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Rowan wakes up to Aelin screaming like she’s being murdered and grabs a bat by the side of their bed, running to where he heard her, but she actually just snuck out of bed to watch a scary movie.
A/N: As soon as I read this prompt, I could literally picture the entire fiasco in my head. Happy Spooky Season! T/W: Language
Tumblr media
Rowan shot up in bed as Aelin's scream rang through the house. He was on his feet before the house had gone quiet again, and although his mind was wide awake his body wasn't quite there yet. He swayed on his feet as he took a step and reached for the old wooden bat that sat near their bed.
It had been signed by one of his favorite baseball players when he was young and he had never gotten rid of it. He didn't realize that the first time he would use it in years would be so bash someone's head in.
Somewhere between his run from the bedroom to the living room, which included the winding flight of stairs, Rowan's feet finally began working like they should. Alarm hit him at last, the realization of what he was running towards causing a panic deep within his gut.
"Aelin!" he called, but there was no answer.
He ran faster.
Just as he was rounding the corner to the living room, he lifted the bat with both hands, ready to strike.
Only for it to fall right back down.
On the couch, Aelin was curled up with a blanket and her laptop. Her earbuds were in as she stared at the screen in anticipation, her eyes nearly bugging out of her head.
"Fuck," he breathed, pinching his brow. Just noticing he was standing there, Aelin jumped and screamed again. Rowan flipped on the lights as she yanked out her earbuds.
"You scared me!" she hissed, pausing her movie.
"I scared you?" he asked, throwing the bat on the ground. "You screamed bloody murder! I thought someone was in here, kidnapping you!"
Aelin's eyes softened as she stretched out her legs. "Rowan Whitethorn, were you coming to save me?"
He snorted, walking to the couch and plopping down beside her. "Debatable, considering you woke me up from a hell of a dream."
"Oh?" she asked, draping those legs across his lap. "Was I in that dream?"
"You're in every dream," he promised with a yawn.
Aelin's eyes narrowed as the softest shade of pink tinted her cheeks. "Shut up and lay down with me. I've got forty minutes left."
After disconnecting her earbuds from her laptop, she sat it on the coffee table and pressed play. Rowan got back up to turn off the lights before he settled in behind Aelin under her blanket, his arms going around her.
He hated scary movies and was asleep within two minutes.
It didn't matter, though. All that mattered was that Aelin was safe and sound, back in his arms as he drifted away to the sound of Halloween playing in the background.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Today we succeeded something very important and Brom needs a goddamn nap
 Aboleths are the worst creatures in existence
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Tumblr media
Duskwight enjoyers rise up!! 🌿
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“he’s the only man ever” i say that about 7 different fictional characters
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Tumblr media
Gosh, this took me forever to finish and my patience has been running low so let’s call it done xD A little summer vibes picture with Meli at the beach 🏖
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Tumblr media
Just a royal portrait of Rowan Whitethorn! And yes he’s mad cuz aelin forced him to do it and to wear this suit!
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Rowan : All I heard was “I swear it’ll be funny” and then we were in jail.
Aelin : [still laughing]
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Tumblr media
July 2022
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
A Brambling/bergfink enjoying some rowan berries.
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Aelin, on the phone: Hey Rowan, can Fenrys and I borrow 2500 bucks?
Rowan: Why do you need 2500 bucks?
Aelin: ...For... an escape room.
Rowan: What kind of escape room costs 2500 bucks?
Fenrys, lying on the floor from the background: JAIL.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
My foxes :)
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Tumblr media
painted another starling
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Rowan, duskwight travelling medic and aether expert (they/them) 🌿
A mysterious figure that travels around Eorzea, wearing loose black robes and always covering their face with a veil and/or a hood. 
Hi-res on my Patreon!
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Rowaelin reunion sex for when Rowan finally comes home in “rowaelin phone sex”
Part 2 to this prompt!
*Warning: NSFW, 18+. Enjoy..!
Tumblr media
Aelin couldn't contain her excitement. In fact, she had spent the majority of her day cleaning her apartment, just to give her something to do so that she wasn't waiting at the door like a damn puppy.
