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haitanikiller · 2 days ago
first kiss hcs w bonten trio + kakucho??(fem!reader)😭💗 I'm sOo inloved w ur works just recently!!♡
first kisses with them
Tumblr media
♯ ran, rindou, sanzu, and kakucho
note ༝ HELLO! so so so sorry this is late 😭😭😭 i’ve been having trouble deciding if i wanted to write scenarios for them or if i just wanted to describe what it’s like 😿. i have the scenarios in my drafts but i doubt i’ll publish unless you’d like that??? I DONT KNOW LMAOO
Tumblr media
ran haitani
you’d probably be a friend of rindou’s. you already know ran AND very aware of his personality. he’s such a tease, it’s not even funny. ran has already kissed someone BUT it was only once and he’s such a cutie and although he doesn’t have much experience, it’s SO FUCKING GOOD KISSING HIM. his lips, god his lips are so soft and he’d hold behind your head every time you try to pull away and would PULL BACK ON YOUR BOTTOM LIP. such a whore, ik. like, you swear he’s gained the experience of manwhore when he’s the exact opposite. basically he’s a slut in personality and bitchless in body.
rindou haitani
it’s deffo first kiss for both of you. i hate to burst yall bubbles but the haitani’s are not sluts. they’re bitchless. and ik they’re popular but with all the stuff they do, they have no time to get some play. SO. GET MAD AT ME ALL YOU WANT BUT FACE THE TRUTH. anyway, rinnie is just so so sweet like you won. both hands holding your cheeks are mandatory EVERY SINGLE FUCKING TIME. he’s passionate adn caters with every kiss he gives you. his lips would press against yours for a few solid before he SLOWLY… SLOWLY moves them together. somehow, someway he ends up leading and you’re holding him so close cause he’s so warm and you never want to let go. you could cry from how meaningful this kiss is. congratulations if you end up dating and you’re each other’s first kiss.
haruchiyo sanzu
i can see it being HIS first kiss rather than yours. you don’t have all the experience in the world but you surely have more than him and willing to guide him. i don’t know if he would be nervous or not i think he’d just KEEP asking if he was doing it right or wrong and you have no choice but to tell him he’s doing perfect or he’ll cry, okay? JUST SAY YES 😭😭😭. it’s the truth anyways, he’s not a bad kisser… very and i mean, VERY passionate. he’d hold your face and breathe in so deeply holding you close to him. absolutely breathtaking. and once you pull away he’ll ask if what he did was alright. like sir??? I DONT EVER WANT TO KISS ANYONE ELSE BUT YOU EVER AGAIN.
hmmmm, it’d obviously be his first kiss and be just as sweet as rindou but there’s something about kakucho that makes you feel like every moment with him feels like you’re in a shojo. he was ranked best boyfriend for a reason, okay??? like i swear, he had to have been a prince in his previous life. he’d be so unaware of what to do but would still ask if you’re okay and ask if you’d like for him to do something differently. he’s so attentive and caring and just UGH ABSOLUTE PERFECTION. we need more kakucho’s in life.
Tumblr media
all work written on this blog belongs to @haitanikiller . reposting of work on social media platforms is allowed with credit given! if you can’t follow that rule, i will report you.
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youngprincesstiger · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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spicym3i · 2 days ago
I have this request based on my experiences with mirrors mazes (that involved me crashing into the mirror) and how would the TR characters react and handle the idea of being in a mirror maze (I’m willing to bet that mikey would be like that kid where he crashes into a mirror and says “ow I hate my life)
Conorrr!! Waassaaapp!! Bro I find those mazes so trippy too, did it once and decided never again 😂 Thanks for the request!!!
TR peeps and mirror mazes
Crashes into a mirror occasionally
Wakasa, Koko, Emma, Hakkai, Chifuyu
Breaks a mirror
Mikey, Hanma, Sanzu, Smiley, Baji, Shinichiro, Izana, Senju, Kazutora
Looks at mirror, “Well hello hello there~ who is this dashing person I see~?”
