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One morning Bumblebee gave him some Batman pins because she compares her daddy to a super hero, and then while he appears slightly annoyed to have you and and Bumblebee pin them on the lapel of his suit jacket he is really just so touched that he wears them to work anyway.
Tumblr media
Pairing: mafia!Bucky x Reader
Word count: Drabble
Warnings: Fluff
Tumblr media
Bucky’s wardrobe consists of expensive suits that are tailored to his body, even his causal garments are from the most exclusive designers. The kind of clothes that you take one look at and just know they were imported from Italy or France.
Yet nothing is more valuable to him than the pins his daughter is currently trying to push into his jacket lapel. He doesn’t even wince when she stabs him with the tapered edge for the third time. Smiling through the sharp pricks, he waits patiently, not wanting to upset her or break her concentration because she’s determined to get the batman pin on him all by herself.
“Almost got it, Papa,” she declares, nose scrunching. “You—” she pushes harder, her small brows cinch in concentration, “—gonna look so pwetty and—." There’s an audible click and her eyes widen. She bounces on her heels when she realizes it snapped into place. “Yes.”
Her small cheer makes his heart swell. He’d let her put a thousand pins on all his suits if it makes her happy. Bucky adjusts his jacket, looking down, he almost laughs when he imagines his tailor seeing all the holes poked through the sleek Italian silk that was personally shipped over for the mobster.
Proud of her work, Bumblebee pats his shoulders and says it's time for breakfast. He scoops her up in one arm and carries her to the kitchen, listening intently as she tells him about her sparkly new shoes that you bought her yesterday.
“When I do dis—” She kicks out her bare foot, waving it in the air, Bucky has to adjust his hold so he doesn’t drop his wiggling baby. "—they glow Papa!"
“That’s amazing Bee,” he grins, mirroring her excitement. “Can’t wait to see them.”
Bucky nods seriously, playing along because even if he doesn’t understand her toddler logic, he will always nurture her imagination.
“And-and mommy said Mr. Tato can have glowy shoes too but he said no.” She shrugs her small shoulder, the disappointment clear in her voice. “‘Cause he has too many feets.”
“He does have a lot of feet,” he laughs, grabbing her swinging foot, playfully sniffing it as he enters the kitchen. “Smelly feet.”
“No! Not smelly Papa.” She giggles loudly, head tipping back, small hands reaching for you when he starts tickling her. “Mommy help me! Papa has my foot.”
Seeing your tattooed, infamous mobster playing with your daughter will always be the highlight of your day.
“I’ll save you, Bee.” You stand up from your chair and approach them, little Bee laughs even harder when you glare at your husband who mimics your expression. “Gimme the foot.” 
“Nah, I’m gonna eat ‘em,” Bucky says, dodging you. She squeals when he darts around the kitchen island and pretends to nibble on her toes.
She loves the chase, her soft, sweet giggles fill the air. About halfway in, she forgets that you’re supposed to be rescuing her and somehow she and Bucky end up chasing you around the table. The game only stopping when Francine says breakfast is ready.
Bucky and you spend the morning listening to her plans for the day, all revolving around her new shoes, teaching Daisy to sit and how she and Mr. Tato are going to save you from the monster hiding behind the grandfather clock in the study. She covers your ears for the latter because “it’s a secret mommy.”
When he saunters into his first meeting with the Vito family, he proudly displays her pins, his cold blue eyes daring any of the gangsters to make a single remark about them. They don’t even consider getting on his bad side.
During the afternoon, you send him a video of her playing in his office, she’s standing on his desk, telling her bodyguards—all wearing various superhero pins—that her Papa is stronger and better and smarter than ‘piderman and batman.
And as he replays it for the third time, he swears to always be her hero.
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Bride and Groom
Pairing: Mob!Nick Fowler x Female Reader Summary: Nick lives in a dangerous world, but it won't stop him from marrying the love of his life. Word Count: Over 2.3k Warnings: Implied explicit sexual content, swearing, possessive behavior, slight fluff, mentions of violence, Nick Fowler (he’s a warning, okay?). A/N: I began this in January and finally finished the start for this new AU. @11thstreetvigilante, @sweeterthanthis , @dreamlessinparis , @christywantspizza , thank you for letting me scream about this. ❤️ Beta read by the beautiful @whisperlullaby (thank YOU as well!), but any and all mistakes are my own. Divider by @firefly-graphics and moodboard and banner by yours truly.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
Today marks the most important day of Nick Fowler’s life. It was also the happiest. He was marrying the woman he loved. He never thought the day would come because for a man like him, love is a liability. It also represented something pure in a world of power, blood, and death.
You were an unexpected equation in Nick's life. It was difficult for him to describe, but he never thought he'd find someone like you. He admitted he was somewhat jaded after serving time in the military, his outlook on life darker with some of the things he witnessed, some by his own hands. Finding his place in the mob didn't make his world any brighter. 
Though it did give him structure and purpose, he felt something was missing. He didn't dare breathe it to his men that he didn't feel whole, not wanting to appear weak. He wasn't sure at the time why he felt that way. And on an ordinary day, he received his answer in the form of you.
Alone at the bar, a hole in the wall place he had grown fond of, you had the attention of every man there. Nick was always good with women. He could read them and know what they needed or wanted. But it felt like the other way around when you looked his way like you knew that he needed and wanted you. And he always got what he wanted. 
"Let me buy you a drink."
You smiled and told him you were waiting for a friend. Had your friend been a man, he would’ve gotten rid of him easily. It took some convincing, which he enjoyed watching you smile as you tried to resist, but you took him up on his offer since your friend was running late. They ended up bailing and he couldn’t have been happier. 
One drink turned into two. He was careful not to let either of you have more. He wanted a clear head so he could remember every detail about you. Your humor sucked him in because hardly anyone made him laugh. Your sincerity made him want to shield you from the other men around. And your beauty and what it did to him? He made his intentions very clear.
“You’re a dangerous man, Nick Fowler.”
“You have no idea, sweetheart.”
Your first kiss took his breath away. It anchored him to you. It angered him momentarily that you shifted his entire path in life from a single touch of your lips. No one had that kind of control over him. But he knew you weren’t the type to take advantage of him or his feelings for you. Not like others who ran in his circle.
His men looked into your background, of course. They informed him you didn't have any immediate family, as you lost your parents after you graduated from college. You didn't say much about them, though you had photos of them around your place. He knew you were lonely, even amongst your friends. He understood that feeling all too well.
"We can make a family together."
Nick hadn’t felt so possessive over anyone in his life before. You were his and he wouldn’t let you go. He wanted forever with you. Once he set his mind on something, it was nearly impossible to sway him. 
Even when word spread that I had someone, I couldn’t let you go. Even after what I did, I had to hold you closer in my heart.
It was selfish of him in some ways to take a wife. You didn't belong in his world. There was so much good in you, yet you still trusted him when he told you what he did for a living. That he killed when it called for it and ruined others to set an example. He revealed ugly parts about himself while you brought out the best in him.
But you still didn’t know the worst of him, the thing he kept hidden from you.
You should have run away the moment we met, sweetheart, and never looked back. It’s too late now.
Looking in the mirror, Nick took a deep breath. Not a single hair was out of place, the short style accentuating his features. He debated shaving, but you loved the feel of his scruff against your skin. And his suit jacket was one of a kind and matched his cerulean blue eyes. He had to look perfect for you. 
It killed him that he hadn’t seen you all morning. He didn’t like letting you out of his sight. Part of him feared that if he went too long without seeing you that someone would steal you away.
Someone like Steve. 
He felt rage at the thought, slowly exhaling. No one would get to you and he wouldn't dwell on unpleasant thoughts. He had men on every corner and Jake Jensen updated him periodically, letting him know that you were okay. He was one of his most trusted men and he protected you like a brother. You were comfortable around him, which put him more at ease.
The small voice in the back of his mind began to fill him with doubt as he fixed his bowtie. 
What if you change your mind at the last second? What if you decide this life isn’t worth it? Is love enough to endure the unknown of our future?
“Nick?” your voice rang out, surprising him as he looked toward the door. You knocked three times, followed by two slow knocks. It was a signal between the two of you, but why were you in the hall? 
Where the fuck is Jensen?! 
“Don’t open the door. Everything’s fine. Jake’s a few feet away,” you said as if you read his mind. “He hasn’t let me out of his sight.”
“Except when she changed, boss!” Jake promised.
Good because I’d hate to hurt one of my best men on my wedding day. 
"Didn't you say it's bad luck to see you before the ceremony?" he reminded you. He was, personally, against that superstition. It probably had more to do with the fact that he wanted to ruin you before you went down the aisle and you were more than aware of his intentions. He hated hiding things from you, but his need for you was never something he had to mask.
Your soft laugh pulled him out of his thoughts, bringing a brief smile to his face. "Doesn't mean I can't talk to you. Just had this feeling you needed to hear my voice."
He didn't confirm or deny it as he adjusted his cuff. You knew he needed you. You always knew, like it was an instinct to go to him when his thoughts grew too heavy. "What did you want to talk about, lubi?"
"The things I love about you. If you want to hear them."
Nick took a step forward, wanting to be closer to the sound of your voice. Unlike a siren leading him to his doom, you were his salvation. "I'm listening."
"That's one of the things I love about you, Nick. You don't just hear my words. You listen to me," you said. He could see the smile on your face so clearly in his mind. Do you know how beautiful your smile is? "And we both know you don't listen to a lot of people."
He chuckled and nodded, even though you couldn't see him. "I'm stubborn like that.”
"Like how you stubbornly insist on giving me your sweater or jacket because I'm cold, but it's also because you like people to see that I'm yours."
I want everyone to see that you’re mine and only mine. 
“It’s not my fault my clothes look so good on you. And I thought you liked the smell of my cologne on them.”
"I do. Makes it feel like you're there with me, even when you're not around."
"I don't like being apart from you," he admitted, finding himself at the door before he could stop himself. "Anything else you love?" he teased, not wanting to dwell on his admission.
"I don't like being apart from you either, Nick," you said. The statement wrapped around his heart and he understood to an extent why love made people do crazy things. He'd burn the world if you asked him to. "Anything else besides the little things? Like how considerate you are by making sure the pantry is always stocked with my favorite things or how you kiss my forehead before you leave for work?"
Nick's palm touched the doorframe. "Yes," he whispered.
"Besides how devilishly handsome you are with your tattoos and how great you are in bed?" you teased. 
"Great? The best," he corrected you. He never wanted you to think about past lovers. If he could, he'd rip them apart for ever touching you.
You giggled, not rising to the bait. "I love you for who you are. The real you. I know telling me about what you really do wasn't easy. Trust isn't easy in your line of work, so thank you for having that faith in me."
Nick shut his eyes. He was thankful you couldn't see him through the door. He would've been torn between turning away from you, undeserving of your devotion, or pushing you again the door and fucking you within an inch of your life.
"I should be thanking you, lubi."
"I'll take a kiss as a thank you."
Nick chuckled and shook his head. "If I kiss you, I may not be able to stop."
"I think you can control yourself," you teased. "Keep your eyes closed and open the door, please."
Ex-military and a leader of one of the most powerful crime families, yet keeping his eyes shut as he turned the doorknob was one of the toughest things he had to endure. The moment the door swung open, the scent of you filled his nostrils. Sweet and addictive, distinctively you. A vision of you danced behind his eyelids as he stood still.
Your fingertips moved along his cheek, featherlight and delicate, before you pulled him close. The brush of your lips against his brought him back to your first kiss. Once again, you teetered him to you. Powerless and powerful all at once because of you. 
"Thank you," you whispered as you pulled away.
Oh, no, you fucking don't.
He kept his promise and didn't open his eyes. It didn't stop him from pressing you against the doorframe and swallowing down the sound of your whimper. The lustful haze began to take over as he pressed his body closer. His trousers did nothing to hide how his cock was stirring. 
True torture is being this close and not being inside you.
"You sure I can't fuck you now, sweetheart?" he asked, kissing the corner of your mouth before he left a searing trail down to your neck. "Have you dripping as you walk down the aisle, my cock still wet from being inside you?"
You shivered at the suggestion as his hands began to explore. He wished he could tear the offending fabric away and indulge. He warned you not to pack much for the honeymoon. No one would see you since he rented out all the surrounding villas in proximity to your new vacation home and he planned to take full advantage of the privacy. 
"Nick, it's almost time," you moaned, but made no move to shove him away. 
"I can be quick," he smiled, grazing his teeth over your racing pulse. "You telling me how much you love me got me worked up."
"Wait until you hear my vows. You might fuck me at the altar."
"Fuck, don't tease me," he warned. He'd fuck you in front of everyone if you let him. Just another reminder of who you belong to. 
The sound of Jake clearing his throat snapped him out of his haze. "Boss, Andy is asking to speak with you after the ceremony."
Nick hated being interrupted, but you were right. It was almost time for the ceremony to begin. And he didn't need you questioning why Andy wanted to talk to him. 
I can't lie today.
"Go before I change my mind," he whispered, giving your neck one more kiss. "I love you, lubi."
Thank you for putting me at ease. 
"I love you, too," you whispered, slipping out of his grasp before he could open his eyes. "No work on our wedding day! I won't allow it!" you called back down the hall. 
"See you in a few minutes," Jake said.
"Wait," Nick ordered before he could rush after you. "Did Barber say why he wants to see me?"
"No, boss," Jake said, swallowing as he checked his phone again and adjusted his glasses. "But he said you better keep your bride safe and that he'd hate to see anything happen to her."
Nick's eyes flashed as Jake took a nervous step back. It was no secret that Andy Barber didn't approve of this wedding. The former lawyer turned mobster still wasn't happy with him after what went down with Steve. 
One of my only regrets. 
"Tell him to worry about his own wife and I'll worry about mine," he said through his teeth, nodding for Jake to go after you. Careful not to slam the door once he was alone, he let out another deep breath. "Fuck."
He didn't want to worry about Steve on his wedding day. His enemy would never forgive him for what he did and he didn't deserve it. One day, he'd have to tell you what happened and deal with the fallout, whatever that would be. 
Today wouldn't be that day. 
Steve wouldn't take away his happiness. 
I love you, lubi, and that's all that matters in this world.
Tumblr media
Love will keep them together, right? Nothing bad could possibly happen. 😏 Love and thanks for reading! ❤️
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Summary: Don’t Worry Darling movie premier leads to events that you didn’t expect.
Pairings: Harry Styles x Fem!Reader (exs), Sebastian Stan x Reader
Word Count: 5.4kish
Warnings: One big thing is non-consensual kissing, crying, brief altercation of physical fight between two people, anything else? Let me know pls
A/N: hi! Here’s part 4 of my power mini series! I wasn’t too sure where to go from my last part. I was still a little hesitant on this part, but overall felt satisfaction when I finished it. Thinking of maybe doing only one more part? And it’ll probably be a time jump! Song inspiration for this part: “Exile” by Taylor Swift ft. Bon Iver
Also this is a repost because my original post wasn’t coming out in the tags! 🥺
All mistakes are my own. Please do not repost or translate my fics on any other side nor this one.
I appreciate any likes, reblogs, messages, and interactions.
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Tumblr media
September 6th, 2022. 
Venice, Italy. 
“Do you want to talk about it?” 
Your boyfriend's soft voice breaks the silence in the room. 
You don’t look at him, instead you focus on your nails. Two of them broke off earlier at the after party. You pick at the remaining piece to try and get it off. You still couldn’t wrap your head around the events that had happened tonight.
You feel his warm hand touch yours to stop you. 
“Look at me,” he demands. His tone is not rough, but airy and delicate. As if you can break any second. 
Which isn’t wrong. 
You slowly look up at him, your eyelashes touching the skin underneath your eyebrows, feeling wet, and you sniffle when you meet his sky blue eyes. 
He gives you a small smile, his lower lip torn but luckily isn’t bleeding anymore. 
His touch lingers against your skin, not moving, but waiting for you to react. 
“Are you upset with me? Because… because I punched him?” His voice sounds scared, like a small child waiting to get punished. Your eyes go wide, shaking your head, “Of course I’m not. I’m not upset with you… I’m upset with him.”
His eyes soften at your reply, he sighs lowly, and gives you a weak smile.
You feel love in his stare, your heart feeling heavy, but you wrap your fingers in his and pull his palm to your lips. You kiss his hands gently, leaving red lip stains, and he closes his eyes by your gesture. 
“I’m here for you,” he whispers and reciprocates your gesture by doing the same. 
You pout, lower lip trembling, and you know he’s being honest. 
“I know,” you express, wiping away a fallen tear, and meeting his gaze. 
“I know we are still taking this relationship slow… going at your pace.. But if you need space,” he pauses for a moment, his hand tightening his hold on yours, and he continues, “I’ll understand.” 
You shake your head, “I don’t want space. Not from you. Never from you.” You try your best to explain to him with all honesty in your tone. 
“Then please talk to me,” he begs. 
You slowly nod your head, “I’m sorry.” 
“Don’t apologize, baby. I just want to know what’s going on in your pretty little head.” He kisses your inner forearm. 
“Tonight was…” you trail off. 
“Overwhelming,” he states with a sigh and you nod. 
“I…” you start and he only waits for you to continue. Your gulp down the lump in your throat, your dress feeling itchy against your skin, and you sigh. 
“I know I don’t really speak about him to you.. just during the times it’s needed. And.. and maybe I should have spoken about him more to you. But I was just trying to put my past with him behind me. Because I want a future with you,” you lock eyes with him, his eyes soften, “I’m being one hundred percent truthful right now.. I-I want a future with you. Only you. But…” 
You whimper, “But a part of me… a part of me feels guilty. Guilt for staying there and listening to his stupid words. Not being over him. Over Harry.” His name feels foreign leaving your lips. 
“Not being over him in the way of not being over what he did to me,” you state. 
“He hurt me… he hurt me more than anybody ever has. He loved me one day… and then… and then he left me the next. It blindsided me. How.. how can someone do that to another person?” Your eyebrows crinkling together because you’re finally letting out every single thought you’ve had for the past almost two years. 
Your boyfriend caresses your hand slowly, encouraging you to continue. 
“I couldn’t think straight for months. I couldn’t… I couldn’t eat. I couldn’t sleep… I had to basically build myself up from scratch from the day he left me. It never got easier. I just had to move on. Just… just like that. I had to move on from being happy and engaged to the person I believed was the love of my life… to suddenly living alone, not engaged anymore… and then hearing he was with the one person I used to admire.” 
You feel warm tears falling down your cheeks, you notice your boyfriend hesitating on getting up to comfort you, but you place your other hand on top of his to hold him down instead. You need to speak without being comforted right now. His touch was all you needed right now to feel safe. 
“I remember when I saw that photo of him with her at that wedding…” a rush of sadness rushes through your body, “I was shocked. I was truthfully blindsided. Blindsided by everything because I couldn’t believe it. He had left me…left me… for the director of the movie we both starred in.” 
You let out a burst of laughter because you couldn’t believe it. Even saying it out loud felt crazy. 
“Can you believe them?” Your laugh turns into sobs. 
“I hate that he still has this power over me. I hate that he can still make a cry like a fucking baby,” you seethe out. 
“I hate how he made me feel tonight,” you cry out in a whimper. 
“I hate how he did that to me. I would have never done that. I just.. I-I just don’t understand.”
Your boyfriend decides then to get up, not letting go of your hand, he pulls you up into his arms, holding you in as you cry, wrapping his arms over you, you cry into his chest, finally letting go of all the suppressed anger and tears you had been holding in since you didn’t know how long. 
He kisses your forehead, placing his hands on your cheeks, and pulls your chin up to wrap his lips against yours. Your salty tears mix into the kiss, but he doesn't care. He kisses you deeply, showing you how much he loves you with his actions, even if you both haven’t said the three words out loud yet, you can feel it all around you, and you hold him tightly against you. 
You pray that he’ll never let you go. 
15 hours earlier… 
You had intentionally avoided getting to Venice on time because you simply did not want to be in the press conference with Harry and her. 
Your assistant, Ellie, told Olivia after many messages and calls to Ellie’s cell phone that you would not be attending. You made the excuse that you were too busy filming another movie in a secure location to attend the event that early. 
But yet, here you were… arriving right after the press conference had started with a big smile on your face and Sebastian by your side. 
You held onto Sebastian’s hand tightly as you waved at the paparazzi snapping millions of photos of you two. You were a bit nervous at entering Italy with Sebastian since you two have been official for a while now, but you needed him by your side today. 
Sebastian only held you close, giving his dazzling smile to the photographers, and you soon made it to your hotel. 
You both walked into your shared suite, kicking off your heels, and throwing yourself onto the king sized bed. 
You let out a loud laugh when Sebastian plops on top of you, giggling as you kiss his lips, gasping out, “Get off of me, you big teddy bear!” 
He lets out a laugh into your neck, kissing you there, and gets up. He starts unbuttoning his breezy button down, kicking off his shoes, and lays down next to you in only his tight briefs. You get up and do the same, wanting to cuddle with his naked skin, before you have to get ready for the night. 
Your body intertwines with his, easily and as if it’s second nature, and he holds you against his chest while his hand goes into your hair to play the strands. You inhale his sweet scent, feeling warm and safe, and cuddle into him. 
His chest moves up steadily, your nails grazing up and down, and you both lay there silently. 
“Are you nervous?” 
You look up at him, adjusting yourself to face him, “A little.” You reply honestly, not bothering to hide that you are. 
He nods, “I’ll be there the entire time.” 
You kiss his cheek before kissing his lips, “I know. Thank you for coming.”
“Of course, my love.” 
You guys are able to cuddle for maybe two hours before you are rudely interrupted by multiple people waiting outside of your hotel room. 
“It’s time,” he whispers, placing a kiss on your forehead, squeezing your shoulders, and you swiftly get up. You wrap yourself in the hotel robe and Sebastian does the same. 
You open the door to your team which they all pile in carrying multiple bags and pull in a rack which is holding your covered dress and Sebastian's tuxedo. 
You sit in the chair, anxiously waiting for your team to start, and Sebastian smiles at you from the bed. Which he’s sitting on and admiring you. His eyes twinkled underneath the lights. Your heart flutters at the sight of him. 
Your team gets to work and you slowly daze out, letting your team pamper you, and you feel light as they work on you. You let yourself relax into the chair, closing your eyes to let them work on you, and you hear Sebastian playing your favorite music from his phone. 
Your makeup team had decided on doing a light makeup look, with a bold cherry red lip, and your hair was styled away from your face. Azkiel, your hairstylist, had styled it into curls that fell down your back. He sprayed down your loose strands and gave a kiss to the air when he saw his finished product. 
“You look beautiful, my dear.” He gives you a smile as he steps aside to let yourself look into the mirror. 
You smile slightly as you look at yourself in the mirror, feeling prideful at how beautiful you look, and you tilt your head side to side to admire the work they did on you. 
You look at Sebastian, who is coming out of the restroom in his all black suit, and give him a big smile. His eyes melt when he sees you. 
“Beautiful,” he says with a wink and his signature smile. 
You stand up to change, your assistant Ellie follows you into the bathroom to help you, and you pull off your robe. Ellie has seen you naked plenty of times since she’s been with you for years now. 
You still blush as you take off your robe, Ellie rolls her eyes at you, and laughs. “I’ve seen you naked how many times, babe?” 
“Stop it,” you say flustered as she helps you into your dress. 
You stand in front of the mirror, adjusting the front, while Ellie hooks the neck part together, fixing your hair, and zips up the zipper at your waist. 
You adjust your breasts at the open neckline which falls to above your naval, smiling to yourself because you feel sexy, and Ellie lets out a low whistle. 
“You look hot,” she states with a big smile. You put on your simple pair of diamond earrings, your favorite silver rings, and smile at her. 
“Thanks,” you breathe out, starting to feel nervous, and Ellie opens the door for you to go back into the room. 
Sebastian is fixing his hair in the mirror when he notices you come out, his eyes go wide, and he twirls back to face you. 
You walk up to him, smiling, and he sets his hands on your exposed back. 
“You look breath-taking,” he says, placing a kiss on your cheek gently, and goes back to admiring you. 
“Yeah?” You ask, beaming up at him. He steps aside to allow you to stand in front of him and you both look at your reflection in the mirror. You sigh happily as you fluff your dress out, admiring the deep neckline, the side of your breasts showing from the opening, and you love it. You love the way it hugged your curves and the red lips complimented the dress perfectly. 
You smile with a hum, sitting down to slip your feet into your black heels, and Sebastian bends down to help you strap them around your ankle. 
He kisses the inside of your ankle, shivers run down your back, and you shake your head at him. Once he’s done, you stand up in front of him. You mess with the tulle of your dress, pressing down, “You don’t think it’s too out there?” Your insecurity is peaking out slightly. 
“Never. You’re the lead actress. This film is all about you, honey.” 
You nod at his words, shoving down the insecurity, and holding your head up high. 
“Ready?” Ellie asks, exiting the bathroom in her own black dress, it’s simple but elegant, and she still looks beautiful. Her beautiful blonde bob framed her heart face perfectly. You think she looks beautiful. 
“You look lovely,” you say to her and she brushes you off, her cheeks tinting pink.
“Thank you, hun. We’re running late, let’s go.” She walks hastily in the room in her heels, grabbing all the important stuff, shoving it into her purse, and you roll your eyes. 
You don’t feel rushed. “There’s no rush, Ellie belly. Who cares if we’re late?” 
Sebastian lets out a laugh, placing his hand on your open back, and you both walk out to the awaiting black SUV. 
The ride to the red carpet is a quiet one, your nerves filling you up, and Sebastian knows. He knows without you saying anything and simply holds your hand in his to ground you. 
You soon arrive infront of the red carpet, you peer out of the window, and see that everybody has already arrived. You see them all walking down the red carpet, posing for photos, and the paparazzi is going crazy. All you see is bright flashes and loud screams from all the fans. You gulp at the sight. 
Sebastian kisses the inner corner of your wrist, you turn to look at him, and give him a weak smile. 
“I’m going to get off now, baby.” You nod at him, letting out a shaky breath, “I’ll be waiting for you at the end.”
He leans in to kiss your lips softly to not ruin your lipstick. You hum in content. 
Ellie knocks on the window once Sebastian pulls away and they both exit the SUV. 
Ellie waits on the edge of the red carpet for you while Sebastian walks the red carpet with his sensational smile on his face. 
Your heart warms as you watch him pose for a couple photos and you can hear the screams. He’s a big actor and you know people will know you’re coming next since he’s here already. 
You grip your hands together, slightly shaking as you feel like you might vomit, and you quickly check your make up in your compact mirror. You smile to check if you have any lipstick stains and adjust your dress one last time. 
This was your first time at the Venice Film Festival and you closed your eyes for a second to relax. You brush off the nerves and knock on the window. 
As soon as the door opens, you hear the screaming and the chanting of your name. The flashing of the cameras always blind you, but you step out of the car with a smile on your face. 
You adjust your dress while Ellie adjusts the back of it to make sure it’s perfect. 
You pose for the cameras in front of you and you walk down the red carpet. You hold your head up high, the smile never leaving your face, and happiness is almost bursting from your chest. 
You stand proud as you walk the carpet, waving at the fans that are trying to get your attention, and make your way towards them. 
You smile for different cameras, sign different things for your fans, and speak to a couple of them. 
You even do an interview with someone in Italian for the festival.  One of the questions made you laugh when he said to you, “Your role was so inspirational.” 
“Really? What was so inspirational about it?” You asked with a sweet smile, battling your eyelashes at him.
The poor man flushed furiously and stumbled with his words after that. 
You had even made a comment about how it was inspiring to say no on and off the screen. 
“How did you feel about the feminine power your director insisted the movie is about?” 
You burst out into a giggle, covering your mouth with your hand, and you look at him with a dazed look. 
“Feminist empowerment? Maybe misogynistic empowerment, I believe. Not too sure what she's on about, honestly. But maybe the director has a different view point.”  You say with a shrug and a sly smile. 
The interview ended soon after that, but you didn’t mind one bit. 
You soon make your way stop at the end of the paparazzi photo line up. 
You pose in different angles and you can hear different paparazzi shouting for Sebastian to come stand next to you. Everybody wanting to have the first official photo of you two in public. 
