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josru · 3 months
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Today I got a bunch of errands done in preparation of the upcoming semester. Starbucks finally brought back their Pumpkin Spice Latte, and I bought some autumnal themed makeup to really get back into the fall season. Hope everyone has a good start to school <3
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lovecanyon · 5 months
STORMI BREE?! her pics with her daughter are GOALS and shes also a single mom
harry styles x reader
based on this ask!
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stylesupdates Harry and Y/N seen in London last night!
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harryfan4 I LOVE THEM
harryfan6 my parents
harryfan8 the way they have been dating for years…i wanna be her 😭
harryfan2 y/n is so pretty
harryfan7 some things don’t need to be shared 💔
harryfan9 since the boys are going solo…does that mean we’re getting an album about y/n…
harryfan11 praying for more albums about her 🙏🙏
harryfan13 rolling in my grave
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ynupdates Y/N has deactivated her Instagram earlier today.
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harryfan14 did something happen orrrr
harryfan18 she’s probably taking a break!
harryfan20 the end of an era
harryfan17 first one direction and now y/n’s instagram????
harryfan19 the world is ending
harryfan21 and now she has me deactivating my instagram…😌
harryfan23 i hope she’s doing okay omg
harryfan25 i’m crying
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harrystyles Whoops.
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harryfan22 I AM SCREAMING
harryfan24 i hate men.
tessward i support this!
harryfan26 excuse me…
harryfan28 isn’t this the girl harry was seen with today…
harryfan30 wait what i thought he was with y/n
harryfan33 i am blocking harry
harryfan29 why did he cut it, y/n helping him grow his hair out was the best decision ever 😭
harryfan31 starting a riot
harryfan34 anyways 🙄
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hsnews Harry out with Tess Ward today in London.
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harryfan36 WHAT
harryfan38 he was just seen with y/n a couple weeks ago…what happened 😭
harryfan40 trust no man, not even harry styles
harryfan37 now i understood why y/n deactivated her instagram
harryfan39 harry…
harryfan41 anyways, stan y/n 😌
harryfan43 the way y/n loved harry’s long hair and he just goes and cuts it after they break up
harryfan45 when you put it like that 😶
harryfan42 sobbing
2022 *six years later*
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yourinstagram happy fathers day to the mothers doing it all.
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harryfan50 y/n comes back to instagram with this post 😨
taylorswift the best parent ever!
harryfan56 you know harry is regretting that breakup up with y/n
zendaya you have a whole kid…how didn’t i know this
harryfan57 harry liked this so quick 😭
kaiagerber i miss my favorite six year old
harryfan52 did she just say six-
harryfan55 if i did my calculations correct the child is harry’s 😀
harryfan58 they broke up in 2016 which was six years ago making y/n’s daughter six…so yeah the child is definitely harry’s
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gigihadid happy father’s day to all the amazing mothers who step up and play both roles as a parent!
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harryfan63 you can tell y/n is genuinely so happy, i’m crying
yourinstagram mother’s are truly the best
gigihadid especially you, you inspire me 💞
harryfan65 the way gigi shaded harry in her caption…as she should honestly
arianagrande oh my goodness!!! so cute!!!
harryfan68 harry’s lurking is killing me 😭
harryfan64 right, he doesn’t even follow gigi but still liked this
oliviarodrigo inner me is screaming
harryfan62 the internet is in flames right now 😀
niallhoran phoebe and y/n, the best duo
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harryfan70 taylor and y/n’s relationship is so cute
yourinstagram i love you & the song you wrote about me
taylorswift more songs written about you are more to come
harryfan74 the man being about y/n makes so much sense
harryfan78 harry is literally stalking…like ain’t you on tour 🤭
annetwist so beautiful darlings!
harryfan80 if anne is commenting, phoebe is definitely harry’s child 😌
harryfan75 HELLO ANNE???
florencepugh this is so cute
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yourinstagram via stories
harrystyles wants to send you a message!
tag list : @harrysmatcha @harryspinkpillow @helen-with-an-a @florencepughily @peterparkerbae @toji-dabi-wife @fallonx @drphilssoulmate @cherriesrae @alienorknight @valluvsu @ivegotparticulartaste @ayeshathestyles @hazgoldenstyles @eiffelmezarry @tsukishimawhore @renatavieira @michellekstyles @eleanordaisy @shawnsblue @academiaghosts @japanchrry @agustdpeach @hannahnikohl @hrryscherrys @whoscamila @ch3rryrry @msolbesg @newyorker14 @futuristicpalacegardenpsychic @youusunshineyoutemptress @eunoiamaa @kaitieskidmore1 @gublerscherry @cherryfragrancx @ssuziess @milkiane @teenidlemuse @golden-hoax @flwrmuse @sunshinemendes8 @your--sweetest--downfall @melllinaa @iluvjj @bisouma @tenaciousperfectionunknown @cashtons-wife @harryistheonlyoneforme @stellarossii
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mirmidones · 10 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
As Consciousness Is Harnessed to Flesh by Susan Sontag x || Love Me More by Mitski || I’m Lazy, Reckless, and Addicted to Social Media. Help! by Heather Havrilesky || artwork by @blluish x || The Singing by Kim Addonizio x || My Solo Exchange Diary (Hitori Koukan Nikki) by Kabi Nagata || The Drama of the Gifted Child by Alice Miller, trans. by Ruth Ward || Remember My Name by Mitski || artwork by @blluish x || Humpty by Mitski
transcription under the cut
1 : "I, in my corner, with my monstrous needs.", underlined in red
2: "I need you to love me more / Love me more, love me more / Love enough to fill me up / Fill me up, fill me full up / I need you to love me more / Love me more, love me more / Love enough to drown it out / Drown it out, drown me out". Dark red text on red background.
3: "You’re exhausted because [highlight-start] you’re looking for love every second of every day, in everything you do. [highlight-end]". Black on white; gray highlight.
4: Photograph of a ceramic sculpture of an anatomical heart. There is a big, roundish hole in its center. The heart is painted red and white to resemble the color of flesh; it darkens nearing the edge of the hole, which are black. The background is black.
5: "I don’t know what I want, only that I’m desperate for it, that I can’t stop asking." . The pic is a screenshot of an indented tumblr textpost, background set in dark mode.
6: It’s a manga comic strip that reads from right to left. It opens with a quadrangular text box: “Every part of me started going cold.”. In the middle of the strip are drawn three scenes of life, which depict a shivering woman with a bob cut (the protagonist) struggling to warm herself up: she hugs herself in a blanket near a heater (1), she bathes in hot water (2), she buries herself under a futon dryer (3). Near each scene there’s written, in order,: “HEATER” (1), “BATH” (2), “FUTON DRYER” (3). Over the third scene, with an arrow pointing to it, there is an additional text that reads: “APPARENTLY, YOU’RE NOT SUPPOSED TO DO THIS…”. The strip closes with another quadrangular text box: “No matter what I did, I couldn’t warm up”. The blanket, the hot water and the futon, all in pink, are the only colored parts of the strip.
7: “It is thus impossible for the grandiose person to cut the tragic link between admiration and love. In his compulsion to repeat [underline-start] he seeks insatiably for admiration, of which he never gets enough because admiration is not the same thing as love. It is only a substitute gratification of the primary needs for respect, understanding, and being taken seriously —needs that have remained unconscious. [underline-end]”. After a line of blank space, the text continues: “ [...]If his success the previous night only serves as the denial of childhood frustrations, then, like every substitute, it can only bring momentary satiation. [underline-start]In fact, true satiation is no longer possible, since the right time for that now lies irrevocably in the past. [underline-end]The former child no longer exists, nor do the former parents. The present parents—if they are”. Black on white.
8: “[highlight-start] I need something bigger than the sky /Hold it in my arms and know it's m
ine [highlight-end] / Just how many stars will I need to hang around me / To finally get somewhere I can be all done / Somewhere like heaven”. Black on white; pink highlight.
9: Photograph of a ceramic sculpture of the nude upper body of a woman. She has pale skin, black length shoulder black hair with bangs and closed eyes. Her expression is one of resignation, sorrow and hopelessness. Like in the heart before, there is a big roundish hole through the middle of her chest. It’s edges are red, though, and the color slowly fades on the skin. It’s the same shade of red of her cheeks (that goes up to her eyes, making her look like she has just finished crying), mouth, nose and chin. The background is black.
10: “I broke what you gave me / But you kept giving more / And I'm sorry for taking / [highlight-start] But I keep wanting more, more, more, oh [highlight-end]”. Black on white; dark gray highlight over white text.
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maiverie · 9 months
triage — ft. lee heeseung (chapter I)
Tumblr media
you try to teach the nerd how to date.
synopsis: heeseung is not, by any measure, date-able. he’s dorky, he’s nerdy, and he does this weird thing where he snorts loudly every time he laughs. in fact, he loves everything that normal people are allergic to — computer science, collecting rare comic books, and birdwatching on the weekend.
given that you two have obviously nothing in common, you find yourself utterly flabbergasted when you receive a letter in your locker, on which heeseung has written, "hi. will you please teach me how to date?"
Tumblr media
pairing: lee heeseung x fem!reader
genres: romance, comedy, fluff, high school | written series
au(s): nerd!heeseung, popular girl!reader, (kind of) fake dating, “nope. no. there is no fucking way i could ever be attracted to a boy that plays sudoku in star wars pajamas” au, cute opposites attract (!!!), light mutual pining angst
contents: a cinderella story in which you transform heeseung into a hot boy and start panicking bc you’re not supposed to be attracted to him but u are —or— you're the popular girl with a thousand insecurities and heeseung can see right through u
featuring: txt, itzy
warnings: swearing, mentions of drug use, lowercase intended, some suggestive scenes :>
kayla’s playlist ♡ my shitty og playlist . tag : #.*triage
a/n: this fic is solely inspired by hee's pics from the 2022 seasons greetings. screaming crying HEE IN GLASSES HAS ME IN CHAINS. anyway omg i hope u give this fic a chance! this is gna be wild ASDFKLJ i’m so excited for this :DD
Tumblr media
chapter one
word count: 4.3k | navigation: next / masterlist
warnings: swearing, mentions of drug use, VERY BAD chemistry jokes.
‎‎‏‏‎ ‎
hi. the handwriting reads. will you please teach me how to date?
it’s 8am.
it’s monday morning.
you’re hungover, your head is violently throbbing, and you can barely stand without wanting to bend forward and hurl last night’s contents. you’re in no condition to be at school, let alone the receiving end of a handwritten letter that’s been delivered into your locker.
will you please teach me how to date?
teach who how to what? you squint at the letter, though the tenebrous shade of your sunglasses shadows your ability to see the handwriting clearly. even without the glasses, you know you’d be having a hard time regardless, because whoever has written this odd letter embodies all the stereotypes of a doctor’s handwriting.
flabbergasted, your eyes dart toward the bottom of the letter, where the mysterious author has signed their name in bold letters.
kind regards, lee heeseung.
you frown.
kind regards?
lee heeseung?
what the—
suddenly, the letter is snatched from your hands. you frown from the abrupt action, prompting you to snap your head toward the side.
“hey!” you scowl at your friend, ryujin, who responds with a soft snicker. she playfully dangles the letter in front of you before gripping it with both her acrylic claws.
“another letter?” she whistles, a sculpted brow lifting as her eyes lazily rake the paper. “jeez, miss popular, this is like the tenth one since last week.”
“just shut up and give it back.” you roll your eyes, attempting to steal it from her grasp. your friend easily evades your strike by stepping to the side, her lifelong immunity to hangovers working to her advantage. she’s a witch. she has to be — there’s no way she’s still standing straight after everything she skulled last night.
ryujin snorts. “teach me how to date?” her loud voice reverberates so loudly through the school hallways that you cringe from the volume. “dude, what the heck is this?”
you shrug. “you tell me,” you grumble, facing your locker with a frown. with a hefty sigh, you rummage through the piles of trash inside your locker, seizing your white headphones from it. “found it just then.”
“kind regards, lee heeseung?” ryujin suddenly ruptures into cacophonous laughter, instantly triggering the pounding of your head. you wince at the pain, feeling your brain rattle inside your skull. fuck this. you’re never drinking again. tequila is the devil’s favourite beverage, and while it may have successfully seduced you last night, you’re never allowing that again.
“oh hell nah, he did not just sign off with kind regards,” ryujin sniggers. “the fuck is this? some kind of professional work email? an agenda? ha! this just made my morning.”
“can you pipe the fuck down?” you growl, shutting your locker as you rip the letter out of her hands. “you’re so loud that i might just return you back to the animal shelter.”
your friend cackles at your joke, arms knotting across her chest as her back touches the row of lockers beside yours. “looks like someone’s grouchy.” she observes with an innocent smile. “did last night really hit you that hard?”
you? grouchy? she’s mistaken if she thinks she’s offended you, because grouchy might just be the only word that can describe you — you’re the reincarnation of the old man from up, or squidward from spongebob. rarely nothing impresses you, as evident in your trademark frown.
and oh god — even at the mention of last night makes your gastric contents gurgle inside your stomach. you wouldn’t be all too surprised if it surged up your esophagus and caused you to projectile vomit all over your friend. had it been your choice, you would’ve skipped monday classes for a proper eight-hour sleep, but your brother was insistent. “how do you expect to graduate when you’re always hanging out with ryujin and her dumbass friends?” you recall jake nagging in his usual pretentious tone. “i’m driving you to school. get in the car.”
ignoring ryujin, you sling your handbag over your shoulder. the both of you make your way down the hallway, parting seas of people.
momentary silence befalls the two of you, and while you desperately hope it continues this way, it’s inevitable that your talkative friend eventually punctures the peace by lightly nudging your elbow.
“so… we’re just not going to talk about that weirdo lee heeseung?”
“what’s there to talk about?” you mumble, adjusting the sunglasses on your face. “i don’t even know who that is.”
it’s only 8am and you’re already lying — you know exactly who lee heeseung is.
he sticks out like a sore thumb.
he’s the top student; he’s the one with perfect grades, the one that wears his pristine, untarnished uniform to a fault, and the one whose brown deer-like eyes are hidden behind big round glasses. he’s always the one delivering the principal’s address during assemblies. he always wears both backpack straps snugly and even tucks his thumbs underneath them when he walks. his shoes are never soiled and you’ve never seen a strand of his dark brown hair in disarray.
he’s every parent’s greatest fantasy and every child’s least favourite sibling.
“you know, heeseung. the guy with the glasses? the four-eyed dweeb that’s attached to the headmaster’s hip?” ryujin eyes you, offended by your ignorance. you feign a nonchalant shrug.
“seriously? you don’t know who i’m talking about? he’s literally in our math class. jeez, you’re so self-involved.”
front row, you remember. he sits in the front row, with his pencils and gudetama-patterned notebooks and star wars pencil case all neatly perfectly aligned on his desk. you stare at the back of his head way too often, but only because it always manages to look the exact same no matter what day it is.
he might just be an android.
“teach me how to date,” ryujin echoes his words with a snigger. “what kind of pick up line is that? why couldn’t he have asked to bone like any other normal person?” she snorts. “and jeez, the nerve of the guy since everyone knows you’re practically dating taehyun. and not gonna lie, i’m kinda surprised he doesn’t want to date someone from his own species—”
“shut up.”
“—like, i’m sure there’s some sort of robot he can procreate with. dude, what do you think the compatibility between lee heeseung and siri is? must be like ninety-nine point nine percent. and holy fuck their babies would actually be insane—”
“ryujin. shut up.”
ryujin looks at you with an offended expression at your sudden interruption, though your eyes are trained ahead of you.
heeseung’s there.
you stare at him from across the hallway, noticing the commotion. a few people are crowded around his locker, including heeseung, taehyun, and some of the latter’s friends.
heeseung looks awfully uncomfortable, because he’s staring off at the side with his fingers twiddling the bottom of his blazer. taehyun, on the other hand, is speaking at him with a smirk.
before you know it, you’re already shoving your way past the masses of student bodies. as you near the disturbance, once incomprehensible syllables are now melded into coherent sentences that float in the air.
“c’mon, dude, be cool.” taehyun. “just for today. if anything goes wrong, your dad’s got your back, right?”
“a-ah, i don’t know…” a soft voice mutters. it’s heeseung. of course it’s heeseung — he doesn’t strike you as anything other than soft-spoken, and when you’re finally close enough, you know it to be true.
“but, heeseungie,” taehyun chuckles, a twinge of condescension evident in his tone. it’s in his classic trademark — taehyun’s always prudent enough to never be outrightly hostile, though he never refuses the opportunity to inject just the tiniest amount of condescension. “just this once. you don’t want your friend to go into juvie, do you? hm?”
“taehyun.” you announce your presence with a stern voice. heeseung, taehyun and his accompanying friends all snap their heads up at you, though ironically heeseung’s eyes are the first pair that yours encounter.
his mousy eyes widen slightly in recognition, and you notice he stands a little straighter when he sees you. he uses a finger to slide his wire gold-rimmed glasses higher up his button nose, gulping once at your stare. you say nothing, though your eyes follow the length of his pristine uniform. his perfectly ironed blazer is embellished with various badges of achievement, accompanying the long school tie that runs the length of his chest.
“oh, hey babe.” taehyun remarks casually. you tear your eyes from heeseung’s, eyeing taehyun with a frown.
“what are you doing?” you ask.
“just hanging out with my best friend.” he answers, using his chin to gesture toward heeseung. you feel a prick of annoyance at taehyun’s comment — does he always have to be an ass? sure, heeseung may be the four-eyed dweeb ryujin likes to call him, but there’s no way he’s stupid enough to not hear taehyun’s mockery.
“let’s go to class.” you counter, potentially de-escalating the situation. you know how taehyun can be — sometimes, all it takes is a single word and things can go south real quick.
“yeah, in a bit.” he brushes you off, turning back to heeseung with a wicked grin. “so what do you say? you’ll take the drug test for me?”
“taehyun.” you seethe.
he throws his head back with a loud sigh. “babe, respectfully, piss off.” he gives you the side-eye. “class can wait.”
a scoff bounces from your chest. “the headmaster is looking for you,” you sneer. it’s a lie, but you can’t help that this is your speciality — you’re an excellent liar, and in situations like these, words come flowing out your mouth like water. “i saw him earlier this morning. he’s probably patrolling the hallways just in case you’re trying to get out of the drug test.”