Ran, Ryusei, Emma
Legitimately tries to grab your reflections hand
Draken, Inui, Hakkai, Angry, Sanzu, Kakucho, Yuzuha, Rindou, Taiju
Mikey, Senju, Baji, Smiley, Shinichiro
Leaves unscathed
Naoto, Hina, Mitsuya, Yuzuha, Rindou
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komoreibi · 13 hours ago
.・ bonten executives as your boyfriend (hcs)
notes: gn!reader // reposting because this didn't get in the tags fsr // tried to make it realistic so some are not 100% happy :( //. thank you to @oikawascutie for beta reading!
characters: kokonoi hajime , kakuchou , haitani ran , haitani rindou , sanzu haruchiyo , sano manjiro
warnings: mikey’s depression , rindou’s has a little implied spicy , sanzu’s mentions violence and drugs , ran’s mentions prostitution
kokonoi hajime
congratulations on winning the lottery!
really, koko is the type to spend copious amounts of money on you.
gift giving is really his love language…
being the treasurer of bonten (basically), he’s always very busy, so he rarely has time for you.
but when you get home, there’s almost always another present sitting on your dining table with a handwritten note “sorry i couldn’t see you again today. i hope you like this though.” with another expensive pair of earrings.
he does this all the time and he lowkey thinks that expensive presents are the way to solve any issue between the two of you.
it’s only when one day you finally catch him, hold his hand, and say “hajime, i don’t care about the presents. i don’t even have space for them!”
him: “alright, i’ll get you a new house with a room just for the bags and jewellery. it can be done easily.”
you: “that’s not what i mean! i just… i just want you.”
it’s like something clicks in him and he starts spending more time with you.
he takes you out to fancy restaurants, and you take him to quiet little shops to show him that not everything is about the price of it.
koko doesn’t quite get it, but he slowly realises he’s still having a good time because it’s with you
he’s not the best at physical contact i think… but he likes to sneak kisses when you’re sleeping (see chapter 157, 158), and holds your hands when you don’t realise it.
he’s so the type to link pinkies when you walk!!
he’s actually pretty affectionate, he’s just not good at expressing it directly.
if you teach him how to love, he will give you all of it.
loyal bf <3
great bf <3
wonderful bf <3
he’s another guy that doesn’t express his emotions for you very well
but when he does it makes u go 🥹🥰
kakuchou would take you on cute dates!
he also wouldn’t be scared to hold your hand in front of the other guys
and he would ALWAYS give u a goodbye kiss!
in fact, he’s kinda clingy… maybe it’s the loyalty in him?
whenever you have to part after a date, kakuchou is always unwilling to let go.
he would hug you and then hold you there and when you ask if he’s okay, he’s like “mm, just a bit longer.”
also says “text me when you get home”
most of the time he’d send u home himself tho 😖
he’s just really sweet <3
but he gets teased a lot by the others for being so lovey dovey…. poor guy :(
also he refuses to let you into bonten because he doesn’t want you getting hurt or involved in this kind of things. at most, he might let you meet the execs for dinner…
but other than that, no way.
this is a secret but he’s kinda considering leaving bonten so you can get married🤭
haitani ran
starting here we get our slightly shit men
okay well, ran comes off as really sleazy and sure he’s got a past of multiple lovers and women in his life,
but that all changed when you two got serious.
he’s aaaaalways asking to spend time with u and if anyone tried to seduce him he’d have this deathly glare and “tch.”
i think ran is a big skinship guy like he’s always got an arm around you or a hand on your thigh.
his favourite past time is lying in bed with you, hugging you with his legs all tangled in yours and while you play with his hair, and having some nice music playing.
PLEASE play with his hair, it’s his favourite thing in the world!!
he would definitely show you off but like… not in a puppy way but in like an annoying way?
like, sanzu: “ugh, that prostitute last night was so bad i’m almost considering her kicking her out of brothel”
ran: “lol imagine having to pay for prostitutes. i have a Very LOVING and BEAUTIFUL S/O who i can come home to EVERY NIGHT”
he had a gun pointed at him for that.
ran would take you on spontaneous dates btw like
“babe, i booked a flight to bali for the day after tomorrow so tell your boss you’re taking leave.”
