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tstwitterupdates a day ago
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TS tweet october 10, 2022 :
The hurricane took many things, but the deepest loss for me? My ass double from Dealing with Intrusive Thoughts.
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starshard17 2 days ago
SandersTober Day 4
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Why not Remus as a half Octopus? 馃槍馃挌
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callme-l 2 days ago
Something people forget when talking about weird things about humans is how they manage to survive up to 37 seconds after being decapitated
I know it doesn't sound like much, but man???
Imagine an alien comes and tries to decapitate a human because he thinks it's the fastest way to kill someone only to see him scream for 37 seconds after his head falls, that must be terrible
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miguel-manbemel a day ago
The Missing Snake
Inspired by an incorrect quote by @loganslowdown4鈥 on Twitter.
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shapa-likes-art a day ago
Hello :3
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(No ID but youre free to make one.)
Here's a drawing I made last week before exams. Posting it noe because I am in desperate need to do something other than work on outputs :D
Taglist: @roseianxiety @royals-and-monarchs @virgil-sanders-the-gay-emo @Why-is-everyone-pretty @angstysunshine @some-fander @treeni @jervis-tetch-my-beloved @gattonero17 @anxious-chaos-art @your-local-crackhead-gremlin @parksthefrog
Reblog, please.
It helps more than you think.
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bluedrawsomething 2 days ago
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sidestober day 2: space!
hes studying rocks.... let him
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goodieghosty 23 hours ago
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Godsides brainrot is B a c k, bishes
Patton: You really do intrigue me, Logan
Logan: And how so?
P: Well... In all my years, you were the only one to ask ME, a God, "What can I do for you?" And that, is why I know you'd make a wonderful god yourself.
P: Do think it over
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shsl-fander a day ago
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Some Sanders Sides twitter posts
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mangora a day ago
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Gay people real
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5am-the-foxing-hour 2 days ago
If Thomas were to go聽鈥淲ho鈥檚 a good boy?! Who鈥檚 my good boy?!鈥 to the sides i can clearly see these reactions
Roman - He would get all exited and hyped up like a dog.
Patton - He would perk up like a dog who heard the word聽鈥渨alk鈥
Logan - Would be annoyed at the shape the praise came in, but still like it
Virgil - He would blush bright red before hiding in his hoodie or push his hands into Thomas鈥檚 face to make him shut up.
Remus - he would eat that shit up instantly, even if Thomas ever saying that to him would be a HAPPENING.
Janus - He would stare into the camera like he鈥檚 on the office before turning to Thomas with a fond huff
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loganslowdown4 2 days ago
Patton: Hey there.
Remus: *who been pretending to be a monster under Patton鈥檚 bed to scare him the last few nights, panics that he鈥檚 been found out*
Patton: There鈥檚 room up here for both of us.
Remus: ???
Patton: 鈥 You can be the big spoon.
Remus: 鈥︹..鈥 Okay
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lordcucumber-sir 2 days ago
Roman: Do you think I'll run after you?
Virgil: Yes
Virgil: *leaves*
Roman: *runs after him to say "No, I won't"*
*second version*
Remus: Do you think I'll run after you?
Janus: You will.
Remus: I will.
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miguel-manbemel 2 days ago
Always No
Inspired by an incorrect quote by @/claudiialykke2 on Twitter. CW Prinxiety
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spicycreativity 17 hours ago
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I'm cutting interest rates in half, Virgil, and I need your teeth
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hyperfixated-homo 2 days ago
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congrats @korruptbrekker for 300 followers! very well deserved :D
click for quality (unshaded and head shot under the cut)
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sleepyvirgilprompts 9 hours ago
鈥淰irgil, you are sick. You need to rest. Go to bed.鈥
鈥淚鈥檓 fine, I need to watch Thomas.鈥
鈥淲e can take care of Thomas. Lie down.鈥
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starshard17 2 days ago
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Had a bad day, drew a smooch, enjoy 鉂わ笍馃挋
Tagging my buddies who love logince : @lost-in-thought-20 @mimssides
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