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Tumblr media
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Tinder in Real Life
Pairings: Harry Lewis x fem!Reader, Sidemen x platonic!Reader Word Count: 2k Warnings: Language some people may find offensive, sexual themes, recycled lines from Sidemen Tinder in Real Life because I'm not at all creative Request: Hey! Could you do reader x Harry imagine where the sidemen do a collab video with the reader who is also a big youtuber and Harrys celebrity crush. And during the video the reader is very flirty, leaving Harry a flustered mess when the flirting is directed towards him, but very jealous when its with any other sidemen.
The Sidemen were one of the biggest groups on YouTube and one that you were very familiar with. At the age of 23, you were a fair bit younger than some of its oldest members but yet you had a close relationship with JJ, whom you had met through YouTube.
You had started your channel when you were 17, just under four years ago, making makeup videos, which was a passion of yours when you were younger. Not that you were any good at it back then. Those videos quickly become unlisted when your channel started blowing up in late 2016, now nearing 20 million at the present time.
It wasn't long before you expanded your horizons and had started making different sorts of videos, including vlogs of your everyday life - which wasn't and still isn't that exciting in your opinion - and those where you just had a laugh, attempting to do stupid challenges that were so popular back then. It was those, however, that grew your channel. Your fans seemed to love them and so you gradually started to make more.
As your small channel began to grow significantly, it caught the attention of KSI, a member of the Sidemen, who reached out to you to for a collab. You were ecstatic. You couldn't believe it at the time, why would someone like KSI with 20 million subscribers want to collaborate with you? By that time, you couldn't exactly call yourself a small channel anymore, with almost 5 million subscribers but it still didn't make any sense to you.
You and JJ quickly bonded after filming together. You had a very similar sense of humour and interests. As the years went, the older boy became one of your best friends, the nature of your relationship being very teasing and flirtatious but the both of you knew it was a joke. It was just the way you both were.
Though despite having known him for nearing 3 years now, you had never met the rest of the Sidemen, with the exception of Simon, as he lived with JJ. Which is why when he texted asking you to collaborate with the Sidemen, you couldn't turn the offer down. You were a fan of the group and the content they were producing. You thought the videos that they made were exceptional, that they were pushing the envelope of the standard of content on YouTube and often found yourself excited for new videos.
He had explained that they were filming another of their 'Tinder in real life' but a YouTuber version with the likes of BambinoBecky and ChiWithAC. You were so excited. You were finally going to meet the rest of JJ's friends and you had the opportunity to be a part of a Sidemen Sunday.
Tumblr media
You arrived at the studio the boys were filming at in the afternoon, finding and greeting JJ before he introduced you to the other sidemen in addition to Lux, Freezy and Stephen.
"And you've already met Simon." He finished.
"Yeah. Nice to finally meet you all. JJ tells me a lot about you guys." You laughed.
"Because that's assuring." Ethan pointed out with a chuckle, the other boys letting out agreements.
"Not all bad, I promise." You teased, winking at him. Ethan felt the blood rushing to his face, immediately becoming flustered and stumbling over his words. You found that you often had that effect on people as you could be very direct and flirtatious even when you didn't mean it. To you it was just friendly banter.
"Geez Y/N, stop flirting with people you met literally five minutes ago." JJ rolled his eyes.
"You sound a bit jealous, Jide." You smirked, a teasing grin spread across your face.
"Nah, allow it." There were eruptions of laughter around the room, coming from the boys. You were quick to notice Harry standing out of the way and was significantly quieter than the others, with what seemed to be a forced smile on his face.
Harry was in his own head, barely paying attention to what was going on around him. When JJ had told him that you were going to be in the next Sidemen video, he panicked. You were an accomplished YouTuber who he was quite fond of to say the least. Well, that would be an understatement, he had a fairly large crush on you. A crush that no one but Freezy and Lux knew about.
He knew that JJ had been friends with you for some time now but never considered the possibility of even meeting you. His anxiety acted as a barrier to even the thought of it. But he was currently in the same room as you and had said nothing more than a short 'hello'. He longed to have the confidence Ethan had to speak to you, even more so for you to look at him the way you were.
Already you were flirting with JJ and Ethan, something that caused a pit to form at the bottom of his stomach. He wouldn't admit it, but he could slowly feel the jealousy forming. Not that he had anything to be jealous about in the first place!
You continued to speak with the boys as you got your mic set up, telling them stories you were sure would embarrass JJ.
"Y/N, stop." The older boy whined. He could be like a child sometimes, but it was one of his more endearing qualities. He simply wouldn't be JJ if he wasn't.
"No, carry on." Simon laughed.
"Oh, don't worry, there's plenty more where that came from." You teased.
"I think it's time we started, don't you think?" Harry grumbled.
"Right." You smiled at the boy, who's cheeks became tinted red. He ducked to hide his face and walked around to stand in the line, hiding himself in the middle.
"Hi, I'm Y/N, I'm 23 and I'm from Y/H/T." You spoke to the camera once you were given the go ahead.
"I'm Simon, I'm 28. I like to practice safe sex."
"Always a good start."
"I could tie you to the bed, so you don't fall off." He finished with a giggle. You acted like you were pondering it for a moment before letting out a laugh and swiping right.
"I'm down for that." You teased. The boys all let out rumbles of laughter
"Hi, I'm Ethan, I'm 26 and kiss me if I'm wrong, but you're gonna swipe right."
"What would you rather?" You joked. Ethan shrugged his shoulders and walked closer to the board, sticking his head through with his lips puckered, eliciting a cry of protest from Harry that this wasn't allowed. You laughed and made an over exaggerated motion to swipe to the right, causing him to pout playfully but walked over to the right anyway.
"Hi, I'm Josh, I'm 28. KSI has a top ten single, but you're the only hot single I can see."
"Wow, that was smooth!" You said with a grin. "Definite yes from me."
"I'm Callum, I'm 26. Are you into fitness?" Freezy asked.
"Can't say I am." You replied, unsure of what turn this could take.
"How about you fitness dick in your mouth?"
"I wouldn't get too excited babes, I gag on my toothbrush." You laughed. "We could try though."
You swiped right on him, chuckling as you watched him let out a yes before joining Simon, Ethan, and Josh. You frowned slightly, a crease forming between your brows as you saw Harry whisper something furiously at his friend but ultimately got distracted by Vik stepping up to go next.
"I'm Vik, I'm 25. My ex-girlfriend always said I'd never do better than her, wanna prove her right?" You could hear the cries of the boys in the background, some scolding him, others laughing.
"Man actually said prove her right. Not wrong." JJ shrieked with a shocked look on his face, holding his head with his hands.
"You need to find someone for that." You snarked, swiping left on the boy, who shrugged and walked off.
"Damn! You got told!" Lux cackled.
"Uh hi. I'm Harry. I'm uh 25, no I'm not I'm 24." He stumbled. "Are you sure you're a muggle? Because that ass is magical."
"You should see how magical it can be." You spoke before cringing at yourself and laughing, swiping right to avoid a reply. The boy's face grew a bright shade of red, closely resembling the colour of a tomato.
"Geez, is that an offer?!" Freezy yelled from the right side. You laughed, observing how Harry whispered furiously to the boy to stop and winked at him once he had could see. Your laughter only increased as you watched JJ step up.
"I'm JJ. I'm 28 and are you a raisin? Cause you're raising my dick." The boy in question stood in front of you so confidently, hands clasped together in front of him so seriously that you just lost it. By the time you composed yourself, there were tears almost falling from your eyes.
"A* for effort." You laughed, swiping right eliciting a cry of success.
Tumblr media
You had wrapped up filming your segment of the video, which conveniently was the last of the day. You found JJ who you spoke to whilst the other boys were otherwise occupied talking to each other.
"Cheers for coming, Y/N/N. You've been great."
"Anything for you." You joked.
"Don't tempt me." He laughed. You could feel eyes on you, eyes that were burning into your side. You turned your head to see Harry staring you and JJ down before looking away after being caught in the act, and suddenly felt very uncomfortable.
"Does Harry not like me or something?" You whispered to JJ, feeling self-conscious all of a sudden.
"Not that I know of." He frowned looking at the younger boy. "He can be a bit awkward at times and gets flustered a lot."
"Right." You agreed. You excused yourself before sauntering up to the boy in question, calling his name to snap him out of the daze he appeared to be in.
"Oh, um hey Y/N." He stumbled.
"Hi." You smiled gently. "I uh, I was just wondering, do you... have I done something to offend you?"
"Offend me? Why, uh, why would you think that?" He rambled.
"It's just... it's nothing, it's probably just me overthinking things." You waved it off, feeling like a complete idiot.
"I'm sorry if I gave you the impression that I don't like you. I don't not like you, in fact I really like you! Oh, um I mean I like you, you're very pretty." The boy couldn't stop rambling which made you laugh. "No, wait."
"You think I'm pretty?" You blushed interrupting him. Harry felt his mouth go dry, not being able to get anything coherent to come out. "Well, Harry, I really like you too."
"What?" His eyebrows shot up so far it was almost comical. "Really? So, you don't like the other guys?"
"What? No." You laughed. "That's absurd. Why would you think that?"
"You seemed very..." The boy trailed off, not wanting to offend you after you had admitted to liking him.
"Flirty?" You finished, causing him to nod. "I'm like that with everyone, I don't mean to be half the time."
"Well, how about you give me your phone number and when you finally grow a pair, you can ask me out?" Your confidence levels had shot up spontaneously.
