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Suptober 2022   — Day Three — digital
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🍁 suptober prompts -> day 4: Wicked
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Whump Sam | Season 2 - Requested by anonymous
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Suptober 2022: Day 4 Wicked
Couldn't get this meme out of my head.
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Zachary Quinto as "Sam." FX’s AHS:NYC premieres 10.19 on FX. Stream on Hulu.
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I forgot to say in my overly long thing about the episode earlier that in the 'she's my favourite person' scene, I also loved the fact that Patty seemed flummoxed by the idea that Sam doesn't think about Allison.
Sam who Patty knows had a romantic relationship with Allison and likely still has romantic feelings about her, he should know how it feels to miss her, like Patty does. Right?
Sam who thinks that Allison wanted to leave, when Patty knows for a fact she wanted to stay.
Sam who thinks Allison is still the same girl she was when she was 17, when Patty knows that she's not been that girl for a long time.
Sam who seems to be able to move on so easily, when Patty can't.
(Also I worry about Sam's object permanence. If nothing else, he was her friend and he knows she left for unpleasant reasons.)
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strong 2- jtk
cutesy lil part two for this one
word count: 5465
“It’s hot.” 
“I know,” Jake sighed, shifting the small child on his lap. He narrowly avoided an elbow to the cheek from where she was moving the hair from her sticky neck. 
“These people are kinda smelly.” 
“Why are we packed so tight?” 
“I don’t know.” 
“Can’t we be outside? It’s nice out.” 
“No idea.” 
“Aren’t these seats too hard? Where’s mom with my cushion?”
“Sam, will you knock it off,” Jake snapped, leaning back to look around Y/N. “You’re a grown man, mom is not bringing your cushion.” 
Y/N leaned around to look at Sam. “You pay taxes, Sam. You are more than old enough to remember the cushion for your bony ass.” 
Sam grumbled something about taxes beneath his breath, crossing his legs and moving the cake. Susan giggled, mumbling something back to him. Josh climbed the stairs, James and Sebastian holding onto his hands. “Bathroom was a success.” 
Cody shook his head behind him, mouthing to Jake and Y/N. Sebastian broke the soap dispenser. 
Y/N smiled, motioning for James to sit between her and Jake. He squeezed in, leaning into his mother and wrapping his arm around her back. He was often wrapped around her like a belt, holding her hand during movie nights and asking her for homework help first. 
In the two years that they’d been placed together, the Strongs were growing more and more confident by the day. The stability from their foster to adoptive family had given them a new outlook on life. James and Sebastian joined a soccer team. Victoria was in dance lessons after watching a movie about dancers. Cody and Susan were moving further into high school, learning how to drive, legally. Susan joined theater, Josh once making a compelling case over dinner one night. Now she was center stage, playing the goofy comic relief characters and pulling laughs from the audience. Anthony was thinking about the military. With his shitty disciplinary records, he had little hopes that he’d get into a good college. Jake hoped to shoo away the negativity with today’s event, Noah’s graduation. 
Noah was somewhere in another room, cap and gown thrown on over a suit. The suit shopping was the worst. All his life, he thought that shopping with his parents was hell, but shopping as a parent was much worse and he made sure to apologize to his own parents for his tantrums as an adolescent. While Noah would have gone in something more casual, Jake convinced him to buy a few business casual outfits for when he might need them. They tried on suit after suit, Jake reminded why he liked more casual wear. He was shocked when he rose this morning to see Noah ironing his slacks and button up, a video on his phone teaching him how to tie a tie.
Truthfully, Noah didn’t think he’d make it to graduation. He was convinced his entire life that he would never amount to much. He believed he’d join the work force the day he turned 18, taking his siblings as far away as possible. Instead, he went from a father to a brother. He no longer made executive decisions for the kids, handing them off to Jake and Y/N. While they valued his opinion and what he felt would be best, he trusted them to do what’s right. 