Her apartment had never been cleaner.
Who could blame her, though? Her man was now a college graduate and was moving back home, to Orynth, where Aelin had been living alone for months, thanks to the killer internship she had been granted after earning her own degree in the Fall.
They had waited for what had felt like forever for this, and it was finally happening. Rowan was moving back home, moving in with her. They would be starting their life together and it was about damn time.
He had called half an hour before to tell her that he was nearly there, but with it being a Saturday night in the city, Aelin was certain that traffic was atrocious. Not knowing the exact second that he would walk through the front door had her anxiety thrumming, every second that passed felt like an eternity that she simply could not bear.
Five minutes passed.
Then ten.
Aelin went to the fridge and pulled out the bottle of wine she had gotten that morning. Nothing calmed her like wine - hell, alcohol calmed the majority of the human race, and thank the gods for it. She poured a glass and took a long, slow drink as a knock came to the front door.
She practically dropped the glass on the counter and hauled ass across the living room before throwing the door open.
Rowan stood there, dressed in sweatpants and a t-shirt, a backpack on his back and a duffle bag over his shoulder.
He smiled.
Aelin practically melted in a puddle at his feet.
Before she could even form a complete thought, her arms were thrown around his neck and she was breathing him in. Rowan laughed quietly, kissing her cheek, and her neck, before holding her close.
It had been far too long since they'd touched, far too long since they'd seen one another face to face. Now, it was everything that Aelin hoped it would be. He smelled just as she remembered, like pine and a cold winter morning. It brought her instant comfort.
"I missed you," she breathed, even though she had told him every day since they had parted. Yet, there was something thrilling about the fact that she could now say it to his face.
She stepped back and took his face into her hands, just to make sure that he was real.
"I missed you, too," he promised, and blinked. "Can I come in, or-"
Aelin rolled her eyes and nudged him in the shoulder, but she stepped aside and he crossed the threshold. "Is that all you brought?" she asked, nodding to his bags.
Rowan shook his head as he shut the door behind him. "Boxes are in the car. I'll get them tomorrow." He dropped his bags on the rug and Aelin was in his arms, once more. "There are far more important things I’d rather do tonight."
Aelin grinned, her arms going around his neck as his forehead fell against hers. "Oh? And do you care to share these important things that must be done?"
Rowan took the back of her head and pulled her face towards his. He kissed her, slowly, his arms around her tightening. His fingers wove into her hair and she moaned, quietly, as her tongue found its way into his mouth.
After a moment, Rowan pulled back and scrunched his nose. "I've been in the car all day. Sorry if I stink-"
"I don't care." The words were rushed, and she didn't wait for him to reply before she was kissing him again. She needed him, needed every inch of him, needed to taste his lips and everything else he had to offer. It had been far, far too long. "I need you."
He didn't need to hear anything more. He carried her into the living room and laid her down on the couch before crawling on top of her, careful to evenly distribute his weight. His lips trailed from her mouth down her jaw and latched onto the base of her neck. A soft moan escaped in the midst of Aelin’s deep breaths as her legs tightened around his waist, her fingers diving deep into his messy, silver hair.
She could feel his length already hardening as he shifted his body, one hand cradling the back of her head as he sucked the tender skin.
Her hands fell from his hair and down his back, feeling those muscles beneath his T-shirt as they flexed. She needed to feel his skin, feel his warmth, trace that damned tattoo she loved so much. Finding the hem of his shirt, Aelin lifted it up, feeling every inch of his skin as she went. He shifted, his lips only leaving her neck so that he could help pull it up over his head and toss it aside. He went down to kiss her again, put she placed her palms on his broad chest and he halted.
His eyes were wild, hardly any green able to be seen. Aelin’s fingers trailed the tattoo that went down his neck and across his chest before continuing its path, rememorizing each defined muscle of his abdomen. Those fingertips trailed the waist of his sweats and Rowan’s breathing grew shallow.
“Now’s not the time to tease,” he joked, but his voice was low, ragged.