You peer at Sebastian, only looking at him, and avoiding everybody else for the moment. He’s shaking his head no to the paparazzi until he sees you looking at him. You wave your hand at him to join you and he breaks out into a smile. 
You both melt into each other. Your arm landing on his back, his arm wrapping around your waist, and you place your free hand on his chest. Melting into his side with a beaming smile. 
You couldn’t wait to see these photos online and to frame one. 
You both pull away when you think they’ve gotten enough. You turn to the awaiting cast members, laughing loudly when you see them all with their cameras photo yelling at you to pose for them, you jokingly pose crazily for them, Sebastian laughing along with you, and you feel so happy seeing all your DWD cast members. 
Chris Pine on his knees taking pictures of you with a disposable camera, Nick Kroll right next to him snapping shots with his iPhone, and Gemma laughing loudly behind them. 
You and Sebastian say hello to them all. Gemma and Sebastian catching up since they are both Marvel actors and speaking about their next movie. 
Chris is the last one you see, he wraps his arms around you, and squeezes you tightly in his arms. He always treated you so well. As if you were a daughter to him, always giving you advice when you asked, and even checking up on you constantly since DWD filming ended. Him knowing personally about the situation that occurred after filming finished. He absolutely hated Olivia and Harry with the same passion as you. 
Your heart was bursting with happiness at merely being close to him again. “You are a gem!” You beam at his compliment as you both fall easily into a conversation about what you both had been up too. Him complimenting you on ‘Fresh’ and saying you did phenomenal. 
You even take photos with the cast members with Chris and Gemma standing on your side, not allowing Harry and Olivia to get close to you. 
You had never been more thankful for them than you were right now. 
You all disbursed after the photos and went back to your previous conversation with Chris. 
In the corner of your eyes, you can see Harry and Olivia hovering around. You try your best to avoid their eyes. You can see Harry staring at Sebastian with a disdained look. You didn’t even look at them long enough to take notice of what they were wearing. 
Sebastian avoids them as well, not bothering to turn their way, and once his conversation finishes with Gemma, he walks back towards you and says hello to Chris. You and Sebastian talk quietly amongst each other, smiling and giggling together, and then you see Olivia walking towards you from behind him. 
Your face falls slightly which causes Sebastian to stop mid sentence and turns slightly to look behind him. 
He spots Olivia walking towards you with a big smile on her face, Harry walking behind her, your eyes widen when Sebastian looks back at you, your mouth frowning at the sight of her, and Sebastian moves to cover you quickly. 
Your eyes met his and you feel furious at the fact that she’s even coming towards you guys. Your hands grip onto his as you think about the audacity she has coming towards you. 
Fuck her. Everything went downhill after you accepted the lead role for her fucking movie. 
You see Olivia right behind Sebastian about to say something, but you quickly wrap your arm into Sebastian’s and walk away from her. 
You look back at her, angrily, and watch in satisfaction as her face falls. Chris notices the situation and falls into step walking behind you with Gemma to create more distance between you and them as you all walk inside with you leading. Not even having to say a word to them, not even a look, and they just knew. 
You ignore the icy stare you feel from Harry. Not even looking at him either. 
You wrap your arm around Sebastian tighter as you walk into the theater lobby. You huddle with him in a corner with Chris, Gemma, Nick, and his wife. You all carry conversation before going into the theater. 
You watch Olivia and Harry make their way into the theater first. Your eyes meet Harry’s for a brief moment because you look away and peer up at Sebastian. He’s smiling at Chris at something he said, but his hand never leaves your skin. Always holding your shoulder or your waist, or simply your fingertips in his. 
You cuddle into his side, feeling content, and soon the staff is letting you know it’s time to go watch the movie. 
Chris and Gemma go in first while Sebastian holds your waist to walk in front of him. You walk inside, Sebastian kissing your cheek as he goes to sit in the row behind you, and you follow Chris to your seat. 
You stop as you see your name next to Harry who is sitting next to Olivia. They both look at you. Harry’s face shows no emotion while Olivia is smiling at you. You avoid their eyes, looking at Chris for help, and he shuffles to the seat next to Harry. 
He looks at the names on the seats, rips off your name and falls into the chair with a loud huff. 
Harry looks at him with a raised eyebrow and is about to speak, but then Chris says, “They must have made a mistake.” Harry purses his lips and looks away from him. 
You mouth a thank you and squeeze his shoulder in appreciation. You sit down next to him as Gemma sits next to you. Along with the rest of the cast. 
You peer behind you to smile at Sebastian, he smiles back, and places his hand on your shoulder to give you a gentle squeeze. 
Soon enough the movie begins and you have to avoid cringing in your seat. Not because of the movie itself but because you feel awkward watching yourself in this movie with Harry. 
It wasn’t how you felt with Sebastian when you watched Fresh together at the premiere. You had watched it side by side, smiling and laughing together, and you felt happy the entire time. 
Now you feel weird watching the scenes with Harry kissing you and the sex scenes make you peer at Sebastian every time. 
All he does is smirk at you and give you a wink. Never making you feel awful that he’s watching this. You know in his mind this movie is just you acting. But you know this movie is a movie you did with your fiancée at the time. It feels awful because you really did love Harry throughout the entire thing. 
You try to black out the whole movie. When the standing ovation is happening, you smile at everybody, staying until the end of it, and once the clapping stops.. you hurry out the theater. Waiting for Sebastian at the entrance and you both walk out to the awaiting care. 
Sebastian pulls you into a heated kiss in the car, wrapping his arms around your waist, and mumbles into your ear, “You did amazing, baby. A fucking amazing actress.” 
Your driver drives you both to the secluded after party that’s happening at a rented out venue that was for the entire cast, crew, and the attending DWD crowd. 
You pull away from Sebastian’s lips, panting, and you wipe his pouting lips with your thumb. He pulls your thumb into his mouth, sucking slowly, and you moan at his gestures. 
“Stop it,” you tease him with a giggle. 
Soon enough you were both at the after party, enjoying yourself with all your cast members. Olivia and Harry were secluded on their own, speaking to different members, but it was an unspoken rule that you were not interacting with them at all. 
You were already a couple drinks in when you whispered to Sebastian that you were going to go to the backyard of the venue for a breather. He asks you if you want him to come with you, but you shake your head no and kiss his lips. 
You stand by the glowing lights that illuminate from the pool, sipping on your drink, and enjoying the quietness around you. Enjoying this peaceful moment. 
You almost jump out of your bones when you hear someone speak behind you. 
“You look lovely.” 
“Jesus!” You yell out with a hand on your chest, frightened slightly by Harry’s voice, and you twirl around to look at him. 
You finally look at him for the first time tonight. He’s still wearing a suit, but his hair is messed up and he has a buzzed look on his face. The buzzed look of his when he’s had too much to drink for the night. 
You sip on your drink as you look at him. Not ready for whatever he’s going to say. You twirl the liquid in its glass as you wait for him to say something. 
“You’ve moved on, huh?” 
You roll your eyes, scoffing “Give me a break, Harry. Of course I’ve moved on. You did before we even broke up.” 
Harry’s face falls, his lips turning down into a frown, “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry, Y/N.” He steps closer to you, but you don’t move. You only stare at him with a sad look. 
You gulp down the rest of your drink, warmth filling your belly, and your skin feels hot. 
“You know… I’m really happy with Sebastian. I can honestly see a future with him. As crazy.. as crazy as it may sound. I-I do, I really do. I never…” you pause, Harry listening to you intently, “I never thought I would move on from you.” You snort a laugh as you say that out loud. 
“I always thought it would be me and you, you know? We had our entire future figured out.” Your eyes narrow at his, “But you had to fuck it up, Harry.” 
Harry drops his glass onto the grass nearby and steps even closer to you, “I did, too.” He admits, “I wish.. I wish I hadn’t fucked it all up. I… I don’t know why I did what I did. I was an idiot. I'm still an idiot… I, fuck, I never thought I would ever look at someone else.. ever.. when I was with you… you were it.” 
Suddenly, his hands are gripping yours. You furr your eyebrows at him, trying to tug your hands out of his hold, but he doesn’t budge. 
“If we could go back, would you give me another shot?” His eyes wide, looking at you, and you part your mouth open in shock. 
“I still love you so much,” he admits and you want to slap him. “I’m so in love with you. It kills me to see you with him. It drives me insane. I-I wish I could go back.. I want to go back and change what I did,” tears fill his eyes, “I want you. I need you.”
He reaches down to try and kiss you, you instantly pull back quickly, trying to shove him off of you, “Get off me! What are you doing?!” You try to push him off, his hands gripping your wrist tightly, and you cry out as his lips touch yours harshly. 
You can’t believe this is happening. 
His lips move roughly against yours, tugging your hands away from his tight hold, but he doesn’t budge. You open your mouth to cry out, but he forcefully pushes his tongue inside of your mouth. Tequila fills your taste buds and tears fill your eyes. 
You manage to pull away from him, crying, and trying to shove him away from you still. 
“Harry, stop!! Harry, please stop!” You yell out as he drunkenly tries to kiss you again. 
For the first time, you feel scared of him. You have never been scared of Harry before. You’re trying to shove him off, the pain of your nails breaking against his chest feels like nothing compared to the fear you feel right now, and you wonder how you got here. 
In what world were you afraid of Harry? 
You want Sebastian. 
Where is he? 
In an instant, Harry is ripped away from you and punched in the face. Harry tumbles to his side, mumbling profanities as he almost falls down to the cemented floor, and you step back quickly. 
“Ohmygod!” You cry out covering your mouth as you see Sebastian punching his face, furiously and angrily, and now there’s a crowd forming around them in shock. 
Gemma wrapping her arms around you to comfort you when she notices you crying, Harry punching Sebastian, his lip splitting open, Olivia watching in shock and trying to figure out what is happening. 
“Don’t ever fucking touch her again!!” Sebastian yells at Harry as he pulls his fist back to punch him again, gripping him by his coat, and Harry’s right eye is swelling shut now. 
You cry out his name, Sebastian throwing Harry to the ground with a big shove, and he quickly turns to you. Blood rushed down his split lip and down his neck slightly. You cry harder at the sight of him being hurt. 
He pulls you out of Gemma's embrace, wrapping his arms around you, holding you tight, one hand in your hair, and the other holding you close. He’s kissing your head repeatedly and whispering that it’s okay. That you’re safe now in his arms. 
“Let’s go,” he says as he holds you in his arms, hidden away from all the confused stares, and you suddenly feel someone pulling you away from his arms. 
You yelp as you see Olivia holding your arm in hers, angry eyes, “What did you do?!” 
You pull your hand out of her hold and instantly slap her hard. The smack is heard by everyone and it’s instantly quiet aside from the gasps around you. 
She’s holding her cheek in pain, tears filling her eyes because of it, Harry is stumbling to his feet watching you two in shock, his nose bleeding, and you shove Olivia away from you. 
“Get the fuck away from you, you homewrecking bitch!” You yell at her loudly and see red. You feel rage seeing her, your heartbeat racing in anger now, and you feel flushed from your neck down. 
“Don’t fucking touch me ever again, you stupid bitch.” You spat at her, wrapping your arms around Sebastian, and you both exit the venue quickly. Paparazzi snapping shots of you, a million questions coming your way, ignoring them all, you both hide your faces as you walk to the car quickly, and you both sigh loudly as you relax into the seats. 
You cry into your hands. Not believing what had just happened. 
Sebastian pulls you into his lap, the driver putting the partition up when he notices you're sitting on his lap, arms wrapped around him, and he wipes away your tears. 
You thump away the blood from his lips, kissing him gently, he tries not to hiss at the pressure he feels, and kisses you back slowly. 
“Did he hurt you?” His blue eyes fill with worry, lips frowning. 
You kiss his cheeks, shaking your head slightly. “You saved me,” you whisper, placing your forehead against his. 
“You’re safe with me,” he says in a low voice, arms wrapping around you. 
You nuzzle yourself into him, letting yourself relax in his arms, “I know.” 
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imyourbratzdoll · a day ago
Sebastian Stan protects his wife and kids from paparazzi
𝐓𝐡𝐚𝐧𝐤 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐟𝐨𝐫 𝐬𝐞𝐧𝐝𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐭𝐡𝐢𝐬! 𝐈 𝐡𝐨𝐩𝐞 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐥𝐢𝐤𝐞 𝐢𝐭!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
“Get back!” Sebastian growls, wrapping a protective arm around his wife while the kids hold both their parent's hands tightly. Their scared faces cause Sebastian to nearly go feral as the paparazzi come too close, the bodyguards are trying their best to move people along, but one cameraman manages to get past.
He grabs one of the kids by their shirt, and Sebastian sees red. He grabs the arm touching his child, twisting it before getting close to the man's face. “I said get the fuck back.” The low growl leaves his lips, causing chills to run through everyone. They all see the dark look on his face, almost like an animal, “you or anyone ever fucking touch my wife or kids again, and I’ll make sure no one will ever find your fucking bodies. Understand?”
The man quickly nods, and so does everyone else around. Shivers run through them as fear awakens. No one thought the man who is always sweet and smiles would ever turn dark. Y/n places a soft hand on his arm, looking at him with pleading eyes, “come on, bub, let’s just get out of here.” He nods before giving a death glare to the man he still holds onto and everyone else around before turning, picking up his kid as his wife does the other. He wraps a protective arm around both before heading to the parked car.
The bodyguards quickly ushered them through, hopping into the car. They all let out a sigh of relief. Sebastian rests his forehead against his wife and then kisses his kid's head, whispering nothing but love towards them all.
Tumblr media
𝐓𝐡𝐚𝐧𝐤 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐟𝐨𝐫 𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐢𝐧𝐠!
𝐅𝐞𝐞𝐝𝐛𝐚𝐜𝐤 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐑𝐞𝐛𝐥𝐨𝐠𝐬 𝐚𝐫𝐞 𝐠𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐭𝐥𝐲 𝐚𝐩𝐩𝐫𝐞𝐜𝐢𝐚𝐭𝐞𝐝
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ramcharanobsessed · 2 days ago
Why? (Part 1)
A/N:So I just found out today that my boyfriend was cheating on me and the other girl didn't even know that he had a girlfriend. This is heavily inspired by that.
Pairing: Choice of boyfriend x reader
Warnings: Angst. A whole lotta angst, cheating, mentions of revenge(idk if that needs a warning but eh)
Summary: You find out that your boyfriend cheated on you and lied to you. And you're pissed.
(A/N 2: The name Apurva here is from my last fic. She may or may not be a real person. If anything triggers you then don't read it. Read at your own risk.)
Tumblr media
*gif not mine*
You had to go to college today. Just because he broke up with you doesn't mean you have an excuse to not study. You can't even tell your parents. Well, atleast he is getting serious about his studies. Guess you can live with that. You can 'wait for him'. His words, not yours.
You reached college and sat down on your bench. Your friend comes and says "I need to have a talk with him." You understood who she was talking about ofcourse. You asked, "Did you know what happened day before yesterday?"
"We broke up."
"I wanted to talk to you about that. He cheated on you."
"What?" You stopped what you were doing. You were shocked. You never thought he would do this. Your brain shut down. "Who is she?" Your friend replied, "Apurva. She came to me day before yesterday and told me that her and (BF/N) are dating. I said 'but he's dating (Y/N)!' She was shocked. Said she didn't know about him having a girlfriend already."
You were at a loss for words. How could he lie to you? And he had the audacity to say "wait for me"? After what he did? You were beyond pissed. Did he really think you wouldn't have found out? You needed to find Apurva. Luckily, you knew her class. You both are victims in this. He played you both. And you want revenge.
Sooo! That was me writing another angst fic. It was a bit short. Part 2 anyone? To see how it plays out? Please leave comments below! Likes and reblogs are appreciated as always! Love you guys❤️!!
Tagging: @shreyalokesh @jeonmahi1864 @sellylove @payasamlover @ramfanatic @rambheem-is-real @waitimcomingtoo @bromance-minus-the-b @yehsahihai @fangirlshrewt97 @thewinchestergirl1208 and so many others but i can't remember their tags!! So sorry!!
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khimili · a month ago
fly me to the moon
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Pairing: Bucky x Reader Summary: Bucky loves to flirt with you, and most of the time it just leaves you flustered and confused. Because you like him, a lot, and he’s infuriatingly handsome. He's quite a ladies' man and it shows. He knows exactly what to say and where to touch you to sweep you off your feet. But maybe there’s more to it. Word count: 7.5k Warnings: cocky!bucky, mutual pining, two idiots in love, teasing, flirting, banter, sexual tension, a bit of angst, smut (dirty thoughts, masturbation, dirty talk, dry sex, edging, oral sex, unprotected penetration, praise kink), fluff Author's note: I’m literally obsessed with cocky!Bucky and I’ve been dying to write something like this for ages. It’s long, it’s messy but I was inspired and I hope you’ll like it. Banal, ordinary, conventional, predictable, exceeded, seen and reviewed, flat, unoriginal cliché ahead, bear with me please!
Tumblr media
“Listen Y/L/N,” Bucky said casually, looking at you with a boyish smile of his own. “If you want me to take you out for dinner, just ask.”
You shook your head and tried without success to find your voice. It seemed to be jammed in your throat somewhere, and even though you had already done it multiple times, your eyes insisted on taking another inventory of tall, broad and handsome man standing in front of. He didn’t seem to mind you looking. In fact, if that cocky smile of his was any indication, he liked it rather a lot. Heat crept up your cheeks and he laughed, the sound reverberating somewhere deep inside you, drying your mouth and wetting other portions of your anatomy.
“If you think I’m going to purposely spend one of my few nights off with you, you’ve got another think coming.”
“Now, now, is that any way to talk to the man you love?”
“Don’t be so full of yourself, Barnes,” you teased, rolling your eyes playfully. “You’re not even as charming as you think you are.”
“Doll,” he sighed, suddenly grabbing his chest dramatically. “You’re breaking my heart.”
“You’ll get over it, I’m sure.”
You tried to play it cool, just waiting for him to quit fooling around. You crossed your arms over your chest and gave him your best tough-chick-with-an-attitude look. Unfortunately, he seemed less than impressed. God, why did he have to be so gorgeous? His clingy shirt showed off a broad, powerful chest tapering into a lean waist that you knew featured a six-pack in the ab area. He caught you staring and flashed you a satisfied smile. You were pretty sure smiles like that were against the law in some state. Suffering from a severe case of jelly-knees, you had to look away.
“Come on, there has to be something you like about me,” he said, leaning back into his chair, arms behind his head. “Be honest.”
“Barnes,” you warned. “Your little mind games don’t work on me.”
“Admirable deflection, doll,” he laughed. “You never struck me as the type who would be afraid of her own desires. But if you prefer to pine, gazing longingly from across the room when you think I’m not paying attention, shutting down any feelings that get in the way of–“
“Fine!” you interrupted him, nearly shooting. “Parts of you, maybe.”
“What?” he asked, his amusement instantly replaced by interest.
“There are parts of you I like,” you mumbled, as if it was something to be ashamed of.
And it was a blatant lie. Because there were so many things you liked about him.
“Care to be a little more specific, doll?”
“Your hands,” you admitted, watching him looking at his flesh hand. “Both of them.”
“My hands,” he said faintly, stretching his vibranium fingers, making you shiver from head to toe in the process.
“Yes,” you admitted. “You have– You have beautiful hands.”
“I’d like so much to know what sinful fantasy’s going through you head right now.”
“Don’t. Barnes, just– Please, don’t,” you begged, a hint of desperation in your voice.
“Jesus, doll,” he said, his flesh hand closing around your arm gently. “Do you expect me not to use this to full advantage?”
“Well, I– I was told you’ve been raised to be a gentleman.”
You said it in a very calm, steady voice, even though your heart was jackhammering. His hand felt wonderfully warm and solid on your arm, and his body seemed to radiate a comforting heat. Up close, you could smell his perfume, along with an exotic, musky scent you couldn’t put a name to. It was difficult to think properly when he was invading your personal space like this, and lately he was doing this a lot. You fought your arousal as hard as you could, but when he was standing so close to you with this very predatory look on his face, it was a battle you couldn’t win.
“Do you wish to know what I like about you, doll?”
“Barnes,” you whispered as a warning.
For a moment, you thought he was going to kiss you. And to be honest, you wanted him to kiss you, wanted to lose yourself in sensual pleasure. But he didn’t, and it was just as well. You were ashamed that he could reduce you to a whimpering puddle of lust from barely doing anything. That he could take control so quickly.
“Relax. I’m not going to ravish you on that worktop,” he laughed gently, handing you a clean mug from the dish rack. “Would you be a dear and put that back in its proper place for me?”
Slowly, you turned around on shaky legs, taking a deep, steadying breath. You pushed up onto your toes and raise your arms to reach the top cupboard, sliding the cup in its place.
“This,” he said quietly, his fingers gliding over the exposed skin along the curve of your waist, making you shiver. “I like this a lot.”
“Fine! Take me out for dinner,” you suddenly exclaimed, shutting the cupboard door and pushing him away. “Now, back off.”
“See?” he asked, smug satisfaction spreading across his handsome face. “All you had to do was ask.”
Before you could fully process what he had said, he stepped in close and bent down. He brushed a light kiss to the corner of your mouth.
“You’re the worst.”
Tumblr media
Bucky Barnes was a fucking tease. That’s what you were thinking, trying to regain your composure in the ladies’ room. He had spent the whole evening playing with your nerves. Small touches here and there, charming smiles and fine words, making you gradually lose your mind. He was good at that. Almost too good. And that was what scared you the most with him. You had no intention to become another notch on a rather long belt of meaningless one-night stands. You knew too damn well how he were, but that didn’t prevent you from being attracted to him like a stupid moth to a flame. A very sexy flame. Tall and broad and handsome. And–
Fuck. You clearly needed to get your shit together. That dinner – which you insisted wasn’t a date, would soon be over and you would go on your separate ways. You would go to your bedroom and lock the door. You would probably touch yourself to get rid of your nasty thoughts, trying your best not to moan his name out loud. You’d think about his large hands, his tempting mouth, his hard cock pounding relentlessly into your pussy as he’d fuck you face-first into the mattress with your hands behind your back. That sole idea made sucked in a breath; hands wrapped tight around the sink. You nearly jumped out of your skin when the door opened behind you.
“What the fuck, Barnes,” you exclaimed. “You’re in the ladies’ room!”
“Oh, come on, as if you didn’t want me to follow you there,” he laughed with a cocky smile, walking toward you like a fucking predator. “Are you going to deny it?”
You found yourself unable to answer as you watched him coming closer to you. You wanted to run, and at the same time you wanted to throw yourself at him. In the blink of an eye, he was facing you.
“Barnes,” you nearly begged. “Don’t…”
“Kiss me,” he asked, his lips nearly touching yours. “Kiss me, and I swear to god, if you don’t feel anything I’ll leave you alone.”
“One kiss?” you asked, your voice full of hope.
“One kiss.”
You could do this. You were an adult, not a goddam horny teenager. All you had to do was kiss him and be done with it. What was the worst that could happen? You just had to pretend that you were not attracted to him. Because even though he was a lady’s man, you knew he would keep his word. Your eyes went from his to his lips, and back again. You were rooted to the spot, unable to move, unable to speak. One of his hands went to your cheek and you stopped breathing for a moment. You couldn’t think. And when he bent down and brushed his lips against yours, you rational thoughts flew out the window.
“Nothing,” you lied, almost breathless, but he made no move to let you go. “Barnes, you promised. You promised you’d leave me alone.”
“But you didn’t kiss me, doll,” he purred. “I did. Come on now, be a good girl and do as you’re told.”
Your thighs clenched to his words. This man would be the death of you. You pushed up onto your toes. Shoving one hand into his hair, you gripped the back of his head and pulled him down. Bucky watched your eyes until your mouth touched his. You saw his lashes lower, felt a small quiver run through him. You had intended a little, teasing peck to his lips, but that tremble made something snap inside you. You tipped your head and kissed him hard, nails scratching through his hair and down the back of his neck. To your delight, he growled, hands snapping up to wrap around your waist.
Suddenly, he dragged you forward, shifting his feet beneath you. He set one on the inside of your legs and pulled you onto his thigh. He traced your lips with the point of his tongue and you pressed closer to him, your hand slipping under his shirt to rest on his abdomen. He was solid, and warm, and goddammit, an incredible kisser. He dragged one hand up your back and wrapped the length of your hair around his fist. He tugged, tipping your head further before giving a quick, exploratory sweep of his tongue across yours, making you moan.
Before you could stop yourself, you wriggled. His leg was solid between yours, pressing exactly where your wanted. You whimpered again and sank your teeth into his lower lip, your nails still digging into his nape, holding for dear life. Bucky made a small sound that seemed half-caught in his throat and you pulled back, scraping his lips between your teeth, to look at him. His eyes were closed, his cheeks were flushed pink, and his pulse were fluttering above his collar. You hated to admit it, but he had proven his point. You were obviously attracted to him, but that didn’t mean you had to give in you urges.
“That was–“ you started with a hoarse voice. “That was not–“
His eyes shot open and in one swift motion, he made your turn around, pressing your back to his chest.
“Look at you, Y/L/N,” he whispered, grabbing your throat to make you look at your own reflection in the mirror. “Wearing this– This fucking dress… You like to torment me, don’t you?”
“Nothing–“ you whimpered, shifting your heels to give him better access. “Nothing to do with you.”
“Is that so?” he asked with a low growl, grazing his teeth along your neck, his flesh hand finally finding its way under your dress. “Jesus… That’s why you went commando tonight, right?”
You opened your mouth to argue, but your tongue appeared to be glued to the roof of your mouth. You had too many brain cells focused on the pulsing heat at the small of your back to unstick it. You were literally swimming in arousal at this point, and you suspected you would expire of frustration if your demon were to stop his mind game. As if on cue, Bucky’s tongue flicked out, tasting the shell of your ear. When a sound finally escaped your throat, it wasn’t the protest you had been planning; it was a low, urgent moan.
“Please,” you sighed, clenching your thighs together against the sudden surge of your desire.
“Good girl,” he cooed, tightening his grip around your waist, making you feel the entire length of him in your back.
You expected him to take advantage of the situation. In some ways, it would have been easier for you to hate him. Against all odds, he simply took your hand and guided it to the juncture of your thighs, leaving warm kisses on your neck while doing so. You fought against his urging for about half a second before giving in with a strangled moan. Your desire was just too much for you to fight it. It felt like you had to come, or you would break into tiny little pieces, never to be put together again. It was his fingers you craved, but you’d rather die on the spot than admit it out loud.
Slowly, you slipped your hand between your legs and stroked yourself, his fingers laced to yours in a possessive embrace. The touch was gentle, barely there as you drew lazy circles over your sensitive clit. Your cheeks burned in shame when you realized how wet you were. Closing your eyes, you put just a bit more pressure on your clit, sending an electric shock through your nerves. Your shallow panting turned into a moan against your better judgement. There was something far too intimate in the way the both of you were standing.
“You drive me crazy, doll” he growled in your ear, biting your lobe. “You have no idea what’s going through my head right now.”
“Tell me,” you begged, fastening the peace of your fingers without even realizing it. “Please.”
“My, my, Y/L/N, you’re something else you know that?” he asked with a chuckle. “D’you wish to know what I’d do to you if you were mine?”
“Yes,” you moaned, grasping the back of his neck with your free hand to stop you from tripping because of your wobbly legs.
“I’d spread your legs and put my fingers inside your sweet cunt, finding you soaked just for me,” he purred, grinding against you. “I’d hold your hips still and drag my tongue all along your slit. I’d eat you out and make you come so good, doll.”
“James,” you moaned, your hand tugging at his hair.
“Maybe I’d push your face down to worship and suck my cock, would you like that? Put that tempting mouth of yours to good use,” he resumed, and even though you didn’t answer, the loud moan that escaped your lips spoke volume. “You’d let me do anything to you, wouldn’t you? I’d bend you over and fuck your tight little cunt, make you come all over my cock again and again ‘til you beg me to stop.”
“I– I’m coming,” you whimpered.
“That’s it, good girl, come for me,” he praised, smiling against your skin. “Let go, Y/N.”
It was your name on his lips that sent you over the edge and your vision flashed white with pleasure. The tail end of the orgasm rippled through you as you realized you were in the middle of a public restroom and your hand was still between your leg. Muscles quivering in the aftermath of the massive release, you lay your head on his shoulder and breathed like a runner at the end of a marathon. For a long, breathless moment, you bathed in the warmth of the afterglow. Bucky’s vibranium arm was tenderly wrapped around you and he was still peppering kisses along your neck.