The rest of the family shuffled in, Jake’s parents and Danny. They sat on the row of bleachers behind them, taking Victoria from Jake’s lap and passing her back and forth when she grew restless. There they sat, waiting patiently for the music to start. Once it did, they soon realized that they were not out of the woods just yet. The program dragged on for what felt like an eternity. Opening remarks were made, then a speech from the over achieving class president. She introduced herself, then her Vice President. He smiled, wished everyone a farewell and a good life. Then he handed the reins over to the board member who was presenting the scholarships. Sam sighed, handing the boxed cake to Danny as he stumbled over other families. More recipients were called and celebrated. 
“The recipient of the eight thousand dollar Life of Advancement Grant is Noah Strong.” 
Jake looked at his wife. “Did you know he applied?” 
She shook her head. “No.” 
Sam returned from wherever he’d disappeared, sliding something to Danny. He’d come back just in time for the graduates to be called out. They sat through the A’s, and the B’s. Victoria dozed off in the middle only to be jostled awake when Josh stood up as the S’s started. 
“Nicole Brett Sanders.” 
“Come on,” Jake mumbled, seeing Noah looking around for his family. He willed the universe to bring his attention to the balcony they were in. “Up here, kid.” 
“Everett Michael Smith.” 
Noah finally looked up, waving at all of them. He quickly turned around, realizing he was next to go up the ramp. He gripped the handrail nervously, scratching his nose quickly. His heart rate picked. He thanked god that he put on two layers of deodorant in the morning. As he walked across the stage, he thought about his siblings and how he was setting the example. 
“Noah Clayton Strong-Kiszka.” 
Jake felt his heart stop upon hearing his name called out through the speakers. He squeezed Y/N’s hand. Through blurry tears, he watched as Noah shook his hands in the air, his diploma on proud display. He pointed at his family, smiling. Jake finally came to when he felt Josh’s arm around his shoulder, his other hand against his mouth to whistle for his nephew. He wiped away his tears and clapped, quieting as the next person approached the stage. Jake couldn’t focus on anything else. He felt like he was floating as Y/N and Josh led him down the bleachers. He raised Victoria on his shoulders, her tugs on his hair pulling him back to reality. 
Y/N turned to Sam and Danny who’d been in charge of the cake. The bakery was only available for a morning pick up, meaning they had to walk around with the dessert all morning. “How’s the cake?” 
Sam chuckled lightly as he tucked two forks into the nearby garbage can. “We, uh, took a few bites.” 
Danny wiped the last of the frosting from the corner of his mouth. “Maybe a little more.” He grinned at her suspicious glare, showing the blue staining his teeth. 
Y/N opened the box, staring for a moment. “I suppose that’s… fine. It’s too late to fix it now. I- I really don’t know what to say about this. Jake?” 
Jake kept searching the crowd for Noah. He looked for the mop of dark hair, a glimpse of that shine in his eyes when he was truly happy. He finally spotted him talking to a teacher, the two of them with serious expressions. He walked over, Y/N following him. Josh grabbed Victoria from his twin’s shoulders. “Let’s go ask Uncle Danny why his mouth is blue,” he smiled, catching the attention of his mother. “Mom. The children picked at the cake.” 
Sam, despite being an adult with a career and his own home, he tried to defend himself from his disappointed parents who were trying to keep track of the other kids within the massive crowd. “In my defense, we haven’t eaten.” 
Danny nodded. “Since breakfast.” One thing about Daniel is that no one knew where he packed his food. He almost always had something nearby to curb his cravings. 
Mrs. Kiszka glared at him. “So, you ate half of a sheet cake meant for 40 people?”
“It had a jelly filling!” 
The two elated parents approached their oldest son and his guidance counselor. Y/N had met with her a few times to talk about how the Strongs might struggle with a new school, but they’d proved her wrong. She hugged her eldest son, quietly congratulating his achievement. 
Jake shook the guidance counselor’s hand. “I’m Jake and this is Y/N, my wife.” 
“This is my mom and dad,” Noah said, throwing his arms over Y/N and Jake’s shoulders. 
Jake blinked. Dad. He’d just been introduced as Noah’s dad, without the adoptive part. His hearing buzzed until the guidance counselor began speaking. 
“Noah is a very bright boy. I was shocked when he came to me with his applications.” 
“Applications?” Y/N asked.
“Colleges, scholarships, anything under the sun,” she said. “Noah is one of the most prepared students I’ve met. You two are phenomenal parents. Anthony and Susan are very lucky to have you two to guide them.” 
