed by how he held you.
He doesn't mind what spoon he is but he does like it when you cuddle on a comfy chair with you on his lap, or a sofa where you two can cuddle while sitting. He loves it when you try to get closer by burying into him. It reminds him of that thing cats do when they want pets. He ends up petting you while cuddling or playing with your hair. He may sometimes even mimic it when he's sleepy.
He absolutely loves cuddles. Asmo is a very touchy person and enjoys being close to other people. He enjoys being all over you, and smothering you with hugs even in public unless you tell him you're uncomfortable with it. When you have cuddle sessions, he makes sure you're both wearing very comfy and soft pajamas. He makes sure it's cute and the two of you look great even with your limbs tangled together.
He always looks forward to your cuddles. He would have you sleep in his room to cuddle every night if he could. Of course the other brothers *cough* mainly Mammon *cough* would be very vocal in their protest to that. Which is why Asmo makes sure to savor everytime he's able to keep you. He sets up scented candles, makes sure everything is soft and comfortable. He turns cuddle sessions into self care sessions and you always end up feeling refreshed and glowing afterwards. He just loves to pamper you. Also he likes being able to just hang out and be close to someone without it being a means to get into his pants. It's definitely a nice change of pace and he cherishes each moment of it.
He can be big spoon or little spoon. Doesn't matter, as long as he's able to hold you close to him and see your adorable face up close. He'll pepper your face with small pecks if you allow him to. He can't help how giddy he is when holding you that there's always a grin plastered on his face and he's extra giggly the whole time. Doesn't help that you like to bury yourself into him. It takes everything in him not to squeal into your ear about how much he adores you. Sometimes that everything isn't enough and he ends up tightening his hug just a little bit more while he sings praises.
He's very used to cuddles, he's extremely close with Belphie after all. He doesn't seek you out for cuddles that much. Most of them happen naturally. Like impromptu cuddles where you the two of you are sitting alone while hanging out and you're both comfortably lean unto each other. The lean turns into a hug. And pretty soon it's like the two of you are tangled together. It usually happens when you watch movies or hanging around in your room. Belphie usually joins the two of you when you cuddle in their room. These moments are when Beel finds himself not as hungry as he usually is, being able to stay without food for longer than other times. As if being able to keep you close is enough to keep him content.
One of the few times he seeks you out for cuddles is after a nightmare. Being able to see and hold you lets him relax a bit. He calms down when he can hold you and assure himself that you're still here.
This giant teddybear in demon form is the second best cuddler out of the brothers. He knows his stuff thanks to experience. He's also the best person to burry into, more and bigger areas. I also think he would be great for when the weather is cold, he could become a demon blanket. He loves it when you do it too. Finds it adorable and ends up staring at you to better keep the memory in his head. He would like to be little spoon mostly so that he's less likely to accidentally hurt you. However, he does enjoy being big spoon occasionally. He wants to protect you from anything that could put you in danger. Being able to hold you gives him assurance that you're safe in his arms and he won't let anything harm you while you're with him.
If Beel is number 2, Belphie is number 1. King of cuddles (and demanding cuddles). He won't admit it but he adores that you like to cuddle too. It saves him the energy of asking for them. The two of you would hold each other for hours. He wishes you could cuddle for days or even weeks but alas his brothers wouldn't have any of that. But while he still has you near, he won't let go no matter how much you try to leave. Brat. /a He sleeps more soundly when you're around. You find that you also sleep better around him which is mostly caused by Belphie not only knowing exactly how to get confortable but also using his power as the avatar of sloth to make sure you have the best dreams. Say goodbye to sleepless nights.
He makes sure to monopolize you and your time. Tempting you in with promise of great long cuddle sessions. Up to you to decide if it works. I like to imagine he has pics of when you two cuddle saved on his DDD just cause he finds you adorable. Of course he won't admit it and tease you about how you snore or have drool. But even so his tone is always full of adoration that you know he doesn't mean it. For he cares so much about you and you can feel how much he does through the way he holds you.
He is either little spoon or completely on top of you. Either way his arms and legs will find a way to keep you stuck on your cuddle spot. If you try to leave he'll wrap his tail around you to keep you or whine until you either relent or make a deal to continue cuddling later. He also has the habbit of burrying himself into you so the two of you end up burrying into each other. At the end of each session it's as if you and Belphie are one.
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devildom-doll · a day ago
He’s a happy little meow meow 🥹💚
Tumblr media
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6mmad · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
inspired by special treatment chat
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tokeythehuman · 28 days ago
Beel: a mosquito tried to bite me so I slapped and killed it
Beel: and I started thinking
Beel: it was only trying to get food
Beel: like what if I was going to the fridge
Beel: and someone slammed the door shut and snapped my neck?
Beel: how would I feel?
Belphie: are you okay
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laitolove · a month ago
If you liked this as a kid,
Tumblr media
You’re probably obsessed with this now:
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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zoemmaz · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Angel tea party
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obey-meow · 2 months ago
MC: I don't know how to tell you this Mams but you're in love with me
Mammon: What?
Mammon: Oh shit I am
Lucifer: What kind of a confession did I just witness?
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humanmostlikely · 5 months ago
My sister plays Obey Me. She sent me this text-
Tumblr media
10/14 update: I’ve started playing OM. It’s fun and interesting so far.
