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“For you, I was a flame Love is a losing game“
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Hattercrow be like...
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aye maw, there's a weird fucking cat outside
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We are gathered here today to say goodbye to a... person. And that person was the Joker.
The Joker in the backup for The Joker: The Man Who Stopped Laughing (2022) #2
(Matthew Rosenberg, Francesco Francavilla)
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Quick value practice with Scarecrow
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jon panels i like from Man-bat 2021
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Jerome Valeska Textposting  (46/?)
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oh town without love
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The rogues get cockblocked...that's it. That's the tweet.
Scarecrow: He grinned up at you, leaning up to capture your lips in a heated kiss before tugging at your bottom lip with his teeth. "Excuse me, how are you still in charge if you're under me?" You said, shuddering at the feeling of his hands travelling under your shirt. "Maybe I like to let you think you're in control." He whispered before gripping your waist hard and rolling you over so you were under him. Just as you had done to him before he pinned your hands on either side of your head. Before you could react his head was buried in your neck, kissing along the side of your neck. You gasped when you felt him bite down slightly. "If you give me a hickey....I'll give you at least five and make sure there's no hiding them." You shuddered out a breath. "You wish." He groaned out, releasing your hands. You felt him giggle into your neck. Suddenly there was a loud knocking. You tilted your head back as far you could as Jonathan glared towards the direction of the door. "Was that-" You began but were cut off by Jonathan. "Ignore it." He said lowly. Any idea of that working diminished immediately when a loud yell rang out. "Jonathan! I know you're in there!" It was the Riddler. He groaned, sliding off of you as you sat up. "Stop laughing, it's not funny." He huffed at you. "I can't help it, I've never seen you so outwardly irritated." You giggled. Jonathan ran his hands through his hair. "I'm going to kill him." He muttered as you fixed your clothes before following after him. Jonathan opened the door. "You better have a good reason for this Edward."
The Riddler: Believe it or not, you didn't anticipate Edward trapping you between him and his cane as he held it on both ends, pressing you up against him. Your reaction was to tilt your head back which only gave him a better view of your neck. "This neck..." He groaned to himself before kissing your neck feverishly. He smiled against your neck as you groaned. "Kiss me." He breathed against you before burying his head into your neck, muffling the next word he stressed. "Please." His hands travelled up and down your waist as you pulled away from him and leaned in just as quickly to catch his lips, kissing him hard. It made him groan as he tried to pull you that much closer to him. The moment he began to tug at your clothes, there was a thud on the wall behind you. "No! That is not tea!" Jervis' wail was muffled by the wall. "Ignore him." The Riddler ground out. Pulling you closer to him. "Get those M&M's out of here!" Jervis screeched and you began to laugh against the Riddler's lips who groaned in annoyance. Edward pulled away. "Jervis, shut up!" He yelled. "Eat sludge!" Jervis barked back and you broke into a fit of laughter. "You ruin everything!" The Riddler yelled back. "My tea party was already ruined! You were here before me!" "Fuck your tea party!" Edward glared at the wall. "Edward Nygma, you watch your flibbing language!" Jervis retorted. The mood was royally lost, Jervis had no idea what he had interrupted, you couldn't stop laughing and Edward was livid.
Black Mask: One minute he had this look in his eye as he stared you down unbuttoning his shirt. Next thing you know you're wedged between him and the counter behind you. "Oh how I've missed you." He said lowly into your ear, his hands travelling lower and lower. He lay kisses along your throat. "Did you miss me? Huh? He breathed. In the corner of his eye he caught you bite your bottom lip and with rapid pace his hands moved and one tugged at your hair. It wasn't enough to hurt but it definitely moved your head to his will. "Don't hold back on me." He growled out. He made quick work of your shirt. He kissed you hard before pushing you onto the bed. You couldn't help but smile at each other as you moved further onto the bed, Roman following after you. In moments, his lips were on yours once more. Only for the phone to ring. He groaned, cursing under his breath. He grabbed his phone, straddling you and answering. "What?" He huffed running his finger along your bottom lip and down your chest. "Yes, of course it's me. The fuck do you want?" Roman rolled his eyes. You reached for his free hand interlocking your fingers. He smirked down at you momentarily before squeezing your fingers hard, rage flashing across his features. "Say that again!" He roared. You winced, trying to free your hand. Roman felt your struggling and sent you a slight apologetic look beyond his anger as he loosened his grip and moved your hand to his stomach. "Fucking-" Roman hung up the phone abruptly tossing it away in annoyance. He leaned down kissing you twice before climbing off of you, reaching for his shirt. "Are you okay?" You asked. "Let me tell you this." Roman began. "Harvey Dent was a pain in the ass when he was a DA. Now, even as a criminal, he's double the pain in the ass he was then." Roman sucked his teeth in frustration.