Y/N blushed, knowing that this was all of Noah’s own doing. She knew Noah had plans but he didn’t talk about them much so she assumed he was dragging his feet about college. She thanked the guidance counselor, guiding her son to the parking lot where the rest of the family had gathered. Noah grinned, tucking his cap and diploma beneath his arm. 
“Where’s my cake? I’m starving.” 
Sam and Danny looked at each other. The two silently agreed to approach him, opening the box nervously. Almost immediately, Victoria lunged forward and grabbed a fistful of cake. Noah grinned, setting Vicky down on the pavement. “Guess we’ll have to go for ice cream.” 
Upon hearing the words of another sugar filled dessert, Victoria was no longer interested in the cake. She reached forward again, cleaning her hands off on Danny’s pants and shirt. “I’m ready for ice cream, mama.”
Y/N laughed, rooting through her bag for wipes. She knelt down to clean her hands off. Danny took another wipe, taking a bit of frosting from his pants, smearing it across Victoria’s nose. She giggled, shying away from her uncle and squealing. “Danny,” Y/N sighed, seeing how Victoria’s sleeves were now smeared with frosting. 
Josh crept over to stand behind Sam. He looked down at his phone. No one noticed the childish glint in his eye or the subtle smirk on his lips. After sliding his phone into his pocket, he placed one hand beneath the cake. “Sam, let me carry it?” 
Sam nodded. In the blink of an eye, Josh moved both of his arms together, raising the cake to Sam’s face and pushed his head down to meet in the middle. Sam pulled back slowly, blinking the frosting from his eyes. 
“How’s the jelly filling?” Josh snickered, shying away from his father swatting at him. “It’s just a prank, Dad!” 
Noah picked up a line of frosting from Sam’s cheek. 
“Couldn’t get it from the eye?” Sam asked, trying to blink away the sweetness as he was still holding the now crumbled cake. 
Ignoring his uncle, Noah swiped it onto Jake’s cheek. “Thank you, for everything.” 
Jake pulled him into a hug, wiping the frosting onto Noah’s gown as he pulled away. “Anytime, kid.” 
As the summer heat passed through, the activity bustled in the home. The Strongs had made friends with the neighborhood kids, creating a hangout spot. Feet ran through the house, Y/N preparing snacks in between chores that everyone would leave half finished. Jake and Y/N had hired contractors to build the guest house, limiting the kids of a play area for the time being. They planned for an in-ground pool the last time they spoke with the company, but now they were making a three bedroom extension to their home. Noah spent his days working in order to save up money for the semester. Jake knew better than to argue. Noah’s goal was to be as independent as possible while at school. Y/N and Jake both knew that it was a pride thing and let him work himself to the bone, but only for the summer. As the building grew, so did the kids. Susan and Cody were finally at Jake’s height, Sebastian hot on their trail. 
The family embraced their first and final summer as a family. Between beach trips, concerts, and days at the lake house, they’d grown fond of each other. It was sweet until they reached the stage of wanting to tear each other’s throats out. 
“Y/N, Susan just told James that his ear is going to fall off!” Sebastian shouted, pulling a weeping James into the kitchen, blubbering about his ear. He’d had an earache, swimmer’s ear as Y/N had learned, from the amount of time he’d been spending in pools. The poor boy had been sick back to back the entire summer. 
“James,” she sighed. “Your ear is not going to fall off. If anything,” she raised her voice as Suzy walked past the door, “Susan’s will for lying to you!” 
“Good save, Y/N,” Jake grumbled, seeing as James’s tears were not stopping. He pulled the drops out of the cabinet. Tilting James’s head, he let a few drops fall into his ear canal before patting his back. “Go play and come back if it hurts in an hour.”
James obviously felt better. Jake glanced outside to see Sebastian and James roughhousing in the garden. 
“Control your children, Jake,” she mumbled back, stirring the concoction on the stove she’d spent all morning on.
“My children?” 
“Yes, your children.” 
“If anything-” 
“Do not start this,” she snapped. Y/N sighed deeply, composing herself once again. “When are the kids going back to school?” 
