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june 2022 , a summary
americanos in bed, raspberry smoothie bowls & cramming for the last lessons of my japanese course 馃ィ馃搼鈽曪笍
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I already miss Robbie/Dorian 馃槶
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WIP of the idea that won't leave my brain alone!
AU where the tusken child somehow escaped the massacre and found their way back to Boba, and Boba suddenly sees himself with his very own foundling.
Fennec has to tell her very frantic boss that yes, she is downloading all the available books on pareting do his datapad, and yes, she's calling Din to provide him any fatherly wisdom he has.
As for the youngling, they just wanna nap on their adoptive buir's lap and play with the pet rancor.
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Some soft spirits are resting in my swamp! Maybe one will follow you home?
Each is 275g on the AH! They鈥檙e a day old as of this post. Transportation runes in reblog!
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nocoffeeorbreakfast 8 months ago
The brainrot is aggressive, but here's a soapbox...
*Pulls out Obey me soapbox*
So we know for a fact the king of cock warming is none other our sleepy demon himself, Belphie. Not only does he loves to do it while his twin pounds you on top, he loves to do it when the two of you are just hanging out. Loves to wrap his tail around you and hold you close while he lays inside you. Sometimes he likes to whisper sweet things in your ear, other times he likes to fall asleep like this. No matter how long you stay like this, you always wake up to him growling into your shoulder and slow stroking you because you've spent hours squeezing him.
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avaritia-apotheosis a month ago
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-> [ masterpost here ] <-
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titan-fodder 10 months ago
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hi I've been possessed by the idea of being hiromi's housewife slut sorry
tw: dd/lg or something
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just wanna be higuruma鈥檚 dumb little girl, the one he comes home to every night, all stressed out and tense. want him to walk through the door and take his tie off, pull you close for a rough kiss. groans into your mouth as he kicks off his shoes and unbuttons his dress shirt. it鈥檚 been a tough day, you know? but now he鈥檚 home with you, you who he can take all his frustrations out on.聽
strips you to nothing then stretches you open a little too quickly. he still makes sure you鈥檙e nice and wet, but the head of his cock slipping into your little hole still makes you hiss.聽
鈥渉-hiro, you鈥檙e鈥斺
鈥渟h, sh, be quiet for daddy,鈥 he shushes, making sure you have no choice but to obey when he slips the fingers he just had in your cunt right into your mouth. you drool around them, jaw dropping when he pushes into you the rest of the way, cock so thick and hot in your soft pussy.聽
he doesn鈥檛 even give you time to adjust, just starts fucking into you, grunting about being so stressed all the time, but your little cunt is so perfect, just what he needs to relax. you take him so well, coating him in white cream, sounds of your messy hole ringing in his ears, and it only gets louder, only gets wetter when he plays with your poor swollen clit until you squirt all over him.聽
鈥済ood girl, you鈥檙e daddy鈥檚 good girl, yeah?鈥
you nod, eyes bleary with tears聽鈥榗ause he feels so good, but it鈥檚 all so much. you鈥檙e so sensitive as he drives into you, tip of his dick kissing your cervix and making you whimper. the fingers in your mouth massage your tongue, make saliva pool in your mouth and drip from the corners of your lips, and you feel filthy, slick between your legs and now slick all over your face.
but it鈥檚 okay. it鈥檚 okay聽鈥榗ause daddy will take care of you. he鈥檒l make sure your pretty pussy cums over and over again, and once you鈥檙e sobbing and choking on his fingertips, he鈥檒l finally get his.
with a full body shudder, hiromi lets himself go, filling you until his thick seed is dripping from your hole. he gives a few more thrusts, watching as it pushes more from your spent body and muttering about how you鈥檙e so good for him, such a good girl, did so well, his perfect little cumhole.聽
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mycringefactory 6 months ago
Slightly more realistic spamton x y/n fanfic.
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kat-tia801 7 months ago
Written in the Stars (Part 1): Suddenly Everything Changed
Book:聽The Royal Romance A/U
Pairing: Drake Walker x F!OC
The TRR gang and Cordonia belong to Pixelberry, I鈥檓 just borrowing them.
