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Just hold my hand
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what's it? general allergen warning/s? n/a sugar level? 0.4k name for the orders? sakusa kiyoomi, akaashi keiji, ojiro aran, sawamura daichi, iwaizumi hajime regulars? @tahonet​ @hanayanetwork​
bon appetit!
Tumblr media
he's absolutely oblivious to how attractive how he is, how he manages to charm people around him without putting any effort in it at all and it's irritating and agitating to people around the world who are trying their best to woo the girl next door, only to fail.
whenever he enters a room, all eyes immediately shift towards him, someone who's dressed in a simple white t-shirt and jeans. he carries himself with a quiet confidence, not cockiness, but confidence. if you look hard enough, you may even spot some people who's jaws have dropped at the angel-like beauty of the man who just entered the room so nonchalantly, like he didn't cast a spell on ninety nine percent of the people seated there.
beating fast was the heart of the person who managed to get lucky enough to sit next to him, something some people found themselves jealous of and they knew it was weird and immature of them because they do not know who this man is and there's a very big chance they'll never see them again - and you can bet that they are very upset about this fact - yet they can't help themselves. they are unable to shake this envious feeling off.
he looked even better in person when you can see the finer details of his face. it wasn't clear, yet the old acne scars that one could only assume was from his teenage years, the superficial wrinkes, the pores, the facial texture only added to his beauty. eyes were pretty, not only one single shade of color, though of course there was one that's dominant. from up close, you can see different hues specks designed across his irises, as if it was a project by a gods, perfected and specially made to grace the people of this earth. his hair laid perfectly on top of his head. although there were a couple of fly aways, it suit him. it made him look better and maybe that's a concept difficult to grasp for some people, but that's because they haven't had the blessing that is to see this man looks like a god amongst mortals.
you pity them.
a hand raised to brush a stray strand of hair from his visage and the person next to him couldn't help but swallow and look away, yet that didn't last very long. the temptation to look at this man again was so intense it was almost painful.
yet he doesn't know this
several people have tried to tell him this, friends, teammates, and fans alike, but he never really believed them. not wholeheartedly, anyway.
instead, he continues to be mister oblivious with eyes on him.
SAKUSA, akaashi, OJIRO, SAWAMURA, iwaizumi
Tumblr media
i get: reblog
you get: strawberry pocky
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Tumblr media
“ABSOLUTELY not.” He deadpans, glaring at you like you’ve just kicked his dog and insulted his mother. It’s not a kind tone, “Don’t ask me again.” 
“Kiyoomi, you always do this,” you seethe, ignoring the discomfort of the round-cheeked waitress holding the card reader, “Let. Me. Pay.”
“Fuck. No.” He returns, redirecting his attention to the server and handing her his card, “I’m terribly sorry about her. Debit, please.”
“Sakusa Kiyoomi.” You say as she scurries off, clearly amused at the battlefield the two of you have created in the center of this high-end, dimly lit restaurant. You wouldn’t be surprised to find a moviestar seated at the table behind you. 
He repeats your name back to you in the same tone you used with him, a handsome grin on his face, “Yes, my love?”
“Stop paying for everything!” You demand, “People already think I’m using you for your money, and you aren’t really helping my case.” You’ve seen the tweets. Some are accusatory. Some are happy for you. None of them attest to your character. 
“Well,” he leans over the table, finding your hands and softly stroking the knuckle there, trapping you in his coffee-cold gaze, “Are you using me for my money?”
“No,” you grumble, a little flustered at his forwardness, “But still–”
He releases your hand as the words leave your mouth, a satisfactory smile tugging at his lips, “Then there’s no issue. Though, I wouldn’t be opposed to you using me for money. I’m a useful guy.”
“Kiyoomi, that’s not the point–”
“As a matter of fact,” he sifts through his wallet to find what he’s looking for, gently sliding it across the table when he locates whatever it is, “I’ve been meaning to give this to you.”
The young waitress returns with a smooth leather checkbook and a pen. He thanks her as she walks off, delivering his signature to the flimsy receipt with a few flicks of his wrist, “What’s twenty percent of two hundred? I wasn’t good at math.”
You don’t answer that, “You can’t be serious. Kiyoomi, I can’t accept–”
“Is fifty dollars enough to tip? Fuck it, I’ll just leave sixty.”
“This is your credit card.”
“You have great eyesight,” he comments, shrugging like it’s nothing, “And I have good credit. Use it for whatever. I’ll pay it off.”
You nearly laugh at the absurdity of it all, “Since when were you so confident?”