“Not close enough.” She moved the pot to the side. “And Noah?” 
“Th-” Jake stopped to think. “Thursday.” 
“Dinner!” Y/N shouted, pouring bowls of soup for each child. 
Suzy pouted. “Soup? In the summer?” She picked up the bowl and sniffed it. “Can’t we get some pi-” 
Y/N shushed her quickly. “Do not mention the p word. Otherwise we’ll never get them to calm down.” 
Susan grabbed Victoria’s bowl, leading the little girl over to the table. There was an empty spot, the family waiting for Noah to walk in. He was a little later than usual, but the festival a few blocks over made his drive home a tad bit longer. Jake had spent all summer trying to forget that Noah would be gone. Now as time was running out, his heart felt heavy. By next week, he’d be in his dorm away from his siblings. Most of Noah’s belongings were already packed in the garage. He and Y/N bonded over buying decorations for his room.
 The two of them had gone out, running between department stores for duvets and curtains and mattress pads. Noah and Y/N decided to end their day over early dinner at a local restaurant. They ate quietly while watching the college football game that was blaring over the tv speakers above the bar. 
“Thank you,” Noah said, grabbing the leather bill folder out of Y/N’s reach. 
Y/N could never take compliments or positive feedback. “You know how much I love shopping.” 
“It’s really cool,” he said, filling out the tip section and tucking even more cash into the folder. “I’ve never really had a mom, much less one that would do something like… this,” he waved the pen for a moment, “with me. Without everyone else.” 
“Do you really think I would bring Jake?” 
Noah laughed. “I think that the totals would have given him an early heart attack.” 
She nodded. “The cigarettes he sneaks on the back porch definitely wouldn’t help, I’ll say that. But he really loves you guys. He’d get over it.” 
“I know,” Noah grinned, raising his hand as the waiter walked past. 
As the final week of summer faded away, last minute preparations were made. Hair was trimmed and nails were done. School shopping lists were checked off and supplies were labeled. Open houses were attended and items were dropped off. Jake felt a sort of buzz he’d never felt before or during the events. It felt different than when he finished a riff or when one of his kids handed him a finger painting. He couldn’t pinpoint the feeling, and that’s what bothered him the most. 
Move-in day came in a flash. Jake and Noah spent all night loading the cars, avoiding the plethora of neighborhood kids running around. Y/N and the rest of the family stayed behind, their school still in session. They said their goodbyes, Noah watching them pile onto their buses and into their cars on their own. Jake and Noah made the drive to his campus, the car packed with all of his belongings. After checking in, the two began organizing Noah’s new living space. Jake never lived on a college campus, though he had been to a few parties here and there. School never appealed to him and he had his lucky break. Noah was terrified to leave his siblings. His entire life was nothing but one big shift. Change was his homeostasis. He never had a stable place. He finally settled into the Kiszka home, finding a warm bed to come home to every night and a meal whenever he wanted. Now he was going to have to completely readjust to a new environment. He started to get worried when as he came in and out of the building, he’d locked himself out three times. 
They were almost finished with bringing everything in. Their only issue now was trying to set everything up. The room was small but still larger than they thought it would be. Jake had tasked himself with opening the boxes while Noah placed his things where he needed them. As the drawers filled and cardboard boxes were collapsed, Noah was delighted to see 
“Go ahead,” Jake smiled. “I’ll finish the boxes and wait here.” 
Noah looked back at his friends for a second. Thank you, he mouthed before disappearing down the hallway. 
The first week without Noah was the toughest, mostly for James and Jake. James had gotten into the habit of crawling into Noah’s bed despite having his own room. Y/N was becoming slightly concerned over him. The kiszka household was mostly dark, save a few nightlights and the master bedroom. Y/N had 
“Do you think James needs to see someone?” She asked, dropping her earrings into the jewelry dish. “He’s been really depressed about Noah moving away. He was a nervous wreck before, but I think he’s getting worse without him around.” 
“Mhm,” Jake hummed, polishing his guitar. 
“What about the therapist that the Donocans took Kenny to when they were going through their divorce?” 
“That’s nice.” 
“Maybe I could find someone who specializes in separation anxiety.” She shook her head. “Is it even separation anxiety? What do you think, Jake?” 