Aelin grinned up at him. “But you love it when I tease.”
“Do I?” He asked, as she slid her fingers into the sides of his sweats like hooks, ready to bring them down.
“The anticipation only makes it that much more rewarding,” she crooned, and he shook his head, something between annoyance and pure adoration shining in his eyes.
To be sure the annoyance didn’t pull ahead, she tugged down his sweatpants a little bit, then a little bit more, until they were down to his shins. He kicked them off and Aelin’s hands roamed. She couldn’t stop feeling him, couldn’t get enough. Every touch reminded her that he was here. Finally, he was home.
Rowan kissed her again, not withholding a thing. It was not gentle, not in the slightest, as if every brush of their lips was simply not enough. No, for it to be enough, teeth had to be clashing, their tongues colliding. They could not get close enough.
His lips trailed down her skin until he was at her waist, his teeth nipping at the hem of her sweater. Aelin rose and pulled it off, not wanting to waste any more time with pleasantries. She’d had her hands on him, now she wanted his hands on her.
Rowan fell back on the couch against her collection of fluffy pillows and Aelin climbed onto him, straddling his waist. Grabbing onto her hips, Rowan traced the outline of her bra with his lips, his tongue. Aelin’s head fell back and she let him explore.
Rough hands swept up her back and took the clasp of her bra, undoing it with ease. He pulled it down as he leaned back and stared in awe of seeing her breasts in person, yet again.
“FaceTime doesn’t do them justice?” Aelin asked, teasingly, but her voice had gone hoarse.
His eyes flashed in response as he palmed them both, the perfect fit in his large hands, before pulling her close to him and circling one peaked nipple with his tongue, then the other. Aelin’s head fell back as he sucked and nipped, her hips starting to rock ever so slightly. He groaned, the sound reverberating through her body. He bit down on her nipple and she gasped, fingers diving into his hair, pressing every inch of her she could up against him.
As he sucked and licked and bit, he slid her shorts and panties down together, just enough for him to slip a finger between her slick folds. He groaned again when he felt how wet she was becoming. A long finger slid up inside her as his other hand palmed the breast his lips weren’t latched to.
“Fuck,” he muttered, and Aelin’s hip movements grew more pronounced as he added a second finger to his teasing chaos. She rode his hand, her eyes falling shut as he consumed all of her senses.
Just as her knees began to shake, Rowan was pushed her back and dropping her down against the couch cushions. She was about to pout as he hovered above her, feeling the absence of his fingers, but then he was taking off the remainder of her clothes completely and settling himself between her thighs. He bit the inside of one thigh, and she gasped, then he did the same with the other. She had just managed to brace herself as he dragged his tongue between her folds, and then he devoured her.
Aelin cried out, grabbing her tender breasts as Rowan’s mouth, his lips, his tongue sucked and licked and fucked.
She was seeing stars, her orgasm approaching quickly and spilling over as he gave her everything. He didn’t stop until her body had gone slack and when he stopped and looked up at her, the bastard was grinning wickedly, his chin soaked with her release. He licked his lips as he climbed up her body and pressed his mouth against hers, his tongue sliding between her lips.
Aelin always thought that tasting herself on his tongue was erotic as hell. It sent a jolt through her pleasure-filled body.
Grabbing him by the back of his hair, Aelin pulled him far enough back to meet his eyes and smiled, chest heaving. “Sit back.”
Rowan raised a brow but did as he was told. His hard length was perfectly outlined in his boxer-briefs as he fell back against the couch and Aelin’s eyes remained on the glorious sight until she was on her knees, tugging them down.
He came free and Aelin’s lips were instantly there, pressing a teasing kiss to the head of his cock as she took him into her hands.
Rowan’s eyes fell shut, his breathing ragged as she pumped, slowly. His brows furrowed and his lips parted as Aelin bent down and ran her tongue from his base to his tip. He swore, and Aelin loved the sound of it.
She was perfectly aware of the hold she had on Rowan Whitethorn. Just as he was fully aware of the hold he had on her.