“When you started giving me attention,” He grins easily, “I’d do a lot of things to get you to pay attention to me.”
His transparency catches you off guard, “You’re serious?”
“Why wouldn’t I be?” he fires back, “You’re too pretty to not be taken seriously.” 
You sigh, face feeling hot. 
“You’re too much,” It takes a great effort to fight back the grin that threatens to break through, to suppress a smile at his ease, “Let’s go home.”
“Why don’t we go find something sweet?” He offers, standing to help you into your coat, “There’s a good ice cream place around here that stays open late.”
Your shy smile gives Kiyoomi enough of an answer. Thanking the staff as the two of you head for the door, he slithers a sneaky arm around your waist.
“I’ll even let you pay,” he flirts, pulling you closer to combat the late-night temperatures, “With your new credit card, of course.”
Tumblr media
This was so self-indulgent it's actually ridiculous. Marrying rich is a very real, very serious goal of mine. Hmu for offers serious inquires ONLY <33
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arguably, sakusa kiyoomi's worst habit is tsk-ing at any slight inconvenience.
when he thinks the team is being too rowdy at 7am in the morning. when he sees someone sneeze without covering the lower half of their face. when the pedestrian traffic light turns red right as he's about to cross.
he thinks he picked it up from his mother, from when she used to click her tongue disapprovingly whenever he comes home late after playing in the neighborhood with komori, or when he returns from volleyball practice with a noticeable bruise on his pale skin. most of the time, there's no lingering malice behind it – it's just something he's so used to doing and he fails to catch himself before he even realizes he's doing it.
in fact, the opposite is true when it comes to you.
he tsks at you when he sees you on your phone at ungodly hours of the night, snatching up your phone and pulling you to bed so he can snuggle you to sleep.
he tsks at you when he gets a text from you saying you missed breakfast because you had overslept, opening up the food delivery app on his phone to order a proper meal for you.
he tsks at you when he sees you scampering over to his parked car from your workplace much later than you should be, silently cursing your boss for assigning you with an extra shift and taking away his precious y/n time.
he tsks at you when he notices your stress taking a toll on you physically and mentally, pulling you away from the cold world and into his warm arms, if only for a moment, letting your tear stain the front of his t-shirt and holding you tight against him for as long as you need.
sakusa is aware he's never been good with words, choosing instead to show you what he can't put into words. yet despite the feigned annoyance behind the clicking of his tongue, you know his tsks have become a love language of their own, reserved specially for you.
take care of yourself. you deserve the world. i love you.
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cw: smut. afab. no protection. creampie. (recent) ex-lovers to lovers. alcohol usage.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
ex!sakusa kiyoomi who downs his whole drink thinking about you. thinking about the way you laughed at his dry joke earlier that week, throwing your head back and laying your hand against his knee.
ex!sakusa kiyoomi who dials your phone number without realizing, clicking the green button and setting the phone to his ear, hoping you pick up. and much to his surprised, you did.
ex!sakusa kiyoomi who nearly sighs in relief at the sound of your voice, the love of his life he stupidly let go a few days prior because of his own issues.
ex!sakusa kiyoomi who held his tongue as you asked him if he was okay, wondering if he had accidentally called, holding his silence as he did not think this far into his plan.
ex!sakusa kiyoomi who’s heart skips a beat when you nearly hanging up, but choosing against it when he let out a shaky breath, worrying you enough to set down anything you were busy with before heading his way.
ex!sakusa kiyoomi who would normally stay in his slumped position of self pity, but nearly jumped at the sound of keys jingling, standing completely straight as you worryingly walked in, repeating the same questions he failed to answer on the phone.
ex!sakusa kiyoomi who says nothing but melts onto your shoulder, taking in your scent he missed so dearly as his hands found the sides of your waist, pulling you closer into him.
ex!sakusa kiyoomi who finally whispers that he’s okay in your ear, the use of whiskey becoming apparent as he admitted, “i really need to see you, yn.”
ex!sakusa kiyoomi who begins to kiss your neck softly, pushing your hair out of the way so he can access your tender skin better, letting his hands roam against the small of your back like he always loved to do.
ex!sakusa kiyoomi who missed those sweet little noises you let out, taking in every singe moan as he quickly guided you towards him bed, lips not leaving one another as you made your way through his home, just like many times before.
ex!sakusa kiyoomi who may not had much to say before, but now had so much to tell you. complimenting your outfit or the new hairstyle you got in his absence while mindlessly pulling your shirt off, back to kissing you immediately after it hits the floor.
ex!sakusa kiyoomi who swears the whiskey had worn off because your presence enough made him sober, wanting to remember every detail of this night because there was nothing more that he wanted than you.
