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tehtariks 5 months ago
"I'm beginning to suspect that Edward has no intention of ending Stede Bonnet's life. If I didn't know better, I'd say he's somehow become seduced by this... imbecile." feat the swashbuckling equivalent of gay porn | Our Flag Means Death
+ live slug reaction 馃拃
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stormyoceans 3 months ago
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vegas being fascinated by pete >> vegaspete teaser vs episode 10
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redxblueihateloveyou 2 months ago
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1. Chinese censorship died a violent death聽馃槀聽
2. I love how each time Wu Xie roasts someone about being 鈥渟illy鈥 when they鈥檙e in love, Pangzi roasts him right back with聽鈥渓ike you and Xiaoge are any better鈥. This happens a lot in the books, but it鈥檚 usually cut lmao.
3. Ouch I鈥檓 not crying bc of Wu Xie鈥檚 face at the end, no.
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bumblingbabooshka 6 months ago
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Tuvok as a child
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variousqueerthings a month ago
cobra kai: karate is partly a metaphor for sex and burgeoning sexuality and identity
cobra kai: due to not being allowed to show men hitting women/boys hitting girls, everyone gets a same-gender karate nemesis + only seriously fights people of the same gender
cobra kai: wait... did we make everyone gay?
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biwheelrs 3 months ago
find it kinda strange that in s1, dustin says lucas is mike's best friend and that you "can't have more than one best friend", despite the fact we've seen that mike & will are the closest of the four (pre s3 anyway)
almost as if dustin thinks the relationship between mike & will is something Different are More Than just best friends
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el-im 11 months ago
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Inktober 2021 (Star Trek Themed), Day 3/31: 鈥淰essel鈥
Major Kira as the vessel of a Bajoran Prophet, awaiting the聽Kosst Amojan, from DS9,聽鈥淭he Reckoning鈥 6x21.聽
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mayasaura 23 hours ago
I see a lot of meta talking about how the John Verses are John telling the story of the leadup to the apocalypse with the most sympathetic biased self-justifying gloss to make it sound like nothing was his fault, and I guess that's why so many readings go for a hardline worst-faith interpretation of them, but.... I don't really see it.
When he tells about how he murdered everyone who had a gun, he could have played up the self-defense angle. He could have claimed he was scared, and he did it to protect everyone. He could have emphasized that he was killing cops, instead of emphasizing the civilians. He could have stuck with the story he told at the time, that he freaked out and made a mistake and hadn't meant to kill them all. He doesn't. He admits to mass murder, and he admits to having done it because he was angry. And he admits to still not regretting it one bit.
The story John tells just doesn't paint him in the best possible light. He does include all of the justifications he used at the time, he does explain why on earth any of this ever seemed like a good idea to anyone, and he does want to be understood, but he doesn't really try to sell it as having been right.
I really don't see the verse chapters as being John's justification. They're his confession. That's why they feel so good to condemn.
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starbuck 8 months ago
鈥淩ed book cover, red book cover.鈥
You know the book that Flint鈥檚 reading in the fort cell in 4x05? The red one that resembles his beloved copy of Meditations? This one?
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It鈥檚 not Meditations. It鈥檚 The Pilgrim鈥檚 Progress鈥
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鈥 which, for anyone unaware, is a famous Christian allegory written by Puritan preacher John Bunyan in the 1600s, which sets out a prescription for how one ought to seek and attain salvation from a Puritan perspective (the only correct one according to them).
It stands in complete opposition to Thomas鈥 鈥渒now no shame鈥 inscription in Meditations, encouraging its readers to feel ashamed about everything they do that might divert them from the straight and narrow. It also opposes Miranda鈥檚 assertion that 鈥渢rue love shouldn鈥檛 require suffering,鈥 being very much on the 鈥渢he truest form of love, love through suffering,鈥 side of things.
Which brings us to Flint. According to Miranda in 2x05, Flint鈥檚 being driven to fight against England is, in part, a result of his shame. She perceives this shame to be that which Civilization鈥檚 judgements have burdened him with but Flint himself suggests that his shame is also the result of guilt over having not tried to save Thomas when he had the chance.