Two-Face: He had you under him fairly quickly but even though you were completely okay with thus happening, you were worried. Worried that you'd hurt him on his scarred side. Between kisses you managed out. "Promise you'll tell me if I hurt you?" You managed out breathlessly. He chuckled lowly in amusement before tugging at the waist band of your jeans. "Get these off." Harv' ground out before he kissed you hard. His hands were at your zipper immediately, fiddling with the button. "You're so beautiful baby." He kissed his way to your stomach as he unzipped your jeans. Then there was a ringing sound. "Is that your phone?" You asked. "I'm gonna fuckin' break it and then break the hand of whoever that is." Harv' grumbled. "Fuck it's Cobblepot." He denied the call yet, to your surprise, the phone rang again. "Piss off!" Harv' huffed. "One second, gorgeous." Harvey sighed, a hand flat on your stomach and keeping you in place in case you intended to leave. "Oswald, now isn't a good time." Harvey began. "We're busy." Two-Face said gruffly, teasing the skin under your waist band making you shiver and he smirked. Suddenly his smirk vanished. "Piss off, what do you mean you're coming here?" Your eyes widened. "Oh for fucks sake!" He huffed angrily. "If you must know, I was taking my own advice that I gave to you." He hung up the phone and tossed it off the bed. He climbed over you once more with a sigh. "Sorry gorgeous. Oswald has decided to ruin our fun but..." He planted kisses to your lips, squeezing your waist. "...we'll continue this later." Harvey kissed you one last time before reluctantly getting off of you.
Mad Hatter: Jervis pressed his lips together, swallowing hard. You had his complete attention. His gaze following you. He smiled as you leaned closer. "Why are you looking at me like that?" You whispered bashfully. Jervis didn't respond. Instead he sat up, grabbing your shoulders and kissed you hard. You inhaled in surprise and Jervis pulled you closer to him. Winding his arms around you. "Because I love you." He said breathlessly. "I want to show you." He pulled you down with him, kissing you once again with a content sigh. He reached down your back grasping the bottom of your shirt and began to tug it upwards. His other hand squeezed your thigh. He let out another, this time breathless, sigh. "Let...me...show you." He pulled your shirt up forcing you to break away. He dived forward, pulling your hips closer to him as he kissed down your stomach, relishing in the tiny gasp you let out of surprise. That was when the phone rang. Jervis immediately scowled at it. After the second ring he huffed as you moved away. He held the phone to his ear. "Mr Crane! To what do I owe-" Jervis trailed over. "I see. Ah, yes, we cannot delay. I understand. Very well." Suddenly Jervis slammed the phone on the receiver over and over again seething with rage. You heard tiny distant shouts. Jervis lifted the phone back to his ear. "Oh? Sorry about that, Mr Crane. I was putting the phone back on the receiver and kept missing." Jervis laughed nervously. "Yes, I'll see you soon. Goodbye!" Jervis hung up the phone. There was a silence. "Duty calls?" You asked lightly with a smile. "That, right there, my dear is why no one ever liked Jonathan Crane." Jervis said flatly and you covered you stifled a laugh, covering your mouth.
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some more silly rogues’ headcannons I thought of! Thank you everyone for the validation on the last ones, it made me smile! :D (part 1 post)
- they all have a Minecraft server together that's utter madness! Riddler has perfected redstone and he makes puzzle riddle traps in game, it drives Joker INSANE. Ivy goes around planting giant trees and flowers without asking. And Bane has a nice little house and no one dares ruin it, it brings him so much joy.
