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villain vs villain fucker x
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𝐒𝐭𝐞𝐚𝐦𝐲 - 𝐃𝐚𝐦𝐨𝐧 𝐒𝐚𝐥𝐯𝐚𝐭𝐨𝐫𝐞 𝐈𝐦𝐚𝐠𝐢𝐧𝐞
𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬: SMUT. 18+. Foul language.
𝐬𝐮𝐦𝐦𝐚𝐫𝐲: The anniversary of your relationship with Damon was finally here. You both had promised each other that there would be no gifts. You wanted it to be intimate, and boy did he take intimate to a whole new level.
Tumblr media
“Damon.” You called out, running your hands across the side of the bed to find his warm body. To your surprise, he wasn’t there. You snapped out of your sleepy state, sitting up to see if he really wasn’t there.
You woke up to rose petals surrounding you. It was unusual because Damon wasn’t the most affectionate person. You threw the blanket off you, flinging rose petals to the floor. The cold breeze of the morning crept up on you and your skin grew goosebumps. You quickly ran to Damon’s drawer, pulling out one of his infamous black shirts and covering your naked body. You looked down at the floor, the petals lined up in formation leading to the bathroom. Anticipating what would be to come, you made your way to the bathroom.
You looked up from the floor after reaching your destination. There he was. The water was dripping off his naked body and made him look like he was glistening in the bathroom lighting. The glass was fogged up from the steam, but you could see the best parts of him through the steam. “I was waiting for you to wake up.” He turned, smirking. His eyes met yours, sending a chilling feeling down your spine. Something about his eyes and his smirk drove you insane. “Happy anniversary, sweetheart. Are you going to join me?” He chuckled, continuing, “You look hot in my shirt, but I’d enjoy your company in here.” He tousled his hands through his hair.
You nodded, licking your lips before taking his shirt off you and dropping it to the ground. You could already feel the butterflies going crazy in your stomach. Damon had a special way of making everything feel like the first time; The first look, first kiss, first time getting turned on by one another. It made you shy, but he fed off that. You were completely naked now, your nipples hardened by the cold breeze you felt earlier. You walked toward the glass door, opening it and closing it behind you. The heat from the hot shower relaxed you. In that moment, you could feel his warm, wet hands pull you in to his chest. You looked up at him, feeling the redness rush to your cheeks. The water ran over your body, the only thing that stood between you and him were the droplets of water on your bodies. Just like how he liked it.
“You always manage to look more beautiful without even trying, Y/N.” He whispered. You could see the sincerity in his eyes, making you feel like time had stopped. When he called you by your name, you knew he was serious. At this point, your heart was beating out of your chest. You felt paralyzed for a moment, wondering if he would be the one to close the space that filled between both of your lips. He leaned down, pressing a soft kiss to your plump lips. He was so gentle. Usually, you both were rough when having sex because that’s how you both liked it- but when he was gentle, it was like a whole new world.
You could feel his hands travel your body, finding their way down to your ass. He lightly squeezed your ass, causing you to arch your back in pleasure. You deepened the kiss, allowing his tongue to explore your mouth. You could feel the wetness grow between your legs. You squeezed them together in a desperate attempt to feel some pressure. He pulled back from the kiss, lightly pressing your body against the glass of the shower. “Spread them for me.” He groaned. You could feel his erection grow bigger the more he touched and kissed you. You felt his hand go up near your throbbing clit. He pressed a kiss against your lips, trailing them down to your neck before pressing his finger against the center of your core. You let out a soft, gentle moan, making him react by moaning out as well. “Your moans sound like music.” He moaned before going back down to your neck.
He kissed and sucked around until he found your sweet spot, applying more pressure and sucking harder. You toes curled out of habit, as they always did when he sucked on your sweet spot. He did all of this while his fingers were still roaming around your clit. He brought two fingers down to your entrance, swirling them in your puddle of wetness before sliding them inside. He pulled away from your neck, a fresh red bruise upon your skin now. He smirked at his piece of art. You could feel his erection poking at you and then suddenly pressed against you as you felt him lean his body on yours. He pumped his fingers in and out of you slowly, “Damon” You moaned out, wrapping your arms around his neck. You locked eyes with him, watching as he fingered you. He thrusted his fingers inside you deeper, curling them slightly; He knew that drove you crazy.
“Please, harder” You moaned out. He listened, his fingers becoming quicker. He didn’t stop, desperately trying to give you every ounce of pleasure he could. He slowed down, adding a third finger now. You moaned out louder, sure that you were louder than the shower that was still running. The water wasn’t even a factor at this point anymore. Though it was running down both of your bodies and soaking you both, it didn’t interfere with the passion. He thrusted up a couple of more times before you felt your core tighten, “Damon, I am going to cum.” You moaned.
He chuckled, it was a sweet melody to his ears to know that he could simply make you cum off of his fingers. It made him feel transcendent. He let you cum, your cum all over his fingers. He pulled all three fingers out, bringing them up to his lips. Usually, he’d have you suck on his fingers, but today he wanted a taste. One by one, he sucked on the three of his fingers. “You taste so good.” He smiled, dropping down to his knees and spreading your legs a little wider.
The water was hitting his head now, but the water didn’t stop him. He brought his tongue to your clit, desperately trying to taste you more. “Fuck” You moaned out, your hands intertwining themselves in Damon’s hair, helping the water not directly go onto his face. He swirled his tongue around the folds of your clit until he found the spot that made you whimper out for him. He sucked on that pleasing spot on your clit. “Y-yes” You moaned out, stuttering your words. At this point, words escaped your mind, you were just stuck on the immense amount of pressure he was giving you. He brought his hand to his cock, stroking as he ate you out. You could hear him getting off on the mere fact that he was pleasing you. “Damon, I need you inside of me.” You moaned, feeling him pull himself from your clit.
He stood back up, bringing his cock close to your clit. He rubbed the tip of it against your warmth. “I need you too” He reassured you, bringing his hands up and lifting you off of the floor. He lined you up with his cock, slowly sliding himself inside of you. He let out a loud moan, “Fuck, this is just what I needed” He pressed a soft kiss on your lips before beginning to thrust up inside of you. “You’re always so ready for me” He moaned into your ear, causing you to moan louder. You felt your nails dig into his back. He groaned at the pain that also brought him pleasure. You could feel him start to go faster, his hands cupping you and dropping you onto his long, thick cock.
“Damon, fuck.” You said, feeling yourself come close to your second orgasm with only a couple of strokes. You brought your lips to his neck, sucking on his sweet spot as he thrusted up into you. You could hear his moans grow deeper as you found his pleasure point. You sucked deeper and harder, mirroring the actions he took on your neck. You could feel his thrusts grow sloppy, tightening your core around his cock. You pulled back to see the bruise you left on his neck.
“Fuck.” He moaned before you both came. You could feel his warm cum fill you up. He rode out his high before taking you off from around him. “don’t worry about getting cleaned up, I’m not done here.” He winked, throwing himself under the hot water to relax his muscles. You joined him, clearly wobbly from him being inside of you. You wrapped your arms around him, the both of you letting the hot water run over your bodies.
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Can I maybe request the Bondage prompt with Damon Salvatore please? Maybe he cuffs the reader to his bed and loses the key so she's trapped but decides to take advantage of it by overstimulating her and having his way with her?
