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How would the bachelors react to getting a surprise kiss on the cheek?
Bachelors Getting a Surprise Kiss on the Cheek
Aww, cute! Thanks for the request anon. Also, I'm going to assume this is before the bachelors and the reader get together.
Tumblr media
He's bright red, though he tries to hide it. You two were just talking until all of a sudden *smooch!* He's not going to stumble over his words, but he is pretty surprised. He nudges you with his elbow and you two joke around about it *cough cough* practice kissing *cough cough*
"Woah, Y/N. What was that about? Haha."
Flustered, but he keeps it calm on the outside. You know he's been planning for this moment, and he's not going to fuck it up. He flirts a little but ultimately goes on like nothing happened. On the inside, however, he's screaming. Gives you a kiss on the hand.
"You've fallen for me, dear? I'm only kidding. Your face is so red."
He's like, ever so slightly red. Barely noticeable. You know inside his brain his social anxiety is going haywire trying to figure out a response but the outside him is as cool as a cucumber. He's still a bit awkward, though.
"Uh, alright, I guess. Um... Why did you do that?"
^ he's not being rude he's just confused lol
Harvey. My boy. My man. You saw my post about their reactions to a bouquet. You know I said he passed out. Well, he's on the verge of doing it again. My man is WEAK. Bro can't even handle a hug honestly get a grip (/j). Anyways, yeah, he's flustered.
"Um- uh- well, I- I better get going now. Um, goodbye, Y/N."
He's just confused lol. One minute you two are just chatting the next you,, kissed him??? Huh???? His first reaction is to go 'what.' It's only after that does he get a little bit embarrassed.
"Wh... Why did you do that. I mean- I'm not mad, I'm just a bit confused."
He's, somehow, still acting confident. He's freaking out inside, sure, but he's doing a damn good job at not letting it show. Totally flirts about wanting to kiss you back.
"Hey, farmer, you got a thing for me or something? I'm kidding, but if you do..."
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the bbygirls
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x-kyandi-x · 1 day
Abigail: Why did you guys dress up as each other for Halloween? Sam: Sebastian is the scariest thing I could think of! Sebastian: Sam told me I should pick the dumbest costume possible.
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reineydraws · 7 months
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started playing sdv again and remembered how much i love my husband :')
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Let's goooo!
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best friends 4 evr
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i love how fuckin weird the farmer is, i need more content of the villagers talking about how fuckin weird the farmer is.
edit: there's a part 2 now
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ripleylacross · 8 months
Tumblr media
I'm entertained by the concept of Sebastian being a big ol' Nerd as a kid: Glasses, braces, and chasing frogs. Before he grew up and became a basement goth, anyway.
Sam doesn't share his enthusiasm ;P
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revamped the way i drew sam and sebastian’s piercings
bonus: hidden piercings 
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Stardew Valley fair
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picking up the stardew valley beta vs final portraits again!!! 🎸⚡
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Hello !! I love your headcanons c: Would you mind if I'd use some? Also to have a request too if it hasn't been done: how would the bachelors/bachelorettes react if farmer had depression/anxiety/other?
Bachelor/ettes with an Anxious S/O
Hi anon! Did you mean use my HCs like in a fic? Like say for example something random from my general Elliott HCs. I'm fine with them being referenced in fiction works and such. Just leave your references!
ANYWAYS, thank you for the ask! I saw your other response and it's okay lol. General stuff like this is all good. I went with anxiety for this since I'm personally familiar with it but can do a depression one in the future.
Also, please tell me if I messed something up. I'm not a professional.
Tumblr media
He's actually pretty good at recognising the signs of anxiety. His mother deals with it a lot, what with Kent and running the household on her own and all. So, he can see the telltale signs that something's up.
He spends a lot of time trying to figure out whether to approach you or not. In the end, he just decides to sort of hint that he knows something's up.
"Hey Y/N. You know you can always talk to me if something's up, right?"
