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unnecessary astrology observations
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❞sag mercuries don't know how to shut up, neither how to read the room when they say questionable stuff lol. however, never had i met anybody as honest and upfront as them, that is really valuable.
❞ a pattern found within lgbtq+ people is having air/water big 6 placements or having those in water/air houses (3,4,7,8,11,12)
❞ lilith in the 8th house folks might have been exposed to sex/sexual content very early on compared to other placements.
❞leo risings might have had a chaotic home environment since their 4th house (which rules family life, your safe space) is ruled by scorpio
❞virgo moons/moon in the 8th could have over-critical or judgemental mothers that make them feel not good enough or very insecure
❞a sun square ascendant aspect makes an individual have a complicated relationship between who they truly are and what they think of themselves as.
identity is almost changing all the time for this natives, so as they get older, they define their personality a lot more.
most people's first impression of them is extremely inaccurate due to this. they change as fast as the seasons, they are not the same person you met a while ago.
❞if you were born during a planet being retrograde, when said planet retrogrades again, you don't feel the effects or the burden as much as other people. actually, this transit helps you become more put together in regards to what the planet is about.
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🕸Astrology observations part 6🕸
The pictures aren't mine ❌
Don't copyright my work ⚠️
📍Enjoy your reading📍
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♠️Libra suns are the friendliest people I've ever met. They never judge people and try to get along with everyone. Extremely careful, especially in conversation, so as not to offend others. The soul of the company, and you can discuss with them on various topics.
♠️Virgo suns the king of sarcasm and dirty jokes. I really like your sense of humour and how you position yourself in society. The guys are really very humorous and hilarious. The smartest guys and you can talk about the meaning of life and philosophy. Smart beyond their years. But I noticed that you can hide your feelings or not reveal them at all. Sometimes you don't think about yourself.
♠️Sagittarius rising people are social butterflies in the group. They're talkative and outgoing. They definitely attract people through their openness and smiling. They like to hang out and have fun with friends. I'm sure they love parties. In appearance, the part of the thigh stands out especially. They have really massive and wide hips. Also a beautiful and narrow waist.
Tumblr media
♠️Leo rising people are very artistic and passionate by nature. Likes to attract a lot of attention and stand out from the crowd. Creative and maybe they have a talent for singing. In appearance, the hair and gait stand out very much. They are good at taking care of their hair. The hair is mostly straight and long. May seem a little arrogant and self-centred.
♠️Cancer rising people at first glance may seem closed and shy very embarrassed to start a conversation. By their nature, they are very lovely and caring guys. Will never betray or offend a person. Their appearance is really impressive, especially their big eyes. They often look innocent and pure. Furthermore, they have a rather massive chest.
♠️Scorpio rising people are SO intimidating. They have a murderous look from which many are afraid. It is very difficult to approach because such powerful energy comes from them. And people are extremely uncomfortable in their environment. In appearance, their eyes always stand out. The eyes are often brown or green. I want to add the skin is sometimes dark or tanned.
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Picture credits: Pinterest
Can’t believe that it’s already fall.
Also happy late Virgo season!!
Further ado, I hope that you will enjoy my post and let me know if my observations apply to you. I absolutely love reading the comments and your thoughts on this so feel free to let your thoughts and mind free.
REMINDER everything that I may say in this post are just my opinions and stuff that i’ve noticed. I do not claim these to be 100% true and strong facts. If these do not apply do you then you can go and enjoy another post! :)
|~•~|Every degree up to the 12th can be taken as the house and happen to have the traits of that house.
Example: Saturn 5° - Leo traits or an outlook.
|~•~|ུ۪۪Moon Conjunct Saturn have very heavy and strong demons inside of them that they need to face. Sending a virtual hug to my fellow sufferers. <3
|~•~|People with 10th house lord in the 10th house had shown what they will be passionate about and their career & what they are like at their workplace in their childhood, but it was hard to recognize it.
|~•~|The 4th house represents your mother, her traits, vibe and relationship with her & the 9th house represents your father, his traits, vibe and relationship with him.
|~•~|Moon dominant people with moon in the air signs (especially Gemini) happen to be teachers or teaching and usually enjoy it very much, but at the same time other placements in the chart matter too.
|~•~|If you need guidance in what your career should be. Look at your earth houses - 2nd, 6th & 10th - as well as your Mercury and Saturn placements.
|~•~|Mercury Sextile Midheaven individuals may enjoy popularity in their career life, with many helpful and influential people. Their public life is greatly influenced by their intellectual talents, where you might be well celebrated.
|~•~|Sun Conjunct Mercury isn’t always a fame indicator. It can be a huge boost and help if you plan to or gain fame, but this placement alone, especially if they’re not developing it by getting speech lessons and as such will not indicate fame.
|~•~|Chiron in Aquarius individuals are math and math is them. There is no explanation to it.
|~•~|Pluto transiting the 11th house is a rollercoaster. You have a high chance of isolation yourself, intentionally or not and of the friendships and relationships are not strong then they will go away or thicken for the worse if it isn’t taken into action. If it has not come clear who are there to stay and who not and how you should feel about someone then it is the time for more clearer signs. Seeing this is a sign for you to do the spring (or winter/summer/autumn) cleaning and take it further and improve yourself and other things around you. Take on the challenge.