"Uh, sure." His cheeks had become a dark shade of red as he passed his phone to you so you could put your number in. You kept looking up at him as you typed, putting your name under 'Y/N x' in his contacts before handing it back to him.
"Y/N! Come on! We're going to Nando's!" JJ called from the other side of the room.
"Call me." You winked. Your bottom lip was caught between your teeth and was currently the only thing from stopping the wide grin from spreading across your face. A grin that hadn't disappeared from your face for the rest of the day, much to the curiosity of JJ, who was disappointed when you refused to tell him why, or more appropriately who, had put the smile on your face.
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muertawrites · 4 months
For your Eddie SFW prompts: K, O, U please and thanks! (PS am enjoying your writing!)
ooh yay another mature babe! let's do this hot girl shit ✨
k i have already answered
Open (When would they start revealing things about themselves? Do they say everything all at once or wait a while to reveal things slowly?)
I have a feeling that Eddie gushes about some things but keeps others locked super deep. Like, you wanna know what his favorite guilty pleasure song is? Why he's in such a bad mood this morning? His crazy irrational fears? He'll tell you all of it without even being asked. Really simple stuff that isn't too emotionally deep he gives openly and easily.
It's the serious stuff he's not as generous with. Because of his family setup, there's a pretty good chance Eddie experienced some level of abuse and neglect in his childhood, and is likely living with the effects of trauma. And he doesn't like talking about it - at least not with people he doesn't trust. But he really doesn't want to end up like his dad, and lives in constant self doubt and loathing because he wasn't given a sense of worth in his early development. It's easier to hide those fears under false confidence, especially when you have a target on your back.
Ugly (What would be some bad habits of theirs?)
He's a slob. Like massively. His van is littered with fast food wrappers and he doesn't do any kind of housekeeping until it gets completely out of hand. Blame it on the executive dysfunction.
He's also a smoker, as we know. This might be a personal thing, but cigarettes can be pretty gross. They reek, they make your insides disgusting, and everything in a smoker's house smells like tar. This is a habit Eddie's willing to break if he knows it bothers you, though. When you find the pack of nicotine gum in his discarded jeans you almost cry. Like omfg does this man love you.
And while we're on this topic I know a lot of people are under the impression that he doesn't pay attention to personal hygiene but I think this is wrong?? I mean look at that mane. It is immaculately cared for. He may not be out here drowning in cologne or doing a 12 step skin routine but he definitely has a good relationship with soap and deodorant. He's a mechanic. There's nothing more valuable to him than a shower.
Emotionally he's kind of melodramatic. When he's grumpy he can get pretty snippy and mean, and he takes everything as a sign you don't like him anymore or are mad at him. The good thing is that if you're similar to this (like I am lmao) he's excellent at sensing when you're having your own moment and being the stable one. You ping pong back and forth with your instability and it's adorable.
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kaeya-kisser · 11 months
Itto holding you. Itto holding you up to reach the fruit on the trees. You're planning to make something sweet for the picnic later that day, this is Itto's contribution.
It's supposed to be a nice little picnic date, just the two of you. If everything goes right, it will be, and no one will bother you.
You want to make something real nice since you want to kiss Itto for the first time during the date. He's never had his first kiss, so you want it to feel sweet.
As your picking the fruit, Itto brags on how you're the best partner he could ever have. How good of a cook you are, how sweet you are to his gang and to him, and how lucky he is to have caught someone like you.
He's too cute. You're still resting on his arms, so you look down at him while he laughs and smiles. You can't take it anymore. You lean over and press a soft kiss to his lips with your hand gently touching his cheek.
You only hear a soft, strangled noise that sounds surprised before you feel his arms slide from under you. You startled him, and now the two of you fall back. Unfortunate choice to have chosen to pick the fruit off a tree on a hill because you two are rolling down it now.
The fruit is now scattered around you, some of the squished. Before you even have a chance to regain your sense Itto is grabbing you.
"Did you mean to do that? Kiss me? You weren't leaning over to grab something were you?"
"No. I wasn't, stupid. I kissed you."
Itto's smile widens. He looks like his true idiot self. You really did mean to save that kiss for the date, but you couldn't help yourself. He's stupid, a true idiot, but he's also adorable.
Itto runs a hand through his wild hair. He tries his best to look confident, but he's bad at lying. The kiss made him nervous (in a good way). He touches his lips without thinking as he laughs.
"S-So, wanna kiss more? Huh? Of course you can't resist these lips. I've had to fight off a few people before in my life, but you're the oni one for me, babe!"
There's an aura of stars around him as he declares this. It only makes you sigh, pinching the bridge of your nose.
"Now I don't feel like kissing you anymore..."
You start walking away, scavenging for any fruit to save. Itto follows pitifully behind, still trying to convince you to kiss him again and apologizing. He doesn't know he'll be getting another kiss after dessert.
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Tumblr media
i genuinely loved this so much. i had been expecting something grand from yatora for the end of the year project, but the fact that he took an ordinary mundane scene from his life before he got into art and turned it into art for the sole purpose of expressing how it might not have been worth turning into art...... that's amazing. i was actually so impressed. he didn't try to force something grand out of himself at a time when his self confidence wasn't at his highest—he actually took those feelings and deliberately worked them for this project. it's a true, raw expression of his vulnerability and doubt. and for a final project, no less, a culmination of everything he has learned and experienced.... that's bold. he said it wasn't worth turning into art, but he did anyway, as a kind of art, just to show how it's not worth being turned into art..... that's deep, bro. and bold.
Tumblr media
there's just something satisfying about this prof having been the one to tell yatora all those months ago 'is it worth doing this as a painting?' and .... basically saying it again but much more eloquently and elegantly. also, it's sweet that he's encouraging him here.
Tumblr media
'i felt lonely and terrified when i noticed this, but what was even more frightening was how i had that desire'. yotasuke trauma-dumping on the profs hgjdjfj but also this is so good. the only aspect in life where he felt like he was in control was with the rabbits—by hindering them from escape, he could stay with them for longer and play with them, though really all it was was a way of dominating them.
'i thought i could communicate with animals but i was dominating them' i would like to think in a sort of twisted way that this is probably what yotasuke thought of his mother at times—the way she forced him to make art, the way he never liked drawing, how she heaped her expectations onto him. not in a cruel, malicious way, but in the way that parents often do in the i-know-what's-best-for-you way that might have good intentions but turns out to be dominating. but yes, it's no wonder yotasuke went back again and again to the rabbits, even as he knew what he was doing, just to gain some semblance of control in his life that his mother largely took from him. 'the cage protects the rabbit and confines it' just like how up until now, yotasuke’s way of life (largely in part due to his mother) had both protected him (from change) and confined him (from change).
Tumblr media Tumblr media
three things: it's insanely adorable to me how yatora gets a teensy bit jealous watching okamoto and yotasuke interact. 'are you feeling down?' / 'i'm not ...' okay babe, whatever you say 😔🤍 don't worry darling he's not going to steal your friend from you!! next, yotasuke fumbling with his words, breaking eye contact, saying if he hadn't gone out with him might have quit school....i actually gasped. i hadn't thought things had been that bad for yotasuke. yatora really went and saved him there, huh. then, finally, the fact that the rabbit is basically standing in for yotasuke—we know this from the last chapter, and it was made even clearer from his final project. which, you know ... when i think about this bit, makes me feel insane:
Tumblr media Tumblr media
rabbit = yotasuke.....hanging around a person's feet = yatora.....insert whatdoesitmean.gif
by giving yatora the drawing—this drawing, the first one he was genuinely glad about; this drawing, where yotasuke is the rabbit, hanging around yatora’s someone's feet—yotasuke is basically presenting himself to yatora in his truest sense :') it's a raw expression of 'this is me, i want you to see me for me'. like, hello....the way he's handing this piece of paper to him, you'd think he was handing over a piece of his heart. which he is! that's basically what this scene is. i also love the way their expressions parallel this scene:
Tumblr media
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hello, i hope you're having a good day, and i, really sorry cause this is gonna be long and it might bother you a bit so im really sorry, but i really need some help
i literally just wanna know how to manifest and be able to do it, and i've read SO many blogs, i've watched so many youtube vids, i've listened to so many lectures, i've done every method out there, and im not saying i didn't get any results because i did, but very LITTLE results, it's like only third of my desires manifest, why can't i have the full thing? why must it be so hard for me? i've consumed so many info on loa and manifesting that i literally don't know which opinion i should believe, i've consumed so much but i still feel like i don't know much? i really hope im making sense (english isn't my first language im really sorry if i get mistakes), like i have so much info in my head, i read a blog and im like "i understand!!" and then i go to do what the blog said and then i get doubtful and scared that it won't work out or that it not the right thing and then i go back and read more, and every time i try to apply the things i read, i apply them for a couple of days (a day or two max) then get sad cause i don't see fast results like said in the blog and then go back to reading more blogs, im really sick of this cycle because i am not getting ANYWHERE, i want my full desires, and i want them fast and i know i can because i've done it before with other desires, but why is it so hard all of a sudden? i want to be able to also have a success story just like everyone else, but im so lost on manifesting even though i know so much and read so much, i know all the rules and all the methods, but when it comes to me actually manifesting i get lost and confused and then i go back to searching for more help, but the help never helps me, it makes everything worse.