“Well,” he said quietly against your skin. “That settles it.”
“Hm?” you asked, lazily, your mind still clouded by your mind-blowing orgasm.
“You were right,” he explained with a smug smile. “There’s absolutely no chemistry between us.”
“Cocky bastard,” you muttered under your breath, hiding your smile in his neck.
Tumblr media
You were roaming inside the kitchen, suddenly craving for your favorite brand of cookies. You were pretty sure there was one box left but you couldn’t get your hands on it. By now, the rest of the team had learnt not to steal your food, but you had still covered your cookie box in, ‘Don’t eat my cookies you fuckers’, ‘Y/N’s property, back off’, ‘I don’t know who you are, but if you eat my food, I will find you’, ‘Ask Tony for a raise if you can’t afford your own food’ and ‘Don’t you dare’ sticky notes. Reaching for the top cupboard, you pushed up onto your toes just to see that if was empty.
Well, not exactly empty. There was a sticky note. ‘Sorry doll, midnight munchies. BB’. Motherfucker. Why did he have to be so infuriating? In a fit of rage, you slammed the cupboard door and left the kitchen. This bastard was clearly making your blood pressure shot up beyond the safe limit. You rushed through the corridors, hammering the floor with your feet, and went to the elevator. First floor. Fourth floor. Hurry up, goddammit! Fifteenth floor. Finally. You charged out of the elevator like a water buffalo, directly to Bucky’s room. You didn’t even bother knocking before entering.
“What did we fucking say bout eat–” You stopped dead in your tracks, greeted by the sight of Bucky wearing nothing but his boxer-briefs. “Jesus fuck! Why the hell are you naked?”
“Well, last time I checked, I was in my room.”
“You could have warned me!”
“You kinda burst in here like a cannonball,” he laughed, not even trying to hide his partial nudity. “What am I supposed to do? Put a sock on the door or something?”
“A sock on the– Who does that?” you asked, dumbfounded, before you remembered what you were coming for. “Nevermind! I don’t care. You fucking ate my cookies! Again!”
“Your coo– Oh, you mean these?” he asked with a devilish smile on lips, grabbing the empty cookie box on his desk. “Were they yours?”
“You know damn well they were mine!” you nearly shouted, crossing the distance between the two of you to pull the box out of his hands, hitting him with it to punctuate each of your words. “It’s. Got. My. Name. All. Over. It!”
“Ouch! Why are you so mad?” he asked, laughing, as he threw your makeshift weapon away and pulled you gently into him. “Is it so important?”
“Yes, it is,” you whined, not even trying to fight his embrace. “I wanted cookies…”
“I’ll buy another cookie box, I promise,” he said, gently kissing your nose, but you were still pouting. “Okay, two more. Ten. Fifty. An entire truckload of cookie box just for you!”
“Yeah, just so you can eat everything as soon as my back is turned,” you accused him, hiding your smile and letting your hands roam his broad chest. “And that’s completely beside the point, because I’m hungry now!”
“You drive a hard bargain, doll,” he purred before pushing you gently onto his bed, covering you with that big, strong body of his, pinning you in place. “Let me makes this up to you.”
“Get off me, you cookie monster,” you growled, struggling helplessly.
Forbidden arousal tugged at your center as you remembered that night you had shared a few weeks ago. It had been your own hand that brought you to climax, but it had been Bucky’s dirty talk that had made that climax inevitable. You swallowed on a dry throat, your emotions ping-ponging wildly, moving too fast for you to identify them all. You hated the sensation of being trapped underneath him with nowhere to run, hated the fact that he was playing with you like a puppet. And yet, it was hard to deny the desire to find out what would come next.
“Trust me,” he murmured, and you didn’t know whether it was his words or his tone, but the shiver that ripped through you was equal parts excitement and fear.
Bucky’s weight shifted above you. He was smiling down at you, his baby blue eyes glowing faintly. Your breath came in shallow pants and your mouth was dry with desire. He lowered his head slowly, giving you time to push him away if you wished. But you didn’t. You couldn’t. You wanted to feel his lips on yours. A feeling of desperation rose through you and you kissed him deeply. You moaned into his mouth, and he responded with a soft grunt, his tongue exploring your mouth. Your hands, animated by their own will, slid against his torso.
His lips touched the skin of your neck, and it was like your body went up in flames. A decidedly unchaste moan escaped you, and you wrapped your arms around him, your hands buried in his gorgeous, silky hair. His lips were soft and warm, but there was nothing soft about his kiss, as if he was trying to eat you alive. If he had kissed you any harder, it would have left bruises. One of his hands went up your chest, his finger curling possessively around your breast, and his teeth suddenly closed around the juncture of your neck and shoulder.
He hadn’t really touch you yet, and you were already a moaning mess. You were pretty sure you could have stayed like this forever, forgetting the outside world existed, but he used his knee to nudge your legs apart, then settled between them. Even though he was still wearing his underwear, desire clouded your mind and you felt yourself arching against him. He pressed himself hard against you, eliciting a deep moan out of your lips, and your hips bucked against your will. You dress had ridden up and he was almost directly pressed against you. You wanted more. You hooked your fingers into his boxer-briefs.
“No,” Bucky whispered in your ear with a husky voice. “I won’t make love to you, doll. You’d regret it afterward, and that I cannot allow.”
“Why are you being– Such a tease?” you asked, fumbling with your words as he bit on your skin again.
“I can still take care of you,” he purred, squeezing your breast while doing so. “I can make you feel good. So good. I just need you to use your words.”
“Yes,” you pleaded, writhing under his touch. “Please…”
“Good girl,” he praised, his lips ghosting your skin.
You desperately wanted to rip off his underwear to feel him inside you, but you kept your hands buried in his hair to resist the temptation. His hips began to move, his cock stroking you beneath the thin layer of cloth. It shouldn’t have felt so amazing, not to a mature woman who had already had sex before, but there you were, writhing under him. Bucky was in full control and the sensations were almost too good to be true. Feeling him thrust against you, his cock hitting your clit just right with each stroke, had you on the verge of orgasm in no time.
You arched up against him, wanting to take that next step into bliss, but he slowed his pace and lightened his strokes, tormenting you and making you ache for release. You tried to hurry him along, your legs wrapped around his waist, but he would have none of it. And when you released his hair, meaning to hurry yourself along since he was not cooperating, you soon found your hands pinned above your head. He was in charge, and he was letting you know. You were too busy moaning out loud to find the force to protest.
He kept you hanging there, right on the brink of orgasm, for what felt like forever and a bit more. The anticipation tightened every muscle in your body, and every once in a while, you had to remind yourself to breathe. But it also felt so good to be on that brink, knowing with total certainty that he would eventually push you over and that it would be worth the wait. You almost didn’t want it to end, though it didn’t stop you from straining your body up toward him. You realized he was probably edging himself at the same time, and it fueled your desire.
“Tell me what you need, doll.”
“I need to come,” you moaned, fighting his grip on your wrists. “Please make me come.”
Just when you were beginning to think you couldn’t bear it for another moment, Bucky gave one last hard, perfect stroke, and the pleasure exploded through your body. You screamed something incoherent as your back arched and your toes curled, you heart threatening to hammer its way out of your chest. He kept trusting against you until he had milked every last spasm of pleasure he could out of you and you lay there completely limp and panting for breath. It was a while before coherent thought returned. When it did, you realized Bucky hadn’t come, still hard against you.
“You didn’t come,” you stated awkwardly as you felt heat creeping up your cheeks.
“I wanted it to be about you,” he said quietly, caressing tenderly your cheek. “My beautiful, beautiful, Y/N.”
“Stop it,” you said playfully, pushing his hand away, straddling him in one swift motion. “Don’t go sweet talking me!”
“Are you finally falling for my charm?” he asked, raising an eyebrow. “Are we about to finally admit our feelings to each other?”
“You wish,” you answered, trying to pretend your heart didn’t climb the millions at his words and hoping the warm flush that had crept up your face would go unnoticed.
“Put me out of my misery, Y/N,” he whined dramatically.
“Put you out of your misery, right?” you asked, silently wishing he was being serious. “Let me do something for you then.”
“Y/N,” he whimpered, closing his eyes as you pulled his boxer-briefs down. “You don’t have to– Fuck…”
He gripped the sheets as you pulled his cock upright and wrapped your fingers around it. Anything else he might have said disappeared from his mind. All he could focus on was the feel of your hand on him. He'd wanted this for years, dreamt about it night after night, imagined it every time he stepped into the shower or laid back in his bed with his fingers sliding down his length. You stroked him, your grip loose around him as you moved from head to base. Bucky gritted his teeth, breathing heavily through his nose.
You slid your fingers up to the head of his cock and slid his foreskin up and down before gently dragging it back. He bit back a grunt when you trailed your thumb down the underside, brushing the sensitive part of his shaft. He tipped his head forward, watching your hand move, and you looked up at him. You met his eyes and smiled as you rose up a bit, free hand wrapped around the back of his neck to pull his head to you. You kissed him, tongue sliding over his with the same rhythm as your fingers on his cock. Bucky shuddered and jerked in your grip.
“Like that,” he muttered, his head crashing back down on the pillow as you circled the pad of one finger over the head of his cock. “There, just– There, fuck, like that. That's so good, doll. Just how I like it.”
Humming to yourself, you followed his whispered directions. Long glides, shorter pumps, firmer at the base and lighter near the head. He could feel his heartbeat in the shaft under your fingers, could see it in each throb as you stroked him. He stared at you, mouth open and panting for breath, as you leaned forward. You looked up through your lashes, eyes locked on his, and wet your lips. Flattening your tongue, you dragged it up the length of his cock, one long lick from root to tip. He grabbed the edge of the sofa and swore in a deep rumble.
Your hair swayed around your shoulders as you worked your tongue over him, around the ridge, across the head. You took your time, peppering kisses along his shaft, sucking on the head, before opening up and taking as much of him in as you could. Bucky clutched the sheets again and swore, groaning when he felt the back of your throat. Lashes fluttering, you pulled up quickly and focused on the head. Bucky watched you in awe, forcing himself not to buck up into your mouth each time you licked a bead of precum off his skin. He felt a tightening in his abdomen, core muscles tensing, and he put a shaking hand on the back of your head.
“I’m close," he mumbled. “Don't want– If you don't like–“
You shook your head. You stroked him again, watching his eyes. Faster, both hands around his length, pumping him in your fists. You kept your eyes on his face, never looking away from him. He felt his skin tingling, heard his heart thrumming in his ears. Without taking your eyes off his, you ducked your head and closed your lips around him, latching around the head of his cock as he came. Bucky's eyes snapped wide open in surprise and he groaned deep in his throat, unable to stop the short, quick thrusts between your lips. You held the tip in your mouth until the last spasm ended, then sucked gently as you pulled off.
“Fuck,” he moaned deeply. “You’re a little witch, you know that?”
“Hmmm,” you purred as you swallowed his cum, giving him a knowing smile. “Are you finally falling for my charm?”
“Yes,” he laughed, still out of breath. “A thousand times yes!”
“Stop fooling around, Barnes.”
For a brief moment, he seemed… Hurt? But in a blink of an eye, it was gone. Maybe– Maybe he had meant it. This thought caused you great distress until common sense came back to you. Of course, he didn’t mean it. You waited a bit more, but Bucky gave no reaction. After a few moments, he finally got up of the bed with a heavy sigh and pinched the bridge of his nose briefly. Next thing you knew, he was his normal self again, relaxed and smiling. He put back on his boxer-briefs and gave you a flirtatious wink when he caught you staring.
“Like what you see, uh?” he teased you, raising his eyebrows suggestively. “My dearest Y/N, just admit it already.”
“Shut it, punk,” you answered in a playful and gentle tone, unable to hide your smile. “And don’t think I’ve forgotten about the cookies you owe me.”
Tumblr media
Every Friday was movie night. The room was a bit chilly, but the plaid cover thrown across your legs provided you some comfortable warmth. The rest of the team were off outside the building doing whatever it was that they preoccupied their time with. Well, not exactly all the rest of the team.
Bucky was sitting beside you on the couch, his body a second source of warmth that soaked into your pores and relaxed your clenched muscles. Your lips curled up in a tender smile, driven by a will of their own. It felt good, kind of domestic. And for once, you deserved to feel good, if only for a little while. You let your eyes slide shut, still smiling faintly. Bucky’s fingers traced over your face, caressing from forehead to chin and back again. You sighed and turned your face into the caress, your body relaxing even more.
His hand cupped your cheek, and he pushed you away a bit so he could look into your eyes, his gentle smile warming you in ways the plaid cover couldn’t. It was so easy to fall under his spell, to let yourself relax and open up in his presence. Something deep inside you longed to let go completely and to entrust yourself entirely to his care. You were tired of being always so vigilant and guarded. The idea was as tempting as it was scary, because you knew you could easily end up with a broken heart.
You started to pull away from him, confused by your own change of mood, but he just held tighter until you could barely move. His sensuous lips curved into a smile, but he didn’t say anything. Holding the back of your head, he bent his own head toward you.
“James,” you whispered, battling to say calm despite your racing heart.
“I love it when you say my name,” he whispered with a husky voice, his lips maybe an inch from yours. “I could get used to it.”
As he closed that final distance between the two of you, his lips touching yours, you felt a fire burning in your chest. You made an incoherent sound, half protest, half pleasure, as he feathered kisses over your lips. You wanted to tell him to stop, but when you opened your mouth to say the word, nothing came out. Your tried once more to squirm out of his grip, but your body refused to move. And though it seemed completely out of place, a bolt of affection shot through you. He took advantage of what he must have considered an invitation and slid his tongue into your mouth.
One of your hands slid along his chest while the other tugged at his hair almost desperately. His free arm sneaked around your waist as he tasted the inside of your mouth with gentle, delicate licks. A moan rose from your throat, and even you could hear the longing in that sound. You wanted to be his. You wanted him to be yours. It suddenly became obvious to you. Kissing him felt like abandoning a part of yourself in the process, and you were more than willing to do so. All you could think of was how your heart ached for him.
When Bucky’s tongue stroked yours more firmly, you felt like your body might melt with the pleasure of it. He tasted so good you thought you could never get enough; a bouquet of flavors you would never get tired of sampling. His lips were soft and moist, his body a reassuring cocoon of warmth surrounding you. Although you couldn’t miss his massive erection with his legs tangled with yours, he wasn’t trying to take this to the next level; you would have been more than willing. When he broke the kiss and released you, your first reaction was a mewl of protest.
“Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, doll,” he growled, his voice hoarse with desire.
“I want you…”
“Falling in love, at last?” he asked with a chuckle.
“Yes,” you admitted in a small voice, your heart dropping into the depths of your already nervous stomach.
“My, my, you’re– Wait. You– What?” he stuttered, staring at your face wide-eyed.
“I love you,” you said, caressing his skin tenderly with shaking fingers. “I should– I should have said it before, but I was just scared. But now… Now, I’m not scared anymore. I– Do you–?”
All of a sudden, he grabbed you, hauled you up against his body and kissed you. Your resistance to that kiss lasted perhaps a total of ten milliseconds. When you gave in to it, you gave in with all your heart, wrapping your arms around his neck and clinging for all you were worth. It felt almost surreal to feel his body so close against yours.
When his tongue dipped into your mouth, you let out an uninhibited moan of pleasure. His hand cupped the side of your face, and the warmth of that touch melted some of the ice that had formed around your heart. You never wanted him to stop. While his lips were on yours, your mind went on vacation, wandering in the most amazing places. Instead of thinking all the time, you merely felt. His lips were soft and wet on yours, just like you liked them, and in that thought, your heart started beating staccato.
Unfortunately, it seemed that Bucky had more to say to you, so he broke the kiss long before you were ready. You made an incoherent sound of protest and tried to capture his lips again, but he put his hands on your shoulders to hold you off. He was breathing hard, and his eyes were dark with desire, but somehow, he found to willpower to stop. He lowered his head, resting his forehead against yours. There was no denying he was a treat to look at. Baby blue eyes framed by thick lashes, sun-kissed skin, muscles in all the right places. A dream came true.
“I love you,” he whispered, closing his eyes. “You have no idea how much I love you.”
“Show me…”
“You shouldn’t say things like that, doll,” he chuckled quietly. “I could take advantage.”
“Please,” you moaned. “I need you, James. I need–“
Once again, he interrupted you with a kiss and you abandoned yourself to his warm embrace, relishing his taste and smell. Fire burned through your veins and your heart hammered in your chest as you straddled him on the couch. With a moan, he shifted so you could feel his erection pressing firmly between your legs. Your hands moved with a will of their own, plucking open the buttons of his shirt and smoothing over the skin of his chest. Still kissing him as if your life depended on it, you found his nipples and tweaked them, making him moan and jerk beneath you.
He pushed your shirt and bra up until your breast were bared, not bothering to unbutton or unclasp anything. He just couldn’t wait to see you. Without any warning, he surged forward, seizing one of your nipples between his clever lips. It was your turn to moan, and your back arched without your conscious volition. His tongue rasped over the hardened bud, and he sucked just hard enough to be almost painful. Then he fastened his hands under your butt to lift you from the couch, eliciting a moan out of you.
He set you on your feet by the couch, then attacked your button-fly jeans. You took advantage of his moment of distraction to pull the shirt off over your head and lose the bra. You pushed his hands away before he has finished with the buttons, but his cry of protest died when you slid his shirt off his shoulders. You reached for his belt as he tackled the remaining buttons on your jeans. He got rid of his socks as you shoved his pants and boxer-briefs down his legs. You meant to go down on your knees and take him in your mouth, but he was too impatient to get to the main event.
He pushed you onto the couch, dragging your jeans and panties down, then cursing when everything got tangled around your ankles. He cursed some more and finally successfully freed your legs from the bundle of clothing, making you laugh in the process. You knew from personal experience that Bucky was usually a slow and gentle lover, loving the foreplay and the buildup as much or even more than the climax itself. Tonight, finally assured of your love, staring at your nude body for the first time, he was too desperate, too needy. But then again, so were you.
He fell on top of you, using his knee to shove your legs apart, and planted his lips on yours. The brush of his tongue was so incendiary that it felt like every nerve in your body spontaneously combusted. You wrapped your arms around his neck and clung, a greedy, whimpering sound rising from your throat. Taking a deep breathe to cool off, he pushed your hands out of the way, circling your wrists with his fingers and pinning them to the couch beside your head. He raised his head just enough to give him room to speak. You could easily see the mingled heat and determination in his eyes.
“You make me lose my mind,” he shuddered, planting a gentle kiss on your nose. “Keep your hands to yourself, let me take care of you.”
“I want to touch you too,” you begged, writhing under him.
“Behave, doll,” he warned, nipping at your lower lip, then soothing the sting with his tongue. “I’ll give you everything you want.”
You wanted to argue with him, but he plunged his tongue into your mouth, and the only sound you could make was a moan. As soon as you surrendered, he let go of your wrists, using one hand to draw maddening circles on the slope of your breast while his tongue tangled with yours. Instinct urged you to wrap your arms around him again, to hold him close to you and feel the warmth of his skin under your hands. You fought those instincts, kissing him back with every drop of your passion while you lay still beneath him. There was a raw hunger in his eyes and you shivered, not sure if it was because of anticipation or desire.
His head lowered and he trailed kisses down your throat. You had to curl your hands into fists to keep from running your fingers through his hair. As he worked his way down, those circles he had been drawing on your breast finally shrank until a single finger brushed your nipple, over and over. Your back arched again into that touch, but his hand move away far before you were ready. The good news was his mouth was moving steadily south. You didn’t completely understand the game he was playing until his mouth started circling your nipple.
He mimicked the pattern his fingers had made before, and his hand slid down past your navel. When you realized that his mouth was going to continue following the trail blazed by his fingers, you moaned loudly. You groaned when his fingers circled your clit, knowing that with just the tiniest hint more speed or pressure, you would have gone off like a rocket. But he knew how to read every nuance of your responses so he could keep you on that razor’s edge without pushing you over. Inside your chest, your heart was racing.
You took a certain savage satisfaction in the fact that once Bucky had made his way down to the juncture of your thighs, some of his inhuman control seemed to suddenly snap. Instead of teasing you mercilessly as he had with his fingers, his tongue took only a brief sample before he settled in to word in earnest. You were already on edge, and pleasure overrode every other thought and sensation until you almost forgot how to breathe. Your hips slightly raised as if seeking out his mouth in case he planned to leave, and he obediently sucked on your clit.
“Right there! Oh my god, James,” you cried, coming undone under his tongue with a loud and deep moan, finally gripping his hair as you thrust your hips against his mouth.
“Y/N, Y/N,” he moaned out loud, giving your pussy one last lick. “Tell me,” he panted, his lips curved into a smirk as he crawled back to you, kissing you on the mouth. “Tell me you’re mine,” he growled, letting you taste yourself of his tongue.
“Yes, yes, yes,” you chanted against his lips. “I’m yours.”
You felt him nudge at your entrance. He moaned again in your kiss as he slowly sank into you, stretching at your walls. You were wet enough to let him bury himself in one thrust, and though it was a first for the both of you, it felt like coming home. You pulled his head down to yours, and he kissed you with all the pent-up tension of a man who has been separated from his true love for months. You drowned in the reality of him, in the natural fit of your bodies, in the dizzying rush of his desires, in the terrifying intensity of his love.
Emotions rioted within you, bumping into and tangling with each other so wildly that you couldn’t have named a single one of them. A trickle of sweat ran down the side of your face, but you barely felt it as your concentration narrowed and focused on the place where Bucky and you were joined. Every other sensation became inconsequential as you felt the tension building there, coiling tighter and tighter, until you thought you couldn’t stand on the edge of that cliff for another moment. When the coil finally released, you screamed. Dimly, you were aware of Bucky reaching his own release, his cry seeming but a shadow of yours.
He cuddled you in the aftermath, your head cradled against his chest, your legs intertwined, both of you panting desperately for air. One of his arms was wrapped around your waist in a solid, unbreakable grip. His chin rested on the top of your head. You inhaled deeply and caught the delicious sent of him. He felt so warm and strong against you that it sapped all your will. You could stay there forever and you knew he’d let you. He cupped gently your cheek in his hand, tilting your head up toward his. For a moment, you thought he was going to kiss you, but he didn’t.
“I don’t know what I ever did to deserve you,” he whispered, kissing your forehead tenderly. “You’re too good for me. Almost too good to be true.”
“You’re not so bad yourself,” you chuckled playfully.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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bonky-n-steeb · 3 months ago
a clandestine affair —
summary || bucky can’t hold himself back when you look that gorgeous at Tony’s house warming party.
warnings || semi public sex, breeding kink, dirty talking, choking, fingering, multiple orgasms, orgasm denial, dacryphilia, bucky is horny and filthy af. PWP — MINORS DNI 🔞 if any of this makes you uncomfortable then please do not read!
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I have no idea why I’ve written this, guess I’m just horny but then what’s new..
Tumblr media
“Bucky, what are you doing?” You giggled as Bucky led you into a room. His entire body was pressed to your back and you nearly moaned as he sucked on your neck. You harshly chewed on your lip to stop the moans from spilling out. “We can’t do it here…” you tried speaking some sense into him.
“Why can’t we?” He rasped back as he continued his ministrations. You nearly lost your thought process as he nibbled on your neck before leaving the bruises with his tongue. “Because…” you trailed off as his fingers slipped past your dress and trailed up your thighs.
“Because we’re at a party!” You finally blurted out, but it didn’t really have an effect. He just hummed and continued until you were touching the wall. You reached down to swat his hand away, but he cupped your clothed cunt and you backtracked in your plans. “They wouldn’t know.”
Technically he wasn’t wrong, the party was going on in full swing at the lawn, and you were at nearly the other end of the huge mansion. It was a house warning party arranged by Tony and right from Clint to Sam, everyone with their families was invited.
“Bucky but…” your train of thoughts derailed as he began circling your clit through your soaked panties. You closed your eyes and leaned your forehead against the cool wall to ground yourself. “What if someone finds us?” Producing coherent thoughts was getting more difficult as Bucky played your body to his tune.
His lips were busy sucking bruises on your neck and his metal arm held your hip while his flesh hand was making you dizzy with its ministrations. “They won’t even notice we’re gone.“ his reply was muffled by your skin. The trail of saliva left behind by him cooled down on your neck and made goosebumps erupt.
You stopped protesting when he pushed your panties aside and ran his fingers over your wet folds. He hummed against the column of your neck and your eyes nearly rolled back when two of his thick fingers entered your drenched hole. “Oh Bucky…” you moaned out his name.
“Be quiet sugar, we can’t have them listening, now can we?” His voice was thick with lust and even that somehow aroused your more. You squirmed and tried to suppress your moans as his fingers hit that spot within you that you couldn’t reach with your fingers.
You stood on your tip toes as he fingered you and kept murmuring filth in your ear. “You hear how wet your pussy is, sugar. You can’t deny me this softness when you yourself need it so bad.” You felt your face heat up at his words, but you were loving every second of it.
You were already on an edge with the thought of getting caught and though it sounded sinful, it still excited you. His palm was rubbing deliciously against your clit and that combined with every other sensation had you clenching down on his fingers.
But right as you were about to cascade down the abyss of bliss, Bucky pulled out his fingers. Your eyes snapped open and you turned around to gawk at Bucky. You whined pathetically and he just chuckled at your struggle, “Have patience my dear, because I need you to make a mess on my cock.”
The sound that bubbled up your throat definitely wasn’t dignified. Just moments before you were worried that someone would find you, but by now you’d almost forgotten about it. Bucky knew what an effect he had on you, and he probably got off on it. It took him mere moments to turn you into a whiny mess.
Your palms curled on the flat wall as you heard him unzip his pants. You were breathing heavily as he pressed his cock against your swollen folds and rubbed it, wetting it in your slick. You choked on your breath as his girthy head entered you and he groaned out.
“Fuck,.. you’re so tight sugar. If it wasn’t me fucking you silly every night, I would’ve pegged you for a virgin.” Your entire body writhed like a leaf as he entered you inch by inch. You could feel his hot breath against your neck and every single cell in your body had become hypersensitive.
Bucky snaked his arm around your shoulder and the other held your hips, locking you still, and only then did he start thrusting inside you. There was this sense of urgency in his movements that you didn’t really understand, but whenever you opened your mouth to speak, only broken moans came out.
You tried your best to keep quiet, but you couldn’t stop your whimpers no matter how hard you tried. Bucky’s wasn’t holding back as he fucked you within an inch of your life. His hand on your hips snaked down to press tight circles over your clit.
Bucky pressed his metal hand tightly over your mouth to muffle your moans. “You gotta keep it low sugar, or someone will hear us.” Your walls pulsated around his hard length and he increased his pace, hitting deeper the before. “Oh you naughty girl, you like this, don’t you? You wanna get caught?”
Your clammy hands slipped on the wall and Bucky was the only thing holding you up. “Is that why you’re wearing such a slutty dress?” You were just wearing a cute sundress, but your eyes watered from the intensity of the whole act, and Bucky turned your face around a bit to lick up at the salty tears.
“Oh sugar, I saw how wonderful you are with the kids and I couldn’t help but think of putting my baby in you. And no better time than now, right?” He was thrusting up into you like a man possessed and you gulped when you finally realised the reason behind his urgency.
“God, you’d look so fucking gorgeous all full and swollen with my child.” The more Bucky talked, the more he pulled you into his fantasy. “Bucky… yesss!” You slurred as you spoke. “Yeah sugar, don’t worry. I’m gonna fuck you so nice and deep that you’ll make me a daddy.”
You sobbed into his hand as your suddenly came. This orgasm hit you out of nowhere and shook you right through your core. Your legs trembled and Bucky tightened his hold on your to keep you from falling. Your entire body felt electrified as you writhed under him.
“See, you’ve made such a mess on my cock, just like I wanted. Good girl.” You were nearly nearly boneless and yet his praise went to your head. You were so sensitive that you could feel the course material of his pants against your thighs as he pressed against you.