This is interesting because, though I do believe that Flint has largely made peace with himself by season four and has found a greater cause to fight for overall (which are not insignificant things, I want to be clear), it鈥檚 also true that he says to Silver in 4x04: 鈥淚 think if [Thomas] knew how close we were to the victory he gave his life to achieve, he wouldn't want me to [give it up],鈥 suggesting that Thomas鈥 death is still hanging over him in a way that鈥檚 honestly not that dissimilar to how he started out. There鈥檚 still a shame-based aspect to his desire to fight in the sense of 鈥淚 can鈥檛 give up this war because Thomas (and now Miranda too) died for this.鈥
All of this could easily be said to parallel the protagonist of The Pilgrim鈥檚 Progress being driven to undertake a perilous journey in order to rid himself of his burden of shame and finally find peace at the end of it all.
According to the Puritan teachings espoused in the book, believing that you are inherently unclean and sinful is paramount to your salvation so, in other words, shame is good and necessary. As I said, this is the complete opposite of the Hamiltons鈥 beliefs, but it aligns pretty well with the ideas that Oglethorpe professes at the beginning of 4x10 about how 鈥渉uman debris鈥 such as Thomas and Flint are 鈥渁nathema to the Empire鈥 and how they 鈥渕ust cease to be鈥 to be able to find peace.鈥
Plenty of people have pointed out that Oglethorpe鈥檚 prison plantation can be viewed as a metaphorical afterlife which Flint enters into at the end of the show (through a gate even, just like the entrance into Heaven), but I鈥檇 also like to highlight his having to walk down a literal straight and narrow path鈥攁gain, like the protagonist of The Pilgrim鈥檚 Progress鈥攊n order to finally reunite with Thomas.
Tumblr media
So, with all that being said, the message behind Flint reading this particular book in 4x05 seems twofold to me:
1. Despite doing his best to follow Thomas and Miranda鈥檚 example and cast off his shame, shame is still something that Flint is very much burdened by and which still influences his desire to fight against England, even into season four.
2. Silver鈥檚 orchestrating Flint鈥檚 being sent to the plantation in Savannah and reunited with Thomas aligns with the 鈥渉appy ending鈥 of The Pilgrim鈥檚 Progress, freeing him from his shame and allowing him to find the peace he sought at last. And yet, with the plantation itself being upheld by shame, by the idea that men like Thomas and Flint deserve to be cast out of Civilization, is this really the kind of 鈥溾減eace鈥濃 that Flint wanted for himself? Can imprisoning him for life in such a place truly be said to be 鈥渇reeing鈥 him from anything?
By having this particular copy of The Pilgrim鈥檚 Progress superficially resemble Meditations despite it being a book whose values are entirely opposite from Thomas鈥 core tenant聽鈥渒now no shame,鈥 the show presents us with a 鈥渇ruit, fruit. tits, tits.鈥 commentary on its own ending: Silver鈥檚 solution might look like a happy ending for Flint at first glance, but, in reality, it promotes shame rather than eliminating it.
#black sails#james flint#i am. VERY excited about this#i have no idea if i'm the first one to point this out but i'd never heard anyone else say it before#and i wasn't even in the episode for this... i just happened to be scrolling around looking for a couple of other scenes and i was like#'hang on a second - can i read that title?'#and then i COULD!!!!!!#and at first i wasn't entirely sure what i had stumbled upon because i knew literally nothing about this book#but the wikipedia description made me INSANE#so like. did my day get entirely derailed by reading Part I of The Pilgrim's Progress in its entirety 100% for the purpose of making sure#i knew what i was talking about in this post?#*PERHAPS.*#it was. A Lot.#but worth it for this post!#the writers were insane for including this TINY detail that's literally only noticeable if you pause on one specific frame#and even then probably only if you have the blu-rays for the image quality (bc even then - it's barely readable as you can see)#but have it mean SO MUCH thematically!!#and of course - this is only my interpretation#i'd love if other folks wanted to take a crack at it also - particularly if they know more about this stuff than i do#i read the book (or the first part of it anyway - which seemed most relevant and is the part Flint is reading) and skimmed some wiki pages#but i am in no way claiming to be an expert on the text or John Bunyan or Puritanism or any of that#so i welcome any and all Thoughts that folks may have!
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seamayweed 17 days ago
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I鈥檓 sure you wanted to kill him. I鈥檓 glad you held back.
