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Steve Rogers and Sersi + Parallels
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"The joke at Marvel is that the reason why I made Eternals is so I can go online & read the fanfiction about my own movie. I'm also going to write some on AO3 and put it up with a different name." - Chloé Zhao
interview here here
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Chloe Zhao sharing fanart and reading fanfic on AO3. Even tagging Drukkari
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#He's a pilot
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californiannostalgia · a year ago
Things I Loved About Eternals
wow that was an amazing movie and it fucked me up I have so many emotions
let's go down the list of Immortal Family Angst
1. The Immortal Family Angst: First off, the 7000-year-old gods were gorgeous and powerful and petty and human, which is everything I could’ve asked for in a Mythological Deities movie. They’ve definitely got that Greek Mythology Olympians vibe with their differing fields of expertise (what they were made for + what they came to embody over the centuries), but I guess what makes them more or less fucked up than Greek gods is their unquestionable love for each other. Isn’t that such a curse and a blessing? 
2. The physical disability representation from Makkari: When she spoke, everyone automatically fell silent, and not once in the film was her disability a hindrance to her. Why? Because her 7000-year-old family members accommodated her needs, which isn’t that impossible to do. (Headcanon: her machine body might’ve been built with deaf ears because constantly breaking the sound barrier might be disastrous to the eardrums, maybe. Also I love her combat style, speed is deadly.)
3. The mental disability representation from Thena: This was done so well, with Ajak continuously reminding her, “You are loved,” with the others supporting her in not wanting to give up who she is, with Gilgamesh agreeing to keep her company through the years and constantly being there to remind her that just because she can’t fight the same way she used to doesn’t mean she is less loved. 
Mental illness can become more difficult to deal with when one experiences the loss of a loved one. Thena's character arc showed that though Gilgamesh was gone, the progress she had made and the determination to stay with her recovery did not become null. Sometimes remembering the love that was given to you is the reminder you need to continue to accept yourself, illness and all. (That cave battle metaphor for mental illness was on point. The Deviant was doomed the moment he quoted Gilgamesh without truly understanding the humanity he'd stolen from him.)
4. Phastos’s loving family representation: How about this disillusioned god of inventions, who saw all the bad that humanity could do and also rediscovered the good that humanity could offer? He’s a gay black man who’s got a happy, loving relationship with his handsome husband and his beautiful son. Wow did I love seeing this on the big screen. (Also his combat scenes? What a badass.)
5. Ajak, Ikaris, Gilgamesh, and fate: Let’s talk about these three. In a way, Ajak and Ikaris’s endings were almost fated due to the choices they made. Ajak could’ve chosen to stand her ground sooner, or could’ve not burdened her favorite child with the heaviest weight she carried. Ikaris could’ve chosen to accept the change of plans and reassessed his faith earlier. But neither of them could shake off the responsibility they were indoctrinated into that easily. Ajak’s favor of Ikaris might’ve doomed them both, but how could a mother love her son and not give him a chance to prepare for the approaching end? Could she have truly avoided raising him in the spitting image of herself? The loneliness she must have felt, with her burden. A Shakespearean tragedy, in the flesh.
In contrast, Gilgamesh did nothing to deserve his fate. Where Ajak was the Mind, Gilgamesh was obviously the Heart. He’s the one who volunteers to dedicate his life to helping Thena live hers. Without Gilgamesh, Ikaris would’ve died in the Amazon forest. He’s the protector, readily sharing comforting words and good food, as well as a badass fist. You could say he’s the purest embodiment of who an Eternal is. It makes me feel some type of thing, knowing that the tale of Gilgamesh is the first human epic we have a remaining record of, and it’s the story of a man who grew into a good, compassionate king and met a very human death. (Interesting how the Deviant became so human-like after absorbing Gilgamesh’s essence.)
Ajak, Ikaris, and Gilgamesh, despite their godly power, are not named after gods. They are named after mortal heroes (Ajax and Icarus from Greek mythology, Gilgamesh from ancient Mesopotamian mythology). Like their namesakes, it was not their power that defined who they were, and for them were reserved the most human ends.
6. Ikaris, Sprite, and immortality: They really came for my throat with the Peter Pan and Tinkerbell reference. Eternal youth isn't all that great, especially for Sprite or Ikaris. Peter Pan killed his mother because he couldn't bear to break out of his old way of life. He was unwilling to grow up. In contrast, Sprite wants more than anything else to be able to grow up, but is held in stagnation against her will. But in the end, when Peter Pan is gone and Wendy Darling is the new immortal leader of Neverland, Tinkerbell chooses what Wendy Darling had and leaves her old self behind. She changes.