ex!sakusa kiyoomi who undresses the both of you quickly, almost as if it was second nature. pushing you back onto the bed to nestle his head between your tits, leaving bruise after bruise, reminding you who you belonged to. even if things were rocky.
ex!sakusa kiyoomi who plays with your clit as his tip rubs against your warmth, lips collecting your pleads with a small smile, and maybe a twinkle or two in his eyes.
ex!sakusa kiyoomi who finally slides his head in as both of your gasp, the familiar feeling you both had longed for happening once more as it should be. even though it had been just a few days, it felt like years, and the feeling was immeasurable.
ex!sakusa kiyoomi who doesn’t mind answering your prayers and shoving himself completely into you, finding the back of your knees and stretching your out entirely as you scream his name.
ex!sakusa kiyoomi who throws his head back just the way your did the one time he told that joke, savoring the sensation of you clenched against his cock as he continued to pound inside you.
ex!sakusa kiyoomi who’s thumb finds your clit once again to rub slow circles, grabbing the arch of your back as you moan his name, pushing his tip deeper and deeper inside you as much as he could, rubbing up against your sweet spot.
ex!sakusa kiyoomi who grips your thighs tightly as your cummed onto him, probably leaving bruises where his fingertips laid—but you weren’t complaining.
ex!sakusa kiyoomi who holds you close as he’s about to finish, eyes looking into one another as he confesses his love for you once again, sliding his tongue against your lips as you tried to mutter out a response.
ex!sakusa kiyoomi who feels the shake of your legs as he cums inside of you, breathing heavily against your cheek as your legs fell limp, sweat nearly dripping off the sides of his face as he pulls out.
ex!sakusa kiyoomi who would normally hate a messy bed or a sweaty complexion, but couldn’t help but feel complete as you laid completely undone beneath him, chest bouncing up and down gasping for air all thanks to him.
ex!sakusa kiyoomi who didn’t expect you to sit up quickly after he did, pulling him back down to rest next to you. your arms tangled around his head, forcing him to lay against your body with no words being exchanged.
ex!sakusa kiyoomi who enjoyed the silence very much. little spoken but much was said. he knew it, and so did you—and that is all that mattered to him.
ex!sakusa kiyoomi who didn’t really feel like your ex anymore, immediately snuggling into your side when his eyelids felt droopy, unconsciously reminding you one more time before falling asleep,
“i love you, forever.”
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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"yes, my love?" there's a teasing lilt to his voice, and a stupidly sexy smirk on his annoyingly handsome face.
"what is this?" you ask, thrusting the diamond necklace towards him.
"hm," he says, pretending to inspect it, "looks like a necklace to me."
"omi," you groan, falling down onto the couch beside him, "you've gotta stop spending so much money on me. people are gonna think i'm only with you for your money!"
"are you?"
"then it shouldn't matter," he states simply. he takes the chain from your hand and fastens it behind your neck, the small K falling right above your collarbone. he kisses your shoulder and wraps his arm around your waist, pulling you into his lap.
"besides," he whispers as his kisses trail up your neck, "with that, everyone will now you're mine."
inspired by @/oomisluvr rich!sakusa hcs
a/n: rich boy!omi never leaves my mind
taglist: @https-true-egoist @wonpielle @iiheartrune @tsukkinlove @staymoarmyzen @avid-idiot
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See you there
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Hii just a request but could you do the hq boys with an s/o who's pissed because they said smth mean or rude and they basically try to drive next to yn as yn ignores them or smth, I saw this in a movie
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
characters: daichi + iwaizumi + kuroo + sakusa + (gn!reader)
warnings: none
notes: i tried to choose some boys i don't normally write for (except iwa cause i love him lmao)
Tumblr media
�� daichi probably did that typical guy thing where he tried to logically solve your problem instead of listening and supporting you emotionally, which just pissed you off beyond belief. he'll just sit there, unsure of what to do for a few moments, anxiously looking between you and the road. "what did i do? come on sweetheart, don't be like that..." when you get back home he stops you and makes sure to make it up to you and apologize with a much-needed hug.
Tumblr media
★ iwaizumi tries not to let his anger get the best of him but sometimes when he's pissed off, it's hard and he'll just growl out curt responses and unintentionally be rude. when you ignore him because of that on the way home, the reality sets in and he feels real bad. he's awkwardly stiff as silence engulfs the two of you in the car. he calls out your name hesitantly soft and stops you before you get out, so he can apologize.
