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I’m dreaming of a white Christmas ☃️🤍
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Weird Al made a Christmas movie where he played a villain who was kidnapping Santa’s elves, but people thought it was real and he got taken to court over it. There were posts all over Tumblr and Twitter about how he was now problematic whether he did it or not because even if he didn’t he still ENDORSED elf-kidnapping by playing this character. 
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David Harbour with a man bun. 143 dead, 521 injured.
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Illustrations by J.R.R. Tolkien, included in a Christmas letter to his three-year- old son, John, in 1920.
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Yandere Chainsaw Man
From most to least tolerable Yanderes 
Synopsis: which characters I think would be the worst to have as a yandere versus who I think would be more tolerable
Warnings: Yandere behavior, murder, dehumanization, noncon, yandere stuff look u know what ur here for, etc. 
3,155 words..not everyone i wanted to include but i also didn’t want to have this in my drafts for WEEKS cus lord knows im a slow writer. i want to make a part 2 someday someone rq it later to remind me
Santa Claus (does anyone remember her?)
Tumblr media
She’s very controlling, a tad bit more so than Makima. Unlike Makima, Santa doesn’t care how unhealthy your relationship with her is nor does she want to be like normal couples. May emulate couples, but she doesn’t want a normal relationship. Makes you call her Master, even on the off chance you go out in public with her.
Her as a yandere, you’re not just dealing with Santa but also Tolka who though he keeps his distance upon his master’s orders, acts as a personal guard dog and won’t let you out of his sight.
Makima likes to give you some independence, let you at least dress yourself. But Santa (she doesn’t have a canon name we’re gonna stick with Santa...) wants to do everything for you. You hardly even get to pick out what you want to wear that day, and you can barely make out the flavor of oatmeal she’s shoving into your mouth.She doesn’t totally infantalize you though, she still wants you to know how to kill. Santa takes you hunting with her, instructing you how to shoot a gun and how to kill small game. She also makes you kill your family and friends, as a declaration of your love. If you really refuse / can’t do it, she has Tolka hold you in place while she shoots your loved ones.
She can be very cruel, especially when you’ve broken one of her rules. She gave you a small bunny as a pet one day, only to make you chop it’s head off and skin it to make rabbit stew for dinner a few nights later. All because you insisted on tying up your boot laces yourself.
She teaches you German if you don’t already know, and she’s incredibly patient with you. Praises you whenever you’re able to speak a full sentence and hold conversation with her. She’s always telling you how good you are, how proud of you she is. 
Trying to escape is difficult, because if she’s not following you everywhere then it’s Tolka. He gladly will watch you bathe to make sure you won’t try anything if Santa told him to. Escape is made further difficult because she has no issue with brutally dismembering you. If she has to saw both of your legs off to keep you with her, well why shouldn’t she? 
Tumblr media
Sorry, I couldn’t put my girl at the top of this list. I love her and feel sympathy for her. Also because I was so excited to write for Santa! (But trust me she is worse than Santa) Anyway...
She wants you to love her as much as she loves you, and willingly be affectionate with her. Makima tries not to upset you too much, she knows how sensitive humans can be. It doesn’t stop her from killing your friends and family, and if it means it’ll wear you down enough to accept her love then she’ll make you watch. Isolates you from everyone, makes sure she’s the only person in your life. 
Makima wants you to have your independence and dignity, trust me she does. But she’s already practicing so much restraint already... just let her do your hair for you, please? Or let her help with dinner for tonight, actually don’t even worry about it she’ll buy you some takeout. 
She wants a normal relationship, like the ones in her favorite movies. Makima doesn’t seem to understand or care that breaking a person down and stripping them of most of their rights isn’t laying the groundwork for a healthy relationship.
She makes you binge watch them with her, not finding it cute when you fall asleep on her out of boredom. 
Well, it is a little cute.
Makima presses chaste kisses to your lips, lingering touches to your skin. Her mindset is that if she just gives you a little taste and draws back, you’ll come for more. They all do. When you end up not doing that she won’t let it show but she gets a little huffy.
“persuades” you to come cuddle with her.
I head-canon Makima as having her bouts of immaturity breaking through her mature, almost clinical front. Especially seeing how she was raised by the Japanese government with a lack of familial support, love and structure. I think she would in some sense see her darling like a doll she can play with at times, ignoring your wants and even your basic needs. Sometime’s during your punishments in the basement she leaves you down there longer than she intended because it slipped her mind to let you back out. Loves how much you cry for her though, happy to see her again. Sobbing because you thought she’d let you die down there.
Uses her control on you every now and then just for fun. This is more so if her darling isn’t very compliant and is acting out / trying to escape. 
Tumblr media
Kishibe is no stranger to rejection nor is he one to death. He doesn’t fall easily in love but he does fall hard. He’s quick to kidnap his darling just to make sure they don’t die or aren’t killed.
He knows it’s wrong, doesn’t really care. Doesn’t feel much guilt, this is for your own good. He knows what’s right for you, where you belong. Can be very controlling at times, even down to bathing you himself because apparently you can’t do it right.