“ran, i don’t think i can go just like that… my boss is kinda strict…”
“tell him <3”
yeah no one really opposes you. and you don’t even have to get your hands dirty!
i also picture ran as the kind of guy whos like… like he doesn’t realise it himself but that sorta sly smile he’s always wearing softens considerably when he’s with you.
like when the two of you are on that aforementioned holiday and you’re lying in bed with him, talking to him about the fact you saw a monkey in a hammock, he’s probably not listening properly and he’s got this super super cheesy grin and he’s thinking “wow… they’re so beautiful. i love them so much.”
haitani rindou
he's way cooler than his brother
(i'm also a rindou stan)
he seems like the type to always have his arm around your waist, as if saying
"this person is mine."
but he would never say it out loud.
like, if someone asked "are you and y/n dating?", he would raise an eyebrow and say "what do you think?"
what a loser
i kinda saw this on a twitter post but...
rindou isn't really that nice to sleep on because all the muscle training has his body so built and hard that it's not comfy?!?! 😩
but he still likes cuddling with you, sooo as long as you get a little bit of cuddly time once in a while!
omg hc that rindou used to dj a lot in roppongi clubs but now that he's bonten exec he can't really do that...
but sometimes he will still remix your favourite songs for you or even write short songs for you <3
hc that he isn't the best at singing but he's mean on any instrument he touches so expect a serenade!! (until he opens his mouth)
also rindou is sadistic therefore he's a tease so you can take that how u want BUT
if you ask him for a kiss, he'll be like "sure." and lean in...
and stop right there.
or he'll just barely brush his lips against your nose.
"this again, rin?!"
"hmm, you're the one who wanted the kiss, didn't you?"
"ugh, you're so annoying!"
"hey hey, that's not nice~" he says and kisses you properly
and passionately ;)
sanzu haruchiyo
good luck.
he's the type to give you kisses everywhere!
when you see him at the end of the day, he's running to you and hugging you and kissing all over your face
and when you're cuddling in bed he's always kissing your head and your shoulders and your neck and it's not even sexual sometimes he just likes kissing you
like how he feels with mikey, sanzu loves you to an insane extent
not literally tho like. i think he's still got a bit of a brain with you lmao
he also! says i love you a lot! even for the smallest things!
like, you two say goodbye after a date? “bye! i love you!”, you get him a gift while you were on a trip? “oh wow… i love you.”, you ask him “how does my outfit look?” and he goes “do you know how much i love you?”
sanzu is kind of like a different person around you.
i hope you managed to ground him a little and stop him from his drugs...
but like, he could be getting ready to kill some traitors, screaming his "BRING DOWN THE IRON HAMMER ON THE TRAITORS!"
and then suddenly gets a call from you
"haru..." oh he instantly softens. that insane grin is suddenly soft and filled with love. "are you coming home for dinner?"
"hm? yes i am, darling~ but i have to deal with some things first so i might be a little late."
"oh, okay then. be careful, okay? i made your favourite!"
"really now~? i'll see you in a bit! i love you~"
and hangs up before glaring at the traitors and cocking his pistol.
"lets hurry this up, i've got an s/o waiting at home with some fresh homemade cheesecake."
it sounds so stupid pls but i bet from him it sounds so cool!
i think later into the relationship too, he might actually put you before mikey.
which is... insane
one night sanzu was lying beside you and carefully stroking your hair while you slept.
and the thought crossed his mind, "i want to be by your side forever... i wonder if i'll be allowed to."
he chuckled to himself, wondering if such happiness could be given to an evil man like him. a man who had dirtied his hands with the blood of so many, using those same hands to stroke your hair lovingly.
he can't imagine a life without you, but he can think about it another time.
