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a-local-idiots-shitpost · 2 days ago
Mc as a Sheep
Oh to be a tiny fluffy sheep what a dream
or not a dream
yeah maybe you shouldn´t have tested this potion for Solomon
anything this guy makes will end in trouble and sadly not for Solomon (at least not at first, this guy is toast as soon as you have hands again)
actually you know what you´re not even going to wait until you have hands again you could just headbutt him or bite him whatever would be easier
and you hope you won´t run into any of the Brothers because they would make fun of you (and you think Beel would try to eat you without knowing it´s you)
luckily (or unluckily) Mammon finds you and because you can´t talk and scared of Solomon he thinks you are just an ordinary sheep
and his first (and only) thought was “how could I best make money of this sheep”
I´d suggest running and hoping to run into someone who wouldn´t sell you (or eat you)
and after an hour somehow out running Mammon and not crossing paths with Beel you found Lucifer
which under normal circumstance wouldn´t be great but considering you are a sheep it´s a very lucky encounter and he rather quickly understands that 1. it´s you and 2. Solomon would be lucky if he could die because Lucifer is pissed
and after one very long and very boring meeting everybody now knows that you are a sheep, if they harm you they are dead and you now are even cuter than usually
they also hunted down Solomon (and after biting him a second time) he was forced to find a way to turn you back into a Human
and until this have fun as your day as a sheep which include
running from Beel because no matter how many times he is told that this is not a sheep this is Mc he will still try to eat you
Belphie constantly tries to use you as a pillow during his naps
Asmo wanted to give you a make-over but he only gave you a bunch of ribbons instead of doing an entire routine which would include polishing your hooves, cutting you wool so it doesn´t looks out of place and conditioning your wool
Mammon constantly wants to sell either you or your wool
needless to say he will hang for this
Satan just reads to you and treats you like a cat, could be worse
Levi also just pets you but he will play games with and he will rage quiet when you can´t play well because you are sheep Lucifer just locks you in his room while he works
you´re actually happy when Solomon tells you he found a way to revers the effects
and relieved you survived this was somehow an even more dangerous than when you arrived
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kpop-otome-yandere-here · 4 months ago
Mc: One annoying thing about Satan is that he offers information when no one asks for it.
Mammon: another annoying thing about Satan is that his information is almost always right.
Mc: … It’s really hard to stomach :(
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jiyi-jiyi · 9 months ago
Brothers when they see Mammon holding a slipper
He immediately puts down his pen, he goes to change into his pyjamas and prepare for bed.
He is not risking his life for paperwork.
Has the most experience with Mammon’s slipper because of how he overworks himself.
Mammon with a slipper means two things, either he’s there to hit Lucifer for overworking or he’s looking for one of the younger brothers.
The amount of power Mammon has when he throws the slipper is overall terrifying.
Lucifer says that he’s not scared of Mammon but if he ever saw his younger brothers running, he’s running with them.
“What do you want- oh, would you look at the time, it’s time to go to bed!”
It’s out of character but who wouldn’t be afraid?
The second person to have the most experience with Mammon’s slipper.
Got hit before for not sleeping and staying up late playing games
Got hit for a lot of things.
It’s scary because Mammon never misses
No matter how fast Levi runs, the slipper will always hit his head
“Mam- oh no. OH NO. AHHHH-”
Favourite child number 2
Never got hit by the slipper but has come close.
Was once walking down for dinner and a slipper came flying past him. When he saw how the slipper got stuck in the wall, he swore to never make Mammon that angry.
Has seen Lucifer running away so that’s pretty funny until Mammon looked at him and asked him in the most terrifying voice on where Lucifer was.
Ratted out Lucifer many times
“Lucifer is at the attic, Levi is in the common room.”
Has been hit before but not as much as Lucifer or Levi.
Got hit for going home late
Got hit for bringing too many people home
Runs with Levi when he sees Mammon with a slipper.
It’s very scary.
Mammon never misses and his shots are always fast and dangerous.
Could kill someone.
When Mammon holds his slipper it’s like Raphael with his spear.
Could they be twins?
Was once sneaking someone home when a slipper came flying past and destroying a vase. Swore to ask for permission after that.
