dogsill · 2 days
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noah hairs
made the high school years bob longer!
Tumblr media
hat compatible
all 24 ea swatches
v1 has strands, v2 doesn’t
Tumblr media
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imvikai · 1 day
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Alternative Download
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aharris00britney · 5 hours
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Tess Hair
Tumblr media
Hat Compatible
24 EA Colors
Custom Thumbnails
Hairclip Accessory can be found in hats; 30 Swatches
Terms Of Use
Twitter  |  Instagram  |  Twitch  |  CurseForge
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Download on Patreon (free)
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pierisim · 16 hours
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Hey! Here’s just a little WIP of the Domaine du Clos kitchen I’m working on! 😀
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sunivaa · 2 days
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♡ DOWNLOAD ( early access )
♡ Public Access on 19 December
♡ 24 EA swatches
♡ basegame compatible
♡ compatible with hats
♡ all LOD’s  
♡ 9 402 poly
Tumblr media
♡ Thanks to everyone who reblogs this post)) With your help more people are able to know my work. This is really very important for me!
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liliili-sims4 · 1 day
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lrvine Hat Set
− BCG − V1, V2, V3 − 85 swatches (pattern 24, solid 57, denim 4) − Unisex − Please read and respect my TOU − Click here for other my CC − twitter ( Japanese ) 
Download // SFS
Thank you for the likes, reblogs, follows and comments! Your good reaction encourages me!
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pixelvibes · 5 hours
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You can find all my items by searching “ PV ” in game
Enjoy ☺  
Follow at
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kissyck · 1 day
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your local they/them tattoo artist siblings <3
hair / sweater vest / acc top / pants / shoes / nails
hair / top / shorts (ea) / acc boxers / shoes / fishnets / legwarmers / tattoos / earrings / piercings
cc credits: @okruee , @khadijah551 , @jius-sims , @aoifae , @arethabee , @isjao , @serenity-cc , @ridgeport , @trillyke , @bellassims , @nsves , @solistair , @makesims
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chingyu1023vick · 2 days
Balanced Life Separate Modules (S1)
These are the Separate Modules of Balanced Life so that you can pick and install the things you want and exclude those you don't need.
Compatible with all my other mods including Smarter Self-Care
Global LESS EXTREME Moods Override edits mood tunings so make sure you don't have mods editing the same tunings if you use mine
Other modules require having XML injector in your Mod folder to work!!!
Tumblr media
Changelog Nov 29, 2022:
Separate Modules S1:
When testing, I found that Relationship Decay works for Separate Modules while it may cause the merged edition shows up in BE. I may remove that part from the original merged edition and keep this in Separate Modules. I don't see any BE when using this. If you still see any LE comes up, please report it to me and I will remove this multiplier from all versions.
Updated Skills Overhaul to have differences in Skill Decay Rate according to the age when using Balanced Life with my Skill Decay Mod.
Added Muscle Gain Control, Slower Fat & Muscle Loss, Very small gradual muscle loss over time for all ages. These are in Weight Control Module.
Added Fame decay overhaul for child+ ages.
Added ParenthoodValuesOverhaul (slower) for Toddlers
Tune down values of metabolism in the Weight Control Module. In Separate Modules, there is a slow metabolism for the current household and an even slower metabolism for other played Sims.
Tune down Satisfaction Points Overhaul a bit
Use another method to edit cleaning autonomy so that they won't overdo it.
Thank you for reading this long changelog! I have been working on this for a while and I hope they are useful for some of you who want to choose some modules only. 😊
👑  Mod Features of Balanced Life
Early Access HERE 
Public Access: DEC 20
🔹 Links to ALL My Traits, Game Mods, and CCs
🔹List of IDs for creators who want to refer my traits to their own mods 
🔹 List of Chingyu’s CC Traits Name and Descriptions for mod users
🔹 Check Mod Status after a patch & Compatibilities
👁‍🗨 Learn how to install a mod & FAQs
👁‍🗨 Terms of Use
👁‍🗨 Ask Questions/ Suggestions/ Bug Reports on Discord
▶ I need to see a screenshot or LE report to help you figure out what’s wrong!