“Tell me sugar, you gonna make me a daddy?” His question had you shaking your head passionately. He flicked your swollen clit and you feared you’d come again soon. His hand slipped lower from your mouth and curled around your neck. You arched your back such that your head was resting on his chest as he rammed into you.
“Did I fuck you dumb, sugar?” His voice had become breathy and hoarse. You didn’t know whether it was a rhetorical question or not, but you didn’t have much time to ponder as he answered it himself. “Guess I have.” He chuckled darkly in your ear.
You were still riding the high of the first orgasm when you felt the next one approaching. “Kiss me..” you blurted out even though it was barely above a whisper. Bucky turned your head again, and crashed his lips down on yours.
You didn’t really have the energy to kiss him back, but you happily let him guide the movements. The kiss was passionate as he explored your mouth with his tongue and his hand tightened just a tad bit on your neck, but that was enough for you to cum harder than you ever had.
You lost the sense of time as you crashed through the waves of overwhelming bliss. You felt Bucky cock twitch inside you and the feeling of his hot cum filling you up had your eyes rolling in the back of your head. Drool collected at the corner of your mouth and Bucky hummed as licked it off.
Bucky placed his metal arm on the wall as you caught your breath and you too heavily leaned on him. You could feel his cum trickle down your thighs as he pulled out and you sighed. “We..” you cleared your dry throat before speaking. “We gotta go home. Can’t go in front of them like this.”
Bucky hummed as he readjusted your panties and dress until you were at least presentable. Though one look at your dazed eyes was a give away. He was quick to zip up his pants and he hissed as he did. You leaned on his as you walked out of the room and roamed the halls until you finally found the back exit.
“Oh god, there you are!” You both stopped dead in your tracks when you heard Tony’s voice behind you. “We’ve been searching you everywhere. What the hell were you doing?” Tony’s smile dropped when you two turned around and you could bet he knew exactly what you’d been up to. And with a very straight laced voice, Bucky replied,
“We were christening your house.”
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gutflorizt · 3 months ago
.⋆˚ 𝐈𝐧𝐜𝐞𝐬𝐬𝐚𝐧𝐭 
𝐒𝐮𝐦𝐦𝐚𝐫𝐲︱𝐘𝐨𝐮 𝐭𝐚𝐤𝐞 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐤𝐢𝐝𝐬 𝐭𝐨 𝐲𝐨𝐮𝐫 𝐞𝐱 𝐡𝐮𝐬𝐛𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐰𝐡𝐢𝐥𝐞 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐠𝐨 𝐨𝐧 𝐚 𝐝𝐚𝐭𝐞.
𝐏𝐚𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬︱𝐄𝐱!𝐇𝐮𝐬𝐛𝐚𝐧𝐝!𝐁𝐮𝐜𝐤𝐲 𝐱 𝐅𝐞𝐦!𝐑𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐞𝐫
𝐖𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬︱𝟏𝟖+, 𝐁𝐮𝐜𝐤𝐲 𝐦𝐢𝐬𝐬𝐞𝐬 𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐞𝐫, 𝐝𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐤𝐢𝐧𝐠, 𝐒𝐌𝐔𝐓, 𝐬𝐨𝐟𝐭 𝐬𝐞𝐱, 𝐩𝐞𝐭 𝐧𝐚𝐦𝐞: 𝐩𝐞𝐚𝐜𝐡, 𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐩𝐲 𝐞𝐧𝐝𝐢𝐧𝐠 (𝐛𝐜 𝐢𝐦 𝐥𝐨𝐰-𝐤𝐞𝐲 𝐚 𝐰𝐡𝐨𝐫𝐞 𝐟𝐨𝐫 𝐢𝐭)
𝐀𝐮𝐭𝐡𝐨𝐫'𝐬 𝐧𝐨𝐭𝐞︱𝐈 𝐟𝐢𝐠𝐮𝐫𝐞𝐝 𝐈 𝐰𝐨𝐮𝐥𝐝 𝐚𝐜𝐭𝐮𝐚𝐥𝐥𝐲 𝐬𝐭𝐚𝐫𝐭 𝐝𝐨𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐫𝐞𝐪𝐮𝐞𝐬𝐭 𝐢𝐧 𝐦𝐲 𝐠𝐨𝐨𝐠𝐥𝐞 𝐟𝐨𝐫𝐦𝐬 𝐬𝐨 𝐡𝐞𝐫𝐞'𝐬 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐟𝐢𝐫𝐬𝐭 𝐨𝐧𝐞. 𝐓𝐡𝐢𝐬 𝐰𝐚𝐬 𝐬𝐮𝐩𝐩𝐨𝐬𝐞𝐝 𝐭𝐨 𝐛𝐞 𝐩𝐨𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐝 𝟑 𝐝𝐚𝐲𝐬 𝐚𝐠𝐨 𝐛𝐮𝐭 𝐬𝐢𝐧𝐜𝐞 𝐟𝐚𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐫'𝐬 𝐝𝐚𝐲 𝐢𝐬 𝐭𝐨𝐝𝐚𝐲 𝐰𝐡𝐲 𝐧𝐨𝐭 𝐦𝐚𝐤𝐞 𝐢𝐭 𝐢𝐧𝐭𝐨 𝐚 𝐟𝐚𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐫'𝐬 𝐝𝐚𝐲 𝐟𝐢𝐜 𝐭𝐨𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐝𝐬 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐞𝐧𝐝. 𝐅𝐞𝐞𝐝𝐛𝐚𝐜𝐤 𝐢𝐬 𝐠𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐭𝐥𝐲 𝐚𝐩𝐩𝐫𝐞𝐜𝐢𝐚𝐭𝐞𝐝! 𝐓𝐡𝐚𝐧𝐤 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐟𝐨𝐫 𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐈 𝐥𝐨𝐯𝐞 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐚𝐥𝐥 <𝟑
𝐏.𝐒: 𝐒𝐞𝐧𝐝 𝐢𝐧 𝐦𝐨𝐫𝐞 𝐨𝐟 𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐬𝐞. 𝐈 𝐥𝐨𝐯𝐞 𝐡𝐞𝐚𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐲𝐨𝐮𝐫 𝐢𝐝𝐞𝐚𝐬.
Tumblr media
It had been 2 years since you’ve last gone on a date ever since you got a divorce with Bucky. It was nearly impossible to get back at the scene. The first year you were mourning the love that was lost with him.
You had to retrain yourself and force out old habits. There were countless nights where you made a makeshift body with pillows and used his old t-shirts, you would spray his cologne over to make it seem like he was there. You had to buy a stool to reach the top of the shelves to dust them off because Bucky was no longer there to pick you up. You had to slap yourself on the hand every time you would reach for his shampoo each time you went shopping.
The hardest part was your kids asking for their father each night.
“Where’s daddy?” Your youngest would ask while they rubbed their eyes from sleep.
Your lip quivered as you held back tears, “He’s coming soon.”
It wasn’t long until you had to explain that they would have to spend half the week at their dad’s and the other half at your house. It was difficult in the beginning, they would constantly beg for the two of you to get back together. The worst part was the tantrums they would pull when it was time to switch.
It was safe to say it was easier now. Like today, the children were ecstatic to go to their dad's house. You knew it was because he would let them stay up late and buy them the world's sugariest snacks.
“Mom, come on!” Your daughter said as she pulled your hand. “Hurry.”
“Woah there missy,” You chuckled from her death grip. “Pump the brakes.”
You arrived at the door seconds later after your daughter. She was already knocking on the door, eagerly waiting for Bucky to open the door and attack her with kisses.
“Daddy!” She exclaimed excitedly as Bucky opened the door.
“Buttercup!” He picked her up and started to pepper kisses on her cheek. “You’re finally here!” Bucky placed her down and pushed her inside, he then looked at your grumpy son you were holding on your hip. “Why does he look upset? Is he ok?”
“Someone is a little grumpy today because they decided to skip nap time,” You sighed. “I couldn’t get him down at all.”
Bucky took him gently from your arms, “Aw come here buddy.” Your son instantly laid his head on his shoulder and gripped his shoulders.
“I’m really sorry I called last minute,” You apologized. “I just needed someone to watch the kids and I don’t trust anyone.”
“S’okay Peach, don’t worry.” His eyes ran up and down your body, “You’re dolled up, what's the occasion?” Bucky crossed his fingers, hoping it wasn’t a date and that you were going to a meeting or a girls night out.
You took an involuntary deep breath in, contemplating if you should tell Bucky you were finally going on a date.
“I’m going to have dinner…with a friend.”
“A friend?” A line appeared between Bucky's eyebrows. “Say this wouldn’t be a man friend would it?”
“Yes it is,” You replied firmly. “A very nice man friend.”
His face fell, clearly upset. “Peach….”
“It’s been 2 and a half years Bucky, I think it’s time for me to go on with my life.”
“I’m not saying you shouldn’t,” Bucky said defensively. “If he tries anything and I mean anything, call me.”
Bucky didn’t realize how much it affected him knowing you were out there on a date. Thoughts of the guy making you blush under his gaze plagued his mind. His brain ventured to your first date.
It was such a simplistic date.
You knew Bucky wasn’t ready to be in public for long periods of time and truth be told you weren’t either. You were scared to push him too far or make him uncomfortable so you decided staying inside was the best choice. You settled on making one of his mom's old recipes while a record from the 40s played in the background.
Though it seemed simple to you, it wasn’t to him. You had gone to every record store imaginable trying to find the perfect record. You had to wait 3 days for Steve to come back on his mission to ask for the recipe because you didn’t want to ruin the surprise. The last part was you had to pretend the team was going out just so you could have the compound to yourselves.
Needless to say it was Bucky’s favorite day. Even to this day every time he makes his mom’s old recipe the aroma of roasted tomatoes and basil takes him back in time. It always does.
The kids were sound asleep in their rooms. Bucky was sitting on the couch with the remote in one hand and a beer in the other. He was watching one of the many home videos he made. This one was days after you had given birth to your son. You had bags under your eyes, visibly tired and your baby bump was still there but you wore a smile as you looked down into his eyes. Though you felt disgusting Bucky had never seen anything as beautiful as you in that moment
Bucky took out his necklace with his wedding band on it, “Oh Peach,” He sighed as he played with it. “Why did I ever let you get away? Your such a fucking idiot Barnes.”
A couple seconds later and he heard the all too familiar knock on his door. He let out a groan of effort as he got up from the couch. He turned off the t.v and set the beer on the coffee table before he opened the door.
“Over already?” Bucky teased.
You rolled your eyes as you smiled at him, “Yes it’s over already James.”
“Come in,” He widened the door for you to walk through.
You hadn’t stepped into his house ever since the divorce. Everything was exactly the same as you left it. Even the fake succulents you placed on the coffee table as a joke were still there, dust free. It almost felt like you were coming home to him after a long day or work.
“How’d it go Peach?”
“It certainly was a date,” You answered as you shrugged your shoulders.
Bucky had gone into the kitchen and pulled out two beers–one for you and one for him. He handed yours over before settling down next to you. “That bad?”
“It wasn’t bad but it wasn’t great either,” You explained. “Don’t get me wrong, he was a very nice guy, almost too nice if you ask me.”
Bucky took a swig before he spoke, “Did he touch you?” His voice had dropped an octave and he stared at you intensely.
“What if he did?” You retorted. “If he already did it you can’t do anything about it.”
“Show me.” It was a question but a demand. There was no room for argument and Bucky was going to get his answer.
You pointed to your right hip, “Just here.” Bucky’s jaw clenched and his tongue poked the side of his cheek. He never did like when anyone would touch you and it still hasn’t gone away.
“I should go get the kids.”
You stood up from the couch and began to walk towards the kids room. You barely got out the living room when Bucky pinned you against the wall, his hand went behind your head and cradled it to make sure you wouldn’t get hurt.
“Did you like it?”
“What?” Your brows scrunched in confusion as you gave him a puzzled look. “Bucky, I really have to get the-”
“I said,” Bucky growled as his muscular thigh made his way in between your legs, brushing up against your clothed pussy. “Did. You. Like. It?”
You gulped as you felt the heat grow between your legs. “No.”
“Course you didn’t,” He smugly muttered as he started to roll your hips against his thigh.
“Bucky we shouldn’t do this,” You warned, yet still allowed him to maneuver your body.
“Come on Peach it’ll just be one more time.”
“You know damn well it won’t be just one time.”
Bucky leaned close to your ear, his breath fanned against the shell. “You’re telling me you don’t want this? That you haven’t touched yourself thinking about me. ”
Of course you have. Another thing you missed was the sheer pleasure only Bucky could give to you. You were positive that you would never find a man who could make you feel anything even remotely close to what Bucky could make you feel.
“Answer me.”
“Yes, I have.”
That’s all it took for Bucky to throw you over his shoulder and take you to the bedroom. You swear you’ve never seen him go to the bedroom with such urgency even when you were together. Bucky locked the door, rattling the doorknob just to make sure it really was locked. Once he knew that it was, he threw you on the bed.
Your head landed on the array of pillows after he threw you. You giggled as your head felt dizzy. You propped yourself on your elbows and Bucky’s clothes were already gone. He then grabbed your ankle and yanked you closer towards him.
“You have no idea what you do to me,” Bucky muttered, taking off your heels. “Making me feel like a goddamn horny teenager again.” His hands urged to have your clothes off, desperate to feel your skin on his again.
“Get these out of the way,” He growled, ripping off your clothes. You didn’t even care, his hands on your body made your skin go hot. “Can’t wait to hear you scream my name.”
“Th-the kids Bucky….” You breathlessly moaned, knowing you definitely wouldn’t be able to contain your moans with his cock stuffed in you.
Bucky hovered over your body, his head going for your neck, biting, sucking . “You can be as loud as you want Peach,” He said as he glided the head of his cock up and down your slick folds. “The walls are soundproof, remember?”
He lined himself to your entrance, the tip barely in. “Or do you not remember when you used to cry out my name while you creamed my cock and the neighbours would knock at our door at 3 in the morning.”
Buckky started to push in achingly slow, making sure you felt him. “Or when you got pregnant and you couldn’t get enough of me and I had to fuck you to sleep every single night.”
You remembered it all, it was engraved into your mind for as long as you lived. Your hormones used to be all over the place and you became insatiable for Bucky. So insatiable that he had to cockwarm you as you slept just to feel full.
You gasped when Bucky was fully sheathed into you. You arched off the bed and close to his chest. His hand delved into the deep set of your arch and pulled you until you were flush against his chest.
“I got you Peach, I got you,” He shushed you as you sobbed in pleasure. “Just relax, I’m going to take care of you.”
You relaxed into his touch, waiting for him to start thrusting. But he never did. Your left hand left his back and softly caressed his cheek, your eyes hurriedly searched for his, looking for any signs something was slightly off. “What’s wrong? Are you feeling ok?”
“Nothing’s wrong Peach,” He kissed your forehead, all your worries dissipated away. He looked straight into the pools of your eyes. “You are so beautiful.”
You playfully rolled your eyes, “You’re such a sap.”
“I don’t care.”
His eyes were clouded with pure adoration. No lust. Just love. It was the same look he gave you the first time he told you he loved you. The same one when you told him you were pregnant. The same one the day you finalized the divorce and told you he would always be there no matter what.
“Peach…” Bucky moaned, maintaining a steady pace to feel all of you. “God, you feel so good.” Using his right hand he lifted your hips up to get that angle you needed.
“Bucky,” You gasped when he hit that spot, your legs instantly locking around his hips. “R-Right there, please don’t stop.”
“Feels s’good doesn’t it Peach?” You whimpered out a yes, your legs starting to shake from the pleasure as his cock kept hitting that spot. Your hand found its way to his hair, giving it a slight tug just the way he liked it.
It didn’t take you long to approach your orgasm. Everything felt so good. It felt like electricity was running through your lower half, growing with intensity with each thrust. Your other hand raked down his back all the way down to his ass, pushing him deeper into you if it was even possible.
“M’close Bucky,” You breathed out.
“Me too Peach,” He said, slightly speeding up his thrusts.
The both of you were close. If any of you were to say one more filthy thing to each other it would be the end of you. Even now you’re both teetering over the edge from the sinful sounds that came from your mouths.
You came without warning, not even expecting it yourself. You cried out in liss, your toes curling as you fell and allowed the pleasure to take over your body. Bucky couldn’t handle how tight you felt around him. The way your walls spasmed against him sent him into his own abyss of pleasure.
You could feel his cum seeping out of you and you swear you were in heaven. The pleasure had plagued your mind that you didn’t notice Bucky had left the room, coming back with a rag to clean you up.
“There she is,” He smiled, the rag being dragged over your body. “How’s my favorite girl doing?”
“Amazing,” was the only word that came out of your mouth. “I’ve never felt so good,” You added after a few seconds passed.
Bucky threw the rag in the laundry basket and started walking towards his side of the bed. The bed dipped as he laid beside you, his hand caressing your cheek. “Good.” He noticed the way your eyes would flutter shut and then flutter right back open, you were beyond tired. “Go to sleep, Peach. You need it.”
Bucky reached out for you in the morning, only to be faced with a cold pillow. He was hoping he would be able to wake up with you one last time but the world wasn’t in his favor. He was about to turn over and try to fall back asleep when he heard your voice. He thought he was dreaming but then he heard your daughter's voice.
“Are they almost done mommy?” She asked.
“Yes they are, we just have 2 more.”
He got up from the bed, grabbing the sweatpants near his bed and putting them on. He quietly walked over to the kitchen, the aroma of his favorite breakfast food becoming stronger. He peeked his head from the corner and there you were in his shirt, cooking breakfast for him with your two children.
“Morning sleepyhead,” You greeted as you flipped the pancake.
“Daddy!” Your daughter cheerfully greeted. She left your side and ran towards him, your son following behind. “Happy Father's day.”
“Buttercup!” He lifted your daughter from the ground and carried her on his hip. He did the same with your son, carrying him on his other hip. He walked to the dining table, placing them in their designated spots.
Bucky came up right behind you, hugging you from behind. “Happy Father's day,” You said, turning around to face him. “How’d you sleep?”
“I slept like a baby thanks to you,” He responded. “For a second I thought you had gone to your house.”
“Sorry, figured I would do something nice for you, it is father’s day after all. If I knew I was going to be here I would’ve gotten you a gift.”
“Peach you are my gift,” He quipped, kissing the tip of your nose. “Nothing can be better than this.”
“You big sap,” You teased. “Come on, eat some breakfast. I’m sure you’re starving.”
Bucky didn’t say anything as he took you with him to the table, setting you on his lap after he sat down. He placed his chin on your shoulder,
“Yeah?” You responded as you fixed him a plate.
“I love you.”
You waited a couple of seconds before responding “I love you too,” You said as you set his plate down.
Bucky’s face lit up from joy when he heard the 4 words come from your mouth. “Does this mean you want to try again?” He whispered into your ear.
“Depends are you willing to make this work?” You whispered back in his ear.
“Of course I am. I’ll do anything.”
You brushed his hair back with your fingers. “Then yes, I want to try again.”
Bucky wasn’t going to mess up again. Not this time. This time he was going to make everything perfect just for you.
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001sgf · 3 months ago
grapes and wet dreams
Tumblr media
bucky barnes x fem!reader
word count: 4,027
warnings: age gap, swearing, smut
author’s note: new writing blog here :P feedback is greatly appreciated, also i didn’t proofread so i apologize in advance for any errors. enjoy :)
minors dni
Sighing heavily, you slumped backwards until your back hit the bed. You had just showered and took your time getting ready when you realized that you had nowhere to go. Ever since you began your training at the Avengers headquarters, they had insisted that you stay inside until the chaos started to die down. If it were any other day, month or year, you might have been able to escape this makeshift prison. But, your impeccable timing of enlistment now resulted in complete, utter isolation.
At least your days weren’t completely lonely, being surrounded by everyone else who was forced to cooperate with this temporary confinement. Natasha spent most of her time binging shows accompanied with a bottle of wine, or training with Steve. Sam and Bucky made the hours go by in the training room together, casually sparring or spotting each other while weightlifting. Then there was Wanda, who spent the majority of her time curled up with Vision on the couch, watching television. You were often finding yourself alone with the exception of the training.
Mindlessly scrolling through your phone, you were startled by the bombardment of notifications that began to flood the Avengers group chat. You opened your messages to see a plethora of selfies of Natasha and Steve binging on alcohol. The messages that followed were variants of the pair looking for company, followed by a bunch of random emojis.
It had been a while since you had spent quality time with the other members, so you decided to join them. You stood up to make your way toward the doorway, quickly becoming startled by the door across from you opening roughly.
It was Bucky, and he looked tired as hell.
“Look who’s up,” you said jokingly.
He grunts, then rubs his eyes before making his way down the stairs.
You followed shortly, subtly letting your eyes gaze over the man in front of you. You had never noticed how nice of a back he had. Sure, you knew he was stupid hot. That was obvious from the start, and made more painfully obvious through your occasional one on one training sessions with him. 
He was wearing a loose white T-shirt, which was made not so loose against his broad shoulders. You wouldn’t admit it to anyone, especially Natasha, sometimes not even yourself, but there was a small part of you that was attracted to Bucky. And not purely in a hormonal kind of way. You sometimes had intrusive thoughts of, sure, sex, but also bringing him a cup of tea because “you brewed too much in the kettle,” brushing away a stray eyelash while sparring, or sometimes even just wanting to reach out and smooth out that crease in the back of his white T-shirt.
However, you’d die before any of that ever became known to him. Not only was it embarrassing enough that he was a good chunk of years ahead of you, you were also the kid newbie. The Avenger-in-training. You were sure that everyone, especially Bucky given his age, thought of you as a kid.
Your thoughts were interrupted by two very drunk Avengers. “Look who decided to join us!” Steve laughs, taking a swig of whatever alcohol was in the glass cup in front of him. Natasha was sitting in a stool across from him, holding a bottle of beer in one of her hands.
“Whoa, slow down, Nat,” he laughed as you caught a glimpse of Natasha downing the rest of her beer. “You’ll regret it in the morning,” he said while slowly moving the bottle from her hands and onto the dining table. 
You heard a deep chuckle emerge from the kitchen, who you recognized as Bucky. Wiping the sweat off your palms which you didn’t realize were sweaty, you made your way into the kitchen to join him.
As you stepped into the threshold, your eyes were met with Bucky slabbing meat onto two pieces of bread. He looked up at you for a second before turning to open the refrigerator, pulling out a bottle of mustard. 
You awkwardly rested against the kitchen island before opening your mouth to speak. 
“Need any help?”
He doesn’t look at you when he speaks. “I got it, thanks.” He finishes spreading the condiment over the bread, using the same knife to cut the sandwich in half.
Damn, he had really nice hands. You also couldn’t help but notice how tiny he made that knife look.
“What, you want the other half or something?”
You also didn’t notice you were staring.
A blush started to creep onto your cheeks before you nodded and said, “Sure.” 
He handed you the other half while meeting your gaze and taking a bite of his.
“Thanks,” you said shyly. He didn’t respond and made his way out into the living room, where the rest of the family was still residing.
You followed suit after regaining your composure. Why did he make you so nervous? It’s not like he was famous or anything. Well, he was the Winter Soldier. Is. 
Your thoughts were interrupted with a drunken Natasha. 
“I’m so bored,” she said, jutting her lip out to feign a pouting face. “Let’s do something fun.”
She stood up to make her way to the kitchen, snatching multiple glasses from the cupboard and a bottle of cheap vodka before skipping back over to the living room. 
“How creative,” Steve said through a laugh while Natasha gave us each a glass, giving him a playful glare. 
“Ha, ha,” she feigned, sitting down and flicking the cap off the bottle. Bucky was sitting next to Steve at the table, just finishing his sandwich. You were too busy admiring him to notice Natasha had poured you a week’s worth of alcohol in your glass.
“No, no, Nat–” you started. 
“Yes, Y/N,” she stopped pouring once she was satisfied and looked at you with a cheeky grin. “You’ve been with us almost a month now, it’s time for all of us to know all your secrets through the coaxing of alcohol.”
Steve laughs at that, “Agreed,” he raises his glass in front of you expectantly. You realize embarrassingly late before raising your glass and tapping it against his.
“Cheers!” Natasha says, joining in on the clink, and downing her glass. You take a deep breath and hold your nose before downing the entire, probably two shots worth of vodka that Natasha poured you. Your eyes are still closed while you put down your glass and scrunch your face, opening them to see an impressed Steve and giggly Natasha looking at you.
“Damn, Y/N, didn’t think you had it in you,” Steve laughs. 
“I did,” Natasha says before giving you a nudge on your shoulder. You raise your eyes to Bucky to see him also looking at you with a slightly impressed look, although it’s hard to tell with him. He shifts his eyes away to down his own drink with ease, then gets up from his stool.
“Alright guys, time for me to call it.” Bucky says through a subtle groan as he stretches his arms behind him. You try to keep yourself from drooling.
“What?! No!” Natasha whines, “We’re just getting started!”
“Yeah Barnes, you a wimp or something?” Steve jokes.
Bucky doesn’t turn back as he says, “Spare me Rogers, I could drink you under the table.”
Steve laughs heartily before issuing the first challenge of the night. 
“Prove it then, old man.”
Bucky looks back at the three of us, meeting my own gaze for a second before saying,
“Fine, why the hell not,” he sits back down and sighs. 
Within the hour, the four of you were nearly finished with the vodka that Natasha had lugged from the kitchen. This was the first time in a while that you had been drunk, so your tolerance was much lower than you had anticipated. Probably shouldn’t have been so eager to down that drink she had given you.
Natasha had probably drank three times what you had and was still more sober than you, unsurprisingly.
“Let’s play a game,” she said. In the back, you caught Bucky stifling a laugh. 
“Like a board game?” you asked. Steve chuckled and turned to interject.
“Let’s play Truth or Dare,” he said. “I’ve never played it but hear it’s fun.”
“Yeah, if you’re in high school,” Bucky joked before taking a swig of his drink. Natasha’s eyes lit up at Steve’s idea.
“Yes! Let’s do it,” she said, giggling and shifting to move closer to the group.
Half an hour went by and so far Steve had been dared to take off his pants, Bucky had been dared to drink ketchup, and neither you or Nat had been dared to do anything out of the ordinary yet, only mildly embarrassing questions.
Steve came back from the bathroom, an entire roll of toilet paper adjourning his figure.
Bucky shook his head while Natasha thought it was the funniest thing she’d ever seen.
You giggled along with her, your feeble attempt at a dare turning out to actually be hilarious.
“My turn!” Natasha said, her words starting to slur. The drunk redhead turned to face you, barely being able to stop giggling before speaking. 
“Y/N,” she paused to take a quick drink, “Truth or dare?” Her words ran together to the point of being nearly incomprehensible. You stifled a laugh before answering confidently.
“I dare you to…” she opened her eyes for a moment before looking at you, slowly turning to Bucky, then back at you. You quickly figured out what sort of thing she was thinking as a playful smirk began to play on her lips. 
“Shit,” you thought. You knew she had some sort of gross dare up her sleeve that involved Bucky. You didn’t know exactly what sort of thing she was thinking, but you were apprehensive about anything that had to do with him. He was the subject of your fantasies, and he wanted nothing to do with you. Quite an awkward situation.
She held your gaze before speaking. “I dare you to make out with Bucky,” she said before taking another drink. 
You shut your eyes tightly as if to mimic yourself enthralled in a nightmare, opening your eyes with the hope of waking up in your bed. Instead, you were met with Natasha with a stupid grin on her face.
You turned to look at Bucky, who was already looking at you. Your eyes locked and he broke the tension by taking a sip of his drink and setting it down on the table. 
Natasha looked between you two before saying, “Well? We’re waiting,” with a laugh before filling up her glass yet again.
Bucky got up from the table to make his way over to you on the couch.
You felt your cheeks getting hotter as he made his way over to you. Was this really happening? You had expected him to scoff and dismiss Natasha’s stupid, embarrassing, kind of hot dare.
He took a seat next to you, his leg falling on top of the other as he leaned back nonchalantly.
“Well?” He asked, “Let’s get this over with. I want to get to bed,” he said gruffly.
You swallowed thickly. Should you initiate it or should he? You’re probably thinking too much about it. Just do it. You’re drunk anyways, it’s not like–
Your thoughts were interrupted by Bucky’s lips. 
You couldn’t believe it. You were actually kissing him. His lips were strangely soft. A bit chapped, and he smelled like mint and whisky. You probably smelled like a mustard sandwich and vodka. Oh god.