i don't wanna have to keep looking at blogs and saying "i'll be able to do this some day", i want to read a blog and say "i do this so easily"
hi love! first of all, i just want you to know that this is a VERY common issue that a lot of people have struggled with. oftentimes we get caught up in the endless posts and amazing success stories, that we get lost and forget to apply everything we’ve learned. so here are some simple things you can do to fix this and get back on the right track!
i want u to check out this excellent post by @zen-shu that’ll help you get back to basics when you’ve over-consumed info. i then want you to read this very simplified explanation of manifestation.
i also STRONGLY recommend that you work on your self-concept and ONLY your self-concept for a period of time. you seem to have a very low concept of self, which is evident by you saying that you are scared, doubtful, and unsure of yourself even though you‘ve learned everything there is to know. a solid self-concept will make manifesting and having faith in yourself 10x easier.
you are also looking WAY too much to the 3d for validation for results. you say that you try and apply the info that you learn and after a day or two, you get sad and discouraged that you don’t see results. again this could be solved if you had a stronger concept of self, but i also want you to understand that the 3d conforms to YOU and your imagination... not the other way around. so stop reacting to the 3d and turn your focus inward to your imagination. simply know that you will get your desires no matter what so there’s no reason to stress about the 3d.
alright once you’ve read all those posts that i linked, i want you to literally log off of tumblr, and stop watching, reading, and listening to any manifestation content for a short (or long) period of time. your main problem seems to be over-consumption and this is the best way to solve it. also HAVE CONFIDENCE BABE!! you don't even need to consume more info bc you already know everything you need to know, and you are the MOST powerful and the ultimate creator of your reality. have faith in this fact!
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nsfw alphabet, b.b
A/N: so sorry it took so long! hope you enjoy! sebastians & nomad!steve should be out sometime this week(end)!
reblogs/likes/feedback are greatly appreciated & highly encouraged
However, do NOT repost/steal ANY of my fics on my blog!
Warnings: 18+, language, smutty thoughts, sorry for any missed typos!
chris evans nsfw alphabet
Tumblr media
A = Aftercare (What are they like after sex)
bucky takes aftercare so seriously! he makes sure that you have everything that you need and you're taken care of first. showering you in praises, holding you close, getting you water or snacks- he is at your beck and call.
B = Body Part (Their favorite body part on themselves and on their partner)
thighs. thighs. thighs. He loves laying between them with his head resting on your stomach. His fingers tracing patterns on your skin- peppering kisses on the inside. bucky's arms are hooked around them while he is giving you head, rubbing small circles on the outside.
bucky has grown to love his vibranium arm, because of how much you love it. he has changed arm usage from a weapon to a useful tool in every situation. being able to cool it and playing with temperatures, pinning you down- making sure you go nowhere- or even being able to cause it to vibrate.
C = Cum (Anything to do with cum)
he loves to paint with his cum. as much as he LOVES to cum inside you and make you hold it- there is something so pretty with his cum plastered on your back or on your tummy. "you look so pretty with my cum on your thighs," bucky is especially fond of watching it drip down your breasts or leak down your thighs. bucky just stares in awe of how it glistens against your skin.
D = Dirty Secret (What do they secretly want)
he wants you to praise him. bucky lives off of praise and when you whimper how good he's making you feel or how he's such a good boy? it throws him over the edge, encouraging him to go faster and harder. he'll never ask for them, but when you start hyping him up, fuck he enters a state of nirvana.
E = Experience (Do they know what they are doing?)
1940's bucky as we all know was very experienced but after eighty years of nothing? he needs a little help regaining his confidence, but man will he practice and have no problems asking for help. he'd be a little embarrassed of cumming early or not being able to satisfy like he used too, but bucky watches porn and experiments like no tomorrow, catching up on all the new toys/techniques/positions etc.
F = Favorite Position (Self-explanatory)
bucky's favorite position would be cowgirl or where you're laying on your side, so he could hold you. cowgirl because he gets the perfect view of your body and everything about it.
with an honorable mention of missionary- but missionary with your legs in the air spread for all can see. if he's feeling a little spicy, he'll press on your lower abdomen, adding extra pressure.
G = Goofy (Are they serious during sex or goofy
BOTH. There is a time and a place for serious, rough, passionate sex (and boy does he enjoy that), but for the most part, Bucky wants you to feel good and he wants to learn- which means there will be some mishaps and failed moments, but he loves those moments just the same.
H = Hair (Are they well-groomed?)
he is well kept and clean. bucky isn't hairless, but he does make sure that everything is trimmed up and clean.
J = Jack Off (Do they masturbate?)
bucky only does when you're away or he's gone for a mission. when you're home, he has no problem telling you he's in the mood. when he does masturbate, it is to your pictures/videos you've sent or through facetime/phone calls. he doesn't watch porn unless that is the only option or he is looking for new things to try with you.
K = Kink (One or more of their kinks)
oh boy does he have loads of kinks! bucky loves praise (receiving or giving)! during the more passionate and rough sessions, he is into degrading (but not too crazy) innocence kink. if you have met after his second sexual awakening? god, how he loves to ruin you. he loves the idea that he gets to teach you and that you're at his mercy. ice play/warming (idk what the word is) he loves when you call him sarg does this man have a filthy sarcastic mouth. dirty remarks of comments that leave his mouth- god, it's enough to you off in seconds.
L = Location (Favorite place to do it)
he is a traditional man at heart, so he loves the bedroom. bucky gets to be as loud as chooses and go as long as he wants without the fear of someone walking in or interrupting.
M = Motivation (What turns them on or gets them going?)
leggings. jeans. short shorts- anything that enhances your thighs or when you shoot back firey/witty comments matching his energy. The more traditional turn on's as well, suggestive comments, touching his chest letting it fall to his belt, lingering kisses on his lips and neck. "it's like you're begging me to fuck you silly,"
N = No (Something they will not do. Turnoffs.)
nothing with bodily fluids (other than saliva or cum) & i don't think he'd be fond of being too open in public- he's a private guy, but he doesn't mind the simple pda and light touches.
O = Oral (Preference in giving or receiving, skills, etc.)
okay let me tell you- bucky loves getting head. your lips make him cum faster than anything else. "open wide, darling" he loves the ability to do it virtually anywhere (privately of course) and the quick clean up-but he mostly loves watching you take his length completely, hitting the back of your throat. "fuck, such a good girl taking all of me," hearing you moan into him and gag makes him go FERAL. bucky isn't a head pusher, but he does grip your hair.
bucky does love going down on you too. his cock throbs at the sight of your legs shaking and squirming. the sounds you make encourage him more, but he doesn't stop when you cum- he licks up every last drop of you. "im not stopping, so i'd stop moving if i were you," he'll occasionally pop his head up to make sure that he's doing everything right and you're enjoying yourself- the last thing he wants is for you to fake it (which only happened when he first re-entered the dating world)
P = Pace (Are they fast or rough? Or slow and sensual?)
there is a time and place for everything. bucky loves sensual sex because he feels the most connected to you and he has been without physical/emotional connection for so long that it's become a must. it is also where he feels the most control and the best, when he can be 100% vulnerable- something never thought he could do.
fast and rough is for those needy moments where he can't get his hands off of you- complete feral mode. when you've been teasing him relentlessly and he needs to remind you who's in charge. those nights are when the kinkiest of kinks come to play.
Q = Quickies (Their opinions on quickies rather than regular sex)
quickies are reserved for dinner parties, group outings, etc. where you look too good and he can't keep his hands off of you. "i wanna see if you taste as good as you look". quickies usually consist of fast rough sex that leaves bruises or marks. they also mainly consist of giving/receiving head.
R = Risk (Are they game to experiment, do they take risks, etc.)
oh does he! he has almost ninety years of sex trends/toys/etc to catch up on. it will be the middle of the night and you'd be fast asleep only to be woken up by him shaking your arm and going "baby, we have to try this!"
bucky isn't a risk-taker in the sense of public and potentially getting caught, he is a risk-taker in the sense that he is willing to try anything once.
S = Stamina (How many rounds can they go? How long do they last?)
bub is a super-soldier. his stamina outlasts yours by HOURS. you'd be panting and lying sideways and bucky would be ready for the next round and you'd have to tap out. he would chuckle and hold you, teasing you about how you can't last. "can't handle this cock? i thought you said you could go all night?"
T = Toys (Do they own or use toys on themselves or partners?)
bucky has a whole drawer dedicated to the greatest quality toys. "only the best for you, dollface." he loves seeing how far he can push you with the vibrators. tying the vibrator to your clit and watching you be sent over the moon. bucky wouldn't be too crazy about using toys on himself, but he isn't opposed to being handcuffed (or pegged)
U = Unfair (How much do they like to tease?)
BIGGEST TEASE in the galaxy. Touching you, grazing your heat, kissing your neck, rubbing the inside of your thigh, (stuffing a vibrator inside you while you're on the phone), or whispering dirty things in your ear- but God forbid if you tease him back. there will be hell to pay if you try teasing him back. "you better rethink your next move, darling," "i think you forgot who's allowed to tease who."
V = Volume (How loud are they? What sounds do they make?)
bucky is pretty quiet, with the exceptions of grunts and whimpers. His mouth is filthy and he dirty talks like there is no tomorrow! he is also a cocky little shit and sarcastic- which doesn't stop in the bedroom. "your cunt feel so good around me," "open your eyes, i want you to watch as i ruin you" "look at you, you're soaked for me"
W = Wildcard (Random headcanon for your character)
cockwarming. babe lives for cockwarming. early morning lazy sex, but too lazy to pull out of you. you'd be laying on your side with your leg over his, with his cock buried inside of you. "no, honey, just stay" he would mumble with his head resting in the cook of your neck, placing small kisses on your neck, but falling back asleep.