Tumblr media
★ kuroo is very observant. and because of that, he knows exactly what to point out to strike a nerve. if he's had a long day, and he's annoyed, it's easy for him to speak without thinking. he did exactly that earlier and he realized when he noticed the look of disbelief in your eyes as you nodded slowly and walked to the car ahead of him. he called your name softly but you didn't respond, instead choosing to keep walking. he'd said enough. he sits in the car silently for a moment, internally panicking, not even starting the car yet. he doesn't want an awkward, tense car ride back home so he apologizes immediately, taking one of your hands in his, celebrating in his head when he turns your cheek and you let him.
Tumblr media
★ sakusa was in a bad mood and made a somewhat rude comment to you, it was moreso the tone that offended you. and since he was wearing his mask, you couldn't tell that he had a regretful look on his face until you got to the car. his fingers are tapping against the steering wheel anxiously as you sit there silently next to him, body turned completely to the window. it takes him a little while to work up the courage to apologize, just cause he's so nervous and he hates when he makes you upset. but he always sorts things out with you, he can't sleep otherwise.
Tumblr media
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giving bff!sakusa kiyoomi a blowjob — mdni
prompt: “being sakusas virgin best friend and wanting to blow him after years of pinning, and he surprisingly lets you do it because he’s been in love with you the entire time ?”
requested by: anon — come get yalls juice
Tumblr media Tumblr media
sakusa kiyoomi was a man of many talents, and as his best friend, you knew of all of them. being so close to him, it was only natural to bug him for all those tiny, irrelevant details, and he didn’t expect anything less.
so, when you heard a rumor that he was impossible to take due to his beyond average size, who were you to not change that?
you’d figure he’d have a hint of embarrassment, or even shock when you asked him to see it yourself, but he just stared at you in disgust. years of friendship potentially thrown down the drain from your bluntness, but is he really one to judge?
“well i suppose i’d have to get hard first.”
sakusa kiyoomi was also a man who was easily put in discomfort, and that look of disgust was nothing you should have assumed it to be. because as you were wondering what exactly his upward eyebrows meant, he couldn’t stop picturing what was to come after you got what you wanted, or perhaps, who.
and even though he wouldn’t admit it, his original look was primarily a default reaction. something he used as a mere cover up to hide his true emotions, because he’d be an idiot to let this opportunity go to waste.
he’d be lying if he said he didn’t stay awake every night picturing you taking on his length as he taught you where to lick and suck. the right places that if you focused just a lil’ too much on, he’d cum immediately. that’s if he can manage to contain himself, because who was he to not let loose immediately when your doe-eyes stared back up at him, cherry covered lips covered in your own saliva and his precum mixed.
being that you were always the type who had to know everything, who was he to deprive that from you?
so no, he wasn’t going to stop his best friend when you caressed his bulge with the intent on ‘seeing his size’. he wouldn’t mind at all proving those rumors right, and when he was done with you, they’d be anything but.
sitting on his bed, he let you lower his clothing to his ankles, those lips he couldn’t keep his eyes off of just inches away from his now exposed cock.
the thing that came hand in hand with knowing everything in sakusas sex life, was he also knew yours; or, lack thereof. he knew a man had never even laid hands upon your pussy, or that your lips hadn’t tasted anything other than another set.
it was his dream to take you on, be your first. the experienced and hopelessly in love, sakusa kiyoomi, corrupting his innocent, sweet best friend.
though there was nothing innocent about that gaze. the way you watched him as if he was your prey in the wild. the way you licked your lips so seductively, capturing him in a timeless trance as your hand slowly worked on making his hard it’s full potential.
yes, innocence meant nothing at this point, because nothing had felt this amazing. if anything, you were corrupting him. because you’ve barely even touched him, and within a few minutes he was the hardest he’s ever been in his entire life.
“s’this good?”
his tip bulged a darker color as if he could release any second onto your face as it inched closer. you just looked so good below him, and he hadn’t even said a single command, but you were already being so good and obedient. to make sure he’s feeling good, which only made his thoughts run faster at the idea of simply ordering you around.
although under your eyes, who’s to say he’d be the one calling shots? it was as if you were fighting for your own sort of dominance, without even knowing what you were getting yourself into.
licking his head, he felt his hips already buckle to feel you more. the vibrations of your laugh making him want to shut you up completely and feel himself down your throat, but he held his wavering patience. this was something he’d wanted for so long, and who was he to rush the process and ruin the moment completely?
