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Your Good Qualities | PAC PT 1
Hello beautiful people, if you are the type of person that gets uncomfortable by praises and people being kind to you this PAC is not for you! I will tell you everything good about you, because like everything in life, you do have both bad and good in you. Think of yin and yang! Last time you saw your yins and now you will see your yang. Also, I realised, hey, I might be a little too rude, so I would like to uplift my followers - and anyone reading this - ♡
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disc.: do not tip/donate if you have financial trauma, have a hard time with money or you need your money for better causes. You are never obligated to do this and I don't want any harm towards you. If you are sensitive about money, please just don't.
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sections ༉˚
- basic good qualities
- what you don't see in yourself
- what others adore you for - platonic.
- what lovers see in you - feel free to skip if you are on the aro spectrum.
- what spirit guides love about you
pile one
three of swords, nine of swords, the heirophant, ladybird, donkey, hyena, black dragon ‐ meditate, reflect, undergo metamorphosis, magenta dragon - awaken your soul memories and higher spiritual understanding. prepare for accelerated ascension, earth and fire dragon - it's time for service, when you give, you receive
basic good qualities.
Hello angels, I have an advice for this pile; please stop depending on the validation of others, not being like them doesn't mean you are any less beautiful.
selfless, kind, sweet, understanding, open minded, sensitive, very cute!, honest, empathetic, angelic face - ? -, ambitious, opinionated, passionate, diverse - personality wise, ex you can be cute but also hot -, caring, nurturing, very attentive
what you don't see in yourself
Sweetheart, there is a lot. I feel like you underestimate yourself, refuse to like yourself, to see all the good in you. You might think this because at some point you experienced either trauma related to bullying or abuse, which messed with your self esteem. I will not touch on that, as I would like to praise you. You are actually very beautiful, you might not be like x and y, or not act like z but I am getting an incredibly angelic energy from you. Do you have Libra, Pisces or Scorpio in your chart? Either way, you are really such a wonderful and kind soul. You always think of others and try to make them comfortable. Some of you might have a really different kind of playfulness to themselves than other's, maybe people around you look at it as rough even though you intend no harm. That doesn't mean you aren't kind? I think misunderstandings affect you a lot, so you think you aren't a caring or selfless person, you really are. Your energy is really beautiful and carries a lot of pain, it's hard to describe in words. It's like there is two sides to this pile. You are the sunlight after the rain, is what I heard, if that means anything to someone. You are lovely, fragile and you are a very sensitive person. Not in a bad way though. I am sorry, I keep trying to find the right words, it just seems hard because you are so unique! Ethereal? I guess, that's the right word. You are the golden tears on angels, you might seem harsh to others but your heart is full of love and wonders, full of curiosity. Don't let others take that away from you.
what others adore you for
You just make people so happy. Like, your smile makes them smile, your happiness rubs off on them, it stays with them. You have such a beautiful bright smile. You are a daydreamer, there is so much excitement and brightness in you!!!! Alright, so I think one half of the pile really loves pinks and girly stuff, the other is kind of into darker themes and could be like 'nah it's not me-' but it is! You are so full of life it makes other people happy!
Just being around you makes them excited for the day, you are playful and could have a bubbly personality. Even just doing the reading, your energy makes me happy pile one! You might think you are gloomy, or that you have a darker aura - which is possible - but regardless of that, whenever you enter a room you just make people so happy!
That feeling of 'ah, finally, we are about to have a good time.'
You truly are just someone that brights the space up.
Also, you could be very emotionally intelligent, understand people even if other people don't see why you would be kind to them, if they themselves don't see it, or think that they don't deserve justice. It's not that you are foolish, you just have a deeper understanding of how the human mind works is all. You see the good in other people even if they might not deserve it.
Of course, that does not mean that you are foolish and think everyone is good, you are quite confrontational, at least some of you.
So, you have your own opinions, but you are not blind to them, you see reality but also potential. I do think a lot of people adore you for it.
what lovers see in you
They love how generous you are is what I am seeing? You truly give your all in relationships, you don't just expect to receive and give nothing back. You might love the idea of '50/50'.
Also, you have that potential to make people daydream about you. You are so mysterious, they try to figure more and more things out about you.
I think the fact that your heart is wounded is attractive to many, so be cautious. People could try to use you for your past pain is what I am saying, take advantage of it.
Either way, bad intention or not, the focus seems to be on your heart, how kind, precious, generous and wonderful you are. For a lot of you, you could look somewhat distant while your personality is the complete opposite. I think this duality of yours is very attractive to many.
what spirit guides love about you
I can see them loving how far your abilities go, how well you are able to control them, especially your intuition. You are someone incredibly talented and lovely in their eyes, I can see you can do anything you want with good results, you just have to believe in yourself.