All Tied Up {Damon Salvatore}
Tumblr media
Warnings: cursing, bondage, overstimulation, unprotected sex, fingering, punishment, dom!Damon, slight edging, some orgasm denial
Pairings: Damon Salvatore x Female Human Reader
Summary: Damon decides to punish you
Prompt: Bondage Kink
Requested: yes
Word Count: 1.4k
You whined and fought a little as Damon took you upstairs. You had been teasing him and he had enough of it. You knew you were in for it now and you knew the whole time that you were going to get punished but, you still wanted to be a brat either way.
"I said I was sorry!" You whined and he brought you into his room.
"Well, sorry doesn't cut it now does it?" He asked with a smirk. You whined as he gently pushed you onto the bed. He walked to the closet and grabbed a pair of handcuffs. You eyes widened when you saw them.
You got off the bed and went to run out the door but Damon zoomed over to you and grabbed you. You whined and he just smirked more. You obviously should've known he was going to catch you since he was a vampire and you were human.
"No no no... no way you're getting out of this one." He said. He then pushed you onto the bed again. He got you undressed completely before cuffing your wrists to the bed. You whined and pulled at the restraints a little. He smirked, loving the sight of you struggle.
He then did the same to your ankles, cuffing them to the bed so now there was no way that you could even try to escape. You whined more and he sighed and spanked your pussy making you squeak and jumped.
"Quit your whining." He said. You bit your lip as he sat on the side of the bed. His hand trailed onto your inner thigh lightly. He almost reached where you ached for him most but then, he'd move his hand back down away from your pussy.
He kept repeating that over and over again until finally one time when his hand got close to your pussy, he let it trail all the way up to your core. He started by slowly rubbing your clit in a circular motion. You bit your lip and moaned out softly.
Damon smirked a little and kept going, slowly picking up the pace. After a few minutes, you were moaning out loudly and he was rubbing your clit faster and faster. You felt that familiar knot growing in your stomach.
"Shit I'm gonna cum!" You moaned out. Damon smirked and took his hand away, stripping you from your release. You huffed and whined loudly. He loved to see how needy you were for him. Then without warning, he slammed two fingers into you making you yelp.
You moaned out louder as his fingers did wonders to your wet pussy. You swore you were so wet that you could hear your wetness. Damon kept fingering you faster and faster until you once again felt that familiar knot growing in your stomach.
"C- can I please cum?" You moaned out.
"Go ahead princess, cum for me." He said. With that your legs began to tremble and you moaned out as you came hard on his fingers. He pulled his fingers out of your pussy and then licked your juices off them.
"Please.. I promise I'll be your good girl, just please fuck me." You whimpered.
"Okay fineee.." He said as he went go get the keys for the cuffs. He was looking for the keys for a few minutes then stopped. "Well shit." He said.
"What? What is it?" You asked a little worried.
"I may have lost them..." He mumbled.
"I- you what?!" You yelled.
"Shhhh.." He walked over to you and pet your head. "Even without the keys I can get you out, you keep forgetting that I am a vampire, I could just break them and you would be free but, I'm not going to do that." He said.
"I- why not?" You asked.
"Well you see, when you are chained up like this and there is no keys so technically no human type way to set you free, I get to do whatever I please with you." He said. You gulped.
"Like what?" You asked.
"Oh, you'll see kitty cat." He said as he walked back to the closet again. You laid there nervously because there was nothing you could really do to stop him now. "You remember our safe word?" He asked.
"Yes.." You said.
"What is it? Say it so I know you do." He said.
"Red." You said.
"Good girl." He replied. He brought over a black box and placed it on the bed. He opened it up and took out some lube, a vibrator, and a dildo. Your eyes widened again when you saw the stuff he had taken out.
"Which one should we use first. I- like you have a say in the matter." He said with a smirk. You shot a playful glare at him. He took the lube and rubbed it onto your clit and pussy. Once he got it all rubbed on he grabbed the dildo first.
He aligned it with your pussy before pushing it into you slowly. You moaned out at the feeling of it stretching you out. He then without warning began to thrust it into you roughly. You yelped and jumped a little then began to moan out.
Your pussy was already a little sensitive from your first orgasm but it kinda added on to the pleasure he was already giving you. He thrusted it into you rougher and faster making you arched your back and moan out louder. You already felt your orgasm approaching and you clenched around the toy.
"Fuck baby! Can I cum? Please let me cum baby." You begged and moaned out.
"You can cum princess." He said. Your legs started to tremble and you came hard on the toy but, he didn't stop. He kept thrusting the toy into you roughly making you moan out louder. You arched your back and threw your head back.
"Fuck Damon!" You yelled. He just smirked and kept working the toy into your pussy. He was thrusting it into you so fucking fast that you could already feel your second orgasm approaching.
"I- please? Can I please cum?" You moaned out.
"Come on baby, cum again. Cum for me again." He said. Once again you came hard on the toy. He kept thrusting the toy into you and it lasted for another 10 minutes. During those minutes you had came serval times, too many times to keep track.
He finally took the dildo out of you, your sore pussy getting a small break. He then grabbed the vibrator and pressed it against your clit making you jolt a little. You gasped and moaned out as he applied more pressure to your clit with it.
He then began to fuck you with the vibrator making you scream. You kept screaming as Damon kept fucking you with the vibrator smirking. That once again lasted for awhile and you were so fucking sensitive and so fucking sore.
After a while he finally took the vibrator away from your pussy, your pussy clenching around nothing. He then got undressed and walked over to you. He put his hand in your hair and lifted your head up some.
"Open." He ordered. You did as you were told and opened your mouth wide for him. He slid his cock into you mouth then groaned at the feeling. He held your head in place and began to fuck your mouth.
You moaned onto his cock making him moan out. He felt complete euphoria. You always knew how to make him feel so fucking good. He kept thrusting into your mouth and you did your best to not gag on his cock.
After awhile his thrusts started to get sloppy and you knew he was close. Before you knew it you could feel his dick twitching in your mouth and he groaned loudly as he came, string of his cum painting the back of your throat white.
He pulled out of you and you swallowed his cum. Then he did what he promised he'd do and he broke your free from the cuffs. You smiled when he laid down beside you. You rolled over to him and nuzzled his neck making him chuckle and wrap his arms around you.
"I love you y/n." He said and kissed your head. You smiled and rested your head on his chest.
"I love you too Damon." You said with a giggle and your eyes slowly fluttered shut. The two of you fell asleep snuggled in eachother embrace.
a/n: I hope y'all liked this story, feel free to request!
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Kol ruins your dates all the time you lash out and you ask him what his problem is. He doesn't say anything so you scream at him more, he ends up kisses you, then it hits you why. He wants to be with you but he didn't know how to tell you.
Thanks, For Ruining Yet Another Date. | Kol Mikaelson x Reader
my masterlist ↪M A S T E R L I S T
Tumblr media
"so you like pasta?" he says "obviously" I say making him laugh. I had been on a date with a guy named Oliver for the past hour. It wasn't a bad date but I had been on far better dates than this.
"right, right you did order pasta, my bad." he chuckles covering his mouth that was full of food "its fine" I laugh gently.
Oliver and i met through a mutual friend from my work, she says that he's a great guy and that a few things could go wrong but not majorly wrong which made me laugh.
"When was the last time you dated someone?" Oliver asks and I shrug "god the last guy I was, uh 3 years maybe. It's been a while thats what I can say. What about you?" I ask politely.