[ID: 9 gifs of yoo ji-tae as choi kang-woo and woo do-hwan as kim min-joon in 鈥渕ad dog鈥. 3 scenes are interwoven, one of them in black & white and framing the gifset in the beginning, middle, and at the end. in it kang-woo tells his friend park moo-shin: 鈥渋 was dying to kill him. i wanted to kill him. but min-joon suddenly called my name, saying: 鈥榤r. choi, let鈥檚 stop this.鈥 and when he said that, i saw mi-sook鈥檚 and joo-won鈥檚 face on his face.鈥 the two remaining scenes are in full color, showing examples of min-joon stopping kang-woo: in the first one, min-joon holds kang-woo鈥檚 fist, the latter turning to him angrily and shouting: 鈥渓et go, you punk!鈥 but min-joon only looks at him with soulful, pleading eyes, telling him to聽鈥渟top鈥. kang-woo looks back at him, stunned, face twitching as the words finally get through to him. in the second one, kang-woo is about to strangle someone to death, but min-joon shouts through the gap of a door locked by a chain:聽鈥渄on鈥檛 kill him! don鈥檛! you can鈥檛 become a murderer!鈥 kang-woo seems to snap out of it then, letting go of his unconscious victim. /end ID]
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maschotch 7 months ago
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howdydowdy 12 months ago
the untamed is very much about credibility, credulity, gaps, bias, spin. it's about assuming you have all the information when you only have a fraction and you don't even fully understand the information you do have. it's about making judgments and decisions based on incomplete data and unreliable sources.
and i don't just mean for the characters in-universe - the show itself plays upon the viewer's expectations and assumptions and often points out to the viewer that it is doing so. the very first & second scenes lay this out for us - some of it we don't realize until a later episode when we see a different shot of jiang cheng on the cliff, but even from the first episode we know this much: that the guy telling the younger generation (and us) the story of the yiling laozu is being paid to do so by some mysterious figure lurking in the shadows. we don't know who's paying him yet, or for what purpose, but we know there is something we don't know! we know there is some motivation behind the story as it is being told to us that is hidden. so from the very beginning we're being reminded to be skeptical about the sources of information available to us.
this is subtly (and sometimes not so subtly) reinforced throughout the series (by the whole Empathy flashback sequence, for one major example - but also see my tags that i didn't even notice the discrepancies between the two versions of these scenes because they happened so far apart in the show) and really hammered home by the last episode, when we finally learn a piece of information about jiang cheng's core loss that we didn't even know we were missing. if we didn't know we were missing something that big, what else could we be missing?
i think this is a show that rewards you for paying attention, for catching the empty spaces, and for questioning everything you're shown and told. that makes talking about the "canon" of the untamed very interesting. any show (or book or movie etc.) is not just the things that happen in the show (the plot) but also the way in which they are communicated to us, and that includes the way in which other things are not communicated to us at all. so it's interesting to me to see people say that something isn't canon as a way to argue that it didn't happen. so we didn't see it happen - does that mean it couldn't have happened? for that matter, just because we saw something doesn't necessarily mean it did happen! if you only want to talk about things that are shown on screen, that's fine, but i think the show itself makes a pretty strong argument for not doing that. so it's not canon - so we can't prove that it happened - is that really the most interesting and fruitful way to engage with this story? when the story itself is about misinformation and assumptions and doubt and lies, and when the way in which it is told reminds the audience that those themes are also playing out between the show and the viewer?