X = X-Ray (Let’s see what’s going on in those pants)
baby, that serum did wonders. bucky is packing that seven to eighter. his cock would poke through your tummy and he won't stop talking about it for weeks.
Y = Yearning (How high is their sex drive?)
HIGH. VERY HIGH. he is ready whenever and wherever the time calls.
Z = ZZZ (How quickly do they fall asleep afterward?)
bucky's stamina is so high that he probably is starving. he would perform aftercare for you, but once you'd have cared for- he is standing naked in the kitchen making a sandwich.
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xxx-wounded-angel-xxx · 4 months
Thank you so much for answering my "Poly!Lost Boys x Male!Reader with anger issues." Request, I appreciate it! I like the headcannons so I was wondering if you were okay in writing a fic about it? It doesn't have to be super long, or anything and I don't want to stress, or force you into writing something you're not wanting to do. I was just wondering if you were okay with it! I really like your posts btw.<3 🍃anon
Thanks! I wrote quite quickly your Hcs this morning in the hospital waiting room as my doctor was late, so I wasn't entierly satisfied with it. I hope you enjoy this longer fic I based on it! It was nice to take a break from the Eddie in Santa Carla fic I'm currently working and kinda stuck on. I hope you enjoy this 🍃anon
Looking through the thrift store, you were on a hunt for a leather jacket. Your old one was too used, and to be honest with yourself it was also gifted to you by someone in your family you did not likes and it was getting hard to stand this jacket because of it.  You saw a nice brown one, but after trying it, it happened to be too big. You looked at a dark one just to notice how it was ripped on a sleeve. Putting it down, you were getting ready to give up, and wanted to leave the choice of your future beloved jacket to your dear boyfriends. With the good sense of style they had, you were sure your boys would choose something really cool for you, and it would be a nice memory tied to the piece of clothing.
The boys were the greatest thing that happened to you in a while. You met them, one night on the boardwalk. You had already heard of them, of course, the four bikers terrorizing the boardwalk, always touching each other, exchanging sloppy kisses between milkshakes and cigs. You were admiring them. They were hot, and so confident in their sexuality… you wished you were like them. And one night, they noticed you. They came to you, and flirted, and somehow at the end of the night you had four very hot boyfriends. You were proud to call them yours, and were even more to be theirs.  “Yeah, you thought, I’m gonna let them chose my jacket.”
But as you were turning to leave the shop, a surf nazi bumped archly in your shoulder, and started to talk to you as if it was your fault. You saw red, and in a burst of anger your fist collided with his face. It was over, your self-control had left the picture. You saw yourself launching punch after punch at him, and dodging the surfer’s attack the best you could. But as one of his friends joined the fight, you saw from the corner of your eyes blond curly hair joining on your side. You could always count on Marko to have your back when it came to fight.  The fight turned into general fight, Lost Boys against Surf Nazis, until you were separated and kicked out of the boardwalk by security guards.
Now calmed down, you knew that you could say goodbye to the boardwalk, at least for the night. You silently followed your boyfriends where they were heading to, feeling bad to have completely ruined the night with your impulsive behavior.
As you sat on the sand close to your boyfriends, by the bonfire they had gotten by making its precedent owner scram, you saw your Paulie turn to you. “You okay Sugar? You’ve been quite silent. They didn’t hurt you too bad, did they?” Worried, Paul started to look you up and down, looking for an injury.
“No babe, I’m okay. It’s just… I’m sorry for ruining the night” you blurted. It was now Dwayne’s turn to be worried. “What do you mean, love? I don’t get it”
“If I didn’t start this stupid fight with this scumbag, you guys would not have to join in and we would not have been kicked out of the boardwalk for the night. If it wasn’t for me and my fucking anger issues, we would be having a fun shopping date…”
You did not get to finish your sentence as David interrupted you. “We’re not mad, you know? And we would certainly not love you less for what you did. So, what, you have anger issues? Have you seen Marko? The babe starting so many fights despite his height…” This time, it was Marko who cut David, by an outraged loud “HEY!”, hitting the platinium blond in the shoulder. “See?” David said with one of his usual smirks. “Marko has a short temper yet we still love him. Don’t worry about that kitten. But we sure would be less worried if you were like us…” “Not yet, David. But one day…”
Feeling better about yourself, you let yourself go in Paul’s embrace, and fully relax as he sloppily kissed you. Your boys knew about your anger issues, and yet they still loved you no matter what. Finally, it wasn’t that bad of an evening.
Read on AO3
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tokillamockingbird427 · 3 months
Random Headcanons: Logan
More headcanons :)
Really likes knives. Elias took him and Hesh camping a lot as kids (Which is cannon.) and he got Hesh a multi tool when he was something like 12? Logan was immediately jealous of course and wanted his own. Elias did eventually get him one when he turned 12 but his fixation didn't really go away.
Taught himself how to throw knives. Scary good at it. Absolute monster at darts though throwing darts is different from throwing knives.
Absolute mommys boy as a child. Loved to follow her everywhere and try to help with whatever she was doing.
Because of the prior he loves baking. Managed to memorize a whole bunch of recipes from her home-made cook book before ODIN. When he was dealing with the trauma from it he was remaking the cook-book and it helped him decompress.
His hair is like 20 different shades of blonde. You grab one lock and it's silver-white, another will look like sand.
Tan beach babe, classic surfer boy look. Tan lines on his butt and hips because he like sunning but won't do it naked. (He's like one of five people who can pull off a speedo.)
Clingy. It's not bad because he does have a good sense of boundaries and will leave people alone if asked but if allowed he will just follow someone around 24/7. (*cough* Hesh *cough*)
Also gets jealous easily but he isn't very vengeful. Will just pout about it. Gets over it easy.
Big sucker for fantasy. He fucking loves dragons and mermaids and that. If he knew about it he'd be religiously devout to D&D and play 24/7. (Would lose his tan.)
His nose is a lil fucked up cus he broke it during ODIN, and for the same reason he has a big scar on his right cheek/jaw. (When the tanker exploded and threw his ass to mars.)
Booty shorts lover. Crop-top aficionado.
Can rollerblade but prefers roller skates. (Ones with four wheels at the "Corners" of the foot.) Can do a lot of cool tricks.
Used to do gymnastics when he was younger so he's more lithe than muscled and can do lots of flips and cool ass tricks.
Goated at hand-to-hand combat because of the former. Probably trained in a style similar to Jiu-Jitsu. (Or just trained in it outright.)
Once he goes Federation though he gets as built as a brick shithouse and just boxes the everloving fuck out of people. Still knows how to do the "fancy" stuff and will do so on occasion (Aka when he needs his opponent to survive.) but most times he just deals a haymaker that could level Mt Everest.
Plotter. He's very good at keeping track of people. Their strengths, weaknesses, secrets, etc. Can and will use it to his advantage.
Very much a people pleaser, which is why he developed the prior skills. He does things to make people happy, even when people don't actively tell him to do the thing.
Love language is Acts of Service which again, relates to the prior.
Adores the color green. It's apart of his personality at this point with how obsessed with it he is. I would say it's something classy like emerald or evergreen, but his favorite shade is lime.
Definitely a little genderqueer. (Yes, I am projecting lol.)
Long legged motherfucker!!! Daddy long legs lmao.
You would think he's all shy and shit because he always follows Hesh (And others.) around but no, he's very self assured and confident. Though, if people see him as shy, it's all to his advantage. Plotting, false sense of security, all that.
Dotes on Riley 24/7.
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cyborg-franky · 1 year
8 or 13 from the love prompt list with (pre-timeskip) franky preeeetty pleeeeaaase? If reader could be only 4ft tall would be even better bc that's roughly my size...don't Worry I'm almost 26, not a child! I have Short dark blonde curls, Grey eyes... I really hope I didn't Already send a request or anything to you because I don't want to be annoying and the description of myself is pretty unique and you would probably know it was me...sorry for rambling I'm not feeling so good atm and really am starved for some good franky reading material. Sorry for bothering you pls don't be mad
Hi bean! I only write OC/Self insert type things as comissions so this one I will do but it will be generic reader!
Franky x GN Reader SFW Prompt: An accidental kiss that confuses you both, but only a moment pass before you crash your lips back against each other's Word Count:
Tumblr media
- You were so small he felt he needed to protect you a lot. - No matter where the crew went he had you with him. - You tried to tell him you didn’t need it but secretly you loved how the loud and confident man just wanted to baby you. - You felt loved when he carried you around on his shoulder. - People joked about the smallest human on the crew with one of the biggest - You worried he didn’t consider you in a romantic sense - But that didn’t stop you wishing he would
“Hold still Franky!” You huffed at the cyborg as you tried to get something out of the bright blue hair. He was sat down cross legged as you tried to pick out the leaves that had fallen from the tree.
“Ouch!” Franky cried out when you pulled a stick from his hair.
“I thought you didn’t have feeling anywhere but your back?” You leaned back to give him a look, he peered over his shades at you, laughing as you stood on his knee to get a better reach.
“I remember it would have hurt? I don’t know what to tell you babe other then I’m just dramatic” Franky grinned at you, an eyebrow waggled, you rolled your eyes as you pulled the rest of the fallen foliage from his hair.