|~•~|Introverted people who have Pisces and Gemini in the big three scream “John Wayne Gacy, Jr” by Sufjan stevens to me.
|~•~|Pisces and Neptune dominant people liked watching things to do with water on youtube when they were a child. Such as dolls swimming or just watching someone swim and so on. (Dw, I was there too.)
|~•~|People who have prominent Aquarius in their chart seem to enjoy and listen to rap a lot. Also songs that are really popular.
|~•~|The first letters as A & M in a name screams Cancer and Cancer placements. This isn’t any theory or fact but it’s the same as like for an example: November, orange and Thursday are the same. Same with this.
|~•~|I am surprised not so many people are interested in draconic charts.
|~•~|Pisces moon people can go either way. They either act like the placement is described as or they act complete opposite and completely a different way. Usually remind me of Aries moon or placements even if they might not have any Aries placements. It just amazes me.
|~•~| I feel like Libra and Aries just in general are the chillest opposite signs as in they get along the best. (Not in the means of the sun.) Also as in the opposite, I feel like people with heavy Leo and people with heavy Aquarius get the least along with each-other.
|~•~|Scorpio + Virgo + Libra in a chart people are highly like to have their mbti type as ENFJ.
|~•~|The part of Fortune is what you do and the house is how you do it.
For an example: Part of Fortune in the 6th house - you want to break your dreams into actionable smaller steps. People with this position become successful when they approach their goals in an organized, strategic way.
|~•~|When it comes to physical beauty, I’d consider looking at the ruler of the chart.
Thank you for reading.
~ Also for context, I wrote this at 2AM so if something does not make sense then feel free to comment about it.
See you next time.
Love, Tsunami <3
I in no means want to offend anyone. If I come off in a rude way, then it is not intentionally.
I hope that you enjoyed this post, happy September. Hope that everyone’s school journey to a new year will be smooth and happy.
Good luck to everyone who are entering a new season. Hope you’re doing well.
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Tumblr media
❣️astro observations part 6. ❣️
Part 5 is here. ✨
*based only on MY PERSONAL observations, thoughts & opinions. This is just for fun ☄️*
- wherever saturn is in your chart could show the areas in life where people always thought u were super serious or like you’re “raining on their parade” hahah ex: saturn 3h, ur classmates seeing u as serious/cold in early education or you’re the more serious sibling or being called boring etc etc 😭
- saturn can also show where you grew up way too early ! Ex: saturn 8h could be already going to a lot of funerals at a young age or saturn 3h, trauma in your near environment from a very early age or from siblings, can even mean reading books that were not meant for ur age, these r the ppl that were reading the super sad lowkey traumatizing books in middle school 😭📚
- any planets you have at Leo degrees (5°,29°,17°) could mean ppl see you as the ideal representation of that planet & there’s just something their that catches their eye… ex: Venus at 17 degrees, ppl see you as the perfect partner or being more desirable ?? 🦁🦁
- wherever Jupiter is in the houses Could be where other people get annoyed with u at times or think you’re being naive/ overdoing it ??? ex: Jupiter 9h ppl thinking you’re doing too much at your approach with religion/ ur life philosophy or Jupiter in the 8h, people critiquing ur approach to spirituality & how u handle $$ 🤔😕
- Mercury square saturn ppl COILD feel like other people patronize them when they talk or like older ppl don’t truly listen. Could also feel like they struggle to speak with more assertiveness and have their opinion accepted like the adult they are 🗣
- Venus-Neptune ppl look like mermaids 🧜they could have physical traits that could look weird on someone else but on them it looks perfect
- Venus-moon ppl (ESPECIALLY conjuctions ex: Rihanna) look so beautiful (Venus) when they’re pregnant (moon), like pregnancy was just made for them 😭💖✨ I remember rih said in an interview that she wanted to be a mother more than anything in the world 🥺🥺
-also Venus-moon ppl COILD have had great relationship with the women in their life (especially harmonious aspects) could have felt like the women in their lives were like angels 💕
-libra in the chart could show where you feel super awkward or insecure with something but try to hide it as much as possible?? Ex: libra 8h, insecure about sex. Libra 6h, super insecure about your body or the role you play in people’s daily lives🍳
- Taurus placements are truly the best kissers & they have soft lips, Venus rlly blessed them 💅
- aqua or Uranus in the 10h could make someone come off as so awkward even when they don’t mean it 😭 my bestie has this and sometimes shes like 🧍🏽‍♀️ and I’m like… what… WAHTS WRONG
- having both earth and water in the big 3 isn’t for the weak bc it feels like a constant battle between wanting to be vulnerable but then being repulsed at the idea of showing too much emotion (especially for my earth moon, water rising ppl) 😩😩😩
- Scorpio in the chart could show where we refuse to take other people’s advice due to an intense paranoia (although sometimes it’s justified haha) for ex: Scorpio 4h, refusing to take family’s advice because you think they’ll steer you wrong or Scorpio 9h refusing to conform to your religion or culture or being suspicious of it 🌗
- wherever Neptune is in the chart can show what you really think about when you smoke 🍃 & .. ex: Neptune 12h, thinking about ur trauma when ur high, feeling like you’re going through a transformation when ur high or Neptune 6h, feeling much more relaxed in your body and contemplating your daily routine and life 🤨
- ppl call Gemini mercuries nosey, but when a Leo Mercury wants the tea they’ll be like 👂👂👂 “wait a minute, what did u say happened 👀”
- sometimes Virgo risings scare me 😭 I think it’s that Pisces 7h bc they could be crying one sec and telling u that their life falling apart bc they got 192922 things to do and then one hour later they’re like “I made a to do list and ate an apple and got most of it done now I’m fine.” Like ??? Que