Upon hearing his name, he finally looked at his waiting wife, realizing he had no idea what she was talking about. “I’m sorry, what?” 
“I think we need to put James in therapy for his nerves.” 
Jake nodded. “I think it’s definitely an option.” He knew James needed help, but he had years to get it. “Y/N, do you think Noah ate today? I haven’t seen any activity on his debit card.” 
Y/N pulled back her side of the comforter. “He has a meal plan. He has plenty of options there.” 
Noah was thriving in college. He had everything he could ever need on campus. He had friends to satisfy his social needs and food, he could live there for ages. There were a few people he couldn’t stand. There were those who complained about having to live with others. They constantly reported those who played music too loud fifteen minutes before quiet hours or complained that their rooms were too small. Noah was just grateful to be able to further his education and to have his basic needs. 
It came crumbling down after two months. Jake and Y/N were taking the family to the city museum and they decided to take a detour to pick up Noah. Y/N was excited to finally see the campus, as were the other kids. Jake had been up almost every weekend, spending a few hours with Noah before driving himself back. He knew he was being a helicopter parent, but he wanted to make sure Noah was taking care of himself. He’d been distant all week, yet still agreed to go on the trip. Jake hadn’t received a text or anything from Noah. He was nervous to see his son again. He convinced himself of two possibilities: Noah hates him or he’d just gotten busy.
“I want to see your dorm,” Y/N beamed, hugging her oldest son as he barely came out of his building. 
“Are you sure? It’s not that riveting.” 
The family traveled up to his dorm, shushing each other so as to not disturb the other guests. Noah now understood why people were upset about their rooms being too small. With nine people, it was a tight squeeze. He gave them a tour of his room, snapping at Sebastian and James for jumping on his bed, but at least they’d taken off their boots. Autumn had rolled around and wet leaves littered the ground outside. 
When they returned from the city museum, Jake followed Noah up, helping him carry the groceries they picked up on the way back. 
“Goodbye,” Noah muttered, tossing things into his mini fridge. “You don’t have to come next weekend, I’ll be busy.” 
“I-” Jake shook his head. “I don’t understand.” 
“Just stop coming around!” 
“Because people only want to be friends with me because of you.” 
Jake stayed quiet, mumbling a goodbye before trudging through the fall rain to the car. 
For two weeks he decided to give Noah his space. During his weekly video chats, he no longer made on screen appearances, staying out of the room. Jake never noticed that when he would visit Noah, there would be a crowd. He just assumed that Noah had such good friends, not because he had a famous dad. A target had been painted on his back and Jake only shined a light on him. 
Jake had been in a funk all week. He knew it was time to reach out to Noah, but he had no idea how. A text would only be ignored. A phone call would be directed to voicemail. He could always drive up and see him in person, but that would just make it worse if Noah turned him away. 
He’d been distracted, finding that the studio was the only place he could really focus on something else. Josh was in the recording booth, redoing some of his parts that he felt were weak. Outside of the booth, Jake sat with Sam and Danny, listening to their brother wail. 
Jake felt his phone buzzing in his pocket. He scrambled for it, hoping it to be Noah. Instead he saw his wife’s face. He considered denying it, thinking it was just about dinner or something. The longer he stared at her photo, the more his brain ran with a negative feeling. 
“Y/N, hey-“ 
“I can’t find Sebastian or James. Oh my god,” she cried. “I can’t find them. Suzy and Anthony are out looking by the school and stuff, but-“
“What do you mean you can’t find them?” Jake demanded, standing up and knocking over a mic stand. The clatter interrupted Josh’s session in the booth, the music coming to a halt. 
“I-I can’t find them! They’re gone. Their beds are made and their homework is done but their backpacks are gone.” She sobbed, shushing Victoria quickly. “I think they ran away, Jake.” 
“Why would they do that?” Jake struggled to grab his keys from his coat pocket. Sam held the bottom of his jacket to make it easier for him. Jake nodded at his younger brother. He dropped the phone. “The kids ran away. I have to-“ 
“Just go!” They all shouted, pulling their own phones out. 