- Scarecrow always has chapstick on him, it's mango flavored
- Riddler has a tamagotchi, he will cry if it dies. If you're the goon that has to watch it while he's in Arkham, be scared.
- Harvey still posts on his Twitter, Twoface has an invite only after dark account. He just reposts memes everyone else has already seen and overshares random personal information and middle school level poetry. Also Harvey & Twoface are currently in a four year long tweet war about an episode of Law and order
- Out of all the rogues, Joker owns the most shoes. He has a storage unit full of racks of different tailored costumes, shoes, and makeup. He wears an expensive french brand of makeup he has to ship to Gotham, and he doesn't do any crimes without wearing his lucky lipstick brand
- Scarecrow loves animal crossing, his island is decked out and Halloween themed. He hosts parties with the rogues on his island
- Riddler set up a VPN & free cable/wifi for all the rogues to use so they can stream whatever, but you have to answer a riddle to get the password. Joker hates it but he also needs to watch the new criminal minds reboot before Harley spoils it
- one time during a party, the rogues managed to convince a very drunk Harvey & Twoface to sing/reinact songs from phantom of the opera and later jekyll and hyde (Twoface is emotionally a theater kid)
- Harley and Twoface get really into murder podcasts together one time while in Arkham. Even after they all break out, they video call after new episodes drop to talk about it. One time they tried to do a podcast but it turned out Joker did the crime so like it wasn't much of a plot twist
- Harley streams her crimes sometimes & actually makes some sick side cash off it! Half the time her chat is just obsessing over her interactions with Ivy. Also Ivy is one of her top donors
- Catwoman is TikTok famous, she posts story times, how to do simple parkour and pick locks, and hauls from crimes. All of her money from sponsorships and stuff goes to charity (she gets sent a bunch of free cat food for her cats, it's awesome!)
- Joker scrapbooks, he did it for a gag originally but low key got into it and now he may or may not have a scrapbooking room. He tries to go to Michael’s incognito but like, everyone knows.. The employees are like “yo, the Joker is at the help desk asking about if we have batman scrapbooking decals? Do.. Do I ask if he wants to sign up for the rewards program? Is he allowed to sign up?” Yes he signed up for the rewards program
- Joker also often signs up for various rewards programs but when he doesn’t want their emails, he gives them scarecrow’s email. Scarecrow has a bounty for whoever stops the man signing up ALL his emails for the Chilies newsletter
- the rogues throw Harley a roller skating lasertag party, where they also learn Harvey can't skate to save his life. He's the dedicated party mom that's standing at the railing about to fall down while he cheers on the others doing tricks and he's in charge of everyone's coat at the table. Joker uses all of his tickets to buy bouncy balls and sticky hands. Catwoman is a god at laser tag, she nearly gave Scarecrow a heart attack when she dropped form the vents to snip him. At the end of the party, they all steal Harley the go kart that's worth like 10,000 tickets. Batman shows up to Harley doing donuts in the parking lot while all the other villains are fighting with sticky hands and bouncy balls
- Bane likes camping and takes all the rogues in hopes to get camping buddies, they all almost die out in the woods because it's a disaster but also he had a great time! The Joker brings a camera and the whole time is making dated Blair Witch jokes with Scarecrow, which Harvey doesn't find funny and not because he's scared of the Blair witch.. Riddler screams running off into the woods because of a bee "chasing" him, no one sees him until three weeks later when they remember that they forgot him in the woods. Clayface uses a survivalist persona/character the whole time they're out there but he knows nothing about survivalism, eating poisonous berries and telling them poison ivy is a healing herb. Ivy is probably the only one suited for camping and she has to make sure most of them don't die
- Harley collects pins! She has a pin board in her hideout. The other rogues give her pins they find/obtain around Gotham
- The Joker has spent 3 years trying to perfect confetti smoke bombs
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“Frozen is heaven and frozen is hell And I am dying in this living human shell I am a dying God, coming into human flesh“
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Source details and larger version.
Here’s my collection of vintage scarecrows.
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Mavis // full-color upgrade of a previous b/w commission for MimesWar at Twitter
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