Also you are very curious about spirituality and aren't afraid to try out new things or correct someone if they do anything disrespectful, I can see a male figure is especially really proud of you for being able to do this, they look at you really fondly.
Do you ever practice any spiritual things in the dark? Such as meditating or communication with your guides? I can see that they watch over you doing it, and although worried for you, they are very trusting.
You are also able to listen to them really well, I can see that's also something they really adore you for. You don't push them away or refuse a connection just because you don't like hearing something, instead, you just keep on bettering yourself, which they really adore.
thank you for reading ♡
pile two
lo$er, lo♡er
knight of swords, the sun, four of pentacles, deer, donkey, cat, oneness, look for common humanity, invoke lemurian light, enter the magic, live in the now, size the moment, ascension flames, merge with light, ignite keys and codes
basic good qualities
confident - strong sense of leadership - smart - observant - non judgemental - good with advice - cool headed - child like - relaxed - bright - great personality - elegant? - graceful
what you don't see in yourself
There is a lot, pile two.
You have many good qualities, but are blind to them, simply because you are very protective of yourself, you have a hard time putting your guard down and being vulnerable.
You are kind, understanding and you are able to see though situations from two point of views, understanding everyone involved so you can find the most peaceful outcome to everyone involved.
Don't get me wrong, you definitely can be confrontational and be able to stand up for yourself, intimidate others, it's just that you are quite a chill person. That brings you many wonderful things in life you might not even be aware of.
You are also incredibly bright, kind, and funny, you just have a tendency to isolate yourself from others due to something that scares you a lot.
You have a hard time putting your guard down.
what others adore you for
You are very independent and cheerful is what I am saying, you know how to be responsible and realistic but without it "ruining the fun".
You probably had to "learn" this? Maybe some of you were bullied for being so childish, and also for being too serious. It's like people never could be happy.
So now you have learned how to please others? So, that's that.
Now onto the people that are actually deserving of your time!
I can see a lot of people looking at you as very intelligent in many ways, but especially money wise, you could be someone that's really good in saving up, or you just spend responsibly. They don't want to take advantage of you, they want to be like you, they adore you.
Also, you could be a very very realistic person, making you really mature. That is intimidating to some, but definitely very attractive, let that be platonic or not, people think you are very charming for the way you are, for the way you hold yourself. You just being yourself is really attention drawing, even if you might be a quite person. Of course, in a good way.
Some of you could be bit of a goofball? Like, you love to joke around, play and just be carefree. That does not take away from your maturity, just ads to it. For a lot of you, kids might really love you and want to play with you a lot!
Many people adore your patience when it comes to that.
Basically, you are the person a lot of people wish they could be.
what lovers see in you
Okay, so I see you have a hard time finding proper connections because you are very good looking but don't worry, I will touch on what people genuinely interested are attracted to!
You are able to go through hard times alone no matter what? You are able to overcome any obstacles you want with no issue even if it may concern or stress you out, it makes people want to help you, be there for you, be next to you.
Your personality is also very lovely. You could be like a child at times, which a lot of love interests adore.
No, not in a creepy way. They can just feel free next to you, feel like themselves, have no care in the world.
They know they won't be judged, neglected or taken advantage of. Being next to you is like a sense of euphoria, you make them feel happy again. It's the feeling of letting go of worries and being able to be a kid again for a few hours, it's the feeling of not worrying about problems because you are there for them to be their rock.
For the people that are in love with you, you are happiness.
what spirit guides love about you
Whenever they give you an opportunity, you take it! You don't dwell too much on things, even if you might have a broken heart. They also love taking care of you. You are a peaceful "child", they don't have troubles with you and you are very hardworking, always doing your best to work hard, to create yourself and others a good life. You are like a calm river, that's what they adore about you.
that's all that they wanted to say, however, if you dm me I could try asking for more if you are curious! ♡
thank you for reading ♡
pile three
you are special
the emperor, five of wands, the high priestess, rhinoceros, badger, bat, goat - act from your innate wisdom, bee - spread heart healing with joy, bear - use power with wisdom
basic good qualities
brave - wise - powerful - intelligent - calm - respectful - gentle - soft - joyous - healing aura - smart with decisions - friendly - self aware - kind - reliable - cute? - observant
what you don't see in yourself
A lot of you could feel like you need someone to romantically love you in order to have a full life, to be married and have kids... well, that is not true. You are enough beautiful on your own, you don't need other people to define your worth.
You are a very complete soul, I see a lot of wisdom and gentleness coming from you, I don't sense negativity.
You could have a tendency to be insecure about false things, to bully yourself.
I would like to ask you to focus on your positive traits, I promise you are doing great, everything you are insecure about is either related to over worry or so. I know overcoming them is hard, but you are doing wonderful.