Note: bathtime with Kishibe isn’t cute or romantic or sexy most of the time. if anything it’s clinical and thorough.
For the most part he leaves you to your own devices and lets you do what you want. Well actually this part depends on if you’re obedient or not. Anything he deems as “acting out” or “bad behavior” and you’re getting tied up n gagged till he comes home from work to free you. If Kishibe feels like he can trust you then maybe he’ll only keep an ankle monitor on you with free roam of his house. Maybe. Probably not.
Constantly refers to you as a dog, praises you like one when he thinks you’ve been good. Hell he might even throw a dog treat at you as a sick joke. Gives you a shock collar too to reprimand you when he doesn’t have the energy to give you a full on punishment. Sometimes you won’t even be doing anything wrong and he still shocks you. 
Fucks you rough with no regard for your own pleasure if you’ve been bad. So degrading about it too, doesn’t bother to clean you up half of the time. He can be so gentle too, when he thinks you deserve it.
this fucker expects a blowjob almost everyday
Likes to see you wear his clothes, thinks it’s cute. Sometimes he doesn’t let you wear clothes at all, maybe gives you one of his shirts but that’s about it.
Tumblr media
These feelings are foreign to her so she’s probably going to be pushing you away or be hyper aggressive in the beginning. Despite her pushing she will get upset / angry if you don’t pay her attention or keep your distance from her.
Power will be very clingy and possessive, gets real moody whenever you talk to someone else. Especially if it isn’t someone she likes (which is almost no-one). You’re her human after all, you can’t be going around hanging with other people! She interrupts a lot of your conversations and drags you away, or will hold you real tight and make things awkward when you’re trying to speak to someone.
She likes to refer to you as her pet, whether it’s a joke or not is up to you to decide. 
She’s got a big thing for scent, loves to sniff you and get her scent all over you as well. Uses your perfume / body wash when it’s time for a bath, makes you wear her clothes and when she’s all bloody and sweaty she gives you the biggest, tightest hugs. Oh, don’t take a bath with her. Do it once and she’ll refuse to ever bathe again unless you’re in there with her to wash her hair. 
Power drinks your blood. A lot. In your sleep mostly but if she feels like you did something wrong she’ll use it as punishment against you. 
Like Denji, she likes to throw you into danger so she can be your saviour. Unlike Denji, she cares more about showing off her strength to you than actually making sure you’re safe. Laughs at you when you cry about getting a massive gash on your arm and slurps the blood up. She does get super worried though, tries to play off her fears while she demands someone give you medical attention.
Power isn’t gonna tell you she loves you unless you say it first. She’s too shy. Maybe she’d force those words out of your mouth while she’s chewing on your arm. Gets super blushy and maybe squeals. 
She’d probably prefer someone quiet and shy, too scared to speak up about the fiend that’s using them as a blood bag and constantly clinging to their side. 
Denji (contains spoilers for chainsaw man part 2)
Tumblr media
Denji as a Yandere, if he doesn’t have Aki and the rest of Public Safety to keep him in check he’s totally unhinged. When Denji’s with the Public Safety Department the things he can do is a lot more limited in terms of stalking and such. But if he has free reign then…
Intentionally puts you in dangerous situations so he can save you. Time and time again you’re almost turned into a devils lunch until Chainsaw Man comes to save the day! Snatching you up and taking you to safety at the same time he’s slaughtering the devil.
Denji loves it when you cry and he hates himself for it. He loves it when you’re scared so he can comfort you, and he’s lucid enough to know he shouldn’t take joy in your tears but he just can’t help it. Loves to hold you in his arms and pet your hair when you’re shaking and distressed. Kisses you a lot and brings you flowers / snacks to cheer you up if you’re sad.
Desperately asks you to move in with him, tries to get Aki to convince you. Brings you to his room a lot, takes down his porn posters for you and tries to clean it up. Decorated it with some of the things you like to make you feel more at home. If he’s on his own though he’s just taking you home with him after he “saved you” from a devil attack. Introduces you to Nayuta and desperately tries to get you two to get along. 
He teases you for being such a crybaby but he doesn’t mean it. He tries to make you feel better, telling you not to cry in front of Nayuta. Gifts you anything you want that he can get his hands on, spoonfeeding you icecream.
Throws a little tea party for Nayuta, has you dress up with him so Nayuta can have her little princess date with the two of you. So cute <3
Katana Man
Tumblr media
I think he’s on the delusional side only in the sense that he doesn’t think he’s doing anything wrong. I think he’s aware the “relationship” he’s tried to build is... a bit shaky. Based on the way you throw the nearest object at him whenever he walks in the room and back up every time he tries to get near you. You’re just being difficult, being a brat, nothing he can’t deal with. Cut to 15 minutes later and you somehow managed to get a knife out of the kitchen, and he’s had to lock you in the bathroom after wrestling the knife from your hands while getting slashed at a few times. He’s on the phone begging Sawatari for help and you’re banging on the bathroom door demanding to be let out.