- talking to Mercury-mars aspects (especially the squares) makes me feel like I’m getting interrogated 😭😭 they shoot question after question and u can see them analyzing the convo in their head pls
- Pluto synastry (especially exact aspects) is just a consist undercurrent of sexual tension that NEVER GOES AWAY bc you can’t make ur body not be attracted to the other person 😵‍💫😵‍💫 I think it’s hard to remain just platonic friends with someone when u have this synastry lmfaooo
- sun-Pluto aspects (especially squares and oppositions) can come off as really abrasive with other people or sometimes someone could easily dislike you upon first meeting u 🤕
- moon opposite Mercury ppl COILD feel like they do poorly at trying to comfort others or they look/ act visibly uncomfortable when there’s a lot of emotion in the room lol
-Pluto in the 10h: there could have been a rumor about u that really tarnished ur reputation and was just associated with u for quite some time 😡
-diving deep into the activities of the house of where north node is can be scary. The south node is where we feel safe & nn is where we must take that leap of faith !! Ex: nn in the 5h, being scared to date or be playful/ nurture ur inner child but needing to take the risk and focusing less on the collective (11h sn). 🎨🥋🖌
-libras are much more intimidating than they’re described as ⚖️
- sun square/opposite Uranus: something about the way u express yourself throws other people off or they think its weird 👻
- moon- Neptune ppl are amazing and extremely talented at using their feelings as fuel for their art… COILD be great poets 🎼📝���️🖊
- sun in 2h ppl could do very well at asserting their boundaries and standing up for themselves, COILD have been raised to always speak up for themselves 👨‍👩‍👦👨‍👨‍👦
- moon-Pluto aspects 🤝 your parent seeing u as something to fill in their emotional voids & trying to control every aspect of ur life because of this perception that you are just an extension of them. This aspect can show a parent, especially a mother that is extremely controlling 🤒
- mars in 2h and 8h: feeling super possessive over the ppl you have s*w with, getting aggressive over them 😬
- earth moons always have a resting bitch face like 😭😭😭 seeing their smile feels like an honor like oh shit U do that
- Pisces placements are so in love with the idea of love itself that they’re willing to trick themselves into thinking they like someone more than they actually do when in reality they just like the idea of them 🤠
- sun opposite moon ppl could receive harsh reactions from ppl in intense or emotional situations, other ppl could demand them to be more emotional or comforting in more “acceptable ways” IDK this makes sense in my head idk if I’m explaining it right bye onto the next 🥸
- I love fire sign risings they feel like a shock wave that wakes you up, life becomes so much exciting and fun when they’re by your side 🔥
- sometimes earth sign Venus ppls loved ones could get upset with them bc they want more one on one interactions and less acts of service and gifts as a form of trying to establish a connection (these things r great but sometimes so is just spending time with ppl 🥺)
-7h placements, especially 7h moons can be so good at hiding what they really feel and making others believe that they’ve confessed a lot (when it reality that’s not even half the story of what’s truly going on within them) 🥲
- saturn or Capricorn in the 11h 🤝 all your best friends are older than you haha
- aqua placements love learning new shit just for the hell of it they’ll be like oh yeah I just learned how to build a plane engine 👍
- you can always tell when someone is a libra rising bc they look like a doll haha like I can imagine them perfectly inside a doll box pls 😭💄
- sun opposite moon in synastry can have a lot of attraction which at first seems exciting and like a challenge but over time it just doesn’t feel worth it anymore :(
- moon in 8h synastry: the house person could feel extremely reactive when it comes to the emotions of the moon person, having a hard time separating yourselves, emotions merge 🌧⛈🌦
-2h synastry: the planet person can brighten up the life of the 2nd house person, can make the house person feel like they’re braver, can cause a lot of attraction where the house persons sees the planet person as the perfect partner or like a trophy in a way 🏆
- even when you mean well, Virgo placements COILD lowkey get offended when you give them a lot of advice or try to tell them how to manage a problem bc they feel underestimated or patronized 😅😅
- sag placements will absolutely curse ur ass out and drag you by your wig but Taurus placements will really make you cry bc u pushed them to the point where they have to get up so they’re gonna make sure your feelings r hurt while they’re at it😭😭😭 Taurus placements r very observant they just keep it very hidden (haha that Scorpio axis)
- I feel like Scorpio moons represent way more the Scorpio sun archetype of being mysterious and secretive and stuff. and then Scorpio risings look intimidating but in reality sometimes they’re just bored iskdkdkd😭😭😭😭
- where Lilith is where u COILD seek revenge or retribution for the wound u suffered, ex Lilith in 11h: wanting to punish ur community for hurting u or Lilith in the 4h, demanding your family own up to their mistakes ?? 😅
- Mercury Pluto aspects can be so good at reading people’s mannerism and between the lines. They pick up on any change in language that might prove that you’re lying 💀
- if you have your moon at a water degree (4, 8, 16, 20, 12, 24, 28) it COULD mean you really need a moment to yourself to process your emotions before speaking/ venting or else you could feel like you’re drowning in them & also there could be some things you genuinely did not want to mention but had said it in the midst of the overwhelming moment 😭🌊⚡️
- when Cassie from euphoria screamed “I am crazier” and looked all deranged pls I’m sorry but it’s giving Pisces placement 😭 Especially Pisces mars/ Venus. When you lead them on and force them abandon the fantasy they created in their head its… scary 😭
- Leo moons are always gonna be the center of conversation and jealous ppl are always gonna be talking shit bc they manage to draw in so much attention ✨ these ppl have the most random people hating on them too like wtf where did U come from pls
- sun/ moon/ Mercury in 8h people lowkey scare me 😭😭😭😭 if they need to find info on someone just give them 15 mins they’re gonna know where he was on February 8th 2012 and who his second grade teacher was djdkdksm