“Mammon…hey…I got lost in time and- NOPE NEVERMIND IM RUNNING.”
Favourite child number 3. (Luke is the first)
Never got hit but same as Satan, almost got hit.
Usually hides either Levi, Asmo or Belphie. Sometimes all three.
Casually watches Levi get chased while eating.
Has watched Asmodeus get chased while eating.
Hid Belphie
Has watched Lucifer running away from Mammon before.
Sometimes it’s like a comedy show but at home, live.
Was eating when a slipped came crashing at the table. “Where is Levi?”
Beel was forced to snitch on Levi. But can you blame him?
Mammon was basically those math questions with speed.
“Hi Mammon. I…have no idea where Belphie is…I’m sorry.”
Got hit the least. But he still got hit.
Got hit when he overslept for a brothers day out.
Got hit by accident too (poor dude, he just wanted to sleep)
Basically gets hit whenever he overslept for any important events.
Usually Lucifer or Levi picks him up and runs. Sometimes Beel also run with them, for exercise.
Pretends to sleep when Mammon has a slipper in his hand but still gets hit.
Geez, who gave Mammon such good aim?
Was sniped by Mammon when he was sleeping on the rooftop.
Usually is asleep when Levi gets chased, unless he’s involved.
Hides behind Beel most of the time and gets away with it. Why? Beel has a favourite brother pass.
“I don’t like the favouritism you display.”
“I thought the youngest is usually favoured?”
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nerdy-talks · 2 months ago
Obey Me! Scenario : Texting the Older Brothers
MC : Hey Satan, wanna see my pussy?
Satan : I beg your pardon?
MC :
Tumblr media
Satan : That is one adorable pussy
MC : Mammon! Are you interested in checking out a cute ass?
Mammon : Huh?!
MC :
Tumblr media
Mammon : Dammit MC…
MC : There's something important I need to tell you, Levi
Levi : What is it? What's wrong?
MC :
Tumblr media
Levi : *screaming and babbling in the distance*
Lucifer : We need to have a serious conversation, MC.
MC : About?
Lucifer : What exactly have you been sending to my brothers?
MC : Just some pictures
Lucifer : What kind of pictures?
MC : Instead of telling you, how about I just show you? So, Lucifer... Would you like to see a pair of great tits?
Lucifer : Have you lost your mind?!
MC :
Tumblr media
Lucifer : Come to my room immediately.
MC : Why? Do you plan on showing me a nice cock? 🐔
Lucifer: *from the other side of the house* MC!!!
Part 2 can be found here :
Obey Me! Scenario : Texting the Younger Brothers
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nikosamaki · 2 months ago
When your bra is exposed and they see it:
Warnings: Female MC, Sub!Reader
 For a moment, he widened his eyes and then narrowed them –he’s kinda shocked due to what he saw (How CAREFREE are you!). To say the truth, he IS really enjoying of what he sees!! (Now I’m sure he IS a pervert… But not in hopeless way). He doesn’t even bother himself to tell you that: “Ahem… Your traps are shown, dear” :/ -the thing is, if any of his brothers was there and they could see it by any chance, he’ll hide them on his own Instead of telling you to do it!!!! (He is the man of LIFE).
Anyway, he bends his neck and whispers in your ear: “Naughty girl… Need any kind of ATTENTION?” *Smirks 😏 * (Bloody hell… YES!)
He will get a heart attack –for no reason or I don’t know the reason - and his face is like this: 😲🤯 (Give him some rights😂… He still doesn’t get used to things like that; God knows what would he react when you both are in A bed). However he’s blushed, he’ll put his jacket on your shoulders and button it up (For God’s sake, why he didn’t just warned you or more juicy… didn’t HIDE them just like what Luci did????). For being ensure that it won’t happen AGAIN in front of his brothers, he goes everywhere you go –like a dog which is protecting his owner.