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moon-kitsune · 8 months ago
Leviathan: I’m kind of crushing on someone, but I’m worried about telling you who it is, because you’re not going to like it
Mammon: Just rip the bandage off.
Leviathan: It’s MC.
Mammon: Put the bandage back on.
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more-like-notome · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
It’s sleepy little baby time
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kpop-otome-yandere-here · a month ago
Solomon: I'm getting a brain scan today
Mc: To check if you have one?
Solomon: …. Thanks for your concern and support.
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so-nightmary-ul · 6 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Anyway now I also play Obey me.
You can see the translation of their words down below if you're interested.
Diavolo: Human. Welcome to the hell.
Lucifer: Diavolo, I doubt humans speak Latin these days.
Diavolo: Is that so?
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devildom-doll · a day ago
Tumblr media
giv thnx
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6mmad · 2 months ago
you fight and send them to sleep on the couch
(but you get lonely and join him)
When was the last time he felt so much dread in his heart?
He's hurt that you'd even suggest such a thing but he doesn't want to argue more, so he stays silent
Lucifer grabs his pillow and goes to the couch without looking back, regretting it embarrassingly quick
He won't admit it, but he can't sleep without being next to you, much less knowing you two fought
He's sitting upright and contemplating until he hears you sneaking around the living room with your blanket
He's a bit flustered at how fast he shot up from his seat to meet you halfway but if you've come to join him then just maybe there's chance to fix things
"Come here, my love. You got lonely? ...I cant say you're the only one. I can't sleep knowing you're upset with me....is that too honest of me?"
He hates it. Why do you "need space"? He doesn't want space, he wants you!
Grabs his pillow and blanket with a quick "whatever" and scurries out of the room
He's crying, of course he is, but he burrows himself in the couch cushions so that he can stay quiet. What if this is end of your relationship, then what?
Mammon stills when he hears your footsteps, no longer making any movement when he feels you make your way to him
He doesn't move until he feels you slip under his blanket to lay next to him, only them does he peek his head out of the cushions to give you a tight bear hug
"MC, I'm sorry, ok? Im so sorry, let's just.. forget about this. Don't be mad at me anymore..."
Shocked at your request, you're always so patient with him so he knows this is serious
Watches you for a moment to gauge your reaction but when you stand your ground he can't help but tear up
Grabs his stuff and opts to lock himself in his room instead, leaving your room with just an "okay."
Lays in bed and overthinks everything, maybe you were gonna break up with him. Or maybe this is the breakup and you just were being indirect about it or what if-
It takes a few knocks on his door and a small call of "Levi..?" to pull him from his thoughts
Levi recognizes your voice immediately but he feels hesitant to open the door until you properly ask him to please open it
"Please tell me this isn't a breakup, MC"
He'd be lying if he said he wasn't extremely hurt, but he decides to give you space
Gives you a curt nod and let's you stay in his room with all his pillows, goes to the living room empty handed and lays quietly
He decides to just listen to the crackling fireplace to gather his thoughts, not bothering to try with sleep
Keeps sneaking glances at the room to his door, hoping you'll change your mind
To his surprise, his door opens and your eyes meet
"Satan.. I-"
"...Did you get lonely, MC? ..No, I don't care about that stupid argument anymore, it was ridiculous anyway, Just... come here please. I'm sorry"
Refuses to let you go for the rest of the night, worried you'll leave again
Asmo storms out quickly, he knows it's not like him but he can't stand being looked at with so much heartbreak, especially not from you
Instead of going to the couch he goes to his own room and just cries
He doesn't bother with sleep. He knows he won't be able to so he curls up on his bed instead
It takes him a while to get his composure back but he decides that things can't stay this way, he's not sure what he'll say but you're love is the one he just can't afford to lose
You two bump into each-other in the hallway, him on his way to your room and you to his
You're pulled quickly into his room, of course there's a lot of things you want to say but Asmo just holds you tight, some things being better expressed without words.
Beel wants to discuss more, ask you why you feel the need to push him away but he really doesn't wanna make things worse so he closes the door behind him instead
He sits down in the hallway near your room, you asked him to sleep on the couch but it's too far for his liking, and what if you need him?
Maybe he'd go talk to Belphie but you might not be comfortable with him knowing your relationship problems so he stays put
It's already dusk by the time he nods off to sleep, still sitting
The sounds of your door wake him up and he's surprised to see you looking down at him
"You got lonely?...I was lonely without you too...Please let me back in. Im sorry"
He looks angry, he looks livid even, but truthfully he's holding back his tears
He wants to say "no" and maybe even confront you for pushing him away but he has half a mind to grab his pillow and leave
He goes to the attic instead, wiping his tears furiously because in all honestly, your pained face was all it took to get his feelings mixed up
Usually he'd sleep quickly, especially in the comfort of his attic bed but he tosses and turns for hours before settling in
Belphie's eyes open groggily and it takes a him a bit of shuffling to realize you're there next to him, holding him tightly in your sleep
"I'm sorry, MC. This whole argument was stupid, I'm so sorry"
He knows you can't hear him in your sleep but he says it regardless, pressing kisses to your head in between
forcefully spoon feeding you angst
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tokeythehuman · 28 days ago
MC: what are you? five?
Belphie: *snorts* yea, five heads taller than you
Belphie: plz don't kill me
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