"Way too long ago, maybe a decade? maybe more." he says causing me to raise an eyebrow. "that's long" I say as he scoffs "tell me about it, i mean you know i've talked to women here and there but I never got past talking to them." he says making me laugh out loud.
Noticing that no one else was laughing I quickly stop "it's fine, it's a good story to tell." he says and I nod "yeah it is." I laugh.
The conversation continues, it started getting late so Oliver offered to walk me home since my house wasn't far from the restaurant we were currently eating at.
On the walk home he place his jacket over my shoulders "thanks" I smile to him "just practising for the next date." he shrugs and I chuckle "so when's the next date?" I ask him.
"Never" a voice interrupts followed by the snapping sound of a bone, spinning around I notice Oliver was no where to be seen so I start looking in every possible direction up, left, right, down "OH MY GOD." I scream.
Oliver was dead on the floor, his head almost off his neck I fall to my knees "oliver?" I whisper "Oliver?" I start slapping him, it wasn't bright of me to do, but I did it anyways.
"looks like your date ghosted you." a british voice cuts me off, I look up to see Kol with a smug look on his face as if he was about to crack from his poorly timed joke "you did this!" I say almost wanting to yell at him but not. Instead I slap his cheek as hard as I could, channelling all my anger and turning it into power.
"ouch, i felt that one." he says rubbing his tongue along the inside of his cheek "you better, you just killed my date." I say under my breath "now how are we suppose to get rid of the body Kol." I throw my arms out in the air "oh please, I can get rid of this limp thing in no time, it's fine." he shrugs "NO IT'S NOT FINE" i yell at him "YOU KILLED MY DATE" I continue.
I push him back angrily "YOU ALWAYS DO THIS, I HAVE A GREAT NIGHT AND YOU KILL THEM JUST BECAUSE YOU CAN." now it was dark, the moon was out and it was bright but not bright enough for everyone to see Kol and I standing next to a dead body.
"WHAT THE FUCK IS YOUR PROBLEM? WHY DO YOU ALWAYS KILL MY DATES WHY CAN'T YOU KILL BEKAHS OR MARCELS FOR CRYING OUT LOUD." my voice was louder than it had ever been, my anger fuelling the volume of my voice.
Kol stands there, the expression on his face still smug and proud of yet another death that is not only on his hands but also on mine because it was my date.
"WHAT AM I SUPPOSE TO TELL SOMEONE WHEN THEY ASK 'HEY WHERE IS OLIVER?' HOW AM I SUPPOSE TO TELL THEM OH THIS PHSYCO THAT I KNOW KILLED HIM RIGHT BEFORE MY EYES AND I DID NOTHING." my voice remained loud, any remaining human or supernatural that was once standing near us had now disappeared at the sound of my furious voice.
"OR SHOULD I JUST SAY THAT AN OLD FRIEND OF MINE CAME TO TOWN, OH DID I MENTION HE IS A MURDEROUS RAGING PSYCHOTIC BITCH." slapping him once more before he grabs my cheeks, pulling me in and placing his lips on mine.
After a while he pulls apart, pointing down at Oliver's limp body "just hit a snag." he started scratching the back of his head.
I point between Oliver and Kol "holy shit, i get it now." my jaw drops in amazement, how truly fucked Kol was.
"you, you. Kill my dates because you can't stand me with other people. You want to be the person I go on dates with." I point to him, squinting at him waiting for him to nod "Well I-" "Honesty is the best policy Kol." I places my hands on my hips.
"Don't ever use outdated phrases." he rolls his eyes "Don't lie to me, you love me." I say "You say that when the guy you went on a date with is dead on the floor, y/n, don't flatter yourself." he scoffs.
"But I do." he mumbles walking off I kick Oliver's dead body before running after Kol "Thanks, For Ruining Yet Another Date." I nudge him and he shrugs "I thought you would have gotten a hint the first time." he clears his throat "So we're just leaving him?" I ask Kol and he nods.
"I'm dropping you off and we'll talk about this tomorrow." he says "Now." I grab his arm stopping him "Now?" he says nervously "Yes, Now." I say sternly.
"So I may slightly be in love with you, that's all." he says chuckling shortly afterwards trying to brush it off "wow. how unlucky am I to have a Mikaelson fall in love with me." I smack my lips "very unlucky." he says making me laugh.
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I Remember Us
Tumblr media
Damon Salvatore x Reader
Words: 3136
Part One
Summary: Iris kills the reader while she still has Damon’s blood in her system, thus triggering the transition process and erasing all of his compulsion. Bloodthirsty and betrayed, the reader is drawn into yet another trap. 
Notes: Okay, this is so chaotic, but I hope you guys like it. It jumps around, but I thought it fit the intensity. Let me know what you think!
You were surprised to wake up alone. Your mom had climbed into your bed late last night and wrapped her arms around you, telling you that things were finally going to be different. Life was going to be better. You believed her. You dreamed about a real house and a real picket fence. The two of you would have a life like all your friends from school had. 
But she wasn’t there. She wasn’t in her room or hungover on the couch like she usually was. 
“Mom?” You called into the empty trailer. You continued searching until you found a note on the kitchen counter. 
Things will be better, sweetie. You don’t need me anymore. Love, Mom. 
“Come on, please. Don’t do this!” You cried, searching the trailer again and again, each time hoping you’d see her car in the driveway. “Mom!”  
It was no use. She was gone.
You woke up to a burning feel in your throat and something crawling on your chest. When you opened your eyes, a twitching nose greeted you, along with a pair of little black eyes. You quickly lifted the rabbit off of you and watched it scurry off into the forest. The sun was too hot and too bright and your head was pounding like crazy. 
As you stood up, you had to lean against a tree for support. For a moment, all you could see were the leaves overhead, but then it all came flooding into your head at a painful rate. It started with the end; feeling the life draining out of you as Irene, or whoever she was, dug her fangs deeper into your neck. But then you saw him. 
Damon. You remembered Damon. You remembered him compelling you to forget. You remembered him abandoning you. 
The wave of emotion that hit you was worse than anything you’d ever felt. Every fear you’d ever had was intensified. You let out a pained scream into the forest. Tears poured down your face before you had the chance to stop them. Everything was amplified. Every single cell in your body screamed like you were being torn apart. 
Damon left you and tried to erase it from your memory. He compelled you to forget everything you’d had together. It felt like there was a hole in your chest, growing bigger and bigger as it tried to consume you. You must have stayed like that for an hour before it finally hit you. If you were remembering, that meant the compulsion was broken. 
You were turning. 
Stefan was almost afraid to enter the kitchen. Half of the counter was in the living room and the other half was in the backyard. The chairs were firewood at this point. It was Elena who decided to brave the wreckage.
“Elena, maybe we should just let him-”
“If we don’t do something, he’ll burn the house down, Stefan.” She peered inside, looking for that familiar head of black hair. “Damon, I know you’re hurting, but I want to-”
She was pinned to the wall before she could even take a step forward. 
“Damon!” Stefan yelled. 
“I’d say Elena’s pretty fragile, wouldn’t you, brother? Maybe we should erase her memory too.” He seethed, staring menacingly into Elena’s eyes. Behind his anger, she could see the unbearable pain. 
“I’m sorry.” Was all she could say before he released his grip. She, however, didn’t back away. Instead, she pulled him into her arms like she had when he found out about Katherine. He didn’t fight her or make a snarky remark. He just stood there, letting her hold him. 
