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fillmargarin 2 days ago
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They kiss馃槼
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pilot-boi 2 days ago
[The squad playing DND]
Nora: So we defeated all the enemies?
Jaune: Yup!
Ruby: And we鈥檙e the only ones here, right
Jaune: Sure are!
Ruby: So the combat is over!
Jaune, grinning: [checks his notes]
Ren: Jaune, the combat is over right?
Jaune, grinning: [rolls some dice]
Jaune: What鈥檚 your AC? :D
Yang: SON OF A-
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howlingday a day ago
(Jaune Strife AU) having finally decide it was time for Jaune to stop fighting with the toothpick, having cleaned up his old sword from the cliffside outside his old home, Cloud sends the old Buster Sword to Jaune at Beacon, his friends seeing the weapon tries to lift it but can't and Jaune picks it up like it's light as paper like no problem.
"Woah..." Jaune stared in awe at the weapon on the bench behind the bar. Five feet of steel and about one foot of handle stared at Jaune as he stared back. "Dad's sword."
"Yup," Tifa nodded, "he said he wanted you to give a few swings while he was out trying out some new weapon."
"Dang!" Yang whistled. "That's some hunk of metal on a stick!"
"It's called a-"
"IT'S CALLED A BUSTER SWORD!" Ruby shrieked over Jaune. "This is a weapon that requires a lot of strength to wield! I doubt even you could lift it, Yang!"
"Oh, is that right?" Yang chuckled. "May I?"
"Uh, sure, go ahead." Jaune stepped back.
Yang chuckled as she stepped up. Rubbing her hands, she gripped the handle with both hands and grunted as she tried to lift it.
"Got it!" She shouted, before it wobbled and made her stagger from it's sudden weight change. "Whoa, whoa, whoa!"
" I gotcha!" Jaune stepped up to catch it.
"JAUNE, NO!" Tifa called out.
But it was too late. The heavy blade bit into Jaune's gloves, and he winced as he felt it cut into his skin.
"You okay?" Yang asked.
"Y-Yeah, just... lower it slowly." Jaune grunted as he and Yang lowered the weapon together. He let out a long sigh as he felt his aura heal him. "Still haven't learned to use aura as a shield." He muttered to himself.
Jaune picked up the sword by the handle and carried it to the table. Ruby and Yang stood in awe at the strength the young man had, as he carried it easily with two hands.
"By the way," Jaune turned to Ruby, clicking a button that separated the blade into two, "it's a fusion sword, not a buster sword."
"Oh, you want to get into semantics, Vomit Boy?" Ruby scowled as she stomped up to him. "I will semantic you under this table!"
Tifa chuckled as she watched as her son was chastised by a girl much younger than him.
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iamafanofcartoons a day ago
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Ruby only uses her dream coins for very important things. Artist JumJamz RWBY Ice Queendom https://twitter.com/JumJamz/status/1553571736003788800
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notmaplemable a day ago
Love Heals All Wounds
Jaune Arc lies on the ground. Aura shattered, exhausted, defeated.
Ruby: Jaune, no!
Ruby petal bursts to her best friend. Holding his head in her lap. Tears in her eyes.
Ruby: You can't give up Jaune. Because 鈥 because-
Jaune: Ruby?
Ruby: Because I love you!
Jaune: Wh-
Ruby kisses Jaune.
Ruby: And the power *kiss* of my love *kiss* will *kiss* heal *kiss* you! *kiss*
Jaune: *Accepts his fate*
Pyrrha: I guess we're done sparring for the day.
Jaune and Ruby: *Still making out on the ground*
Pyrrha: I should give them some privacy.
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gndr-nv a day ago
Jokes I made that I thought were funny at like 1am
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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wu-sisyphus-gang a day ago
Ruby: If you really love me you won't do those hallucinogens. You'll be honest with your doctor's and follow their orders and stop self medicating.
Jaune: *stares at her*
Jaune: *stares at the bag of drugs in his hands*
Jaune: *without looking at her holds the bag of drugs out to her*
Ruby: *takes it from him*
Ruby: These wouldn't have made you happy anyways. You made the right decision.
Jaune: I'm worried that nothing will ever make me happy again.
Ruby: Don't I make you happy?
Jaune: Sometimes. Sometimes it all seems so pointless. I'm sorry.
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fatallybsessedart 22 hours ago
Lil' & Volume 1 Ruby Models
Tumblr media
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redheartedtramp 2 days ago
Jaune: Finally, my new laptop is here!
Ruby: What was wrong with your old one?
Jaune: *points to the remains of his old laptop, which has a bite taken out of it*
Ruby: ...Nora?
Jaune: Grimm Attack, actually, but good guess. *opens the door and hauls in a big box*
Ruby: Wow, that鈥檚 pretty big...
Jaune: Yeah.
Nora: *Is about to laugh, but Yang overs her mouth*
Yang: Shush, not yet...
One Un-Boxing Session
Jaune: ...
Ruby: ...
The Laptop: *Is smol*
Ruby: Wow, big things really do come in small packages.
Nora: *snorts*
Yang: *covers mouth and giggles*
Jaune: Yeah, well, it IS more powerful than my old laptop. So, this is purely an improvement.
Ruby: Yeah, you of all people should know that size isn鈥檛 everything.
Nora/Yang: *falls over, laughing*
Jaune: Oh come on, you did that one on purpose!
Ruby: Ha! Yeah~
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yangfanbb 16 hours ago
Artist: twitter.com/b_counter25
Tumblr media
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fillmargarin a day ago
Tumblr media
Gamer Ruby and SDC CEO Weiss 馃憖
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meowkomiko 17 hours ago
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rwbybutincorrect 2 days ago
Ruby: I thought you liked me!
Weiss: I do like you Ruby, but you鈥檙e a hot mess!
Ruby: 鈥o you think I鈥檓 hot?
Weiss: Don鈥檛 make this weird.
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howlingday a day ago
Ruby: Why don't you want to go to therapy?
Jaune: Because I'd rather not waste the therapist's time. They have to deal with real problems, like people who could be the next Tyrian Callows, or victims of Grimm attacks. One sad boy about one bad day isn't worth their time or effort, and not worth anyone's money.
Ruby: It's worth my money!
Jaune: Really? When you could use that money to buy cookies, or upgrade Crescent Rose, or get a better boyfriend?
Ruby: Money can't bring back someone I love if they kill themselves! Please... Please, go to therapy... for me?
Jaune: ...
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thepalestrose 2 days ago
Weiss, exasperated: Why do you always have to be so difficult?!
Ruby, pouting: I鈥檓 not going to dignify that with an answer.
Weiss: Because you don鈥檛 have one?
Ruby: Well, duh! Why else would I pull that line?
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gorillageek27 a day ago
Ruby: love heals all wounds
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wu-sisyphus-gang 2 days ago
Jaune: *coughs blood*
Ruby: Don't die Jaune!
Jaune: Don't tell me what to do!
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