“Dramatic is right”
You tried to clamber down from the large man but slipped, a large hand grabbed you before you fell, your face bumped against his, lips touching for just a moment, the bumped had skewed his shades and you could see his wide-eyed stare in return.
Well, you thought, since you were this close it was now or never, right? You closed your eyes and pressed your lips forcefully against his, letting him know that despite the accidental peck you wanted to kiss him, you wanted to feel him love you back.
Strong arms held you closer as Franky let you deepen the kiss, pulling away your cheeks flushed pink. “So, I like you”
“Right back atcha babe!”
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btsfanficsbykj · 6 months
Tickets to Paradise, Chapter 2
Relationships: BTS ensemble and Fem!Reader
Summary: Reader faces reality, and some serious self degradation, as she readies herself for the BTS concert. A lot of this stems from my own anxiety and struggles with self worth. Don't worry, though, her bestie helps her out in the end!
Warnings: anxiety, self-doubt, past sorrows
Word Count: 1142
Part 1 Part 2
Dust motes floated by my eyes, my exhausted and spent brain focusing on the little bastards as they made their way down to my completely trashed bedroom floor.
Pan back. I sat in the middle of my floor, legs tucked under me, the entire contents of my closet exploded outwards like some type of claymore mine had gone off into the middle of my room. You know, those envelope-shaped bombs that Rambo used in like every film, explodes outwards and just dessimated any living thing in a 500 foot radius?
That was my room. That was how my best smurf found me the Wednesday before the Saturday night concert. My hair in complete disarray, sleep shirt sliding off one shoulder, eyes glazed over in the most defeated way. 
She had burst through my front room door, declaring the number of days before our lives were going to totally change, and had stopped half way through before bursting into hysterics at the state of … well, everything.
My lower lip instantly started trembling, a pathetic little sniff escaping my now red nose, and my smurf instantly quieted.
“Aw, honey,” she murmured, dropping her purse and kneeling down in front of me. Wrapping her arms behind my neck, Smurf’s brows furrowed in concern. “You really went down the rabbit hole this time, didn’t you?”
She knew. She knew what happened in my brain when I was completely at a loss and felt like everything was out of my control. The insecurities, the self doubt, the cruel voices of lovers past started digging into my confidence and my mind started to spiral downwards. Causing me to whirl like a tornado through all my clothing choices, nothing right, everything wrong.
But, why?? I was about to experience something incredible. This was something to be happy about, no?? Why the hell was I panicking over a damned concert??
Because I was never enough. Never enough for the people who mattered most to me, for the people who shaped my life as I grew, as my mind was growing and learning behaviors and such. Never pretty enough, never talented enough, never anything enough…
What did that have to do with a concert? Nothing. And everything. Because these boys’ opinions mattered to me. Which made me even angrier because that didn’t make any sense. I would never see them again, and they most likely wouldn’t even remember my face in the sea of thousands of happy, singing ARMYs. 
Which was fine! I’m not going there to get noticed! I’m going there to be entertained, to shower these boys with love and affection and show my support, along with everyone else.
But I wasn’t enough. My past told me, shaped me to believe that.
The past which all boiled down to create the current me: a big, loud, confident, goofy dumbass on the outside; a seriously self-doubting, depressed, anxious, small person on the inside. The duality was sometimes enough to make my head spin, let alone those who I let close enough to see both sides.
But my Smurf loved both sides equally. And that was enough for both big and small. She adored my goofy, confident, bitchy side, and comforted my small, lonely, needy side. Honestly, I don’t even know where I would be if it wasn’t for my smurfette. Meeting her in high school had been the best thing that could have happened. Period. Crazy stupid blue hair and all. 
She even let me tattoo some of my best artwork onto her shoulder and down her back, some of the ink the special UV type that only shows up under a blacklight. The piece was one of my most famous ones, having gone viral over several social media sites.
“Babe,” she softly called, tucking a wisp of hair behind my ear. 
I blinked and focused tired eyes on her green. 
“You look gorgeous no matter what you put on.”
Smurf and I worked late into the evening decluttering my explosion of a room. Laughing and throwing shit at each other. Dancing to old rock music and absolutely butchering the lyrics. We managed to wrestle all the shirts and dresses back onto their hangers and settled down to fold and organize the rest. 
I had lost it when I realized I could never look good enough for any of them. They were all so stupidly gorgeous, I felt like I could be nekkid and covered in diamonds and still be second rate when compared to the boys. 
But Smurf had nipped that toxic thought process in the bud pretty quick when I explained, in her usually loving way.
“You’re an idiot,” she calmly declared, folding up my pants in a neat little stack on my king sized bed. 
I snorted out a laugh and lobbed a pair of clean socks at her head, my tangled pile of bras ignored in my lap.
Ignoring the projectile as it bounced harmlessly off her long dark ponytail, she got rid of the blue after senior year but the nickname was here to stay, Smurf shook her head and grinned, focusing on her task.
“You hold them up to such impossible standards that you completely forget the most important thing.”
“... what?”
She turned her sharp eyes on me. “They are human too.”
I blinked as that comment sank in. 
“You forget that they are human, with just as many flaws. You forget that they have been painted and airbrushed and stylized out the wazoo to make them look completely flawless. Which, there’s nothing wrong with that. But it's harmful to compare yourself to that kind of standard.”
She made absolute sense. Of course she did, she’s a fucking genius when it comes to wrangling my twisted self image and turning her words into something that clicked in my head.
“Jesus�� I am an idiot.”
“Like I said,” she chirped, finishing the last pair of jeans with a flourish and hopped up to put them away in my closet. 
The rest of the night was spent picking out the perfect outfit. Lord, it felt so shallow, I was waiting for teenage emo music to start pouring out of the speakers. But I needed it. I needed to find that outfit that gave me just the right amount of confidence without making me feel like I was putting myself up for sale. 
For all my boring days of adulting, of copying, fetching coffee, paying bills, dealing with idiots, answering an endless fleet of calls… I deserved a moment of happiness, of being shallow. Of being self indulgent and wanting to make myself look and feel like the real me.
And it came in the form of my comfy black skinny jeans, an oversized soft pink sweater, and blue ballet flats. 
In the end, it turned out the real me just needed a bit of comfort.
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all-about-seggs · 2 years
False Love-
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Rating: ❌ 18+, Explicit ❌
Pairing- Timeskip! Yandere Oikawa Tooru x fem reader
Word count- 1.8 K
Warnings- Aphrodisiacs, fingering, dub-con, vaginal sex, Oikawa is delusional and sad.
A/n: This is my fic for the Valentine's day Collab that @ultimate-astridwriting hosted. I hope I was able to live up to their expectations (ᗒᗩᗕ).
Tumblr media
Roaming around the busy streets of Palermo, ginormous heart shaped props occupying the narrow lane paints Oikawa's vision in scarlet. Love is in the air, as they say, was quite literally true for the beautiful city of Argentina.
In the midst of giggling couples and warm twinkling lights, the annoyed click of his tongue gets drowned out; Unnoticed ;making him recognise his own solitude.
Normally he'd have hoards of girls vying for his attention, trying to take him to their place but maybe it was because of his age, or the mountain of experience with the momentary flings that made him want to search for something deeper.
He used to be fine with superficiality of his relationships, the repeated cycle of getting himself off of any faceless women who came onto him then forgetting her existence the next day was fulfilling in itself. Afterall, his career has always taken priority.
Though the last remaining brain cells of his body tries to rationalise the situation he is getting himself in, Oikawa had already decided what kind of connection he wanted and and was just going to let himself have that. Selfishness is not something he ever disliked anyway.
He felt no need to hide his disdain, Oikawa wasn't one to be subtle about his pettiness either, that's why the contrasting emotions of his own, clashing with the jubilant ones of his surrounding annoyed him to no end.
The chocolates wrapped up neatly in his hand felt heavy, causing his fingers to tremble slightly. It wasn't the weight of the box but what he intended to do with the said item that made his insides twist with excitement.
Yes. It was excitement. Happiness and pure bliss that he felt when he rang the doorbell of your modest appartment in the costal side of the city. Despite having the sea right next to your place, the cold February air still made you shiver as you opened the door to see Oikawa standing at your doorsteps, all smiles with a dash of extra in his typical 'hand on the hip' pose.
Surprised wouldn't even being to describe your current state of shock. You spend the next few seconds just starting at his ever confident form before his voice brings you back to your senses.
" Yooohooo~ babe, I'm sure I don't look 'that' good. I just finished with practice so my hair's probably a mess right now", he continued on with his cheery tone,
" Come on, It's not like you have anyone else to spend Valentine's with, so why not just let me in already and look", dangling the expensive looking bag in front of your eyes, his expression took on a slightly sinister turn in their features, the kind that went away as soon as they appeared not leaving any trace of its original condescending vibes.
" I made these chocolates for you", emphasizing on the made part he stares right into your eyes, as if waiting for his well earned praise. Heaving a sigh of defeat you release the door know you didn't knew you had in a death grip, opening the door completely in a gesture to usher him inside.
Oikawa quickly makes himself at home, plopping down on your couch with his long legs stretched.
This was the first time you had seen him after the rejection of the high in demand position of his girlfriend. The face he made when you turned him down was of utter disbelief so much so that you almost reconsidered your decision. But you weren't that wishy washy in your opinions and his was a type you made sure to ignore.
You were aware of his salty personality and the habit of holding grudges, so you thought after that fateful day he'd ignore you like the plague, but for all his arrogance Oikawa's face was the epitome of gleeful.