You remind me of angel spirit guides, your soul is very gentle and loving.
what others adore you for
That you always end up creating something wonderful from whatever situation you are in - let that be positive or not.
You are incredibly calm, the calmest out of all piles. Maybe you have an 'I don't care, I will live through this' attitude? So you just go around worry free, solving your problems with ease, a level head, keeping yourself grounded.
I do think this is surprising to some because they are so impressed. Because guess what? You always end up just fine, you always do your best, you don't pressure yourself. At least most of you.
Also, you do not allow anyone to waste your time or to fool you, you are mature enough just to move on and respect yourself.
You just don't let fears get the best of you. You are like a fairy maybe? You remind me of Tinker Bell
what lovers see in you
I am so sorry, don't read this if you are uncomfortable, but they are so attracted to your body it drives them crazy.
Maybe romantic interests are so obsessed with you they start making up their own narrative about you?
They fantasy a lot, and when they actually get to know you on a deeper level it's like they have been hit with a rock called reality.
However, I can see they adore the real you more than whatever they could ever think of.
You stun them, you amaze them, you make their heart beat fast like crazy.
You are a dream wrapped in a cloth of silk presented as a gift to them, if that makes sense. They adore you in everything you have to offer.
You have this tendency to make people obsessed with you. Whoever is in love with you, or is interested in you in the slightest becomes a better person just by loving you.
It's a very unique experience, you teach people a lot without even knowing.
what spirit guides love about you
This pile is very hard to read, but!
They do love how hard working you are!
You always surprise them by how good of a human you are also? That you don't let things get to you, yet you are still very protective of yourself.
Unfortunately that's all, if you are curious of more you can always dm me or watch out for the second part of this pac incase you will feel more attracted to a pile there! thank you for reading ♡
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In The Future
I was a woman for 21 years. For 21 years I didn’t question that, I didn’t feel like I should be anyone else. Until the days leading up to my months in Costa Rica. I was sitting with my friends Artemis and Cailey and we were talking about growing old. I mentioned that I couldn’t picture myself as an old woman. I didn’t see a grown version of myself who fit that shape. And I mentioned that when I imagined myself as an adult, as the teacher I aspire to be, I pictured a man. Artemis planted a seed in my brain by stopping me and asking ‘why do you think that is?’
I spent two months in Costa Rica on a veterinary internship and it was one of the hardest two months of my life. I was away from home, surrounded by people who I didn’t feel safe being queer around, and questioning everything about my identity. We had a lot of free time in the evenings because we couldn’t leave the worksite with COVID restrictions and I spent hours reading and learning about what it meant to be trans masculine and trying to figure out if what I was feeling was valid. If I could trust myself.
For two months while I was away I read this poem, these lines, over and over and over again. Every time I read it I was talking to myself. Telling myself that someday I would be some other, better, truer version of me. I had the idea for this comic when I was in the back of my coworker’s car driving through the palm fields on our way out to buy supplies.
I envisioned this piece as one where I would be talking to my present self about the future. Life took over and I never got around to making the comic. Now, 1 year later as I draw, I realize that I’m not talking to myself about the future. I’m talking to my past self from the future she imagined. It’s a thought that brings tears to my eyes even as I’m typing this.
I am such a different person today than I was 10 years ago. 5 years, 1. I don’t regret any part of my journey, and I feel so much love for my community and for every queer and trans person who has shared their identity both interpersonally and publicly. I wouldn’t be Theodore without seeing others around me who shared their stories. It’s my hope that I can contribute in the same way to anyone who is exploring their gender and sexuality.
Happy pride month 🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍🌈❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️
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locsofki · 2 months ago
90% of what you're stressing about right now won't even matter a year from now.
Take a deep breath.
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itsokaytobeme · 5 months ago
Please understand that the saying "Time heals all wounds" only applies if you work in tandem with time. If you don't acknowledge and tend to your wounds, they will only fester and become infected with time.
So please, let your tears fall, let them clean your wounds. Then, pick yourself up and keep going and time will keep up with you. 💛🌺
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Season Secrets: July 31st
If you don’t stick to you boundaries , you will suffer - it’s not a warning , it’s a promise.