His lips left yours briefly, his face still intoxicatingly close to yours so he could say, “You gonna play along or what?”
Your face was probably impossibly flushed at this point. “Sorry, I–” you stammered.
“Do you not want to?” he asked, almost seeming like he was actually concerned. 
“No, no, it’s just, I–” 
“Good,” he grabbed the side of your face and pressed his lips against yours again, forcing a surprised gasp out of you and you could have sworn you felt him smirk against your lips.
Something about this kiss was different than the last, besides the glaring obvious of you actually kissing him back. The way he kissed you almost felt like a game, like he was playing with you. Well, you two were playing a game. But the way his lips moved against yours and the way his tongue was forcing its way into your mouth, prompting the kiss to become ever so slightly sloppy was making your head spin.
He took your bottom lip between his teeth, dragging it out far enough so that he could meet your eyes for a split second, before letting it bounce back and kissing you again. You were losing your mind. Your hands seemed to have minds of their own as they made their way to his chest, feeling the expanse of his muscles and god how badly you wanted to just feel him without the T-shirt.
He began to mimic your actions by trailing his hand down from your face to your shoulder, squeezing there before moving below to your waist. His hands were warm and each subtle graze he made was fueling a fire down below your stomach. You were growing more and more desperate with each touch, each movement from Bucky’s lips, hands, everything, and you almost started to move onto his lap before you were interrupted by Steve.
“Jesus, get a room, you two,” he laughed.
You startled easily by this, pulling away and retracting your hands from their active state. Oh god, I almost forgot we were in a room full of people.
Bucky seemed unbothered as he chuckled and got up to retrieve his drink, sitting back down at his previous stool at the table.
The silence was broken by Natasha and Steve laughing. You regained your composure on the couch before pulling out your phone to check the time, seeing it was after midnight. Rising to your feet, you hastily said your “goodbyes” and “goodnights” and made your way up the stairs and to your room. You shut the door and leaned your back against it, closing your eyes and heaving a much needed sigh. You shook your head and slipped off your clothes, grabbing a tank top to sleep in before peeling back the covers of your bed and laying down. You were so hot that you couldn't even bring yourself to put the covers on. Your mind relived the events of the last 20 minutes about a thousand times before you were able to drift asleep.
“Such a dirty little girl,” he says, curving his fingers inside of you, “Getting off on my fingers.”
You whimper, continuing your pitiful grinding against his fingers, begging him to go deeper.
“Please,” you whimper.
“You’re my dirty little whore, huh?” he asks, adding another finger into your soaking heat. 
“You like riding my fingers?” You can’t bring yourself to answer as you continue to grind against his long digits, breathlessly attempting to get him deeper.
You feel him add another finger. “I asked you a question,” he says darkly.
“Yes, please,” you moan. “Don’t stop.”
You feel yourself approaching your climax, shamelessly fucking yourself on Bucky’s fingers.
“Just like that, fuck,” you breathe. Your moans become higher in pitch and louder in volume as he impossibly begins to fuck you deeper with his fingers, all of them curving deliciously against your walls.
You awoke suddenly, sweat sticking to all sides of you even though you had no blanket on. 
Holy shit. 
You grabbed your pillow harshly and groaned into it. Why, oh why, does your subconscious decide to give you the very last thing you need when living across the hall from the man you’re deathly attracted to? And doesn’t even have the decency to let you finish?
You sigh, deciding to pack away your shame and shove your hand in your panties. 
The next few short minutes are a combobulation of thoughts from earlier, remnants of your dream, and some moans of Bucky’s name. You finish embarrassingly fast.
You decide that you probably aren’t sleeping for the rest of the night, so you make your way down to the kitchen to get a glass of water. 
You’re filling a cup with tap water and lost in your thoughts when a voice interrupts you.
“Bad dream?” Bucky’s voice is as clear as day from behind you. You almost drop your glass in the sink, spinning your head around to see him sitting at the counter behind you.
“Jesus!” you exclaim, clutching your glass to your chest. 
He chuckles, grabbing a grape from the bundle in front of him.
“Didn’t mean to scare ya,” he pops the grape in his mouth. How did you miss him sitting there when you walked in? And how does he still look so good at 3 am? You probably look like a sweaty mess.
You glare at him before regaining your composure and continuing to fill your glass with water.
“What was your dream?” he asks. He’s normally not this chatty, especially at this hour.
“What?” you say, confused and also still trying not to focus on how good his arms look in that shirt.
“I’m assuming you had a bad dream to be up this late,” he glances at the watch on his arm. His very muscular arm. 
“Oh, I just–” Why is it so hard to lie to him? “Couldn’t sleep,” you say simply. 
He eats another grape before brushing his hands on his pants and rising from his spot at the counter.
“You know,” he starts. He gestures with his hands to the upstairs. “This place has pretty thin walls,” Oh god.
He saunters over to you, slowly placing both hands on either side of you at the kitchen sink. “So you should probably think of a better lie before letting the whole headquarters know you’re fucking yourself to me.”
If you didn’t have a death grip of nervousness on your glass of water you probably would have dropped it. A hot wave of embarrassment washes over you and you don’t think you’ve ever been this ashamed and turned on at the same time. Your thighs subconsciously press together and you have to hold back a whine as his presence lingers over you.
“Tell me what you were thinking about,” he says. His breath fans over your face and you glance over to see his arms straining against the counter. He’s wearing the same shirt from earlier but it somehow looks sexier on him now.
“I–” you’re at a loss for words. He knows you were thinking about him, but hearing you say it and hearing him say it are two completely different things. How can you let the Winter Soldier know you were thinking about getting off on his fingers?
“I was--thinking about,” you take a deep breath. “I was thinking about your fingers,” you say shakily. His arms feel like they’re moving in closer even though they’re at the same spot and your breaths are getting shorter.
“What about my fingers?” he asks. His voice is completely composed but his body is telling another story. His arms seem like they’re fighting to stay in one place. His chest is heaving heavier than normal, and his eyes are dark with lust.
“Riding them,” you say, a whine barely escaping your lips as your thighs are desperately clenching to create any kind of friction.
Bucky takes notice of your feeble attempts of satiating yourself, prompting him to move his head down to kiss the expanse of your neck, and then down to your exposed collarbone, which is easily accessible through the neckline of your shirt. 
He moves down to your clothed stomach, gripping your waist with both hands before sliding your shirt up just enough to kiss above the hemline of your panties. He’s watching you as intently as you’re watching him.
His kisses get slower and slower until he reaches your clit, still covered by your underwear. He places the softest, slowest kiss there before moving down to your thighs. His kisses begin to get harder as he starts to lick and suck his way back up to your panties, not breaking eye contact the entire time. Jesus christ.
His hands find their home on your thighs, and your eyes melt shut when he places another soft kiss on your clit, which soon turns into a firm lick. Before you know it, he’s tonguing the spot where your clit would be through your panties and you didn’t realize how hard you were grasping the edge of the counter. 
His right hand moves from its spot on your thigh to shove your panties to the side. Your eyes flutter open to look at the man below you, who in turn looks at you, flashes you a smirk, and dives back into his work.
If you thought what he was doing before was good, you took yourself by surprise by letting out a loud whine at the first contact of his tongue. 
He stopped his work to look at you, “Gotta be quiet, sweetheart,” he says, his voice husky.
You nod quickly, “Sorry,” you’re hoping he’ll resume faster if you comply.
Your wish was granted as he wastes no time in working his tongue on you, using his dominant hand to work two fingers inside you. You moan again almost immediately, to which he doesn’t stop to scold you this time.
Your hand flies up to cover your mouth as he begins to curl his fingers, earning more moans from you which are now muffled by your palm. Your hips subconsciously start to grind against his fingers and you’re starting to feel dizzy from the double stimulation. 
You feel his mouth leave your clit but his fingers remain inside you. “This what you wanted?” he asks, fingers pumping deliciously against your walls. You can barely speak as you’re trying to stifle your own moans with your hand. Your hips are practically bucking against him at this point.
“I asked you a question,” his fingers start to go faster. “Answer me.”
“Yes,” you say through a pitiful wine. You’re sure you probably said that too loud, but you’re too close to care. You want to come so badly on his fingers, and on his mouth, and god everywhere. 
His mouth goes down to suck on your clit, nibbling softly and then going back to using his tongue. It feels like a million different sensations and your head is somehow dizzier than before and you are definitely about to come, and Bucky can tell. Your hips are getting sloppier and your breathing is jagged, and your moans are getting louder through your weak attempt at suppressing them. 
“Gonna come,” you say through breaths. Bucky doesn’t say anything, just continues fucking you with his fingers, before adding one more and then curling them inside you, and oh god you’re coming. You’re coming on Bucky’s fingers.
Your legs lock and your hands are gripping his shoulders like you’re on a rollercoaster, and chants of Bucky’s name are falling off your lips like it’s second nature. The hand suppressant technique is long forgotten and you’re sure the entire headquarters just heard you come.
Bucky’s head is leaning against your thighs, his fingers softly moving inside you, eventually slipping them out. His eyes meet yours and everything is still a little blurry, but you swore you saw a smile on his lips.
“Did so good, doll,” he plants a kiss on your thigh before rising from his knees.
“Hope that helps you get some sleep,” he says, leaving you a pile of putty against the kitchen sink. You watch as he walks away from you, grabbing another grape from the long forgotten bundle on the counter, popping it in his mouth and licking his fingers.
“Tastes sweet,” he turns his head to remark, and you feel a blush creep across your entire body.
That was definitely not the last you dreamt of Bucky Barnes.
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groguspicklejar · 2 months ago
soft days [Bucky Barnes]
summary: After facing The Flag Smashers and saving the world once more, Bucky offers you his place to crash after yours got burned to the ground. But with the constant flirting, you almost regret accepting... almost.
prompt: "All you need is a little love, and some freshly baked cookies. But an orgasm never hurt anybody."
pairing: tfatws!Bucky Barnes x reader
warnings: +18 smut, Bucky being a smug little shit, language, Shirtless Bucky, fingering, allusions to fem receiving.
A/N: This wasn't proofread. I'll fix the mistakes later. Please leave a like, comment and reblog. Enjoy❤️
Tumblr media
Bucky Barnes is a fucking tease. And he fucking knows it.
Through all the months of paperwork, you had to sort through after the Flag Smashers attacked, you realized this annoying little fact when Bucky would walk around the apartment half-naked.
You didn't have a crush on him. You swear you weren't attracted to him and didn't think of him that way. This was of course a complete lie because your brain would short circuit whenever you'd see miles of muscle and black and vibranium gold.
You sat on the couch, typing away and chose to ignore his tall figure as he strode around his kitchen. Or rather, tried to. Your thighs clenched as you watched the muscles on his back muscles flexing while he ransacked the fridge.
He drank from the carton of milk and turned to look at you. "You work too much."
"Well, someone has to." you muttered, focusing on the screen of your laptop.
"When was the last time you ate?" he asked, tilting his head.
For the first time, you really took the time to pause and think about something other than the workload that has been pushing you to the limit. "I think yesterday?"
It hadn't been a few hours into this new day, right? The only time you remember putting something edible in your mouth was in fact yesterday, you just couldn't recall the time. However, you did recall Bucky making a lot of lame jokes and smiling when you almost choked on your food.
God, that smile made you weak.
Then your attention shifted back to your laptop as soon as you put a stop to that train of thought. No need to dwell on those distracting moments. You need to work.
"Yeah, at breakfast." he pointed out, propping down next to you. "Doll, come on."
You chose to ignore him simply for the fact that he chose the worst day to be showing off his godlike form. "Have something to eat."
"Barnes, I'm not in the mood for sugar at this hour." Your brows furrowed as you focused. You might have found a good enough living arrangement just yet. Only for your device to be snatched from your lap. "Wha— Hey!"
He held it in his vibranium hand. "Since when are we on a last name basis now, sweetheart?"
"Since you keep trying to distract me from work and house hunting."
"Am I really that bad?" he smirked, licking his lips. The fucker knew how tempting he fucking was. And how annoying. "I offer you a place to sleep and remind you to eat and take care of yourself."
He leaned further into your space, which made you inhale sharply. You played it off by putting your feet on the couch, adding a barrier between the you two.
"Yeah, and you drink straight from the milk carton." You will never cease the satisfaction you get from calling him out on his bullshit. "Give it back."
"Not until you eat." He waved the pastry in your face.
You brushed him off, rolling your eyes. And then you felt his arm draping over your shoulder. His warmth oozed into your skin, and as did his scent, which did things to your raging mind.
"Just sayin, sweetheart." His hand caressed your knee, slowly gliding further and further and you found your thoughts bending to his will. "All you need is a little love, and some freshly baked cookies."
You watched him safely put the laptop away and closed it. Then he put the pastry on top of it. What you didn't expect was for him to lean closer to you.
"Wh—what're you—" you stuttered feebly, backing away when his nose touched yours, fully aware of the vibranium hand pressed on your ribcage as his stature loomed over you.
"But an orgasm never hurt anyone."
Goddammit, Barnes.
You scowled, feeling your cheeks burn at the lazy grin settling on his smug face. The warmth between your legs grew exponentially with each moment his hand inched closer to your your shorts, his fingers slipping underneath the hem.
You sucked in a shaky breath when his cold fingers instantly made contact with where you wanted him the most. Instantly, your thighs clenched around his hand.
Fuck, he was just touching your clit and it already feels like you were boiling in your own skin. Your teeth caught your bottom lip as you struggled not to let out a sound, as you were struggling to breathe properly.
"Sweetheart, you're drenched." He licked his lips, humming as he observed how your head lolled back. "I've always wondered if you'd taste as good as you look."
"Fuck you..." you hissed through clenched teeth, struggling to keep your eyes open because his fingers -God, his fingers- made tight little circles on your clit.
"Oh, I'm about to."
You hadn't had an orgasm in months. Bucky's enhanced hearing was always that one factor that inhibited you from touching yourself. Whenever the itch needed to be scratched, you drowned yourself in work instead.
Which is why the pressure built rapidly, taking you higher and higher so fast, you were scared of the fall. Heat pooled in your belly, swirling, threatening to burst you right open.
He gave you a smile so dubious when you let out a shaky moan, you thought you were staring straight at a predator. You hadn't realized he was prowling over you until your back hit the couch. His arm being the only thing keeping your legs from shutting in completely.
"You're full of shit."
"And you about to be full of me, baby." You wanted to smack the smug grin off his face.
"Barnes—" you hissed, trying to close your legs, more out of instinct than anything, despite your pussy clenching so tightly around his fingers. He didn't let you, pushing more of his weight on top of you until your knees were on either sides of his torso and he pushed his fingers so deep that your toes curled while you sighed in delight. "Y—you're such a..."
Your hand grasped his wrist, the one between your legs and you didn't realize your hips raised to find more pleasure, more of his touch. You wanted more, but you didn't want to say it. Didn't want to give him the satisfaction.
"Sorry, doll." he said, kissing your neck. "What was that?"
You keened harshly, the heat in your stomach building faster, taking you higher and and higher. Bucky plants another delicate kiss on your pulse, his teeth grazing your collarbone and that had done it.
The orgasm hit you harder than you'd expected. Hot-white pleasure flooding your entire system with a force than numbed every last frantic thought in your mind. Your spine bowed tightly as you barely turned your head to mewl into the cushion that was beside your head.
Leaving you vulnerable, unaware of Bucky's gaze. Unaware of the desire just waiting to be unleashed as he watched you cum on his fingers. For he's waited too long to see this happen in real time. You didn't see how he looked at you, like you were the most precious thing to ever exist because your eyes were tightly shut.
"That's what I thought." Your limbs were too weak to smack him in the face.
You breathed deeply, turning your head in time to see him licking his fingers and a moan slipped through his lips. The sight made your cheeks burn hotter than they already did. Your heart might jump through your chest and that worried you.
He leaned back on his knees and took off his shirt. Then he looked down on you, and you felt more like prey with each passing second.
You gasped when he threw your legs over his shoulders and you see his tongue swiping over his lips as he pulled your shorts off, along with your soaked panties to the side. He siched your legs apart this time, groaning as he kissed your weakened thighs.
"Now sit back and let me help you relax."
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marvelbabi · 6 months ago
Hidden Romance-b.b.
a/n: definitely not the first piece I've written, but my first post on here! please like, comment, reblog, basically just boost this story for others to see <3 i'm currently taking requests, so please don't be shy and let me hear your amazing ideas!
pairing(s): dom!bucky barnes x f!sub!reader
story summary: warned by your father-like-figure to stay away from his war buddy, James Buchanan Barnes, but you find him in your bed after a few too many drinks. Is it just a drunken mistake or something more? (a series in the making)
warnings: 18+, smoking/drinking, soft mentions of trauma, obvious age gap, dom/sub dynamic, unprotected sex, size kink, daddy kink, praise kink, BDSM, soft degradation, soft exhibitionism, choking, creampie, pussy slapping, petnames (peach, doll, princess, toy), fingering, sexual tension (please lmk if i missed any!)
word count: 5.6k+
Tumblr media
It was an average Friday for you, having found yourself at Kate's bar, loudly chatting with the almost deaf Clint - who was a few beers too deep for how early it was in the night - and your bubbly sister Wanda who matched Clint’s energy perfectly. You laughed at the two lightweights though you couldn’t quite complain, fore it would be total hypocrisy after how many shots Kate laid in front of you, thankfully placing a cup of water next to each one. You smiled graciously at your friend as she decided to forego the next shot and replaced it with soda. You took a sip of the cool drink, sighing at the relief it gives your burning throat, causing Clint to chuckle.
You turned to look at the clock that hung above the entrance of the bar, smirking to yourself when you see the time. You pulled out your pocket mirror from your purse, checking your lipstick and smoothing down some stray hairs before you notice both Kate and Clint widely grinning at you.
“Getting dolled up for Mr. Barnes, aye?” Clint slurred, his attempt at a whisper loud enough to pull a snort from your friend on the opposite side of the bar. You punched his arm with a playful smile tugging at your lips. “’m not judging, just be careful of Daddy Rogers.”
You managed to force a small laugh, suddenly embarrassed by the topic. It wasn’t a secret that you were attracted to Bucky, almost the whole team knew. It started about a year ago, when you first met Bucky.
You were quite new to the team, along with your siblings, Pietro and Wanda, when Bucky was brought on to the team by Captain Steve Rogers. You were training with the other two triplet’s, trying to take on both at once when Bucky walked in next to Steve, causing you to lose your concentration and allowing Pietro the opportunity to rush a punch to your stomach.
Clutching your stomach in pain as your brother held an arrogant grin on his face, you felt your adrenaline skyrocket and by the look on Wanda’s features, Pietro knew he messed up.
“Wait-“ You quickly casted your spell before he could finish speaking, vines racing up his legs, trapping him in place before he could run. You smirked as you managed to outsmart him perfectly before colliding your fist with his chin and watching him fall back in shock as the plants dispersed.
With a smug look on your face, you finally turned your attention back to the two men who had just walked into the training room, a tint rising to your cheeks when you saw Bucky staring at you in a mixture of amazement and shock. Rogers stood with his arms crossed over his chest with an approving look on his face before speaking up.
“Glad to see you improving on your magic use, but before you steal the show, I’d like to introduce you all to James Buchanan Barnes. He’s a childhood friend of mine!” Steve energetically says, clapping a hand on Bucky’s back.
You looked toward the man, finally being able to take in his looks. He looked disheveled, hair long and knotted, unshaven and a readable sadness lingering in his icy blue eyes, but you felt your heart stutter as you looked him over. He looked so broken, yet so… beautiful.
As Steve was introducing your siblings, you faintly heard him speak your name, causing Bucky’s eyes to meet your stare. He chuckled softly before reaching for your subconsciously outstretched hand. His hand had enveloped your small one completely as he gently shook it.
“Pleasure. You can call me Bucky.” A deep, raspy voice crocked out of his throat, almost making you melt right on the spot.
“Okay, James.” You teased lightly, hoping to ease his obvious discomfort at least somewhat. He chuckled softly before releasing you to return to your sister’s side.
“I wouldn’t mind training with him.” Wanda whispered in your ear, a giddy giggle leaving her lips. You turned to remind her of their super hearing before Steve looked towards the two of you.
“None of that. He is 105 years old, and he’s off limits to you girls.” Steve declared, pointing at you and your sister, but you were too busy linking eyes with Bucky. This time, it was you who had caught him staring. “Do you understand, y/n?” Steve brought your attention back to him, causing you to quietly nod at his father-like tone and turned away to continue your training session, but not without feeling eyes staring you down before the men took their leave.
You didn’t lie when you agreed that Bucky was a line to not cross, but that didn’t stop you from applying a light layer of make up right when you wake up, or wearing the tightest sports wear you could find on the days you trained with Bucky, or even wearing a dress that shaped your body perfectly to his birthday party, and now here you were, getting ready for him while you waited for the rest of the team to join the four of you.
Like clockwork, you heard the chime of the front door opening, causing you turn in your chair - the other’s around you followed your eyesight – to see the other avengers filing into the bar. First was Steve, Natasha on his arm as the two laughed at something Sam said as he stood beside them. Behind them was Bruce and Tony, the rich inventor bragging to the doctor about his new suit. Your eyes searched for Bucky but a pout formed on your face when he was nowhere to be seen.
Natasha was the first to cone squeeze you tightly, squealing as she did so. She kept her hands on your arms as she pulled away and her famous grin formed on her lips.
“Bucky is outside smoking, just in case you were in need of a smoke.” She spoke in a hushed tone, your mood instantly becoming brighter. You couldn’t help but grabbing her face and placing a kiss on her forehead. You didn’t know if it was your girlish excitement or the countless shots you poured down your throat for a confidence boost, but you hardly had time to worry about it before you were on your feet and rushing out the door.
Looking around for the all too familiar rough looking man, you spotted him leaning against the side of the bar with his eyes on his phone. With one last smoothing of your hair and clothes, you walked into his eyesight. When Bucky finally saw you, a small smile grew on his face before he disregarded his phone in his jacket pocket. Taking a drag from his cigarette, Bucky pushed himself off the wall, walking up to you, his tall frame towering over you.
“Couldn’t wait another minute for me, doll?” Bucky teased in his usual manner, before wrapping his arm around your waist in a hug. It had been a few days since you last saw him due to his last mission. Your arms wrapped around him in return, a laugh leaving your mouth before you pulled away.
“Don’t flatter yourself, James,” You said, pulling out a cigarette from your personal pack, placing it in your mouth. Bucky watched as you lit the cigarette between your teeth, his eyes resting on your lips for a moment. “I just don’t like smoking alone in public.” You added after blowing the smoke from your lungs and leaning back against the wall.
“Worried someone will come snatch you up?” Bucky smirked, taking a step closer to you, somewhat trapping you against the wall. His eyes watched yours for a reaction, his tongue swiping across his bottom lip. You strained your neck to look up at him, innocently looking at him through your lashes. “You’re stronger than that y/n.” He teased as he hit the cig in his hand, blowing the smoke lightly over your face.
“Funny you think so. Maybe you should tell that to Stark.” Your fingers found his jacket zipper as a sigh escaped your lips.
You hadn’t been on an actual mission like your siblings had. Not once since you joined the team, but you could only blame yourself. It wasn’t that you were a bad fighter, but over the last couple of months, your magic had been acting.. weird to say the least. It would fluctuate with your mood, causing you to be a safety hazard on the field. It was starting to frustrate you. You hadn’t notice Bucky shift his position, placing his gloved metal hand on the wall beside your head. It was only when you felt his hot breath on your face that you looked up at it, placing your hand flat on his chest.
“You know why he’s like that, peach,” Peach. His personal nickname for you that made you gush like a teenager. “We just got to get your powers under control, then you can come be my pretty sidekick.” He lightened the mood like always by teasing, granting him a laugh from you. He stayed close to you for a little while longer, waiting as you finished your smoke, his already long gone and the butt discarded on the ground.
Once you were done, he led you back into the bar, his hand on the small of your back in a domineering way. You felt a familiar flutter in your heart, one that only Bucky creates. He carefully brought you through the now crowded bar as you struggled to make it back to the team, Sam throwing his hands up in the air when he saw you.
“y/n!” He pulled you in for a hug, Bucky’s hand disapprovingly leaving the exposed skin on your waist. “Where’d you go?” You smiled up at him, about to answer before Steve lifted you from behind. You squeal, slapping his arms, cursing the super serum running through his and Bucky’s veins. He placed you down steadily on the ground, wrapping his arms around your shoulders.
“How are you doing, shortstack?” Steve asked, receiving a chuckle from both Sam and Bucky, the two of them now nursing beers in their hands. You rolled your eyes with small smile on your face as you took your seat between Wanda and Nat.
“I’m alright, I saw an old friend today, so not too bad.” You replied, bringing up events prior to this evening. Natasha’s eyes widened, her hand quickly grabbing yours in curiosity. You mentally cursed yourself, calling Kate over to order another drink, you’d need one with your sister and best friends now throwing questions towards you. The only one who hadn’t said anything was Bucky.
Ignoring the obscene number of questions being asked of you, you buried your head in your hands, feeling a presence lean over you to place a now empty bottle on the bar. You looked up from your hands to see Bucky once again towering you, causing a hot blush to run to your face. He leaned down closely to your ear as he waited for another beer to be placed in front of him.
“So, who’s the guy?” Bucky asked with a smirk, Natasha smiling to herself as she hears his protective tone that completely goes over your head. You took a small sip of your drink before giving a meek reply.
“It wasn’t a guy, Buck,” You assured him, not taking note of the way his shoulders relaxed slightly. “It was just someone who I used to know back in grade school.” Wanda perked up at the mention of old times, a reminiscent smile resting on her lips as she turned back to her previous conversation.
“Mm.” He hummed softly in your ear, somewhat content with your reply before Kate placed a round of shots on the table instead of his beer. A groan left Bucky’s mouth, causing you to stiffen slightly in your chair due to his proximity. The alcohol was definitely starting to get to you, but that didn’t stop you from grabbing the small glass in front of you as everyone else lined up at the bar.
You felt Bucky once again return his hand to your skin, his fingers brushing your waist as he tried to fit everyone at the bar. You shivered slightly under the touch of his cool leather gloves but smiled as everyone hit the bottom of their glass on the bar before throwing back their shots. Your face scrunched up a bit at the burning that returned to your throat, Bucky grinning to himself.
“Careful there, peach, it’s not even nine o’clock.” He held your water up for you to take and once you did, you almost finished the full cup, earning a chuckle from Bucky as he rubbed your back. Tonight was gonna be a long night.
It was around one thirty in the morning when you and the rest of the team stumbled out of the bar. You and the other three girls were laughing loudly as you almost fell over each other. It was obvious that you four were hammered, and even Clint and Tony were babbling nonsense as Banner pulled them too his car with a groan of annoyance. Steve and Sam took ahold Natasha and Wanda, pulling them away as well while Kate pulled you into a hug before beginning to walk back to her apartment. Once the team dispersed, that left you and Bucky standing on the sidewalk alone.
“Let me give you a ride back to the complex,” He offered, reaching over to hold you up as he led you to his motorcycle. You gasped when you saw it and put your hands on his chest to object, but you were already being lifted onto the bike. “Come on, doll, it’s only ten minutes away, five if you wanna go faster.” He bargained, making you bite your bottom lip nervously as he took his seat behind you, his burly chest pressing against your back.
He rested his hands on your waist as he waiting for confirmation, smiling when he saw you timidly nod. He removed his hands from your body before reaching around your frame and revving his engine. The bike took off fast and you squeezed your eyes shut as your fingernails dug into his thighs. Bucky noticed your nerves and you felt his stubble hit your cheek as he leaned into earshot.
“Open your eyes, peach, I got you.” His voice was soft and comforting, reassuring you as you slowly peeled your eyes open. You watched as he swerved through the once full streets, careful enough not to jostle you around as the Christmas lights that littered the streets flew past you. You relaxed into his chest as you put your trust in him and you smiled as the wind hit your faces. “There you go, peach! Good girl.” Your mind blurred at his praise, wiggling against him in embarrassment as you let a small smile graze your features.
His comment made your heart rush, leaving you praying that Bucky couldn’t feel it banging against your rib cage. You weren’t sure if it was the alcohol making you courageous, but you slowly reached up to wrap your hand around the back of his neck as you buried yourself deeper in his chest.