Series Summary: Five years ago, Drake Walker made a mistake that cost him everything. But when a family emergency brings him back home, he鈥檚 forced to face memories of the past and the girl that claimed his heart a long time ago.
Catch Up Here: Written in the Stars Masterlist
Chapter Summary: Zoe's world changes when a new family moves onto the place grounds.
Title Inspiration: First Day of My Life by Bright Eyes
Word Count: ~3250
Chapter Rating/Warnings: T, no real warnings
A/N: Thank you so much to my girl @txemrn for prereading and helping me work through a large chunk of this 鉂わ笍
Tumblr media Tumblr media
My mama has always told me that my heart鈥檚 got enough love to give to the whole world.
I don鈥檛 know exactly what she means by that, but something about how says it, makes me think it's a good thing. Not that I know anything yet about the whole world; living on the grounds of a royal palace makes your world pretty small.
When we first moved here three years ago, I thought I was going to be sucked into the pages of a fairytale, that my life would be a blur of handsome princes and magical moments. But in truth, it鈥檚 the same thing every day. Nothing really changes. It's the same people, the same parties, the same routines.
I hated living here at first, missing my life back in our quiet hometown. It took a few months, but I slowly started to get used to this new world, learning to enjoy the differences.
But I鈥檇 be lying if I said it wasn鈥檛 lonely sometimes. The only other children around are the princes, and I barely get to see them. Even if they weren鈥檛 always in lessons, they鈥檙e both older and, well鈥oys. I鈥檇 kill to have another girl around.
Sure, I have my mama to spend time with. But it鈥檚 not the same as having a friend I can tell all my secrets to. And lately, it seems like there鈥檚 always a ball or something taking up all of her time.
Hearing her on the other side of the palace kitchens, I lift my eyes away from my math book. Her brow is furrowed, tapping one of her pencils on her bottom lip, just like she always does when she鈥檚 planning out an important menu. I know I鈥檒l have to clear out when the Queen arrives, but for now, I鈥檓 happy to watch my mama work. She always has a sparkle about her, but when she鈥檚 in the kitchens, she looks like a beautiful enchantress, making her creations come alive with a touch of magic.
Without looking in my direction, a smirk forms on her lips. 鈥淎ren鈥檛 you supposed to be doing your schoolwork?鈥
I groan, slamming the cover of the book closed, 鈥淎lready done.鈥
Her brow arches, 鈥淓ven math?鈥
My lips roll together. I don鈥檛 want to lie to her. It鈥檚 not like I鈥檇 get away with it even if I tried. But as I glance outside, staring at the sunshine that pours over the royal gardens, I鈥檓 suddenly desperate to get out of the muggy room. I drop my elbow on the counter, letting my hand hold up my chin. 鈥淚鈥檒l get it done later, I promise.鈥
鈥淚鈥檝e heard that before, Zoe,鈥 she muses, never removing her eyes from the stove.
鈥淚t鈥檚 stupid. It鈥檚 not like I鈥檓 ever going to multiply fractions in real life.鈥
My mother chuckles, motioning for me to join her. She holds up one of her measuring cups, pointing her finger to the carving on the handle. She raises her brow, 鈥淲hat does that say right there?鈥
I look down at where she鈥檚 pointing, reading the fraction that her finger touches. I grit my teeth, muttering under my breath, 鈥渙ne-third鈥.鈥
She lowers her ear closer to me. 鈥淚 didn鈥檛 quite get that鈥︹ she says sarcastically, placing her arm around my shoulder. 鈥淧erhaps you said鈥..my mama was right?鈥 Before I can answer, her fingers reach my sides, tickling until my stomach hurts from laughing. She stops, bringing me into her side and kissing the top of my head. 鈥淕o play, Zo. But promise me you鈥檒l do your homework later.鈥
鈥淧romise!鈥 I yell as I start to bound towards the door, ready to explore a new section of my small world.