This has been said and will continue to be said because it needs to be engraved. This isn’t a dating hacks post , telling you to pretend to be busy so as to put up a front, no baby, this is a post to tell you regardless of what you are doing your boundaries come first . Jobless or not ( but do invest in a hobby ,love, you can’t have time boundaries then do nothing with your time)
Small Boundaries
In my opinion, the most significant boundaries are the small ones because If you break those for someone , they will see you for what you are and they won’t respect you in the long run. If you sleep at 10 and that man calls at 10:30 , what are you doing picking up the phone ? You should be asleep with your phone on DND. He knows you sleep early but chooses to call late without even a text- it’s a no from me. If you workout at 5PM but your girl calls at 4:45 telling you to take her out and you drop all your plans for her right there , then I have to break it to you hun, you not prioritizing yourself and your plans (in terms of bettering yourself because disclaimer, you can’t always be too busy for your partner, check yourself there.) is not attractive and they know it. Partners, especially if your messing with a person who’s been ‘around the block’, can sense it when you crave their validation so much that you don��t respect yourself and your time and they will use it to their advantage. So my love , the next time you’re in the middle of a writing an important essay and they call and ask if you’re free, say no and give them a time that works for you. If plans aren't made in advance they should not get in the way of any plans you had made before.
How to respond in such situations.
At the end of the day , communication is always best and I’m about to show you how to use it.
Situation 1 : Calling after your bedtime.
- Tell them that you don’t pick up calls past a certain time and if they want to reach you , they should call before then.
- If it’s about to reach your bedtime and you are still on the call , please you know better , sleep. The only exception here, is if you know you have no obligations the next day or if your partner is crying on the phone about something ( we can’t lose empathy trying not to get played but do be wary. People out here really know how to tug at your heart strings as a means of manipulation). From experience, if you consistently extend the calls, you will always end up extending the calls and they will know you prioritize their presence instead of your discipline and again , it’s not a good look but also you’re letting yourself down. It’s always the little things.
Situation 2: Asking you out when you’re busy.
- Tell them you are busy , you don’t have to tell them with what if you don’t want to , then include a time in which you will be free .
It’s sounds a little like this: ‘Damn , I’m not really free right now but I will be in the next 30 mins or so . Can I call you back at that time’
In general, it’s okay to be busy but it’s not okay to not put in effort for the person you like hence always give a time in which you’re free or best case scenario, decide a time between you and your partner specifically for the both of you and stick to it.
Big boundaries.
It goes without saying that , these are more than important and the good thing about these, they aren’t hard to miss.
One of my big boundaries is that I would never date someone who’s favourite everyday past time is partying/alcohol/drugs/gambling. I’ve been there and it’s not fun at all.
The issue: They will rarely pick you when it comes down to it. If they do, I’m happy for you but loves , how sure are we that the person you fancy would stop for you. This will lead to more problems along the way because the little money they get ,will be recklessly spent funding the addiction they claim they don’t have or the little time you have with them will be spent with you trying to bond with someone who’s buzzed out of their mind . I don’t know about you but I’m a sucker for attention so that’s definitely a no for me.
This is one of my most significant boundaries, and I used to tell myself that it was fine. I made rules such as "if you don’t do it in front of me it’s okay" or "if you only do it in certain places it’s okay". It wasn’t okay and I’ve learnt that. At the end of the day , they still do it and it will bother you , whether it’s the fact that you can smell it, their decreased attention span, or the anxiety you feel. Compromising to stay with them will lead to resentment and the thought that says "it’s okay" is a liar. So whatever your major boundaries are , honor them.
When talking about boundaries, it is also important to talk about grace. Sometimes people genuinely don’t know (unless of course you directly told them). I was talking to a friend of mine about red flags within both of us and she said , ‘ a big one for us would be to limit our saltiness when we hear what we don’t want to hear or when our partners don’t respond in the way we want them to. Let say , you tell them about how someone told you got bigger but they don’t see anything wrong with it because to them it’s just a story like any other day since they don’t understand or know your insecurities surrounding your size. We might have a right to get mad of course but not when they don’t understand. Obviously it’s great having someone who always knows what to do or say without you voicing it but they can’t read your mind so you have to give them the grace to learn how to treat you well.’
It is so important to give your partner grace because they give you grace as well but don’t let yourself become a door mat in the process.
‘Once you see that someone would sacrifice for you is when you sacrifice for them’ - My Mother
Everything is always circumstantial but circumstances are rarely consistent. Do with that as you will
Love ,
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She gonna give herself the dream life she can’t stop thinking about.
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Can I offer you some tea?
May it warm you, and your heart, gor it is full of light and kindness.
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It is the duty of every Christian to see that his example and influence are on the side of reform.
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Summer Self Portrait...Tanya Luca
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positivelypositive · 6 months ago
you've been working hard...
...lately. consider this a gentle nudge to take care of yourself a bit more.
working hard or hardly working, it's important that you care for yourself. that you make yourself feel cared for.
you are precious. you deserve love and care ✨
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itimetraveller · 4 days ago
Being alone can be a blessing. You have so much time in your hands to grow as a person and to improve your life while having no distractions to worry about.
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“i dont feel like myself” (2022)
Adobe Photoshop 2022
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The little Hole in my Head
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