(Please be cautious when you’re around him, because he’s even WORSE THAN Mam in this things… I just can say God BLESS you!) He’s freezed and stares at your shoulders badly –just like a REAL pervert- on the other hand, he CANNOT believe that one of the scenes in his anime is happening RIGHT NOW!!! IN FRONT OF HIM!!. Well he tries to act like the character in the anime but……….… He FUCKED up☺ (Don’t ask me HOW, because I’m pretty sure that you imagined it). Last words, Hopelessly in Love with Someone Hopeless 😔😓.
He stares at you gracefully and lets his imagination makes some GOOD scene –the scene that WILL happen in a few minutes later, he always plans for EVERYTHING (Man… That’s a bit scary). If no one was there, he’d pull you in a room –his room, of course; so there is no disturbing factor- but if it was someone, he’d do what Luci did –after all Father and Son look alike.
From the beginning that he saw it, he smiled weirdly and just stares –like this emoji: “🤭”. But the difference is, he doesn’t mind if his brothers see it as well -it seems so- unlike his elder brothers!!
If he found that you’re alone, he’ll tease you with it or says: “Hone, your bra is seducing me and makes me REALLY want to (Censored) ❤”. Not worry, he is NOT as much dangerous as Luci & Satan are; furthermore, he NEVER done what Levi did 😂 –he’s much better than him.
Just told you that something under your clothes was obvious, he didn’t even think about anything hot or ELSE!! –he was busy with making some food for himself (I don’t know why I’m writing about twins yet :/ ).
He’s worse than Beel. Doesn’t care about it or what if his brothers see it; on the other hand, he prefers SLEEP rather than YOU :///// (Wanna cry? Feel free).
(I take BACK my last words that I said about Levi –poor him- and relate it to twins).
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leviathans-watching · 2 months ago
➳ satan x gn!reader (no pronouns mentioned)
➳ wc: .2k | rated t | m.list
Tumblr media
“do you ever think about what would have happened had you never come down to the devildom?”
satan’s question pulls you up short and you turn to him, frowning a little. “no, why? do you?”
satan shrugs, a little uncomfortable. idly, his pencil taps on his open textbook as he thinks about how to phrase what he’s thinking. “i mean, sometimes? don’t get me wrong, i’m, of course, happy you're down here and so grateful for all you’ve done, but i can’t help but wonder how things would be different.”
you give him a small smile. “i understand, don’t worry. but no, i never tink about it because why would i? i’m here now, and as far as i’m concerned this is the best place for me to be. and to answer your question, things would probably be pretty shitty.”
“they’d definitely be shitty,” satan agrees. “anyway, it was just a thought.”
“a thought that came from somewhere.”
satan includes his head. “you got me there.”
you reach over and cover his hand with yours. “while i think it’s important to look back on progress and improvements made, its also important not to dwell on the past. can’t we appreciate the now without comparing it to what could have been.”
“i suppose you’re right,” satan says, and you grin.
“i always am.”
“well, i don’t know about that.” satan points to one of the math problems you’d been working on. “that answer is totally wrong.”
Tumblr media
leviathans-watching's work - please do not copy, repost, or claim as your own
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cherrys-qoutes · 5 months ago
Asmo: Kicking mammon out would honestly back fire and make us look bad. I can see the headlines already, “Second Eldest, Mammon Avatar of Greed kicked out of home. We wonder why!”
Leviathan: Well we could always cover it by saying he moved out.
Satan: With what money?
Leviathan: Fair.
Mammon: *in the corner overhearing this* …
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ejdaha · 5 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Obey me // the brothers in chibi form
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wepsi · a month ago
Tumblr media
"Are you perhaps a princess like Asmo?"
"NO! you normie, this is ruri-chan, and aren't you a cat like every year?"
"I'm the prettiest princess to ever exsist~"
Ruri chan's outfit is so much work T-T, please spare a like for this peasant
Check out my master list for more content!
Check out my list for october!
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dark-kind-of-mystique · 16 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Satan: The cynical fourth born
Obey me aesthetics 1 ✶ 2 ✶ 3 ✶ 4 ✶ 5 ✶ 6 ✶ 7
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amaya-writes · 8 months ago
I noticed that you do Obey Me! and your writing that I’ve read has been great! Could I request how the brothers react to a reader that has a thing for biting necks? Like, they like chewing on things and all but if you bite THEIR neck? They just go completely limp, the ultimate way to get them horny. Sorry if this is a bit long. Thank you!