Your fingers played with his now short roots as you looked at him with glossy eyes. Bucky had definitely changed a lot since joining the team. He looked healthier than before, fresh and clean, but his eyes still held the same sadness that they did the day you met him. You softly scratched at his scalp with your nails, hearing Bucky take a sharp inhale as he glanced down at you. Your face was rosy from the alcohol, and he could see how intoxicated you were just by the way you looked at him.
Bucky wished time could stop for a moment, just so he could look at you longer. He groaned softly as you gave the hair at his nape a tug, causing him to accelerate. He knew that if he had you with him any longer, he wouldn’t be able to head Steve’s warning, you were just tempting to him. Before long, you pulled into the Avenger’s complex, Bucky parking his bike before he politely took your hand to help you off.
You stumbled, grabbing his forearms to stable yourself. You could feel his cold metal through his jacket, the arm that he so desperately tried to hide from public view. It made you heart ache just to think about. With a small tug of your arm, Bucky led you to the elevator, releasing your hand as he pushed the button to your floor, but not pressing his. Was he going to walk you back to your room? What a gentleman. Your thoughts were quickly interrupted by Jarvis speaking.
“Good evening, Mr. Barnes, Ms. Maximoff, welcome back.” The human like voice echoed through the elevator.
“Thank you, Jarvis. Where are the others?” You asked curiously, nodding when he told you they were all already in their rooms. You nodded, sure the AI picked it up on the security camera above you.
When the door opened, Bucky continued to lead the way towards your room as your eyes stayed fixated on his back. He had slipped off his jacket in the elevator, leaving him in a tight red shirt while the gold on his metal arm shimmered in the light, slightly covered by the jacket thrown over his arm. You found yourself caught staring when he turned around in front of your door, frowning when he saw where your eyes landed.
“I’m sorry,” You squeaked out as you fumbled to unlock your door. You flashed your eyes over your shoulder as he took of his gloves, his hands turning into fists as he stared daggers at the floor. You pushed open your door before placing your fingers on the metallic groves. “If it’s any consolation, I was admiring, not judging.” You say in a hushed tone, looking up at him with a small smile.
“I don’t know how you could do that, doll.” Bucky sighed, running his flesh hand in his hair as his icy eyes meet yours, tension building in him as he watched you begin to trace the pattern of the cool surface.
“It’s you, James. I will always admire you.” You confidently spoke, keeping your eyes on his as he searched your face for dishonesty. His eyes dipped down your form to take you in fully before he instinctively starting to step towards you. You timidly let him back you into the room, eyes never leaving his as you heard the click of the door locking behind him. “James?” You managed to crock out as he continued walking towards you, dropping his jacket to the floor in a lump.
You felt the bed soon hit the back of your knees, submissively sitting down before him on the soft mattress, gulping softly as Bucky stilled right above you. He didn’t make a sound, his pupils blown in an emotion you couldn’t quiet read as he looked down at you. He hesitantly reached out to you with his left hand, something he usually wouldn’t do, holding your chin as his thumb pulled on your lip. You melted into his touch, kissing the metal digit as it played with your mouth.
Fuck it.
Before either of you could remember that you both knew better, Bucky had your face cupped in his hands and his soft lips were finally on yours. It didn’t take you nearly a second before you returned his needy touch, the alcohol pushing you along like a wing man. He reached down to cup your thighs with his large hands before picking you up from the bed and into his arms, not once letting his lips leave yours as he delicately placed you both down farther up on the big bed. His lips left yours only to connect with the skin of your jaw, kissing and biting at the sensitive skin, careful not to make any visible marks.
“Tell me to stop,” Bucky breathed out into your ear before he continued hastily planting kisses to your skin. You could feel his hands massaging your hips as your legs stayed clutched around his waist. “Tell me you don’t want this and I’ll leave. But if you don’t, I can’t promise that you won’t be waddling tomorrow.” You couldn’t help but release a small whine at his statement, wanting needing to make this forbidden fantasy a part of your reality.
“I want you.. James.” You hushed him as he faltered, the sound of his name rolling off your tongue was heavenly. He was quick to trap your lips in another kiss. It was different then the first kiss, secure and sure of his decision as he now bruised your lips with his. He reluctantly pulled away from you to pull his shirt over his head, about to return to your lips before he felt your fingertips graze the many scars on his shoulder. He grabbed your hand to pull it away, but you kept it firm in place.
“Relax, I would never judge you.” You reassured him, feeling him put more weight on you as he relaxed into your touch. You couldn’t begin to imagine what Bucky had been through but the scars on his body all told a story, one’s that you were so desperate to understand. Before you could change the topic, you felt Bucky shift against you, causing another small whine to form in your throat as his erection brushed against your warm core. You thanked whatever gods there were that you wore a skirt today, and just a skirt.
Bucky smirked, - knowing full well what had happen - before carefully grinding his hips into you, creating friction where your bodies met. Your breath hitched as the fabric from his tight jeans rubbed your sensitive mound, your eyes falling closed. His hands found their way back to your hips, aiding you in grinding against his hard on while he placed another kiss to your swollen lips. Not ceasing his actions, Bucky reached up your short skirt, hiding his warm fleshed hand under the fabric and smirking against your lips as further exploration discovered your lack of panties.
Carefully, his calloused thumb found your clit, beginning to rub small, lazy circles as he pulled from your kiss to hear a soft moan escape you. A sound rumbled in his chest, and he dips a thick finger into you. He wanted more of the beautiful noises you made, and you easily gave it to his demands.
“This wet for me, peach?” He watched as your eyes fluttered open to meet his, struggling to respond as he pumped his finger in your tight hole, failing to form a sentence and giving him a simple nod in reply. “Words baby, use ‘em.” He commanded as he leaned over your body, slipping another finger into your throbbing cavern, causing you to squeal.
“Y..Yes, James.. all for you..” You managed to mutter; submissiveness clear on your face as you gripped his shoulders for support. Bucky kissed your temple in praise before deepening the thrust of his fingers, his digits curling perfectly inside of you. He placed his lips on yours again, swallowing your sounds as he continued fucking you with his fingers. Breathing became harder against Bucky’s lips and he soon carefully removed his fingers from your sore cunt.
You whined is displeasure, missing the feeling of his thick fingers filling you, shocked as he slowly brought them to his lips. You watched with hooded eyes as he licked his fingers clean of your juices, a loud groan leaving his throat at your taste. He pushed himself off you to stand, your thighs instantly pressing together in hopes of some relief. He gently helped you sit up on your shaky knees, removing your cardigan from your shoulders, followed by your shirt. His smirk grew when he saw you were also lacking a bra and when you go to unzip your skirt, his hand stopped you, making you look up at him sweetly.
“Leave the skirt. I love how you look in it.” He complimented earnestly before flipping you onto your stomach, knocking the breath from your lungs. He then grabbed your hips, hiking them up into the air before lifting your skirt, allowing the cold air to blow on your slick covered pussy.
You blushed at how exposed you were before Bucky placed a harsh smack on your ass. Taking note of all the pretty love scars you have on your bum and thighs; it was clear to Bucky that you weren’t the pure girl you had made yourself out to be. Another moan filled the quiet room as he refilled your hole with his fingers, a squelching sound from your slick becoming louder as more of your slick puddled onto his palm.
“Can’t wait to fill this pretty little cunt.” He mumbled, mostly to himself as he slowly unzipped his pants, your cunt squeezing his fingers as you hear his pants hit the ground. “‘m gonna fill you up until you’re leaking me for days, peach.”
He removed his fingers before grabbing ahold of your wrists, pulling them together behind your back. He carefully begins to tie your hands together with his belt, the leather rubbing your skin in a majestic way as he tightened its hold. You pressed your cheek deeper into the bed, straining to see the man behind you while he pulled down his boxers. You watched in awe as his thick and veiny member hit his stomach, causing you to subconsciously arch your back further for him.
“What a sweet little toy you are, hm?” Bucky cooed softly, running his tip through your folds, gathering your slick and using his hand to pump it down his length. Your cunt clenched around nothing, whimpering due to the emptiness as you pressed your backside against him, his tip popping inside your pussy. He carefully grabbed a fistful of your hair, yanking you back until you were flush with his chest. “Patience, little one,” He pushed into you with an agonizingly slow thrust, his dick splitting you in two. “That’s it.. fuck..”
The stretch of him inside had you seeing stars, tears stinging your eyes as he pulled almost fully out before sheathing himself deep inside of you. A loud moan escaped your mouth and Bucky released your hair to wrap his metal digits around your neck, but not nearly tight enough to hurt you in any way. He pressed a kiss to your shoulder before completely stilling his movements. Your whimper echoed off the wall as you started circling your hips on his cock in a silent plea for him to move.
“Beg for it, doll.” He commanded and you didn’t have to think twice before shakily whispering ‘please sir’.
Bucky pushed you down onto the bed, his hand between your shoulder blades to still you while metal dug pleasurably into you ass. He began to thrust into you deeply, reaching unexplored parts of you. Moans and mewls of pleasure fell from your lips, increasing in volume as Bucky’s thrusts quickened. His body trapped yours into the mattress as he bit your shoulder to quiet his own sweet noises. He continued to pump into you, you mind become hazy as you muttered out ‘thank you’ and ‘’s so good”.
“Are you cock drunk, peaches?” He grumbled in your ear, nipping at its sensitive skin as his pelvis smashed against your ass. The nickname made you clench around him, earning a loud groan from his throat. “Oh baby, do it again. Please, peaches. Be a good girl for daddy.” His encouragement hit you straight in the core, your walls fluttering once more around him as the coil in your stomach began to make itself known.
“J..James..” You stuttered, slowly losing yourself to the pleasure. “I’m close..” You finally whined out after struggling with his deep thrusts into you.
Suddenly, he pulled out, leaving you in a bit of worry before he easily flipped you on to your back. It was the first time you got to see all of him clearly. Your eyes trailed down his scar covered chest and to his pulsating cock that was quickly stuffed back inside of you. You back arched due to your hands still tied behind your back, leaving your nipples open for Bucky’s metal fingers to pinch.
“Look at me, princess,” He began, his nickname for you once again changing, not being able to choose which suited you more in his lust drunk state. “Wanna see you when you break.” You mewled in response, Bucky once again pounding himself into you.
Then a knock was placed at your door.
Bucky stilled as Steve’s voice broke through the silence.
“y/n?” Steve called sheepishly. “You and Bucky get home alright?” Bucky grinned evilly before he gripped your hips and started thrusting deeper than before. You couldn’t help but clench your pussy around his length as you replied.
“Y..yeah! I’m s..safe!” You manage to get out as the sound of skin slapping against skin began to grow in volume.
“You okay in there?” Steve asked obliviously. Bucky chuckled in your ear as he felt your pussy get tighter around him. Bucky was about to push you off the edge in front of Steve and he knew exactly what he was doing.
“Y..yes.. Steve!” You yelled his name as Bucky hit that special spot, Bucky growling in distaste as his pace turned sloppy. You should be screaming his name.
“Okay. Remember, you have training tomorrow,” Steve continued, the mewls starting to escape your lips. Bucky placed his hand over your lips, letting you moan into his hand. “So be up by eight thirty tomorrow. That’s all. Goodnight, shortstack.”
“Good..night Ca-!” You felt the orgasm ripple through your body as Bucky quickly returned his hand to your lips after allowing you to reply. Your walls held Bucky tight, pulling him closer to his own high as his uneven pace began to overstimulate your body. You wiggled in Bucky’s grip, but he held on firmly as he helped you ride out your high, simultaneously reaching for his own. Once the two of you heard Steve’s door click shut, Bucky released your lips, listening as you began to babble nonsense.
The cold metal came in contact with your neck again, you earning your neck a warning squeeze when you tore your eyes off of him. Bucky held your face straight in front of his, making you look into his blackened eyes as his other hand found it’s way to your puffy clit. Your back arched in sensitivity as you quickly felt another high coming.
“Don’t want you ever fuckin’ screaming another man’s name. ‘s my little toy.” He said possessively, leaving a smack against your cunt, the pain almost bringing you back to your tipping point. “’s all mine.” He claimed, biting down deep on your chest, causing a small whimper to leave your lips as he kissed the indention of his teeth.
You were so close and all you wanted him to do was kiss your aching lips, but your brain wasn’t allowing you to make a compounded word. As if reading your thoughts, Bucky pressed his lips firmly to yours and pulled his hand from your clit to wrap his arms around your waist, releasing your lips to keep his eyes on you as he stopped thrusting out of you, simply rocking his hips fast onto yours.
“’m so close, baby,” Bucky chocked out, finally losing his composure and ducking his head in the crook of your neck as he began to lose all control of his hips.
You couldn’t bear to talk, simply letting out lewd noises as your second orgasm hit you, walls gripping Bucky’s dick for dear life and with one final thrust, he coated your walls with his thick streams of cum. He stayed buried deep inside you as he caught his breath, carefully releasing your wrists from constriction, rubbing them gently to improve circulation before noticing his cum dripping from you and on the bed.
“Now, this won’t do, peach,” You mewled softly as he lifted your leg up against his chest before thrusting into your overstimulated cunt. You moaned loudly in return as he fucked his cum back inside of you, causing your body to shake and tremble.
Once Bucky was happy satisfied with his work, you felt his length slide out of you. You noticed him stand, looking back at him with sleepy eyes. He caught sight of your stare, soon returning to you and placing a deep kiss on your lips as he dipped a towel between your legs. You hissed softly as the fabric made contact with your swollen pussy, leaving Bucky to gently message the sore skin with his gold digits before lifting the covers over you. He brought your hand to his lips before turning to the door with his clothes in hand, about to take his respectful leave before you quickly grabbed his hand.
“Stay..” You sat up a bit to meet his eyes, a grin spreading on his lips before he walked away to flip the light switch.
You watched for his movement, wondering if he would leave the room before you felt the bed dip beside you, a warm body wrapping around yours. Bucky’s stubble tickled your shoulder as you pressed yourself into him, sighing contently. It didn’t take long before noticing that Bucky was deliberately not touching you with his new limb. Slowly grabbing his left wrist, you wrapped the heavy object around your body, smiling at the chill it provided your burning skin. You could feel Bucky smile against you as he tightened his hold on your waist.
“G’night, peach.”
“Goodnight, James. And thank you.”
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angrythingstarlight · 23 days ago
Personal Sessions
Summary: Your new gym comes with a few perks. Heated swimming pool, sauna, and your very own personal trainer. Bucky Barnes. And he has the best way of making sure you work up a sweat.
Tumblr media
Pairing: MMA!Bucky x Reader
Word Count: 3.8k
Warnings: Smut, size kink, belly bulge, choking, praise kink and hint of breeding kink, beefy Bucky.
A/N: Beta'd by the lovely @maladaptivexxdaydreaming and @lfnr-blog-blog-blog.
|Masterlist↬MMA Masterlist↬Library ↬Kofi|
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Good for one free personal training session.
The neatly handwritten words stare up at you.
A thin ribbon of blue ink smeared across the words from where he circled the word personal.
Putting the corners of the thin white card between your fingers, you spin it to the front. Brooklyn’s 107th Gym embossed in bold black lettering above a pair of red and blue boxing gloves.
Steve G. Rogers and J. Bucky Barnes inscribed in fine black lettering.
You trace your finger over the latter’s name.
Bucky Barnes.
He’s been starring in your dreams ever since you walked into his gym a few weeks ago. And after you discovered a few videos of his fights, demonstrating his sheer strength and agility, he’s the reason your favorite vibrator has been getting more of a workout than you have.
Turning the card back over, you blow a shaky breath through your lips.
Good for one free personal training session.
And you wonder just how personalized it will be.
Two weeks ago.
You’re sitting on a bench, rummaging through your gym bag, searching for a bottle of water. A dark, cool shadow falls over you and you stop just as your fingers close over the cap.                                        
  “Do you need me to move…” Your mouth flounders open, your eyes helplessly rake over a well-toned six-pack blocking your view of the gym, a large bead of sweat rolls across the ridged planes of his muscles down down down over the thin vein on his lower stomach until it disappears under the thick black band of his shorts.
A faint gasp escapes past your lips as you stare at the outline of his enormous cock barely concealed by the thin stretchy material of his shorts.
“How in the hell do you not tip over?”
Shit, did you say that aloud?
You did. Fuck. You did.
Maybe he didn’t hear you.
Cringing, you muster the courage to glance up at his face, catching his surprised expression, brows raised, both lips pulled into his mouth as his shoulders shake.
Unbearable heat floods your cheeks, and you drop your eyes, staring at a spot on the floor.
Yeah, he did.
It’s okay, it’s fine, your entire body is burning so fiercely from the embarrassment that you’ll just melt away and it won’t matter that he caught you ogling him.
His perfect body. And his large bulge. That’s right there. In your face.
Bucky drops to a crouch in one effortlessly elegant move, pushing his damp chestnut locks back with one large veiny hand. Even sitting on his haunches, he’s massive, he has to lower his head to meet your eyes. There’s a faint smirk on his lips that he can’t quite hide, his bright eyes brimming with mischief, like he enjoys seeing you a little flustered.
Oh, he did that on purpose.
“I want to welcome you to my gym. And let you know if you need anything-” Bucky takes your water bottle from your limp hand, sparking skittering across your skin at the light brush of his calloused fingers across yours, and removes the cap. “Anything at all, let me know and I’ll make sure you have it.”
He sets your water bottle by your thigh, wiping off a stray drop of water with the rough pad of his thumb, an irresistible smirk spreading across his face. You’re aware that your mouth is open but you can’t seem to remember how to close it, not with your entire brain focused on how large his hand, how good his skin felt on yours.
“We believe in giving our members a personal touch.” He’s lying, he’s ignored half the people in here, leaving the majority of the training up to Steve.
Usually telling the exasperated blonde that he’s too busy with his own training to worry about someone else’s. Bucky’s prepping for his upcoming fight and it’s been the only thing on his mind for weeks, no one has been able to take his focus off the match.
Until you. Suddenly he finds himself wanting something more than winning another title.
Bucky is very interested in working with you, finding out all the best ways to stretch you out, showing you his favorite ways to work up a sweat.
He’s been watching you since you joined, constantly in a daze because of your beauty and radiance.
So fucking distracting and he can’t get enough.
The day you signed up, inquiring about personal trainers and morning classes, Bucky wanted to blurt out that you don’t have to change a single thing about yourself, already perfect in his eyes but then he wouldn’t have the opportunity to watch you stretch in those delectable leggings, witness the way your face lights up when you smile when you beat one of your records.
Or hear those sexy, gaspy little noises you make during a vigorous workout.
The ones that make him imagine how you would sound if you let him between your pretty thighs. He’s spent more time than he should thinking about how you’d look when you cum, if you’d scream for him or if you’d go silent when you fall apart; if you’d barely rasp his name.
So. Fucking. Distracting.
Holding up his business card, he wants his head back, resting his forearm on his knee.
“Anytime you want personalized attention,” he winks, bright blue eyes gazing at your face with longing he can’t, won’t bother tamping down, “You come in and ask for me and I’ll give you everything you need.”
Oh. Fuck. Yes.
The words almost come out, you barely swallow them back down.
Bucky plops the card on your bare thigh, uncapping a blue pen with his teeth. You watch entranced while he writes, his handwriting neat yet bold, feeling the gentle press of the pen on your skin as he underlines his name.
“I-yeah.” It comes out a little breathless and Bucky almost groans-he wants, needs you to say his name in that same breathy, stunned tone.
“Anytime.” He says, placing the card on your palm, his thumb sweeping over your racing pulse. “Just let me know when you want me.”
Your gaze is drawn up past his large hand to his tattooed forearm, the colorful ink laced over his smooth skin. Wide eyes following the designs winding around his corded muscles and veins leading up to his flushed chest.
Bucky watches you watch him and he fucking loves every second of it. He hopes you’ll let him return the favor, already envisioning stripping your clothes off piece by piece, his hands unwrapping you, exposing you, discovering you until he has every inch of your pretty body memorized and claimed. 
He’s so close, you can see the speck of gray in his beard, the sheen of sweat dampening his face. He smells so masculine with hints of his cologne, pure, smoked cedarwood and fresh citrus, drifting up and there’s something so raw and innate about his scent- something you can’t pinpoint but you know you’ll always associate with him.
He awakens a powerful urge inside you–the need to move closer and breathe him in is overwhelming.
He’s so close.
Too close.
You can’t think when he’s looking at you from across the room and when he’s this close, your brain shuts down, the wheels screeching to a halt, reducing everything you know to a single thought.
Bucky Barnes. Touching you. Taking you. Claiming you.
You shiver, a faint tremble when his fingers graze your skin sending jolts of electrified heat to your core, thighs clamp together before you can stop them and he turns those smokey blues on you, that knowing smirk is back and stretching across his face.
Bucky preens under your rapt attention, subtly straightening his shoulders so you get an even better look at his flushed chest.
By the time Bucky saunters off, leaving you speechless on the bench, a card on your thigh and a cap in your hand, you know a few things.
He’s a damn good flirt.
You’re sure your brain melted at the same time your stomach plunged to the soles of your feet.
The last time you had felt a rush like this, you were going 60 miles an hour down a rickety roller coaster with the summer sun warming your face. That’s how you feel when Bucky looks at you like the world is slipping from under your feet, like you’re plummeting face-first over the side of the cliff.
It’s exhilarating and you can’t stop yourself from falling.
You’re not sure you want to.
Because at the bottom of the cliff is Bucky Barnes.  
All six-foot something of him, one tattooed sleeve-an alluring mashup of gears and skulls-black and golds matching his metal arm, a phoenix across the side of his ribs, long thick fingers that like to tap his lips whenever he’s thinking, his lips, pink and chapped usually curved into a devilish smile, cutting across high bearded cheekbones, mischievous blue eyes that seem to always catch you staring at him.
Telling you without a single word that he knows what you want.
And the tilt of his head as those piercing slate-grey eyes of his roam down your body tells you he wants you even more.
Good for one free personal training session
With Bucky Barnes.
“There ya go, keeping going. One more. I need one more from ya.”
His encouraging tone rolls down your spine, smooth and dark. You want to please him, to keep that praise on his lips. “That’s my girl,” Bucky’s lips brush over your ear, “that’s it, oh there ya go.”
You release the leg press with a muffled groan, a hazy grin on your lips, the endorphins settling into your veins. Bucky reaches down, grabbing your hand and helping you stand.
“I-whoa,”  The ground rushes up at you, making you feel lightheaded. Your legs unsteady, knees nearly buckling. Bucky immediately places an arm around your waist, laughing when you collapse on his chest.
“I got you,” he says, resting his chin on your shoulder. He turns you toward the floor-to-ceiling mirror behind the weights, his hand splayed across your belly. “Did so good today, ‘m so proud of you,” he praises. “So perfect,” he murmurs, more to himself.  
The faint praise has heat flooding your cheeks, even now you're not used to the way he compliments you, appreciating every aspect of your body. You’re about to respond when you hear the sound of a throat clearing behind you.
Steve’s coming out of his office with Ari. He’s the newly hired fighter, already considered a top contender in his weight class with a few fights under his belt. Bucky is going to be sparring with him next week and you can’t wait to watch them go at it.
Steve gives the two of you a pointed look, smiling when you shy away. “Hey Bucky, since you’re finally training people, do you want to-“
“No. I do not.” He doesn’t take his eyes off of you, his fingers tracing nonsensical patterns across your skin, teasing the edge of your shirt. “My schedule is booked, got my hands full.” His lips graze your ear, his voice lowering so only you can hear him. “And it’d be rude for me not to return the favor by making sure you’re just as full, wouldn’t it?”
If you weren’t already lightheaded, his expression would have your head spinning. You can’t fight the grin creeping across your face or stop the shiver wrapping down your back at his innuendo, especially when he notices and scrunches his nose at you.
“I don’t blame you, Bucky. Matter of fact, I’m about to go help my girl stretch.” Ari chuckles, tossing a towel over his shoulder. He claps Steve on the back, saying his goodbyes before heading home.
Steve lets out a sigh. “Well, can’t blame me for trying.”
You and Bucky stare at Steve as he walks around the empty gym, picking up stray weights and adjusting equipment. You glance at each other and then at Steve, who’s in a world of his own.
Seconds turn into minutes and even that’s too long for Bucky. Tension rolls off him in thick waves and you’re not shocked when he turns to Steve with a sigh.
“Steve, please get the fuck out,” Bucky grumbles, the disgruntled tone making you giggle.
He stops, balancing a dumbbell in his hand. “What?”
“Bye Steve,” you call out, lightly slapping Bucky’s forearm, whispering be nice.
“I’ll be nice when I can help my girl with the rest of her workout. Steve.” Bucky raises his brows at his friend. The blonde boxer takes the hint, holding up his palms as he shuffles towards the exit, mumbling under his breath about mma fighters and attitudes. The door closes behind him, the loud click echoing through the room.
And for the first time, you’re alone with Bucky.
He turns to you, his gaze lazily drifting down your body, taking in every curve and line with an unabashed hunger.
“Did I work you too hard?” He runs his thumb across his bottom lip, his Adam’s apple bobbing once, twice before his mouth opens. “Are you sore?”
Stretching your arm across your chest, you shake your head. “No, not really,” you tease, even as muscles you didn’t know you had screamed from the exhausting workout he put you through.
Bucky takes a step closer, his shoes bump into yours, large hands rest lightly on your waist, massaging your skin. He turns his head, so close you can see every shade of blue in his darkening eyes, his lips hovering over yours, and he smirks.  
“Do you wanna be?”
“All of it, sweet girl,” he groans in your ear, his hands on your hips. “Go on, you can take it.”
You thought you were taking it.
Your eyes glance back, moving down his abs to his cock-no no you’re not because there’s still more. Fuck how is there so much left? 
“Oh god,” you drop your head down, sobbing into the pillow, knees sliding apart, your hands gripping his soft, dark sheets.
“I know, I know but you’re taking me so well” He leans down, his chest brushing over your damp back, fingers locking over your wrists, pinning your hands behind you, and rolls his hips in one smooth motion, your pussy gliding over inch after thick, hard inch until hes buried inside you. “There ya go, that’s it. Such a good girl for me, just a little more.”
“Oh, fuck-” A sound you never made before you slips past your lips. You’d be embarrassed if you weren’t so fucking full— if it didn’t feel so damn good.
Bucky could give you time to adjust. He feels your tight little pussy spasming around him, he can see how stretched you are, how much you’re struggling to handle him.
He could, but he doesn’t.
“Do you know how fucking hard it was for me to keep my hands off your gorgeous body? Do you have any idea how much I want you?” he rasps, trailing kisses up the side of your neck. “Lemme show.” His hips snap into yours and you keen, a thin high pitched sound escaping your throat. 
Fuck you sound better than he imagined, the need to hear more of those pretty little noises driving hips faster and faster until he’s pounding you into the mattress. Your arms slip and you fall in a trembling heap, Bucky’s quick to follow you, not letting his cock leave your tight, wet heat.
This change in position is somehow better and worse all at once. Because his heavy frame pins you in place.
All you can feel is him. He’s everywhere. 
The warm corded muscles of his chest on your back, his thick hair-covered thighs on top of yours. Every ridged vein inch of his cock, the swollen head catching your sensitive spot over and over until you’re gasping his name.
Pleasure flows like wildfire through you in insurmountable pulses.
You try to pull away, just for a second—you can’t think, part of you needs more, more of the sweet bliss he’s giving you, another part of you needs a reprieve before you shatter, knowing he’s going to ruin you.
You don’t get far. His hand clamping on your hip, shifting you back to where he wants you.
“Don’t run, Bunny,” he laughs, like he’s not splitting you into two, like he’s not already so deep inside your cunt, you can’t breathe, like tears aren’t running down your face soaking his pillow. “Come here and take your cock.”
“Please-” you whimper. “I-oh god, please.”
If you only knew what that does to his ego.
“Please what? Please go faster? Please let you cum? Just ask me, I’ll give it to you. This greedy cunt can’t get enough, can she?” Bucky wraps his hands around your throat, applying light pressure, your broken cries vibrating against his skin.
He takes your hand in his free one, fingers intertwining, and he places it on your belly, pressing into the bulge he’s making with every deep stroke. “This is where I belong, Bunny. Right. Fucking. Here.”