#i think you could also make the argument that the viewer is really meant to pick up on all this only on the rewatch#for example you could interpret the second scene in the exact same way as above but draw the complete opposite conclusion#the juniors in the teahouse are listening to the storyteller. they're an audience. we're also an audience - also learning the story#of the yiling laozu for the first time. but the show immediately indicates to us that we are privy to special information#which separates us from the onscreen audience - it shows us the screen with a shadowed figure#so we know something's going on. the onscreen audience doesn't know anything's afoot but we do even if we don't know what it is#this is a form of dramatic irony - when we know something that the characters don't know#and could be used to make us complacent. 'look at all these characters who don't know anything. not like YOU. you know stuff'#'if there's something weird going on don't worry we'll point it out to you'#and on the rewatch you can be like 'hey wait a minute' but the first time around you might just buy into it#so i don't know! but i do know that it is fun & sexy to engage with the text on this level#through the understanding that the text is self-aware about the power it has over our perceptions#the untamed#unreliable narrators#storytelling#framing#my posts#f#and i'm not saying anything goes and you can just decide that stuff happened#i mean you CAN but what i'm saying is that often it doesn't make sense to me to say definitively that something DIDN'T happen#does it make sense with what we *are* shown? does it make sense with what we are shown when you take into account#the biases inherent in the way it's shown to us?#does it make sense with both the decisions that the characters make & the decisions that they *don't* make? or that we don't see them make?#this is why it's so strange to me that e.g. the general assumption in the fandom is that wen qing died#and that you can decide that she lived but it's just a headcanon. or you have to have some specific agenda to come to that conclusion#when actually i think the text does not support one reading any more than the other!#that is i think that assuming that she died is just as much of a headcanon as assuming that she didn't!#and you can make pretty compelling arguments in either direction#(i can provide such arguments if anyone is interested)#anyway. i'm not like mad at anyone for their takes on what's canon and not i just think it's so limiting
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juwon-ah-moved 5 months ago
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BEYOND EVIL (2021) + Ocean Vuong quotes
for @petekaos 馃挍馃挋
RAHUL !!!!! this will be only half a surprise i think, i鈥檓 sure you got that i was giffing beyond evil from what i said skdsnd but i really think the quotes will be a surprise eheh anyway time to get sappy ! damn it鈥檚 been 2 years already. when people say time flies they really mean it!! honestly these 2 years have been some of the happiest of my life overall, despite the bad and the ugly, and a huge part of it is that i got to go through them with you alongside me :鈥) you鈥檝e been with me through thick and thin, we鈥檝e laughed so much together, made dumb jokes, shared so many passions and brainrots, been homophobic towards mek鈥檚 2022 costars together (JK!!!) and also we鈥檝e supported each other in everything. i know i tell you all the time, but i鈥檒l never stop saying it: i love you!!!! you are such a kind, funny, sweet, talented, supportive, fantastic person. i never get tired of talking to you, if anything when we don鈥檛 talk for a bit i miss you a lot. you鈥檙e my best friend and honestly i couldn鈥檛 ask for a better best friend like absolutely no one could fill in this role but you !! sure, maybe someone else wouldn鈥檛 tease me about pigeons (馃檮) but we鈥檙e bonded by that pigeon shit so 馃グ i think i鈥檒l never have the proper words to tell you how much you mean to me, but i hope i鈥檝e somehow showed it to you in these two years and i hope i get so many more chances to in the future. here鈥檚 to many many more years of getting anons about our friendship 馃挋馃挍 love you so much !!!!!!!!
#beyond evil#**#rahul tag#i'll tag the show so anyone who wants to can rb this even if it's for rahul skdksdns#just ignore the sappiness under the read more <3#ANYWAY rahul AAAAAAA i hope you like this !!!#it was a Journey and it's not even that much of a complicated set but it was still jskdsnds i did my best :tiredcat:#i wanted to do something more... let's say special. or significant for our friendship#i guess#but no matter how hard i tried to think of something else my mind came back to beyond evil and this idea and so ... it happened#you did say you wanted me to gif it so :eyes: the dark scenes were hell to color WHAT THE HELLLLL#i tried :sob:#i hate being on desktop ANYWAYYYY i love you. i'm rambling because i'm nervous you won't like this that much.#thing is i've been thinking of 'one day i'll love ocean vuong' so much lately#and then it clicked that that line about a father is SOOOO juwon i just could not stop thinking about it ...#and i know how much you love ocean vuong and i love him too so this is hopefully nice <3#beyond evil and ocean vuong's works actually both give me those Feelings ..... bc they're both so raw. and full of pain and trauma and love.#I'M RAMBLING OKAY ENOUGH SJDKSDBSJDNS#hope you like this HAPPY 2 YEARS <3333333333 LOVE YOU :CRI: :CRI: :CRI:#ALSO WAIT LMAO yes this is only the first half of beyond evil and i've been kicking myself for not finishing the drama#bc i KNOWWWWW i would've had so much more to work with#and possibly i woud've made something better#maybe i'll make a part 2 once i'm finished with the drama tho