Pretentious asshole who thinks he’s entitled to you and your time.
He can somewhat deal with it if you’re mad and distressed, but if you start breaking down and crying he just kind of stands there. Doesn’t know what to do, and he’s not a particularly affectionate person so he doesn’t know how to comfort you / if you even want that. He’ll rub your back awkwardly and pat a tissue against your cheeks but if you want him to do more you better initiate it yourself.
I mean he can warm up to physical contact but he won’t be the one kicking that off, you gotta ease him into it yk.
Like I just said, he’s not the most affectionate person. It’s fine if you don’t tell him you love him or if you’re not super enthusiastic about cuddling up with him, he’s not one for physical affection most of the time. His love language is quality time and gift giving, so if you throw the new necklace he got you on the ground it’ll annoy him more than you saying you hate him and want him dead. Actions speak louder than words yknow. I mean don’t get me wrong it definitely wears him down seeing you act out like this. I think he would eventually just snap and take you back home because jesus christ if thats what it takes for you to stop spitting venom at him then so be it.
That doesn’t mean he’s out of your life though, if anything he’ll be more annoying in trying to win you over / get you to be with him. Sometimes you fall asleep in your bed and wake up tied to a chair at a dinner table with him. 
I thought briefly about him being in the yakuza and all, if he would ever push his darling or their family into debt just to have that power over them and on one hand no, i don’t think that’s something he would do. then i remember canon katana man and my version of him are a bit different and he’s pretty slimey so i don’t think the whole yakuza debt crisis is totally off the table but it’s more of a last resort. 
I’ve written him as a pathetic yandere so far, like a sopping wet cat that just got out of the rain, but let me take it back to how he is in canon: a piece of shit. Total hypocrite that holds others to standards he doesn’t even hold himself to. Will go out and shoot your ex / current partner himself and try to blame it on someone else so you aren’t upset with him. If he doesn’t like the style you dress in he’ll try to get you to wear different clothes / do your hair a certain way. If you yell at him loud enough about it he won’t do it again though.
Galgali / Violence Fiend
Tumblr media
He’s lower on the list because he’s so nice and patient, and not in a creepy way (cough cough yandere deku). 
His strength is intense but he would never use it to hurt you. He doesn’t even like to hold you down when you’re throwing a fit and crying, hitting him and trying to get away.  
Oh yea he kidnaps you, almost right away. He tries not to, but you won’t listen to him when he’s telling you to quit your job, to just stay home. He can bring you whatever he wants just... don’t leave.
Obviously the whole kidnapping thing is an issue because if anyone in in the Public Safety Commission found out he did this he’d be killed as a fiend immediately. He has to be really careful about this, and he tries to talk himself out of it. He knows it’s wrong but if he can just... make you fall in love with him properly. Then you two can be happy and maybe he’ll be able to take you outside and won’t be accused of committing a crime. 
Galgali respects your boundaries to not touch you or fondle you in any manner. Won’t even kiss you if you don’t let him (not like he wants to take his mask off anyway). Gives you lots of hugs and constantly spending time with you though, its good for bonding. 
Keeps you tied up and gagged until you start being more compliant. It’s uncomfortable, he knows :( but this is the way things have to be. It’s alright, he’ll bathe you and change your clothes and all, and he’ll be sure to keep his hands away from where you don’t want them.
Really likes resting his head on your tummy. Don’t ask me why. Tummy or thighs
Gets you anything you want, anything to make you stop crying. Food, snacks, more clothes, anything you want that he’s able to get without suspicion. Maybe not clothes, you’ll just have to do with some of his.
Tumblr media
She’s at the bottom of this list because if she was a Yandere she’d be a really relaxed one. She comes off as a bit clingy and maybe needy, but she isn’t super violent or crazy obsessive. Even if you don’t love her romantically, if you even let her just be your friend and be with you she’s content with that (just don’t date someone else).
Himeno encourages you to quit your job if she feels like it’s too dangerous (but if you really love it she won’t push the subject, maybe just try to get you fired lol.)
Always wants to be with you, she doesn’t like it when you hang out with other people unless she’s there with you.
Sometimes she pretends to be drunk in the hopes you’ll take care of her and tuck her into bed, and be there for her in the morning when she’s faking a really bad hangover. Or maybe she isn’t pretending and she really is drunk, better to just take care of her with lots of kisses.
Encourages you to move in with her so she can be with you more and know you’re safe, or she’ll move in with you. Shares clothes with you, sleeps in bed with you, takes baths with you, she doesn’t have a concept of boundaries and if you let her she will be all over you. If you tell her to stop she pouts but will give you your space.
If she feels like you did something she doesn’t like, the most she’ll do is give you the cold shoulder until you come to her and apologize for whatever you did to upset her. She can’t be mad at you for long though, hates it when you two have arguments so most of the time she tries to diffuse it quickly if not just to make you happy.
Somewhat Better
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