- Venus in 8h, Venus-Pluto ppl, Scorpio Venus ppl 🤝 being turned on at the idea of a hidden or very secretive relationship
- watching earth placements get drunk is actually hilarious because they start expressing the stuff they’re too embarrassed to say sober or just feel like it’s too sappy hahaha
- Gemini Venus 🤝 sweet talkers can be so charming with their words. Can come off as flirty and enjoys watching others blush under their gaze pls
- Gemini and Virgo mercuries could get a lot of anxiety during Public speaking and presentations but they can be really great at pushing past it and speaking very intellectually & with confidence🥸 they’re like “whose gonna know??? Nobody’s gonna know” 😭😭😭
- okay bye ✌️ this was just for fun and *lady from that Vine voice* THATS JUST MYyyyyYYYY OPINIONNNNN 📢
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
okay reposting a lot later bc i wanted to change the formats so it’s less wordy. i’m still fixing up the drawings of their “parents” but probably i’ll post those when i’m done with them
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Astro Observations pt. 2
‼️Don't repost my Observations without consent and mentioning my page‼️
I very much respect non-binary or trans people. If i'm talking about man or woman, i'm talking about cis-men or woman i know, because often, due to societal coding/standards, there can be differences depending on the gender. But it could very much apply to you if you are non-binary or trans. Just take what resonates and leave what doesn't, as spiritual people like to say.🫶🏻
If you don't agree with my observations, please don't send any hate. It's personal observations that i'm posting just for fun. Especialy my very specific observations can only apply to certain people. So don't take anything you read too seriously. It's not a science, just pop-astrology!😎
So let's go!
Moon 3rd House: I have this placement and if i am going through something, i always need some close friend to talk to. And i feel like, if i had siblings i would probably always talk about it with them (if the relationship was great). I just really need to talk it out, sometimes it doesn't even matter who exactly it is. 🗯 I also am a singer, and this placement can indicate great singing abilities (not bragging lol), or just being great at expressing your emotions verbaly/ vocaly. You might also use singing as an emotional outlet (i did that when i was little and too shy to talk to people about the stuff i was going through). 🎤
Aries Moon: Aries Moon can have really big emotional outbursts and can be very direct and aggressive in communication without even noticing. They aren't necessarily always like this, the ones i've met were actualy very confident talkers and quite patient. But if they get too emotional or you say something that gets on their wrong nerve, they can have quite extreme reactions or be very mean, without meaning to. 🤬Also, some kind of sport might be a great emotional outlet for these people. 🥊
Saggitarius MC: I've heard this thing about Saggitarius MC being seen by the public as the "bad guy" which might not be true for everyone, but i've actualy noticed it in quite a few famous people. Billie Eilish has this placement for example, and one of her most famous songs is literaly called "bad guy". She is also known for this more dark and emo aesthetic/ music and is said to have created the new music genre "emo-pop". ☠️
Scorpio Venus: I personaly have this placement, and when i love i love DEEP, which can also lead to possesiveness and overjealousy. But i am very loyal, and just by my moral standards (my Venus is in my 9th house), i would never cheat on my partner.🖤
Scorpio Mercury: I also have this placement and i loved talking about deep stuff since i was little, and i also have no problem talking about taboo stuff. There is almost nothing that shocks me, and so sometimes i can also tend to overshare mine and others secrets, because i thinks that it's not that big of a deal, even though later on i realize it might actualy be. 🫢
Saturn in the 7th house: You might go through very messed up romantic relationship stuff at some point in your life that could very much traumatize you. It's a fucked up placement to be honest, i wouldn't wish it on anyone. (Cheating, compulsive liers, etc.). One famous example is Johnny Depp. 💔
Saturn 4th house: Your home life could be filled with fucked up experiences, especially in your family. It can go from just very stern parents to domestic abuse. You might need to free yourself from that and bild your own, secure home to have a happy and well regulated home life. 🏠
Jupiter 12th house: Could very much have a lot of secret enemies. People you considered friends might just suddenly cut contact or block you, for no apperant reason. But you could also, depending on what's going on subconciously with you, give off very weird vibes, which might be the reason people react to you like that. Some people just can't pinpoint why they don't like you and keep a friendship with you because they feel bad, and someday just cut off the relationship without explenation, because exept for the weird/bad vibe they get from you, they couldn't tell you why they don't like you. I'm not saying it's okay, but this might be the reason. People can really feel what's subconciously going on with you. So you really need to work on you subconcious stuff and listen to you intuition/ the universe, so you can tell which people are bad for you and which ones are not. Your strong intuition and connection to the universe is one good side of this placement, which can bring you a lot of great stuff if you tap into it. If you heal and give off very good vibes, you could maybe attract some amazing people and even heal people just with the vibe you give off. 🪬
Leo Sun men: I can't explain why, but every Leo sun men I've met has done some marshall art at some point in their life, and even quite successfuly. It doesn't matter if karate, jiujitsu, taekwondo or kickboxing, just something where it's about fighting. 🤼
That's it for today! I really enjoy writing these, so leave a like, comment or share/ repost this to show some love! Bye 🤟🏻
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thewanderingstars · 2 months ago
Meeting someone and immediately asking for their birth info is OUT.