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ottiliere a month ago
i am absolutely obsessed with your alpha dave because you just hit that itch for me when it comes to the idea of guardians being the worst version of what their kid version could become. i've always wondered that, if the alpha guardians had the same concept the beta guardians did, how would they be-- especially dave, cause the striders relationships with their guardians are always so like. volatile? just the idea of dave growing up with no one to give him proper attention or care or love, (1/2)
and instead of bettering himself he just turns to the constant attention and eyes of the public when he becomes famous, because he NEEDS attention, he needs people to want him and crave him and look up to him and shit. and alpha dave just going down this spiral of doing more and more wack shit to get the public's attention, doing hard drugs with nasty circles he shouldn't be getting himself in, cause he's constantly chasing after the euphoria of people "loving" him. thats all thank you for listening to me go on and on like a maniac. tldr alpha dave being the worst version of who dave can be is an idea i am absolutely obsessed with partially due to your interpretations of him. ur art and ideas are stellar about the striders (2/2)
oh my god I love you. yes this very much how i envision alpha dave to be and it really falls into my stringent devotion to the concept of "universal karma" i.e. where beta dirk strider was so aloof and in his own head alpha dave strider must exist as an extreme direct inverse of that. needy, demanding, overbearing. this man, much like beta dirk, was not built to be a guardian. I think he kind of sucks super bad and it's so awesome. i could go on and on and on about this but I already have another ask in my drafts about him that鈥檚 hit 1k words with no end in sight and who knows when that鈥檒l be ready. thank you for your kind observations. picture me smiling at you right now.
Tumblr media
#alpha dave strider#ask#lucy art#I would have given him a coke nail here if I thought I could鈥檝e make it look good#and also. like. tangentially. but very related.#the reason i view him as a cocaine addict isn't just because ohhhh hollywood superstar of course he does drugs#though that definitely enables his access#coke is a death trap for those with no spine and no self esteem because it makes you feel on top of the world.#if you're miserable and spiralling if you're insecure whether or not everyone in the room hates you you can snort a line#and abruptly perceive yourself to be the hottest shit ever#have read stories of many doing coke and thinking they're the life of the party only to be told afterwards that they were being a jackass#there are many such cases of diffident actors becoming cocaine addicts for these reasons#and that everyone hated them for being there#that's fundamentally dave to me#definitely a product of the environment. I think he has ALWAYS been quite insecure but in an environment like this the stakes are amplified#like it's a social game. everything is a social game there. and he is NOT a naturally confident man#the thing is with a lot of the high-profile coke addict actors the thing is like. they're alone. or they perceive themselves to be alone.#alone in hollywood afraid they're just not cutting it not fitting in with the scene not making ''friends''#which is really more attributable to the social scene being so cutthroat and highschoolesque#a bunch of self-centered preps who would be nobodies if they hadn't grown up in wealthy families and shit like that#and I don't think dave would've come from an upbringing like this at all. alienated this guy craves attention and peer approval#doses and mimosas.flac#this is almost opposite of my view of dirk and i often use dave as a tuning fork for him#i had typed up a whole essayramble here and when i saved tumblr wiped out half the tags. did not realize there was a limit.#i suppose i will save to topic i discussed for its own post. thank you all for reading my tags as usual#sorry i edited your three asks into two asks so this post wouldn't get super long. hope you don't mind.
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katiehwang 5 months ago
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Ran: *have suspicion*
Shinichi: *confirm deduction with evidences*
Ran: *deal with the culprit*
They're such a good team XD
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glitchbirds 11 months ago
halloween kills spoilers
鈥渕ichael myers in halloween kills is homophobic鈥 listen. in 11 movies i have never seen michael be so nice to two of his victims before. he set their corpses up so they were sharing a romantic moment together like in their photos and he picked out a record and played romantic music for them. AFTER he already ignored them and gave them ample time to just leave when he first broke back into the house. they honestly couldve left unscathed but they made the conscious decision to stay and look for the serial killer loose in their home. they got themselves killed by choosing to stay and then michael still decided to let them keep being in love in death instead of stringing up their corpses like halloween decorations. this is coming from a man who hollowed out a cop鈥檚 skull and turned it into a lit jack o lantern earlier that same night. this is literally the nicest thing he has ever done to people he鈥檚 killed and you want to slander him like this?
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stuck-in-the-ghost-zone a month ago
"we went on i95 west for thirty minutes... past the- past the cardboard cowboy... and then you made me- you made me get rid of rogue. and i didnt want to"
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