“wait, for real? fuck.” taehyun immediately groans. he rolls his eyes in annoyance before eyeing heeseung. he then reaches over and ruffles the boy’s hair, flashing a contemptuous smirk. “i gotta go. let’s talk later?”
before heeseung has the opportunity to reply, taehyun has already begun to make his exit. you watch his back disappear, satisfaction bringing the edge of your lips into a small smirk.
your lips then immediately fall into a frown, while you turn over your shoulder with a murderous glower. “what the fuck do you guys want?” you ask with a sneer, scowling at the bystanders that had formed a crowd. they slowly dissipate, seemingly disappointed that they weren’t there to witness a fight. as they scatter away, you turn back around and face heeseung, lips pressed into a thin line.
he stares at you, eyelashes fluttering with soft blinks.
“oh, um, th-thanks.”
you merely stare, mind mostly set on the letter you had just found in your locker. perhaps this is not the time nor place to acknowledge it.
“don’t block the footpath next time.” you say curtly, before grabbing ryujin to yank her away.
Tumblr media
tap. tap. tap.
a prank?
tap. tap. tap.
it must have been a prank.
countless explanations for the odd letter heeseung had left in your locker have plagued your mind. you’re in math class, boring holes into the back of heeseung’s chair, bouncing the back of your pen onto the desk.
tap. tap. tap.
maybe it wasn’t from him. perhaps someone just signed it off with his name as a joke.
tap. tap. tap.
regardless, you need to get a lock on your damn locker before weirder letters come flooding in. yep. you’re definitely getting a lock.
tap. tap. ta—
“dude, can you fucking quit it?” ryujin hisses from your side, snatching your pen from you. “the noise is driving me crazy.”
“shut up, as if you’re even listening.” you snipe back, grabbing your pen from her. she rolls her eyes at you, resting her head against her folded arms on the desk. “whatever. wake me up when class is done.”
this is routine for the two of you — you both have always found solace in the seats at the back of the classroom, where other students don’t bother you and teachers don’t care enough to monitor. hence, while ryujin sleeps, you continue to stare at heeseung’s empty seat, albeit befuddled at his absence from class.
you’re pretty sure the boy has never skipped class in his entire life.
and it’s not even that you’re particularly interested in heeseung’s whereabouts — you couldn’t care less, although mr lee himself seems quite frazzled. he appears to be desperately trying to stay collected for the sake of the class, though you notice he’s been nervously and worriedly glancing at heeseung’s seat since class began.
you observe mr lee for the next few minutes, until eventually the older man’s composure completely ruptures. “could someone please go find heeseung?” the teacher begs, tapping the boy’s desk. “he’s never missed a single class.”
you immediately turn away in disinterest, before you suddenly arrive at an epiphany.
is this your chance to get out of class?
every attempt you’ve ever made to skip class has been shot down by all your teachers. the number of times you’ve asked to go the bathroom has apparently been excessive, to the point your parents have even received several emails in which teachers have recommended a doctor’s visit in concern for your bladder health.
holy shit. this is totally your opportunity and you need to seize it before anyone else does!
you quickly shoot up your hand, and the speed with which you do this instantly captures mr lee’s attention. he blinks at you, presumably surprised you even know who heeseung is at all, though you rise to your feet and slap on a cordial smile.
“sure. i’ll go,” you shrug, walking out from behind your desk. you notice ryujin has woken from your noise, though you’re already out the door before another word can be said.
Tumblr media
this wasn’t your plan.
you didn’t plan this.
all you really wanted to do was spend an hour taking a nap in the school’s hidden back garden, call it a day and say “i looked everywhere and couldn’t find him. sorry teach”, but nothing went according to plan.
in fact, it would have benefitted you more to not have been able to locate heeseung so easily, but he didn’t exactly make it difficult. you were already on your way out the school through the back entrance when you had spotted the familiar silhouette of his back profile — there he was, seated on a bench in the school’s community garden, accompanied by a girl whose name has slipped your mind.
maybe… lia?
they appear to be engaging in a serious conversation. and since you’re obviously way too nosy to walk away, you crouch behind a bush and veil yourself behind a few tall shrubs and hedges. as you shuffle closer toward the pair, you begin to question the absurdity of this situation, though you remember that you’ve done weirder things.
one time, on a dare, you signed up to a dating app and catfished your principal.
another time, also on a dare (maybe you should probably stop picking dare), you had dressed up as slenderman and chased kids down the street until they pissed their pants.
this — eavesdropping on a missing classmate — is really not the weirdest thing you’ve done.
“sorry, you’re just… not my type. like at all.” the girl winces. oh fuck, did he confess? you might only be a spectator, but the awkwardness in the air can be tasted.
“o-oh.” his soft voice replies. you think he needs to stop speaking like that — if there’s anything girls like, it’s assertiveness. he’s too soft-spoken, it makes him vulnerable to people that could eat him alive. “sorry.”
oh god, you want to groan aloud. now he’s apologising? you begin to wonder how many of the dating no-no’s he’s going to commit.
“whatever. can i… go back to class now?” the girl sighs tiredly. you angle your head a little higher and notice that she’s folding her arms. this is your opportunity to examine her face. huh. she’s pretty. she’s got sparkling eyes and pouty lips that you know guys go insane for. at least heeseung’s got taste, you think, though she seems like kind of a bitch.
and from one bitch to another, you’re probably the most qualified to say this.
how many fucking times is this ding dong going to apologise?
“for fuck’s sake.” you mutter to yourself, frustrated beyond belief. you shake your head in disapproval, ducking slightly when they briefly look in your direction.
“it’s fine.” the girl sighs. “anyway, you’re still going to help me with my homework, right?” the girl asks. say no, heeseung. say no. say fuck you, say i’ve got better things to do than do your crusty ass homework, say get lost and learn how to read yourself you moronic imbecile!
“oh, y-yes… sorry,” you cringe again, “i totally forgot. i’ll give it to you tomorrow… s-sorry.”
this has to be one of the most frustrating and aggravating conversations you’ve ever tuned into. if there’s anything you detest most, it’s people that apologise for no reason, and it’s also people that make others feel the need to apologise. whatever happened to reserving the word for when it really matters?
“aw, thanks, hee. you’re the best.” you watch her lean forward and plant a soft kiss on heeseung’s cheek, effectively giving you all the explanation you need to justify how the boy could’ve ever thought to confess to a girl like this. she gives him just enough sustenance to survive, though she’s always sure to draw the line when he’s too close. it’s the oldest trick in the book, and if you’re being really honest, you’re the best at it.
the girl leaves without another word, now leaving heeseung alone on the bench. for a few seconds, you watch him — he has his eyes set on the ground beneath his feet, brows scrunched and lips dipped into a small frown. perhaps he’s trying to analyse where things had gone wrong — perhaps he’s rethinking all the past interactions he had with the girl and if he misinterpreted things.
you know this because that’s precisely how dating games work — they gaslight you into thinking you had concocted delusional narratives in your own head.
hence, “ouch,” is all you say.
heeseung snaps his head backward at you, shocked by your sudden presence. you rise to your feet, brushing off the dirt from your skirt.
“that was painful to watch.” you continue, watching as his eyes appear as though they’ll pop out his sockets and roll on the grass. you’re probably going to send the poor boy into some sort of cardiac arrest. “and by the way, did you know mr lee is worried sick about you and you’re trying to get into some girl’s pants?”
“w-what? pants?” he springs to his feet, blinking rapidly. you try not to smirk so widely, but his reactions are so entertaining. he’s too transparent. he’s almost like a puppy — his reactions are pure and honest; everything you see is what you get. it’s refreshing, you think. most people aren’t like that these days.
“he’s disappointed.” you tsk, shaking your head solemnly. “can’t believe his best student’s out here trying to get his dick wet—”
heeseung gasps from your crude language, so you stifle a chuckle. “i’m just kidding, okay? chill.”
the boy huffs. “you… you didn’t see the entire thing, did you?”
you nod guiltily. “i kinda did.”
heeseung softly groans aloud before he seats himself back on the bench. he props his elbow up on the armrest and sinks his cheek into his palm. you stifle another laugh, this time shuffling closer toward him. “it wasn’t all that bad. you just… you need to stop apologising.”
“i don’t know, i just… i thought she liked me.” he mumbles. “she kept…” he shakes his head. “nevermind.”
you raise a brow. “laughing at your jokes? touching your arm? smiling at you from across the room?”
heeseung snaps his head toward you and nods rapidly. “yes!” he cries, like you’ve just read his mind. “that’s exactly what she would do. i-i would make these chemistry jokes, and… she would laugh and call me funny…”
“hate to break it to you buddy, but she was probably just doing that so you’d do her homework.” you say a little too tersely, now sitting on the bench with him. “and besides, chemistry jokes? when the fuck have chemistry jokes ever been funny?”
heeseung pouts. “well… what do you call an acid with an attitude?”
your brows dig into your face. “what?”
“a-mean-o acid.”
oh god.
he’s doomed.
he’ll die a virgin.
you physically face-palm, groaning aloud as he softly giggles. he’s laughing at his own joke? oh god. you think you hear the sounds of your fallopian tubes shrivelling up and dying. better yet, they’re sucking their eggs right back up the reproductive system.
he’s hopeless. he’s tragic. and he totally reminds you of your dad, because back when you were younger, your father used to make the same types of jokes. they’re called dad jokes for a reason.
“wait, i got one.” you snap your fingers, suddenly remembering something your dad had told you one night when he was tucking you into bed. “what did the man say when his wife threw sodium and chloride at him?”
heeseung blinks curiously. “what?”
“that’s as-salt!”
heeseung instantly snorts a laugh, and you’re so thrown off by the noise that you snap your head at him.
did he just… snort loudly?
the small glimpse of the pretty smile you were able to catch immediately vanishes as quickly as it appeared when he realised what he’s done.
heeseung’s eyes widen with slight embarrassment as he looks away and tries to cover his reaction with a cough.
but he’s too late, because you saw everything — you saw the way his eyes curled upward when he laughed, and the way his nose wrinkled underneath his little glasses. and honestly, you don’t mind his smile. you like it. it’s… wholesome. most guys you know don’t like to smile — it’s always a smirk, or a tough frown, or worse, that overly-forced stoic expression you’ve never thought was attractive.
“are these jokes too basic for you?” you continue in jest. “because i’m not getting much of a reaction.”
heeseung stifles another laugh, though you cringe from your joke. you’re both softly laughing now, which lessens much of the tension from earlier. and though you notice that heeseung has seemingly begun to forget about what had happened with lia, there’s no way you’re not taking this opportunity to not mention the letter you found in your locker.
“by the way,” you reach into the pocket of your skirt, earning heeseung’s curious gaze. “you left this in my locker.”
you hold out the lined piece of paper that heeseung had written his letter on. at first, he’s eyeing it with confusion, until you watch his face change the instant he realises what it is.
a red glow diffuses across his cheeks once again while he blinks at it in embarrassment. “o-oh.” he blushes profusely, grabbing the letter from you. “s-sorry—”
“stop apologising.” you snap. “and also, don’t leave weird shit in my locker ever again, or i’ll fill yours with shaving cream.”
heeseung nods rapidly. you smile, watching him adjust his hair nervously. “d-did you—”
“read it? of course i did.” you narrow your eyes. “you’re a fucking weirdo, you know that?”
heeseung pouts. “i… i left it a month ago, okay? i just… i was confused.”
you blink. oh.
you thought he had given it to you this morning. but you suppose this makes sense, because you’re not exactly the best at cleaning out your locker — it’s always filled to the brim like a landfill, and the only reason you’d even rummaged through it this morning was to retrieve your headphones.
“didn’t realise you’ve liked lia for that long.” you comment, noticing he likes to play the long-run. you, on the other hand, are obsessed with short-lived fantasies.
“n-no, actually, i… i liked someone else at that time and… i don’t know, i.. i thought you could help, since you’re friends with—”
“you liked ryujin?!” you screech loudly. heeseung gasps at your volume, placing a finger across his lips. how did you deduce that from the little information? it’s easy — you’ve got one friend and one friend only — shin ryujin. you might be popular, but you can only really tolerate a small subset of people.
“n-no! i-i mean, yes… i — not anymore!” he stammers. “s-she was really nice to me when—”
“and let me guess, you did her homework too.”
heeseung lowers his head and nods solemnly.
oh god.
he’s fucking hopeless.
how long is he going to let women play him like a little toy?
“i can teach you how to date if you really want,” you shrug, and he instantly snaps his head up at you and stares with those big starry eyes of his. “but it’s obviously going to take a lot of work given what i’m working with.”
“r-really? y-you’ll help?”
“why not?” you sigh. “you’re the first person to write me a letter that didn’t include a drawing of your dick.”
heeseung scrunches his nose up in disgust. “you’ve really gotten that before?”
you nod. “men are trash,” you announce, thinking about the way taehyun had treated you this morning. the hot ones are always trash. “and if i can teach at least one of you from your wretched species how to be a normal fucking human being, i’ll do it.”
heeseung finally smiles, and you make the mistake of looking over and staring at it. you’re already swept up in it. it’s pretty. it’s really pretty. he’s got the prettiest smile you've ever seen, and maybe you’ll admit that it’s contagious.
“thank you,” he whispers.
you feel tiny amounts of heat begin to branch up your neck and cheeks before you turn away in an attempt to stifle down your emotions.
this might just be the most interesting decision you’ve ever made.
to be continued.
Tumblr media
a/n: hello fellow heeseung simps <3 ngl i normally only like tsundere-like characters but the thought of heeseung being this dorky, innocent, simp ass little nerd has me feeling some typa way I CANT EXPLAIN ITTT 😭 omfg im really not sure that this was the quality i was hoping to achieve but im gna lose it if i have to read this chapter one more time 😭 anyway im hoping the next few chappies turn out well 🤞 or i might just unalive myself :> anywayyyy i'd love to hear what u all thought (good or bad)! do pls support me by liking + reblogging if u can :>>
Tumblr media
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What do you think of writing an Obey Me character cheating on MC but with the typical revenge/regret part on the cheater's part. I never actually thought that I'd be into type of writing till I read some works of the other authors though I barely see one for an Obey Me character. Hope you'll give this a shot! Thank you and I hope you continue writing more in the future!!
“ I thought we were forever”
cheater!lucifer x gn!reader
cw: cheating, mentions of sex, vulgar words (?), angst with no comfort
he came home late, again, thinking you'd be asleep by now, but you weren't. you saw his lips, face and neck, covered in a shade of strawberry lipstick. your heart pounded, as tears of anger and sorrow blurred your vision. things hadn't been great between you two recently, he was being more distant, he was out for longer, not picking up your calls, but to see actual evidence of him cheating on you completely shattered you.
you felt yourself grow cold, and seethe with anger. you didn't plan on standing around, waiting for him to come and tell you the truth. you deserved better than him. you watched as he went to take a shower, probably so he could erase his mistakes from his skin, but they were never going to leave your mind, or your heart. you knew what you had to do, you slowly got out of bed, packed some clothes and other things you needed into a bag, and left.
Lucifer got out of the shower, his entire body radiating guilt. He can usually handle his alcohol very well but perhaps not always. he'd never met the women before, and all he remembers is kissing her lips, her body, and her hands on his waist. his head pounded as he recalled the encounter. he felt sick. you two had been going through a rough patch but he never thought he could do something like this.
he wrapped a towel around his waist and walked out to the bedroom, seeing an empty bed, he was bewildered. he could've sworn you were there in bed when he arrived prior to taking a shower. he called out your name but to no avail. he couldn't see your phone either, and that's when he saw it, a note on his side of the bed.
"Dear Lucifer,
How was it? Was she any good? Did she make you cum? Was it worth it? Throwing years of a relationship down the drain for a quick fuck? Well I sure hope so darling, considering by the time you’re reading this, I’m long gone. I hope this breaks you like you broke me. I never thought you’d sink to such a low. Did you ever even love me Lucifer?
Farewell, y/n”
tears stained the letter but he held it close to him, it was the only thing of you he had left,
because you were gone. 
a/n: anon this was such a good idea ! I hope I was able to do you justice, this the first time I’ve ever written a cheating pic before! anyways I hope you enjoyed and as a message to all my readers my asks are always open ((:
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soft4hardthings · 1 month
Trevor and jamie rooftop playlist analysis because i was v bored and found it xox
Some couples get married but Jamie proposed with a bbq and Trevor accepted with a collaborative playlist xx
Highlight time!
Jamies Spotify account is under his mums name (serving door dash) and there is a playlist dedicated for her
And one for sleep 
and Justin Bieber but with one song in it
And a juice world album?
And a Spotify Shazam playlist with 500 songs ranging from 2016 to 2020 which is giving old man but im supportive
trevor's only public playlist is the rooftop one with a very artsy sunset pic go tz
22 (taylors version) added by Trevor
Lover added by Jamie!
Listen to midnight please boys give us ur thoughts
Sofia (Clairo) added by Trevor
GUD VIBRATIONS by nightmare slander and good vibrations by the beach boys are both added by Trevor
We love the duality of a duck
Running up that hill anyone? Yeah that was Trevor
He worked for this playlist
Mac demarco which makes me happy 
Jamie added like 5 kings of Leon songs
Lots of 80s and 90s rock bands
And titanium 
Thanks Jamie
Its 6 hours worth of music and Trevor contributed to 5 of those hours
They don’t follow each other on Spotify but Trevor follows Kevins who’s acc is exactly what you’d think it would be except for the fact he has like 3 Christmas playlists
Here’s the link to check for yourselves!
This is the greatest thing that could have happened to me today
OKAY SO, here's my additions - yours are incredible non - Trevor is introducing Jamie to SO MUCH other music than fucking country. thank fuck.
also love and support that JD's mom runs her household as well as theirs from afar. Bawss ass bitch.
I'm unsure what it means that Trevor and I listen to so much similar music, but, here we go:
+TWO PRINCES - I've had a fic in mind w/ this title for 17 years. i hate them.
+Oh sweet nothin' by velvet underground - Sonny's influence, he has left his impression.
+This playlist is inherently romantic??????????????????? +TREE HOUSE BY ALEX G?!!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!? ITS SO CUTE IT HURTS AND I HAVE IT ON MY TREVORJAMIE PLAYLIST TOO?!!??!?! SO DO THEY?!?!?!?! IT HURTS:
"Do Not Enter" is written on the doorway Why can't everyone just go away? Except you You can stay What do you think of my treehouse? It’s where I sit and talk really loud Usually I'm all by myself Ooh I'm the captain but you can be the deputy I’m really glad you think I'm so funny I don't think I'm ever gonna let you leave
+Amber by 311? Listen to it. Jamie put it on there bc it reminds him of Z.
I've got to tell you something This phenomenon, I had to put it in a song And it goes like
Whoa, amber is the color of your energy Whoa, shades of gold display naturally
You want to know what brings me here You glide through my head, blind to fear And I know I
Whoa, amber is the color of your energy
+Fat bottomed girls by Queen? Hockey asses.
+Sex on Fire and Use Somebody is def Jamie's lame ass choices, but, so telling also, and I think it's sweet.
