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eddies-princess86 · 2 months ago
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Steve Harrington in his scoops ahoy uniform>>>anything else 🥹💞
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minniesmunson · a month ago
If it's not too much trouble could you write an angsty piece for Gareth? Like it takes place in season 3 and you both find out about the russian base because you work at scoops and he visits you during work, and then he tries to stop you from going down there but you want to help Steve, Robin and the kids so you get into a big argument? And once you get captured with Steve and Robin you accidentally like vent to them and regret the entire argument while meanwhile Gareth spends all his time at the mall worrying about you and once you get back up before the battle of starcourt he finds you and you both apologize and all is forgiven? Sorry if this is too much-
Scoops Troop part 1
Tumblr media
𝗣𝗮𝗶𝗿𝗶𝗻𝗴: Gareth Emerson x GN! Reader
𝗦𝘂𝗺𝗺𝗮𝗿𝘆: Basically the request ^^^
𝗪𝗮𝗿𝗻𝗶𝗻𝗴𝘀: cussing, established relationship, part 1 of 3
𝗣𝗢𝗩: first person - Y/n
𝗔/𝗡 : can I just talk about how obsessed I am with this request? Thank you so much for requesting it, there is so much to this that I have to make a part 2 and 3 to this. Thanks again love( ˘ ³˘)♥︎ - Minnie x
Tumblr media
“I’m trying to listen to the Russians-“
“Babysitting time is over, you need to get in their” Robin said, me following behind. “Hey! My board, that was important data, shitbirds”
“I guarantee you, what we’re doing is way more important than your data” Dustin said, waving his arms in the air.
“Yeah? And how do you know these Russians are up to no good?”
“Wait- what? Did I miss something?” I asked, confused.
“How did she find out about-“
“Did you tell her-“
“It wasn’t me”
“Y/n did you say something to her?”
“Okay I’m so lost”
“Hello I can hear you. Actually, I can hear everything. You both are extremely loud. You think you have evil Russians plotting against our country, on tape, and you’re trying to translate but haven’t figured out a single word because you didn’t realize Russians use an entire different alphabet. Sound about right?”
“So wait” I said, taking a seat in one of the empty chairs “you have a feeling the Russian government of sorts is after us, and you think you caught something that can be related to that on your….radio?”
“Basically everything I just said?” Robin said sarcastically. I shot her a glare.
A few awkward moments passed before Robin tried to snatch Dustin tape.
“Woah! What do you think you’re doing?”
“I wanna hear it?”
“Maybe I can help”
“You speak Russian?” I asked Robin, Robin was a lot things, someone who looked like they were fluent in many languages, that’s one I would be surprised by.
“Ou-yay, are- yay, umb-day”
“Holy shit”
“That’s was Pig Latin, dingus.” Robin said, taking a seat next to me afterwards “but I can speak Spanish, and French wand Italian, and I’ve been in band for 12 years. My ears are little geniuses, trust me”
“Didn’t take you as a scholar ship type of person Robs” I said with a small smirk.
“I’m not really, but I am full of surprises” she said “Anyways, Steve, it’s you’re turn to sling ice cream, my turn to translate, I don’t even want credit I’m just bored”
‘Ding’ welp….customers.
“Come on Steve, people need their ice cream” I said getting up and heading back to the counter.
To my surprise, it was Gareth, my boyfriend of almost 7 months. He usually came to visit me often while I was at work, sometimes during my lunch breaks and sometimes comes and buys something so he has an excuse to come and see me.
“Hey sugar” he said, smile plastered on his pretty face, leaning on the counter, signature hair fluffed up as ever.
“Hey Gare, what can do I do for you?”
“Just wanted to come and see my favorite girl, I brought my little sister with me, hope you don’t mind, I have babysitting duty today so I thought I would swing by, see you and get her a cold treat” he explained. I looked at him in awe.
Gareth was always a good brother. His mom worked a lot and recently became manager at the local dinner that was usually always busy. She was a single mom and tried her hardest to make enough money to provide for herself and her kids. Gareth was always supportive and always helped out as much as he could if given the chance, babysitting being a contributing factor.
“Sound great, so what can I get you?”
“Just a small cookies and cream cone, right Grace?” He said, Grace giving me a thumbs up.
“Coming right up” I said as I started to place some cookies and cream ice cream in a small cone.
“Hey Emerson” Steve said, walking to the counter next to me.
“Hey Steve, able to catch any hot dates yet?” He teased, Steve has lost his game with the ladies, quite literally scaring away every girl he flirts with.
“Not funny” he said as he grabbed a banana and started to peal it.
“Woah hey, you gonna pay for that?” I said, grabbing a small spoon for Grace to do with it.
“No one is watching, no one is gonna care” he said.
“Here you go Gare” I said handing him the small cone.
“Thanks sugar, how much do I owe you?”