👁‍🗨 Download on my Patreon
👁‍🗨 Follow me on Twitter
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xsavannahx987 · 10 hours
Tumblr media
All CC on this pack are base game compatible.
dreaded dresser - new mesh, 1 swatch, all lods and shadow (low poly). Fully tested in game. Cost 410$
dream bookshelf - new mesh. 1 swatch, all lods and shadow (low poly). Fully tested in game. Cost 795$
faire folk easel - new mesh, 1 swatch, all lods and shadow (low poly). Fully tested in game. Cost 350$
lit floral lamp - new mesh, 1 swatch, all lods and shadow (low poly). Fully tested in game. Cost 175$
little lullaby crib - new mesh. 1 swatch, all lods and shadow (low poly). Fully tested in game. Cost 490$ (used with the INVISIBLE CRIB mod)
sweet dream seat - new mesh. 1 swatch, all lods and shadow (low poly). Fully tested in game. Cost 410$
vined mirror - new mesh. 1 swatch, all lods and shadow (low poly). Fully tested in game. Cost 140$
To find all objects in game, type [TS3 SWEET ESCAPE NURSERY] in the search bar
CCs are always free but consider to buy me a coffee <3
@moonglitchccfinds @dreamstatesimsfinds @emilyccfinds @sssvitlanz
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aira-cc · 2 months
Tumblr media
Study in Style Set…………🐻
Hello!! I haven't been around for a few days, I hope everyone is doing well ♡ I can finally share the ''study in style set'' I've been working on for a long time. The set was made to be a nice addition to the new expansion pack and consists of 20 items including a new functional computer, mirror, and light. You can see the gif showing all the items and read more information below.
The set includes 20 items:
♡ Ruler&Pencil | 7 Swatches | 66 Polys
♡ Erasers | 10 Swatches | 300 Polys    
♡ Table Light | 13 Swatches | 2k Polys        
♡ Tablet PC | 10 Swatches | 3k Polys          
♡ Mini Calendar | 10 Swatches | 1.2k Polys
♡ Decor Tablet | 6 Swatches | 714 Polys    
♡ Trash Can | 13 Swatches | 726 Polys
♡ Used Trash Can | 13 Swatches | 1.7k Polys
♡ Sticky Notes | 12 Swatches | 146 Polys
♡ Books with a Pen | 10 Swatches | 558 Polys
♡ Notebooks | 14 Swatches | 258 Polys
♡ Paw-Shaped Markers | 6 Swatches | 1.6k Polys
♡ Stacked Books | 7 Swatches | 156 Polys
♡ Digital Clock | 14 Swatches | 206 Polys
♡ Mirror Box | 12 Swatches | 1.5k Polys
♡ Closed Box | 12 Swatches | 358 Polys
♡ Decorated Box | 8 Swatches | 476 Polys
♡ Planner Poster | 10 Swatches | 140 Polys
♡ 2 Piece Painting | 12 Swatches | 96 Polys
♡ Wooden Holder | 8 Swatches | 554 Polys                            
Additional Info:
Tagged swatches
Custom thumbnails
Custom specular maps
Tumblr media
You can quickly access these items by searching “aira” in the game. If you run into any issues please let me know.   
I think the style of working long term and making big sets suits me better. I'm thinking of going this way from now on so my next cc may be after a certain time. Anyway, hope you enjoy these cuties and have fun with them!! 📔🤎
•˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥ Download on Patreon(Early Access until October 20th)
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twisted-cat · 28 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Lip presets ❤️
4 versions
T - E
Custom catalog thumbnails 
🥀 Download 🥀
Public release November 23rd 
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aharris00britney · 2 months
Tumblr media
AxA ALT. | Public Release on 10-22
Tumblr media
Item Index Preview |  Download  |  Follow Ayoshi
The item index linked above will show the basic info for the items in this collab. Below are credits + Patreon and more information.
Tumblr media
Basic info
All items are BGC and do not require other meshes/packages/versions.
All hairs come in 24 EA Colors
The clothes come in 1 out of 3 palettes ► 30 colorful solids  |   palette used ► 35 graphics ► 20 denim
Report any issues to me through Tumblr DM with images.
Follow my TOU for all items
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its-adrienpastel · 2 months
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📑 First Fits Kit - Adult Conversion Add-Ons ·
A pack of 14 converted items from child to male sims age. You don’t need the original kit for this pack.
Base Game Compatible
14 Items: 1 hat, 7 tops, 3 bottoms, 1 acc & 2 pairs of shoes
Male Frame, except for the socks
Original Swatches
All LODs & Maps
✨ Download: Patreon (Free)
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dogsill · 4 months
Tumblr media
the upside down pack
i started this around the time st4 came out and i’m glad you finally get to download it :+)
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
the set includes:
11 hairs and 2 hair accessories,
2 tops and 2 jacket accessories,
2 skirts,
and 3 sim downloads (eleven, max, and chrissy)
slight warning: some of the hairs are high poly, and some aren’t hat compatible. hat incompatible hairs are angela, el, joyce and nancy v1
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wsyzxkw · 3 months
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👉jiumiQAQ Jaw Preset👈
I'd like to share with you a preset I made in 2021. I've been using it for a long time. I decided to share it with you this time. It's really easy to use! Hope someone likes it, thanks🥰
✨ Patreon(Free)
✨ SFS(Free)
❥-Please do not re-upload🤞
❥-Please do not claim as your own🤞
ிThanks to all CC authors✧*。٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و✧*。
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