+STUCK IN THE MIDDLE WITH YOU!?!?!??!? These hoes.
+WE'RE GONNA BE FRIENDS BY WHITE BLOOD CELLS?!!!??!?!?!?!?!!?!??!?!?!?!?!? Trevor. please.
I really don't think anyone makes a better TREVORJAMIE playlist than TREVOR AND JAMIE.
This playlist fucks, also. and i hate it.
thanks for ruining my life on this day non.
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maladaptivedaydreamsx · 11 months
Tumblr media
"I'm All Yours"
Marius x mc drabble (sfw)
✎ a/n: Had a bit of a drabble idea come to mind bc of this pic* and I haven't written in awhile since I've been busy so please bear with me as I let the brainrot outta my system :,)
Tumblr media
Marius calls your name, successfully stealing your attention from whatever files you had just been reviewing. As he walks over to your desk he speaks up once more. "Whatever you want, I will do everything in my power to give it to you."
Turning to now sit atop your desk in the NXX headquarters instead, you lean in closer to Marius and ask him the most prominent question on your mind. "Are you sure you can give me anything I desire? Even if it's extremely expensive, the one and only of its kind?"
Marius scoffs, so sure of himself and his ability to get what he wants that he doesn't even bat an eye as to what you could be implying. "Never took you for the type to be so interested in collectibles, Miss Attorney. What's caught your eye? I can assure you it'll be in your hands by next week."
"How about right now?" You tilt your head as you speak, enjoying watching the confusion on the young CEO's face as the cogs in his head work on overdrive. What could you possibly want so desperately that you needed it right this instant? Before he can ask any more questions, you begin to prattle off a series of... oddly familiar descriptions. "The only thing I want is the absolute only one in existence of its kind. With the prettiest shades of blues and purples, sometimes dusted with the cutest shades of blushed pink, so incredibly expensive I could never afford it ten times over and yet... it's right within reach, at this very moment."
It seems that something suddenly clicks in Marius' head, but it's too late, as you've already pulled him in by his shirt, lips hovering a hair's breath away from his own. "It's you, Marius, you're the only one I've ever wanted... if you'll have me." The way his eyes light up could only be described as comical, like a kid who won the grand prize at the fair, or who's been told they can get as much as they want from the candy store.
Just before your lips meet, there's a slight rumble in the bluenette's chest, eyes softening as he leans in to close the gap himself. One of his hands comes up to cradle the back of your neck, loving, reassuring, and so gentle it takes everything in you to allow you both to part for air. And it is only after he pulls back that he finally mumbles a reply against your lips. "As if you ever needed to ask.. you've always had me, and I'm not going anywhere."
Tumblr media Tumblr media
* The photo/quote in question that inspired this drabble, one of Marius' interaction lines in Visit.
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h4chi · 7 months
someday : howl’s moving castle
warnings this is NOT proofread!! word count 575
Tumblr media
you once again woke up in the now familiar royal surroundings, the morning sun rays peeking from the curtains and fading in the big mirror hung on one of the decorated walls.
you looked to the side, your familiar figure still sleeping peacefully under the covers.
you guessed you changed again, this night.
“yn?” your voice echoed in the room, followed by a “oh” of realization by sunghoon.
“good morning,” you answered back.
(s)he sat up on the bed, gently massaging his temples.
“slept well?” he hummed in response. “good.”
you took a moment to think about last nights events, sunghoon asking you out and then you and both of your friends celebrating after the concert.
“you know, i really enjoyed myself in the past months.”
sunghoon turned to look at you. “you know, switching.” he hummed, once again.
“i think it’s time for us to put an end to that.”
he sighed. “yeah, you’re right.” he paused. “how?”
“let’s get something to eat first, m’kay?”
you placed your cup of freshly made orange juice on the table, cleaning the corners of your mouth with a napkin.
“i think i have an idea.”
“i’m listening.”
“remember when we were at the huening’s? and i showed you my ring?” a hum from sunghoon’s part encouraged you to go on. “i think it has something to do with all this weird stuff. it has to be the rings.” sunghoon stood there with a fuzzy expression, furrowing his eyebrows.
“bring yours here.” he didn’t move an inch, only furrowing furthermore his eyebrows.
“come on, hurry up, jagiya!” it probably was the pet name, but sunghoon finally decided to stand up and head to his room.
he soon came back with a small ring, adorned with a small blue stone. then he raised his hand, the same ring but with a red gem on your ring finger. sunghoon took it out, placing both of them on the table.
“what happens now.” sunghoon shifted in his chair.
“i don’t know, try touching it?”
you moved them around, yet nothing, sunghoon also giving a try himself.
“wait, remember when you kissed my hand?” sunghoon nodded, his ears slowly turning a soft shade of red. “let’s recreate that scene.”
you stood up, proceeding to walk over the other side of the table and kneeling down on your knee. you took your ring, holding sunghoon’s hand and putting it on. you gave him one last look, before bringing his hand up to the height of your chin and placing a soft kiss on top of it.
“oh, something’s happening.” you stood back up, the ring suddenly emanating a weird acute sound.
“is this some kind of sailor moon shit cause it’s not funny.”
“sunghoon, shut up.”
black flashes before your eyes, causing you to close them. when you blink again, the person in front of you isn’t you anymore, but sunghoon.
“we did it?”
you smiled cheerfully, standing up to hug sunghoon. he immediately hugged you back, lifting you up from the ground to spin you around.
he put you down upon hearing a camera clicking, so you both turned around. his mother sneakily took a picture of the two of you.
“you both are so pretty!”
heat arose to your cheeks, and you politely thanked her.
“mom! you scared me.” sunghoon pouted, going to place a peck on her cheek. “but can you send me the pic you took of us?”
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
42. howl’s moving castle
taglist is open! send an ask to be added
NOTE the written part is very confusing but this all happens when you switched… also that’s the only pic that resembled the huh i was aiming for!! sorry if it doesn’t fit your image :(
summary yn is a famous musician who has always dreamt of having her own castle to explore, no school to attend and a simple life. prince park sunghoon, on the other hand, would rather see the world from a stage than staying inside of his family’s enormous castle, being obliged to attend important, royal meetings. eventually, yn is invited one day at the park’s castle to meet the royal family before performing at the annual Hybe beneficial concert, and that’s where she meets sunghoon, who has finally convinced his parents to let him attend the famous “HAC”. but the next thing they know is that they’re in the other’s body.
previous masterlist next
taglist : @abdiitcryy @lunaflvms @msxflower @rionah @certainyouthpeanut @blxckcatner0 @tadpoltail @qghosty @papiibuprofen @wonieleles @jjklvr00 @sophhloaff @arizejkt19 @reallyraesn @nishmrriki @rrvvby @soobin-chois (italics couldn’t be tagged)
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the-last-kenobi · 11 months
Just saw your Bad Things Bingo square post and I don’t know what’s still left after the other asks so take your pick if there’s anything left! Your choice of prompt w/ hurt Obi-Wan! (Also thank you for blessing us with your writing, it truly always makes my day to see anything your post)
Absolutely!! Took me long enough my beloved mutual but I finally made it.
I went with: stalking
PLEASE READ THE WARNINGS because the stupid tag bans are making this very tricky. tw for stalking, manipulation, dark thoughts, violence, harm against minors, kidnapping, and general creepiness.
Tumblr media
They were waiting in hangar 9.
It was very early - barely dawn - but they were there as requested, fully dressed and standing with packed bags over their arms, ready for departure.
The small fourteen-year-old Padawan looked almost tiny standing next to his towering Master, who seemed lost in thought. He kept turning away from the boy, one hand rising to his chin as he pondered whatever was so clearly on his mind.
The boy shifted on his feet, stilling only whenever his Master glanced at him.
He was anxious. Nervous and uncertain of himself.
But that was all right. That could be fixed, in time, though not by the man who at this very moment was striding away, deep in thought.
The boy stood where he had been left, both bags set at his feet like visible representation of the weight he carried.
Looking closer, there was - just briefly, just fleetingly - an expression of intense loneliness on his pale face.
A soft snap.
Now, that was a good picture. Close up on the boy’s face, white beneath shock of pale red hair, striking against the cool greys and shadows of the hangar. Just the boy.
He’d have it printed into a flatpic later, like the others.
The man with the camera turned and vanished back into the byways and cracks of Coruscant just as the Jedi’s ship docked, the new image clutched in his fist.
He’d be back soon.
Today it was raining.
It made for a lovely blurring effect around the edges of the photo, but it made it difficult to focus the camera on the boy’s face.
He descended the ramp of the ship side by side with his Master, but once again, his mentor’s attention wandered. He stood beside his student, one hand on his shoulder, but with his other he was holding a comm unit to his lips and speaking intently.
The boy kept his head lowered, eyes on his shoes.
Waiting, ignored, because he must.
The camera slid in and out of focus, from the rain to the boy to the rain again.
He almost let out a hiss of frustration, but no, no, patience was always required for capturing perfect art.
Just a few moments more…
The camera clicked just as the boy lifted his eyes to look doubtfully up at his Master. The smallest raindrops clung to the small lens, creating a net of blurred glimmers around his face, highlighting the way his blue-green eyes sparkled in the half light.
He was still so lonely.
Taken on a sudden whim, he shifted the camera to the adult Jedi’s face, watching closely.
After a moment, he lowered the comm and turned his gaze back to the boy, his lips framing a word: ‘Oh-bee-one.’
He wondered what that looked like written out.
But he’d find out sooner or later.
Hacking into the Temple servers hadn’t been nearly as troublesome as rumored. Apparently the Jedi, consumed as they were with their “Force” and their sanctimonious trust in the Senate, did not bother with proper security.
But never mind. It was a benefit to him, and eventually to Obi-Wan Kenobi.
It was a nice name. It had rhythm and rhyme; it suited the boy. Obi-Wan Kenobi. Yes, he liked that very much.
He turned aside from the stolen files to glance at the desk beside him, spread with almost a dozen flat pics. Some were cast in shades of sunshine and warmth, others in muted greys; some were taken from far away, the focus off in the distance, and others were much closer. But all of them were of Obi-Wan.
And he was unattended, or almost so, in every single one.
Not for much longer though.
He picked up the most recent - the red-haired padawan on the front steps of the Temple, sitting alone, waiting for someone who was very late to arrive.
Obi-Wan had his arms wrapped around his legs and his chin propped on his knees, half of him lit up by the blazing sunset and the other framed in shadow.
A thumb swept over the glossy picture, pausing to rest against the image of the padawan’s pale cheekbone.
He paced furiously in his cramped living space, on the verge of tearing out his hair, fingers tangled in the dry brown locks and twisting painfully.
Obi-Wan Kenobi and his teacher had been meant to enter into the heart of the city today, to conduct business at the Senate building. The increased security would have made approaching the boy directly impossible, but he could have gotten close. Brushed his hand along his sleeve. Conveyed on some subconscious level that Obi-Wan was not alone.
But for reasons he could not determine, the outing had been cancelled, and another Master and student sent in their place.
It was unbearable.
He breached the Temple servers again.
The boy and his Master had been harder to catch recently, staying inside the heart of their Temple more and more. The system informed him that they were participating in a round of group courses and training sessions for the coming few weeks.
That was unacceptable.
Obi-Wan was all alone in there.
He had to get him out.
So he pushed and prodded and pulled strings, and the boy and his teacher were scheduled for a simple treaty witnessing on Alderaan. A safe and relatively nearby Core world. There would be no reason to question.
Then he scheduled them to take semi-private transport. First class. Departing from a mass transportation dock.
It happened sometimes, when Core worlds wished to flatter the Jedi with unnecessary luxury. Alderaan usually knew better than to trod on the Order’s toes in such a way, but this once, just this once, it would be overlooked.
It was easy. The Order was rotting and tepid.
He had to get Obi-Wan away.
Three days. He only had to wait three days more, and then Obi-Wan would be safe - he would not fail as he had before.
Obi-Wan started out right beside his Master, taking two or three rapid steps for each one of the man’s long strides.
But the closer they got to the docking station, the more purposeful the Master became, more fixated on their departure.
Obi-Wan fell behind, slowly but surely.
He watched it happen from many meters away, and as the distance between teacher and student grew, he closed the distance between himself and the boy, his heart aching at the thought of Obi-Wan all alone in the crowd.
He watched the tall Jedi Master get farther and farther away, the people in between beginning to hide him from view.
Then he stepped seamlessly to Obi-Wan’s side and tripped deliberately over thin air, falling directly into the boy’s path.
Obi-Wan reached out and caught his arm to steady him, and he stood up, smiling warmly. “Thank you,” he said sincerely, fighting back tears that wanted to gather - this boy was so good, so ridiculously good, so much better than the life he had been given, but they were so, so close to fixing that. “Thank you,” he said again, and squeezed the boy’s hands in his, triggering the small device in his palm.
The tiniest of needles punctured Obi-Wan’s skin. He didn’t flinch, but carefully and politely began trying to pull his hands away.
He did not allow this. He held Obi-Wan’s hands more tightly and said, “I’m feeling a little lightheaded. Could you help me over to a bench?”
Obi-Wan smiled. “Of course. I have a little time before our ship departs.”
He was kind. Much too kind.
He timed it very carefully. It should work - it would work - but they had to time each step so perfectly. Obi-Wan must follow the plotted steps without realizing that he was doing it.
One, two, three, four, five - they were halfway to the middle of the platform now, nearer to the benches than the waiting ship where his Master was no doubt preparing to board, oblivious.
Twelve, thirteen, fourteen - nearly to the benches.
The ship on the other side of the platform was announcing its departure. The doors were closing one by one, back to front.
Fifteen, sixteen - Obi-Wan moved to help him onto one of the benches, and finally, it was time to act. He shifted his hands from holding Obi-Wan’s to gripping the boy’s elbows, and spun them on the spot so that Obi-Wan’s back was to the benches. Before the boy could so much as exclaim he pushed, almost running with him, and they hurtled over the threshold of a door to the departing shuttle a split second before it closed. A ticket droid pinged loudly at them, and he held two cards up for it to scan.
They had done it.
They had escaped, on a shuttle going an entirely different direction, and they were safe.
He beamed down at Obi-Wan, who was looking back at him with shock written all over his young face, trying to pull away.
“Let go of me,” he said. Then louder, more desperate, “Let go of me! This isn’t my ship, please!”
A door down the hall began to open as someone either came to investigate or simply had unfortunate timing, and he let go of one of Obi-Wan’s arms just long enough to open the door of their compartment and shoved him quickly inside, shutting the door behind them and turning quickly to push Obi-Wan against the side wall, covering his mouth firmly with one hand.
Obi-Wan’s eyes were terrified, and his chest ached at the sight. “Shhh,” he said gently. “Shhh. Everything is all right. You’ll see. We’ve escaped.”
Obi-Wan made muffled, panicked pleas beneath his hand, struggling with his whole body to get away.
“It’s all right,” he said again. “My name is Tabor. I’ve been watching out for you. I got us this ship, Obi-Wan…I’m going to take care of you, Obi-Wan. You’ll fall asleep soon. Just calm down.”
Obi-Wan’s eyes suddenly snapped directly to his, and he stilled. Warm breaths puffed against Tabor’s muffling palm, but the boy wasn’t panicking anymore.
Instead he raised his eyebrows and glanced over Tabor’s shoulder into the darkness of their room, and an instant later, he was yanked off the boy by a powerful hand and almost thrown to the other side of the room.
A brilliant green light flared into being and a lightsaber was held inches from his throat, illuminating the terrible expression of the man wielding it.
Obi-Wan’s Master was here.
“You are under arrest,” the man said quietly, his eyes burning with an anger and disgust so deep Tabor could not find a word for it. “The Judicial forces have approved your transfer of jurisdiction to the Jedi Order. You are charged with the attempted kidnapping and accidental death of Padawan Gennia Va’breem, with unauthorized access of legal and personal information, with interfering with procedures of the Jedi Order, and with the attempted kidnapping of Padawan Obi-Wan Kenobi.”
Tabor stared up at the man, dumbfounded. This was not the same man who had been in the background of all of Obi-Wan’s pictures, it couldn’t be. That man had been impersonal and distant and useless, as two-dimensional as the paper the few images he made it into were printed on.
This man was not that.
“Masters,” the Jedi called, and the door to the compartment opened again, admitting two other Jedi, their own sabers ready in their hands.
“Master Jinn,” one of them, a young humanoid, said. “Well done. Do you want us to take him from here?”
“Please,” said Obi-Wan’s Master. “I need to tend to Obi-Wan.”
Tabor shook himself out of his stupor as the other two Jedi disarmed and cuffed him, shunting him towards the door. He realized, belatedly, that the ship was not moving. They had never made their escape. The Jedi had been here all along. “Obi-Wan!” He cried, looking to the boy, still standing next to the wall. “Obi-Wan, you don’t have to stay with them, you could be happy with me—”
The boy’s Master stepped between them, blocking him from view. His face was calm, but his eyes were full of that same thunder.
He said nothing. He didn’t need to. Tabor was silent as he was pulled from the room, unable to catch another glimpse of the padawan.
“Obi-Wan,” someone said.
Obi-Wan blinked slowly. His eyelids felt so heavy. He didn’t want to open them, if he even could.
Someone was holding his hand. “Obi-Wan.”
Alarm shot through him. He was caught, he was trapped, this person had drugged him and they knew his name— he struggled, a small whine escaping his lips.
A hand stroked his forehead. “Padawan, open your eyes and see.”
Hesitantly, Obi-Wan did so.
It was bright. Warm. The ceiling, which he saw first, was a familiar pale beige, and the walls, those were familiar too. The sights and scents and sounds all rang comfortably in his senses, telling him that he was safe, that he was home.
But most importantly, Qui-Gon was sitting beside his bed, holding one of Obi-Wan’s small hands in one of his larger and more callused ones. He smiled, and Obi-Wan smiled back. “Hello Master,” he said tiredly.
“Hello,” Qui-Gon said, his eyes crinkling again. “I’m glad to see you awake.”
“How long was I asleep?” Obi-Wan wanted to know.
Qui-Gon’s thumb began to move back and forth over Obi-Wan’s wrist, almost unconsciously it seemed. “Only a few hours. The drug was mild. The Healers thought it wise to let you sleep it off.”
Obi-Wan frowned. “I’m sorry. I wasn’t quick enough to stop him with the injector. I didn’t even see it.”
His Master’s grip on his hand tightened for a moment; his expression flickered. “That wasn’t your fault. We could not have prepared for every eventuality, but we should have done better. I am thankful it was only a sedative, Obi-Wan. How are you feeling?”