“Don’t worry about it, on the house” I said with a smirk “no one is watching, no one is gonna care” two can play at that game Steve.
He shot me a small smile and handed Grace her ice cream, her eyes lighting up in joy.
“Hey, we’ve got our first sentence” Robin said, opening the small doors that lead to the back room.
“Oh seriously?”
“Yeah ‘the week is long’” wow, how exciting.
“Well that’s thrilling” Steve said with a disappointed tone.
“Yeah but, you know, progress”
- 🍦
“The week is long, the silver cat feeds, when blue meets yellow in the west” we all said at the same time. Reading Robins translation off her whiteboard.
“I mean it just-“
“Doesn’t make sense? Yeah obviously Steve” I said as the four of us close down Scoops and start to head out the mall for the night.
“Well its right”
“Honestly, I think it’s great news” Dustin said.
“How is this great news? I mean, so much for being American hero’s, you know? Starting to believe it’s just total nonsense” I asked. Whatever is happening here, doesn’t make sense and i’m honestly starting to think Dustin’s theory about evil Russian spy’s is just complete bullshit.
“It’s not nonsense. It’s too specific, it’s obviously a code”
“What do you mean a code?”
“Like a super secret spy code”
“I don’t know is it?” Robin said
“You’re buying into this? Seriously Rob?”
“ listen just for kicks, let’s entertain the possibility that it is a secret Russian transmission. What’d you think they were gonna say? ‘Fire the warhead at noon’ ? And my translation is correct, I know that for sure so… ‘the silver cat feeds’ why would anyone talk like that unless they are trying to mask the meaning of their message? And why mask the true meaning of their message unless the message was somehow sensitive?”
“Exactly!” Dustin agreed happily. I hate to say Robin has a point about all of this but…she has a point.
“So I guess that confirms your suspicion”
“Evil Russians” Dustin confirmed
“I can’t believe I’m about to agree with this stranger child but yeah, evil Russians”
“So how do we crack it then” I asked.
“Well, I guess we translate the rest and hopefully a pattern emerges”
“A pattern, right. Like maybe ‘silver cat’ is a meeting place?” I said.
“Or a person” Robin replied back
“Or a weapon” Dustin chirped in
“It’s probably gonna take a super genius to crack it but…”
“Hey guys. Where’s Steve?” I asked, realizing he was no longer walking beside me.
The three of us turning around just to see him crouching down next to a animatronic horse, small enough to only fit a toddler on.
“Hey Steve, what are you doing?”
“Uh, it’s a quarter. I need- do you have a quarter?”
“Sure you’re tall enough for that ride?” Robin teased as Dustin threw him a quarter.
The fake horse soon started to rock back and forth and play a instrumental version of Daisy Bell.
“Need help getting up little Stevie?” Robin said, okay I’ll give it to her, that was a little funny.
“Shhh, would you guys just shut up and listen” okay Steve…trying to give us a lullaby or something?
“Holy shit, the music” Dustin said while pulling out his tape recorder and playing the tape.
“I’m still lost” I said
“Yeah I don’t understand” Robin agreed
“It’s the exact same song on the recording”
“Maybe they have horses like this in Russia”
“Indiana Flyer? I don’t…I don’t think so. This code…it…it didn’t come from Russia…it came from here” Steve said.
Well shit.
Dustin…maybe you’re bullshit Super Russian spy shit isn’t such bullshit after all.
I mean if they are com-
“Y/n, there you are” Gareth said, walking into the mall and approaching me “I was waiting for you out in the parking lot for 5 minutes now, you’re never late coming out so I got worried”
“Uh yeah, I’ll see you guys tomorrow yeah?”
- 🍦
“So wait, Russian spies?” Gareth said, kinda confused.
I couldn’t keep my mouth shut, I immediately start ranting on about the situation when we got in his car, giving me a ride home like he did almost everyday that I worked.
“Yup, pretty much” I said.
“Well whatever it is, don’t do anything stupid and don’t get yourself into any danger” he said, seriousness in his tone.
“I can’t make any promises”
“Y/n, I’m being serious, I don’t care what Harrington, Henderson or Buckbeak does, you aren’t going to get yourself into danger, I won’t allow it”
“Okay first of all, it’s Buckley, and second of all, what’s the absolute worst that can happen?”
“Y/n!” He said, the volume of his voice now very high “The worst that can happen is something happening to you cause you wanted to be a dumbass and me losing you, I can’t do that Y/n I’m not gonna go through that”
“You know what, I’m done with this conversation”
And that was that, we didn’t speak for the rest of the car ride to my house, I didn’t even kiss him goodbye, just immediately jumping out of the car and heading inside.
I don’t care what he thinks, I’m solving whatever this is and helping my friends, just because Gareth doesn’t like it doesn’t mean I’m gonna listen to him and sit around and do nothing.