"i love you," he whispers and pecks your forehead before going to sleep.
sano manjiro (mikey)
we're talking about bonten mikey so... he's definitely different from toman mikey
also reading the current chapters makes me have a very different look at him and ANYWAYS UM let’s not think too much
he’s someone who takes a lot of work to love and honestly… it’s hard to love him.
you two have definitely gotten into arguments where you tell him you feel like he’s not putting effort, and he just mumbles an “ah.”
but it always ends with him holding you tightly and begging you to stay with him.
i think mikey is really dependent on you, and that could honestly lighten his mood a little.
idk if it’s in a healthy way tho…
he’s a man with a heavy weight on his shoulders, so having someone like you by his side helps him so so much
it can be a little draining for you but he does his best to show you his love whenever he can, even if it’s a bit stiff, so it’s not horrible.
mikey can’t really go out for privacy reasons (takeomi’s advice) so most of your dates are at home or in private rooms at restaurants.
it’s not bad but… the two of you wish you could go out too
so one day he made it work!
it’s like, that objective kind of injected a little life into him again.
the next weekend mikey asked you to keep it free so you two could go to disneyland together.
ofc, he has the vip pass to skip EVERY line
and he buys you all the snacks you want and you get matching mickey ears!
“mikey, do you like mickey?”
and for the first time in what feels like years, you finally see him smile again.
“hey… why are you crying?” mikey asks and strokes your hair as you bury your face in his shirt.
he’s a little annoyed by it but since it’s you, it’s okay.
“i- i’m just so happy to see you happy!”
i think mikey also wishes he could keep you away from bonten, but he also knows he can’t live without you so he keeps you close as often as possible.
he probably assigns a guard to you and your coworkers are like “who’s that shady looking guy always hanging around in the area?”
“idk but he hasn’t harmed anyone yet so… it should be fine.” it’s easier this way than trying to explain you’re dating the head of bonten
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minoozi · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Sanzu Haruchiyo Relationship Headcanons
• Watches/observes you for a long time before deciding if you are safe to pursue, so lowkey kinda a stalker
• Takes a long time him to fully commit, but when he does he’s very loyal
• Dislike Mikey in any way? He will immediately cut you off, might even attempt to kill you depending on what you’ve said to him
• In the beginning he gets really flustered from even the smallest amounts of affection from you because he doesn’t know how to handle it. It takes him a while to be affectionate back
But when he does get affectionate
Clingy. As. Hell
• For example when you’re cuddling he will 100% whine if you need to get up to go to the bathroom
• He’s a wildcard, can be shameless around you and other times get flustered really easily, but you have no clue which one is going to happen
• When flustered he becomes very loud and stutters a bit, sometimes accidentally argumentative or aggressive without realizing it, cause his brain is overloaded, not knowing what to do in that situation
Since we’ve seen in the manga that he can hide his emotions pretty well
• At the beginning of your relationship, he would fake being happy around you when he’s upset or angry about something, to keep himself at a distance, so that you don’t worry and he can cut you off easily if needed
• Occasionally the facade breaks and he accidentally lashes out at you, sometimes saying some really mean shit than he meant to. He will apologize, but refuses to tell you what’s wrong
• Takes months for him to be fully comfortable with showing you his true self at all times
Tumblr media
This is the first time I’ve ever written something for tumblr, so feedback is appreciated 💜
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tokyo-daaaamn-ji-gang · a day ago
No but Sanzu's actually so sweet here, being worried over Shinichiro and going to check up on him. I feel like he's closer to Shin then Takeomi here. And probably goes around to his place a lot to check up on him after Mikey's incident and death.
Tumblr media
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animekingfans · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
New illustration
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littlemouzee · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
𝔜𝔬𝔲𝔯 𝔅𝔦𝔤 𝔖𝔬𝔣𝔱𝔦𝔢...