“I’m all right, Master,” said Obi-Wan steadily, and he turned his hand a little in Qui-Gon’s so that his own thumb was free and began running it up and down the side of his Master’s hand, deliberately echoing the unconscious comfort Qui-Gon had been giving him.
Some of the tension in his Master’s face smoothed out, his lips quirking into a slight smile.
“I wasn’t truly afraid, Master. I volunteered to be the bait when they first noticed he was following me, after what happened with Gennia. I knew what I was signing up for. I knew you were there with me the entire time.”
“I was,” Qui-Gon murmured. “I swear, I was.”
“I know,” Obi-Wan said again. He blinked sleepily.
Then - “But Master, I really would just like to be assigned to class rotations for awhile now.”
Qui-Gon chuckled, shaking his head in weary amusement. “Yes, I quite agree, Padawan-mine. No more risky assignments for a good while yet.”
Obi-Wan blinked drowsily up at him and smiled one more time before sliding back into a more natural sleep, registering dimly when his Master began to run his thumb soothingly over the back of Obi-Wan’s hand, as if to remind him that he was still right there.
His sleep was dreamless and untroubled, and the next time he woke, there was no moment of panic, just a gradual waking and the knowledge that he was safe. His Master was sleeping in just the next room, and all was well.
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gossiprry · 1 year
so did the sun article mention her or not? i saw someone say whenever it’s a n article from his team it never mentions her, unlike from her team. //
I was the anon that wrote that and I didn’t notice it at the bottom lol but I’m also not convinced Harry’s team approved that part. Back to the SEO post another anon linked to… what if the Sun added that part in just to boost their own SEO ranking. Editors can change pieces so I bet the Sun added that in. PR doesn’t completely control what is written they just heavily persuade and guide the piece. (I work in PR)
Here’s a prime example what I meant tho. This is an example of something Harry’s team sent in:
Notice how it was posted in March of this year but no mention of Holivia just Olivia as director briefly? This publication posts super positively about Harry in general and has done a lot of articles detracting from Holivia. Everyone wants to hate on his team, but hear me out on this theory.
I think his team has been actually working really hard to keep Harry’s brand as disassociated from her as possible while the stunt continues. That’s part of all the winning of awards (not to say he didn’t earn them but a lot of awards are political, esp. Grammys) and why Liam and Ed keeping bringing him up, that’s why Lorde talked about him, and Joshua whoever Olivia Rodrigos ex, and why Jen Aniston wore the same suit as him for People, why Courtney Cox covered his song. Yes all these people get clout from his name but think about how many random people have been talking about him lately??? Why?? Image restoration. All of these people have done nothing but say amazing and positive things about him. PR people talk a lot and it’s not a stretch that they’d be involved somehow in all these random positive mentions. It’s their job to find these connections and positively promote their clients. Why do they care so much about his image?? HS3 baby!! Harry wants to be and his team wants to market him as one of the greats of his time (Grammys, high profile articles with RS and famous music journalists, placement on 500 best albums and 500 best songs?) More than anything Harry wants critical acclaim for his music. They do not want it cheapened by being tied to Olivia. The article today proved it to me. They laid out that he wrote it before her and they will continue to say that and steer album marketing as far from as they can strategically. Think about it. How much press has Olivia gotten not tied to Holivia and how much press has Harry gotten not tied to Holivia? Exactly!
Theory continued: I also think his team reads these blogs and they know that we all think it’s PR. I think maybe they are the ones leaving some of the “it’s PR” comments on the DM and other Holivia articles not the GP. (Go look up what they did for Eroda and all the fake Twitter accounts they made for that marketing push) If everyone thinks the relationship is fake even if stories say otherwise, this angle is better because he didn’t really break up a family/date her anyway. Olivia still gets name recognition and tabloids get clicks. That’s why I think we see Harry being so over it. At first his team wanted to sell the it’s real thing to water down the home wrecker narrative they’ve worked so hard to clear (why he wasn’t looking horribly miserable although still strange in the January photos) but they noticed we weren’t buying it. Now they’re purposely seeding doubt and straight up disconnecting him publicly from her as much as possible. They’re the ones that fed that Page 6 article about him singing about his ex in front of her. They’re trying to make her look bad guys! Why? It’s better for Harry that we’re thinking poor Harry caught up in this stunt with such an annoying person. It’s actually sort of hilarious. And real tea I think Jason’s team is doing the same thing so I doubt there’s any real bad blood between Jason and Harry bts or any of their shared friends. That’s why the subtle shade with the kids and Jason before the Emmys and the classic doodle line. Like damn. She’s probably on the phone so much talking to her PR team about how to salvage any of this and it sells her girlboss image. He’ll still make fun of the situation on SNL but I bet Olivia comes out looking the worst. The only confusing part is Jeff? Why would he hype Olivia on the teaser Instagram story hmm? Why not Harry? Well he’s not gonna tag them both in the post and honestly I think they’re trying to distance Harry from the movie some too bc it’s tainted by her and the stunt. I’ll stand by Harry’s core team who’ve been around being loyal to him. I think tommy is dancing with Olivia like that bc he knows fans will capture it and she’ll look stupid.
I know this is a lot and sounds sort of crazy. I’m not a Larry or any of that but literally this whole thing has been so strange and this is the only explanation I can’t come up with. This is the first relationship I feel is a stunt truly without love or at least some romance involved. I don’t know what happened between them but that weird dancing video and the yacht pics really cemented it as being off for me. I don’t think Harry’s innocent or any of that either. I know he has flaws but I can’t for the life of me wrap my head around why someone who was so horribly paraded through the press with 1D would find themselves in this position again when he hasn’t had anything like this in the press for like 5 years? I know there are some pieces still missing like why did this all start in the first place?? I don’t think Harry would willingly tarnish his image even for a movie role. I don’t believe they were even seeding Holivia back then. I think they had him photographed with Flo stating they were just friends and the article about him being single to get ahead of any costar romance narratives. This was supposed to be a serious project for him. Something else happened that sent us all careening down this path to Holivia hell and it probably involves betrayal of some sort which is why he made that weird statement “thanks to everyone who has my back” at the brits. I’m convinced that DWD was supposed to be a movie to show he has acting range and that’s why he took the role, but it’s become some weird death trap.
Tumblr media
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elfwoodfae · 1 year
Writing’s On The Wall
Quantum Of Solace (Chapter-4)
Warnings: Masturbation.
Author’s note: I loved this chapter, I enjoyed writing it, let me know what you think. Also I made the moodboard from editing pics to putting it together, if you want to use it or share it just tag me!
Quantum Of Solace.
Tumblr media
The light of the screen illuminates your face, the room around you is dark, cold, giving the feeling of being locked up in a nightmare. A single tear rolls down your face as Christina’s words echos through your mind, is as if he was a completely different man. Your fingers move to the rewind button once again, playing the scene once more; the screen shows Harrison, looking at the camera, sitting in his chair before he abruptly gets up, walking to a board, talking about how he managed to keep a diary, symbols you had never seen are written on the board, he seems euphoric, as if this breakthrough was his salvation.
Ripping the drive your had found a few minutes earlier off the computer, when you were rummaging through his things, you walk over to the kitchen, looking for the phone as thunder roars over the skylight, lighting illuminating the room. Your finger begging to dial, hands shaking and your breathing becomes erratic as panic settles on you. She had been right, something was definitely very wrong with this man, he was pretending to be paraplegic.
“I wouldn’t do that if I were you.” His voice echos through the house, making you turn your head around, eyes going wide as you see him sitting in front of you, you hadn’t even heard him coming in.
“You are faking it!” Comes your accusation, your eyes are glossy and your hands shaky.
“I’m calling the police, you…” you point at him with your phone.
“You are not going to get away with this, you are lying to everyone, I knew there was something off with you.” You finish, finger about to dial when movement catches the corner of your eye.
Gripping the armrest of his chair he gets up, taking his glasses off and throwing them on the chair, the darkness around you both only briefly interrupted by lightning falling from the sky, illuminating his silhouette briefly.
“I was really hoping it wouldn’t come to this.” He half whispers tilting his head slightly to the side, looking almost pained to having to do whatever he will do next, before taking a step towards you, the realization of how tall he is hits you, leaving you breathless as you take a step back, your hand quickly opening a drawer and taking a knife in your hand, lifting it in his direction.
“Stay right there!” Your voice tries to sound confident, strong, but the shakiness and fear in it gives away how you really feel. He knows you are terrified, he knows he has the upper hand, he has you cornered at his mercy.
“How ironic, being threatened with a knife.” He smirks, moving closer in your direction, he can see the way your hand shakes, making the grip unsteady.
“Back off, I’m calling the police,” your finger is about to graze the dial button when a storm hits you, suddenly the phone is long gone and Harrison is behind you, his body pressed firmly to your back as he pushes you against the counter, his much bigger hand covering the hand holding the knife as he squeezes yours, erupting a scream off your lips at the pain he is inflicting trying to get you to drop the knife.
Throwing all the strength you have into your back you try to push him off of you, failing miserably, his body barely giving into your attempt, panic is settling fast over you, your mind racing for a way out and suddenly the only idea you can come up with is to try and somehow kick him in the balls. But the moment your feet start to move is as if he had seen it in slow motion, he managed to let go of your other hand before grabbing your feet, pulling you and throwing you off balance, turning you around, facing him as his hand grips your face.
“You were so close of making it out of here, but you had to go and meddle into things.” He half growls, a flicker of red illuminating his face briefly, his hand moves back, starting to vibrate in the hair as he purses his lips, his eyes turning a bright shade of red.
Realization dawns on you, he is one of them, one of those meta-humans going about, he is angry, you have angered him and now he most likely will kill you. Tears prickle your eyes and your mouth opens, but no sound comes out.
“Let me go!” You try, struggling with him, trying to break free but his hold on your face only tightens.
His hand slaps down on the counter behind you, rattling everything on it as a wiring noise fills your ears. His face moves closer to yours, the proximity of his body making you push yourself backwards into the kitchen island, making it dig painfully against your spine.
“Your chance to go is long gone,” he whispers.
“You are now stuck here, with me, and had you been more careful we could had both gone our ways and I would be free of your impertinence.” He angrily states, half whispering, half yelling on your face.
“Listen here, and listen carefully,” he squeezed your jaw harder, trying to make his point across.
“You will stay here until I have reached my goal, and you better behave because trust me,” he half chucked, watching the way your lips purse and your pulse quickens in fear.
“I can make you wish I had kill you, and don’t think for a moment I won’t know if you try anything. Don’t think you can outsmart me.” He says, before letting go of your face and moving out of your space, not before grabbing the phone out of your reach.
His eyes follow your form, seeing you run down the hall, tripping on your own feet as you try to go faster inside your room. Once he hears the door close, a sigh leaves his mouth, his hands running through his hair, frustration radiating off of him. This was a less than ideal situation, now he is stuck with you, stuck with your insufferable presence. The only gain he has on this is the ability to finally walk in his house, without having to hide, but the sole thought of having to share his space with you for longer than anticipated is enough to put him in a bad mood again.
The rest of the night Eobard threads through the house, his mind is in overdrive, thinking of any possible scenario, any possibilities where he would need to get rid of you. Your door remains locked through the night, and sometime after midnight he decides to retire to his own room, he needs to shower, to relax and take in as much calmness as he can given the circumstances. He sleeps on edge, constantly waking up, ready to speed if you as so much try anything, but you don’t, and he doesn’t see you leave your room when he leaves the next day. What he does see is you trying to leave, only to realize the door is locked, he sees you trying to connect with someone through the computer; he speeds to the house, catching you, scaring you as a red torment consumes you, he thanks Gideon for being able to see everything that goes on in the house through the cameras back at the lab, and he makes it clear he in not a patient man despite what it may look like on the outside, warning you for the last time.
The next couple of days pass by in haze, he sees you, wandering around the house once he is gone, you barely talk, barely eat, but he sees you looking into any possible way to leave. His pride hurts at the fact that he is aware he is not an insufferable man, he doesn’t want you with him, but he needs to ensure his plan. Perhaps a truce is in order but he won’t take the first step, too aware of how stubborn he can be. Thankfully back at the labs no one has brought you up anymore, everyone believing you are staying extra time for work, he doesn’t want to say you have left, he knows what the stakes are, keeping the lie simple is easier than over complicating it.
Walking through the door, late in the afternoon, he gets up from the chair, stretching his back, the front of his shirt riding up a little. He sets a pace, making his way to the kitchen only to stop mid way through. There on the middle of the room he notices you, looking at him, eyes cautious, a glass of wine in your hand. He raises his eyebrow as he looks at you and back at the glass.
“If you want to torture me here I may as well make the best of it.” You say, the glass almost overflowing, the comment making him snort.
“Trust me, keeping you here and torturing you are the last things on my mind.” He adds, continuing his stance to the decanter and grabbing a drink for himself.
“Then why won’t you let me go!” You insist, tire of trying to leave this place.
“Because I have worked too hard and too much for this, and you won’t ruin me, you won’t ruin it, have you not meddle into things you would be on your way by now.” He is getting mad, agitating himself.
Your lips purse as you whip around, successfully bumping your shoulder against his as you walk past him, putting extra effort into pushing him.
“Such a brat.” You hear him say, making you turn around and fist your hands at you side before huffing and stomping your feet in frustration.
“You are only adding to my point.” He teases you, pointing at you with his glass.
“Tess would be so disappointed in you!” You try to jab at his heart but his response only confuses you more.
“I wish I could say I care, but sadly I never knew her.” The sarcasm drips from his words, he notices how confusion takes over your features.
“My name is Eobard, Eobard Thawne. I’m not Harrison Wells, I’m not who you think I am.” He says, hand on his hips as he leans on the counter.
“What? How, how can you be someone you…” you trail off, your mind feels like a labyrinth of thoughts and questions.
“All you need to know is that I’m not Harrison Wells, but everyone needs to believe I am.” He says, pointing around you to an imaginary audience before taking the whole decanter and making his way to his own room.
The door shuts behind him, he releases a breath as he closes his eyes. This is becoming harder than he imagined, every interaction you share is fill with sarcasm or hate, he rejoices on teasing you, but he wishes he could simply void his mind of any thoughts regarding you. Sighting he makes his way to the bathroom, removing his jacket halfway through the room, followed by his long sleeve shirt as he passes in front of the floor length mirror, reflecting his body, his broad shoulders accompanied by ripped arms that seem to go on for miles; he stops, removing his pants, the curve of his ass is prominent and the muscles of his abdomen taunt, adorned by a trail of hair going all the way down his belly button, passing by the middle of a v line, reflecting a river one may desire to swim in.
Once in the bathroom he closes the door, scratching his neck, turning on the water on the all glass shower before going in. He removes the last piece of clothing before going under the stream of water. The hotness of it immediately reddens his skin, stealing a sight out of his mouth, the glass begins to fog around him and the memory of your body behind the glass door comes back to his mind. He wets his hair, hoping it will clear him of you but once his eyes close the only image behind them is the curve of your breast. The shape of your body, the color of your skin and that god forsaken hand running up your leg, running higher and higher and he feels his breath catching just imagining where it was heading to.
He feels uncomfortable, turning the water colder doesn’t seem to alleviate his problem and honestly he hates cold water. Regulating it once more he decides to approach this the only way he can, giving into a comfort he rarely indulges into. Taking a deep breath his hand moves to grasp himself, giving it a soft stroke, testing the waters before leaning his hand against the opposite wall for support. He moves his hand faster, the muscles on his abdomen contracting with every stroke of his hand, the veins on his neck beginning to show and his balls tightening, he feels his release close and he indulges in the memory of your perfume, what it would feel like to run his nose over the curve of your neck, down your shoulder, what it would feel like if it was his hand running against your leg, caressing your skin and moving higher to reach that place he so desperately feels the need to be in. With a sudden gasp his orgasm hits him, a grunt escaping him as his semen hits the floor, his hand still working to get him off completely. Once he is spent he can finally relax, letting out a breath as he throws his head back, allowing the water to run down his face and neck, washing away the anger he suddenly feels at not being able to control his own body, he hates you and he hates the reaction you bring out of him.
He looks at the clock, is sometime after 8:30 pm, his stomach rumbles and he considers if ordering Big Belly Burger is the best option. He runs the risk of someone seeing you but at the same time he hates the hassle it would create for him to go out on the wheelchair again to get the food himself. He decides on the later, grabbing the arm of the chair and speeding himself and the chair to get the food, only to be back in less than 10 minutes with bags in hand. He hates you but he can’t starve you, he is not that cruel. Walking to your room and knocking on the door, feeling himself growing annoyed when you take more than two seconds to open.
“What do you want?” Comes your response, the lack of manners you posses making a scowl appear on his face.
“You could be more grateful, I could let you starve you insufferable woman.” He says, annoyed already and regretting his decision of bringing you food.
“You are an insufferable man and I despise you, what kind of name is even Eobard, didn’t your parents love you?” That accusation jabs at his heart, opening a wound long forgotten and he hates how fucking spot on you have hit him.
Slamming the food down onto the floor with more force than necessary he speeds away, refusing to be there when you open the door, refusing to allow you to see how much it had affected him the pain the memory of his childhood brings him. Damn you and damn his kindness, you don’t deserve any of it.
You hear the bag slamming down, the quiet noise the air makes around you, he is gone, suddenly your words come back to you, he didn’t give you any sarcastic response, he didn’t even try to, maybe his childhood was a touchy subject you had inadvertently touched. Swinging your legs off the bed you run to the door, opening it faster than you intended to, only to find the bag of food in your step.
“Harrison” you call out before remembering that that’s not his name. Cursing lowly when silence greets you, guilt filling you as you realize that he was trying to be kind and you threw his efforts at his face.
“Hey come on, I didn’t mean it like that.” You try again, but there’s no response, he is gone.
Closing the door back you move to the bed, sitting down and opening the bag, he even added fries for you, and the gesture softens you a little and only adds to the guilt. He didn’t ask for you to be here the same way you didn’t ask to be here. He is having to put up with someone coming and slamming everything around for him. Even after all the unanswered questions you have it still comes as a shock that you don’t really know this man, he is a complete stranger who you are sure hates this more than you. Oblivious to you, in the other end of his house, his food lays untouched, his hands tangled in his hair. He has lost his appetite and the need to create chaos fills him, the only way he knows how to cope, how to adapt. Adjusting the ring on his finger he moves away from the bed, pulling his suit with a flick of his hand before phasing through it. A nightmare in yellow speeding out of the house, ready to destroy, ready to hurt the same way he has been hurt over and over again. He wants to destroy, he wants to hurt and he hates that the only thing it took for a storm to unleash was you.
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tobioismylove · 1 year
Like the Spring after Winter
Tumblr media
pairings: Miya Atsumu x reader (f)
genre: angst
warnings: none
note: this is a sequel for 'Like the Winter', so I recommend you to read that first!!