Her head bobbed as she took him in a little more with each pass. Her mouth and her hands worked in tandem, and she swore she was enjoying it just as much as he was. His chest rose and fell just a little bit faster, and he swore again as he took the back of her head and gripped the golden strands. His hips bucked and Aelin moaned, mouth full.
Then those fingers that were so deeply wrapped in her hair yanked her head back and Aelin’s mouth came off his cock just as the tip slid deep into her throat. She looked at him, about to beg him to let her take his cock into her mouth once more when he said those two little words.
“Come here,” he pleaded, his voice mangled and desperate. Aelin mirrored the sentiment and it took nothing more for her to climb onto his lap and straddle his waist. He took her face into his hands. “I love you.”
“I love you,” she breathed, and kissed him deeply. He took her waist into his hands but Aelin did not need any guidance. She reached between them and gripped his cock, positioning it at her entrance. She slid onto him without any hesitation, falling until she was seated at the hilt. She closed her eyes, dwelling in his fullness before rocking her hips back and forth, side to side.
Rowan groaned, the fingers he had at her sides digging in a little bit deeper into her skin as she started to bounce. He watched in awe, hands sweeping up her sides to palm the breasts that bounced in front of him.
Aelin’s eyes rolled back in her head as she cursed, and Rowan growled in response. He had always loved her filthy mouth, a trait that Aelin, herself, was also proud of.
Unable to control his own urges, Rowan flipped them over and thrust his hips into hers, relentlessly. He set a swift, undeviating pace, the sound of his skin slapping against hers the only thing to be heard above their frantic breaths. Forgetting how much bigger he was than she, Rowan fell on top of her, his mouth unable to keep away from hers any longer. Every taste of him set Aelin's body on fire from the inside out.
Rowan's thrusts became faster, harder, and her body went limp beneath him as pure pleasure flooded her system. She and Rowan had fucked more times than she could count at this point in their relationship. They had been together since high school, had graduated from Orynth High and their adolescence, had gone to college together and stayed in each other's dorms and apartments more than in their own. Fucking was nothing new, but every damn time gave her the same feeling as the very first time.
She loved this man.
Was so in love with this man that fucking him would never get old. She would never grow tired of it, would always crave it, would always feel stronger and wilder and whole in his arms, with his cock deep inside of her.
He bit her neck and she cried out as he soothed it over with his tongue, with his lips. Gods, she loved his teeth, loved when they grazed, when they marred her skin. Her nails dug into his back and the sound that left him was guttural.
Aelin's knees began to shake and the rush of excitement that flooded her core was building stronger and stronger. He leaned back, his thumb pressing against her clit, circling it as he pounded into her again and again.
"Cum for me," Rowan whispered, his words reverent and whole.
She did as he asked, her release once again controlling her body. She cried out his name, or maybe it was a curse, or maybe it was a prayer, she didn't know. All she knew was that her body tensed as she came, but then she felt free from the bonds of the distance that had separated them. Rowan only thrust into her a couple more times before his own orgasm took hold, and he came into her, each slow, ragged thrust earning its own deep groan into her mouth.
Above her, Rowan went still, then he fell onto her, his body limp and damp with sweat. Aelin ran a loving hand up his back and into his hair as they caught their breaths together in the silence of her apartment.
Their apartment.
Rowan pushed himself up on his elbows and smiled, sheepishly. His eyes were bright, his skin flushed. "Did I even say hi when I walked through the door?"
Aelin laughed, quietly. "Yeah, I'm pretty sure you did. Although, if you didn't, that was a hell of a hello."
Rowan's grin widened and he leaned down to kiss her again, softly. "I'll take more time with you next time," he promised. "But, I've been waiting for that for months."
"Me too," she said, and her arms went around her neck as she kissed him again. She wouldn't be able to stop kissing him, wouldn't be able to stop reminding herself that he was really there.
Rowan was home.
He was in their home.
They had survived the horrid long-distance relationship, had survived the worst of what most couples would have to face. Now, they could finally live in the present, together.
For the first time in months, Aelin felt whole. The love of her life had returned to her and now their future could begin.
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