“Did you make sure she got out of town?” Stefan asked once Elena had let go. Damon nodded grimly. 
“I followed her out past the sign. She should be halfway to D.C. by now.” He ran his fingers through his hair and picked at the rubble around him. 
“You really love her.” Elena mused. She’d never really seen it until now. While she had seen that Damon wasn’t a heartless monster, she had always kind of figured that Y/N was just a replacement for him. But seeing him now, seeing the hurt in his face from his loss, she understood. 
“Not that she’ll remember.” Damon said blankly. He tossed a piece of the broken counter across the table. 
Stefan felt the guilt gnawing at him. Of course, he knew that Y/N’s safety mattered more than anything else, but seeing Damon like this made it harder to feel righteous. He just kept telling himself that she was safe now. 
An obnoxiously peppy sounding knock came from the front door, making Damon chuck another piece of chair out into the living room. 
“Go away!” He shouted. 
“It’s probably Caroline.” Elena grimaced. “We were supposed to have a girls weekend.” She quickly went to the door, as any company would likely make Damon homicidal. But when she opened it, the person before was not one she recognized. A woman with dark hair and deep, green eyes smiled at her menacingly. 
“Are you one of his playthings too?” She had a hand around Elena’s throat before she had the chance to scream. Iris held the girl in front of her, keeping an arm around her neck, ready to snap it. “Oh boys! Come out, come out wherever you are.” 
Stefan was first. He ran out of the kitchen, eyes widening with horror. He stepped towards them. 
“Ah ah ah.” Iris chided, tightening her grip on Elena’s neck. 
“Let her go, Iris.” He growled. 
“It’s good to see you too, Little Salvatore.” She shifted, making Elena wince. “Where’s Damon?” 
“Guess,” Damon said, jamming a broken off chair leg against her back. 
Her smile tightened and she slowly lifted her arms, letting Elena run to Stefan. Damon forced her forward, keeping the sharpened wood against her spine. She tried to face him, but he pushed the stake into her skin just enough to break through. 
“Don’t turn around.”
“But darling, I want to see you.” She pouted. “I’ve missed you.”
Damon’s jaw clenched. “I’m really not in the mood for this, so give me a good reason why I shouldn’t put this through your heart.” He twisted the stake, but she acted as if she didn’t feel it. 
“That tickles.” She reached a hand behind her, latching it around Damon’s wrist. Iris flipped him over her, throwing him on the ground and putting a heel at his throat. Stefan moved to help him, but she put up a hand. “If you want to see your perky little blonde friend again, I suggest you let me leave.”
“Caroline.” Elena gasped. 
“Oh, no Caroline!” Iris mocked. She leaned over Damon with a smirk. “There’s more surprises where that came from, lover.” She blew him a kiss and vanished. 
Damon’s undead heart stopped. Elena started to panic and Stefan helped him to his feet. 
“We have to find Caroline. Who knows what she’ll do to her. Why would she take her?” Elena stammered. 
“To get at us.” Stefan sighed. “Don’t worry, we’ll get her back.”
Damon stared off, Iris’ sinister tone echoing in his head. Elena approached him slowly, seeing the cold focus in his eyes. 
“Are you okay?” 
“What did she mean? ‘More surprises’?” His gaze snapped to her. Elena’s brows drew together. 
“You don’t think-”
Damon nodded grimly, feeling the dread wash over him. “Y/N.”
You sat in the corner of the trailer, careful to stay out of the light. Every once in a while, you’d stick your hand out, feel the searing pain, and hold it there for a second. The burn was nothing compared to the burning in your head. More more more. You were hungry. The body on the other side of the room taunted you with its stillness. You couldn’t get any more from him, though. You could still feel his pulse slowly fade as every ounce of his blood pooled into your mouth. If you hadn’t been so focused on other issues, you would have been riddled with guilt. You’d killed somebody. 
Instead, your brain played only one thing on repeat. Damon’s eyes staring into yours, his lips telling you to forget everything. He left you behind and didn’t even have the decency to let you have your anger. He took that from you. He took away your choice and your fury, but more than that, he took away every happy memory you had of him. He took away the memory that someone had loved you. 
And now you were a vampire. So every ounce of fury and sadness and betrayal was cranked up even more. The ache was too much to bear. 
Along with your emotions, all of your senses were heightened. The stench of the body hung in the hair and burned your nostrils. The glare of the sun in the windows hurt your eyes. A twig snapping outside thundered in your ears. You scrambled to your feet. 
“There’s my favorite little newborn.” 
That voice. The woman from the school stepped inside the trailer. You had to move out of the way so you wouldn’t be burned. Another memory hit you. Iris. 
“S-stay away from me.” 
With her hands on her hips, she looked you over. “God, you’re even more pathetic than when you were human,” she scoffed.
“I’ve heard about you.” 
This piqued her interest. “So Damon’s mentioned me?” Her tone was excited, seductive. It made your stomach turn. Hearing his name almost made you wince. 
Finding a little of your fire, you scoffed. “Yeah. He said you’re a psychotic bitch.” 
She sped towards you and, holding your arms behind your back, held you just within the reach of the scorching sun. You cried out, feeling the searing pain. You fought as best you could, but her grip was iron. 
“Meet me at the Mystic Grill when the sun sets,” she growled. “Your friend Caroline depends on it.” 
And with that, she was gone, allowing your skin to recover from the bubbling welts on your flesh. 
The sun went down and Damon’s fury raged. He wanted to turn the town upside down, tear Iris apart, but Stefan pointed out that the fastest way to find Iris and find out what she had planned was to find Caroline. Besides, you were supposed to be half way across the state by now, right?
Everything turned out fruitless. Damon felt like a dog chasing his tail when he should have been sinking his teeth into Iris’ throat. Elena was getting more panicked by the second. 
“Why would she take Caroline? She doesn’t have anything to do with any of this.” 
“I think it’s pretty obvious that we’re heading into a trap,” Damon said. “Blondie is bait.” Stefan shot him a look, but he didn’t care. 
Elena’s phone rang and her eyes went wide looking at the screen. She answered it with worry in her voice. “Caroline? Where are you? What happened?”
She paled at the voice on the other end. Stefan’s face darkened with concern. Elena hung up and held her phone in a shaking hand. 
“They’re at the Mystic Grill.” Her eyes locked on Damon. “She wants you to go alone.” 
Damon sucked in a breath, eyes blazing. Without any regard for who might see him, he tore off a fence post and broke it in half, providing him with two roughly made stakes. Elena reached out for him. 
“Damon, don’t-”
He shrugged her off. His expression was like stone- firm and harsh. 
“I won’t be gone long.” 
The grill was empty- everyone was probably compelled to leave. All the better. Damon wasn’t in the mood to worry about civilian casualties. His grip tightened on his weapons. Iris, however, was nowhere in sight. 
“Hello? Being held captive here.” Caroline held up her chained wrists, wincing at the sting of the vervain. She seemed unharmed. If anything, she just looked annoyed. 
“Leave it to you to become the damsel in distress,” he muttered. 
“Look, I’ve been pumped full of vervain all day, listening to your ex ramble about ‘the good old days’ so I would prefer if you kept the snark to a minimum,” she snapped back. 
Damon glowered. “Hold still.” He used the thinner end of his make-shift stake to pry open the chain and free her wrists. 