But when I reach the archway, my mama calls out for me again, 鈥淲ait! I forgot to tell you. A new family is moving into the palace today. You should stop by and say hello.鈥 That stops me in my tracks, trying not to get hung up on the word family. That could mean anything. The last time I heard that word, the new guard was bringing his 鈥渇amily鈥 of ferrets to live with him. I shudder, thinking of how they escaped and terrorized everyone for weeks. She continues, 鈥淭he new head of security is starting this week.鈥 She grins down at me. 鈥淩umor has it that he鈥檚 bringing his wife, son, and鈥..a daughter. She鈥檚 about to turn 11 in a few weeks.鈥
鈥淲hat?鈥 I say excitedly, trying not to get my hopes up. Just because we鈥檙e the same age didn鈥檛 mean we鈥檇 be friends. I鈥檇 already learned that lesson during some of Duchess Olivia鈥檚 stays at the palace. But the idea of having a real friend makes me forget all about that, sprinting out of the kitchens towards the back of the property.
While most household staff live in a wing of the palace, those with families or seniority are given cottages at the far end of the palace grounds. Some days, I wished we had a room in the actual palace, that way we鈥檇 be closer to all of the excitement, especially when the royal family hosts parties. But most days, I love our 2 bedroom cottage. The smell of baked goods always lingers in the air, our walls are lined with my sketches. It鈥檚 not much to look at, but it鈥檚 home.
I swing open the door, dropping my books on the couch before resuming my quest, desperate to find out if these new kids have the potential to become friends.
But as I hop towards the head of security鈥檚 cabin, the sudden slam of a door makes my heart jump. I stare ahead, finding a boy older than me storming outside, flipping off the closed door. His hair covers most of his face as he brushes past me, his fists clenched at his sides. My mind races with questions as he glowers in my direction, making me curl in on myself.
A few seconds later, another person bounds after him, muttering a bunch of curses under their breath. Don鈥檛 get me wrong. I鈥檓 no stranger to swearing. My mama does it all the time when something doesn鈥檛 go right in the kitchens. But hearing them come from the pink blur rushing past me is a different story.
鈥淒rake!鈥 the girl calls out. She huffs, placing her hands on her hips, the lines of the pink plaid dress getting crushed under their weight. She shakes her head, her twin braids waving around her shoulders for a few seconds before she spots me. Her brow furrows, 鈥淲ho are you?鈥
鈥淥h!鈥 I suddenly say, giving her an awkward wave. 鈥淢y name鈥檚 Zoe. I live in that cabin right over there. My mama is one of the cooks at the palace, so we always have yummy treats if you鈥檙e hungry. Not that you鈥檇 be hungry, I鈥檓 just saying.鈥 Stop talking so much, Zoe.
The girl stares at me for a couple of moments before her face shifts into a wide grin. 鈥淭hat鈥檚 awesome!鈥 She takes my hand in hers. 鈥淚 was so nervous there weren鈥檛 gonna be any other kids that lived here! My daddy鈥檚 last assignment was soooo boring. Are you friends with the princes? I can鈥檛 believe we鈥檙e living in a real-life palace! Please tell me there鈥檚 a ballroom like in that one movie. You know which one I鈥檓 talking about!鈥
I nod, beaming back at her, 鈥淲hen you鈥檙e done unpacking, I can show you around.鈥
鈥淚鈥檇 love that!鈥 She matches my excited expression, holding out her hand. 鈥淚鈥檓 Savannah.鈥
As she shakes my hand, the boy from earlier reappears, staring at me with an intense look that makes me shiver. Savannah follows my line of sight, waving in his direction. 鈥淥h, that鈥檚 my brother. Ignore him. Drake thinks that he鈥檚 suddenly a badass because he鈥檚 twelve.鈥 She turns towards him, placing her hands on her hips. 鈥淵ou better get over here and mind your manners.鈥
鈥淥r what?鈥 he scoffs back.
