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East Blue shenanigans nostalgia
edit bc I realized I flipped this at some point so sanji looked Wrong oops forgive me
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hi (⊙ᴗ⊙)◜✧˖°
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♡ DILFS DILFS DILFS: tummy kisses w/ dilf!Zoro & gn!reader
a/n: requested by dad bod anon, thank you for picking this sweet prompt! i don't know who you are but i hope you see this (.❛ ᴗ ❛.) i rarely write Zoro (a shame) so this was such a pleasant surprise to work on! if you squint there's slight angst in the beginning (reader having a nightmare) but it gets resolved quickly and afterwards it's just very fluff, i promise.
word count: 891
Tumblr media
An arm flings over you in the gray of dawn and pulls you close, your face pressed against his bare chest. Zoro rests his big hand on top of your head as he mumbles, eyelids fluttering as his consciousness tumbles between sleep and being awake. Usually Zoro could sleep through every obstacle, but something in the tone of your voice had him on the edge.
You bite your tongue and try to blink away those tears. Crushed by the weight of his arm and how tight he was holding you, there is nothing for you to do except to sink deeper into his embrace and let him hold you until all sadness would leave your body with the rising sun.
"You're crying."
Zoro's voice is low and raspy, the words falling out of his mouth from a sleepdrunk tongue. Still, he sits up a little, enough so he can muster you in the hazy light of the cabin, one hand brushing the hair out of your face that clung to your tear-streaked cheeks. The wrinkles on his forehead run even deeper from the way he is frowning, his gaze full of worry.
"Bad dreams again?"
You nod weakly and wipe your eyes with the back of your hand. Those nightmares have been plaguing you for as long as you can remember, crawling under the blankets with you like an old friend at night. And while you didn't wake up screaming and panting anymore ever since Zoro cradled your heart in his hands, the lingering feeling of rotten fear sometimes still sat heavy on your chest.
Zoro lays down again and pulls you on top of him so your head can rest in the crook of his neck, his calloused hands drawing circles on your skin. He knows that just holding you tight helps you calm down, his steady heartbeat underneath you reminding you to breathe again. Your tears dry as you snuggle closer, making sure there’s not an inch between you. 
He hums when you place a kiss on the side of his neck, tilting his head slightly so you can kiss upwards to his jaw, muttering his name between kisses. He looks gorgeous just laying there, with his green hair slowly turning gray at the temples, his sharp features softened by the early-morning haze, the sun not up yet to dip him into gold again.
"I love you... haven't told you today...", you mumble between a few more kisses on his cheek and the corner of his mouth.
"We're barely awake...", Zoro says with a low voice, smiling against your lips. His eyes are closed and his breath slow and steady, ready to sink into another slumber again now that you are nestled in the safety of his arms, protected from any nightmare.
"I love the way my name sounds out of your mouth." You kiss his lips again, and no matter how many years it's been ever since you did so for the first time, it still felt like painting the sky in the brightest colors. "And I love how you take one glance at me and just know." 
Your lips flutter over his shut eyelids, and if you wanted you could count his long lashes as you kissed the stars. Zoro leans into your touch as you take his face into your hands, his arms wrapped around your waist, never letting you go.
"There's not a thing I don't love about you, Zoro." – “And you have my whole heart, y/n.”
Zoro isn’t one to be overly cheesy when it comes to love, but he got undeniably softer with age. Things have changed from when he first confessed to you with a stern voice, stuttered out words and flushed cheeks that made you wonder at that time if he was mad at you, until he grabbed you by your shoulders and pulled you in a kiss that conveyed everything he felt, leaving you breathless.
Years later and all it needs is a finger tilting up your chin so he can gaze at you softly while he puts into words how deep his love runs for you, almost making it sound like a spell from the way he pulls on your heartstrings.
You kiss down from his neck to his chest, kissing along the scar across his torso, down to his stomach; a kiss for every day he made you the happiest you have ever been. This was a tummy that storaged love – all the countless times you have napped on it, the great meals you shared together, his hands pressing yours onto it when he wanted to feel you closer… 
Zoro hums again and it almost feels like a big cat purring, the vibrations resonating under your lips as you cover every inch of his dad bod in kisses. His skin is warm –he always is– and surprisingly soft, smelling like him, like home.
No matter how many tears you cried over a nightmare, you can always be sure that your lover will be there for you, opening his arms and holding you until you calmed down; and even if he can’t just cut the sadness out of you, he makes sure you will know just how loved you are, from dusk till dawn, for as long as the tides were drawn to the moon.
Forever yours.
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🌻Chibi Fullbody x 3 +extra detail 💫
✨TOS: https://pillowpapercommis.carrd.co
🌱 #commissions are OPEN 24/7
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Moomin x One Piece
Why I can't have more specieses from moomin lore in media than moomins and snorks 🫠 Zoro here is a Hemulens dum dums.
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Cream's Masterlist
All fics below are NSFW!