(In the beginning of the movie, the title Eternals sounds grand and impressive. But near the end of the movie, when Ikaris talks about eternity with Sersi, the name no longer sounds glorious. Eternity sounds like a curse.)
7. Kingo and his faith: Take notes, Ikaris, this is how not to wage a holy war in the name of your faith. Kingo did leave Sprite to loneliness to pursue his love of movies, but at his core, his first and foremost love is for his family. (Something about Fighter Classes and how they throw themselves into danger for the other robot deities does something to my heart.) Despite his love for humanity, he cannot compromise his beliefs. That does not mean he is willing to harm others for that faith, because that is not what faith should be for. (Looking at you, Ikaris.)
8. Druig and his burned-out love: What a way to deal with a morally gray mind-controlling god, whose only wish was for humans to stop fighting and live companionably together. Here’s this deeply tired, flawed person who was unable to lose his empathy, however hard he may have wanted to. He was willing to shoulder the blame for preventing a Celestial’s birth if it meant sparing Sersi the weight, and I think that might be the essence of his character.
9. Sersi and her destructive creation: Finally, we come to the sorceress of myth (named after Circe from Greek mythology). Sersi is the most loving, kind-hearted person, but the power of creation she wields is the most destructive force of all. She shares the same characteristic with Celestials. This movie seems to be saying, ‘look hard at miraculous acts of creation, and make sure you know what the price of that creation is’.
"It is the most natural thing in the world to want to protect the one you love," said Gilgamesh. Sersi did so, and so did Ikaris. What a shame that it was such a struggle for Ikaris to do the most natural thing in the world. What a shame that Sersi's heart made a choice that would weigh her down with enormous guilt and terrible repercussions. It should not be so terrible to want to protect, and yet.
(Maybe it’s the way these robot deities were programmed, but every one of these people seem to have an instinctive love for humans and their world. That includes Ikaris, who took one last look back at the beautiful planet he had loved for several millennia, before flying into his destruction. If he had listened to love more than duty, things might be different. But then he wouldn’t be Ikaris. Again, Shakespearean.)
10. Celestials and their birth: What if all Celestials who were brought forth into the world by Eternals are a little in love with them, from that first mind-meld at the beginning of their life? What if Tiamut, while connecting with these tiny implements of birth and creation, saw their sorrow for the destruction of a beloved planet and chose—with a newborn deity's own free will—to make the sacrifice for these grieving, loving robots? (Why the continuous cycle of rebirth for this specific group of robots? Can this expression of sentiment be explained in any other way than love? Arishem may not be aware how much his tools are loved.) 
(Also I can't believe the eventual death of the universe, which is highly likely considering the actual science of everything, can be explained mythologically as Star-Forgers who grew too compassionate for the products of their creations and chose a slow and certain death over a hard-reset cycle. What a story.)
(If you think of the planet as the mother and the Celestial as the child, the movie is a pro-abortion metaphor. Of course mothers have a right to abortion if the pregnancy is life-threatening. The potential for new life cannot outweigh the free choice of who is already here. It's a question of seeing humans as mere implements of procreation or as actualized individuals with vibrant lives.)
11. Love can take many forms: Safe, sane, and consensual sex is a perfectly natural activity for humans in love. Cohabitation of platonic life partners is also a perfectly natural manifestation of love. Familial love is a wonderful thing when shared with the right people. Kissing is a beautiful affirmation of love, but it is not a requirement for two people to share a special connection together. The forehead touches in this movie made me scream internally. (Druig and Makkari own my soul, by the way. I don’t entirely understand how this happened. My heart I’ve given to Gilgamesh and Thena. Sersi can have my everything else.)
12. Found Family Dynamics: This actually wrecked me. The way Sersi and Ikaris acted in Phastos’s home, like they felt comfortable to be there, in that house and in that company. The way Ajak loved and cared for her children, and how she tried her hardest to do right by them despite knowing she was merely a tool. The way Druig, Makkari, and Phastos shared a couch. The way everyone laughed around Gilgamesh’s dinner table. The way Sprite told a story. The way Kingo said the word “family.” The way they waited for Thena to wake up. Just, so much about them. (I might need some AU fics to mend the hole they left in me.)
