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violentdevotion · 4 months
i wouldnt have succumbed to beatlemania
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cerleansky · 6 months
The legacies people leave behind in you.
My handwriting is the same style as the teacher’s who I had when I was nine. I’m now twenty one and he’s been dead eight years but my i’s still curve the same way as his.
I watched the last season of a TV show recently but I started it with my friend in high school. We haven’t spoken in four years.
I make lentil soup through the recipe my gran gave me.
I curl my hair the way my best friend showed me.
I learned to love books because my father loved them first.
How terrifying, how excruciatingly painful to acknowledge this. That I am a jigsaw puzzle of everyone I have briefly known and loved. I carry them on with me even if I don’t know it. How beautiful.
Yikes guys I didn’t expect this post to blow up.
I’m grateful it did though. Looking at all the comments and tags really takes a stab at my heart because it just shows how wired we are for connection. If life has any meaning, then it’s that.
This concept really sunk its teeth into me as it reassures the notion that no one is ever truly gone. Parts of them just change into you.
That teacher I talked about inspired me to become a teacher myself. This was my first year teaching. Here’s to a new generation of curved i’s.
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comfortfrogblog · 1 year
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gorgynei · 3 months
its all fun and games and "i love characters that are made to be a pair" until one of them DIES and the other is just LEFT BEHIND!!!!!!
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quietbirdee · 11 months
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burnout makes the week last longer...
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botanyshitposts · 1 month
ok this sounds insane but in 2018 i went to a few carnivorous plant talks at the botany conference in minnesota. i got caught up in conversation with one of the guys there who was a huge nepenthes guy who told me a story about another collector in the pacific northwest who'd been buying poached plants, like a huge amount, and eventually got staked out by the fish and wildlife service and arrested and had all his plants seized and went to prison for it. idk if i ever talked about this on this blog before-- i know i liveblogged a lot from that conference but cant remember what all i posted-- but ive avoided talking about it since then because i was never able to find like, news articles or anything covering it, but behold.... we now have proof it was real, and im like 80% sure this was this guy he was talking about. the raid happened in 2016 and they'd been staking them out since 2013. he had nearly 400 plants and had been sourcing many of them from poachers in indonesia and borneo.
remember folks: poaching happens with plants too! it's a huge problem not only in carnvirous plants (nepenthes especially, which this piece is dedicated to talking about) but also in native plant populations in the US, including native carnivorous plant populations (north and south carolina's venus fly traps, california's darlingtonia, and sarracenia from the east coast), native orchids (historically one of the most poached categories), desert plants/cacti/succulents, and slow-growing woody ornamentals (cycads, for example). never buy bare-root plants off ebay or facebook! your best bet is local nurseries (which usually purchase farm-raised plants that do well in a wide range of conditions, and as a result have a healthy population in the wild) or specialty greenhouses (more expensive, but at least in the case of carnivorous plants offer young plants bred from established adult plants in-house, raised in captivity).
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waitineedaname · 5 months
divorce as angst: boring, depressing, overdone, I've had enough of that in my own life thanks
divorce but the characters are still friendly: good! healthy! more of this please!
divorce as comedy: unparalleled, hysterical, I want characters to divorce each other repeatedly for no reason
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ao3-crack · 5 months
Tumblr media
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hayden-christensen · 22 days
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♫ it’s me, hi, I’m the problem it’s me ♫
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vera-kozhemiakina · 6 months
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Is it that hard to believe you might have friends?
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arowitharrows · 1 year
The duality of "If you even imply that being aro or ace condemns someone to a sad and lonely life I will fucking fight you"
"being aro and ace is the most isolating thing I will ever experience"
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thewarringtriad · 2 months
Have you tried the expanded Free Trial of our critically acclaimed MMORPG #FFXIV?
You can play through the entirety of A Realm Reborn and the award-winning Heavensward expansion up to level 60 for FREE with no restrictions on playtime! 😲
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restless-nightmares · 2 months
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enitsirk · 2 months
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KISSES! Kisses for everyone!!
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sadproseandauroras · 18 days
the way i realised ao3 was down, ran to tumblr, and found like 1000 other people doing it 😭
we are all the same
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