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While talking to a co-worker, I discussed the idea of leaving friendly fire to an unconventional type of dice.
Nora’s shirt references the Kardasims. (watermelon design)
Yang’s shirt reference
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smallandsundry · 16 hours ago
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a late thing for @beesschneesweek day 7
(feat. the weiss hair from cuz's bees schnees fic)
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Happy bisexuality awareness day
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anthurak · a day ago
Something about Arkos that I feel is often overlooked, yet is precisely what makes their relationship so interesting and compelling is the fact that Pyrrha is so much MORE than just a ‘love interest’ for Jaune.
When we look at the Beacon arc, we can see that even more than a love-interest, Pyrrha is a mentor to Jaune. She’s the first person in the show to really believe in Jaune and actually help him improve. And not just in a vague ‘moral support’ or hackneyed ‘pretty girl believes in the hero guy’ way, but in a very real, tangible case of a seasoned, experienced veteran taking a feckless rookie under her wing and actually training him to be better.
In that context, Pyrrha dying to Cinder in Volume 3 is really less of a ‘tragic death of a love-interest’ and much more of a ‘the mentor makes a big heroic sacrifice’ moment. It’s more like ‘Obi-wan staying behind to hold off Vader’. Which as an aside, is one of the big reasons I’ve always thought Pyrrha’s death was a resounding aversion of the whole ‘fridging’ trope.
And after Pyrrha’s death it’s clear that, more than simply ‘the girl I loved’, Jaune looks to Pyrrha’s memory as an inspiration. As someone whose ideals he aspires to live up to. Pyrrha didn’t give up when things seemed impossible, and so neither will he.
It’s one of the many cases of CRWBY taking a tired and well-worn stroy-telling trope, in this case the archetype of the feckless protagonist guy archetype and the pretty girl he likes, and subverting them and taking them in a far more interesting direction. Jaune isn’t the protagonist and isn’t growing into some boring OP hero-guy. While Pyrrha isn’t just some pretty girl for the hero-guy to pine for. Instead, Jaune is a heroic everyman without any truly special powers who’s nonetheless doing everything he can to help, and Pyrrha is the mentor who always believed in him and whose example he continues to aspire towards.
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bloodraven55 · a day ago
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this specific soft look blake was constantly giving yang in v6 still lives rent free in my head
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tokufan400 · a day ago
Who's hotter?
Yang Xiao Long
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Or Winter Schnee
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Tehshraid, you did not need to call us out like this.
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For my Whiterose followers and community, this is for you. 25 September. 2022.
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Hatoday is the sweetest birthday, and I cannot ask for more. I am not usually the type to share alot about myself but, I had alot of fun and cherish everyone here.
I created alot of memories as well as friends🍇💕
I had a long talk with myself on how to form this thank you note but im gonna go with deeee flow.
Have an amazing day everyone.🍇🍇
Thank you for all your birthday wishes!
Much love, Gray/Gal
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First volumes be like
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devoidaffectu · 2 days ago
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When your gf is gaming but you try’na spend quality time together (based on this)
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waheelawhisperer · a day ago
This shitpost is dedicated to all the smart, sexy, sensational people whose opinions on Yang's ability to flirt roughly align with mine:
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idrownfishes0 · a day ago
Happy(?) Accident
Ruby, shaking Jaune: "Please wake up! Oh my God, I'm sorry!"
Sun: "Junior detectives! EMS and paramedics are on the way."
Ruby: "You finally showed up!"
Sun, speaking in his radio: "I got an 18 year old male, not breathing, no pulse."
Ruby: "You're gonna be okay, I promise, please wake up!"
Sun: "I can do CPR."
Ruby: "Okay, okay-"
Sun: "I need you to tell me what happened."
Ruby: "W-we were hooking up."
Sun: "C'mon, don't you die on me..."
Ruby: "And well, he asked me to sit on his face, and-"
Sun: "Wait, what? You mean you didn't like, hover there? You actually, full force, sat on his face?"
Ruby: "Yes! I mean, he asked me to! Just save him, please!"
Sun: ...
Ruby: "What?"
Sun, removing his hat: "Yeah there's nothing to do here, he's dead."
Ruby: "What do you mean!?"
Sun: "I mean that's awesome!"
Neptune, barging in: "EMS! What's the situation!?"
Ruby: "Oh thank God, someone else!"
Sun: "Dude! She totally sat on his face and killed him!"
Neptune: ...
Ruby: ...
Neptune: "Yeah nothing I can do."
Ruby: "What!?"
Sun: "Homeboy got snailed!"
Neptune: "Miss, you are a queen."
Ruby: "You're not gonna try to revive him!?"
Sun: "I'm a cop second and a man first."
Neptune: "And that's goes against Bro Code."
Sun: "Any guy would love to be killed by having a woman sit on his face."
Ruby: "You guys are the worst!"
Neptune: "This is amazing. I might cry in pride."
Ruby: "I'm a murderer! I should be arrested! I killed my soulmate!"
Sun: "No one's charging you for anything. And you definitely are soulmates."
Neptune: "Inextricably linked... death by snu snu."
Ruby: "Oh my God."
Ren, bursting in: "What happened!?"
Ruby: "Oh thank God, Ren help!"
Neptune: "She sat on his face! No hovering, nothing!"
Ren: "Is that really what happened?"
Ruby: "Yes, all the way!"
Ren, looking at Sun and Neptune: "You both think this is some kind of joke?" *looks at Ruby* "I'm sorry about these clowns."
Ruby: "Yes, thank you, finally! Please-"
Ren: "No, no. We should be thanking you."
Ruby: "Wut."
Ren, staring off proudly: "The death certificate will read... death by poos."
Sun, reverently: "Death by poos..."
Ruby: "You are all terrible!"
Neptune: "Looks like beauty, really did kill the beast."
Sun: "Look! He's smiling!"
Jaune: *smiling peacefully*
Sun: "See? He's great."
Jaune: *wink*
The Boys: *wink back*
Ruby: "HOLY SHIT HE'S ALIVE! Did you see that!? Jaune, speak to me!"
Neptune: "Nah, that was a, involuntary nerve reflex."
Ren: "Sit on his face again, just to be sure."
Ruby: "I hate all of you!" *starts punching Jaune's chest* "I'm not letting you die this way! You're not that cool!"
Sun: "We're gonna bring him down to the morgue, but then... we'll have a viking funeral for him! With a twenty-one gun salute!"
Ren: "He would wanted it that way."
Ruby: "No one's getting a viking funeral!"
Neptune: "We will celebrate his life! But mostly how he died."
Nora, barging in: "Grief counselor, coming through! Ma'am, are you okay?"
Ruby: "Finally, a woman!"
- later -
Nora: "Now I just have a few questions."
Ruby: ...
Nora: "What is the PSI on that dumptruck?"
Ruby: *slaps the shit out of her*
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Weiss angy at her reckless dolt
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i miss them
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had a sudden flash of inspiration and this is the result
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