Notes: I actually really liked this idea because I'm like that too.
Warnings: mentions of biting reader's neck, suggestive themes.
Characters involved: Lucifer, Mammon, Levi, Satan, Asmodeus, Beelzebub, Belphegor
Gender-neutral reader, you/yours
It wasn't often that Lucifer actually took time away from his work to be with you, but it was sort of hard to continue working when your lips were on his.
It didn't help matters that you chose to run your hands through his hair while you kissed him, an action that he had accidentally expressed his liking for which was used against him every time you wanted attention.
However, this time Lucifer was keen on having something of his own to use.
He didn't even know why he did it. Maybe it was the way a shiver rolled down your back the second he began to kiss down your neck, or maybe it was just an instinct.
Whatever the reason, Lucifer found himself biting down on your neck before he could stop. And he was glad that he did, because the gasp that fell from your lips was certainly worth it.
He didn't bite you hard enough to draw blood or for it to actually hurt, but it was enough for Lucifer to leave a mark. And if the way you tugged on his shirt was anything to go by, you quite liked it too.
"Play nice and maybe I'll consider doing more than just biting."
Lucifer turned to the side and returned to his work before you could properly process his words, but he couldn't help the smirk that tugged on his lips as he heard you whine about how it was unfair.
It took him longer to get through his work than he had expected, but the wait was worth it. Because Lucifer had something to use against you, and he planned to exploit it all night.
Mammon hated it when you spent more time with his brothers than him. He hated it so much he had made a habit of locking you away in his room with him whenever he felt his greed to be with you take over.
It was like a drug, one that consumed him and overthrew his mind, leaving no room for rationality or thoughts, just you.
If he was being honest, Mammon hadn't even realised the two of you were making out in the backseat of his car until he started nibbling on your neck.
It was the small breathy groan that you let out that really made him pay attention to what was going on, but by then it was far too late to turn back.
Mammon felt a sense of urgency take over as he kissed a trail down your neck, only stopping when he was at the part where your neck and shoulder met.
He couldn't help but smirk as he bit down and realised you were actually turned on by the action, but chose to pull away before things could get too heated.
"How about we show them why I'm your first?"
He didn't wait for a response, already leading you out of the car and to his bed before you could think of turning back.
If he was being honest, Levi thought he had great control over his sin.
It wasn't as good as Satan and Lucifer, who had seemingly repressed their sins and only let them lose during extreme situations, but it wasn't as bad as the other four either.
Levi had maintained a good sense of control over his jealousy. So why were you so persistent on ruining that control?
"You should probably just go back to flirting with Asmo. You're thinking about him, aren't you?"
He was bluffing, both of you knew it. If Levi actually thought you liked his brother more than him he would definitely not have been kissing you on his lap.
But the way you didn't let go of your little fight and let out a contemplative hum certainly got on his nerves.
Perhaps that was why he chose to bite down on your neck.
At first, he had done it as a way to subside his jealousy, something that would help calm him down since his brothers could clearly see the mark.
But then he heard your reaction, feeling the way you gasped and squirmed around in his lap. It was then that he actually let his sin take over.
Because if there was one thing that made Levi more jealous than the idea of you with someone else, it was the idea of someone else learning things about you before he did.
He should have been reading.
Satan should have been curled up on his bedroom floor finishing the last chapter of the new book he had been dying to read, not seated on your bed with the book laid forgotten in some corner of your room.
He really should have been reading, after all, Satan only had a handful of pages left, but how could he when you insisted on constantly interrupting him?
If he was being honest, Satan didn't mind the way you insisted on diverting his attention by kissing up and down his neck until he finally turned to you.
What he did mind was the way you squirmed when he did the same.
At first, he genuinely thought you didn't like the action. It was until he began sucking hickeys into your skin and nibbling here and there that Satan actually realised what was happening.
"You're sensitive on your neck, aren't you?"
He didn't even wait for a response, already leaning forward and biting down on your pulse point before you could reply. And if the moan you let out was anything to go by, Satan had been right.