Once you tell him what's actually bothering you, he's actually really responsive to it. I stated in one of my other HCs (I think it was my Sam: Falling in Love one) that he writes in a journal. You best believe he's writing that shit down at the speed of your psychiatrist. I'll be honest, he probably lets it slip to Jodi. But he makes her promise not to tell anyone - not even Caroline. It came about because Sam wanted to know whether to ask you about your triggers or not, to which Jodi said to not.
So, he starts becoming a lot more observant of you. It may seem like he wouldn't, since he's pretty easily distracted. But when it comes to you, he does pay a lot of attention. He always keeps sticky notes on him to write down anything he notices might be a trigger for you.
Elliott is the most observant person in town (well, on par with Penny), so he's definitely going to catch on to your anxiety. He sees you trying to cover up your nervousness and put two and two together pretty quick.
He doesn't approach you about it. Instead, he just watches out for any triggers you might have. Once he works them out, if he's there when something comes up, he'll quietly excuse you from the situation and take you to a place where you can calm down.
If you do decide to tell him about your anxiety, he'll be sure to politely tell you he was suspicious of it. He wants to be honest with you and fears you finding out he lied may make your anxiety worse. Of course, he hasn't told anyone else about his suspicions. He respects your privacy and knows it's not his business.
Every month or week or whatever segment of time you want, he writes you a letter. It's just him asking how you are, where you're at (if you want to share that information), etc., etc.
"Dear Y/N, how are you? I hope you are holding up well. I bought some crab cakes from the saloon last night. If you're comfortable, you're welcome to come and share them with me. -Elliott."
I feel like despite dealing with anxiety himself, he wouldn't be able to recognise it to save his life. He'll be able to pick up on basic triggers, of course, but he just thinks it's some weird quirk of yours.
So yeah, you're gonna have to be the one to tell him. Once you do, he's obviously supportive of you. Man gets it. He's quiet about it, but he'll tell you he's not going to judge.
"Right. Um, yeah, I get that. It sucks, doesn't it?"
He doesn't do much about it. After all, he doesn't want to pry into your personal information. All he really does it tell others (Lewis) to shut up when they say something obviously rude. He'll try and comfort you when he can, but he's not the best at it. His instinct is to go straight to jokes to try and distract you. But if it works, it works.
Harvey's a doctor guys, he knows what it is right away. Because of his job of keeping track of everyone, he's learned to pick up on and remember all the little details of someone. This, of course, includes you. It's very easy for him to put two and two together and work it out.
His first course of action is to call you to the clinic for a private consultation. He frames it as just a checkup, which in some sense it is. He waits for you to get comfortable before trying to gently mention the subject.
"Hello Y/N. How are you? I noticed you seemed a bit more nervous lately, is everything okay?"
Not only is he a doctor, but he's also a friend. So, he's listening to everything you say. While he himself is not a licensed therapist and doesn't know enough on that specific subject to provide enough help for you, he does have a few tricks up his sleeve.
Like Elliott, he'll do check-ins with you to see how you're going, though he will up the number of them if he sees things going south. These checkups are confidential and involve nobody else but the two of you, so you don't have to worry about things getting out.
He also tries to set you up with a therapist. While he knows it's your choice, he does push it just a teensy bit. He really cares about you and doesn't want you to have to deal with this anxiety.
Shane may not be experiencing exactly what you're going through - nobody will - but he relates to having issues with anxiety. He sort of picks up on it at first. He notices some odd behaviours you have, but it takes him a good while to actually realise what's going on. It's just that in the back of his mind he's trying to push out that possibility. He just doesn't want to acknowledge that you might be struggling.
But eventually he has to come to terms with it, whether it be by you telling him or not. He realises that he doesn't just get to decide whether you have anxiety or not, and, really, neither do you.