“kiyoomi,” purring his name against his skin, you took him on deeper without looking away. his eyes watched you carefully, admiring each drip of saliva that poured from your mouth and onto him, “am i doing okay?”
he gasped as the sudden suction as you went down even further, suppressing any gags from the inexperience. his fingers carded through your hair with a strong pull, guiding you with a pace of his liking.
he breathed out his response as if he couldn’t say more, “phenomenal.”
sakusa kiyoomi wanted to present himself as a patient person, but he was much the opposite. sure he didn’t quicken the process of his wet dream come true, but you were only consuming part of him, and he wouldn’t have any of that.
his hand took a more secure grip as the other guided your chin, suddenly forcing you to take him whole. tears brimmed immediately in your eyes at the sudden force, turning him on even more with the whine of your voice.
“why are you crying, pretty?” one of his hands wiped your wet cheeks, “didn’t you want to prove them wrong?”
you gagged as he fucked your face harder, hitting the back of your throat with every thrust. your lips were slick and swollen as he got needier with each hit, a small sadistic smile worn on his face.
sakusa kiyoomi had waited for this moment. the moment for you to finally tend to his needs after lacking the privilege to experience what he has, and to provoke any snap within you as he goes a little too into detail about his last fuck. the cravings in your eyes said it all, but he refused to be the one to submit first.
because as his best friend, the innocent virgin, he needed you to want him more. to be open to the poison he so desperately wanted to lay inside you, and perhaps it was a bit manipulative, but that’s what you liked, wasn’t it?
his head fell back in defeat for a split second as his load was upcoming, the pleasure too extreme with the combination of your captivating face. but looking away was all too much as he focused in back on you seconds later, pulling out quickly to plant his seed on your face with an ungodly groan.
though, he didn’t quite expect you to stick your tongue out like that, or those loving eyes to be watching him so beautifully as you picked at his cum with your fingers to make sure to swallow it all.
it felt as if he could do it all again, and that’s just the affect you had on sakusa kiyoomi.
as he watched you suck on your own digits covered in him, he knew there was nothing more addicting than the sight before him. the way you took him on perfectly and was still so eager to make sure all of him was to be inside of you, even after it was over.
even though your mouth milked him empty, looking at you felt as if he was granted more, and within seconds he found his lips on yours while lifting you to the bed with him.
“f…fuck, kiyoomi.”
the dominance of his tongue battled yours as he tasted himself through you, and he was relishing that his first taste of your lips was after he has made you his, and now he couldn’t wait to compare your flavor long after his scent has gone.
“baby, when they said they couldn’t take me on whole,” his voice was deep within your ear as he nibbled, licking your neck like he was a starving man about to feast, “they didn’t mean just sucking me off.”
sakusa kiyoomi was a man of many talents, and as his best friend, you thought you knew of all of them. and maybe the information you learned earlier was still fresh in your mind, but you’re as impatient as he is, and you’d be damned if you let another minute go by where those rumors you heard were true.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
a/n: i uhhh wrote this in like 30 mins as a treat because i forgot it was sitting in my drafts waiting to be written. y’all eat up now…. enjoy. 🍽
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dewybyul · a month ago
Tumblr media
university student kiyoomi
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kiyoowomi · 7 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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oomisluvr · 3 months ago
domestic sakusa (are we suprised) 
Tumblr media
“WILL you check the oven for me?” you call over your shoulder, your hands occupied with washing dishes from your lunchtime snack, “I think I left something in there.”
Panic flashes behind Kiyoomi’s eyes, brows raised in alarm, “It’s not on is it? You need to be more careful when dealing with heat–”
You bite the inside of your cheek to suppress a smile, watching him stare into the oven with confusion. 
“There’s bread in here?” He asks, reaching inside to hold the small roll in his palm, “The oven wasn’t on either.” He trails off, trekking across the kitchen to stand at your side.
Plates now washed, you dry your hands with a dishtowel, leaning against the sink with an excited smile. 
Kiyoomi studies your expression, breaking off a puffy chunk of bread and stuffing it into his mouth before munching thoughtfully, “This is really good.”
“Here,” He pushes a piece of bread to your lips, looking at you expectantly, “Try.”
“Oh my god,” you laugh, losing your cool, “You aren’t a little curious as to how that got there? The one, singular roll?”
“You put it there.” He confirms while still chewing, the small roll half-way devoured.
“But why would I put it there?”
He eyes you like you're crazy, “Because you wanted to keep it warm? I don’t know.”
“Okay, let’s start again–” he offers you the last piece of the dinner roll and you take it, chewing before continuing, “What’s in the oven?”
“Nothing, now.” he says, like it’s the most obvious thing in the world, “We just ate it all.”
You sigh. How could he be so dense? “Alright, what was in the oven?”