" Soooo", starting off with an awkward note you casually try to sit on the furthest arm chair from the couch Oikawa was currently occupying and tried to ask what exactly was he expecting out of his current visit but he quickly cut you off by his own booming voice.
" Before all that, why don't you try these?", Pointing to the chocolates he starts unwrapping them, as he pulls the decorative ribbon, two rows of brown, heart shaped delicacies appeared.
"Don't be shy, I made these for you afterall", he remarked, pushing the box on your side of the table.
You didn't think much of it, afterall, 'making' chocolates just means buying store bought ones and just melting them into different shapes right?
Popping one small cube in your mouth you let it dissolve, your taste buds filling up with the sweetness of the treat. Just as it finished you heard Oikawa speak again.
"You probably know why I'm here, but I'll tell you again", readjusting his posture, he sits straight, both the look in his eyes and tone taking a more serious turn.
" I thought about why turned me down that day and I finally realised......You were just scared weren't you?", rather than upset he sounded relieved as he continued with self assuredness ,
" Of commitment? Or because of my job? Either way I can already assure you that I was already prepared to put you above everything else if the situation calls for it".
You were just sitting, listening to his outrageous conclusions when you felt your heartbeat increase. The sweaty palms of your hand to the moistness in your core, your entire body started reacting in ways you'd never experience before.
"You thought that I'd keep our relationship on the back burner and only focus on my career? You were just lonely weren't you?", With every passing second his delusional words seemed to work with more and more intensity that didn't helped your hyperventilating state at all.
"And you rejected me because you didn't wanted to have an absent boyfriend right? So in reality-", by the time he finished he was already in front of you, the fire in the depths of your core made your mind hazy and eyes unfocused. You wanted to ask what was happening or what he put in those chocolates but forming any coherent words was a feat on its own in your current condition.
He smoothly takes one of your burning hand in his cool ones, the contact making you instantly lean onto him for more. You're sitting in a daze when he pulls you up from the arm chair and places you on his lap back on the longer couch.
In your already aroused state, the soft strokes of Oikawa's fingers on your scalp made you succumb further into the need for release as you sit on his lap with your head resting against his shoulder. The room was now quite safe for his soothing voice that came from right about your head.
"You love me right?", the words that come out of his mouth in the heated moment betrayed all his attempts at feigned composure. He may have spiked the chocolates with some sort of aphrodisiacs but the way your heart hurted after hearing this made it seem more like a love potion.
With his barely audible voice they sounded almost like a plea, another desperate measure to get what he wanted.
Before you could even notice, your vision tilts and you find yourself pinned to the couch, with Oikawa hovering right above you. His hands on your sweatpants, lowering them all the way to your ankles. And the weirdest thing?
You didn't wanted him to stop.
Not when he spread you out completely in front of him. Not when he was shamelessly staring at your naked pussy with a maniacal glint in his eyes and definitely not when he shoved two of his thick digits up your leaking pussy that covered his entire palm in your slick at the slightest of contact.
Your soft walls clenching around his fingers was all he needed before he stared unzipping his own pants. He gazed at your panting body while he pulled his cock out, flipping you on your stomach with your ass up and face shoved down.
You barely cared about anything but getting fucked good at this point when you heard some rumbling behind you, as soon as Oikawa was done putting on a condom he lined himself up against your entrance.
Not wasting any more time he slips past your folds until he is buried to the hilt. The feeling of being stretched out and filled to the brim coaxed out a few lewd moans from your mouth.
Your slick was enough to make Oikawa pick up a hard and fast pace, your entire body shook with every thrust of his. He kept his hands on your waist, pushing himself as deep as he can before pulling out until only the tip remains. Your own orgasm started building up with his every action.
His member throbbed against your insides and the moans that slipped past his gritted teeth indicated he already came but his cock showed no signs of softening as he kept going with his brutal pace.
You bury your head sideways, tongue lolling out and covering the fabric beneath it in your drool as Oikawa lodges his cock further into your pussy from behind. He moves in and out of you with ease, the slick from both your pussy and his previous release was more than enough to keep his memeber going.
Gripping your ass cheek in one hand, he trails his other one in between your thighs. Quickly his digits grazes your clit, the pressure they added along with the heavy thrusts pulled you closer to the edge. The anticipation of your impending release was all your lust laden head could think about the feeling of ecstasy that you desperately needed.
The intensity of your orgasm made your eyes roll back, and if it wasn't him holding you firmly in place, you probably would've fell down the couch. With your entire body shaking your panted heavily from your mouth to calm yourself.
Oikawa doesn't make any attempt to pull out or move and even after your breathing becomes even his member is still lodged deep inside you. He gently starts gyrating his hips against your pussy again and it becomes obvious that you weren't the only one under the effects of aphrodisiacs.
As cum trickles down your inner thighs, all you could decipher was the overwhelming bolts of pleasure Oikawa's cock provided and the sounds of your skin smacking against eachother's.
With his hands on both of your sides, he lowers himself down until your back was flush against his toned chest, his raspy voice rumbled through your ear as he spoke in a dark possessive tone,
"Don't forget..... we are in love"
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nejiscorpse · 1 year
Guessing Naruto Characters' Moon Signs
Here's what moon signs I think the Konoha kids, Sasuke, and the Suna kids might have based off of my surface-level knowledge of astrology and Google :3
Don't take this too seriously and tell me your thoughts! Think you know anime characters' personalities better than I do? >:) Also, you should look up what a moon sign is before reading this if you don't know.
This is my first post and I'll do ascendant signs next so stay tuned babes <3
Capricorn Moon - Neji, Sai
> comes across as calm, collected, cold, and unexpressive. they tend to distance themselves from others for the sake of self-mastery and discipline. they are capable, resilient, reserved, intelligent, sarcastic, critical, organized, strong-willed, moody, responsible, and traditional. that's not to say that they don't feel anything.
Aquarius Moon - Shino, Temari
> comes across as sociable, independent, and unique. they tend to be detached and often need space. being open-minded, imaginative, deep thinkers, they love freedom and equality. they're creative, observant, and caring and might think of themselves as "different" or be treated as such.
Pisces Moon - Hinata
> comes across as kind, sensitive, and empathetic. they feel emotions deeply and are very intuitive, tending to be shy and indecisive. they're big daydreamers and might have a love for things whimsical or romantic. some might struggle with courage but are observant and sound in judgement. (My moon is in Pisces lol.)
Aries Moon - Choji, Sakura
> comes across as optimistic, energetic, and short-tempered. tending to be impulsive and passionate, they love new experiences and action. some see them as "the life of the party". they are initiative and likeable by most, making great leaders.
Taurus Moon - Shikamaru, Kankuro
> comes across as calm, determined, and dreamy. they're intuitive, sensual, stubborn but patient, nurturing, love stability, love being pampered, and are known for being pleasure-seekers. they dislike change and are usually described as lazy or slow-moving. they just have a very methodical way of going about things.
Gemini Moon - Kiba
> comes across as charming, quick-witted and curious. they leave impressions such as being sociable, optimistic, and communicative. talented with their words and intellectual, they don't mind friendly bantering and just love talking in general. they might lack in organization and monitoring their emotions, making them prone to anxiety, overthinking and feeling misunderstood.
Cancer Moon - Gaara
> comes across as caring, sensitive and nurturing. they're devoted, emotional, "mom of the friend group" types due to their sympathy, intuition, and love for familiarity and security. they're committed and protective but might be touchy-feely or manipulative if not careful. lowkey yandere?
Leo Moon - Lee
> comes across as expressive, generous, charismatic, and sincere. they have great ambitions and philosophies making them confident, goal-oriented, charming and magnetic. they're loyal, adventurous, vibrant and dramatic having big hearts but could end up being self-centered if not careful.
Virgo Moon - Tenten
> comes across as reliable, down-to-earth, and wholesome. they're productive, organized, and detailed individuals that might get anxious, insecure, or have a lack of self esteem. they can be easily stressed and skeptical due to their love for perfection and sense of purpose. they love routine, realism, and order making them great for leading positions.
Libra Moon - Ino
> comes across as charming, elegant, and irresistible. they can be gentle, flirty, sympathetic, well-mannered, charismatic, adaptable, diplomatic, and fair-minded. they might be dependent on others, forgetful, or even vain or self-indulgent. they make great conversationalists and negotiators. (remember her seducing Neji? lol)
Scorpio Moon - Sasuke
> comes across as mysterious, intense, and intimidating. they're determined, perceptive, competitive, intelligent, observant, passionate, and sensual. they can be controlling, obsessive, or vulnerable, feeling their emotions very strongly and having an all-or-nothing attitude.
Sagittarius Moon - Naruto
> comes across as friendly, honest, and driven. these guys are independent, outspoken, warm-hearted, witty, easily bored and adventurous. they're often seen as optimistic and energetic with a sense of humor. if not careful they might set their expectations too high, be too impulsive, too uncommitted, or too carefree.