Tumblr media
this story is inspired by two songs from the anime 'given'. If you haven't watched it yet, you definitely should!!
Tumblr media
Like the shade of snow that refuses to melt.
The winter was long gone, but Atsumu still felt it. He felt the coldness in his heart. He wanted more, he wanted to feel the snow between his fingers longer.
But who was he to complain? Wasn't he the one who couldn't wait for spring?
Now that he's already halfway in spring, why wasn't he happy? Why did he feel lonely as though the spring didn't make him happy?
"Ah, it's finally Spring." You smiled at his words, watching as he stretched his arms to his sides, the slowly setting sun shining it's light beautifully on him. "Yer starin'." He grinned, wrapping his arms around your waist to pull you closer beside him. "You looked beautiful with the sunlight shining on you." You stated before stopping in your tracks upon noticing Atsumu pulling out his phone.
"Oh, the lighting really is pretty." You laughed as your boyfriend checked himself out on the selfie camera. And at that moment, he snaps a pic. "Hey.! I wasn't even looking at the camera." You argued, hitting his shoulder lightly. "Candid." With one of his arms still wrapped around your waist, you watched as he set the picture as his locksreen wallpaper. "Ya look really pretty laughin' like that." You playfully rolled your eyes, walking ahead of him. "Whatever, Mr.Romanticist."
Atsumu smiles at the memory, taking out his phone out of his pocket and holding it under his desk. Turning it on, he stares at his lock screen wallpaper which has never once been changed since that evening.
He really should change it soon. You're not his girlfriend anymore so it's kind of wrong in a way to still keep your picture as his wallpaper.
But he can't. He doesn't want to.
Everything you left behind has become my everything.
You leaned your head against the window, not really paying attention to the teacher reading out a poem. Your hand clutched the key shaped pendant on your necklace, eyes falling onto the blonde that was seated in front of you, his broad figure now slumped to the point it looked depressing.
"What's this?" You asked as he handed you a square shaped box before settling down next to you on your bed. "Open it and see, baby." You did as you were told, a small gasp leaving your lips upon seeing the jewelry that laid neatly in the box.
"A matching set for us. Look." Atsumu took the necklace in his hands, showing you the key pendant hanging in beside a volleyball pendant that had his jersey number engraved on it. "Ya gotta lock this bracelet around my wrist. This way, I won't be able to take it off." You giggled, inserting the small key into the hole of the bracelet that was wrapped around his wrist. The bracelet carried the initial letter of your first name.
"Help me put this on, babe." You turned around and moved your hair out of the way to have him put the necklace on you. Securing the cold jewelry around your neck, he pressed a soft kiss on your nape.
"I love you." Smiling, you turned around and pressed a kiss on his lips. "I love you too, 'Tsumu."
You fingers tightened around the little key pendant, watching as your now ex-boyfriend too leaned his head against the window.
Was he still wearing the bracelet? Or did he somehow unlock it and throw it away?
The school bell rings, indicating it was lunch time. You watched as your classmates hurriedly made their way to the cafeteria, the teacher complaining on how undisciplined they were. And in just a minute, the class was almost empty, leaving only you, Atsumu and three other girls at the other end of the classroom.
You didn't have any appetite, choosing to stay seated with your gaze fixed on the corner of your desk where a small 'I ♡︎ ATSUMU' was written with a black marker. In front of you, Atsumu did the same, gazing at the black ink of your name written on his desk.
"Y/N, Atsumu." You lifted your gaze towards the classroom door, watching as Rintarou and Osamu walked in with bento in their hands. "Hey, Rin and 'Samu." You greeted them with a smile. Rintarou pulled out a chair and sat at your desk while Osamu sat next to his twin.
Though it was hurtful to spend time with Atsumu like this, you had no other choice. The three of them had been friends for a long time before you had appeared in their life, so it wouldn't be right to tear them away from him.
"Ya know what? Both of you should talk everythin' out." Osamu stated, taking a big bite out of his Onigiri. "Is there even anything to talk about?" You questioned, fingers unconsciously wrapping around your necklace. "Yes. I'm sure there is. 'Tsumu has some things he needs to say to ya."
You were confused. What is there to talk about? He had told you his reason for breaking up with you that day.
"I don't love ya anymore."
"Ya know I don't just settle down for one girl."
That's what he said and you honestly don't want any more hurtful words coming from him.
Atsumu stood up from his seat, hands into the pockets of his blazer as he headed towards the classroom's door. "Go with him. Please." His twin brother said, gaze soft as he pleaded. You could never say no to him, so you listened.
"Text me if you need me or anything." Rintarou stated, giving your hand a light squeeze as he offered you a small smile. "I will. Don't worry and eat your lunch." You ruffled his hair, giggling a little before following the blonde who headed to the rooftop.
You wrapped your arms around yourself, enjoying the breeze as you patiently waited for Atsumu to speak. He always had problems with talking when it came to serious things that made him extremely nervous.
"I… I genuinely loved ya. I hope ya know that." He started, nibbling on his lower lip as he had his gaze fixed on the concrete floor. "If you did then why break up?" A pained expression took over his face, fists balled by his side. "I'm sorry it's just. It felt weird."
"Weird?" He nods, finally building up the courage to look at you. "I've never been in a serious relationship before. I don't think I'm capable of bein' in one."
"You do realize you could've tried right? I loved you, 'Tsumu. I would've been patient in our relationship and showed you that you're capable of being in a relationship." The tears that you've held in finally streamed down your cheeks. Though you did understand his feelings, you were frustrated.
All he had to do was tell you how he truly felt about being in a relationship and you would've been more than happy to show him what true love feels like. But he didn't. He chose to run away instead and that deeply hurt you.
And in front of you, Atsumu breaks down. He fell to his knees, tears flowing down his cheeks as he kept muttering apologies.
"Oh my, 'Tsumu." You too kneel in front of him, pulling him into your embrace. This is the first time you've seen him so broken, showing his vulnerable side to you as he cried on your shoulder. And strangely, it washed you with a wave of relief.
Because this just proved to you that Atsumu was hurting just as much as you were.
You held him in your arms, fingers going through his hair as you patiently waited for him to calm down. And when his cries had finally stopped, he pulled away from you, gaze fixed downwards.
"You know we can't get back together right?" You softly questioned him, to which he nodded his head weakly. "I know. I just needed to let ya know that ya meant so much to me. And that our relationship was somethin' very special to me." You smiled, wiping your own tears with the back of your hand. "I'm glad to hear that. You meant so much to me too, 'tsumu." Now that you knew he really did love you, it felt like a heavy weight have been removed from your heart.
"Do you want me to unlock this for you?" You asked, mentioning towards his bracelet that you noticed a few minutes ago. "No.. I wanna keep wearing it until I'm fully over ya." You smiled a genuine smile, pressing a last kiss on his forehead. "Okay then. I'll always be having this key with me."
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alixdelcourt · 2 years
Hello hello againnn, tysm for yesterday’s request, I love your writing!<3 I have a new idea I just thought of, tamaki + mha guys/girls (of your choice and if you write fruity fics too) with a reader who draws a lot? And maybe they get caught or they see a sketch of them? If it isn’t so much to ask for- ty!!!
MHA boys x reader who draws a lot
Some fluff and sweetness to brighten your day (I hope so)
Ft : Tamaki, Izuku and Denki
(First pic credits : Peachimis on TikTok)
Tumblr media
It’s a beautiful day. The weather is fine: clear blue sky and warm sun. You and Tamaki are strolling in a parc, admiring the nature around and the ambient calm. Your boyfriend carries a wicker basket for you, holding your lunch and stuff in. When you two got hungry, you just settle under a big tree, unwrapping a blanket and having lunch in the branches’ shade. This was the kind of perfect dates that makes you so in love with Tamaki. He’s quiet, and like peaceful time, just like you. Birds of a feather flock together, isn’t it ?
Tamaki’s reading, comfortably leaning against the trunk, and you are scribbling some sketches in your sketchbook. Drawing is a passion, and you can’t help but try to picture whatever’s near you. This sketchbook is your private garden, and Tamaki respects it. He never presses you to show him what you had drawn, he just knows that if you want to, you would come up to him, asking for his opinion about it.
And today, you want to show him the picture of a cute bird who was perched just above your head. You wanted to know if it’s resembling to the model or not. You need an outside look.
“Tamaki ?”
He raised his nose from his book to look at you.
“Yes, (y/n) ?”
“Could you take a look at something ?”
“Of course, honey”
You hand you sketchbook to him, but when he took it from you, a wind blow turned the pages, loosing the small bird’s sketch. And Tamaki came face to face with… himself. It was him, on the drawing. His purple hair, his elf ears, his thin hands… But he was pictured as an angel. It was… really well done, and absolutely lovely.
You quickly shut and take back your sketchbook, brick red colored cheeks. But it was too late. He saw it. And he was hard blushing as well. You were embarrassed. You felt obligated to apologize:
“ I am sorry… Just forget about this… You should never have seen that. It’s bum, anyway… I am sor-”
You can’t continue, because Tamaki arms wrap around your shoulders, pulling you to his embrace. He’s still blushing, and can’t hold your gaze, but he wasn’t mad. Not at all. He was softly smiling, burying his nose in your hair. This drawing was the most precious confession you made for him. Even if it wasn’t on purpose.
“It’s not bum. It’s perfect. I love it.”
And before you could add anything else,
“I love you, (y/n).”
Tumblr media
Izuku Midoriya is sick again, and stuck in the infirmary. He had a hard time training when he did push too much on himself, and he needs to rest for a few days. You went to check on him with some friends, and poor baby was so anxious about skipping school and having trouble caching up what he missed.
You have a huge crush on Izuku, and in order to help him, and maybe score some points to him, you decided to take double notes in class, writing down in a new notebook, just like those used by Izuku himself. You’ll give to him after school, so you’re not obliged to lend him your messy notes, and he’ll be able to catch up studying in the infirmary. It was a bit hard to order and organize your note taking, but you want it to be well presented for him.
You struggle at the beginning, but get used quickly to write faster in order to double note on your book and his. Even Aizawa noticed and asked what were you doing. He lowkey congrats you for your “team spirit”. You did it all day long, in every class. You can be pride of yourself, it was a great idea.
But you didn’t notice. You didn’t pay attention to your bad habits. You’re an airhead, having trouble concentrating, and you need to focus your mind on something and keep your hands busy with some repetitive moves. Like fold and unfold the corner of the pages, clicking your pen, or just randomly scribbling on your pages’ edges. Little doodles that you don’t even look at. Oblivious drawings of what’s in your head.
Shiny smiling on, you head to the infirmary immediately after the bell ringing. Recovery Girl let you visit Izuku, who was better than yesterday.
“Izuku-kun ! How are you today ? Better ?”
“Yes, thank you for caring, (y/n)”
You took the notebook out of your bag, and give it to him. His name was beautifully calligraphed on it. He blushed a bit, looking at you for some explanations.
“I did this for you ! So you can study like us, even if you are not taking classes. It’s yours, you can keep it ! But since you’re not coming back tomorrow, Recovery Girl told me, I’ll come in the morning to get it back and to take note for you again. Does it sound okay for you ?”
After long minutes of embarrassed and grateful thanks from Izuku, you left him alone to study and rest.
The next day, as promised, you picked his notebook from his nightstand, since he was asleep, and nearly arrived late to your class. You sit at your desk and prepare yourself to take notes. When you open Izuku’s notebook, a fold paper drops from it. Your name was on it, so you unfold it. You freeze, eyes and mouth wide open, skin turning to a scarlet tone. Matching the redness of the heart that was drawn on the paper. A big bright red heart. With Izuku signature. A few moments later, still red, you have to concentrate if you don’t want to miss what Ectoplasm was explaining. Mathematics always give you headache, so you need to concentrate. It was then that you noticed what Izuku probably noticed as well. Little sketches of him. Everywhere. Him in his hero costume, in his school uniform, in school sportswear, smiling, winking, sticking his tongue out, with random little stars and tiny hearts everywhere.
RIP you. And RIP him as well. He wasn’t asleep this morning, he was all flustered and shy. Was your sketches some kind of flirting ? Even if he likes you as well, he just doesn’t know how to deal with this. But nor do you. Poor crushing babies. Good luck.
Tumblr media
Denki is playful. No doubt on that. He’s such a flirt with everyone. It’s his personality. He can’t help it. But when he is in love, it gets worse. You won’t say that he was embarrassing you, but you were confused every  time he smiles or winks at you when you two are in class. In the dorms, he would randomly touch your hair, compliment your food, want to sit next to you on the couch… More than with the other girls. You like all those small attentions, but it makes you feel… insecure. Maybe paranoid. Definitely awkward. He gets flirtier and flirtier every day. Like he was waiting for something. But what ?
He was waiting for you to fall in love, and maybe confess to him afterwards. Even if it seems strange, he’s too shy to do it himself. Everyone is used to him being a tease, but how would you react if he started being romantic ? He’s afraid that you may reject him. Poor baby, don’t please, you would break his heart.
But he’s done waiting. You divert all his attention, he can’t think about anything else than you. So he decided to do something. He’ll let you know about his feelings, but not directly , so you none of you would be embarrassed if it doesn’t work. If you don’t like him, you will just ignore it, and he will be fixed. At least, he has to give it a try.
So, an evening, while everyone was in the common space of the dorm, he sneaked in your room, with a little chocolate box and a letter. A long letter explaining everything. His feelings, the fact that he can’t face you and would die collapsing if he ever tries to, and that you’re not obliged to answer. His heart was speed racing in his chest, and it nearly stopped when he noticed your desk board. There was plenty of little drawings pinned on it, from memo’s notes to random papers full of sketches.
Dozens of little Pikachus staring and smiling at him, or at everyone who would sit on the chair. So you. You were surrounded by drawings of the little electric mouse. He approached in order to ogle the details, and he saw it. Some mention of his name. Little “Denki” written here and there. He imagined you, daydreaming and nibbling the tip of your pencil, like you do in class or when you study, and thinking of him. This thought filled him with the courage he was lacking to tell you about his feelings. He just dropped what he was holding, before running to the common space. No time to waste. He already waited too long.
You were sitting on a high stool near the counter, chatting with others and watching Bakugou cooking. Like everyone, you turned your head when you heard quick footsteps arriving. Why was Denki running ?
“(Y/N) !”
You raised an eyebrow, and before you could answer, he pressed his lips against yours and kissed you with all the love he feels towards you. You don’t remember what happened next because your mind just… stopped working.
“What was that for ?”
“The pikachus”
Mina and Denki voices brought you back, before fainting again when you heard the word Pikachu.
Heeeere :) Hope you'll enjoy it. Let me know if you want me to change or to fix anything, and feel free to request anything else.
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lunedelorient · 2 years
Henry's Boyfriend Experience - Spin Off
Warnings: Fluff; Humour; Dirty jokes; Teasing; Romance; Love declarations; SMUT - Dry hump, Masturbation (both female and male recieving), Oral sex (female an male recieving), Metions of bodily fluids, Protected sexual intercourse, First time, Loss of virginty, Thigh riding, Breeding kink (it's implied not explicit).
Word Count:9.538
A/N: This is a little thing related to THIS SERIES of the same name. This works as some sort of Final Chapter / Epilogue, although, there is no need to read the previous parts, since it works on it's own, too. The whole series was planned to be pure fluff, but since I've been asked to continue it, and the natural course of this story was for my protagonists to be physically intimate, I decided to write it separately.
Story so far: Henry invited you to stay with him during lockdown, because you are starting a relationship, and you confess to him you never had a partner before, so he decided to show you how having a boyfriend it's suppose to be. He wooed you, "took" you in dates and started to be physically intimate, during the previous weeks. Now it's time to go to the next level.
Just like before, this is dedicated to all of us, lasses that never been into a romantic relationship (or had them and were so shitty that like to pretend they didn't exist) Once again, the reader is completely open to the imagination of the eyes of the beholder.
And specially to @madbaddic7ed (who inspired me to make this story); @toomanyfandomsshreya and @omgkatinka, who were very keen on read one last part. Thank you gals! To you and all that showed me their invaluable support.
All the pics I used were taken from the internet, so the credit goes to the rightful owners. Except the first, in which the artist name is written, I just played with it a bit.
If one is yours, let me know so I can credit you properly, or take it out.
Remember folks: There is absolutely nothing out there that indicates what age or experience you need to have to be in a fulfilling, good and loving relationship, and not even that you have to be in one. Everything you do, on your own or with a partner, has to be your complete decision, and only when you are ready.
You do you. Always, no matter what.
Tag List: @henchry - @princess-of-riviaa - @captainsyverson - @madbaddic7ed - @littlefreya - @demivampirew - @oh-for-fic-sake - @operationcavill - @modernmorticiaa - @magdelen69 - @fishcustardandclintbarton - @viking-raider - @luna-aestas - @pixie1484 - @connieisland - @mylittlepartofthegalaxy - @agniavateira - @summersong69 - @thelastsock - @toomanyfandomsshreya - @henrythickcavill - @thetaoofzoe - @beck07990 - @luclittlepond - @lharrietg - @doozywoozy - @palaiasaurus64 @wolvesandhoundshowltogether - @jimmypagesandbrianmayshair - @weallhaveadestiny - @radaofrivia - @cavillsim - @omgkatinka - @kebabgirl67
Week 4 - Skin on Skin
Tumblr media
"Love!!" Henry screamed behind his mask, as he closed the door with one hand and held a parcel at your name with the other.
"Yes, sweetie? What... Oh! It's here already!" You exclaimed, when your head popped from the hallway to see what your boyfriend needed from you. "Thank you so much for getting it!" You went to him, removed his facemask, applied sanitizer to the package and his hands, and - after kissing him, since he asked that as a form of payment for his kindness - you were happily upstairs to check the contents of your purchase.
Henry didn't ask what it was, because he was trying to avoid making you feel invaded, but was dying to actually see what you bought and, specifically, with what purpose in mind.
After your chat of the previous week, and actually seeing the point on Henry's reasons, you decided to take your provocation a few notches down, in order to not make him feel pressured, although the desire was still there. The making out sessions were a bit wilder with every passing day, and even though you did nothing out of the ordinary, it was easy for you to see that he was starting to lose control more frequently.
He wanted you, and you knew it, so after a few late nights of kissing each other until your lips were sore and swollen, some grabbing of certain body parts, and some not innocent rubbing, you thought Henry was warmed up enough, to get to the next phase of the relationship.
The box contained a collection of seven different models of lingerie, you wanted to use to tease Henry. Each one of them had a very specific colour and design, and you hoped that seeing you like that, could be the last drop to make him go insane.