Monkey D. Luffy
A Satisfactory Alternative (feat. Zoro and Sanji): F!Reader Burning Up: M!Reader Hole in the Wall (feat. Sanji and Zoro): F!Reader Naivete: F!Reader NSFW Alphabet
Roronoa Zoro
A Satisfactory Alternative (feat. Luffy and Sanji): F!Reader Hole in the Wall (feat. Sanji and Zoro): F!Reader Denial: M!Reader Disturbance: F!Reader Hole in the Wall (feat. Sanji and Luffy): F!Reader Introductions (feat. Ace): F!Reader Irresistable: F!Reader Like A Fine Wine (feat. Sanji): F!Reader Naughty Knots: F!Reader NSFW Alphabet Pirate Hunter: GN!Reader Purebred (feat. Sanji): F!Reader Slip of the Tongue: F!Reader Vulnerability: F!Reader
Vinsmoke Sanji
A Little of Your Time: F!Reader A Satisfactory Alternative (feat. Luffy and Zoro): F!Reader Greedy: GN!Reader Have Your Cake: F!Reader Hole in the Wall (feat. Luffy and Zoro): F!Reader Just A Taste: F!Reader Like A Fine Wine (feat. Zoro): F!Reader NSFW Alphabet Only The Best (feat. Nami): F!Reader Passion Fruit: F!Reader Piece of Cake: F!Reader Purebred (feat. Zoro): F!Reader Table for Two: F!Reader
Experimental: F!Reader Hidden in Plain Sight: F!Reader NSFW Alphabet Sweet Dreams: F!Reader Two Sides of the Same Coin: F!Reader Wrapped Around Your Finger: F!Reader
Girls' Night (feat. Robin): F!Reader NSFW Alphabet Only The Best (feat. Sanji): F!Reader
Nico Robin
Girls' Night (feat. Nami): F!Reader Mommy? Sorry!: F!Reader NSFW Alphabet
NSFW Alphabet
Boned: GN!Reader
Portgas D. Ace
(Don't) Stop!: F!Reader Introductions (feat. Zoro): F!Reader NSFW Alphabet
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can we haveee zoro's gf being jealous bc some girls were flirting with him but since he's stupid he didn't get it that dumbassjdkjssj
make out sex maybe..?
warnings: nsfw contains: non-explicit smut reader: gender neutral words: 0.3k
Mature content under the cut
Tumblr media
Zoro can barley trust anyone, always being mindful of any new people around him. However when it came to free sake... well, he could throw all his rules out of the window. You didn't mind the first few times it happened, shaking it off as just another person trying to get at him but it quickly became frustrating when he didn't seem to realize what they were doing.
He could tell something was up the moment you left the bar, the way you didn't hold his hand the whole walk to the Sunny and you barely speaking a word. He wanted your voice to point out every interesting thing in sight but you never said a word.
He pulled you into your bedquarters, needing an end your your silent anger but didn't think you would be so mad over something like that. It wasn't like he slept with them, only accepted a few drinks from them. But then again... he would not enjoy the sight of you taking drinks from another. He could barely stand Sanji and that was your cook.
He would admit, it was a bit stupid of him to accept another persons drink but he really didn't see it as such during the moment. Zoro was never one for words, so it was no surprise when he pulled you against his lips, muttering a soft "m' sorry" under his breath. However it was a surprise when he pushed you back on the bed, ridding you of your shirt and pants in only a few moments.
“Fuck... you know I love you." he said, breath dancing along the skin of your neck as he spoke. Your nails dug into the skin of his back, the push of his hips against your was intoxicating. "Don’t wanna fight, okay? Just let me make you feel good”
Tumblr media
Taglist: @roronoazzoroo
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I need to eat him.
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Zoro’s google search history:
1) is there a disorder for getting lost
2) I’m not lost but how do I get to where I’m going
3) how far can rubber dicks stretch—
4) what does it mean when you can’t stop thinking about your captain and you would give anything in the world to make him happy as well as giving up your own dreams and killing anyone who dares to get in his way?
5) workouts to make my man tits bigger
6) does being obsessed with swords mean I’m gay
7) why do my friends say I need to go to Alcoholics Anonymous?
*put down other things you think Zoro would google* 😂😂😂😂
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Law: I have to tell you something.
Bepo: Okay?
Law: I'm in love with someone.
Bepo: ...okay?
Law: It's Zoro-ya.
Bepo: ...
Law: Thoughts?
Bepo: And prayers.
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This goes so hard
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beneathashadytree · 2 days ago
omg hello! I was the anon that requested that law one shot and can i just say, it was so perfect. i feel like you wrote for him so well i absolutely adored it sm. thank you for taking the time to write it! it was so well written and I felt like law wasn’t ooc at all ahhh. tysm.
anyways i saw you were still looking for more one piece requests so i decided i’d request again (if that’s okay? if not ignore me, my apologies.) but another one piece man that i am absolutely head over heels for is zoro. i simp for this man so hard oml. if you could write a zoro x reader where the reader is jealous of hiryori and her interactions with zoro during the wano arc i will cry (i think i speak for most zoro simps when i say we were all jealous of this girl during this arc.) i guess this would fall under a hurt/comfort genre too? idk. i’d imagine reader is part of the straw hats though, and that there’s a some sort of unspoken preexisting relationship there but that’s all up to you! thank you so much!