鈥淥r momma鈥檚 gonna be mad,鈥 Savannah warns. 鈥淪he told you to cut the attitude before you came out here.鈥
Drake mutters something under his breath before walking over to us. As he gets closer, I finally get a good look at him. He鈥檚 got dark eyes, his shaggy brown hair hanging over the front of them. His lips are curved into a scowl so bad, I can鈥檛 help but take a step back. For some reason, my heart starts to beat faster, not used to people openly showing their anger. Most of the other kids around the palace are perfect, well-mannered replicas of their parents. From what I can tell, their families teach them young how to lock away all of their emotions, polishing their fake smiles before they can walk. Impressions are everything; the household staff whisper, talking about the games the nobles play.
But Drake is different; playing by his own set of rules.
I don鈥檛 know if I want to learn more about Drake or get as far away from him as possible. But either way, my feet won鈥檛 budge, keeping me stuck in the same spot as he stares daggers down at me. I swear, if looks could kill, I鈥檇 have burst into ash already.
Savannah doesn鈥檛 seem even a little phased by her brother鈥檚 attitude, which means it鈥檚 probably nothing new. I can鈥檛 help but think what my mama would do if I caught an attitude like that. I鈥檇 probably be scrubbing dirty pots and pans until I went to college.
鈥淭his is Zoe,鈥 Savannah says, pointing in my direction.
Drake鈥檚 lip curls into a snarl, 鈥淪eriously鈥.Your parents named you Zippy?鈥
鈥淣ope,鈥 I say, allowing the p at the end to pop. No matter what this boy鈥檚 issue is, I refuse to let him dull my happiness. 鈥淶o-E. Like if you rhymed the word no and stuck an e right on its end.鈥
鈥淚 like my version,鈥 he smirks. 鈥淔its you better.鈥
My lips twist into a scowl, 鈥淲ell, my mama says that it鈥檚 rude to call people anything other than their given names. So maybe your sister is right and you do need to learn how to mind your manners.鈥
As soon as the last word leaves my mouth, I clamp my hand over it. I don鈥檛 know why I said that. It鈥檚 not in my nature to sass anyone, but something about being around Drake pulls it out of me. I almost flinch waiting for his response.
But to my surprise, he actually laughs. Like full-on laughter. I don鈥檛 know who鈥檚 more shocked, me or Savannah. He shakes his head, his shoulders still moving with chuckles, 鈥淚 like you, Zippy. How old are you anyway?鈥
I place my hands on my hips, determined to make myself as tall as possible. 鈥淚鈥檓 10, about to be 11 in a couple of months.鈥
鈥淭hat鈥檚 just like me!鈥 Savannah calls out, wrapping her arms around me. 鈥淭his is so perfect! Have you always lived at the palace, or are you new like us?鈥
I shake my head, 鈥淚鈥檝e lived here for three years.鈥
She sighs happily, dropping her cheek to my shoulder, 鈥淚 think this is the prettiest place in the entire world. I feel like I鈥檓 living in a movie!鈥
Drake rolls his eyes, pushing past us to head into the house. I can鈥檛 help but watch him over my shoulder, blushing like crazy when he catches me staring. I think I see a flash of a crooked smile before the door slams behind him, but I鈥檓 probably imagining things. I stare at the same spot for a long while, not sure why I can鈥檛 seem to look away. Even as Savannah pulls me towards the gardens, I can鈥檛 help but glance back at the cottage, wondering about the boy with the angry eyes lurking inside. Despite everything Drake did, I can tell there鈥檚 a good heart inside of him. He just needs someone to show him that it鈥檚 better to be happy than angry at the world.
Who says I can鈥檛 be that person?
When we first moved here, I was angry about it as well. It took some time to figure out how everything worked, to learn the rules about this very different place. Maybe with a friend, he won鈥檛 have to deal with all of it alone like I did.
Besides, if I really have as much love in my heart as mama says, what鈥檚 the worst that could happen if I give some of it to Drake?
The days of spring quickly fade to summer, making the palace come alive with the start of the social season. While there鈥檚 no competition for a royal鈥檚 hand this year, it鈥檚 still an exciting time; the other members of the court staying in the guest wing, and the nights are filled with balls and other over-the-top events.
But as much as I love watching the palace buzz with excitement, it also means that my mama is busier than ever. I鈥檝e tried to help as much as I can, but she never lets me stay in the kitchens for long, telling me to go enjoy being a kid while I can.