It’s so possessive and filthy and you love it.
“Yesyesyesyesohgodyes,” you chant, your eyes rolling back when he slides your hand down to your pussy, using your fingers to circle your aching clit in tight little patterns. Pleasure mounts inside you, cresting higher until you’re drowning in it.
He knows you’re close, and he’s going to push you over the edge.
Bucky bites down on your shoulder, slamming his cock so deep inside he loses his rhythm, the stuttering pace sending a heady spiral of sensations up your spine while he keeps dragging your fingers across your clit.
You don’t know if it’s the way he’s controlling every part of your body, his hand squeezing your throat until you’re wheezing his name or his voice in your ear praising you for doing so good, but something inside you snaps. Shatters into fragments only he can put back together.
Bucky feels your entire body go taut underneath him, your orgasm washing over you and you clench down around him in uncontrollable pulses, your body taking every ounce of pleasure he’s giving.
“That’s it, fuck yourself on my cock, sweet girl. S’good bunny—feel so fuckin’ good.”
Bucky pushes up on his elbows, his hips lifting off of yours, the wet, slick sound of him leaving your swollen cunt reverberating in your ears. Before you can process feeling empty, the room spins, and suddenly Bucky’s is gazing down at you with a proud smirk, his long hair plastered to his forehead.
“Can you give me one more?” Bucky knows he’s asking for a lot but he wants everything from you.
“I don’t think I can-” you start, chest heaving. “Bucky I-”
“Yeah you can,” he states, hooking your legs around his arms, your knees bending under his weight, the position leaving you spread open, his abs moving across your drenched cunt as he settles above you and suddenly you’re full again. His cock back inside you like your soaked pussy was custom made for him, leaving you stretched tight around him, your belly bulging again. “Fuck you feel good, so tight, Bunny. Your pretty pussy is going to give me as many as I want.”
He swallows your thready gasp, his lips slotting over your open mouth. His kiss is soft and sweet even as he fucks you harder, faster, the rhythmic thump,thump,thump of the headboard hitting the wall adding to the salacious slap of his skin on yours. Your eyes flutter shut and you hold on to him, your hands slipping over his sweat-slick shoulders.
“Look at me, Bunny,” he pants, his lips not leaving yours. “Wanna see your pretty eyes when you come on my cock, Bunny.”
There’s an unrestrained desperation in his voice, one that matches the growing need to feel him cum, to have him make you spiral again even as the remnants of your orgasm sweep through you.
You don’t know how, but you pry your eyes open, every part of you willing to do whatever he tells you if he just keeps fucking you like this. The expression on his face, all desire and sheer lust, is enough to make you fall apart.
The corner of his lip lifts in a feral grin, seeing you cum for him, your orgasm triggering his own, his hips grinding deeper into your body, the frantic pace drawing out your pleasure until your vision blurs, your mouth going slack on a silent fuck yes.
Bucky drops onto your body, releasing your legs. He watches his cock slide out of your throbbing cunt, his cum seeping out of you. "Damn that's gorgeous," he states under his breath, raking his bottom lip between his teeth.
His eyes flit up to yours. You can't look away, his heady gaze holding you in place.
"Fucking gorgeous," he repeats, taking your chin in his hand, lifting your face so he can kiss you as he rolls onto his back, taking you with him.
“How do you feel?” He asks, the smirk tugging at his lips telling you he knows exactly how good you feel right now.
You laugh, tucking your face into the curve of his neck and shrug nonchalantly. “Eh, a little sore, but nothing I can’t handle.”
“Only a little sore?” Bucky intones, running his tongue across his bottom lip.
You plant your elbow on his chest, propping your chin on your palm, your heart racing at the darkening glint in his gaze.
If his cock wasn’t pushing into your side, you’d swear he was still in your pussy. And he knows it, but he lets you continue, amusement flitting across his face.
“Yeah, I thought I was supposed to get a workout, but it’s okay. I figured you were too tired from earlier to really give me-Bucky!” You cut off at the sudden ripple of pain sweeping up our back, his hand curving around your freshly smacked cheek.
“I know what you’re doing, Bunny and it’s working,” he says, his cock hardening against your thigh. He tilts his head down to study you. “But you should know that I was holding back because that was your first time with me.”
“You were holding-” Your smile falters, brows furrowing as you think about the way he thoroughly wrecked you. “Wait. That was holding back?”
Your stomach drops when he laughs in response. Bucky has you out of bed and over his shoulder in seconds, carrying you like you weigh nothing. You can only hold on, staring down at his firm ass as he takes you out of his room. “Where are we going?”
“I’m going to clean you up, I’m going to hand feed you those snacks you like, and then I’m going to give you exactly what you asked for, every last inch Bunny." He taps your ass, nipping your side with his teeth.
"We're going to find out if you and that pretty little pussy of yours can really handle me."
He knows you can't but he can't wait for you to try. And by the time he's done with you, hes going to make sure you feel him inside you for days.
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navybrat817 · 8 days ago
Cordially Invited
Pairing: Modern Knight!Bucky Barnes x Princess!Female Reader Summary: You're in need of a date for an upcoming wedding. Word Count: Over 1.9k Warnings: Pining, flirting, slight feels (it's me okay), could be considered fake dating (or is it? 😏), protective Bucky Barnes (he’s a warning, okay?), future smut. A/N: Again, I need another AU like a hole in the head, but here we are. @11thstreetvigilante, thank you for letting me scream about this. ❤️ Beta read by the beautiful @whisperlullaby (thank YOU as well!), but any and all mistakes are my own. Bucky edit by Nix, divider by @firefly-graphics and moodboard and banner by yours truly.
Please follow @navybrat817-sideblog for new fics and notifications and please reblog or comment as it means the world!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Modern royalty is both a wondrous and strange concept. As the only child of the King and Queen of Brooklyn, your parents raised you with a blend of tradition and modernization. They taught you to speak your mind while stressing to follow certain customs. You did your best to make them proud. 
The picture-perfect princess.
Except, you didn't have a prince by your side.
“Something wrong, your highness?”
You turned in your chair to look at your personal knight, James “Bucky” Barnes. Standing tall at 6’4” with a muscular build, he served as your bodyguard when he wasn’t fighting for your father. Like his father before him. You worried in the beginning that he’d resent you for having to be your personal guard, but he took his duties seriously. He watched over you as if it was an honor to do so. Though he intimidated most because of his size and strength, he displayed kindness toward you. He quickly became one of your closest confidants.
A knight in name, but a prince in my heart. 
“Nothing to concern yourself with.”
“Are you sure?” he asked, not moving from his spot in the left corner of your large bedroom. It was the perfect vantage point for him to see your window, the door, and you. “You dismissed your ladies for no reason, you’re not dressed for the day, and you’ve been staring at that invitation for the better part of an hour.”
You turned back toward your vanity and picked up the ornate invitation with a sigh.
Her Majesty Queen of Waverly requests the pleasure of your company at the Marriage of His Royal Highness Prince Clinton of Waverly with Her Royal Highness Princess Natalia of Volgograd.
You RSVP’d to Clint and Natasha’s wedding weeks ago and said you would bring a plus one because that was the expectation. Your parents asked every day since the invitation arrived who you planned to have on your arm. They gave you the option of choosing instead of making the decision themselves. With the wedding around the corner, you were running out of time.
“I still haven't chosen a date and my parents want an answer today."
"Forgive me for saying so, but you have been dodging the King and Queen's question."
"I know, I know. They're already disappointed that I've dragged this out."
Just like they're probably disappointed that they didn't arrange a marriage for me once I was old enough to wed. 
"I highly doubt you could do anything to disappoint them or anyone else. You’re Brooklyn’s beloved princess through and through," he said. 
Blood rushed to your cheeks as you set the invitation down. His praise felt good. "Thank you, Bucky. But why do I have to bring someone?” 
"Tradition," he replied, crossing his arms. “You know, I figured the princes would be knocking down your door at the chance to be your plus one.”
“As if you’d let them get close enough to ask,” you said. "You don't even let Sir Steven near me and he's your best friend."
As your knight, one of Bucky's duties was to keep you safe from any possible threats. He took it to the extreme. If anyone got within a few feet of you, he was there to keep them away. Most didn’t try to speak to you once they caught a glimpse of him.
“It is my job to protect you,” he reminded you. “Especially from handsy princes.”
"Does that include Prince Nicholas?" 
Bucky's jaw twitched as he nodded. It was a bit of a low blow to mention Nick’s name considering your knight couldn’t stand him. The prince was one of the few men not afraid of him. 
"Especially Prince Nicholas," he grumbled, not hiding his disdain for the man. "What gift did he send you last week?"
"An emerald necklace. I almost felt bad sending it back."
"Insulting. Doesn't he know diamonds are a girl's best friend?" 
You narrowed your eyes at him in the mirror, which made him chuckle. The sound sent a jolt between your thighs. Between that and the earlier praise, you prayed he didn’t notice how it affected you. Your knight was not only brave and trusting, but so handsome. Staring into his eyes was like getting lost at sea. Too many nights, you imagined how silky the brown strands of his hair would feel against your fingers. 
And how the scruff on his chin would feel between your legs.
“Emeralds, diamonds, it doesn't matter. You don’t let any man get close enough to give them to me themselves,” you muttered to distract yourself from getting aroused. “Some days I wonder if you take pleasure in making sure I’m alone.”
Bucky frowned as he unfolded his arms. “You think I want you to be alone?”
"You tell me. My parents want me to wed eventually, but how will that happen if you won't let any suitors near me?" you asked, toying with one of your makeup brushes to keep your hands busy. “Or are you punishing me for constantly being on babysitting duty?"
"I'm sure the right man can court you without being in close proximity to you," he said, even though he didn't sound pleased. "And we both know I want to watch over you, so why are you trying to pick a fight with me?”
You looked away, embarrassed. You had no reason to speak to him like that. But how could you admit that you didn’t want any suitors when you had him right in front of you? He wasn’t just your knight, he was everything to you. It upset you to think he didn't want you. It scared you more that he’d resign from his duties to settle down and have his own family. You didn't want that day to come.
Is it selfish that I want him forever by my side?
“I’m not trying to pick a fight,” you said, turning in your chair to face him. “And you know I don't care about any suitors. I'm just frustrated."
That includes being sexually frustrated and the toy I named after you is calling my name. 
"I'm glad you don't care about those suitors because if you married one soon, I might be out of a job."
"You're stuck with me no matter what," you smiled. "I'm sorry for being rude."
“Give me a hug, princess, and I’ll forgive you,” he said as he held out his arms.
“No,” you said, but you were already on your feet. The robe you wore didn't do much to cover your body and you wondered if you imagined the hunger in his eyes. “I don’t think you deserve a hug.”
He placed his left hand over his chest, which drew your attention to it. He lost his left arm in battle years before and the kingdom had a state of the art metal prosthetic fashioned for him. To some, it was a sign of sacrifice and bravery. It showed you that he was a fighter and survivor. 
“You wounded me with your words and you’re hurting me more by denying me a simple request.”
You fought to keep from smiling as you walked toward him. Knowing that he wanted to touch you, even in an innocent form, was a heady feeling. You wanted his touch, too. You craved it like nothing else.
“I’m only going to hug you because I love you,” you said, wrapping your arms around him once you were close enough. 
He inhaled as he hugged you close and you allowed yourself to melt in his strong embrace. It made you feel safe and cared for. “I love you, too, my princess,” he whispered. 
You closed your eyes and hid your face in his shoulder. Whenever you said you did things for him because you loved him, he always replied that he loved you, too. You dreamt of falling asleep to him whispering that in your ear.
I wish he loved me the way I love him.
“If I could, I'd be your date for the evening."
You lifted your head and pulled free from his arms as you considered his words. You couldn't stop the grin from spreading across your face. Bucky as your date? Why didn't you think of that? 
“What’s that look for?”
"Sir James, would you do me the honor of being my date to the wedding?" 
His eyebrows shot up. "You called me James."
"That should tell you how serious I am."
Please, don't reject me. I'd feel like a fool.
He cleared his throat and you tried not to feel anxious as you waited for his answer. "I’m not a prince.”
“Who said I have to bring a prince? It may be tradition for a princess to have someone on their arm for royal functions, but it should be a person of my choosing. Who better than the man my parents trust with my life?”
“But-” he began before you held up a hand to stop him.
"Isn't it your duty to serve and protect me? Your princess?" you asked.
“It is,” he answered, looking down when you took his left hand in yours.
“Bucky, I’m not just asking you as my knight. I’m asking because I want you to go with me,” you said, your voice soft as he lifted his head to look at you. "There’s no one else I’d rather go with."
You felt a slight burn in your eyes from unshed tears, but you held your head high. If he sensed your vulnerability, he kindly didn't call you out on it. You didn’t want to command him to take you nor did you want to beg.
“But if you don’t want to, I understand. I can ask Prince Nicholas instead.”
Bucky stopped you before you could turn away from him. "You'll do no such thing," he said, bringing your hand to his lips and softly kissing it. “It would be my honor to be your date, your highness."
"Really?" you smiled as he lowered your hand, but didn't let go.
"Only because I love you," he smiled back. 
Your heart raced as you playfully hit his arm, letting your touch linger. "That's my line," you teased, looking over your shoulder to check the time. "Let's go tell my parents."
"You're in your robe," he reminded you as you tried to pull him across the room. "I don't think the other guards need to see you like that."
"I'll change later," you huffed when he planted his feet firmly on the ground. A wall of muscle, he was nearly impossible to move. "Bucky."
You gasped when he gripped your chin, forcing you to meet his gaze. His enormous hand could crush your bones if he chose to, but the gentle hold reminded you that you were in his care. There was no mistaking the hunger there this time. 
"Get dressed, princess," he gently ordered, his voice deeper than before. 
I'm going to have to change my panties since I'm soaking wet.
"Then we'll tell your parents."
"Yes, Bucky," you whispered as he released you, having to put some distance between the two of you. If you didn't, you'd be too tempted to kiss him. And if you kissed him, you wouldn't be able to stop.
"Good girl," he smirked, moving back to his spot in the corner as you tried to calm your pounding heart. "I'll be right here waiting."
Good girl?
You weren't sure if he was teasing you or trying to rile you up, but you could play, too.
Oh, this wedding is going to be a lot of fun. 
Tumblr media
Let's hope it's nice and easy for them. We'll see how it goes. 😏 Love and thanks for reading! ❤️
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sweeterthanthis · 4 months ago
"Where do you want it? Your mouth or your cunt?"
A Lesson To Learn
Tumblr media
Pairing: Stepdad!Bucky x 18+!F!Reader
Summary: You should know better than to tease the neighbours, shouldn't you?
Warnings: Explicit sexual content, STEPCEST, heavy daddy kink, mild spit play, cheating, risky sex, vaginal sex, name calling (princess, baby, daddy, slut), jealousy, bucky’s absolutely filthy mouth, possessiveness. 18+.
Word Count: 784
All my works are 18+. If you click the read more tab, you are agreeing that you are 18 or over, have read the warnings and take responsibility for your own media consumption. I do not consent to having my work translated or posted anywhere else.
Tumblr media
You knew what you were doing. You knew there was only so much he could take before he lost it and cornered you. You knew he couldn’t ignore the not so subtle flirting. Bucky’s possessive nature is intoxicating, and you ache for it. Every calculated move you’ve made this afternoon is for him. "You got any idea how many of these fuckin' morons have been checking you out today, princess?" 
He grunts, letting a thick string of saliva fall from the tip of his tongue, watching it dribble down between your ass cheeks and onto his dick as it spears in and out of you. "Should hear what they've been saying about you. You want Daddy to tell you?"
Your hot breath fogs the mirror, sweaty palms unsuccessfully trying to cling on to the bathroom tiles as he claims what's his. You know how much he hates it when men look your way, and you may or may not use that little fact to your advantage from time to time. Did you have to wear your pretty, cotton sundress to the Huffman family barbecue this afternoon? Yes. Because you knew this is exactly where you'd wind up. Stuffed full of his cock in your neighbours bathroom while he lays claim to your body like a man obsessed. "Uh huh. Tell me, Daddy."
You wanna hear it straight from his mouth. You know Scott's been looking down your dress, sneaking glances when his wife isn't looking. It makes you feel powerful. Knowing Bucky can't handle someone else eyeing up his property is just a bonus. Grinding yourself back against him, his balls slapping against your clit, you meet his stare in the reflection in front of you.
"That useless fuck, Joe, from down the street? He's wondering if you're a virgin, princess. Can you believe that?" Bucky chuckles, reaching to pinch at your pebbled nipples through the thin cotton. He leans in closer, neither of you paying any attention to the chatter that flows in through the gap in the window, the back yard below bustling with activity. "Wonder what he'd say if he knew you had a belly full of your stepdad right now. Think he'll go home tonight and jerk off thinkin' about you?"
God, it's disgusting. It shouldn't make you clench and moan. It shouldn't have you as wet as it does. Spreading your legs a little wider, you arch your back for him, reaching back and pulling your cheeks apart so he can see just how perfectly he fills your tight, little hole. "Tell me more, Daddy."
"Goddamn," he mutters, one hand snaking up towards your throat and the other tugging your pliable body back onto his cock. Rocking back on your heels in perfect synchronicity with his thrusts, you struggle to hold in your cries of pleasure as he hits all the right spots deep inside you. "I know you've noticed Frank staring at you. Saw the way you flashed him that sweet smile. Bet you got that man hard as a rock."
"You like it, don't you? Daddy's dirty girl. Knows she's got these poor bastards hanging on by a thread." Your cheek presses tight against the mirror as your knees begin to tremble, looking back over your shoulder at him, watching while he loses himself completely in the feel of you wrapped tight around him. "Where do you want it? Your mouth or your cunt?"
Your eyes flutter closed at the sinful obscenities spilling from his perfect lips, letting him use and abuse your body however he sees fit. "Daddy," you choke, his hand tightening around your throat.
"Daddy's choice, huh?" Bucky groans, pumping his cock into your overworked pussy, his lips hot and moist against the shell of your ear. "Gonna fuck you full'a me. Gonna watch as you try to keep those pretty legs closed for the rest of the afternoon."
His hand falls from your throat, fingers reaching beneath the hem of your dress and toying with your clit. He knows exactly how to treat you, knows exactly how to get you shaking and begging for release. "Want it. Want your come, Daddy."
"Do you think anyone's gonna notice when it starts dripping down your thighs, baby?" He asks you, your brow crumpling in confusion as he smirks at your misted reflection. Bucky reaches for the sodden scrap of lace on the counter in front of you, grinding his hips against your ass as he does so. He holds your panties up for you to see before shoving them deep down in his pocket. "Call it a lesson, princess. Wanna behave like a slutty tease and I'll treat you like one. Now, be a good girl for a change and spread that pussy open for Daddy's load."
Tumblr media
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bucky-barnes-diaries · 2 months ago
By The Poolside
Tumblr media
Pairing || TFATWS!Bucky x Female!Reader
Summary || You can’t help but drool over your man as he emerges from the pool like the sex God he is. His delicious muscles dripping and glistening with water has you wanting to lick him all up like the tasty snack he is.
Word Count || 937
Contents & Warnings || Smut & slight Fluff — NSFW, 18+ Only, Minors DNI, explicit content/language, sexual thoughts, slight Sub!Bucky, pet names (doll, baby), oral (male receiving), grinding, begging, body worship, praise kink, slight nipple action, teasing, cum swallowing, mention of bodily fluids.
Authors Note || It’s not perfect but I wanted to do a “summer” inspired fic, but of course being me, it has to be smutty :P
Disclaimer || English is not my first language so I apologise for any mistakes or misunderstandings!
TFATWS!Bucky Masterlist
I don’t do taglists anymore so please follow @bucky-barnes-diaries-library and turn on notifications to never miss out on my writing!
Tumblr media
Mykonos, Greece || 1.37 PM || 32 °C
It was such an unbearable hot day today that the only logical thing for you and Bucky to do on the last day of your trip was to swim and lounge by the private pool that came with your hotel suite—shielded from the scorching sun and the other tourists.
You were laying on the sun bed in your pretty bikini, with a book in hand, while Bucky was swimming laps in the pool to cool himself down and get in his daily workout.
Every once in a while, you would sneak a peek at him from the top of your book—observing how his powerful and muscular arms drove him forward in the pool with each stroke.
Bucky was such a God of a man in every aspect—physique, sex, kindness, and everything else in between. You were so blessed and lucky to have someone like him you could call yours—your best friend, lover, partner, family.
But right about now, all you could think about was the sex God aspect of him as you enjoyed the show in front of you.
Fuck, fuck, fuck.
Your pussy screamed as he emerged from the pool in slow-mo like they do in movies. The water dripping down his toned and muscular body had your pussy dripping as well. His arm muscles became more defined and pronounced as he pulled himself up by the handles on the pool ladder. The vibranium arm was shining as the sun reflected on the metallic surface.
And his abs… absolutely delicious. You wanted to run your fingers from his chest and down his abs—feeling every crevice of the muscles underneath your fingertips… and then feel him down even further.
He combed his fingers through his hair, making it slick back, as he approached the sun beds. He noticed your ogling eyes at him, and he couldn't help but chuckle at your expression—like you were looking at the most perfect masterpiece that ever existed (which you were).
“Like what you see, doll?”
“Well,” he plopped down on the bed next to yours and gestured to his body, “it's all yours, baby.”
Yeah, it was—all yours to take and taste as you pleased.
You got up from your bed and straddled him. Legs on each side of his hips while your clothed core came in contact with his covered bulge. Bucky moaned when you found your place on him. His colossal hands took a tight grip on your luscious thighs.
“You look so pretty in your bathing suit, doll….”
His hands travel from your thighs, over your hips until they reach your waist. His touches made shivers run down your spine. You slowly start to rock back and forth on his clothed cock—moaning at your clit being stimulated and him letting out a grunt as his cock hardened beneath you. Bucky’s hands find their final resting place on your ass, gripping the flesh tightly, aiding your movements on him.
“…and so sexy like the fucking Goddess you are.”
You leaned down to kiss him, tasting his tongue against yours. “I want to taste you, all of you, Bucky,” you whispered against his lips. The tip of your tongue poked out to lick his bottom one.
Bucky closed his eyes in delight as you graced his jawline with your lips and peppered kisses on the tender spot of his neck before you began your journey downwards.
You gave each of his nipples a kitten lick, making a groggy groan sound in his throat. You giggled at how responsive he was to your touches.
“You want me to keep going?”
“Oh, p-please, doll.”
You continued down his torso, altering between licking and kissing his wet skin as you went lower and lower—towards the end goal. Your fingertips slowly traced his muscles as you went along.
“Oh, Bucky,” you found a comfortable place between his legs—face inches from his clothed cock and your ass poking out behind you, making Bucky have the best view of his life, “already so hard for me? I barely touched you,” you teased.
You wasted no time taking off his swimming shorts—wanting to see his full and hard cock. He always had you in awe, never getting used to how perfect he was for you.
Bucky let out a long, satisfying sigh as you grabbed his base and licked his tip to collect the pre-cum with your tongue.
Not wasting any more time, you took his whole length into your mouth, making Bucky suck in a deep breath. You hollowed your cheeks as you sucked him like a delicious icy popsicle. His hand rested on your head as he slightly forced you down with each stroke. His eyes struggled to keep open to watch you work that magic on him.
You moaned around him, sending vibrations through his spine, making him shiver on the sun bed. You loved having him on your tongue as much as he did—living for his taste.
As you bobbed your head on him, hand fondling his balls, his sensitive tip hitting the back of your throat repeatedly sent him over the edge.
“Fuck,” he deeply cried as his cum coated the inside of your mouth—trickling down your throat. You didn't stop until he was completely satisfied—swallowing every single drop of him.
His cock left your lips with a pop, and he groaned when you showed him your empty cavity—no trace of him left.
“You taste so good, baby.”
You grinned up at him while he had the biggest smile on his face—so happy and content.
“You're so incredible, doll, you know that?”
“I know.”
Tumblr media
Thank you for reading 🖤 Feedback through a comment is highly appreciated! Or let me know through an anonymous ask if that feels more comfortable. As well as a reblog to share my work with other people!
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dirtytomatoedwrites · 8 months ago
That’s The Way Love Goes
Paring: Soft!Beefy!Bucky X Fem!Reader
Summary: You give Bucky a blow job for the first time.  
Warning:  18+ ONLY. Fluff. Blowjob. Man receiving. Cock Worship. Tit fondling.  Cum Swallowing. Smutty words.  Slight Angst. Un-betaed.
Word Count: 2000 words 
Your media consumption is your own responsibility.
Tumblr media
"Just a minute," you whispered. "I love this song" Gently, you reached across Bucky's muscular chest to the other side of the bed and raised the volume on his stereo.
"Is that right?" Bucky chuckled as his vibranium fingers skimmed across your outstretched arm, his nose nuzzling your armpit, while his lips pressed fleeting kisses against every bit of exposed skin he could reach. It's gentle. Delicate. As though anything else would cause you to shatter into a million tiny pieces.  
Ever the gentleman Bucky was adamant that you'd take things slow. So slow, in fact, that nine dates and god knows how many late-night movies laid up in his room wrapped in each other's arms had not moved you past third base.
The man had eaten you out repeatedly (In fact, no other man has ever been so devoted to making your pussy purr), and yet he would not move past going down on you. Not even your sweet kisses and honeyed words begging him to fuck you could deter him from breaking his chaste promise. But you were determined to move your relationship further. Tonight you would get your hands on that big burly body of his. Tonight you would get a taste of him.
The deep male voice accompanied by a woman weaved its way through the speakers and chanted words like a velvety mantra. It is soft and sensual, adding to the sexually charged energy flowing between you and Bucky.
Like a moth to the flame burned by the fire.
My love is blind.
Can't you see my desire?
Like a moth to the flame burned by the fire.
My love is blind.
Can't you see my desire?
That's the way love goes.
"Who is that?" Bucky slurred, drunk on your sweet kisses and sultry eyes.
"Janet Jackson." you preened, as Bucky buried his head in your neck and breathed you in. "Have you heard of her before?"
"No. But I like her already. I can tell…." Bucky whispered as he pulled you close, your body flushed on top of his.
"I thought you would-"  You smiled, but your words were immediately cut short by Bucky's tongue as it entered your mouth in an overwhelming kiss.
Come with me, don't you worry
I'm gonna make you crazy
I'll give you the time of your life
I'm gonna take you places
You've never been before
And you'll be so happy that you came
Oh I'm gonna take you there, ooh
That's the way love goes.
Slowly you pulled your lips away from his to catch a shaky breath while Bucky's mouth moved across your jaw in slow, measured kisses. The bulge in his jeans is evidence of his burning desire for you. You could feel him through the thin material of your summer dress. Suddenly parched, you licked your lips with anticipation.
"Would you like me to take you there, Bucky?" You seductively whispered as your hand gently moved from the stone wall of his chest, down his belly to his crotch, where you palmed him through his jeans.  A weighty breath exhales through your lips as your fingers boldly assess the heaviness of him and just how hard he was for you.
Bucky moaned gently against your ear at your delicate touch. He pulled away ever so slightly to watch your hands' explorative movements.
"What are you doing, baby?" Bucky groaned, voice low and throaty as he watched you knead him a little firmer through his jeans.
"All those times you've pleasured me…" you cooed, "Don't you think it's time I return the favour? Make you see stars for once?" your fingers expertly unbutton his jeans, and you are proud you did not fumble it. Insignificant as the task was, it made you feel confident. You were taking control of the situation, and it seemed Bucky was happy to follow your lead with little resistance. Slowly you dipped your hand into his boxers. Your fingers gently stroked the pubic hairs just above his cock. Bucky visibly squirmed beneath you. His eyes shift back to yours.
"You don't have to do this, baby..." he swallowed thickly, his hand on your wrist to stop your movements.
"Oh, but I want to Buck. I want to feel you in my hands. Don't you want me to touch you?" You asked, your words sweet like dripping honey. Your hand dipped lower into his boxers and made contact with his hard cock. The whimper Bucky made from your light touch was the sexiest sound you have ever heard. It took everything in you not to throw yourself on top of him and fuck him senseless. Patience, you reminded yourself.   All in good time.