Getting to know someone first so you can guess their placements and test your knowledge before getting their birth info is IN.
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mysticalfairylamb · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Astrology Observations P.2
💖🚨 My personal observations, if reposted somewhere else please give creds 🚨💖
Scorpio’s 🫶🤝🤞 Dogs! Myth: Hecate the witch, ruling magic & underworld ( like pluto ), and cross roads between the physical and spiritual realm is known to have 3 black dogs.
Having Venus in your 1st house probably means your style sense is amazing , very fashionable , and put outfits well together very aesthetically pleasing no matter the style. I feel like even Venus trine your 1st house as well.
Libra risings and their clear skin 😭😭 I also observed Libra risings I’ve met or seen on social media have sharp jawlines or a very “ sturdy “ looking face . Prominent chins, pointy/sharp.
Scorpio placements/Rising are so observant more then they seem since they usually don’t say much detail to people they’re not comfortable with.
Venus in the 10H OR having your venus fall into your 10H/MC usually post on social media pictures of themselves and their beauty , family , or their business as an entrepreneur. Owning their own business . I observed not too much posts about their romantic relationship and if so it’s more so just on their partners birthday , christmas etc . Traditional things.
Pisces mercury’s have some type of speech add on. Maybe slurs , stutters a lot, had to go to speech therapy to learn to “ properly “ talk. May forget exactly what they just said. If mars is aspecting, ( square ) especially Gemini mars maybe talks really fast to where you can’t understand what they’re saying.
Venus 6H have animals naturally attracted to them or are huge animal lovers. More so dogs I’ve noticed personally, I have a friend who’s venus is the 6H and he’s always loved animals and they’ve always loved him. He currently has had a small dog for years.
Pisces placements can grow to be very independent people , as they rule the 12H which is the house of alone time/loneliness.
Moon conjuct or trine Pluto can indicate having women in the family who often are jealous/envious of other women. Have dark secrets about their family/past. People with this placement may see the worst/darkest side of their mom. Can also show this persons mother was abused in some shape or form by parents, or didn’t get affection from parents. Not the best connection w their mother at a young ago being that pluto represents the dark mother, moon also representing childhood, upbringing.
Sag moons tend to have/like their natural colored hair. Don’t usually dye it really bright colors like yellow, hot pink, blue etc. If they do dye it I noticed it’s mellow colors, soft colors. Tend to not dye their whole head. If they dye it its hidden beneath their hair to where you’ll see it more clearly if it’s in a high ponytail , bun etc.
Leo moons 🫶 bright colored hair. Especially if they have pisces placements. I think the reason for this ( if they have water placements ) is their shyness so their hair expresses their true wild outgoing creative side. If it’s not dyed there’s usually something noticeable about their hair. Healthy, big, long, soft etc.
Gemini placements and their hair going through transformations throughout life. Ex: My brother has gemini placements , he had very bouncy curly hair when younger but then he did the big chop and things changed after that. My ex when he was a baby had straight hair for a while , then as he started growing older his hair naturally became curly and way more noticeable. My best-friend had really curly hair as a baby ! Then it went straight for years and now it’s back to healthy & wavy. My dad had curls and ended up bald 🤣🤣🤣 My mom had blonde highlights for years and then did a huge change and turned to a deep red forever. ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥
Moon in the 10h , not best placement for family matters, & parents . These people may wanna create a business that includes their family working with them.
Capricorn Venus 🤝 wearing dark colors & having atleast one favorite clothing brand they wear often.
Cancers being able to be more indecisive then Libra . Cancers are ruled by the moon, emotions. Emotions change very often, cancers/placements may do things in the moment just because how their feeling emotionally then later regret it cause their emotions have changed. This is why cancer energy and capricorn energy can go along , capricorn’s more firm and a bit more stubborn. Usually knows what they want and won’t regret it since they’ve pretty much analyzed the possibilities already before making a set decision. This can help balance out cancerian energy of being unsure especially when not listening to their intuition.
12H rules wild animals , bigger, or fantasy animals/myths. While 6H rules smaller more mundane animals, dogs, rabbits, frogs etc.
Jupiter conjuct 7H in natal can indicate expansion of relationships in life. Lots of dating & maybe co-dependency. Relationships definitely help these individuals grow & evolve. Relationships can help the native expand into a better person, and see things differently. Relationships are this persons teacher.
Thats it’s for now friends , feedback is welcomed ! Thank you for reading . I love you!! 🦋🦋🦋❤️❤️❤️
Tumblr media
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ariesjupiter · 5 months ago
Astro Notes 5 💫
these are just my observations!