You had everything planned out, and even though you were nervous about this whole first time stuff, you were absolutely sure that there wasn't anyone more perfect to share that moment, than Henry.
You went to bed that night wearing the fist set. It was a black velvet and lace tank top matching with a short of the same material. The softness made your skin feel flawlessly beautiful; a concept your bear of a man was totally in agreement with.
Tumblr media
"Oh! That looks really good, love." He said, seeing you coming out of the bathroom, his eyes were big and his muscles tensed, when he saw it a bit closer. "You like it?" The tone, innocent enough, paired up with your body being pressed against him, made him hiss at the contact.
"Y... Yes. It looks lovely on you." He wrapped his arm around you as always did, but this time his hand sneaked under the fabric and went to rest on your stomach. "I'm glad you like it. I love it, maybe I'll use it every night now..." You let the words trail, and enjoyed tremendously hearing him whisper 'Then I'm fucked' under his breath. You turned your head a bit, kissed him goodnight and went to sleep, just like that.
The next night, the ritual was similar, but you were dressed completely differently. A grey robe hid a lovely nighty of the same colour, that hugged your body perfectly, and reached the first half of your thigh, showing a bit more skin than the previous one. Again, you wiggled your buttocks on Henry's front and left him hanging right there at the edge of madness. He turned you around and initiated that make out session, which was slightly more interesting than the previous one. This time Henry actually grabbed your behind from under the fabric and squeezed it hard, massaging the soreness away, a few moments later, all without taking his tongue out of your mouth.
Tumblr media
Slowly, he was warming up and making himself into the idea that the moment both of you were expecting since so long was right there, at the reach of the hand.
By the third night, and even though both were tired as hell because you were exploring a bit of the nature around the house with the Bear, Henry's grasp on control really started to falter. He went to bed first, as he always did, because your skin care ritual always took you a few more minutes than his.
In reality, you just washed your face, put some moisturizer and used all the rest of the time to doll up a bit. The lingerie chosen for the occasion was a pin up girl set made in dark blue velvet with details on a lighter shade of blue lace. You loved it and were sure, Henry will too.
Tumblr media
He just got semi hard when saw you coming to bed, and although he tried to hide it, the white sheet around his waist did nothing to help him. "It's safe to say that you are... happy to see me." You tugged yourself next to him, and wrapped your arms and legs around his tense body. "Yes. I'm very, very happy to see you." He said, and pulled your face up with one hooked finger under your chin. "And kiss you" He brushed his lips on yours. "And touch you" His hands traveled to the back of your neck and your waist, to push you against his body. "And, you know what else?" He whispered in your ear, while he caressed your bottom and the back of your thighs, in long soft strokes.
"What, love?" You inquired, trying to sound nonchalant, but nibbling at his earlobe all the same.
"I'm very happy with having you here, in my bed, clad in my favourite colour and so willing to get all my love and attention..." He wrapped your legs around his waist and rubbed himself on your center. His tongue darted out to kick a long line from your ear to your shoulder, and his right hand slipped inside your pants to be able to grab a handful of your butt without any barriers.
You moaned loudly, when he sucked at your throat and instinctively grinded your hips against him, making him groan in your mouth. "I love this show you are making for me. I'm fascinated with your body, and how every colour looks amazing on you." He said making some distance between your bodies for a second, but hugging you tight the next, like if he was already missing your warmth. "It would be a shame to skip the rest of them..."
You looked up at him, half enchanted by his scent and half shocked by his words. "How do you...? I mean..." You were out of words, after all, his hot hand was still in your pants, and his trapped hard member, poking your center mercilessly.
"I know there's more, and what can I say? I'm a greedy man... I want to see them all first, to know which ones I could tear up, so I can replace them later." He explained laughing and kissing your whole face. And after a few more minutes of banter - mostly at the expense of your little plan - you two fell asleep tangled on each other.
Now he was expecting you to put on a show, and, of course, you didn't disappoint him. The fourth was a violet teddy made entirely of see through lace.
Tumblr media
You covered it with a matching, short robe of the same material, and made a little dance when taking it out, twirling around for Henry to see it. That night he wasn't tugged under the sheets, but sitting at the edge of the bed, wearing nothing but a pair of white boxer briefs. He made a habit of wearing them every night now, and sometimes he even palmed himself a bit when you were around to make you witness the effect of your presence.
"A Goddess, that's what you are." He whispered with his lips stuck to your stomach. He pulled you to him, making you straddle his lap, and then let himself go a few moments, licking and sucking at your breasts over the fabric. The sensation that took over your body was impossible to be described in a coherent sentence. You started to rock your hips against him, stealing a deep growl or a grunt, every time you let a moan escape your lips. You felt your wetness dripping down and staining his underwear. Finally, you branded him with your essence, he was yours now, and no-one else's.
That thought ignited something in you, something that was desperate for him. You reached between your bodies, and tried to get him out of his restraints, but his hands stopped you. "Tomorrow, love. I promise. Now I want to give you some accessories to wear with this set." Henry said, getting up with you wrapped like a koala bear, to let your back rest on the soft bed a few seconds later.
He gave you three purple hickeys on each side of your neck, all the while reciting praises about how beautiful, funny and hot you were.
You broke some sort of invisible barrier that night, because all the grabbing, teasing and touching, became part of the daily routine as well. You made out at the kitchen counter, on the living room's floor, and he even cornered you during a bathroom cleaning, and didn't leave an inch of your body untouched. It was magnificent.
Henry was getting bolder and bolder, sneaking his hands under your clothes, and letting you do the same, as if he was super charging his desire for you, by dosing the contact. It was strange, but oh! so enjoyable you didn't notice at first, until you realized that the one being warmed up was you, not him.
He was showing you how the way to sexual intimacy was supposed to be paid, by weeks or even months - depending on the people involved - so you would feel more comfortable with being so close to him and to received his attention, by the time you two actually make love.
That night you were ready to show him how much you appreciated everything he gave to you.
The fifth set was a bright red babydoll, made of lace and silk accompanied by some nice lace panties in the same shade. You were waiting for Henry in bed this time, since he got caught on a WoW raid with his brothers. You used the opportunity to make the room look a bit more in the mood that you were. This won't be THE night, you have something planned for that, but, since Henry wanted to get you to be more familiar with the natural course of your intimacy, you believe it was time to accelerate things a bit.
Tumblr media
Henry's sonorous laugh bounced back and forth on the walls around the stairs, while he was coming up, and killing the last remaining lights on the house that was, otherwise, in complete silence.
Except for your shared room.
Vanilla and sandalwood candles were lit around - you were keen on using them since the very moment you found a stash in what was your room at the beginning of this adventure - and soft sounds of the sea at night filled up the air. You sat on your legs in the middle of the bed and waited for your man to come in. He was surprised when he went through the door that was unusually closed.
"Oh!" He said, and a massive smile crept into his beautiful features, starting on his lips to end up lighting up his blue eyes.
"Come here, my love." You told him, lifting your body up and letting him bask in the image of your form. He let out a laboured breath and moved closer to your reached hand. "What do I owe the pleasure of having you looking like the tastiest strawberry in the world?" He sat at the edge and allowed you to massage his shoulders a bit.
"Retribution." You just whispered, nagging your fingers in his scalp to make him relax. "I want to ask you for a favour."
"Ummm, that's delicious... Whatever you desire, I'm here to provide." He replied, closed his eyes and surrendered to your touch. "You know I've never seen a man naked in the flesh..." You said, calmly, and felt him stir and tremble under you. "That would be the first part of my request..."
"Well, I believe I can help you with that... What is the second part?" Henry purred, enjoying the caressing a lot. Until you spoke. "I want you to teach me how to please you... In all the ways you like." The words were whispered on his ear, while your hands roamed his chest, paying special attention to his bulging pecs.
"Love..." You didn't let him finish, trapping his lips on a breathtaking kiss he immediately returned, to stop for a moment, when he felt you tugging at his t-shirt to remove it from him.
"Love, listen to me. There is no need for..." Again your tongue inside his mouth interrupted his cockblocking intentions. "Shut up, Henry. And for fuck sake, get naked." You turned around him, lifted his t-shirt off his head and helped him to remove his sweatpants. He didn't say a word, just limited to bite his lower lip and let you take charge.
Once he was only on his underwear, you made him go up on the bed, until his back was comfortably resting against the pillows, you sat on his legs and started to rub his chest, massaging the hard muscles. "Do you like this, my sweet?"
"Yes, I like it a lot." He said with his eyes closed. You moved up a bit, brushed your hand over his half hard groin, and when he automatically lifted his hips chasing your touch, you yanked his pants down. His member bounced on his navel, and then back to its natural position. You looked at him and gasped in surprise.
Henry was silent, observing your movements and gestures, to jump at your aid at the smallest signal of discomfort. But you weren't uncomfortable, at all. Of course he was big, you knew that from the numerous times you sat on his lap, or were hugged by him from behind; but you were still shocked to see it in real life.
"Show me." You said looking at him in the eyes. "Show me how you like to be touched." He went beyond red in a second, and looked at you without really reacting. "Well, I believe you need some stimulation..." You jumped at his stomach and kissed him wildly, placing his hands on your breast, and rubbing your clothed core on his groin.
"Oh, God, love... You feel so good." He finally whispered, against your neck. His right hand went for your bum cheek, and accidentally brushed his length making himself moan in your skin. He was totally hard now, and you weren't missing a bit.
You turned around, pressing your back to his chest, and folding your legs at his sides; your centre was in contact with his pulsing member. "Show me how you've been pleasing yourself on my name all this time." Your head rested on his shoulder, and your hand wrapped in his, flew to his manhood.
"There were nights I was so desperate, I made it fast and dirty..." He said, letting go once and for all. "Thinking how much I wanted to pump you full of my seed." His hand made you rub him strongly, in up and down movements. "But, sometimes, when I'm in the shower or I just finished my training session, I think about tasting you, leaving my marks on your beautiful thighs, or just slowly taking you inch by inch..." The massages were slower now, focused on spreading the drops of precum that started to pour all over his head. "In those opportunities, I like to go slow, and make it last..." He kept talking, and you were so concentrated on keeping the rhythm of your thumb circling his tip, you didn't realize that his moans and whimpers were provoked by your ministrations only. His hands were back at your breast.
Your knickers were drenched, moving naturally up and down against his base, while your hands took care of the top. The friction was making you see stars as well, and the rather loud sound of pleasure you produced made everything even more enjoyable for him. It turned out, you were a damn natural for real, because only a few minutes later, you felt him engorge in your hands. "I'm so close, baby..." He said, playing with your nipples. You accelerated your pace a bit. "That's amazing, Hen. Cum for me, love." He thrusted up and down following the movement of your hands, and finally hit his pinnacle.
His essence covered your hand, your stomach and even stained his thighs a bit; and without planning it, you ended up coming, too, after feeling him shake uncontrollably under you, with his head thrown back and his eyes tightly shut. You were panting and robbed of your words, and so was Henry. He wrapped his arms around you and mumbled words of praise and appreciation with the little voice he had left.
"That was the most exhilarating thing I've ever experienced, Hen." You said, turning around, to free him to go clean himself a bit. And it was the absolute truth, not even the first orgasm you gave yourself was as spectacular as that, and it made you think how awesome the rest will be. "Give me one moment and I'll take care of you, my darling." He said, moving to the bathroom to get back seconds after with a washcloth. He found you sprawled against the pillows - that were still warm - gingerly licking at your fingers. The babydoll crawled up to your chest, so your wet pants and the entirety of your stomach were displayed for Henry's viewing pleasure. He jumped at the bed, and kissed your mound eagerly, but you stopped him, pulling him up for a kiss. "Tomorrow, love. I promise."
He let you go with a grunt. "I don't like to keep my woman waiting, it's not fair..." He whined, and looked at you, while you took a fresh pair of knickers from the drawer and one of his shirts, to change the stained babydoll. "I know your Hufflepuff heart doesn't fathom this, but I have a plan and you, mister, have to stick to it, without complaints." Your answer was final, and he knew it, so he just smiled remembering how you made him take three different tests, when he told you he didn't know which one was his Hogwarts House. Of course, he knew, it was just to mess with you, but humoured you all the same. And as you predicted, he was a badger.
"Fine, I'll eat you out tomorrow night..." He finally said rolling his eyes, while you came back to bed, with a fake scolding look on your face. That night, sleep catched you both quickly, and kept you in its arms until very late the next morning.
It was a sunday, so staying in bed until almost noon was perfectly acceptable, especially during lockdown. By the time you two went up, having brunch was a very good idea, and so was making it into a little picnic in the garden. Henry took care of all the preparations outside, while you dealt with the food in the kitchen. The rest of the afternoon passed like a flash, full of fun, laughter, and an immense amount of cardio after running around with Kal for a long time.
When the mosquitos started to be super annoying, you looked at Henry, who was reading one of his favourite books to you, and then back to the dusk. "Hen..."
"Yes, love?" He was already closing the book. "Do you want to go inside and see what..."
"God! Yes! I thought you'd never ask!" He interrupted you, and before finishing the sentence, he threw you on his shoulder and went straight to the room. "The ants will probably take care of the leftovers." He told you before you even say a thing, knowing you didn't like to left the dishes unattended. He let you down only when you two reached the bathroom door. "I'll wait for you in bed... work your magic." He said kissing your neck. He didn't have to tell you twice.
The set of the night was a silk and lace pink bodysuit, that hugged your curves perfectly. It was the last piece of your sexy scale, before the one reserved for that special night.
Tumblr media
You came out and found Henry in a similar position that you were waiting for him the night before. Again, the only piece of clothing on his body was the pair of white boxer briefs that left absolutely nothing to the imagination.
It wasn't like you need to imagine anything, of course, but for some reason having him like that, was even more arousing than seeing him fully naked. You walked swaying your hips to the extended hand. This time it was him inviting you to have some fun, and judging by the looks of it, he was more than eager to provide.
"I love this one, dear..." Henry said, helping you to lay on your back, and tracing a finger at the line of your cleavage. He kissed you all over, slowly, savouring every inch of exposed skin. His hands went to follow the same path, caressing, stroking and feeling everything he had at reach; harvesting moans and little pleasured whimpers, he used to fuel his own desire. "But to get where I want to go... I need it to be gone." And just like that he ripped the fabric at your crotch in one fast yank.
You barely felt it against your skin, because you were completely out of your own mind, lost in the promise of pure, unashamed pleasure, but your body betrayed you, making you go still for the few seconds his kiss trail reached its final destination. When Henry felt it, he stopped immediately, where you needed him the most.
"What's... What's wrong, Hen?" You asked, with literally thousands of different reasons for him to not wanting to go on - most of them involving something related to you not being good enough - piling up in your mind. He was silent, with his eyes closed. "It's ok." You sighed and straighten your back trying to close your legs and moving away. "Let's just go to sl..." You started to say, but his strong arms had you pinned down the mattress, and the little whimper he let out made you stop in your tracks.
"Do you want me to keep going or you prefer to sleep?" He asked with one of his cheek pressed to your inner thigh, and looking into your eyes.
"Do you want to keep going? It's not an obligation..." You retorted, stuttering a bit, and immediately added some over explanation he didn't ask for. "I mean, it's perfectly fine, if you don't like my..." But your words failed you.
"Yes. I want to go on. I want to taste you, and making you see stars, like you did with me last night." Henry pronounced the words in-between kissing the soft skin of your legs. "I'm sorry for destroying your lingerie. I didn't mean to frighten you." He added, and then kissed your fingers. "I was putting my own enjoyment before your needs. That's why I stopped."
"Oh, no! I wasn't frighten, just surprised. I thought you didn't like the..." You considered your next words, but instead of saying what you initially planned; you decided to change the mood. "Yes, I want you to keep going. Sorry for ruining the moment." You kissed him deeply, and when he separated to get back to his mission, you pulled the raggedy lace of your body, finally reveling your full nakedness to him for the first time.
"You are so fucking breathtaking..." Henry looked down at your entire shape, almost like if he was trying to memorize every single mole, stretch mark and perfect imperfection, sown on the entire extension of your skin. "You didn't ruin anything. I'm even more desperate for you now..."
He reached your mound, and kissed it softly first, paying attention to every reaction. Your breath came out in short spasms, laboured and hot, charged with sensations you've never felt before.
Henry squeezed your thighs, and opened your lips slowly, finding the inner ones already swollen and completely ready for his assault. "Your taste is unbelievable, love." He mumble with his mouth in your clit, making it vibrate slightly. You only answered him with moans an pleasure noises.
"I've dreamed with this for so long..." He said, after spent a few moments worshiping your clit with his lips. He even checked your entrance by sticking that wet, wide tongue of him, and deemed you ready enough to welcome some more of him.
"I wanna see how you please yourself, as well..." He said, grabbing your right hand, which was buried on his hair, and using it to cover your mound. Immediately your fingers started to work. They were in perfect synch with your hips, that were moving up and down like they had a mind of their own.
Once he realized all your stimulation was external, he removed your fingers and went down again with his mouth, sucking at your bundle of nerves. You were almost there, he felt it, so lifting his soaked chin, he talked to you.
"Love, I need you to look at me..." You made a massive effort and opened your eyes. "I want you to look at yourself riding my hand. Can you do that?" Henry's voice was so low, his words sounded like if he was almost grunting them. You nodded, because it was the only thing you could do. "I've never..." You managed to say, panicking a bit, but he calmed you down immediately.
"I know. I got you." He kissed your mound once more, reawaking you instincts again, and by the minute you were even drencher than before. When he considered you were ready enough, one of his digits found it's way inside, and rubbed your magical spot with consistency and rhythm.
You were promised to see stars, and that you got. Your hips were out of your control, moving on their own regard and guided by absolute desire. "That's it, love. You are so tight..." Henry stopped licking for a second, distracting you with words, while he got another digit inside of you, which was swiftly followed by a third, after he realized you were able to take it.
He worked you incessantly at both fronts, and when he felt you squeezing his digits hard enough, he moved his free hand to your breast, pumped the occupied hand faster, and trapped your clit gentle between his teeth. You exploded even more fabulously that the day before, and Henry - as dutifully as he was in all aspects of life - drank up everything you gave to him. All without breaking eye contact.
His pupils were blown, and his hips, kept grinding the bed, instinctively chasing his pleasure. He kept the hand on you best in place, but use the other to fish his manhood from the inside of his pants. He pumped himself a couple of times, wetting his length with the remaining of your juices, and in pretty much a few seconds, he came making a guttural but loud moan. It was the most erotic thing you've ever witnessed.