Satan really should have been reading and busying himself by studying the final moments of a thrilling murder mystery. But if he was being honest, he preferred studying your body instead.
Asmodeus knew. Of course, he knew.
He was the avatar of lust. The demon who was constantly surrounded by succubus and incubi, one who was practically worshipped as a sex god.
Asmodeus would have to be awfully stupid to not have noticed the way your lust levels seemed to rise just a bit more every time he ghosted his lips on your pulse point or littered hickeys across your neck.
But today he sought to try something new, to see just how much your attitude could change because of affection on your neck.
However, what he hadn't expected was for the effect to be so strong. Asmodeus hadn't done much, simply hugging you from the back while you untangled your necklace and kissing your neck like he usually did.
It wasn't until he actually bit down that he realised just how much you were affected because you had gone from causal to lust-filled in a matter of seconds and he didn't even have to do anything.
"I'd stop worrying about your necklace if I were you. I don't think we're leaving this room anytime soon."
There was something about the way you looked into his eyes from the mirror that set off Asmodeus's urge to indulge in his sin, an urge that wouldn't be subsided by a simple neck bite or two.
Beelzebub really hadn't meant to do it.
If he was being honest, it was his fault. After all, he was the one who had spilled the chocolate syrup and not warned you about the mess, making you slip and get covered in said syrup. However, what he hadn't anticipated was for you to look so tasty to him.
He didn't even realise he was licking and nibbling your skin until you let out a little giggle, trying to pull away from him.
"Beel I should go shower."
"And let the chocolate go to waste?"
Before you knew it, he was kissing you and making you sit on the counter. However, what both of you hadn't expected was for him to quite literally bite you.
The slight sting of the bite would have made others flinch away, but you just couldn't help but gasp and tilt your head to give him more access.
For a moment, Beelzebub just stood there licking over the wound and asking you if it was okay.
However, that moment passed faster than it came and before you knew it Beel was pressing his lips to yours again, this time with more urgency.
"I'm not going anywhere until I clean up my mess. And that includes the chocolate on you."
Belphegor usually wasn't one to complain about you being preoccupied. In fact, he didn't mind it at all as long as he could rest his head in your lap and fall asleep while you played with his hair.
But today was different because Belphie had gotten enough sleep that morning to be wide awake and awfully bored.
Of course, you just had to have homework from RAD the one day he wasn't tired.
"Belphie I still have three-"
He didn't even bother replying, choosing to just cut you off by sucking hickeys into your neck until you were too flustered to speak.
However, unlike every other time, this time Belphegor was awake enough to notice how your reaction was a little too strong for a hickey or two.
He was quick to put his observation to test, tightening his arm around your waist and pushing you back so you were leaning against him enough for Belphie to easily access your neck.
"I'm serious Belphie it's just a little then we can do wha-"
This time you cut yourself off with a moan as Belphegor bit you right where your jugular should be. The sound was enough to spur him on and make him pull you closer until you were practically in his lap.
"You can do your homework later, I have something else in mind for now."
As you felt him once again trail kisses down your neck you couldn't help but feel grateful that he was terrible at controlling his sin. Otherwise, there was no telling what else Belphegor would do when he was bored.
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a-local-idiots-shitpost · a month ago
Satan: I don't get why Lucifer doesn't allow Cats I mean he has Cerberus and Mc is literally just a cat in Human form
Satan: they are literally curled up like one right now and hissed at Lucifer for trying to move them or at least having them lay down somewhere else
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kpop-otome-yandere-here · 8 months ago
Satan: how are you?
Mc: actually, I’m in a very bad place
Satan: what happened?
Mc: oh, nothing
Mc: I’m just standing next to Solomon right now
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potatominnie · 8 months ago
You have been visited by the Satan good luck post and for that, you will be lucky on your next pull.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Reblog to activate his charm. This is your sign to just wing it on your next pull.
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magena-but-i-draw · 3 months ago
Oh moth me, shall we lamp?