✩ sagittarius mercuries tend to laugh or giggle a lot when they talk
✧ those with mars conjunct neptune usually have many role models and inspirations. they’re also the type of people who like or need to listen to music when studying or doing work.
✩ scorpio placements are so underrated when it comes to their artistic and creative talents. some of the most famous visual artists had major scorpio placements:
Claude Monet - sun and jupiter
Georgia O’Keeffe - rising, sun, moon, mercury, and jupiter
Edvard Munch - venus, mars, and jupiter
Pablo Picasso - sun and mercury
Rene Magritte - sun, midheaven, and jupiter
✧ those with scorpio in the 7th or pluto in the 7th might undergo major transformations in relationships and in marriage. unfortunately, their spouse may accuse them of changing after marriage and being a ‘different person’ than when they first met.
✩ people with uranus opposite north node natal aspect might have trouble making friends. also having scorpio or capricorn in the 11th might make it more challenging.
✧ having saturn in the 29th degree indicates having to learn how to become more responsible and mature. they may also have a habit of procrastinating.
✩ leo moons usually either love or hate tattoos. with those that love them, i’ve found that so many have a tattoo of either a flower or a heart (think megan fox and jungkook)
✧ major sagittarius placements and/or jupiter in the 6th house have very unique or unusual pets
Audrey Hepburn—sagittarius midheaven: had a deer
Miley Cyrus—sagittarius sun: had a pig
Mike Tyson—sagittarius moon: had a tiger
Michael Jackson—sagittarius midheaven and saturn: had a chimpanzee
Paris Hilton—sagittarius rising, uranus, and neptune: had a kinkajou
✩ so many people with capricorn in personal planets love to smoke
✧ aries venus’ are probably the least likely to have a type 🤷‍♀️ they’ll probably like you if you like them. they want someone who will admire them and give them the attention they want without feeling like they’re demanding or begging for it.
✩ this is going to be very specific but if your chart ruler is Jupiter and you have Jupiter in Aries do you completely rewrite your notes to study? i have this and it helps me visualize my notes during the test. i recently heard of someone else who does this and we have this placement in common.
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astrologyways · a year ago
Tumblr media
April 2021 - Monthly Horoscopes
 ARIES (March 20 – April 19)
Sense of well-being will be setting the tone for the month. Optimism connected to changes has been occurring in your area of shared resources. Your feelings of personal responsibilities do not seem to be clear enough to comprehend what other people need from you, calling for clarification from them. The desire to obtain a luxury item on impulse for entertainment reasons could backfire unless you give this some thought, which you do not plan on doing.
TAURUS (April 19 – May 20)
Your privacy seems to be extremely important for you this month, but you also want to put your best front forward. Sudden changes connected to your work and job could be present, and these changes could possibly not be happy ones. Adaptation will be the key to this situation as changes are difficult for you to take. You must be prepared mentally to receive a learning experience this month. Worries in your partnership and marriage area could be bothersome to you. Still, a friendly interchange of thoughts with a friend could help ease your mind.
GEMINI (May 20 – June 21)
April may find some of you getting involved with charitable activities with friends. These could be connected to your business or work, but uncertainty could be causing you some worries. Some news could be reaching you connected to your status or position in the community, bringing info that could be very useful. Impulsive action to find enjoyment on a trip could cause a disagreement; cooperation and refrain should be considered. An illusory sense of well-being could be developing concerning money. You will not be happy when searching for clarification in this situation.
CANCER (June 21 – July 22)
The community and social status seem to be very much at the forefront for you this month. Social activities and entertainment are also plentiful. Activities at home have been increasing. Moving may be a possibility, but this could cause you many unexpected expenses you aren’t quite prepared for. Informing yourself before you sign anything or get involved would be the smart thing to do. A well-intentioned friend could be misinformed about something important. Trusting yourself before you dive into any decisions will be for the best.
LEO (July 22 – August 22)
This April, some of you Leos will be getting a more philosophical outlook on your life. As the month goes on, you will be looking at a broader meaning into where you are going. Dispute with your partner or mate could be rocking the boat; mediation with feelings toward each party will pave the way. Asserting yourself during these challenging conditions will be very helpful for all. A work-related subject can show a very promising prospect but remember that everything that glitters is not gold. You will not be given complete information in details that could be very valuable.
VIRGO (August 22 – September 22)
The limelight this month is on your area of outside sources of income. Communication concerning this in connection to a partnership could be on the schedule for you. Preoccupation could be generated by this situation. Inspiration and a sense of responsibility will be coming into play. There should be loads of activities connected to your individual sources. Inclination to act irresponsibly should be halted, and care is called for.
LIBRA (September 22 – October 23)
For a few of you, wedding bells could be sounding right now, and some of you may also be beginning new business partnerships. Small differences in views with a loved one could become blown out of proportion. Talking about whatever you do not agree upon before anything is sealed and signed will be vital. New opportunities for career advancement, together with a late financial reward, could be in the stars for you. Imaginary duties could cause stress, so try to look at other points of view and be realistic.
SCORPIO (October 23 – November 22)
April’s spotlight is on work. Duties require clarification if lack of communication is reducing your understanding of them. Problems should be faced and talked about. Changes at your home seem to be happening, giving you a sense of having your hands tied behind your back. Remembering past experiences could be necessary. Frustration and tension could be worked out respectfully with a partner. Changes in the minds of loved ones seem to be called for, and the lesson will be learned.