"Fuck..." He said, short of air, while crawling over you to get to face level. "Are you alright, my love?" He asked you, a bit concerned, since you seemed to still be in cloud nine. "Y- yes..." Your throat was dry and your voice raspy. "I'm... That was... Mind-blowing." Making that sentence resulted almost an inhuman effort. You were certainly overwhelmed, but in the happy way.
"I didn't last so little since my first time. You are something else..." He wrapped you on his arms, not caring about the mess you both did on the bed. "I'm really happy we're doing it like this. Otherwise..." He cut off his own sentence to laugh. You laughed, too, and then dozed off, felling his lips on your forehead.
That was the first night you two slept completely naked, spooning each other by turns. Henry was so warmth, you didn't even need the sheets, specially when it was him being the big spoon, because he literally wrapped himself like an octopus around your body.
By the time you woke up, the heat was gone, you were actually covered by the blankets and a little note observed you resting comfortably on Henry's pillow.
"KAL needed to pee. I'll be back in a few moments. 🖤 you."
You stirred and realized the wet patch was still there, so as fast as your trembling body allowed it, you took the bedding out, changed it for a clean set, and covering you only with Henry's shirt, you went downstairs to get breakfast ready.
Half an hour later, Henry and Kal entered by the front door with his hands occupied by some bags of groceries he picked on the way, to harness the outing; to encounter a sign at his name with a simple message.
"Breakfast. Upstairs."
He went up two steps at the time, one because he was actually very hungry, and two because, after having you in his arms the way he did the night before; he felt an excruciating need to feel your skin on his, once again.
Inside, he found everything arranged, the curtains drawn, a bed tray with his favourite things to eat in the morning, and another piece of paper. But not sign of you.
"I ate, already. Please, get some food. You're gonna need the energy."
Henry huffed but drank his coffee, and consumed all the food he could anyway, looking outside the window to the empty streets of the neighbourhood. Taking his last bite, he realized there was noise coming from the en-suit bathroom. At the closed door, there was also a message.
"Do. Not. Enter."
He came in all the same. "Love, what is th...?" At the top of the counter he found your cellphone playing a video that was literally called: People suing the bathroom. Henry cursed under his breath, and started to turn around when you spoke, to avoid startle him.
"Looking for something?" You said, and he came out of the bathroom ready to ask why you didn't wait for him to eat; but his entire brain function disconnected the moment he saw you resting on your side across the bed.
You were wearing the last piece of your box of magic, a simple balcony bra, with a pair of traditional pants; decorated with a garter belt and thigh high stockings. All in pristine white lace.
Tumblr media
"Maybe you are looking for... Your wits? It seems like you lost them..." You got up, and walked towards him, taking special care of making him look at every detail on your garments. "But don't worry, my love. I'll help you to get them back."
When you were at his reach, he surrounded you with his right arm and pressed you flush against his body, while his left one hooked under your leg and lifted it enough to have a closer look at your stocking. "My wits are perfectly fine..." He kissed your jaw, and then traveled down to your neck. "My heart, my mind and my soul, are also pretty content with being yours..." He pulled you up, and slowly walked to the bed with you wrapped around him, and your lips connected to his chest. Thankfully he had move the tray with the food to the top of the bureau to avoid get the bed full of crumbles.
He let you down a top of the pillows, and immediately found his rightful place in-between your widely spread legs. "My cock, though, founds itself in deep need of finally have a taste of your amazing heat." He found your lips, and took hold of them on a sweet but passionate kiss, that made your entire body tingle.
"I need you... too." You managed to whisper, feeling him snaking his hands behind your back to get your bra off. He was very delicate and careful, almost as if he was unwrapping something invaluable. "This one is safe then?" You asked, smiling, when he separated for a second to take off his t-shirt.
"The cave man in me, is fascinated with being your first. The gentleman in me, is incredibly honoured for being chosen. The rest of me, including those two, is madly in love with you. And this beautiful set will be the perfect reminder of that for as long as you want me in your life. So, yes, this one is safe." He explained to you, while leaving wet kisses all over your breasts and navel, caressing the soft spots under your thighs with his open palms.
He reached your centre and looked up, only removing your pants when you nodded. "The belt and the stockings stay." He announced unclasping the little hooks, and the putting them in place once again. When his work was finished, Henry kneeled on the bed, and looked down at you for a few moments, making you shy away a bit.
"I don't know what I did to get such gorgeous woman to love me. But it had to be something quite good." He murmured in awe of the form of your body under him. You were starting to get impatient, so with a swift movement you went up, hooked your fingers on the elastic of his sweats, and pulled them down to his thighs.
His manhood bounced free, and then stood proudly erect, right in front of your face. And since you didn't think you'll have any better chance, you grabbed him with both hands and massaged him slowly, while kissing his covered tip. "God! That's so... Oh, fuck!" He cried out in pleasured surprised.
His precum tasted as salty as the cum you licked of your fingers before, which, added to the delicious sounds he was making, encouraged you to keep going. His legs gave up, so he ended up sitting on his haunches, his head was thrown back, the eyes wide open, and his lower lip tugged firmly between his teeth. One of his hand was on your back, the other tangled in your hair, although he didn't push you to go further than you wanted.
He was so sensitive, that even your inexperience licks and little nibbles, combined with your fingers rhythmical strokes, got him over the edge in a few seconds. "Love... Ah! I'm close... Fuck." You smiled as wide as you could, and tried to go further, speeding up the pace. You gaged a bit, but ignored it, feeling him getting bigger against your tongue. "I'm cumm..." He couldn't finish the sentence, because you didn't give him the chance; one of your hands left his length to rake your nails on his thigh. He exploded with a deep groan, making an extraordinary effort to stop himself from thrusting his hips up against your face.
You tried to swallow all, but the amount of liquid was quite big, and since it still was a weird sensation for you, some of it, ended up scurrying down your chin and on the clean sheets. When you felt him soften a bit, you let him go and straighten back to allow him some space to breath. He was grinning with his eyes closed.
"You are gonna be the death of me, love." He said, panting hard. When he opened his eyes, he saw you whipping out the remains of his seed from your face, and couldn't help himself. Henry tackled you down the bed, moaning at the feeling of your soaked centre against his belly, and kissed you like he never did before.
It was all tongue and teeth, clashing and pulling at each other on a desperate dance, in which stop moving, signified a destiny worse than death itself.
"Hen..." You said, at the first opportunity you had, while separating for a bit of air. He didn't seem to be bother by tasting himself on your tongue, and it gave you the need of doing the same thing with him, next time he eat you out. "I want you to know..." You got a bit shy, which was odd after what you just did. "I love you, too. With all my heart." You grabbed his hand and placed it on your chest for him to feel your hyper accelerated heartbeat.
"I'm the luckiest bastard on this fucking galaxy!" Henry said, smiling widely, and turned around to take his trousers completely off. He went back to you quickly and with his chin on your belly, he looked up lovingly at you. "That was the best fucking suck I've ever received. And, no, I'm not exaggerating." He added seeing you were embarrassed.
"Thank you. It felt good being able to do it more or less fine for the first time. I imagine it'll get better with practice." You replied laughing and ruffling his long curly locks. "Yep, definitely you'll be the death of me. But for now, would you mind if I return the favour?" He inquired, tasting your wetness, and hissing a bit when his fingers encountered heavy amounts of it waiting for them. He took a bit with two fingers, that he shamelessly lick, groaning softly.
"No, I wouldn't mind at all." You told him, caressing his lower back and his well defined bum cheeks, while your hips reacted to his attention immediately.
"Fantastic! Remember that story you made me read? That one you wrote, with all those raunchy scenes..." Henry finally asked, while moving until his back was against the headboard. You nodded, letting him accommodate you accordingly to his plan.
"Well, I found your laptop still on later that day, and the story was opened." He clarified immediately, for you not to think he was spying on you or something. "I read it again, and I became fascinated with one part in particular."
"Yes, I remember. Glad it actually got the effect I was aiming for..." You replied, smiling and trying to guess which part he meant. But he didn't give you too much time, pulling your body effortlessly. Your centre smacked one of his thigh making a very weird squelching sound, that if you weren't so bloody aroused, you would have found extremely funny. Instead, the combined heat of his skin and the hardness of his muscle, barely moving under you, made you whimper in need.
Henry kissed you deeply, rubbing you on his skin. "I memorized a little bit... So, if you don't mind, I'd love to narrate it to you." His lips found your neck at the same time he groped a handful of your bum. "Yes, Hen!" You moaned a bit too loud, and he laughed against your throat.
"...She sat at top of him, without asking for permission, but not doing anything until he let her know what he wanted.
Her, was all he wanted. No, her was all he needed. More than air, more than happiness, because she was all that for him.
The softness of her skin, brushing on his, while his lips enjoyed themselves wrapped around her delicious breast, woke up something inside of both; something that didn't need explanation, only action."
Henry's hands roamed from your buttocks to your waist, accompanying a movement you already started on your own. Right like in your story, he sucked your nipples, switching to give them both the same attention. Your hips found their rhythm and your hands their favourite places, one at the back of Henry's neck, the other around his manhood.
He flexed a couple of times, in perfect synch with your thrust, and both moaned in each other's mouths, feeling how closed your were. "Look at me, my love..." You said on a rapture of boldness, and he obliged. The moment your eyes laid on his dark blue orbs, glistening with love, you felt the knot in your stomach break and came so hard against his upper leg, your entire body shook and the hand that was taking care of him, squeezed harder by reflect, pushing him over the edge, pretty much at the same time.
You two stayed locked on a silent embrace for a few seconds, completely covered on his cum and your juices, the most perfect sticky combination you could ask for. You rubbed one finger on his belly, gathered a bit of both your essences combined, and draw a uppercase H on your chest with it. He did the same with your initial on his.
"Mine." You whispered pressing your palm over the letter that was barely visible in between his thick chest hair. "And Yours." You put his hand on the H. "Mine and yours." He replied, doing the same thing, being absolutely dumbfounded.
"I love you, Hen." You lifted yourself slowly, and removed the little pieces of your garment remaining in your body, before getting back on the bed, this time on your back, with your arms wide open for him. "I love you, I need you, and I want you so much."
"I love you, too, my darling." Henry told you, towering over you, and letting his weight to crush you for a second. It felt so wonderful, you didn't want to let him go.
The sensation of having you like that under his body made him want to plunge into you just like that, wildly and bare, to leave his seal on your entrails. That thought alone made him go nuts.
He was fully hard once again, and you were more than ready to welcome him properly, so he reached his bedside table and pulled a condom from the drawer, avoiding the lube he had prepared, but was clearly unnecessary.
Pulling up once again, he rested on his knees, and made a little stripper dance pumping himself a bit, while putting the rubber on. You laughed and bit your lip in anticipation. Immediately, he went back to his original position, making himself home between your spread out legs. His entire weight was supported by his forearms, but he was so focus on you - and also on to keep his more basic instincts in place - he didn't care about the effort.
He teased your clit with the plastic tip for a bit, getting an annoyed grunt from you that made him laugh. He tasted the waters first, entering you with one finger, and then another to stretch you out a bit.
"Love, I need you to tell me if anything is unpleasant or let me know if you want to stop at any moment. Ok?". He told you once he considered you were ready enough.
"I promised." You replied and braced yourself for what was about to come. Your wrapped your arms and legs around him, and kiss him eagerly to let him know you were ready.
Henry, as always, got the cue and entered you slowly, inch by inch, with his mouth in your neck, and making an inhuman effort to be as gentle as he could.
You moaned and digged your nails on his back with a pressure that will certainly left him marked, when you felt the sting of his hard member making his way into your core. It wasn't painful thanks to your heavy arousal, but his size made it felt slightly uncomfortable.
Although that lasted for a second. Even through the latex barrier, you got the chance to feel every ridge and popped out vein along his length, filling you completely and reaching even the deepest of your corners.
"You feel so good, love. So tight..." He whispered in your ear, only to get a deep moan as a reply, one that made his determination falter, and his cock twitch inside you, forcing you to go higher in volume.
Once he was sheathed completely, he went absolutely still, giving you time to adjust to the invasion. He was pulsating and sending shivers all up and down your spine. You took a deep breath and squeezed him a bit, which made him twitch once again and moan involuntarily.
"It's ok, love." You whispered on his ear. "Move, please."
Henry nodded, and pulled himself out half way, to come back in immediately a little bit faster than before. By the third thrust, you were already losing your mind, and trying to match his movements with your hips.
"Oh, yes!" You blurted out a scream when his head hit up you magic spot several times in a row. You could feel Henry invading you in any way possible; his voice, his scent, his heat, everything was now caressing some part of your trembling body. It was overwhelming, but not enough to keep you to do your part as well.
"Fuuck! If you keep doing that, I'm not gonna last long, love..." He said between pants and deep growls, when you started to squeeze him tightly everytime he pulled out.
You felt your wall tensed around him and felt the familiar knot in your stomach. "I'm... I'm close, Hen." Your words, decorated with the most wanton sounds you never thought you could produce, reached his ears, right when you felt him grow and pulse inside you.
"I know, love. Me... Oh God! Yes! Do that again." He cried out, sneaking a hand between your body to gently caress your bundle of pleasure, while his lips attached to one of your breasts.
You rotated your hips the way you did before, this time purposely, and arched your back to meet his deep, hot thrust. Both were nearly there, but the combination of his wet tongue circling your nipple, in the same motion than his thumb stroked you clit, as his head was hitting all the right places, was to much for you.
"That's it, love. Cum all over me..." Henry's voice sounded far away, but you didn't care. Your climax washed all over your body with intensity and violence. Your legs shook uncontrollably for what seemed ages, your throat was dry and a bit sore, and your eyes shut. You couldn't believe such amount of pleasure was something a person could experience.
It took you a few seconds, but you realized Henry was still moving in and out, chasing his release. Your hands flew to his butt cheeks, and groped him good, making him moan desperately. You pushed him to go as deep as he could, feeling your body getting in the path of your second peak, so you started to move your hips faster.
"Come on, Hen. Let me feel you." You told him, pushing and squeezing as hard as you could. Henry's last thrusts were erratic and clumsy, letting a bit of his weight go on top of you; and spreading your legs as much as you were able, he finally stilled and emptied himself on the condom.
Feeling the heat of his cum, pressing against to your cervix even though the latex barrier, unchained your next release, right in the middle of his.
It took both several moments to get back to your senses, and recover your normal heart rate. Henry pulled out, took care of the condom, and went to fetch some wet hand towels from the bathroom.
"How do you feel?" He asked softly. "In heaven. That was spectacular. Thank you." You mumbled, almost closing your eyes. You were exhausted, completely covered in sweat (yours and his) and your juices, but happy as hell. Henry smiled at you, and got to work.
After he finished with the superficial cleaning, he check if you were truly ok, and spooned you to get your hyper relaxed body to rest on his. "Do you prefer to take a little nap or get a hot bath? I'm game for both, honestly..." He said moving a damp curl from his forehead, and kissing your neck languidly.
"Nap. Round two. Bath. Food. Round three. Repeat." You told him, enumerating the things and counting them on his fingers. He laughed boisterously, shaking your entire body with the rumble of his chest.
"Oh! Are you telling me I found myself an insatiable minx? What a lucky bastard!!" He mocked you, after he was able to speak again. "I agree wholeheartedly, my love. Specially with the next rounds parts..." He sucked at the sensitive spot on your neck he knew so well, and got himself comfortable behind you, pressing your buttocks on his groin, with one arm tight around your waist and the other under your head. "I love you." He whispered, and fell asleep immediately, not hearing you saying it back.
You opened your eyes a long while later, to find the clock on your phone telling you the nap lasted for pretty much three hours. You wiggled your body in order to get free of Henry's embrace and head to the toilet. The mission was a success, you got yourself out, but in the process, made him go semi hard again.
He mumbled something in his sleep. Something that sounded like "top me", "yeeeeeessss" and your name, and then he proceeded to lay flat on his back completely spread out on the bed. The sheet moved with him, and ended up barely covering his attributes, giving you some very dirty ideas. So you went to pee really fast, and came back to the room to find him already awaken.
"I felt you were gone and I woke up..." He said looking at your naked form exiting the bathroom. It made you feel a bit self-conscious, and your arms immediately went to cover your more intimate parts.
"There is no need for that. I'm simply admiring your beauty... The one that's perceptible with the eyes, at least." He said, pulling the covers of his body to reveal his nakedness to you, too. "I don't feel good with mine all the time, I must confess." He added after a few seconds, getting up and walking to you. "But these days, that we've been getting more comfortable with baring ourselves to the other, made me feel really good."
"What do you mean?" You questioned, circling your arms around his waist. "The way you look at me." Henry kissed your head and pulled you off him a bit, so he could look at your eyes. "You make me feel like the most handsome, most amazing man on the planet, and there is no amount of anything I can do, that will be enough to thank you for it." He squeezed you back at his chest, and kept talking, before loosing the nerve he could gather. "I want to make you feel the same way. Because that's what I see. The most amazing woman on the planet."
You were at the edge of burst into tears, but instead, you decided to go the other direction, and made yourself horny. "Well... I may have a idea for you to be appreciative..." You laughed softly and pushed him to walk a few backwards steps until he fell with his back on the mattress.
"Oh, my minx wants to play..." Henry stated while you straddle his hips, shamelessly rubbing yourself on him.
"Your minx wants... To top you." Your words made him blush so hard he started to chuckle nervously. "Shit... Did I...?" He asked in a whisper, embarrassed as hell. You nodded smiling, and realising how much you enjoyed to be the one making him so flustered. "Yes, you did. And now, I'd love to hear what you were dreaming about."
"You." He pulled you down, making you lay flat on his belly and chest, and described without sparing any details, how good you both felt on his fantasy. His dirty words, and the passion he put on the narration, made you grow wetter with every passing second, until you thought it was enough, and decided to get into some action.
One of your hands ran up and down his belly, while the other pumped him up a bit to get him going. He grabbed another of the shining plastic squares, passed it to you without hesitation. You opened it, got it on his head, and swiftly rolled it down with your lips and fingers.
"Fuck, you are so wet" He said rubbing his fingers on your lips, to help you get ready. He didn't say it, but having you so aroused with giving him pleasure, made him crazy. He was a greedy man, indeed. "And taste so bloody good..." He gathered a bit of the transparent liquid, and shamelessly licked his fingers. You pushed yourself up and kissed him, moaning when you tasted yourself on his tongue.
He was so distracted ravishing your neck an breasts, that barely noticed you were already lining up with his thick cock, so when you slowly sank down, he cried out in surprise.
This time you got him in completely, a bit faster than before, but still had to take a moment to get used to it. Your hands laid on his chest, while his groped your breast. "What do you want my love?" You asked, rolling your hips teasingly.
Henry's pupils were completely blown, he stopped being scared of frightening you, and let himself go. "I want to see you fuck yourself on my cock." You smiled at him, and started to rock your hips so fast, they were up and down his length making him cry of pleasure.