Shane will plan a specific time and outing to ask you about it, but as things go with him it goes way off the rails and he doesn't get the chance. So, he just approaches you about it sometime when you seem relaxed and don't have any prying eyes on you two.
"Hey, so, I don't want to pry, but do you... Y'know, have a bit of anxiety? Once again, sorry if this is rude, I was just wondering."
He was really nervous to ask you because he didn't want to risk offending you or making you uncomfortable. And if you are offended or uncomfortable, he's sure to apologise tenfold. But if you're okay with it, he'd love to hear just a bit more, so he knows what to do to accommodate for you.
Alex has no clue you're anxious. He just thinks any signs of anxiety are fun little quirks you have! But seriously, he's bad at it. He can understand basic and common phobias, but that's about it. Rarer phobias or triggers that he doesn't know about will take some explaining. He's not trying to judge; he just takes a bit more time to understand.
When you do approach him, he'll likely give you a hug or some other form of physical affection. He (or at least I HC him to) struggles with self-esteem and a bit of anxiety himself, so he really hates to see someone he cares for so much in the same/a similar boat.
He'll try to spend more time with you. You definitely gotta tell him if that's something you're not comfortable with, because to him that just looks like the perfect solution. You're nervous, so you can be with him, and he'll make you feel better. Simple, right?
"Hey Y/N! Wanna come to my house tonight? Granny's making salmon dinner. You can stay the night if you want."
He really tries his best to learn your triggers, but he still might mess up sometimes. If he does, he really does truly feel bad about it and tries to apologise. Alex is someone to never give up (or at least that's what he tells himself), so he's going to always better himself at those things.
Penny can truly relate to having anxiety. I (project) HC she has a bit of anxiety over her welfare and safety on top of social anxiety. So, she's never going to judge if you tell her about it.
Penny works with kids, and she's already naturally in tune with people's emotions, so it's not too hard for her to pick up on things. But she doesn't tell anyone about it. She respects that it's your business and you're the one who gets to decide who knows and who doesn't. She's perfectly fine keeping that secret forever.
If you do tell her though, she's actually a little... Happy? Honored, maybe, that you felt comfortable sharing this information with her. It makes her glad to know that you trust her, is all. If you're okay with it, she gives you a quick (or long) hug of reassurance along with some kind words.
"Thank you for telling me, Y/N. That means a lot to me. I hope I can help you with whatever you need."
Like Elliott, she writes you letters. They're less of checkups and more so her just telling you what's going on with her in the hopes that it might provide an - albeit brief - distraction from whatever's bothering you. She also includes some recipes and activities to keep you going when it gets tough. With them are even some little quotes she came up with to encourage you.
Leah, I feel, doesn't really pick up on it. She's more of a 'well, I'll just accept their behaviours as part of who they are!' person. She brushes it off as you being you, rather than signs of a larger issue. She doesn't judge you for your behaviours and treats you just like everybody else. But she does get a little confused when you react to a trigger (but she never tells anybody).
When (or if) you do tell her, she sort of has an 'oh' moment followed by an 'oh' moment. Suddenly things are starting to make sense. Leah has a good memory, so she can remember you reacting to triggers and what those triggers were, but if there's any more you want to tell her she encourages you to write it in a letter (or really whatever makes you most comfortable).
Still, her treatment of you doesn't change. Just because you have anxiety/are anxious doesn't mean you're suddenly this whole new person who she needs to redo the friendship process with. No. She just goes along like normal while avoiding any bumps along the way.
"Hey Y/N! I was wondering, did you want to hang out sometime? I'd love to show you this sculpture I've been working on."
Abigail sort of has a hunch about what's going on, but she can never quite place her finger on it. She knows something's up, just not what. So, being Abigail, she asks you! Downside is she may just ask you, wherever that place is and however many people are there. It could be in a private spot with just the two of you in hushed voices, or it could be in the saloon on a Friday night, her yelling really loudly so you can hear her from across the bar.
Yeah, so I'd just hope it's the former scenario.