SAGITTARIUS (November 22 – December 21)
Social activities and entertainment with good friends will come your way. Plenty of communication between you and friends will bring unexpected news. Your area of work is bringing you pleasant circumstances. Some of you might be promised rewards financially, but remember that promises are only promises, so follow up. Many of you Sagittarians could be contemplating a change of residence as you start feeling restless in your surroundings. An amazing opportunity of doing so might be headed your way.
CAPRICORN (December 21 – January 21)
April’s spotlight this month is at your home base. Slow changes will start momentum, and moving could be one thing you could see shortly. Preoccupation about this change could pester you, but they will pass. Insecurities about your abilities and role at home could be troubling you, so communication with a loved one could interpret and define the situation for you. A close relative could show you a thing or two about your finances. Emotions might get in the way. Channels of communication with a partner or mate will be harmoniously revealed in the second half of the month, so you will achieve many things regarding future plans.
AQUARIUS (January 21 – February 18)
Exchange of ideas with a close relative will lead you to a learning experience and a different viewpoint on your life. Avoid disputes as emotions may get in the way; an agreement will be necessary. Your area of work will be calling for changes as differences will abound. Acting too fast could be harmful, so a friendly approach could be the most dependable way. Concerns about your future goals will be worrying you, but listening to your inner awareness will guide you. Rewards could be right around the corner.
PISCES (February 19 – March 20)
April’s spotlight is on your area of personal values and resources. You will be learning a few things regarding your joint finances, and your partner or mate will be giving a lot of their input in this field. The exchange of ideas at your workplace will be important as inner conflicts seem to be confusing you. Negotiations in a friendly environment should take place. Keep an open mind to suggestions that could be very advantageous to you. The emotional demand for some social and recreational activities could be needed this month, and thoughts about traveling will be at the forefront of your mind.
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citygazes · 3 months ago
Astrology Observations pt.2
-Aries rising and Scorpio risings can look very intimidating upon first meeting them.
-Sagittarius in the 9th house of travel may mean you enjoy traveling a lot and don’t like to stay in one place for a long time (constant change in location)
-Scorpio, Capricorn, and Virgo Venus’s tend to be picky when it comes to picking a lover.
-Gemini moons can literally strike a conversation with anyone. I love you guys.
-Aquarius Moon’s are deeply misunderstood. Their relationship with their mother may have been detached and there was a lack of seeing eye to eye.
-Pisces rising you guys have suck beautiful eyes, whether it be the color or shape. (My mom has this placement and her eyes are her most notable feature)
-Unpopular opinion but the “known” fame indicators (i.e leo placements, degrees, north node placements, etc) don’t necessarily solidify fame. Fame and success can come with hard work, opportunity, and effort.
Would you guys be interested in a pac (intuitively?). Again these are just my personal observations and opinions. Thank you guys and have a great day.
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sixofwandsss · 4 months ago
astrology observations pt 2
Tumblr media
• cancer risings/leo risings are late-bloomers in terms of love and relationships due to their saturn ruled 7th house (capricorn/aquarius)
•you attract people with placements in the element you lack in your chart (air/fire/earth/water)
the reason why is that you have to integrate the energy that is unnatural or more difficult for you to embody
•piscis placements often unconsciously live in the opposite sign's energy (virgo) due to the amount of emotions/energy they efortlessly receive from others
they'll find themselves repressing emotions/not showing them to avoid getting other people's negative energy
•aries placements are quite good at singing, dancing or expressing their fire through art
•earth placements find it easier to put their all on a project than to open up to the idea of being vulnerable with someone
they don't prioritize relationships over career, if they are commiting, they really appreciate you
•4th house scorpio/pluto could have had traumatic experiences within their family or simply their home life
(pluto rules scorpio, scorpio energy symbolizes destruction/death/sexuality and the 4th house rules home and family life)
remember these are just opinions, take care <3
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airdominant27 · a month ago
⛓Astrology observations part4⛓
The pictures aren't mine❎
Don't copyright my work🔪
Enjoy your reading🍷
Tumblr media Tumblr media
⚡Virgo mercury may experience anxiety when speaking in public. They often stutter and worry a lot. Also, they're scared of making mistakes.
⚡Sagittarius mercury they have a talent for learning languages. They also prefer humanities subjects more than technical ones.
⚡Aquarius venus people fall in love with unique and unusual people. Also, their ideal type of relationship may seem weird to others.
⚡Capricorn venus in love, they are very stable and reliable of all signs. They may seem stingy in expressing feelings and love. In some cases, they do not object to a marriage of convenience.
⚡Scorpio mercury can easily understand the feelings of the interlocutor. They choose their words very carefully in conversation. But in some situations, they try to hide important points. In my opinion, they can become good psychologists.
Tumblr media
⚡Cancer mercuries are very intuitive and sensitive to the energies of the environment. Emotionally intelligent and calm. They think more about other people's feelings than about themselves. I noticed that most of all, they are listeners in a conversation.
⚡Leo and libra placements are the fashionable girls in the group. They know how to dress and be cool. Also, they are definitely popular for their beauty and style.
⚡Leo venuses like to dress richly and stylishly. They choose famous branded goods and may be well versed in fashion. They probably like to attract the views of the people around them.