The new angle hit you so differently, you were very close to you climax in just a couple of minutes. Henry, that actually loved what he was seeing, went over the edge even faster, and so hard, he felt his cum dripping down his length under the plastic wrap. He helped you reached your peak with a lovely knead of your breasts, once his hazy brain was back online.
You came so hard, your entire body convulsed, stood still for a second, and the went crazy once more, to finally loose all your strength and end up collapsing on Henry's chest.
He was laughing like a madman, and in one quick movement, flip both of your bodies, so he could stay buried inside you for a few moments longer.
"T'was fabulously, love." He murmured, and lifted his upper body a bit, to check on you. "I believe now, we deserve that bath..." He gave you a peck on the lips, and off he went to prepared everything for both to get cleaned up.
A few moments later, you were soaking on a delicious bathtub, surrounded with white foam, splattered with shades of blue and green from the bath bomb Henry chose, resting peacefully on his chest, and merely seconds away of fell soundly asleep.
Until your stomach growled in protest, and got answered in the same way by Henry's. You two looked at each other and burst into laughter, surprised of how even your internal organs were in agreement.
"Ok, seems like we are in need of some sustenance. Get comfy, Monkey. I got this." Henry told you, kissing your forehead and coming out the warm enclosure. He grabbed a fluffy robe and got another one for you, to use when you were ready to come out. They were completely blue and had the Superman symbol embroidered on the back.
"Don't look at me like that. They were a present, and also the most amazing robes I've ever use. You'll see..." He smiled and went immediately to get the food ready.
By the time he came back, you were clad on the other robe - that looked ginormous on you, and was quite amazing indeed - the bathroom was already cleaned and the sheets, changed once again. The other set still had to be washed, and you thought that, if you two kept going at it like that, they would probably need to be replaced a bit faster than planned.
"Love! I have good and bad news..." He said, coming into the room with the same bed tray from earlier, and Kal trotting happily behind. "First tell me the bad ones..." You told him making grabby hands.
"We may have to deal with a little infestation in the garden." He announced trying to look as innocent as he could.
"Right..." You replied, looking at him with a very 'I told you so' face, but the gesture was diluted when you stuffed your mouth with food. "And the good ones?"
"As I predicted... The ants did an splendid job with the leftovers." This time he was smiling and making thumbs up, so you have to laughed at the childlike glee on his face.
You kissed him softly and went back to your meal, thinking how lovely your days will be from now on. No matter how crazy the world turned around you, that was your safe haven and those two big fluffy bears, now part of your family.
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lubdubsworld · 2 years
Falling for you( Falling from grace) Jungkook
Falling for you ( Falling from grace) Jungkook
Read Chapter 1 here
Read Chapter 2 here
Read Chapter 3 here
Rated : 18 +
Warning : . Fuck buddies? Or rather enemies that have sex. They just really hate each other but also can’t keep their hands off each other. Fair warning this has no plot. its just them being idiots .
Chapter warning : a little bit of plot just to keep things interesting yeah? 
Chapter 4
The washroom on the seventeenth floor was the unofficial gossip hub and normally I would steer clear of that place but desperate times called for desperate measures. I was pretty sure I looked like I’d been dragged backwards through a hedgerow and I had to get it fixed before I got written up . 
Willing myself not to openly flinch with every step, I tried to curb the trembling in my thighs, almost painfully sensitive to how wet and messy my lower half as. What the fuck had I been thinking. 
When I entered the restroom, I moved to the huge ornate mirror in the center and took a nice long look at myself. 
 I felt my throat seize up in shock.
Good God. 
I looked ten times worse than I felt. The hair in the back of my head was sticking up , four even gaps from where he’d gripped my hair too tight. Yelping, I pulled on the dozen hairpins holding my hair up in a messy bun, letting my hair fall around my shoulders. Panicking , I threaded my fingers through the strands, wincing when I touched my jaw. What the fuck...
I leaned closer, peering at the small abrasion near my chin. It was a bruise, shaped exactly like Jungkook’s thumb. And it was already turning into an ugly shade of puce. 
Slightly hysterical because, Hoseok was so incredibly unbending when it came to office etiquette and  I did not want to get fired, I flipped at the fancy taps, sticking my hand underneath the cold water and splashing it all over my face. 
The door opened behind me and I flinched.
“Oh, hey Areum....” Three of my colleagues walked in . I recognized two of them , Jieun and Hana . The third one looked new.
“Hey...” I croaked out, trying hard not to look like I’d just been fucked to an inch of my life in a supply closet by the boss’ son. 
Oh fuck, what the hell was I thinking? 
The girls moved to the mirror , spreading out across the long counter and pulling out their compacts and lipsticks . I kept my head down, still trying to calm my pounding heart. 
“So let me get this straight, he called you at eleven in the night yesterday and wanted to meet you ? At your apartment?” Hana was saying. 
The new girl was blushing as red as a tomato.
“Yeah...he uh... he told me he was just returning from his training. He’s a boxer.” There’s a shy sort of admiration in her voice and I felt an odd sense of foreboding. 
“Booty call.... He wanted to fuck you for sure.” Jieun said firmly. “ You’re a lucky bitch, Sana... ”
My fingers started trembling when I heard the familiar name. I tried to calm myself down but it was impossible . A red hot sort of rage began licking its way up my spine. It wasn’t new. I knew he fucked other people. We both did. 
but I’d never stood within two feet of one of his conquests. 
“ Yeah...but then he called me like an hour later and said he wasn’t coming around.” Her voice was tinged with disappointment and I felt a sick sort of satisfaction. 
Jungkook had cancelled because of the pic I’d sent him. 
“Maybe he thought he wanted more.... like you told me he asked you to come meet him at practice tomorrow right? To get coffee afterwards... ? Maybe he wants to do this properly....take you out on dates...get to know you....”
I couldn’t stay there a second longer. 
“Ladies...” I bowed quickly and they offered me cheerful smiles. I all but ran out of the restroom, hating the sharp sting of tears somewhere near my lashes. 
I stumbled to the back stairwell, which was mostly unused and usually deserted. Gripping the walls, I slid down to sit on the floor, drawing my knees up to bury my face in. 
There was a reason I didn’t do public sex, I thought, shaking. Despite the way I mouthed off at Jungkook, sex with him always took a toll and I had always, always made sure I had space and time to recover from it. Gripping my thighs and trying to fight the urge to whine, I fumbled with my phone. 
“Can I have the day off?” I whispered, shaking a little. 
“You alright?” Hoseok’s voice sounded genuinely worried and I hummed.
“ Got my period.” I said blankly. 
“ Gotchu. I’ll fill up the form and get one of the interns to pack your stuff up. You need to get some meds or something? Need a ride home?”
I felt warmth bloom in my chest. This is why Hoseok was such a great HR manager. He genuinely cared. 
“ I don’t need a ride. Or anything else.” I said quickly, “I’ll take a cab...”
There was a slight shuffling and then, an altogether familiar and unwelcome voice in the background went.
“Who’s that?”
Oh fuck. What the hell was he doing there? 
“Areum...hang on, Jungkook’s here....he wants to talk to you...” Hoseok said quickly and before I could protest , I heard Jungkook’s low raspy exhale against my ears.
“Where are you?” He said shortly. 
I considered protesting but remembered that Hoseok was still there. 
“ The back stairwell... I... I’ll come there , I...”
“Stay right there. I’ll come get you.” 
Before I could respond, he had hung up. I stayed on the floor, staring stright at the opposite wall. I forced myself not to think, trying to take deep breaths. The truth was I was exhausted. Physically and otherwise. 
Letting my head fall back against the wall, I closed my eyes, trying not to think about what Id’ heard in the restroom. Was Jungkook interested in Sana? Meeting him at practice? Coffee? 
That just screamed dating to me. I’d always assumed that Jungkook wasn’t into dating. That he just enjoyed quick fucks because that’s all he had ever offered me. So maybe, it wasn’t because Jungkook didn’t want to date. It was because Jungkook didn’t want to date  me. 
 Which was fine. I didn’t want to date him either. I really didn’t . 
“Hey....you okay?”
I had to inhale shakily, just to bring myself to look at him. I felt my heart ache something fierce because he was kneeling in front of me, strands of hair falling into doe back eyes. Eyes that fairly glistened with genuine concern. There was no infuriating smirk or haughty smile....instead his lips were parted in genuine concern, eyebrows furrowed in worry and one hand resting on my knee , fingers just so unfamiliarly gentle. 
I stared at him for another second and smiled evenly.
“Guess I’m gonna be needing that wheelchair after all.” I quipped. 
He stared at me for a second before his face split in a wide grin, a genuine bark of laughter spilling out of him. He looked so carefree and unabashed that I bit my lips, staring at him some more. 
“Let’s get you home , yeah?”
I nodded, letting him grip my arm to help me up. 
“It’s okay. I can walk... “ I said softly and he hummed, but still kept an arm around me and I noticed that he had my handbag slung on the other shoulder.
We reached the elevator and rode down in silence .
I followed him to the basement parking and he fumbled with the smart key to his car , pointing in the direction of the multitude of cars and I watched one of the flashy red ones blink. 
“Let’s go to my place...., yeah?” He said casually and I groaned.
“Jungkook, I know this going to make your ego swell but I’m not joking when I say that I cannot physically take your dick at least for another couple of days.” 
He rolled his eyes. 
“I don’t want to fuck you, God. I’m working on a project for the Art Fest down at the Museum and I’m staying home. You can rest there....” He said casually, moving to put his seat belt on. He fixed the mirrors by prodding a few buttons and I watched the tattoos on his arm flex as he gripped the steering wheel, one arm coming around the headrest of my seat so he could turn and back out of the lot carefully. 
I frowned at the broad shoulders near my face. .
“Why would I rest there? I have a home....” I protested , watching him hold the door open for me. 
“Because I know for a fact that , it being Monday, both your sister and your mother are supposed to be coming over today to cook and clean for you because you have no life skills, “ He grinned and I glared at him, “ . They’ll probably notice the limp and I just thought I’d spare you the humiliation.” 
I didn’t respond because he was right. My mom and sister were home and it would be impossible to get any rest with them around. The fact that Jungkook somehow knew this made me feel jittery and nervous though. 
“You have a fight this weekend?” I blurted out before I could stop myself. 
He kept his eyes on the road, sparing me just one questioning glance.
“How’d you know?” He asked curiously and I bit my lips.
 I’ve been following your boxing career for a three years.
 “ Just heard someone say something at the office...” I said vaguely. 
“You aren’t invited.” He said sharply and I gripped the seats, annoyed.
“I don’t want to be there anyway.” I snapped back. 
He huffed.
“I’m serious about what I do Areum... I don’t want you interfering in that part of my life, alright? We’ve been through this before.”
I sneered at that.
“I know....isn’t that why you literally banned me from your gym. “ 
He didn’t reply and I stared at my hands. 
He had invited that girl, though, my mind supplied helpfully. 
He invited her not only to the gym, to watch him practice, but also for coffee afterwards...you know...to get to know her better....probably because she’s not the kind of girl who would spread her legs as easily as you do.....
 I stared out of the window, remembering how pretty and put together Sana had looked. The dainty walk, the perfect make up and the long hair, styled perfectly. 
I was beautiful too. Of course I was and I knew it. 
Men like Jungkook didn’t go for unattractive women even if it was for a quick lay. But, there’s beauty and then there’s actual charm? I wasn’t charming in any sense of the word. But then, did I have to be charming and attractive and perfect to go see him fight? 
What about the other people there? If literally anyone could go watch him fight, why wasn’t I allowed? 
“I want to come watch you train....” I said impulsively, my anger getting the better of me. 
Jungkook turned to give me a shocked stare. 
“What? Why?” His eyes narrowed in suspicion and I shrugged.
“No reason.” I said shortly. I could physically feel his irritation build. 
“Areum....” He began , voice holding a note of warning but I refused to back down.
“Literally anyone can visit your gym. You own the thing and you love offering discounts to everyone you meet...and yet somehow, I’m ‘ banned’. Why?” I demanded.
“Because I don’t want you there...That’s a good enough reason for me.” He snapped back and I clenched my fists harder. 
“Well, sucks for you. I’m gonna be there. On the front row. Let me see what’s so great about Jeon Jungkook in the ring that drives women wild...” I scoffed.
He stared at me for a second and then chuckled.
“Ahh..... so you just wanna watch me get wet and sweaty.... ? Understandable.”
I sneered. 
“You have been wet and sweaty on top of me enough times and trust me the novelty has long worn off.”  
He groaned.
“It genuinely feels like anytime I try to be halfway decent human being to you, you repay me by being as annoying as you can....” He said thoughtfully and I couldn’t say anything to that. 
i flinched when his hand reached out, moving to my knees and squeezing /lightly.
“What are you doing?” I frowned slapping at his fingers and he merely moved his hand higher up my thigh. I flinched when he squeezed again.  
“The only time you’re remotely bearable is when I’m touching you....So I’m gonna keep my hand here...” He gave me a smug grin, eyes practically dancing with mirth and I grimaced. 
“I’m still going to come. I want to.” I said firmly. 
He didn’t argue further.
Much to my surprise , I slept away the better part of the day, buried in Jungkook’s soft white sheets , head pillowed in the dozen fluffy throws he kept around. It was vaguely arousing that someone so intensely masculine like Jungkook preferred a comfortable , soft toned bedroom. The sheets smelled exactly like him, a fresh citrusy scent that managed to be soothing and sweet and yet somehow seductively warm as well. 
I woke up to fingers in my hair, lightly stroking. The room was dim, a little bit of light from the streets spilling in through the gaps between the curtains. 
“Areum.... It’s almost eight.... I’m gonna order us something for dinner... You wanna wake up now?” 
His voice. Fuck. 
I rolled over , groggy and disoriented. My eyes took in the splendor that was Jeon Jungkook, taking in the fact that he was only wearing grey sweatpants . I stared at the smooth expanse of his chest, feeling arousal bloom , slow and steady all over me. 
“I wanna suck you off...” I croaked out before I could fully filter my own thoughts.
Jungkook chuckled a bit at that. 
“I’m not gonna say no to that, but why don’t you take a shower and wake up fully.
I shook my head.
“ Let’s get messy first..... we can shower later...” I whined, still blinking and he groaned, slipping into the bed with me, under the covers, grabbing me by the waist and lifting me up till I was on him, my chin resting on his chest as I stared at his beautiful face. 
 What am I doing here? Where is this leading?
“I’ve never seen you like this. “ He commented mildly.
“Like what?”
“Sleepy and horny....Usually you‘re just angry and horny.” 
I shook my head. 
 “I should go.” I said hesitantly.. Jungkook didn’t respond for a few seconds, merely staring at me with a blank look on his face. Then he gave me a slight squeeze around my waist and moved out from under me. .
“I can call you a cab...” He said simply, moving to get up off the bed again. I felt something jump in my throat . It was unlike him to acquiesce so fast, and it was unlike us to just.... hang out without mutual orgasms thrown in the mix and somehow that felt like a change I wasn’t ready for. A bit of panic flashed through and I reached out blindly when he stood up, grabbing his waist and yanking him closer.
I looked up at him, scooting to the edge of the bed and kneeling till I was right in front of him. 
Eager to get things back to normal, I smiled and casually, pressed both my hands behind my back, looping my fingers together at the base of my spine. 
“Get those handcuffs.” 
Jungkook’s dick literally twitched in his pants and he swore.
“Fuck baby....” He grabbed my face roughly, crashing his lips over mine. I kissed back, almost desperate, trying to remember all the reasons why he annoyed me, why this was all we were to each other. A quick fuck, a quick lay, fuck buddies. that's what we were......
“Stay here. Stay right here...Don’t fucking move.” He pulled back and dove for his bed stand. I watched as he pulled out a silky black tie. 
I grinned when he nearly fell, scrambling up on the bed and pushing up behind me. He grabbed the hem of my blouse, yanking it up over my head before grabbing my wrists together again , tying them swiftly behind me. 
“Only you...” He whispered against the back of my neck. “ Only you can do this to me. Drive me wild with want just by fucking existing....” 
And then he was lying down near me, grabbing my waist and jostling me around till I was straddling his waist. It took me a second to orient myself I managed to steady myself, staring down at him in surprise. 
“ Seeing as you said you needed a break from my dick, how about you come sit on my face, today?” He smirked. 
I tested the give on my hands, before carefully leaning down to him
“Sure you have the lung capacity for this , Jeon?” I whispered, lips brushing his as I spoke. 
He responded by gripping my waist hard, easily lifting me up till i was straddling his shoulders. 
“I’m ready to drown in that sweet sweet honeypot, baby...” He winked and it was such a ridiculously bad joke that the laughter got wrenched out of me. 
And just like that , we were back to being us again. Or at least, that's what I convinced myself of. 
Also requests open :) 
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titleknown · 1 year
Tumblr media
Let all who come To this happy place Put a great big smile Upon their face
No gods No kings Only tomorrow Great, big beautiful Without sorrow
For remember folks At twilight’s break No gods no kings But those we make
And the words were written On some happy stone
So, it's a creepy Disney thing! But, believe it or not, I actually have lore for this fucker! More on that past the break!
So, you know the concept of The Machine I've done some stuff for on here? Well, this is one of its "companion planes" (There's one more, which I may be getting to soon), The Tragic Kingdom.
The Tragic Kingdom world of the whole "World of Tomorrow" side of technology to The Machine's "Industrial Capitalism" side, where dreams of the future go to rot and cancerously grow mad! Named as such because, while other future projects make up its periphery, its core is basically a Disneyland/Disneyworld combo with Walt's original plans for Epcot. Complete with a certain frozen; mad visonary at its core.
The lore for this thing, named "Mockery Mouse" because I'm not subtle, is he's a part of my Tragic Kingdom setting, basically abducting people and taking them to turn into cyborg/mascot horrors that live forever and are supposedly happy!
The twist is he's actually a fragment of the soul of the "master" of the Tragic Kingdom, taken out for the sake of preservation but gone aimless and mad. IE, he's basically Walt Disney's Heartless...
...For the sake of the fact that this is a part of the body of lore I intend to be so, this sad shade is free to use as you see fit under a CC-BY 4.0 license so long as I; Thomas F. Johnson, am credited as their creator!
And, if you wanna support me, maybe check out my Patreon (Which I will get to actually updating/going through the backlog on in November, this I swear), or even just send a Ko-Fi my way! Every penny is appreciated, and I am eternally grateful for those who donate!
Or, if you wanna commission me for a pic like this, my commission info is thisaway!
And yes, the final lines of the poem mean The Tragic Kingdom's also related to another poem I did a while ago...
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