“Some bread.” he supplies confidently. 
“No!” you laugh, “What’s another word for bread?”
“No, give me another one.” 
“Carbs? Rolls? Buns?”
“Buns!” You emphasize, “And where was the bun?”
“In the oven.” 
You thrust your hands up to solidify your point. The air goes still, and you can practically see the gears turning in that empty, athletic head of his. Realization hits him like a bullet train, knocking the breath from his lungs. His heart starts then stops then starts again, beating faster than it ever has. His face contorts in a series of expressions, first shock, then disbelief, then his lips pull up into a wobbly grin. He shakes his head rapidly, blinking equally as fast. 
“Stop.” he says, voice cracking, “Don’t mess with me like this. This isn’t funny.”
“I’m not joking, Ki.” you whisper, finding his hands and placing them against your stomach, “We’re going to be parents.” 
“How far along are you?” He immediately fires off, sounding pained, “Have you been feeling well? How many appointments have you gone to already? We need to start planning immediately–”
“Easy, Ki, I’ve been feeling just fine.” you laugh, reaching a comforting hand to his jaw and stroking lightly, “I’m just 12 weeks, so she’s the size of a lime right about now.”
“She?” Something like a choked sob escapes Kiyoomi as he falls to his knees, speaking to your stomach with tears in his eyes, “Hi, princess! Hi, pumpkin! You’re getting so big! I’m your dad! I’m sorry I didn't introduce myself sooner, I didn’t know you were in there!” 
“She’s been doing really well.” You say, “No complications so far. She’s been going strong.”
“That’s amazing!” He babbles to your navel, “You’re so strong, just like your mother. You’re going to grow up and be whoever you want to be and you’re going to be the best at it!” He wipes a stray tear with the back of his hand, “I promise I’ll be the best dad to you. We’re going to be best friends!” 
You laugh at that, and Kiyoomi looks up at you with wide eyes, as if suddenly realizing you were there. 
“Thank you,” he whispers, “For giving me a chance.”
Tumblr media
"You totally ate our baby, by the way." You laugh against Kiyoomi's side, leaning your head on the arm stretched behind you, "Just devoured the bun in three bites."
"You couldn't tell me like a normal person?" He jokes, "With an actual pregnancy test?"
"This way was cuter!" You whine, "I can't wait to post it."
"Post it?" He parrots, "You were recording me?"
"Just the first bit," you smile, "When you couldn't put the pieces together. Hilarious."
"You're evil," he jests, "Our baby better not absorb any of your evilness."
"Absorb my evilness! Really?"
"Yes," he confirms, "Through the placenta cord or whatever it's called."
You shake your head with a smile, sitting up to turn off the lamp on the nightstand, "Goodnight, I'm not doing this with you." You shuffle under the covers.
"Goodnight, I love you." He presses a kiss against your temple, reaching a hand around your torso to palm your stomach. In a smaller voice, he whispers. "I love you, too."
Tumblr media
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kyopmi · 3 months ago
we've talked about jealous omi before but what about when u get jealous and clingy? or alternatively:
♡ — when you're in a secret relationship with kiyoomi but his fans start shipping him with someone else
。:゚ sakusa kiyoomi x reader
。:゚ 1.06k words; all aboard the fluff train!
Tumblr media
the second kiyoomi steps foot in your shared apartment, it seems like you're clinging onto him more than usual – greeting him with many kisses and a lingering hug, choosing to sit next to him instead of across from him at dinner, and flopping right on top of him on the couch to watch your show.
kiyoomi doesn't mind at all, arms encircled around your form with one hand resting on the small of your back while the other between your shoulder blades, fingers occasionally moving to brush against your neck ever so slightly and enjoying the way you shiver delightfully and bury your face into his chest.
he is curious, though.
“hmm?” your response is slightly muffled by the soft fabric of his t-shirt.
“what's gotten you so clingy today?”
always so straightforward, you think. then again, he wouldn't be sakusa kiyoomi if he wasn't.
“... nothi-”
“no.” he's immediately cuts you off on your attempted lie, shooting you a pointed look.
“alright, fine,” you huff in defeat, “i saw that video of you and the sports reporter earlier.”