“Damon Salvatore, playing the part of the hero. This has to be a first.” Iris' voice echoed through the room and his head whirled around to try and find the source. 
“Go.” He ordered Caroline. 
She put her hands on her hips. “And leave you to take on the bitch by yourself?”
The look in his eyes put a stop to her argument. She sighed. 
“Just… don’t die, alright?”
“Don’t worry.” He held up his fence posts with an irritated smirk. “Now go.” 
Her expression turned serious, but she did what he said. The door latched with a click. Damon straightened his shoulders, eyes still scanning the deserted restaurant. 
“I’ve been waiting for so long, darling.” Her voice finally gave away her location and Damon threw one of the posts. It lodged itself into the dartboard. Iris stepped out from behind a post and looked at his attempt. She shrugged. “Nice shot.” 
“The next one won’t miss.” 
She giggled. “Oh, Damon. You don’t think I didn’t come prepared did you?” She stalked around him like a cat. “You never think, though, do you, darling? It’s all stake first, ask questions later.”
“And you never shut up.” He stormed towards her, but the sound of another voice stopped him in his tracks. 
Panic shot through him like an arrow. He turned and there, standing in the doorway, was you. There were so many questions rushing into his terrified mind, that it was nearly impossible to sort through them. But there was one that came to his lips- one that frightened him the most. 
“How do you know who I am?” 
Your fists clenched at your sides. His eyes darted between you and Iris. 
Iris giggled. “This is my favorite part. Watching him figure it out.” 
The fury in his expression was replaced by anguish. He stepped towards you, but you stepped away. Part of you wanted to run into the safety of his arms, but the memory of his abandonment would replace the urge. He wasn’t safe anymore. He did this to you. 
“What did she do to you?” His voice was weak, pained. 
“What did she do? What did you do?” You snapped. “You selfish, arrogant, lying…” Your voice trailed off, lost underneath Iris’ boasts. 
“Imagine my surprise, Damon,” she said, “when she woke up. At first, I was disappointed. I wanted the satisfaction of watching you find her bloodied body on the steps of the boarding house. Or maybe across the hood of your car. But this…” She laughed with cruel amusement, “is so much more fun.” 
You finally gathered yourself and walked towards him. “Death is one hell of a cure for compulsion.”
“Y/N, I-” 
“I remember everything, Damon,” You cried. “I remember us- the best thing that ever happened to me and you took it away!” 
“I had to,” He said. He remained completely still, his body still processing through the shock. “Being with me isn’t safe. I had to-”
“And look how well that went!” Your voice raised to a scream. You were now directly in front of him. The mess of feeling aching in your chest fueled your movements as your clenched fists found his jaw. “You left me and now I’m a monster. I’m a killer.” You hit him again. “I’m terrified.” Again. “And I’m alone.” 
You hit and pushed and clawed at him, using your anger to block out your pain. He took your violence without fighting. He knew he deserved it. 
Through all of this, Iris circled the two of you with a wide grin on her face. 
“Isn’t this just delicious? You get to see the heart you’ve broken before I plunge a stake in it.” Her efforts for attention went unnoticed. Damon wouldn’t take his eyes off you and you hardly even knew she was there. So she took a pool stick and broke it over his head. 
You gasped, coming out of your grief and anger fueled trance. Damon stumbled back, but before he could recover, Iris hit him again, knocking him back into the bar. A piece of a stool went through his leg. Your cries were silenced. 
“There,” Iris said. “That’s better.” She stood over him. A sharp piece of the broken pool stick twirled in her hand. For a moment, you forgot your fury. 
“Stay away from him.” 
“Not now, dear, the adults are talking.” She didn’t move. 
You grabbed her by the shoulders and threw her across the restaurant, surprised by your own strength. 
“Y/N,” Damon groaned, pulling the piece of wood out of his leg. “Don’t.” 
“Ooooo, the newborn wants to fight?” Iris teased you in a sickening sing-song voice. She picked up the pool stick. “Pay attention, Damon. I’d hate for you to miss this.”
She sped towards you and the two of you were lost in a blur of battle. Damon worked quickly, getting the rest of the chair out of his leg. By the time he rushed over to the two of you, you’d both gone still, Iris looming over you. 
“Y/N!” He cried. The sharpest pain he’d ever felt shot through his chest. It was worse than a stake or a wooden bullet, but it felt lethal nonetheless. He waited for Iris’ cruel laughter, but it didn’t come. Instead, she slumped over, the end of the pool stick protruding from her chest. 
You laid on the ground for a moment to try and process what just happened. You heard Damon sigh with relief. He held out a hand to help you up. You ignored it. 
“Are you okay?” He asked. His voice held an odd mix of relief and concern and pain. 
“I’m a vampire, Damon.” You snapped back. He grimaced. “You abandoned me and she turned me into… this.” 
“I didn’t-” He took a deep breath. “I was trying to protect you.” 
“Well you didn’t.” You leaned against one of the tables that was still intact. Both of you were quiet for a long time. You wrapped your arms around yourself and felt the tears overtake you. “I can’t do this on my own.” 
He took your face in his hands. You let him. His clear blue eyes- the same that compelled you to forget him- now looked at you with nothing but devotion. 
“You won’t have to,” he said. “I pushed you away and almost lost you. I won’t make that mistake again. I’m not going anywhere.” 
You jumped up into his arms and knew you were safe. You knew you’d never have to worry about being alone again.
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“I think I feel too much.” And “why won’t you let me help you?” For Stefan/Damon and sister reader, I think you write for vampire diaries? 🥺
I think I feel too much.
Why won’t you let me help you?
Tumblr media
A/N: Set during season 1 episode 9, after Stefan goes to speak to Damon by the church ruins and Damon says that he’s leaving.
You were cautious as you approached the church ruins. You could just about see the outline of your brother, a still silhouette against the blackness of the night, and you stopped for a moment before approaching, just to compose yourself.
Since Damon’s return, things had been rocky. You hadn’t seen him in so long. You’d thought of him, of course, every day, every evening to be exact, before you slept... a flicker of his smile, or his laugh, or the way his hugs felt, crawling into your mind just as you drifted off. And God, had you missed him.
Stefan knew that. He’d have been stupid not to. Growing up, you and Damon had been as thick as thieves, and Stefan had been quite happy to remain in the background and steer clear of the mischief you managed to throw yourselves into. Damon had acted far younger than he was, perhaps to accommodate you and your lack of siblings young enough to play with, which was certainly something he’d never do now... but he’d loved it then. And he’d shown that in many instances. Not least of all in his adamant insisting that in no way, on any planet, were you to be turned into a vampire.
Which Stefan and his desire—which he’d come to painfully realise in the past hundred years or so was selfish —to keep his sister safe with him forever had refused to listen to. He’d turned you after you’d received years of firm “no”s from Damon and had gone to your supposedly more understanding brother instead. Stefan had waited two years, originally on Damon’s side once he’d learnt the hardships of immortality... but they’d been two years too long.
It was safe to say the Salvatore brothers had fallen out over more than just Katherine Pierce. In fact, your turning had been the beginning of it all, and Katherine merely the breaking point.
You had been angry because Damon had been angry. You’d watched your brothers fight, snarling at each other like the newborn vampires they were. And then you’d watched Damon leave. Multiple times.