I’m gonna be in the mix of it if he likes it or not.
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qrlvn · 2 months ago
-— dating robin buckley.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
info | robin buckley x fem!reader. headcanons. good ol fluff, mild swearing, platonic steve x reader, a little tipsy!reader. wc: 1k.
a/n uhmmm i don’t know how good my characterization of robin is but here’s a little something with her because i love her a lot <33 !! robin supremacy
Tumblr media
for some backstory, you were one of steve’s friends. one of the only ones that wasn’t a child as robin would put it and you visited him at his workplaces, from scoops ahoy to family video
she’d found you mesmerizing since the second you met, but it took her a while to even try to talk to you. to her surprise, you were a very easy person to talk to; she could tell you anything and you’d always have a comeback
she didn’t tell steve about her little crush on you right away, but he could see how she looked at you, and it was obvious
so when she decided to tell him, it went like
“hey i kinda like y/n”
“yeah, i know”
he’d then proceed to tell her how she looked at you with clearly lovesick eyes and how she always seemed to follow wherever you went
from your perspective it looked normal. girl friends are just affectionate like that, right? it wasn’t much of a big deal
until it became one
you started to wonder if you liked robin the way you liked boys, though brushing it off as friendly, totally platonic affection since you thought it wouldn’t be possible to like robin like that
you were wrong
sometimes you’d catch yourself looking at her for a second too long, or getting lost in the sound of her voice, and the feeling was only getting harder to ignore
you knew you couldn’t tell robin just yet, because you didn’t even know if she liked you, or if she even liked girls at all
so you decided to talk to steve instead
“i don’t entirely know if this is like, possible, but i think i have a crush on robin.” you tell him, softly, like a whisper, almost afraid that anyone else would hear, even though it was the middle of the night and you two were in his car.
his eyes widen a little, nothing you could notice because of how dark it was in his vehicle. “holy shit, you should tell her.”
“what if she doesn’t like girls? i’m gonna ruin everything.”
“you should still let her know.”
steve knew she did, but he felt that it wasn’t his secret to share. and it should be special, for the two of you.
“yeah. okay.”
and so you come up with a plan. it takes a few weeks; well, the plan took a few hours but having to gather up the courage? that was a little harder. actually, maybe one drink could help
you’d catch her on a break, the light smell of liquid courage on your lips. you weren’t drunk, no, just tipsy enough to calm your nerves
the words take a while to get out of your mouth but they get there, and when they do, the corners of robin’s curl up into a huge grin
“you— you’re sure? totally sure?” she asks, both of your hands being held tightly by hers. she held eye contact with you, and you could feel yourself sobering up a bit.
“mmm, pretty sure,”
robin smiles so widely you’re starting to get concerned her face might start to hurt. her eyes looked glossy, and she felt like she could cry tears of joy right now.
“holy fuck— uhm, okay, can i— can i kiss you right now?” she asks, her voice shaking with excitement. you nod.
and she kisses you, eagerly, her lips still curled into a smile as she puts her arms around your neck. it’s a fleeting kiss, it ends quickly, but you pull her in for another one. the moment you pull away, the both of you are panting and laughing.
“you have no idea how long i’ve been waiting to do that.”
i feel like she’d be a very affectionate lover!! like she’d always love to be by your side and holding your hand or something, she just loves being able to hold you
she knows your relationship isn’t one that would be widely accepted, and that you two need to keep it a secret but she still shows some form of pda, like keeping her hand on your back
she’s definitely a words of affirmation type of person too, constantly telling you how beautiful you look
she loves receiving compliments back as well!! you’re one of the only people whose opinion she truly cares about. being told she’s loved?? by you?? you’re gonna make her cry fr
i think robin would be the type to have trouble falling asleep so sometimes you’d just stay up talking to each other
“did you know that wombats shit cubes?”
“you’re kidding”
“no, they do!”
“that’s fucking insane”
sometimes she feels bad for talking so much. she feels like she’s constantly making things about her when all she wants to do is to be with you and admire you, so you reassure her that you love listening to her
she’s so so so interested in your hobbies and the things you do in your free time!
if you draw, she’d love to watch you do it and listen to you talk about your creative process. she thinks it’s amazing, what you can do with just a pencil, and even asks if you could draw her with you
and if maybe you bake or cook, she’s right there by your side, handing you ingredients and whatnot, like your own assistant
sometimes you two just lay in bed and listen to music, and she’s satisfied with that already
you say i love you to each other a lot as it is, but there are certain moments where it feels more— for lack of a better word— real
and those moments are when she’s holding you in her arms, half asleep, with the tv playing on low volume in the background. it’s when the rest of the world is silent and it’s just the two of you. it’s barely even a whisper, more of an action— it’s how she pulls you closer to her and wraps the blanket around the both of you just a little tigher, and it’s the soft kiss she plants on your forehead that night.
Tumblr media
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