𝘙𝘦𝘢𝘥𝘦𝘳 𝘪𝘴 𝘥𝘦𝘢𝘧, 𝘚𝘢𝘯𝘻𝘶 𝘪𝘴 𝘵𝘩𝘦 𝘣𝘪𝘨𝘨𝘦𝘴𝘵 𝘴𝘸𝘦𝘦𝘵𝘩𝘦𝘢𝘳𝘵
Tumblr media
Sanzu hated you at first, he thought you were simply ignoring him and were rude until he noticed you signing to mikey, writing things down on paper, reading people's lips and the hearing aid. It all came crashing down on him and crushed him. God he felt like such an asshole for insulting you and talking behind your back, thankfully you didn't hold grudges. You already considered sanzu a friend.
At first sanzu decided to go the easy route and write down things he wanted to say to you or message them to you. He talked too fast for you to be able to read his lips and no one but Mikey knew sign language so writing was the simplest thing. Even though you told sanzu it was fine multiple times he was determined to learn sign language for you.
Sanzu would occasionally have a slip up and sign to you but he'd play it off with a "I learned it from watching mikey" which was reasonable. Until one day he called you into his office, the biggest grin on his face, hurrying you to sit down waving away any concerns you had on your mind. His smile going getting wider as he watches your face light up with happiness upon seeing him sign to you. Safe to say no work was done that day for sanzu and you two talked for hours until Mikey stopped the two of you.
Sanzu adored watching how excited you got when everyone gave you a brand new hearing aid. Immediately hugging you when he saw tears, scared you didn't like the new device they gave you or that it wouldn't be comfortable to wear. Sanzu was more worried then anyone else was, even more worried then you but calmed down when he saw that you were ok.
Sanzu will happily pat his lap inviting you to rest your head on his lap so he can massage your ears and massage your head to help ease the pain from listening to everyone argue all day and having to read lips. He would do anything to help you feel better
Tumblr media
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cest-la-vie-ma-copine · a day ago
Can we talk about how much Sanzu must have loved Shinichiro? Like we all know how devoted and loyal he is to Mikey, but it’s clear that he cared deeply for Shinichiro too. Considering that Shinichiro was the only adult figure in his life that didn’t abandon him, and since we know how much Sanzu values loyalty, it makes sense that Shinichiro was also one of Sanzu’s most cherished people. And to see your brother figure die in front of you? Yeah no wonder Sanzu looks as devastated seeing Shinichiro jump in front of him as he did when he saw Mikey jump..
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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screechingnebula · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Such babygirl energy 🫶🏼 Just standing there and looking pretty. He's not going to get himself dirty like others.🤭
Tumblr media
And look at this gremlin. Jumping around. So cute🥹
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madeofchaos · a day ago
TR 271
The only way Sanzu is going to die at this points is due to the stress the Sanos be giving him.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
AND SHIN WOKE UP THE DAY HE GETS THOSE SCARS!?!?!?!?! (Shin, I hope you look at past!Sanzu and be guilty throughout your short new life.)
I like mikey too but that ain't it. Sanzu deserves fucking better.
Also since that old guy said the way to get time leaping powers is to kill the person with them, why haven't we gotten time leaper!kazutora yet?!?!
Oh right, jail.
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orrugio · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
wakui ur so sick in the head for making sanzu the one who witnessed both mikey and shinichiro committing suicide
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mijeyun · a day ago
Tumblr media
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spicym3i · 2 days ago
Hii me again <3 can you do tr peeps in a fight with y/n and y/n goes: "I have the power of god and anime on my side!!!" like that one kid
Thx and luv you😙
Hiiii againnnn! I love this vine so much 😭 Thanks for the request!!! I love you tooo!