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reyboris · 21 days ago
astro observations #29
The fixed signs (taurus, leo, scorpio and aquarius), having their energy pattern in themselves, usually find their talent at a very early age and resonate very well with individual perseverance, unlike the mutable signs (gemini, virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces) whose energy pattern is not precisely in themselves as such, but in the exchange between their personal self and the outside, that is, they are in that sense, more dependent (not emotionally, but of energy circulation, that is to say , they work better in communication than in solitude)
The energy of the fixed signs (sun and rising) very soon realizes that it usually succeeds when it is deeply dedicated to something and there is perseverance without many distractions. Naturally, your personal energy has an inner ease that allows you to insist on a point. However, the mutable energy (sun and rising) can become stagnant if it imitates the perseverance of the fixed signs, and run out of ideas. Instead, he finds that he can flow better with the constant trading of options and the exchange of views. But the latter is difficult to understand for fixed signs, who consider that the negotiation of mutable signs is not a virtue, but an indecision that must be corrected. The fixed signs are used to affirming, concluding, assuming, and tend to be a bit yellowish and exaggerated in their conclusions (example: women are like that, men are like that, etc.) and they tend to preach a lot to people with mutable energy.
Mutable signs, on the other hand, tend more to doubt or investigate. However, when the mutable signs succeed in their ideas and become famous, the fixed signs begin to see (albeit little by little, remember that as fixed signs they have a hard time negotiating) that perhaps they can learn something from the mutable energy (remember that changeable energy is always ahead of fixed energy). But it is a style that they are slow to understand and that even when the fixed signs accept the mutable energy, they can hardly put it to the full test.
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rxmxa · 7 months ago
hey! I love your posts and I hope you’re doing amazing🤍
What placements would win an argument/fight?
Tumblr media
some placements that I think would win a fight or argument🥷🥷🥷:
Gemini mars (will make up words that for some reason make so much sense as they curse you out??? Will come at u 10 times harder if u try it) 😭😭
Virgo Mars (will meticulously plan your d*ath ❤️)
Scorpio Mercury (will completely analyze you and read you for filth anytime and anywhere) 🔪
Scorpio Mars (will slice you into ribbons) 🩸
Aqua moons (will make you feel like you’re so stupid) 🥲🥲🥲
Mercury-Mars aspects (will verbally and physically beat your ass, Mercury doesn’t rule hands for nothing) 😜
Mars-Jupiter aspects will snap back IMMEDIATELY 😭😭😭 other person might not even think it’s worth it anymore
Pluto- ascendant aspects will bite ur head off 💘🥲
Mercury-moon aspects (especially the harsh ones can hurt your feelings so bad) 😶‍🌫️😶‍🌫️
Aries Moons and mercuries (will beat your ass when they find u) 🥊
Mars-Pluto aspects will make u fear for ur life😶
9h placements (has 29292 counter arguments locked and loaded) 📝
Sag Mercury and Sun will see it as a game so they don’t mind to keep going 😃
3h mars or Mercury (cursing ur ass out in the most creative and ruthless way) 📞
Mars in the 1h (will beat ur ass) 🔥
Mars-Uranus aspects (Idk if they’ll win the argument but it doesn’t matter cause they’ll just beat your ass AND ITLL HAPPEN FAST) ⚡️
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loveemagicpeace · a month ago
What do the signs have in common❤️‍🔥
🎨Pisces & Sagittarius both can at some point be independent of others and can do things on their own without needing other people. Sagittarius use optimism when things go wrong and follow through. Pisces use escape and dreams when things go wrong. They both love traveling to places by the ocean.
🌊Scorpio&Capricorn both can be intimidating. Both of them don't like to show emotions. Stability is important to both of them and they don't like getting into relationships that they see as pointless. They are both soft on the inside. Both can be fun and relaxed.
🧡Cancer & Taurus both like comfort and don't like to change things. Usually, neither of them likes being in the company of strangers and prefers those who are close to them. Both love food and enjoy it + both love a cozy evening and just chilling on the sofa. Both can be possessive but in a different way. Cancers show this outwardly and with emotion. Taurus show this with stubbornness and calmness.
🍜Leo & Gemini both focus a lot on themselves and their needs. Both can be self-centered when they want to be. Both like to express their feelings out loud and talk about them. And they both love drama and love to do it. They both love games and they both love to be the center of attention.
🛍Virgo & Libra both care about others and only want the best for the person. Libras show concern for others through love. Virgos, on the other hand, show concern for others through health and well-being. Both like to help others and give advice.
🎉Aries & Aquarius both tend to like to do things on their own and are not dependent of others. Aries mainly focus on themselves and their energy. Aquarians, on the other hand, like to isolate themselves from others and go out into nature.
🫀Cancer moon & Libra moon- both focus on other people's emotions. And both make sacrifices for the others even if they end up getting nothing in return. And they will always find time for the people they love. Both signs are quite emotional.
🧼Virgo venus & Sagittarius venus- both are picky in love. They have high standards and do not deviate from them. Both can be distracted by little things ,and little things can turn them away from their relationship. They like to have fun and have fun, but they don't stay in a relationship for long if they don't see the real potential.
🧞‍♀️Sagittarius moon & Aries moon- both signs tend to be emotionally independent and focus on their own needs. They both love to travel and explore new places. And both have a tendency to react emotionally quickly and violently.
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