{posted on October-13-2021} ...I did this instead of my laundry :p
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steelycunt · 9 months
you mentioned in an ask that you’ve finally pinned down r/s, i’d love to hear what ur process is for characterizing them!! how you get into their silly minds etc!
also i just finished ilob and oh man oh man that love confession at the end had my jaw on the floor!! crazy good, i love your writing
hii hi babe! thank you so much! i'm so glad you liked it! i wanna start with the disclaimer that if you were to hold my characterisation of r/s up against canon...im SURE it falls to pieces, i am! most of who they are to me now is just whatever jumbled sediment has built up in my brain! and they continue to change and shift a little bit depending on the fic context/pov (i think ill end up writing a v different sirius when i get in remus' head for the post-prank fic, and removing remus' lycanthropy in the muggle au led to a slightly different remus there too imo) under the cut for my nonsense xox
i think for me characterizing sirius, rightly or wrongly, comes down to the intensity of his emotions? idk, i tend to write him as quite a desperate character and quite an angry one, and sometimes his intensity can boil over into a capacity for cruelty that i don't necessarily think remus has? taking ilob as an example of my r/s, the scene where they call off their arrangement originally had sirius doing the calling off. and i just could not get the scene to work, it was a nightmare, it just fuckin sucked. i switched the roles and i think that worked so much better because remus does have that self-sacrificial dimension, a propensity to consider the 'greater good' in any situation, that sirius does not. it made more sense to have sirius to fight to keep what he had that way--he really is quite doglike imo, both in his loyalty and his aggression. the same intensity that makes him loyal can make him dangerous, yknow?
remus is softer and a bit sadder and more subtle and considered, both when im writing as him or as sirius. they both have tempers but he has a much better handle on his (a desperation to be a polite/controlled 'model werewolf' blahblahblah), so where sirius boils down to anger remus boils down to sadness or a little self-loathing. he speaks slowly (lots of 'er'-ing) and he takes into account the impact of his words beforehand--my sirius, poor boy, never fucking does this--but he's also a bit of a coward, avoiding confrontation and such. sirius usually has to drag it out of him. when i'm writing from remus' pov i'm thinking, what is smart? what is for the best? what is most peaceful? and when i'm writing from sirius' pov it's, what is the problem right now? what is standing in my way? what is the truth?
and then in terms of like mannerisms and such...remus is my lovely fiddly little guy. he's scratching at his hair or picking his nails or a thread on his clothes or the armchair he's sitting on. he's a scribble in my head, whereas sirius is all sharp lines. sirius is draping himself over everything n everyone he's lounging about, he's more confident in himself and his body language is less awkward and reigned-in. which makes it even funnier when he falls to pieces in front of remus Just A Guy lupin. remus' speech is usually a little more formal (sirius already sounds like the queen, he doesnt need to speak like her too) and sirius is a bit more haughty. tips his chin up a lot, tosses his hair about a lot etc
yeah! i think those are the main consistencies between my versions of r/s. they change and develop the more i write them n every fic leaves me with a better idea of how i see them, but they're also very different between fics! when theyve got different forces acting on them n stuff. im not in any way saying these are correct or true to canon or anything but theyre just the sort of details i (consciously or not) tend to repeat when im writing them <3 thank u!!
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highstwildflower · 1 year
Fight so dirty 
Tumblr media
A/n: don’t know how I feel about this one… feedback is always appreciated🤍
Ashton had been your boyfriend for 2,5 years so you would say that it's been going quite good, of course you have had your ups and downs but nothing out of the ordinary. Lately however he had been very possessive over you! And not to keen on you partying which you enjoyed. Standing in front of the full length mirror you tug at the tight fabric of the red dress you were wearing, you hair falling in loose curls around your shoulders, you looked good and you couldn't wait for your friends to pick you up. Sierra had invited you along to party at Niall Horan's house, you had happily agreed and expected Ashton to tag along with no problem but that had led to a huge fight where Ashton not so kindly had let you know that you had no business planing how he should spend his time off. So you talked yourself into going to the party alone, yeah you were a bit shy but that was nothing which alcohol couldn't change, and a part of you wanted to go so that you could show Ashton that you didn't rely on him.
You held on to the railing as you assented the stairs and your heels clicked with each step boosting your confidence. You know you looked good today, you were feeling yourself and couldn't wait to have a great time with your friends. You yelled out for ash to let him know that you were leaving, as he turned the corner his eyes scanned your body "are you not gonna wear any clothes out Y/N?" You look at him in disbelief, sure your dress was tight, and kinda short, but nothing out of the ordinary for a cocktail dress, you just huffed and grabbed your purse not giving him the power to ruin your night. Sierra honked at you, and gazed you up as you entered the car, a big fake smile across your face, the smile soon turned into a genuine one. At the party bodies where grinding against each other as you walked in, everybody were in a good mood, boosting your own. Sierra, Crystal, Michael, Luke and you all went to get a drink, allowing the bass to make your heartbeat match the beat, the liquid burning in the back of your throat as your threw back a shot with the others. You felt an arm sling across your should and as you looked up a big grin grew upon your face, your best friend Calum was smiling back at you, clearly already buzzed, or maybe he was baked. Either way he pulled you in for a tight hug, as if he knew you need him, he dragged you to the backyard which where filled with people, but more quiet than the house. You guys found a quite place and sat down "heyyy what's wrong babe?" He looked at you with concern written across his face. You chewed on your lips, not believing the words which were about to spill from your lips "I don't know if Ashton makes me happy anymore" you blurted out, clasping a hand over your mouth, the words making you heart twist and your stomach drop "oh don't say that Y/N you guys are meant for each other! " he says, clearly taken back by your confession, before you answer him he asked you "what is the cause of this? " you play with your fingers in your lap "he has just been so weird lately, always picking a fight with me, being possessive and never really loving on me. Even when I left today he was rude" Calum looked at you, taking in the information you just offered him, as he started to speak you cut him off "it's ok cal, let's just party and forget about it, yeah?" Calum was still concerned but he let it pass, pulling you in for a tight embrace before he pulled you towards the large crowd of people. You had danced for hours and you felt tired, ready to go home. You grabbed your phone to see 4 missed calls and 16 texts from Ashton, going from apologetic to angry, and you felt your stomach drop again. You didn't want to party anymore but you honestly couldn't bother to go home just to fight with Ash. You looked around for your friends, but they were all shitfaced and to no help. So you dared to call an Uber, and were now sat on the backseat on your way back to your house.
You unlocked the door to the dark house, expecting to find Ashton sleeping, instead he was awake looking like a mad man " Ashton what are you doing up" you breath out as you stumbled closer to him still intoxicated by the large amount of liquid you had consumed. He looked at you with harsh eyes as he spat at you "how nice of you to come home, did you get enough of fucking Calum?" Your mouth fell open, as you turned your heel not up for another fight with Ash, especially not in your state "don't you fucking dare to walk away fro me" Ashton warned as you climbed the stairs going straight to your bathroom getting ready for some much needed sleep. He stormed in looking at you as you removed your makeup, a look of disbelief crossing his face "are you not even going to deny sleeping around with my best mate!" He asked you, more of an exclamation than a question, you turned around looking at him as tears burned in your eyes your voice came out weaker than intended " whats the point? Of course i didn't sleep with him, but you know that, and I don't care to fight with you right now Ashton, I'm just over this." He crooked his head as anger now flashed in his beautiful face "The photos says something else Y/N! And if you don't care why the fuck are you here than, huh?!" You didn't know what to say, because that had been the same question you had asked yourself earlier. You just looked at him with dull eyes, leaning in and giving him a soft peak on the cheek before turning to walk away. You threw yourself on the guest bed needing a break.
The sun danced through the window waking you from your sleep, you groaned as your headache set in and you remember last nights events. You knew the morning would be tough, you would have to have yet another fight with Ash and yet another fight within yourself, do you want to stay?
The floor creaks beneath your feet's as you tiptoe to your shared bedroom, Ashton laying splashed across the bed, curls spread around his head, and his strong torso on display as the sheet pools at his hips, your heart ache as you take in the view. It's like you are seeing him for the first time in a while, the man you love more than life itself, him you want to marry, and you still want it all with him. With a small smile you cross the room, sitting beside Ash, you take his hand in yours and plays a bit with his rough hands “ I love you ash, I wish you believed me" you whispered, you felt him tense up besides you and you slowly turned your head to look at him, he smiled dimples popping at you, and you swear everything felt perfect for just a second. A loud laugh erupted as he pulled you to him and coved you with his whole body, he looked down at you with more love than ever before and you felt ashamed that you had ever even considered leaving him. "Hi baby, what's going on in that pretty head of yours?" He asked you, his voice soft as butter as if it would break the moment, you brought your hands to his hair tugging slightly at it "I missed you, and I'm sorry if I made you feel like I didn't love you, but you also haven't been the best partner lately" you let the words out that you had been holding back, he dropped his head to your neck pressing a soft kiss to the skin there, his voice broke the silence "I've missed you too love, and you have nothing to be sorry about, I've been a dick to you baby. You know, I've been struggling a lot lately, I've seen so many fan accounts shipping you and Cal, and than when I saw the photos last night it just made sense, I mean you can do so much better than me" you furrowed your brows and pushed Ashton slightly away, a few tears falling from your eyes, had you really been so self observed that you haven't noticed how much ash was suffering? "What photos?" You asked instead, and he reached across the bed retrieving his phone. Ashton went to Twitter and showed the photo from the party, of you pressed against Calum chest and than some photos of you two in a deep conversation and you had to give it to him it did look like you and calum were flirting. "I'm sorry ash, I can see why these photos would concern you, I promise it was nothin" he cut you off " I know baby, Calum told me last night, I assumed that you told him about our situation" he looked at you with a small smile as you nodded. Everything felt alright as he laid back on his back, pulling you to his chest his lips never failing to connect with the side of your head. The rest of the day consist of Ashton loving on you and showing you how much he really loves you
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cottoncandyjester · 2 years
Yandere ocs
So I figured I should show them off..and make stories for them cause this idea won't escape my mind no matter what. Please be gentle on them
All artwork is made on picrew I don't own any of it
As far as they go I'm accepting request, questions for the characters to answer and just questions about them and if you just wanna talk to them you can via ask
Warning: contains both sfw and nsfw headcanons..also these boys are yanderes so they are kinda toxic
Tumblr media
Gentle giant
I'm not kidding he's 6'3"
Half japanese half american
Is a college student studying to be a doctor
Just the sweetest sweetheart
He comes across as ditzy though
He is the mom of any friend group
Will spoil his darling with affection and love
Best hubby vibes for sure
Works himself to death to provide for you both
Will give you all the headpats
"you're so sweet, a perfect angel"
Got his scar from his childhood
Loves sweets
Likes to make you lunch shaped as animals
Wholesome boy
Will never hurt you
Can be strict about self care
But completely forgets about his own self-care
Works so hard to please you
Makes sure you are never sad or anything
Tumblr media
As far as his yandere side
He isn't the type to get violent but is definitely the emotional manipulation type
Will make his darling seem absolutely insane
"sweetie, you shouldn't leave be logical here"
He will make his darling question their own decision making
In his eyes you are too fragile for the outside world
Listen to him, he is only trying to protect you
Doesn't like it when you fight him
Prefers a sweet darling but if you are a hothead he'll love you just as much...though your fighting and struggling will be a challenge
Will drug you if that's what it takes to keep you calm
"Just listen to me, okay? Why would you ever need to think or make your own choices when you have me?"