They’d been crabby with each other since he’d returned, but it only took one moment, one tiny instance like this, for that to change, and for them to return to the people they���d once been over a hundred years ago.
You had left Stefan after he’d assured you he was okay—he wasn’t, not in the slightest, but you’d be returning to him tonight when you went home. Damon... you weren’t so sure about. Something like this was enough to make him vanish. Again. You wanted to at least see him before he decided to do that.
Damon snapped his head around when you stepped on a twig, and you shot you hands up. “It’s just me,” you whispered.
He blinked, then turned back around. “You move like a baby elephant,” he grumbled, and you rose both brows before sighing in defeat and moving to sit on the ground beneath him. You pulled your knees up to your chest and rested your chin on top.
“You grouch like a... depressed elephant,” you tried, inwardly grimacing the moment the last word left your lips.
Damon nudged you with his foot but didn’t say anything.
"Told you.”
He waited a moment before nudging you again, this time almost sending you toppling over, and you grinned up at him, a childish glint in your eyes that had Damon forgetting everything for a moment. Every bit of anger for Stefan, every desire for Katherine... every worry that the relationship he’d had with his sister before you were both turned was truly lost forever. He stayed as he was for a blissful three seconds, staring into your eyes as though nothing else existed, pain marring his features, until you looked away, and he blinked, as though reasserting himself in reality.
“So…” You cleared your throat before you spoke up, tracing your finger in the dirt. “Are you going to leave now?”
“Nothing to stay for.”
You opened your mouth to instinctively protest at that, but closed it after a moment of deliberation.
“What about Katherine?” you asked carefully, digging your finger in deeper. “Have you given up completely?”
“Unless you know of another way I can do this, kiddo, then yeah. I’ve given up.” You glanced over your shoulder in time to see him drag both hands down his face, exhaustion practically seeping from his slumped body.
You weren’t used to seeing your oldest brother so… deflated. Even as a human he’d been livelier than most nobles, and if there were moments where he displayed his more listless attributes, they were too in the past for you to remember. Your memories consisted now of your vampire life, the life before vastly hidden away among the shadows caused by a century of time, and in those years, Damon had never not been… Damon.
Though you were certainly one to talk. You hadn’t seen the guy in years.
But you knew and remembered him enough to know that his silence now was a sign that he truly did not have a plan for what was to come next. And Damon always had a plan.
Biting your bottom lip, you rolled your shoulders back and heaved a sigh. “I never liked her,” you said matter-of-factly. 
Damon scoffed. “Like you didn’t make that obvious enough. Didn’t you cut her favourite dress up before Christmas dinner? I’m honestly surprised she didn’t bite you at least once.”
So were you. You shrugged anyway. “Would you have hated her if she did?”
“Stupid question.”
Was it bad of you that you still weren’t entirely sure on the answer?
Sighing, you dropped your legs and let them stretch out in front of you, shuffling backwards until your head hit Damon’s knees. A crow cawed in the distance before flying overhead, and you felt a shiver run down your spine, so you wrapped your arms around yourself. 
“I think I feel too much.”
It came without much of a warning. A quiet whisper from behind you that had you blinking before glancing curiously over your shoulder. Damon wasn’t looking at you, instead staring stiffly ahead, his teeth gritted against the turmoil of emotions and wind coming at him from all sides.
You turned back around, resting your head against his legs. “Because you’re upset you can’t get Katherine out?”
“I’m not upset,” he ground out, shaking his head, but still his eyes remained ahead, hands clasped in front of him. “I’m—dammit, I’m angry. At myself, a-at the world. At... at Stefan.” He finally ducked his head, lowering his voice. “I’m always angry at Stefan.”
You scrunched your nose in thought, a trait you shared with Damon himself. You wondered how many times he’d taken these moments of reflection in his century of life. “I asked him,” you said. “It wasn’t his fault.”
“I said don’t, Y/N. You’re his responsibility, not the other way ‘round. He’s the older brother. He shouldn’t have done it.”
“But he did,” you mumbled. You leaned forward, crossing your legs in front of you, and returned your finger to the muddy ground. You didn’t want to argue about something you each had a hundred years’ worth of pent-up frustration over. You would be in the churchyard forever, stuck in a pointless loop of “it was my fault”s and “no, it was Stefan’s fault”s that would never end.
“Why’re you angry at yourself, Damon?” you mumbled instead.
There was a grumbling sigh. “Do you care?”
“I wouldn’t have asked otherwise,” you almost snapped.
He was quiet for a moment then, probably wondering if spilling his internal feelings to his younger sister, who he hadn’t had a consistent relationship with since you were human, was worth it. Eventually, though, he relented.
“A lot of reasons,” he admitted.
“Like a lot of reasons.”
You rolled your eyes and turned quickly to glare at him. “Why won’t you let me help you?”
He locked his gaze on yours, head tilted slightly to the side. He paused for a moment before he answered. “Because I don’t need help.”
“From anyone or from me?” He didn’t answer, so you shook your head and spun fully, staring up at him from your place on the floor. “You just said you think you feel too much. Are you angry about that? That you’re... I don’t know.” You bit the inside of your cheek. “Acting human?”
You knew he didn’t want to talk to you about it. He didn’t want to talk to anyone about it. It’d been a moment of weakness when he’d let those words spill earlier, and you could see his discomfort already at being asked such a question. It wasn’t an age thing, or even a... species thing. It was a Damon thing. He’d been as alone as he’d allowed himself to be for the past hundred years, and he barely acknowledged these emotions, let alone talked about them.
“It’s not a bad thing, you know,” you continued, “being human. It means there’s a part of your old life still inside you. Means there’s... well, I don’t wanna say you need it, but—”
“Go on.”
“Hope. It means there’s still hope.” You softened your eyes and looked down before you could interpret the look on his face and disappoint yourself if it wasn’t what you wanted. You weren’t really sure what you wanted, but you knew you didn’t want him to disregard it like it wasn’t at least partly true. Because it was. Damon, for as much as he was the epitome of the stereotypical blood-sucking, ravenously murderous vampire, was also still your big brother, who you loved just as much as you had in the 1800s.
He still had a heart. He just needed to remember how to use it.
Damon, luckily, didn’t seem immediately averse to that claim. He blinked, looked at the ground for a moment, and then turned away.
You took that as a good sign. Or better than what it could have been, at least. You sat still for a moment, almost enjoying the silence with your brother, but after another gust of wind, you regained your previous position in front of Damon’s legs, grasping what little warmth you could from behind. In a second, he’d moved his legs and leaned forward to pull you back between them, onto the stone his feet were resting on. He draped his arms over your shoulders, instinctively rubbing his thumb along your collarbone. “Did Stefan send you?” he asked, his voice a little hoarse.
“No.” You reached a hand up to take his. “Am I not reason enough to stay?”
“Thought you and Stefan were leaving.”
“He won’t leave Elena,” you said, leaning back into him. “I know he won’t. He’s in love.”
Damon breathed a chuckle. “Yeah. Funny how it all turns out, isn’t it?”
You tilted your head back to stare up at him. “What does that mean?”
He frowned briefly down at you. “Doesn’t matter.”
“So, am I?”
“Are you what?”
“Reason enough to stay?”
Damon moved his hand, brushing your hair away from your face to reveal those big eyes again. He let a flicker of a smile cross his lips. “What did you think my real reason for coming home was, kiddo?”