“from the last match?” he asks.
kiyoomi knows exactly which sports reporter video you're talking about. it's the one where he's stood next to them for a short interview after a successful MSBY match, but just as the reporter was about to begin, they had accidentally dropped the cue cards they were holding. without thinking twice, sakusa had bent down to help pick up the stray cards while the reporter stuttered out apologies, thanking him as he hands them their cards back.
to him, it was a completely normal, harmless interaction.
to some fans, it was the blossoming of a romantic-cliche relationship.
and it usually wouldn't have bothered you so much – you know first-hand how attractive and irresistible kiyoomi is, so it's not surprising that anyone would crush on him at least a little. (in fact, maybe you would be offended for him if no one did.) so, seeing other people getting starstruck or tongue-tied in the presence of your boyfriend? nothing out of the ordinary.
however, it does start getting annoying when you spend your entire afternoon scrolling through social media only to find tweets, video edits and comments about “the way he looks at them is so cute😍”, “he's definitely crushing on the reporter!”, “i'm gonna riot if they don't become a couple ASAP.”
all because of the stupid “cool-guy” image your stupid handsome boyfriend has accidentally portrayed himself as, so now everyone's going crazy at the slightest crumb of him being a decent human being? plus that last comment is being way too dramatic.
your relationship with kiyoomi isn't really a secret, per se. many of your friends and families know about it. it's just the both of you tend to keep it lowkey – no excessive PDA or social media posts, and somehow the media has yet to catch wind of it, either. but, you've always enjoyed the privacy you get from it and so does kiyoomi, so you've agreed to keep your relationship the way it is.
but that was before you desperately wanted to comment “sorry, he’s taken! xoxo” at every post of kiyoomi and that sports reporter. 
of course, you wouldn’t actually do that, and you realize you’re just being petty and dramatic right now (not that you’d ever admit that to kiyoomi. the amount of times you’ve teased him, calling him dramatic? he would never let you live this down.) but a little jealousy in your situation is reasonable, right?
kiyoomi chuckles in amusement from beneath you, a soft smile growing when he sees your pout deepen. his toned arms squeeze you tighter, closer to him, pulling you up towards his face so he can lean in and press a kiss on your forehead. 
“you know it’s just the internet doing its thing, right? they’ll get bored and move on to something new soon enough,” he hums, his hand rubbing circles on your back.
“i know,” you sigh, feeling yourself instantly relax under his touch and you melt into him even more, “it’s just annoying to see.”
he hums again in acknowledgement. there’s a comfortable silence between the two of you for a moment, with only the sounds from the tv playing in the background, until kiyoomi speaks again.
“hey,” he calls out, quieter this time, making you look at him again, “you know i love you, right?”
kiyoomi doesn’t realize his heart is pounding until a small smile graces your lips and he feels himself calm down, the corners of his lips mirroring your own.
“of course i know that, silly,” you laugh. “i love you, too.”
“good.” he leans in once again, this time to capture your lips with his in a slow kiss.
sakusa kiyoomi has always loved you with his actions more so than his words, and right now, he hopes his kiss is able to convey just how much love he has for you, in the way his honey lip balm that you got him tastes on his lips, in the way you can definitely feel his heart pick up its pace, in the way his large hand is gently splayed across your face down to your neck, his index and middle finger resting on one side of your cheek and his thumb on the other side, while the rest of his fingers can feel your similarly quickening pulse as they rest just below your jaw. he’s reluctant when you pull away, keeping you as close as possible so you can still feel his breath tickle against your skin as he holds back a pout lest you start calling him your cute baby boy.
“do you want to tell them? everyone, i mean. like, officially,” he asks, his voice almost a whisper.
you blink in surprise at his sudden offer. “no, it’s fine. i like us the way we are,” you reply truthfully, “and, like you said, it’ll pass soon enough.”
“okay.” kiyoomi nods and gives you another peck on your lips, one that silently says me too. “i’ll get atsumu or hinata to post a shirtless thirst trap or something. that should shift their attention.”
you snort at his idea. it’s admittedly not a bad one, but...
“i’ll do you one better, omi. why don’t you post a – mmph!”
kiyoomi is quick to shut you up with another kiss on that one.
Tumblr media
this is my apology to kiyoomi for always saying he’s dramatic (i mean, he is, but don’t tell him i said that) and PLEASE tell me no one saw me accidentally post this when it was half-done LMAO
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zorotits · 24 days ago
I PROMISE TO BE GOOD sakusa kiyoomi 18+
cw: cockwarming. smut. no protection. afab. implied curly hair reader. cocky but loving kiyo <3
Tumblr media Tumblr media
“sit still.”
sakusa pulled the brush against your knotted hair—the hair you neglected to maintain this morning when you had awoken a bit too late. the alarms you set to prevent you from oversleeping did anything but, and now you were facing the consequences.
no matter how numb your scalp felt from years of rough brushing each morning before school, sakusa never failed to make your head tender as his hands yanked through the clusters of hair.
he wasn’t a big fan of detangling sprays, claiming they made his hair sticky. so, being completely submissive under the curly haired mans normal routine, his hands carded against your head with his favorite coconut conditioner.
yelping against his abusive pull, his hands settled on your hips in annoyance, a tsk being heard behind your ear as he held you still.