13. The Good Humans: Shout-out to Dane, Karun, Phastos’s family, and the other good humans I’m probably forgetting. Congratulations, your decency and kindness prompted a group of robot deities to fight for your continued survival. Keep being the good parts of humanity.
Conclusion: This is the best multi-character movie I have seen in my life. I became so intensely enamored with all of the individual characters, it was unreal. THIS is how you do a multi-character movie. What a masterpiece.
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i noticed a suspicious lack of eternals memes so i am here to supply (MAJOR spoilers)
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
+ some shippy ones because drukkari and phastos/ben own my whole heart
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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See You Again
Summary: Thousands of years after going your separate ways, Druig shows up at your apartment with his signature smirk and some bad news. You find yourself falling in love with him all over again…or maybe you never fell out of love.
Word Count: 1.4k
Tumblr media
“Druig! Druig wait!”
You felt your face get hotter as you rushed down the steps of the Aztec pyramid, closer to the raging fire plaguing the town, and closer to Druig. Smoke from burning buildings and burning bodies filled your lungs, and you had to fight for every breath you took. When you reached the last stair, you tripped over your feet, stumbling forward and into Druig’s back.
He whipped around, eyes glazed over and clouded as his powers worked their inexplicable magic.
“You’re just gonna leave like that?” You snapped, adjusting your dark red suit. Your eyes bored into his own, fiercely glaring at him. But it was helpless- when he used his powers, his eyes, the tether to all his compassion and empathy, vanished. You knew it came from a place of love, of wanting to protect the humans from themselves. But he was losing himself along the way.
“You heard what happened, they don’t want me there,” he asserted, tilting his head sardonically. “How dare I question the authority of our great leader Arishem?”
“That’s not true,” you told him. “Ikaris is stoic, cold even. But everybody else… you’re our family, Druig. They love you, I love you.”
You could see the white in his eyes flicker and his deep brown eyes shine through. He dropped his head down to the ground and clenched his jaw tightly, as if he were conflicted.
“My beautiful, beautiful [Y/N]…” he started.
Why does he sound like he’s about to say goodbye.
He lifted his head, brown eyes completely on display now, and softly smiled at you. It was infectious, and soon you felt your own lips quirking upwards to mirror his. He cupped your face in his palms and ran his calloused thumb over your cheek before pressing a delicate kiss to your forehead.
“You always see the good in me,” he continued, sighing. “But you belong here, with Ajak, my darling. I know where your heart lies-“
“It lies with you-“
“It lies with your duties, your morals. That’s something I’ve always admired about you,” he told you firmly.
“I feel the same about you,” you said, voice cracking as a lump grew in your throat.
“Then you know now our paths go in two different directions.”
His expression was unreadable. You swore you could see tears in his eyes, but knew he would never let them fall. He considered himself too strong for that. Instead, he pressed his forehead against yours and took the sight of you in one more time.
“This isn’t goodbye, not permanently,” you told him, locking eyes. “I’ll see you again, I will.”
He shot you his signature smirk that never failed to melt your heart, his sad eyes now filling with mischief.
“Then I look forward to that day, my darling.”
The Brooklyn chill ran up your spine as you rushed down the block to your apartment. You quickly greeted your doorman before racing up the stairs onto your floor, stumbling with the keys in your hand. A sight of relief left your lips as you opened your front door and basked in the warmth of your heated apartment.
“Finally,” you mumbled, dropping your bag onto the floor, slipping your jacket off onto your dining table chair and letting out a tired sigh. You flicked the light switch on and turned to head towards the couch when you noticed a dark figure sitting there. Your squeal echoed around the studio as you clutched your heart at the unexpected scare.
“What the fuck, Druig!”
The man broke into maniacal cackles at your reaction, falling over on the cushion and holding his stomach.
“That was not funny!” You scolded, crossing your arms over your chest and huffing. “I haven’t seen you in centuries and this is what I get?”
He rolled his eyes at your theatrics before pulling himself off the couch and towards you. You noticed he had something in his hands, but that he was hiding it behind his back so you couldn’t see it.
“What is that?” You asked him, furrowing your eyebrows.
“Well, my darling, I was looking around your place and couldn’t help but notice this emerald tablet,” he told you, smirking and pulling it out from behind him. “And here I thought you never got it.”