Tumblr media
What ever you do hide your MC lamp if you have one because they’ll either try to break into your house for MC or will be summoned by MC lamp
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nikosamaki · 2 months ago
What’s your opinion about their DOWN part: Warnings: NSFW, BODY PARTS, NO MINORS
As expected from The Avatar of Pride, he has a large size –but not that much you think like it would tear you up!!-; its length is 22cm (How fascinating!) with a diameter of 5 cm (Mannnnnnn… It’s a BRILLIANT size for a man; don’t you dare to say it is NOT 😂🔪). Due to having a nice size, he’s extremely proud of himself –his cock, of course.
However, you never tell him that you really like his size –you probably know if you tell him, there is NO way back and you’ll have LONG nights for years😊. Every time you do THAT, you both reach to a very delightful result (I meant the orgasm).
Not having the size like Lucifer, but his size is very suitable for his body (It’s not small that cannot give you the BEST feeling, it’s just medium). Its length is about 19 with a diameter of 4 (Ahhhhh… What a GORGEOUS thoughts you have☺).
Even though he’s size –the cock- is smaller than Luci and Beel, he love it! –DUDE… He’s a MODEL with that size!!! So why not being proud?.
Also he knows that you’re OBSESSED with it; every night you confirm it with your sweet MOANS… What a bad liar you are😉.
As same size as Mam has! –most of the time, they have arguments about who has the longest cock :/ … *Writer sighs*-, but there’s a HUGE difference between Levi’s cock and the others… He has TWO!!! -Saints! It gives DOUBLE pleasure!! DAMN… You can NOT leave that man (Please ATTENTION that it’s my idea and NOT real… I guess you’ve seen the pics of him that has 2 instead of 1).
In spite of having 2 unlike others, he’s a bit SHY (Oww… Cute😄) –but when he’s around you and has a lot DESIRE, FUCK being shy, he’s a WILD & HUNGRY BEAST which wants to taste ALL of your BODY!!!!
Well, he has the same diameter like Luci but the difference is his length which is 20 -2 cm smaller than Luci that makes him angry and jealous… *Again writer sighs* (I don’t get them😐). All in all, he’s satisfied with his size that’s NOT smaller than now –he’s got a point about his brothers’s cock🤣… (This is the end of being MEAN😂).
It’s not the only thing that he’s satisfied with, the most important thing is he can make you feel AWESOME -the greatest climax you can ever feel- and he goes REALLY CRAZY due to your sweet voice.
Like Luci, you don’t tell him how CRAZY you are about his cock; once you said, you’re tied up and welcome to your HEAVEN.
Among the brothers, he and Belphie have the smallest one –NOT as small as pinky finger🤣🤣- its length is somehow about 17 with a diameter of 3.4 –but still he’s as LUSTFUL as ever… Having a smaller cock doesn’t change the FACT that he’s the avatar of LUST😉 (I’m pretty sure that you get me). As I mentioned about his size, he dies to see Luci’s COCK whenever he has the CHANCE (He’s NOT the ONLY ONE HERE😂… I can feel it and I’m counted with the “AGREE” group) –as he said: “He’s my SEXIEST brother, so why not ENJOY as MUCH as I can of the moments I see?” (Has a GOOD point).
But baby, Don’t forget those sweet nights that he makes you to become a BAD BITCH  -whereas he has the smallest size, he knows MORE than of his brother about *** and how to make you HORNY (Still waters run deep!!!).
Son of a BISCUIT!!! He has the BIGGEST size!!! –even than Luci!-, its length is 24 with a diameters of 6!! (The HELL, if Luci doesn’t tear you up, well, HE WILL! How on the THREE WORLDS? Is it POSSIBLE ??😶). To be honest, he doesn’t care about his size or feeling proud!!!! – unlike his brothers-, but if you say you like it… That’s a different story 😊.
He’s the avatar of GLUTTONY, so he has a HUGE desire when it comes to you –I meant your body- and he doesn’t have any switch off button which makes you both to reach infinitive pleasures till got tired.
As I said about Asmo, applies to him –they’ve the same size- and his opinion about it, is just like Beel’s behavior :/ (In one of my stories, I said that this twins have a problem with things like that😑).
Furthermore, he enjoys seeing you under him while you’re moaning and begging for MORE (He definitely inherited this moral from Satan).
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