The power of god and anime on your side and the TR peeps
“I’m gonna thousand years of death your ass-“
Hanma, Inui, Chifuyu, Smiley, Izana, Ryusei
“I see no other god here but me”
Mikey, Wakasa, Sanzu, Ran, Koko, Ryusei, Emma, Naoto
Tackles you, tickles you
Draken, Shinichiro, Senju, Benkei, Kakucho, Hina, Benkei
Grabs you by the collar, “You’re touching grass, c’mon”
Taiju, Angry, Rindou, Yuzuha, Baji, Takeomi, Mitsuya
“PIKACHU I CHOSE YOU!!!” *pikachu plushie flies across the room*
Chifuyu, Hakkai, Mikey, Senju, Smiley, Kazutora
Pulls out katana, “AIGHT BET”
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zaenaris · a day ago
The things Shin does for love - ch.271
It’s really interesting what Wakui decided to do with Shin and little by little we are learning something more on the lore of TR universe. It seems that to actively become a time leaper, you need to kill another time leaper. But I guess something is missing because Takemichi didn’t kill anyone, someone pushed him under the train, (and this person could become relevant soon) he presumably died in that timeline, went back to 2005, talked with Naoto about time leaping and coming from the future, they shake hand and of course they have the same desire. In order to work, time leaper and trigger need to agree and to have the same strong desire on something. Then he comes back in a new 2017 where Naoto is alive. Takemichi didn’t chose to become a time leaper. There has to be some condition, or other rules we still don’t know. We will see.
Anyway, I absolutely adore the fact Shin was so desperate that he killed a random guy that was apparently talking nonsense. We are seeing Shin at his absolute worst and not described by Mikey, or Inupi, or other people that idolized him but couldn’t know him in his entirety. His eyes, usually pitch black, are void (just like Mikey with dark impulses) and when he kills himself in front of Haru (poor kid, he was worried for Shin even before witnessing his suicide and had to see all that) and it seems he is either trying to go back to the past killing himself, or is too tired and just wants to end it.
Tumblr media
He manages to come back and it seems it’s the day of the accident, but of our current timeline. In fact in this case Shin was at home. We’ll see if this is “our” timeline. Our timeline is  hard to define tho, since Takemichi altered the story a few times. But he never went to back earlier than 2005 and Mikey accident happened earlier so maybe there are some “fixed” events, idk😵‍💫
I wonder at what part of the story Shin decides to involve Wakasa in this mess or if he ends up learning about Shin time leaping by chance. Again, we  will see.
The most evident thing is that the Shin in our “current”  (for the lack of a better term) timeline dies the same way he killed the old time leaper guy. Coincidences?? Does it mean Kazutora could be a time leaper? But he didn’t know (as far as we know) that Shin was a time leaper. Can you inherit the time leaping power if you don’t know you killed a time leaper? Is it just a cruel coincidence?? 
But, was the Shin that died in 2003 future!Shin? Why would have been there if he had managed to save Mikey? Was the Shin that died in 2003 unaware of all the fact?
Oh! Another thing we don’t know if the “past selves” remembers what happens when “future selves” occupy the body of themselves in the past (at least, I don’t think it was ever explained, I could be wrong). Anyway, if it was  never explained, maybe this could be right moment. And what if Shin dies in our timeline unaware of what he did? I need answers
In this chapter, Shin doesn’t need a trigger to leap to the past, but in the end Takemichi didn’t either when he was pushed under the train and went back in 2005. He needed Naoto to come back in 2017 tho, after talking with him. Idk, from this chapter it seems Haru may be the trigger (idk of course, maybe the fact it makes me think about it means it’s too easy and the trigger will be someone else) : maybe in “our timeline”, future!Shin informed Haru about Mikey’s terrible fate (in between the scenes, we never saw them interact “on screen” in ch.241), he believed Shin so he decided he would have done anything to help Mikey. That's why he was happy when Mikey attacked him: the toy was broken and this meant Mikey was safe right? Also, too bad that, apparently, that was the first time the “dark impulses” manifested.  Probably Shin realized something was wrong. But this is too much theory with no evidence, I want to see what actually happened lol
Furthermore, we know that Mikey attacking Haru was Senju’s POV, so something else may have happened. 
Idk, too many questions but everything is so interesting, I’m excited to learn more and  more!
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pfpanimes · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
today there is not much content of the chapter💀.
⌕ tokyo revengers - ch 271 icons.
like or reblog if you save/use.
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iizanaaluvrr · 2 days ago
I just know that mikey owns a Lightning McQueen blanket when he was a kid
And sanzu being mistaken as a girl in toman arc
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