Definitely has a low sex drive more of a cuddler
But when he wants it he's such a gentleman about it
Will seduce you with a nice meal first before asking to make love
He will never force you to though cause he knows what that feels like
Can spend hours kissing you
Definitely has a kink for purity
If you act super innocent he just can't help but pull you into his lap and love up on you
Doesn't do any feral sex unless you've pushed him past his breaking point.
Is a switch so if you want to top him he'll allow it but he is far more comfortable being the dom
Tumblr media
Hikaru, 21
Young and famous model
Full japanese
Comes from a family full of actors
Flamboyant as hell will actually crossdress if he wants to cause fuck gender roles
Monster Dick energy
He comes across as loud and hyper
Seems super sweet and bubbly
Loves to dress up his darling in cute clothes and spoil them when they are well behaved
"look at my adorable baby! Oh you're such a cutie!"
Is a strawberry milk boba drinker(*cough* like me *cough*)
Will take you on shopping dates if you are good
Is the type to flaunt his credit cards
Tumblr media
Is actually a degrading king
He isn't the nicest yandere
Will kill an entire army if he has to
Will degrade the absolute hell out of his darling to break your self esteem and self worth
"baby, who else will want you? Honestly darling do you think anyone else actually cares about someone as worthless as you?"
Kinky as fuck
Has a bad temper
Don't piss him off or he will hurt you
"why would you ever need to leave! The only one who cares about you is me! Everyone else will just use you and throw you away!"
Is the type to try and make his darling as clingy as possible
Wants a housewife type darling no matter the gender
Wants to come home to an obedient lover ready to give him a kiss, dinner, and a BJ
Always wants to love up on you and have you in his arms
Will be grouchy if he sees you getting too confident in your looks
He fears that if you have too much self confidence you're going to leave him
"what are you wearing? It's absolutely hideous. Hmm? I bought that? Huh you must have looked cute in it then but right now you kinda look like a pig"
All in all he's a brat
If you try and dom him he will absolutely fight back and it will lead to some feral sex
Tumblr media
Axis, 18
100% blind
full japanese
Despite not being able to see he doesn't need a cane or anything
Though he likes it when you offer to hold his hand in public
Works at home as an artist
Is really good at it and had some of his work in museums
Like spicy foods
Like super dumb
"hey, babe is tomato sauce a smoothie? Or maybe it's like jelly..but made out of like tomatoes"
Is basically a puppy
Can't keep his hands off you
Is always kissing and loving you
Praise giving king
Has hightened senses so he definitely remembers your smell and how you walk
Always has to be with you
Tumblr media
Never leave
He can't handle it
Is the exact opposite of hikaru
Makes it seem like he will actually die without you
"don't leave! Please! I'm helpless without you! [Y/n]! Don't leave me by myself!"
Will make you quit your job
Will make you move in with him
Acts pathetic when you even mention leaving
Hugs your leg and sobs hard
Has fake fallen many times to get you to think he truly is helpless without you
Will have a screaming tantrum if you walk out the door
Just painful screams and sobs while he claws his own face and body out of absolute insanity
Will keep doing that until you come back to him
"s-see, I'm helpless without you. I'll die without you, I need you so please..stay with me forever"
As far as sex..
He is definitely cries during it
Loves you so much that he is just sobbing while fucking you cause you feel so good and he loves you and-
Is like a dog in heat
Loves just feeling all over your body
Sex with him usually lasts many rounds and involves him humping you to death while he sobs and drools all over you
Will sub for you if you want him to
Will honestly do anything you want as long as you are touching him
Tumblr media
Prince, 24
Horny 24/7
Full Korean but moved to Japan shortly after birth
Gained his name out of a magazine..thanks mom and dad
Works as a bartender
Usually a one night stand kind of guy but with you it's different
Loves sloppy kisses and cuddles
Bad boy
Aka he pretends to be a bad boy but is actually a softie who loves dogs and long walks on the beach
Goofy as hell
Loves to make you laugh
He isn't used to having a real relationship so be easy on him
Doesn't like restricting you and lets you do basically anything you want
Of course you belong to him though so no doing crazy things
Like to take you to work with him and gives you free drinks
Definitely has a fan girl club
The word sex escapes his mouth every three seconds
Sex with him is usually amazing
He's knows exactly what he's doing
As long as you love him it's all good
Tumblr media
The moment you try to break up with him or distance yourself he loses it
"huh? Huh huh huh huh?! You're kidding yeah?! Stop joking around"
Gets hella paranoid and locks you in his house while pacing around not sure what to do
Will kill for you like absolutely will slaughter someone if they get too close to you
He changes so dramatically it's hard to see him as the same laid back flirty guy
He gets tense and panicked
"you can't leave okay?! Don't even try to ask!"
Will start to calm down if he sees you are accepting your fate
Thinks sex will solve his problems
"you just need to see how much of a man I am yeah?! Then you'll stay right?! Of course you will!"
Spirals out of control
You belong to him in his eyes so you can't ever leave
Clearly has abandonment issues
Will try to do whatever he can to make you happy though
Want it and he will get it
just stay with him and he will be okay
Will try and do whatever he can to make you just as obsessed with him as he is for you
Clearly doesn't have experience in loving someone
He's not used to wanting someone to stay with him so he takes drastic measures to assure you never leave
Even tries getting you pregnant or making you disabled to make you make no choice but to stay
Tumblr media
Yuki, 21
Not picking favorites buuut-
Sleepy boy
Oddly enough is super athletic and strong..despite not working out
Half japanese half american
Responds with sounds or very few words
Forked tongue- not given to him by choice
Owns a tattoo and piercing shop
Despite this he doesn't own any tattoos
Loves to put his head on your lap or stomach
Prefers chubbier lovers but honestly will love you regardless
Will sleep the entire day without eating if you let him
Doesn't like speaking but if he has to he will
Hates any sort of loud noise, has sensitive senses
Is pretty lazy but if he has to do it he will.. though he will make random grunts and grumbles the entire time while pouting
More of a cat than a person
Quite moody
Only you're allowed to touch him
Anyone else who does he'll glare at and act cold towards
Likes to hug you from behind and lean against you no matter your height
If you're shorter than him expect him to put his chin on your head
If you are taller he's nuzzling his face in your back and taking in your smell
Can't cook to save his life
Almost burnt the house down cause he fell asleep while cooking
It's fine cause he eats microwave dinners and snacks from the convience store
Low sex drive
The king of sleepy sex
Usually all sex with him is slow,teasing and just filled with sleepy praise and compliments
Unless he's jealous or stressed then it's just rough fucking
Doesn't really act like a yandere at all.. buuut-
Tumblr media
Honestly thought you two were dating this whole time
What do you mean you two aren't a couple
No no sweetheart you two were dating the moment he laid eyes on you
If you try to break this fantasy he will shut it down
"we're dating."
Try and say no and he will not be able to handle it
All his delusions keep him from breaking down but if you absolutely say that you two aren't dating he will snap
"stop talking, we are dating. So stop lying"
Doesn't like the thought of kidnapping but he will do it if he must
Will even work from home if he has to
He isn't really a violent type so he won't kill for you but he will absolutely spread lies and use blackmail to get what he wants
All your friends and family think that you eloped with him and never want to see them again
It's better for you both if you just play along with his games
Will definitely tattoo his name on you
He won't ever gag you cause he likes to hear your voice but if you try to scream he honestly won't know what to do
The loudness makes him tear up and he just covers your mouth with your hands begging you to stop
"It hurt. Too Loud. Please."
He just wants to love you he doesn't see what he's doing wrong
He just wants to be with you forever so be good and don't fight him
Is definitely the stalker and stealing clothes type
Will make a nest of all your things that smell like you and he'll just lay in it being in absolute peace
Has scared any and all potential lovers away
Mostly through blackmail
He is easily jealous but pretends not to be
As soon as you walk into the house he is there to smell you to see if you smell different
If you do you are taking a shower with him immediately
If not then yay cool cuddles and kisses
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