"Hey Y/N, you alright? You've been a bit odd lately."
Tell her what's up though, and she brings it down to a private level. She knows enough about anxiety to know that most people don't like to just talk about it. After all, she's friends with Sebastian and he's the living embodiment of not wanting to talk about it.
She's still pretty forward with it though. She is the one to just ask if [thing] is a trigger for you. She doesn't mean to trigger you on accident, and if she does, she is really sorry, she just wants to know so she can avoid it.
Maru is a nurse and is all-round who I'd say to be the second smartest person in town (first place goes to her father), so it's very easy for her to realise what's up with you. When she does, she spends a good while weighing the pros and cons of confronting you about it.
While she's doing that, she's checking up on you each day to see how you're doing. She's naturally a very kind person, so it's not suspicious of her to do so, but she does so anyway. She always makes a mental note of the days where you're just not feeling it and is sure to try just that little bit harder to make the day alright for you.
In the end, it comes down to her just waiting. She makes a sort of graph of how you're going, and if you're going well, she leaves you alone. If you're going a bit south, she takes you to a quiet place like Cindersap forest at night (or wherever and whenever you're most comfortable) and waits for you to relax. Once you're relax, she explains her concerns for you and asks for permission to know what is up.
"Hey, so, I need to ask you something. I've noticed you've been showing some signs of anxiety. If you're comfortable, could you please tell me what's up?"
If she's denied permission, she absolutely respects your boundaries and doesn't ask anything else. She explains how she's been keeping track of how you're going, too, just for the sake of honesty and transparency.
If she is allowed permission to know more about the subject at hand, she inquires about your interest in therapy. If you accept, she'll immediately nonchalantly hit Harvey up for some phone numbers. If it's a no, she respects your decision, but encourages you to think about it.
Emily, at first, is a lot like Leah. She brushes it off as you being you. But as the behaviour continues and becomes more apparent, she does start to wonder if there's something more going on. By that point, she asks Harvey for some symptoms of anxiety and compares them to you. If they line up, she gets a little more concerned.
She goes to Harvey a lot for advice. She always covers your name up with 'my friend' or 'this person I know,' and thankfully it works. She's there to get advice on helping and accommodating for you, not spreading your personal information with your name attached. And even then, she can just use the excuse that she was wanting information in case something comes up in the future.
When she's got her information, she puts it to good use. She tries to very nonchalantly ask you if you have any triggers she should know of, without pushing your boundaries.
"Hey, I was up all night last night thinking about how strange it was that we all have triggers. Isn't it weird? I was wondering if there was anything I should know about you."
Haley genuinely does not understand anxiety. She simply does not have the brain required to comprehend it. That doesn't mean she's judge-y, she just will never understand. And because she doesn't understand, she doesn't pick up on it.
So, you have to tell her. Because if you don't, she can and will casually mention your behaviours to other people. It sucks, but that's what's gonna happen. She doesn't mean to be rude; she honestly just doesn't know.
When you do tell her, she's all 'wait, what?' She had zero idea that's what was going on. But when she does realise that's what's happening, she ceases any and all conversation about it. She respects your privacy enough to not share that.
"Wait, that's what's up? Oh, I had no idea!"
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I’m bored and I forget how to draw everyone so it’s time for a candidate redraw (plus some bonus NPCs that I’m very fond of design-wise / as characters)!!!
My main goal for these was to make everyone much more lively and expressive. I think I succeeded! I love how Shane, Emily, Qi, and Razz came out
Forgive me for any anatomy errors. I struggled a lot with the poses
Keep reading to see all of them on one page and the original drawings
Tumblr media
Them but on one canvas
Tumblr media Tumblr media
And… my beloved originals from many many months ago :) remember them?
The links for my full originals of the bachelors are here and the bachelorettes here!
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The most awful lineup of bachelors I’ve ever seen…
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trio tomfoolery
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just men, with their pets
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