"I have a lot of fantasies about you." You confessed. "But the one I can't seem to shake, the one I revisit time and time again, is being on my knees, worshipping your cock." You felt Bucky’s grip on your waist tighten. It fuelled you to continue. "I always wondered what it would feel like to have you between my fingers. But nothing gets me off faster than the idea of your cock stuffed down my throat. In my fantasies, you try to be gentle, you always do, but in the end, you always make me choke on it-"
Bucky growled as he savagely kissed you with all teeth and tongue. Pent frustration made him palm your skull as he deepened the kiss. He sucked and pulled on your bottom lip, and you shuddered by the raw intensity of it. Pulling away, he rested his forehead against yours as he tried to control his breathing.
"You would like that too. Wouldn't you, Buck? Tell me you want to come in my mouth. Tell me you want to shoot your load down my throat. I’ll swallow it all, Buck. I’ll swallow everything you wanna give me-"
"Goddammit, Doll-" Palming your face in his large hands, Bucky shook your head slightly as he stared into your eyes. "You tryin’ to make me lose my mind? Where's this - Why're you sayin' these things-" His eyes are wild with desire. You have never seen him look so unhinged, vulnerable or horny, for that matter. It made your chest swell with wanton pride. There was no way you were backing down now.
"I'm saying it because it's how you make me feel. I'm saying it because it's true," you whispered. "Now tell me you want my mouth on you." Bucky’s eyes bore into yours with a hunger that scared as much as it thrilled you.
"I want your mouth" Bucky repeated, voice raw with desire as he looked down at your lips. He leaned in, desperate to kiss you, but you pulled away ever so slightly.
"No. Not good enough. Say you want my mouth on your cock."
Bucky's eyes flashed to yours, and that’s when you saw it.
"I- I..." Bucky suddenly cast his eyes downward. He swallowed dejectedly. At that moment, realisation dawned upon you. Bucky did not ask anything of you because he did not think himself worthy of your touch. He did not consider himself worthy of receiving pleasure. Well, you were undoubtedly going to clear up that misconception.
Gently you wrapped your hand around his shaft, and you both gasped. You were certain Bucky's was out of how fucking good it felt to finally have any part of you around him. You, on the other hand, was shocked by how thick he was since you could not fit one hand entirely around him.
"You're always pleasing me but denying yourself. Don't you understand that seeing you satisfied will also give me pleasure? I want to make you feel good, Buck. I'm going to make you feel good. It's been long overdue. Take off your clothes." you commanded. The sudden assertiveness in your voice made Bucky nod dumbly.
You raised yourself from his body and knelt at his side. Swiftly Bucky pulled off his red Henley and threw it aside. Laying back on the pillows, his fingers hooked the fabric of his jeans and boxers. He raised his hips slightly and rusked it down his legs, where he pushed it down the rest of the way with his feet.
You gasped.
Your eyes widened at the sight of him. Naked and chiselled as if made out of the finest marble. He's a work of art unlike any other. Small scars litter his body called out to you to be kissed, and you wasted no time in doing just that.
Leaning over him, you laid soft, gentle kisses to each one. Your fingers traced the marred skin of his shoulder that fused flesh and metal. Gently you laid kisses on it as Bucky mewed under you. By the time you had finished kissing down his vibranium arm to each of his fingers and the pads of his fingertips, Bucky was moaning your name like a prayer.
Your eyes looked to his thick thighs and between them raised at attention is his magnificent cock. It's thick, pink and beautifully veined. The tip glistened with precum. Gently you pushed Bucky's thighs apart and settled yourself between his legs. You licked your lips and hummed in approval while Bucky watched utterly mesmerised.
Your hand slid up the underside from the base to the tip, where you held him firmly in your grasp and Bucky sucked in a breath. His chest heaving with just one touch.
“You okay, soldier?”
"It's been a long time…" he whispered.
"I know." You cooed, as you kissed the tip. "Relax. Let me take care of you."
Gently you placed leisurely, slow, kitten licks to the tip. Bucky moaned, his soft lips beautifully pouted as he tried not to make a sound.
When you finally put him in your mouth, Bucky's hips practically shot off the bed, forcing you to suddenly gag on his shaft.
"Fuck- I'm sorry, baby- oh" he gasped, as you gently pushed his hips down to keep him still. Slowly you started an up and down motion, and Bucky's laid his head back on the pillows. Gently, Bucky's fingers brushed your cheek. Feeling the indentation of his cock inside of your mouth as you worked his shaft.
Teasingly, you run your teeth over his length, and Bucky hissed. "Ah- fuck. You did that deliberately, didn't you?" he groaned with a laugh.
"You don't like my teeth on you?" You chucked, moving your mouth from his cock you kissed his pelvis, your face nestled in the dark curls of his pubic hair, while your hand stroked his length, reverently, desperately.
"I love whatever you want to give me… whatever you feel I deserve," he whispered, breath shallow, as his fingers caressed your jaw.
"Good answer," you smiled mouth back on his cock with added determination. Bucky hissed as your tongue rolled over the tip, then devoured him within your sinful mouth.
"Need to see you. Need to feel you…." Bucky whimpered. He leaned forward and roughly pulled down the front of your summer dress. You gasped as his fingers cupped your breasts, then tweaked and pulled your nipples harshly. You're not sure if it was the sight of your strained breasts or the fact that you were sucking him within an inch of your life, perhaps a combination of the two, but you felt Bucky swell in your mouth if such a thing were humanly possible.
"Look at me.." Bucky begged, and you did. You knew you looked a mess. Teary-eyed, with drool running down your chin and neck, but you didn't care. The sight of him, belly quivering with desire and glistening with sweat, and those beautiful eyes of his dark with passion is enough to make you shove his cock deeper into your mouth as far as it could possibly go.
Bucky whimpered your name over and over again as he rolled your nipples between his fingers. "Just like that, baby- You're so good to me. Don't stop. Please don't stop. Make me come. Make me come…." His pleas are a symphony to your ears and you matched each of his words with every stroke of your bobbing head.
Your fingers worked the shaft of his cock while your other hand explored his body. Your nails scratched against the thickly corded muscles at his groin. You massaged his balls, his taint, tugging the delicate skin between your fingers, slowly you followed the soft skin, pressed your fingers to the clenched puckered ring of his ass.
Bucky threw his head back as his orgasm suddenly caught him off guard. And what a fucking sight it is to watch him succumb to you. His eyes are closed. His mouth opened while his hands squeezed your breasts in a vice-like grip. He's caught up in a feeling so potent his entire body shuddered as his seed spurted with the force of a geyser.
He opened his eyes mid-orgasm and was shocked to see rope after rope of his seed being shot onto your awaiting tongue as though you were receiving holy communion. He could not catch his breath.  He looked as if his head would explode or his heart would give out should he be subjected to anything else. Wickedly, you chose that exact moment to place his spurting cock in your mouth and milk him dry.
Bucky howled in ecstasy as his eyes rolled to the back of his head. Driven by primal need, his hands desperately clutched the back of your head and pushed you down as he thrust his cock deep, emptying himself into your mouth.
Moments later, Bucky laid back spent. His chest was heaving, his hips twitching with aftershocks as you gently released your hand and mouth from his cock. Slowly you opened your mouth and showed him the interior of your mouth filled with his thick milky seed, and suddenly, it's gone.
You had swallowed every drop with a satisfied grin.
Bucky grabbed hold of you and kissed you frantically. The taste of him on your tongue is new, but you both savoured it with soft moans of approval and breathless sighs. Turning you in his arms, he ripped your dress right down the middle exposing your naked body to his feral gaze. 
"Buckle up, doll. It's my turn now."
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khimili · 6 months ago
to capture a heart
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Pairing: Bucky x Reader Summary: Even though Bucky is deeply in love with you, he can’t gather the courage to confess his feelings. He is convinced that you’re dating Steve, which is obviously not true. Maybe the both of you just need a little help to pick up the pieces of your scattered relationship. Word count: 4.8k Warnings: emotional!bucky, angst, self-loathing, misunderstanding, accidental violence, mutual pining, two idiots in love, smut (voyeurism, masturbation, fantasy), fluff Author's note: This one-shot is based on a request I got months ago from an anonymous reader. I hope you’re still around and that it will please you. The first part was almost painful to write, so if any of you is passing by, please send some love for my baby Bucky, because he deserves it.
Tumblr media
“Good morning,” you said, yawning and stretching your arms above your head as you entered the kitchen.
Bucky watched you from afar as you sit at the counter. Judging by your comfortable pair of pajamas, your crazy hair and the sleepy look in your eyes, it appeared you had just fallen out of bed. He couldn’t help thinking you were gorgeous – though he would never say it out loud. It was just you being yourself in the natural, without artifice, without falseness or pretense. It was almost painful for him to watch you, knowing that beside him, his best friend was doing the same thing, a tender smile on his lips.
He turned around with a sigh, not willing to torture himself so early in the morning. He wanted to be relaxed and friendly around you, just like the rest of the team, but something was holding it back. Many things actually. His fear, to begin with. His shyness, as well. And most of all, the fact that you and Steve were undoubtedly in love with each other. Things between the two of you were not official, but one had to be blind not to notice the smiles full of complicity, the long hugs and the laughs that were shared.
He could do something nice for you, without ulterior motives. A cup of coffee would be a good start. He could bring it to the counter, sit beside you and make some small talk to put you at your ease. He could stop being awkward, for once. Acting mechanically, he reached for a mug in the top drawer. One sugar, no milk. Was it weird that he knew everything about you tastes, hobbies and interests? Probably, but no one needed to know. With another sigh, he grabbed the coffeepot and poured the hot coffee into the mug, gathering his courage to bring it to you.
“Ladies first, punk,” Steve said in a playful tone, taking the mug away from his best friend.
“Actually, I was– Never mind.”
He tried to remain emotionless as he watched his best friend walking to the woman he was so deeply and desperately in love with. He tried to ignore the pang of jealousy he felt as he watched him kissing you on your forehead while giving you the cup of coffee. He tried to hide the pain in his chest as he watched you giving him the most genuine smile in return. His knuckles were white from gripping the counter he was leant against. He knew he had no right to be mad, but the sight in front of his eyes were killing him.
You had been nothing but sweet with him since his arrival in the team. You had been patient and kind, always willing to help without falling into the trap of mothering him like a child. You had taught him to be resilient. To always bounce back from the worst of the worst because staying in that black hole of hurt and pity would never get him anywhere. Dwelling on the past would never let him see the present and reach the future. You had seen the part of him that he wanted to keep hidden. The anxiety, the pain, the nightmares. You had witnessed everything.
He had been doing all the wrong things since birth, and yet you were still willing to hang out with him. That was another lesson he had learnt from you: he couldn't escape you even if he wanted to. You had taught him to never judge people by something they can't control but by the content of their character. To be fair, it was quite a naive speech. But that was beside the point because it was you that had taught him that. You had changed him, unknowingly. You had shaped him into a better version of himself.
For everything you had done, he would be eternally grateful. He was like a circuit that HYDRA had wired wrongly, but, ultimately, with patience and time, you had corrected everything. Sure, he was still having nightmares, but not as often as it used to be. Occasionally, when he couldn’t bear with his memories anymore, you had slept beside him in the large couch of the common room. He had set his head against your chest, ear pressed to your heartbeat, the rise and fall of each of your breath soothing him. He had snaked his arm around you, cradling you shamelessly like a pillow. And you had let him do that. And he had hurt you.
The sole memory was painful. Even now, he could still feel the skin of your neck in the palm of his hand, like a phantom sensation. He could still see the fear in your eyes. He could still hear your shallow breath. He was pretty sure he could have killed you that night. He couldn’t talk to you after that, not even look into your eyes, because he couldn’t stand how disappointed you would be. He could just watch you from afar, wandering around in a turtle neck for days to hide your bruised neck. You had given him your trust, and he had ruined everything.
He was probably the biggest coward anyone could come by. He hadn’t really spoken to you since that night, barely able to be in the same room as you anymore. Little did he know you didn’t blame him at all. He had completely avoided you for three weeks, and out of the blue, he had knocked on your bedroom door and promptly apologized for being a brute and a monster. He had caught you off guard because you had only been able to stare at him with your mouth slightly ajar. By the time you had came to your sense, he had already left.
Since that awkward moment, he had only been able to muster enough confidence to greet you in the mornings and say goodnight to you when he saw you were walking to your room. Every time he so much as caught a glance of you, his heart palpitated. It was unfair, to say the least, because you would never feel the same way. How could you ever love a broken thing like him? That wasn't new knowledge or any of the sort; it just hurt quite a bit to think about. It was too late to be sorry, but it didn’t ease the pain away.
As he watched you having a sip of your coffee, looking so frail in your pink pajamas with little blue flowers, he remembered that time he had found out you loved pink lilies. You had been having a particularly annoying day and he wanted to buy you something. Jewelry would have been too much so he went with flowers. He hadn't known which ones to get you, so, he had hazarded a guess — pink lilies, and had asked Steve to give them to you. The little attention ended up making you smile. Though it wasn’t addressed to him, he couldn't focus on training for the next two days.
He tried not to loathe Steve. He was his best friend. Even though he had taken the girl he had loved for months. Even though he had fallen in love with the one person Bucky had ever actually and unconditionally loved. He had taken the girl he had spent hours talking about and made her fall in love with him. He had taken the one piece of his life he had actually been enjoying; the one that made him smile by just thinking of it. But he couldn’t be mad, right? He had never told Steve who the girl was. He had never once given him a hint of who she was — never a description of anything but your lovely personality.
When he had realized what was happening between you and his best friend, he had pushed his feelings away. There was nothing else to do. But he hadn't pushed his feelings aside just for Steve. He had done it for you too. You deserved light and all the good things coming to you. She deserved to be happy. You deserved to have a radiant smile on your face every day you lived and breathed. He would never be able to give it to you. He was willing to be miserable for the rest of his life for you to be truly happy.
Tumblr media
It was pretty late that night, and Bucky couldn’t fall asleep. He was rolling and tossing in his bed, unable to empty his mind. The rest of the team had gone out to party in some club. Obviously, they had invited him to tag along, but he was not ready to hit the town. He didn’t feel like having fun anyway. What could be better than shutting himself up in his room, locked in his own misery? He would rather torture himself with images of you and Steve dancing and kissing each other. He could use some alcohol, maybe it would knock him out.
What drew him to the common room was the dancing shadows cast by the television which was turned on. No one was supposed to be home and he thought that maybe someone had forgotten to turn it off before leaving. However, when he drew closer with a sigh, he realized it was something else entirely. He wasn't sure what it was that called him like a moth to that flame, but he knew that once he saw it, saw you, the only way he was looking away was if someone forced him. Even though the room was dark, he could clearly see what was happening.
As usual, you were sitting on the leather armchair next to the coffee table, facing him. You were still wearing the same clothes you had worn all day, but it was more disheveled than he ever thought you would let it get and this night was no different. The part that was different was, instead of leaning to the side with your legs folded under you, your nose stuck in a book, you were laying across the chair. Your head rested on one arm while your legs were slung over the other. As if that weren't enough, you had one hand up your shirt and the other down your pant.
Bucky forgot how to breathe as he stared at you. It was though his feet had rooted to the ground or his entire being were suddenly made of stone. His heart alternated between skipping beats here and there to racing as if trying to get out of his chest altogether. His skin felt as though it were alive; as if the blood in his veins had turned to fire as he stood there and watched. He knew it was wrong, that he shouldn’t be watching you, but he couldn’t help it. The sight was too magnificent for him to look away.
You didn't move much in the beginning, your eyes closed and your skin flushed. At first, all he could see was your fingers working beneath your shirt as you kneaded your own breasts. There was occasional movement of your legs, but not enough. It wasn't until you worked yourself closer to your release that you began to move. A low moan escaped your plump lips, sounding like a melody to his ears. Your back would arch, your lashes would flutter, and you would bite your lower lip ever so slightly.
Bucky's right hand curled into fists at his side, the blunt tips of his nails digging into his palms. He had never thought much of your appearance now since he had spent so much of his time mesmerized by your kindness and selflessness. But now, as your back bowed off the chair, your lips parting in ecstasy, and your eyes squeezed shut, Bucky found himself thinking that whenever he heard the word beautiful, he would use this mental image to describe it. Come what may, this image of you would be implanted in his brain forever.
It was in that moment he seemed to realize what he was witnessing and was finally able to turn away. He ran, not stopping until he made it back to the safety of his bedroom. He paced the center of the room trying to get the images to go away, but nothing worked. By the time he sat on the edge of the bed, his knuckles hurt from the tension in his hand. He was disgusted with himself, but at the same time he couldn’t help feeling horny. He would have given anything to be the one pleasuring you like that, worshipping your body like the goddess you were.
The thought was almost too much for him to handle. With a deep and resigned sigh, he leaned his back against the headboard, turned off the dim light on the nightstand, braced his feet on the mattress and reached roughly down his pants. He knew about hate sex; he didn’t know about hate masturbation yet. The first contact of skin-on-skin, the first stroke up and over the head, was like coming home. He took a moment to spit-slick his hand, then resumed his strokes and thought of you, lazily laying on your armchair, completely offered for him to see.
He wanted to turn the lights on and trace your soft skin from your feet all the way up to your thighs. He wanted to roll you on your stomach so he could kiss the freckles on your back, the small scar right under you shoulder blade. He’d been listening to the measured in and out of your breaths for months now; he wanted to hear your breath hitch under his touch. He wanted to drag his mouth over every inch of your body, until you were gasping at the ceiling and crying out his name. Bucky. James. You mother fucking bastard. Anything would do.
His hand picked up speed again, the fantasy taking a new turn. You would keep the lights off, because you weren’t interested in him. You would grab his hair and put him where you wanted him, and he’d let you, because he knew you would never hurt him. He would work you over for as long as you would let him, giving you as many orgasms as he could until your juices were dripping down his chin and forearm. You would push him away when your cunt was oversensitive to the slightest touch. And he would obey.
He would gently blow on it, to send one last ripple of pleasure through you. It would be his repentance to you, his gratitude, repaying your compassion one of the few ways he could. After, he would rest his forehead on the inside of your thigh, his eyes cast down at the floor when he finally took himself in hand – the flesh hand still slick from you, to wring out his one orgasm of the night. You would use him, and he would let you, just this once, because you were the only person in the whole world he could trust with his life.
His head banged against the headboard with the force of his orgasm, a deep moan escaping his lips as he spilled his seed all over his hand and stomach. When the spasm passed and he finally came back to himself, he flicked the light on and went straight to the bathroom to take a much-needed shower. He hoped in the cubicle and whimpered when the cold water hit his back. Unfortunately, no matter how hard he would try, he would never be able to wash away the pain and the shame that burnt in his chest.
Tumblr media
“Things have gotten worse,” you sighed, slouching on your chair in front of the eyes of the guy you considered a brother. “He won’t even talk to me.”
“Well, I’m sorry Y/N but uhm– There is no big news,” Steve answered.
“No, no. I swear something’s wrong,” you claimed, watching him with a pleading look on your face. “Whenever I enter a room, he runs from me like the plague.”
“Did something happen when the both of you stayed home on Saturday night?” he asked, looking thoughtful. “He barely talks to me lately.”
“Nothing that I’m aware of. I haven’t even bumped into him,” you said, shrugging your shoulders in a gesture of helplessness. “It’s becoming quite hard to keep up with him. Maybe I should just leave him alone you know, give him a break.”
“Listen, Y/N,” Steve sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose. “Bucky’s been through a lot and–”
“I know that, Steve,” you cut him, frustrated.
“What I mean is that you can’t expect him to act like any random guy in this situation. He used to be very confident and easy going back in the days. But now–” He seemed to be trying to find the words. “He’s clearly out of his comfort zone.”
“You’re his best friend, Steve. You know him better than I do,” you stated, defeated. “So, what do you suggest?”
“You should make the first move, Y/N. Because I’m pretty sure he won’t.”
“What if he’s not interested? I mean, I don’t want to pressure him.”
“Not interested?” he scoffed, looking at you like you were out of your mind. “Good Lord, you’re as thick as he is, aren’t you?”
“Will you help me?” you asked, full of hope.
“Obviously,” he said, scratching his chin. “The three of us could have a movie night in my room tonight, what do you think? We need to take this slow.”
“Yeah, sure. I guess it’s a good idea.”
Your options were pretty limited. You could just cross your fingers and hope that Steve’s plan would work. You were obviously afraid of making it worse, but you couldn’t just sit still and wait around for Bucky to slowly slip out of your life. Surely, Steve felt the same way. The both of you had too much to lose along the way. Absentmindedly, you put your hand on his forearm, squeezing it gently. He must have felt your nervousness and your hesitancy, because the next second, his hand was on top of yours.
“We’ll make this work, Y/N,” he said in a comforting tone.
You closed your eyes, tears stung over the bridge of your nose. Inspiration, expiration and heartbeat, and again. Inspiration, expiration and heartbeat and again. Time stood still for a minute and you realized he was staring at you, probably waiting for an answer. But you couldn’t speak. The last thing you needed was to burst into tears in front of him. Giving him a weak smile, you sort of nodded your head and got up from your chair. You hated being that emotional. You could definitely use a little alone time in your room.
Tumblr media
By the end of the day, you were a nervous wreck. You had taken a long shower, to try and wash away your anxiety, but it didn’t work at all. You were now sat on the edge of your bed, a damp towel tightly secured around your body. You mind was drifting away. Maybe you had done something wrong, and go seeing him would only make things worse. Maybe he didn’t want to see you anymore. You had probably been way too intrusive those past months, spending most of your time with him as if the two of you were good friends.
You wondered suddenly if he was as mad as you were at yourself. You had crossed his boundaries more than once, and he had every right to be angry with you. You had seen him at his weakest, you had witnessed his vulnerability, and even though you hadn’t taken advantage of it, he must have felt worthless and pathetic. You shook your head, lower lip quivering as the tears welled in your eyes. There was a twist in your heart. If you were being honest, you would probably admit that you were just looking for an excuse to chicken out.
But Steve was counting on you. You needed to put your feelings and your fears aside, for him, for Bucky. Especially for Bucky. Because after all he had gone through, he deserved the world. You couldn’t let you own insecurities get in your way. You were going to dress up, go to his room and persuade him to spend the evening with his best friend, and with you. At least with Steve. You were more than willing to remove yourself if needed, to stay out of their way. Because, in the end, you had to clean up the mess you had made.
Mindlessly, with a heavy heart and a lump in your throat, you slowly get dressed. An oversized Avengers shirt and some pajamas shorts would do. Taking a deep breath, you stepped out of your room, silently making your way toward Bucky’s room. Steve had asked you to pick him up without warning, so that he wouldn’t have the time to come up with an excuse. You were feeling bad at the idea of cornering him like that, but deep down you knew your friend was right. If you had asked him earlier, he would have declined the invitation. If you had texted him, he probably would have not replied.
Out of habit, you tried to arrange your hair. It was stupid. You were not here to parade around. Your heart was pounding so loudly you wondered if it could jump straight out from your chest directly at your feet. You took in a deep breathe and knocked on his door without giving it a second thought. At first, there was no answer. The was no noise coming from the room either. Maybe he was already asleep. Maybe he was just not there. You couldn’t help but feeling disappointed. You were about to give up when you heard him move behind the closed door.
“Come in,” he finally said.
Timidly, you opened the door and stepped inside the room, closing it behind you. You tried your hardest to put a smile on your face, wanting to appear as casual as possible. He was sat on his bed, his eyes on the window, his arms crossed on his chest. You had yet to talk to him but it seemed like he was already angry. Or uncomfortable. With him, you could never tell. Carefully, you took a step in his direction. He looked tired. You had to fight the need to walk to him and give him a gentle hug. He would not like it.
“Hi,” you said with a small voice.
“Did you need anything?” he asked, visibly upset.
“Steve wanted to watch Saving Private Ryan,” you explained cautiously, gauging his reaction. “So, we’re kind of having a little movie night in his room.”
“Good,” he answered coldly, without even looking at you. “You two have fun.”
“Actually, I wanted to know–” you started, trying to find your words. “Would you like to come over?”
“I think I’ll pass,” he retorted with a small laugh full of irony. “Listen, Y/N, I don’t feel like third wheeling tonight, okay?”
“What do you mean?”
“Look, I’m really happy for you. For the both of you,” he said calmly, finally looking at you. All you could see now was the pain in his eyes. “But I just– I can’t.”
“Do you think Steve and I are dating?” you asked with a high-pitched voice, dumbfounded. “Is that why you’ve been acting all weird lately?”
“You’re gonna deny it?”
“Obviously,” you exclaimed, almost offended. “I could never date Steve.”
“Why’s that?” he asked, looking suddenly interested in what you were saying and getting up of his bed. “D’you think he’s not good enough for you?”
“No, that’s not–”
“What is it then?”
You carefully took a step toward him, each piece of the puzzle finally falling into place in front of your eyes. Had the conversation not been that serious, you would have probably laughed. Not at him, but out of relief. Slowly, you walked up to him, gauging his reaction to your movements. His gaze lingered on you, searching the depths of your eyes for something, anything to make sense of the situation. He stared at you in a mix of fear and hope, as though you had the answers to the endless questions burning within him.
“I could never date Steve,” you repeated softly, a shy smile on your lips. “Because– Well, because I’m in love with you.”
“I beg your pardon?”
“I think you heard me well,” you chuckled, heat erupting in your chest. “I love you Bucky. I thought it was quite obvious.”
“You– You love me?”
“I thought you knew,” you said, shrugging your shoulders. “I thought that was why you avoided me.”
In the moment, it struck you that he was so close you could reach out and touch him if you had the nerve. If it were not such a terrible idea. He looked at you with wide eyes, clearly stunned by your confession. In your close proximity, the swallow that traversed his throat was audible. You almost couldn’t stand the racing of your heart, tense and overwhelming. Each breathe was an immense effort and your pulse was roaring behind you ears as you stared at him. His silence was weirdly deafening and you decided to go on.
“I didn’t want to make you uncomfortable, Bucky,” you whispered, hanging your head in shame. “I love you, but it’s okay if you don’t. I really wish we could stay friends, because I care about you, no matter what.”
“Y/N,” he said finally.
“You don’t have to feel bad about it,” you resumed, losing your nerves. “Nothing has to change, okay?”
“Y/N,” he insisted.
“Sorry, I talk too much when I’m nervous,” you whispered, looking up into his eyes with a sorry look on your face.
“I did not avoid you because I knew about– About your feelings,” he finally said, scratching the back of his neck.
“But you did avoid me, right?”
“Don’t you hate me?”
“Why would I ever hate you, Bucky?”
“I hurt you. That night. I could have killed you,” he admitted with a voice so full of shame and sadness you could have burst into tears on the spot.
“Oh my god, Bucky,” you exclaimed, taking his hand in yours without even thinking. “That was an accident! I don’t blame you, at all! If anything, that’s my fault, I should have been more careful.”
“Doll, please. You’ve done nothing wrong,” he answered, giving you a tender look. “It is I who must apologize. I’ve been nothing but a complete jerk those past weeks. I was– I felt guilty. And I was scared. And jealous.”
“Jealous? Look, before I get my hopes too high… Jealous like–”
Before you could make sense of anything else, of the desperate ache in your chest, his lips were on yours. One of his arms – the vibranium one, wrapped around you, drawing you flush against his form. His other hand – the flesh one, went straight to cup your cheek in a gentle motion. Warmth exploded, racing through you from the different points of contact, and there was nothing in you to resist as you sank helplessly into him, moaning while doing so. Tearing away and breathing heavily, Bucky stared at you, foreheads pressed together.
“Jealous like that,” he said, caressing your cheek in the most tender way. “I love you, Y/N. I’m totally and utterly in love with you, and I’ve been for months.”
When his mouth found yours again, the last of the hesitation between the two of you vanished. The kiss was slow and aching. You pulled him closer, hands wrapped tenderly on the sides of his face, as though someone might pull him away at any moment. Dragging a hand through his hair, you traced his lips with your tongue, his mouth parting instantly. You were absolutely breathless by the time he pulled away, holding you as tight against him as he could manage.
“If the invitation still stands, I would love to spend the evening with you and Steve,” he said with a smile, kissing your lips in a chaste motion.
“Sure thing,” you answered with a bright smile, causing butterflies to swarm in his stomach.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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