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shapooda · a year ago
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Together again
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ratcandy · 6 months ago
i am not immune to parental/familial dynamics between a villain/antagonist and a small child that just will not leave them alone
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melonthesprigatito · 2 months ago
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knowlesian · 2 months ago
hot david simon take: sure, the wire deserves all the praise it gets but treme and generation kill should get way way more
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idratherdreamofjune · 5 months ago
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One of the Ukrainian photographers I’ve been following, who goes by Libkos on Instagram (he encourages free sharing of his work). He has a great eye.
Translation of the captions on the last two:
And it united us all. The one general and right thing: stand up for yourself. And each of us does something to contribute. And each of us has our own weapons.
. . . . . .
My last nerve when the comments say that the war in Ukraine is fake
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nulfaga · 26 days ago
Well i'm lasering this shit tattoo and in one year's time the only people who call/know me by my first name will be my direct family and medical professionals. on top of that i'm going to test the waters for the monosyllabic nickname i've always dreamed of...ideally at a new job cause i never hold those down for more than 6 months so if i hate it i'm not wedded to it. <3 i don't understand why making a liveable life is so hard like you need the conviction and cold ruthlessness of an hbo villain to pull it off. Crazy
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scurybooween · a year ago
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Monster World Magazine Scan TARANTULA 1955
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spockvarietyhour · 3 months ago
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Sateda’s undergone a bit of a change since we last saw it.
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love-is-four-legged-word · 4 months ago
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From: Meet Rubble! My second hand, former city dog. @Empress-Khaos
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alex-fa-main · 6 months ago
fun fact one of joes older cousins was actually meant to be near the WTC on 9/11, but had skipped his meeting bc he was too hungover
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tomorrowusa · a year ago
Things are not going well for Donald Trump in recent months. He lost the election, his attempted coup failed, and he became the only president to be impeached twice. He’s now facing numerous lawsuits and he’s facing financial ruin.
Perhaps symbolic of Trump’s collapse is the demolition of the Trump Plaza and Casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey today.
The foolish people who claimed that they voted for Trump because he was supposed to be such an ingenious businessman don’t understand that this stable genius declared bankruptcy six times.
Owning a casino is almost like having a machine that prints cash -- Trump could not manage even that.
Some other news just in...
Talk Show Host Rush Limbaugh, A Conservative Lodestar, Dies At 70
Let’s just say that I’m happy Rush lived long enough to see Joe Biden become president.
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I had a dream based on ch.10 of Magia Record, it was super cool but here are some highlights.
- Wally was attacking in broad daylight instead of the night
- the suzune girls plus hikaru had created musical instruments and a band out of various parts of the city, and were playing it to motivate everyone else.
- there wasn’t as much destruction before Wally appeared, but when she hit land the shockwaves could instantly be felt, like a terrible earthquake. She also had a grief seed-like pin coming out of the top of her head that impacted the earth
- there was a bit where everyone thought Wally had been defeated, and were leaving, only to have her appear in the (perfectly intact) city, where for some reason the buildings were too tightly packed to see her. The terrible, echoing laugh ran out as you wondered where she was, where she would strike next, knowing you can’t outrun her or avoid the blasts, that all you could do was hide. At the end, my ears were popping and I was starting to freak out- I could hear her charging up an attack, some sort of massive beam. I knew it would level at least four blocks, cutting a massive dent through the map. I knew I couldn’t get out in time. It was terrifying.
- for some reason, I was certain That Touka had unleashed at least 4 big beam attacks like that last chapter, but never on this scale
- the band girls plus some kind of villain-mentor-kind meguca (toukas cousin maybe?) watched Wally make landfall from a nearby building.
- at one point sana was running only to have a nearby building shatter, and for the glass to superheat, melt, form together and cool all in the space of seconds. She was unharmed, barely.
- I also knew that after Wally’s big beam attack everyone caught in it would be captured by the magius, so I guess like with Iroha in chapter nine but it’s everybody.
Ajdhfksldsf that’s all I got I just woke up sorry if it makes no sense or is accidentally offensive I didn’t want to lose this before waking up completely
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bgresearch · a year ago
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Japan Sinks 2020
Studio: Science SARU
AD: Yôji Yoshikawa,  Hiromichi Ito, and  Fumihisa Akai  
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horrordetective · a year ago
seb living in krimson city didn’t make the aftermath of beacon any better at all.
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crowcryptid · a year ago
oh shit I heard about what happened with the buildings, I hope you'll be alright man
I’ll be fine it’s just like. Not something you’d ever expect to see. Ya know?
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the best christmas song is hungover in the city of dust by autoheart. no it’s not technically a christmas song but it is
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aholdingspace · a year ago
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Dina Haddadin.
1-2. "Guilty Landscapes,” Pencil on Paper, 2013.
Adolfo Natalini wrote in 1971 
“…if design is merely an inducement to consume, then we must reject design; if architecture is merely the codifying of bourgeois model of ownership and society, then we must reject architecture; if town planning is merely the formalization of present unjust social divisions, then we must reject its cities… …Architecture is one of the superstructures of power. This is a rejection of the power and its grid; a symbol of the alien inserted into the familiar landscape; flattened, geometricized, ordered, anti-natural, anti-mimetic, anti-real. An order of regularity, certainty and uniformity. Stone, metal and concrete abstracted into a singular geometric form, to create the cell of the system, woven into, interlocked, stacked or aligned to.. You have the power to shape that system of whatever order, in our guilty landscapes."
3. "861 - How to Disappear.” Laser print mounted on wood. 14 x 20 cm. 2013.
861 is the plot number given to the neighborhood subject to an important demolition, after which this photograph was taken to show the remains of the neighborhood disappearing into a cloud of white dust.
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