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when they have emotional damage and dark hair,,,
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
salvatore can wait, now it’s time to eat soft ice cream
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Unpopular? Opinions: The Vampire Diaries Edition
Tumblr media
Bonnie Bennett Deserved So Much More and So Much Better. As did Ms. Kat Graham!
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pairing: mob!jake lockley x oc!fem
A/N: this is a mob!au that will focus on an au!jake lockley and other characters, no mentions of the other alters (apologies in adavance) Also this chapter will have a lot of set up so I also apologize if it comes off slow.
warnings: slow burn, cursing, mentions of violence, future smut, mentions of dr*gs 18+ ONLY
tagging: @lex-the-flex
Tumblr media
"Dying by the hand of a foreign man, happily calling out my name in the summer rain..."
He had worked his way through the ranks from petty crimes to planned attacks on his old boss' enemies, but it wasn't enough for him. Not in a greedy sense, he was thankful for the money it brought him, but he had parents and some siblings who could use the money more than him. So he did what his old boss never thought he could do and started a business of his own.
Word spread of the new kid with the balls to go up against the old money in New York. His work was quick and the routes were good, he had a good reputation around the Heights and Harlem. So much so that he caught the attention of Brooklyn's Rogers and Barnes. The 'business partners' had visited Jake to his office in the Heights with a personal invitation to their 'investor group'.
That's how he ended up driving down to the Hamptons. Barnes had given him the address and time. He wasn't sure what he was going to walk into, thankfully he saw Rogers was there already. The two talked before entering the home. It was Barnes' home, one of many he owned around the New York area, the place was routine for these types of meetings.
Inside the home they walked into what Rogers said was the main dining room. The whole place looked like something Jake would have seen in some magazine at the dentist office. Looking at everything, he almost missed the woman sat by the wall with a tablet in her hand. She caught his gaze, smiling his way as he tried to look away.
People started showing up thankfully, enough people to distract the awkwardness he felt. All the investors really looked like actual investors, he was the only guy not wearing some cashmere shirt or a blazer. Barnes was talking him up to everyone, then he called out a woman's name and the lady in the chair got up leaving behind the tablet on the chair.
Shit. She was walking their way, but Barnes was still talking, "this is my niece, Alicia." She stuck her hand out towards Jake who shook it offering a smile somewhat. He looked over at Barnes, still a bit embarrassed, "she's an investor too?" She shook her head and answered for her uncle, "no. I just help this old man out with these meetings." They laughed at her response, but Barnes agreed.
The whole meeting felt like it was only five minutes. Checking his phone though, he'd realized it'd been two hours. Negotiating with all kinds; some lady from Germany, another from Russia, some guy from Norway and another guy from Harlem. He'd found new suppliers and some new distributors. It was good, but he felt like he needed to get the hell out of there.
As he reached the entrance he heard the new voice he'd started to like, "you're not going to stay for the actual dinner part? He gets good catering." Alicia leaned up against one of the walls in the hall. She had this smirk on her face, but he knew better. Shaking his head he spoke, "its drive back home." She walked towards him, "don't be the odd one out already." Getting close enough to whisper she told him, "they're annoying. I know it, but they'll just give you a hard time the next meeting." They looked at each other, he sighed. She'd won and they'd just met.
The worst part though, the meal itself was actually as good as she went on about. He'd never had lamb before so he watched how everyone else ate before eating himself. She kept looking at him every now and then. In her mind she was glad there was someone new to look at and he wasn't too bad on the eyes either.
Dinner ended, the others were still talking, but he'd wandered off outside to the patio. Knowing well enough that after dinner it was a free for all she made her way to the empty patio where he stood smoking a joint. He heard the clicking of her heels on the concrete, she had a coat on now, "so you liked the dinner?" He let out a breathy laugh, "yeah it was good." She nodded. There was a silence as they watched the two looked off into the garden.
She hated silence, "so how's the Heights? Still the same old man in charge?" He let out a puff of smoke, "nah I ran the old man out. He wasn't doing enough." Alicia looked at him, enough to see that it was one of those subjects that could go either way, "so you really are the new boss." Jake shrugged, "I'm just trying to do better than the shit he was doing." Now she shrugged, "don't get too caught up in whatever you're doing. I've seen what it does to people."
He didn't know what to make of her, "you like to give out a lot of advice." She didn't waste time in answering, "only because its the first time in a long time that I see someone who is actually new to all this." It was quiet, "I'd like for this new face to stick around for a while. It was getting boring here." They laughed a bit at what she said and then he put out his joint, "yeah well I worked my ass off for this so you'll be a bit more entertained for a while." They stood around and talked for a couple more minutes.
As he drove back into New York, his thoughts wondered about how a woman like that ended up in a room full of stuck up business people and why her perfume smelled as good as it did. The thoughts all died down as he entered the familiar streets, and he reminded himself it was better not to get involved like that.
(A/N: some more visual aids for this chapter/the series. The character of Alicia is inspired by model Rania Benchergra)
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Laur and Gabe (and Sal lol) from Ride or Die comic!
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𝐐𝐮𝐢𝐞𝐭- 𝐒𝐭𝐞𝐟𝐚𝐧 𝐒𝐚𝐥𝐯𝐚𝐭𝐨𝐫𝐞 𝐒𝐦𝐮𝐭
𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬: SMUT 18+ ONLY PLEASE!!
𝐫𝐞𝐪𝐮𝐞𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐝 𝐛𝐲: Anon (:
𝐩𝐫𝐨𝐦𝐩𝐭: “You’re not as quiet as you think you are”
Tumblr media
“come on, let’s just have a little fun,” Stefan whispered in your ear, his warm breath hovering over your neck.
You groaned, biting down on your lip. “but we can’t, Damon and Elena are next door.” You sighed. Stefan had already gotten you hot and heavy; your bodies were pinned against the wall after a steamy little teasing session. You wanted so desperately to cave in to your desires and pleasure him, but the circumstances weren’t the best.
You, Stefan, Damon, and Elena had all decided to go on vacation. When booking hotel rooms, you all thought it would be fun to have a connecting door. Honestly, how dumb could you all have been? When you come on vacation, you don’t want to think about limiting yourself just so others don’t hear you. After all, the point of vacation is to come to a spot you’ll never be in again- hopefully.
The connecting door kept lingering around your mind, hindering you from letting Stefan fuck you right there and then. “Come on, We can be quiet,” Stefan begged, his puppy dog eyes turning lustful quickly. He grabbed one of your hands, pressing it to his crotch area. You could feel his growing bulge. It made your clit immediately start throbbing, Stefan needed you and you were feeling the same way.
Stefan leaned down, licking his lips and pressing soft, wet kisses on your neck up to your ear. “Come on, baby. You never say no to me.” He moaned in your ear. He was right, you never said no. I mean, how could you when he made you feel things you’ve never felt before. Your heart was racing, the thought of Damon and Elena possibly hearing you made your adrenaline rush. It was a risk that you were willing to take at this point.
“fuck me,” you said, giving Stefan the okay to do as he pleased. Stefan’s face darkened as he deepened the kisses he placed on your neck. One of his hands traveled up your body, meeting its final destination of your neck. He gripped onto your neck slightly, squeezing it a little. He finally brought his lips to yours, pressing a deep kiss onto your lips. The passion between the two of you was very obvious; you couldn’t get enough of each other.