Jake raced home. He stopped at the mini mart a few blocks between the home and the studio. The kids often walked together, but Noah, Anthony, or Susan had to be with them. They would often take trips on Friday, spending their allowance on a fountain drink, a hot dog, and chips before coming home for a movie night to kick off the weekend. He looked around, going to the woman at the counter. 
“Have you seen two boys? They look just alike but they’re not twins. They’re about this tall and have shaggy blond, maybe light brown hair.” 
She shook her head. “It’s been dead all afternoon.” 
Jake left the store. His mind raced with every possible option. They went to the playground and lost track of time. Maybe they stopped at another store. They’re looking for Y/N’s birthday gift and she obviously can’t drive them. He held onto the nearby garbage can as his stomach churned, the worst options coming to light. Kidnapping at the top of his list. He had some crazy followers but none would be that insane, would they? He gagged, trying hard to hold his lunch down. Instead, he leaned over and into the garbage can. He coughed as his body tried to rid itself of the negativity, mistaking the reuben sandwich for the cause of his stomach ache. He winced at the burning of his nose, pinching off the mucus and spitting one last time. 
By the time he made it home, there were two police cars in the street, their lights on. Y/N was on the porch, telling the police about her day. 
“They came home from school like always. They changed their shoes and went up to do their homework. I went to clean up downstairs. Susan was going to bring friends over tonight so I wanted to set it up for a girls night. When I came back to call them for a snack, they were nowhere to be found.” 
An officer turned to Jake. “And you are?” 
“Their father. Adoptive.” 
He nodded. “And where have you been all day?” 
Jake felt his blood boil. “You think I did something to my own kids?!”
The officer shook his head. “No, but we want to get our ducks in a row.” 
He apologized quietly. “I was at the studio all day with my brothers. We’re in a band.” 
The man nodded. “We have an Amber Alert out. Chances are, they’re going somewhere they know. If anyone knows anything, we’ll tell you immediately.” 
The two officers returned to their cars, leaving quietly. Jake sat beside his wife, feeling useless. 
“How are we going to tell Noah?” She whispered, her eyes fixated on the sidewalk ahead of them.
Noah felt weird being on campus on a Friday night. Usually he’d be home by now, telling his siblings the funny stories from that week. He was itching to tell Susan about the head cheerleader he’d seen sneaking out of the stoner’s room at 3 in the morning with her clothes in hand. He wanted to tell Anthony about the girl in his anatomy class that he’d been trying to gain the courage to ask out for ice cream. But instead, here he was sitting in his dorm, throwing a hackysack into the air. His roommate had left earlier, catching an earlier train home. He looked at the guitar in the corner of his room, thinking about the lessons Jake had sent him. If he couldn’t talk to him, he’d have to get the next best thing. 
Noah barely set his things up when there was a pounding on his door. Sliding off his bed, he opened the door to see Steven and Brady standing there. 
“Party?” Steve asked, holding up a six pack. Noah nodded, grabbing his shoes and keys. 
The frat house was the only one on campus, but it was legally not on the same property. People ran wild, letting all of their inhibitions loose. He dodged the drunk patrons, running back and forth. He’d been to plenty of parties before, ones even more wild than this. He spotted dancers on a table, the legs about to break from the pressure. He followed his friends, cradling a single warm beer for most of the night. Despite being interested in the music and the ambiance, he was no longer in the party mood. He tapped Steve's shoulder, muttering that he was leaving. 
He felt much better in the fresh air of the cool autumn night. Noah checked the time, wondering if it was too late to call Jake. He felt the apology brewing in his mind, but he didn’t know how to shove them out. He jumped at the rustling near the dumpsters. Noah looked closer. A chill ran down his spine as he recognized the backpacks. The two names sprawled at the bottom made his blood run cold. 
“What are you two doing here?” 
“Noah?” Sebastian croaked out, holding James as he slept on his chest.
“Yeah, bud. What are you doing here?” He asked softly, picking up James, cradling him. James mumbled softly, cuddling into his brother’s chest. 
Sebastian grabbed both backpacks. “We want you to stop fighting with Mr. Jake.” 
Noah felt his heart drop. “What happened?” 