I used to hate leaving my mama when she鈥檚 so stressed, but it鈥檚 been a lot easier since Savannah鈥檚 moved in.
We鈥檝e become best friends quickly, spending almost every single minute together. Some days we explore the gardens or try to find secret passages, while others, we help my mom in the kitchen or join hers in the stables. But my favorites are the times when we can lazily hang around the palace, spreading the latest gossip or wondering what it would be like to have a social season of our own.
While Savannah already loves living at the palace, her brother doesn鈥檛 seem to feel the same. I鈥檝e tried to invite Drake along on our adventures, but he never does. Too busy brooding around their cottage, if you ask me.
At least he's warming up to me. He still insists on calling me Zippy and pulls my ponytail every chance he gets, but he does seem to smile more when I鈥檓 around. Truth be told, I鈥檝e been spending more nights at their house than my own lately, partially because my mama鈥檚 been so busy, but also because I love having a best friend like Savannah around.
One day in the middle of June, we decided to hide out in the far end of the garden, enjoying a tray of eclairs my mama made for us. Right as we start discussing which of the princes was dreamier, a dark shadow covers me. Drake smirks down at us, shaking his head, 鈥淒o I even want to know what you two are talking about?鈥
鈥淣ope,鈥 I answer, giving as much attitude as possible with my response. It鈥檚 funny; with everyone else in my life, I鈥檓 the picture of politeness. But with Drake, my words always come out a little sharper, enjoying the way that he gives as good as he gets.
Reaching down into the container, I grab another eclair, but Drake steals it before I have a chance to take a bite. 鈥淗ey!鈥 I squeal, rushing up to him. 鈥淕ive that back!鈥
鈥淣ah,鈥 he chuckles, hovering it over my head. 鈥淣ot until you tell me what you girls are talking about.鈥
Savannah rolls her eyes, leaning back against the blanket. 鈥淚f she tells you, will you go away?鈥
鈥淣o promises,鈥 he answers, grinning down at me.
鈥淔ine,鈥 I huff, crossing my arms around my chest. 鈥淲e were talking about which one of the princes we would marry if we were nobles.鈥
Drake鈥檚 eyes bolt between both of us, narrowing when he looked down at his baby sister, 鈥淵ou shouldn鈥檛 be talking about stuff like that. You鈥檙e just kids.鈥
Savannah lets out the loudest groan I鈥檝e ever heard while I roll my eyes, pointing a finger up at him. 鈥淲e鈥檙e not that much younger than you, Drake Walker. I know you forget that sometimes with all the brooding you love to do, but you鈥檙e a kid, too.鈥 I shrug my shoulders, plopping back down next to Savannah. 鈥淲e were only having some fun. Maybe you should try it.鈥
鈥淚 have fun!鈥 he protests, lowering himself next to me on the blanket. With a quick push, he slides me over, climbing into the spot next to me.
Savannah props herself up on her elbow, glaring back at him, 鈥淚s there a reason you鈥檙e bothering us, or were you bored?鈥
鈥淢om and Dad want you back home,鈥 he answers slowly, closing his eyes as the sun washes over him. I turn my head slightly, taking in his relaxed position. He smiles even though he doesn鈥檛 open his eyes, as if feeling me staring at him.
At his words, Savannah climbs off the blanket, waving me a quick wave goodbye before turning towards home. 鈥淵ou coming?鈥 she calls out over her shoulder.
But Drake doesn鈥檛 move. With his eyes still closed, he whispers a question to me. 鈥淲ho was it?鈥
鈥淲hich prince did you pick?鈥
My mind races, wondering why he cares. But something about his curious gaze makes me want to answer. 鈥淟iam. He seems like he has a good heart. He鈥檚 always super sweet when he has to come to the kitchens.鈥
I expect a comment back, a grunt, something showing Drake鈥檚 indifference. But instead, he smiles sadly at me. 鈥淒on鈥檛 forget Savannah when you鈥檙e a princess, Zippy. She needs a good friend like you around here.鈥
Without thinking, I reach out, taking his hand. 鈥淚 could be your friend, too.鈥
He starts to say something, but Savannah stomps back around the corner, causing us to jump apart. 鈥淪eriously? You need to get your butt moving, Drake! You know Daddy doesn鈥檛 like it when we make him wait.鈥
With an annoyed huff, Drake stands up, saving one long look for me before he escapes between the hedges. Laying back on the blanket, I let my eyes close, dreaming of a world where Drake takes me up on my offer of being his friend.