“i said,” his voice was low against your skin, breath hot from pure irritation in your lack of cooperation, “sit still.”
your neediness was evident as you clenched against his cock as he continued to brush against the soothing product, your breathing became heavy as you subconsciously spread your legs against his, allowing him to sit even deeper within you.
“f…fuck, kiyo.”
anger seeped through him as you laid your head back onto his shoulder, slightly wetting his shirt and ruining the perfect angle he spent so long working on. but, the look in your eyes tugged his heart ever so slightly—to no avail.
if anyone knew sakusa the most, it was you. he only hated one more thing more than his bleached teammate; and that was leaving things unfinished.
“fucking brat,” his hips slammed upwards against yours, pushing you back into the place you were at moments prior, “do you think i’m done?”
the friction forced a cry from your lips at the small amount of pleasure, yearning for more as you tightened around him with impatience.
“i promise to be good.”
“if you were good,” his hands found their way back into your hair with the brush, tugging and surfacing each area until completion, “you wouldn’t be here in the first place, now would you?”
though sakusa wasn’t as hard as he lead on, and the soft roll of his hips proved that. the brush abandoned as he massaged your scalp with his fingers, letting you softly forget about the harsh pulls.
a soft moan left your lips at the sensation, his new grip against you neck pulled you back gently as the other travelled down to your sensitive bud. twitching in satisfaction at his knowledgeable swirls, his fingers played with you perfectly as if he was an expert; a professional when it came to your body, because just as you knew sakusa best, he knew you as well.
the rude words he once spewed from behind being long abandoned within your mind as he did nothing but tend to you; please you. your walls tightening around his cock was his favorite way to make love to you, letting you release against him while he watched you become so vulnerable.
because vulnerability was something he took much pride in. something he never expected to receive, or to give someone else—but it wasn’t the case when he had met you—and now something he once feared, is something he treasures the most. whether it was your hair or your needs, he would be there.
his lips were softly planted agains the crook of your neck, lightly sucking just to watch the roll of your eyes, “i love you, kiyo.”
your words weren’t taken lightly, the sentimental thoughts already corrupting his mind making him grow desperate. as if you had unleashed a beast, the pushing of his thighs became more sloppy as you swallowed him so easily. the lewd noises were music to his ears as your groans accompanied them. his name broken into pieces rolling off your tongue as if you were chanting, and he grew hungry for more; hungry for more of you.
the bruising grip against your thighs returned once more as he became brutal. the deep and sensitive spots being hit beautifully, and involuntary noises began to leave him as you continued to squeeze against his length.
“i love you,” he breathed against your neck, his eyes peering down to capture any glimpse of his cock vanishing within your folds, “i love you so much.”
his hips continued to snap against your sweet spot as you released onto him, the immeasurable feeling of your orgasm was breathtaking as his nails were digging into you, marking his territory to your liking.
his vision went white as an animalistic growl left his lips when he peaked, the scent of you invading his nose fulfilling his needs completely. watching his neck collapse against your shoulder, you continued to tighten against his hard, milking him completely with each whine that left his lips from sensitivity.
he felt sweat trickle down the side of his face, and this was the one time he wasn’t necessarily against it. your hair leaving a wet spot against his shoulder but all in good nature, because he’d sacrifice anything to watch your legs shake against him while still nurtured inside you.
“you treat me so well,” he whispered, “i don’t deserve it.”
the small words of approval warmed your cheeks as he kissed softly against the dark bites he unknowingly left against your shoulder. his hands softly caressing your opened thighs and ignoring his seed dirtying the seat as it dripped from your legs.
“i’m sorry.”
he watched you with concern, the giggle leaving your lips reassuring him slightly, “what for, my love?”
without saying another word, you brought one of his hands to the back of your head. the movement against his shoulder when he fucked you had caused another knot, ruining his work from the very beginning.
“oh,” he chuckled slightly, kissing your temple softly before grabbing the brush once again, “stay still this time, or else a round two is due.”
Tumblr media Tumblr media
a/n: repost from my old account @/tsukina !
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waveoftheocean · 8 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
cannot remember the last time i drew this fast but i saw the illustration with sakusa in compression sleeves and long knee pads approximately 4 hours ago and i nyoomed
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loweater · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
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