midnight-leaf · 2 days
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@buggachat’s new fic, Drowning in Plain Sight, has consumed my thoughts.
It is so good that it destroyed my art block. I mean, I even drew a background, which is crazy.
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zero-is-nebulous · 2 days
@satellite-starss Nib but dancing cocroach meme
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Tumblr media
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ilovetvtoons · 1 day
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It's cold outside right now, so just staying warm and cozy inside.
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twistedstitcher27 · 2 days
January (derogatory)
Reblog if you agree.
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imsadstuff · 5 hours
i love him
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abnormallyoak · 3 days
love how nick is getting progressively harder and harder to tag
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tenaciouscalf · 10 hours
Imagine being June and you just really dislike this one baking company and it turns out the baking company is owned by an evil fish alien dicator
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Record of Ragnarok: Jack The Ripper's Cases Files Leaks
Jack had killed Alfred/Humpty Dumpty and the dark organization, Mother Goose is after him.
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So far, it had been revealed 4 members. in order:-
No.6 : Wake a.k.a Cock Robin
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No.4 : Bogey a.k.a Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
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No.11 : Mika a.k.a Mary had a Little Lamb
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And lastly, which I assume the leader,
No.1 : Noah a.k.a Mother Goose
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Beelzebub looking ahh
Will they be a challenge for our beloved Jack The Ripper? How and who will hunt him down first? Find out more in "Mono trying to find the Japanese raws for y'all to translate"!!
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loupsbane · 3 days
Guys pls this is /nm but i am NOT leaving lmk! I just hate the fandom
I love SWK way too much to stop watching LMK but GOD if i can’t consume media from the fandom unless it’s from mutuals/friends
Like can you blame me that place is a mess—
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happyheidi · 4 months
。゚゚・。・゚゚。 ゚. October will bring blessings.
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val-thomas · 7 months
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was researching anatomy for purposes and i am inexplicably angered by this discovery. what the fuck.
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buckley-robin · 7 months
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I love how marvel treats their actors <3
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ryukodragon · 2 months
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We can't have nice things this year can we
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madrewrites · 9 months
les mis: takes place over 15+ years
phantom of the opera: at least 3 months
hamilton: 28-ish years
wicked: between 2 and 5 years
west side story: just a really stressful 48 hours for everyone involved
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adhd-infodump · 6 months
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