You could feel Stefan’s free hand press against your clit through your tights. A small moan parted from your lips before you realized how loud you were already. Your face grew red before you tried lowering your voice. You could feel Stefan press his lips harder against yours, trying to muffle your moans with his lips. Stefan slowly started sucking on your bottom lip, causing you to start breathing heavily. His free hand was still applying pressure to your clit through your tights. You started grinding yourself against his hand, desperate to feel his hands touching your clit. “Stefan, please.” You moaned in his ear at a low tone of voice.
Stefan obliged, bringing his fingers inside of your tights and underwear, getting straight to your clit. His hands slipped through every fold of your clit. He drew circles against your clit very slow. “Nice and slow.” He moaned in your ear. You whimpered before taking another deep breath. You tried holding back your moans which were working until Stefan slipped his fingers inside of you. His two fingers traveled the inside of your pussy, thrusting in and out. You pushed yourself down on his fingers while he tried to go deeper into you. You could feel your toes curling from trying to hold back.
Stefan’s fingers pumped faster. You threw your head back in pure pleasure. Your mouth was wide open, but no moans were coming out only heavy breathing.
Before you could finish, Stefan pulled his fingers out, bringing them to your lips. You sucked the top of his fingers before taking the full length of them in your mouth. You gagged a bit before Stefan pulled his fingers out. He chuckled at the noise you made, knowing it was slightly on the louder side. He smirked, almost looking proud of how quiet you were being. “I need to feel you wrapped around me.” He moaned in your ear before unbuckling his pants and dropping them to the floor along with his underwear. You watched as he got dressed, following behind him and dropping all of your clothes to the floor. You both had a beautiful mess of both of your clothes over the floor.
Instead of opting for the bed, which would make noise, Stefan made his way to the small couch in the hotel room. He sat down, spreading his legs a big and grabbing onto his cock and pumping it. You watched for a moment, in pure awe of him. Of course, you knew exactly what his body looked like, but that never stopped you from admiring the piece of art that was Stefan. You licked your lips, walking over to where he sat and straddling him.
Stefan put both his hands on your hips, gripping onto them. “I can’t wait to feel you inside-“ Stefan had somehow managed to line himself up with your hole and slide in slowly before you could finish your sentence. “Stefan” you moaned out before slapping your hand across your mouth. You shook it off, trying to go back to being quiet. Stefan had a smirk propped upon his face, obviously liking how he could make you squirm and moan without his full length being in you.
You bit down on your lip, you were sure teeth marks would be left on your bottom lip from how hard you were biting down to try and compensate for not being able to moan at full potential. Finally, Stefan had all of his length inside you. He pressed kisses all over your chest before bringing his lips to your nipple. He brought your nipple into his mouth, sucking on them. You whimpered as you rocked your hips back and forth against his. The pleasure of his cock in you and your clit rubbing against him caused you to feel fire run through your body. At the moment, you couldn’t hold back. A loud moan escaped your lips, causing Stefan to pull back from your nipple and look up at you. He had this look on his face. It was like he was prideful of the fact that you couldn’t resist him enough to stop moaning loud.
As a reaction to that, Stefan started thrusting up into you hard and fast. The sound of your ass slapping against him as he thrust up filled the room. You kept heavy breathing, filling Stefan’s ears with your moans. You grilled onto the couch, throwing your ass back against him as he thrust up into you. “Stefan, baby” you moaned out to him. “Fuck, I’m going to cum” he moaned out.
The mixed emotions of pleasure and adrenaline were like ecstasy. Something about it made you feel like you were both on the edge and ready to cum on each other. Stefan thrust up one final time before releasing his load deep inside of you. You could feel his cock twitch inside of you as you came all over it too.
Stefan pulled out of you, watching as you climbed off of him and collapsed onto the couch. He smiled at the juices you left all over his long, thick cock. “You did good, baby girl.” He smiled, leaning over and pressing a salty, sweat-filled kiss to your lips. “That was the hardest thing ever” you laughed.
Just then, Stefan’s phone rang. “Oh shit” he laughed before getting up; he had received a text from Damon.
‘Are you guys ready for dinner?’ It read.
The two of you quickly got up and cleaned yourselves off. You dusted some light makeup over your face to try and drown out the redness from your cheeks. After a quick 15 minutes of getting ready, you and Stefan walked out the door. Your legs were still wobbly from the sec you two just had, but you managed to have it under control. You watched as Damon and Elena came out from the neighboring hotel room.
“You guys work up and appetite?” Damon teased.
You and Stefan looked at each other confused at first, trying to play it off before Damon announced, “You’re not as quiet at you think you are”
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maybanks-luver · 6 months ago
43. "I found this porn folder on your laptop- I had no idea you had those kinks." And Damon Salvatore please?
Secret Kinks {Damon Salvatore}
Tumblr media
Warnings: cursing, mentions of porn, talk about sex
Pairings: Damon Salvatore x Female Vampire Reader
Summary: When you go on Damon's laptop, you find a porn folder on there then decided to confront him.
Prompt: "I found this porn folder on your laptop- I had no idea you had those kinks."
Word Count: 500+
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© Maybanks-Luver, please do not steal or translate my work
You had taken Damon's laptop while he was showering and decided to look at it. You felt like he was hiding something from you and as his best friend you decided that you were going to find out for yourself if he was hiding anything.
You opened the laptop and put in the password since you knew it and then got searching. After you had been searching for awhile, you found a folder on his laptop. Your curiosity got the best of you and you decided to open it.
You were very shocked of what you found in the folder. It was a porn folder. It seemed like the porn was about a daddy kink, bondage kink, and other kinks. You had no idea that Damon even had those kinks. He usually told you everything about himself but, this is one thing he never told you.
Then again, you hid your kinks from him too since you were scared he would make fun of you or something like that. You did love Damon but, he could be a dick. You didn't hear him but, Damon had got out of the shower and walked into his room with a towel wrapped around his waist.
"What the fuck are you doing with my laptop y/n?!" He asked.
"Eek!" You squeaked and jumped before turning around quickly to look at him. He was glaring down at you. "I- heyyyy..." You said awkwardly when you saw him.
"I asked you a question, now please answer the fucking question!" He snapped.
"Well, I felt like you were hiding something from me so, I was worried there was something wrong. So, I decided to look at your laptop to see what you were hiding from me." You said.
"Well, that is sweet of you for worrying about me but, there is nothing wrong." He said.
"Well, I know that now. Either way I found what I was looking for." You said as you got up. The second you said that, you saw Damon's eyes go wide. You smirked a little at his reaction.
"I- uhm- what did you find?" He asked nervously.
"Well, I found this porn folder on your laptop- I had no idea you had those kinks." You said.
"I- fuck." He mumbled as he sat down on his bed before rubbing his face.
"It's fine, you don't need to be embarrassed." You said. "I mean I have kinks too, you're not the only one." You said with a slight chuckle. You could tell by the way that he looked at you that he got an idea.
"Okay, well, if we both have kinks, since you know mine, why don't you tell me yours and then we could... help each other out." He said with a smirk. You couldn't lie, even though Damon was your best friend, you had always wanted to be fucked by him. You stood there and thought about it and then smirked.
"Y'know what, let's do this." You said with a smirk. It was going to be a long night.
a/n: I hope y'all liked this story!
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Damon: So, are we flirting right now?
Damon: That doesn’t answer my question.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
ladies and gentlemen, nina dobrev
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me when
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
‘better you die than i’
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