The three of them walked back to his dorm. Sebastian unlocked the door, still crying as Noah put James into his bed. Sebastian began to cry. “I don’t want to go back.” 
“To our old house.”
“Why would we go back there?” 
“E-every time you fight with a foster family… we go back there. I don’t want to!” 
Noah held Sebastian in his lap. At that moment he felt like he was 14 again, trying to keep his family together. He brushed his brown hair from Sebastian’s forehead. “Did you tell Jake and Y/N where you are?” 
Jake stared at his phone, his stomach churning. He didn’t want to call Noah to tell him he’d lost two of his siblings. He’d been ignored all week and now he was terrified. He was so scared of how Noah would react. Susan had been in and out of the bathroom, bouts of nausea as she thought about her brothers. Anthony was still out looking with another group of people from the neighborhood. Y/N and Jake were instructed to stay home in case the two boys returned. 
Jake, in a bout of blind confidence, raised his phone to his ear. “Noah, don’t freak out, but… you need to come home.” 
Noah sighed. “I have them. Sebastian and James.” 
“I’ll bring them home tonight.” 
Upon hearing that the boys were with their brother, Jake felt like he could finally breathe. He pulled his wife to the side. She choked out a sob, gripping onto her husband. “Oh, thank god,” she wailed. “I was so worried.” 
Jake pet her hair, happy tears leaking out of his own eyes. He called Anthony and Susan, telling them that they’d found the boys. Anthony grabbed his keys. “Permit hours? I need night driving.” 
The guitarist shook his head. “Too dangerous right now.” 
They arrived in record time, Y/N sat in the back with a sleeping Victoria in her arms. Upon sensing that something was wrong, she refused to be let down out of her mother’s arms, even in her sleep. Jake noticed that Noah’s room was the only one that was still on. Noah had propped open the door for them. They shuffled up to his room as quietly as possible. Jake rapped his knuckles on the door only once before Noah swung the door open. 
“Oh thank god,” Jake sighed, seeing the two boys in Noah’s bed cuddled together beneath the blankets. 
The eight of them cried quietly, greeting Noah in the shuffle. When it was Jake’s turn, Noah nodded towards the hallway. 
“Do you know why they ran?” 
Jake shook his head. “It doesn’t mat-” 
“Yes it does. They ran because we were fighting. They thought you were going to send us back to our bio family, like the others.” 
“I would never.” 
“I know. I’m sorry,” Noah sighed. “I’m just not used to being there. All my life we’ve been kicked to the curb and now we’re not struggling for the basics. It was an overnight change and I know that’s a cop-out answer, but-” 
Jake pulled him into a hug. “You don’t have to answer.” He pulled back. “We can talk about it later.” 
Noah nodded. “Can we go to Waffle House? I’m starving.” 
Jake opened the door, seeing the family soundly asleep together. “Just you and I?” 
Noah shook his head, flickering the light. “Rise and shine family!” He shouted. 
Almost immediately, a shout from the room across the hall came through the air. “Shut up! No one cares about your cookie cutter family!”
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The boy with the Teal Earring
A silly little study I did, it took about 2.5hrs. I was going to draw him with the beanie but I thought this was more fun.
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totally spies are back!  🌺 💄💫
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livsmessydoodles · 6 months ago
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so i've been getting myself back into lord of the rings
(inspired by this post by @lotrreactionmemes !!)
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pacific-rimbaud · a month ago
In all of Western literature, no one has ever loved another person as much as Samwise Gamgee loves Frodo Baggins. Absolutely no contest whatsoever.
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aborddelimpala · 7 hours ago
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Whump Sam | Season 3 - Requested by anonymous
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inacatastrophicmind · a month ago
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Dean protecting Cas "human weapons don't harm me" from his brother and his mother
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froyo-baggins · 7 months ago
inside me there are two wolves. one says that frodo and sam have one of the most devoted, loving friendships ever portrayed in fiction, that depictions of loving platonic friendship between men is extremely important in literature and film, that jrr tolkien did a wonderful thing in depicting a male friendship where both of them are able to be so vulnerable and tender with each other, and that the gestures of kissing and holding hands have their roots in medieval chivalric tradition and were not associated with romance in the way they are now. the other says that frodo and sam have the big gay.
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