You tried to snatch it out of his hand, but he was too quick, maneuvering it out of your reach. He took your movement as an excuse to inch closer to you, until you were nearly nose to nose. You could practically smell the worn leather of his jacket.
“My beautiful, beautiful [Y/N], did you miss me?” He whispered seductively. You could feel his breath on your face.
“You wish,” you teased, smiling at him. “But… and not that I’m not happy to see you, but why are you here?”
His flirtatious smile dropped immediately, as if his heart had just split open for everyone to see.
“Druig?” You questioned softly, concern lacing your tone.
“Ajak is dead,” he spoke clearly. “The deviants are back.”
His voice may have been firm, but the look in his eyes betrayed him, displaying a deep grief and sadness you’d never seen him have before.
Your eyes widened, surely filled with the same pain, but the shock was too great for them to fill up with years just yet.
“No. That’s not possible,” you said, breaths quickening at an alarming pace. “I just talked to her a week ago. I mean it wasn’t really a full conversation, she texts like a grandma, but she can’t…she can’t be dead.”
“I’m so sorry, my love,” he whispered, his voice raspy and hoarse as he held you close. “But you have to come with us. The team is outside…they thought it would be best if I broke the news. After you, we’re headed to the Domo to find Makkari.”
It wasn’t until you felt salt on your lips that you realized you were crying. And it wasn’t until you felt the roughness of Druig’s fingertips that you realized he was wiping them away for you. You pressed your forehead into his, almost cuddling him, and sniffled.
“Sorry,” you whispered, voice breaking.
“No need to be. Take your time, those assholes can wait.”
You chuckled and leaned further into him, wrapping your arms around his waist and snuggling into his chest. You felt him nuzzle his head into the crook of your neck, pressing soft kisses to your skin.
“I love you too,” you heard.
“W-What?” You stuttered, pulling away from his embrace slightly. He was no longer smirking, his mouth now stretched out in the most beautiful and genuine smile you’d ever seen him wear.
“You said it to me, back in Tenochtitlan. I never said it back,” he explained. “I’ve been thinking about that moment for 2,000 years, my darling [Y/N]. But I do. I love you so much.”
“I love you,” you whispered, pressing a kiss to his cheek. “I love you, I love you, I love you.”
With each profession of your love, you left a kiss on any area of his face you could reach- his cheek, nose, forehead, chin. Finally, you stopped right in front of his lips, eyes flickering to his to see if it was okay. Before you could react, he surged forward, capturing your lips with his own. He was a passionate man, and his kisses were no different. He wrapped his arms around your waist tightly, not allowing for any space between your bodies. All you could think about is how you wanted to feel his warm body pressed up against you for the rest of your eternal life.
Your arms snaked around his shoulders, fingers entangling with his soft, dark hair and pulling on it gently. He groaned into the kiss, lips sliding possessively over yours. It was like a secret language only the two of you knew. Your native tongues.
You both pulled away from each other once all the air had escaped your lungs, causing heavy panting between your smiles.
“What do you say, beautiful? Want to go kill Deviants together?” He asked, lifting his eyebrows playfully.
“I thought you’d never ask, my love.”
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rainybatpersondragon · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
okay but can we talk about how tender and beautiful this was. how full of love and familiarity it was. the look in their eyes. the comfort they find in each other. im sorry, no marvel couple has ever come CLOSE. this is everything I wanted and so so much more.
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Gemma Chan as Sersi and Angelina Jolie as Thena Eternals (2021) dir. Chloé Zhao
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0yensid · 10 months ago
What I love about Chloé Zhao is that she accepts the good & the bad criticism about her movie. She doesn't point fingers or blame anyone, like other directors. I respect her for that. Even thought a lot of people are being unfair with her and the movie, she is the bigger person.
Tumblr media
When other movies from big franchises flop, we always see directors blaming x, y and z. And Chloe Zhao is just like "oh you don't like it? thanks for watching ^^."
Actually she is busy reading drukkari on ao3, so she doesn't care.
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beananacake · 10 months ago
Marvel, Chloe, Mr Feige sir, is there any way we can get a copy of Kingo's documentary (that was filmed by Karun throughout the movie) of the Eternals? Raw footage is fine.
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nowadayz · 10 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
ETERNALS 2021 | dir. Chloé Zhao
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asadfangirlbitxh · 10 months ago
If I had a nickel for everytime, Richard Madden's character died in a production that had Kit Harington in it and a character called Cersei. I would have two nickels which is not a lot but weird that it happened twice
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