But as I start to drift off, I hear someone approach. 鈥淗ey Zippy?鈥 I open my eyes, propping myself up on my elbows to get a good look at Drake. He runs his hand through the back of his hair a few times, not saying anything to me. If it was anyone else in the world, I think he was nervous. I have to bite my lip to keep from laughing because it鈥檚 so weird to even imagine Drake being nervous around me. After breathing out slowly, he continues, 鈥淗ave you ever been up on the roof before?鈥
鈥淎re you kidding me?鈥 I shake my head wildly, 鈥淢y mama would ground me forever if she caught me up there.鈥
鈥淭here鈥檚 supposed to be some meteor shower or something tonight. I found a spot up there where we can watch. You know鈥f you wanna.鈥
鈥淒idn鈥檛 you hear what I said?鈥 I say, laughing at his crazy plan. 鈥淢y mama would shackle me to her ankle if she found out I went up on the roof. Even more so if she catches me sneaking out!鈥
Drake smirks as he walks backward away from me. 鈥淭hen you better not get caught.鈥
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hannahlockillustration a year ago
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Finding Where You Grow redraw.
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freakystrashdump 7 months ago
every day Priest wakes up and wishes he was dead(er)
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lazarusrisingcoded 6 months ago
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You've been dying since the day you were born
You know it's all been planned
The quartet of deliverance rides
A sinner once a sinner twice
No need for confession now
'Cause now you have got the fight of your life
I drew this inspired by this post. Posting it here as well so it can reach some other people ;-;
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heartaro 6 months ago
2:06 a.m.
Tumblr media
鈥渋 love you.鈥
鈥渙ne more time.鈥
鈥渋 love you.鈥
鈥渙kay, just- just one more time.鈥
you let out a soft laugh, nuzzling yourself in keigo鈥檚 chest, 鈥渒ei, i love you. i love you so, so much, but can we finally get to this movie please?鈥 he pressed his nose into your hair, closing his eyes as a smile formed on his lips.
鈥渋 just wanna hear you say it one more time, sweetheart.鈥
takami keigo, the hero who saved everyone but never felt the feeling of being saved by anyone. until he met you. he was so set on never finding love; never wanting to settle down because he was just too occupied being the number two hero in all of japan. and even though he held himself on a pedestal majority of the time, deep down he felt as though he could never be loved by anyone.
but it was when he ran into you at his agency, the new intern who was both nervous and excited to work with him. at first, he didn鈥檛 think much of it, his mind immediately thinking 鈥榯hey鈥檙e just another starstruck fan who probably won鈥檛 be any use for me鈥. but, boy, was he wrong.
you were intelligent, determined, and confident in your work. even within the first couple months of being some sort of secretary and someone who ran errands for him, you still managed to be on top of your game, never once complaining about the tedious work he had assigned you. then, as the time went on and you two began to form a bond, he realized just how kind and genuine you are.
you were honest with him, grounding him whenever he felt overwhelmed. you comforted him whenever the commission hounded on him for days on end. you gave him gentle, reassuring words whenever he faced an internal conflict between him and himself. you made him feel safe; you made him feel as though he could finally trust someone again. you made him finally feel the love he had been secretly longing for.
鈥渋 love you, keigo.鈥
the words were like the most beautiful melody that looped through his ears, his heart once again melting just for you.
鈥渁nd i love you, y/n.鈥
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magicapandora 3 months ago
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Rosie鈥檚 Profile! I finally finished it after 3000 years but here they are! I hope you guys enjoy!
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this is the best drawing i ever did
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Two new spirits have been leaping through my lair!
Each is 375 on the AH! Lonks in reblog :-)
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