Tumblr media
Warnings : general negative feelings, this isn’t to depict Hiyori in a bad light at all, there will be lots of plot holes in this because I am nowhere near Wano, this isn’t proofread, reader is gender-neutral!
Genre : hurt/comfort (my fav hehe)
Word count : 3.0K (holy. shit.)
Additional notes : Oh nonnie, I’m so so glad you liked the Law piece! I enjoyed myself sm while writing it so I’m happy it paid off 🥰 And thank you so much for requesting! However I have a terrible announcement to make… I am absolutely nowhere near Wano😭 I’m VERY behind on One Piece, as I’ve said in my rules for requesting. I had to spoil myself the entirety of the whole Hiyori thing to write this, and I did a lot of research to do that, so there might be some discrepancies. I did adore the request idea though, and I so desperately want to write for One Piece characters, so I got it done! I hope it’s not a let-down though😭 Let me know what you think💗
Requests : Are open! Check the rules over here.
Want to support me financially? Here’s my CashApp!
Tumblr media
They’d never thought that there would come a day when they would say this, but they were dangerously close to cursing Zoro’s soft-heartedness winning over this time. After all, it was what had gotten them into this mess of a situation in the first place.
Initially, they’d set off with Zoro, as they often did. Considering the fact that they’d always been the one he’d tolerated the most amongst the crew, it had only been natural that their shared comfortable silence slowly developed into lingering glances, prolonged-more-than-was-probably-necessary subtle skin contact, lazy naps together bathed in sunlight in the crow’s nest, and worried murmurs in each other’s ears whenever one left to fight on their own. The development was a gradual one that left a blanket of bliss covering them amidst all the blood and sweat, and so they reveled in always accompanying one another, the words expressing how they felt left unspoken.
They’d shared Zoro’s skepticism when the breathtaking young woman had run in their direction, the frantic look in her eyes only increasing her wariness as she begged the swordsman to help her and the child burrowed in her arms. He didn’t get much time to choose, given that Kamazo had chosen that moment to aim his blade at her—and with a quick glance at her bloodied clothes and visible terror, he struck back as the horrible fight ensued. His kindness and soft spot for weak children and women being sullied by the bloody hands of the wicked had won over.
It wasn’t out of weakness or cowardice that they’d snuck away. Given their experience with the Strawhats, they could certainly pull their own in a fight; after all, that was how Zoro had come to respect them so fiercely from the start. However, they could very distinctly recall an argument from a long-distant past—one where he’d very clearly (almost harshly, even, if they hadn’t known him too well to think that of him) asked them to not interfere with his fights. Clumsy as he was with his firm words, they knew the lingering message.
I cannot guarantee our safety if I worry too much about your protection. I truly cannot afford any distractions. Your strength will be needed elsewhere. I can deal with things better on my own.
Respecting his decision and the effort it took for him to get over his pride to admit that, they’d since adhered to their solo battle strategies. And so with that talk still in mind, they’d left him to protect the woman and the girl, determination set on their face as they bounded off with their own plan to dispose of anyone that should prove to be a threat.
A decision they’d come to horribly regret, really. Especially when they’d happened to stumble upon the shack while scouting Zoro out, overhearing muffled sounds from inside. If they strained their ears hard enough, they could make out what could be soft words of gratitude and immense admiration from a female voice. Frowning, they peered in through the window and saw a sight that sent a painful pang ringing through their chest.
The stunning woman (Hiyori was her name, they’d come to learn) had herself entirely wrapped around his bandaged arm, tugging at him with a sweet expression of concern on her face that reminded them an awful lot of the worry they often wished to display whenever Zoro went out on his own. That feeling was too familiar for them to not recognize, and knowing that this woman was harboring it had them feeling worse than they’d expected.
Zoro’s exasperation and agitation seeped through his yowl as Hiyori pulled at his injured arm once again, and they had half a mind to strut in and push her away. How insensitive of her; pushing a heavily wounded man like that, even if he himself insisted on moving, was absurd! The swordsman knew his own limits well, but aggravating his injury still was too careless of her.
The bitter thoughts welling up inside of them stunned them momentarily, and they stilled in place from outside the shack. Since when had the mere idea of seeing him with someone else disturbed them so greatly? This wasn’t fair on either of them. Hiyori had no blame in this—after all, the young woman hadn’t done anything wrong to cause them to feel such anger towards her. In fact, she’d protected Toko as best as she could, even going as far as to shield her with her body.
And in all honesty, they couldn’t even blame her for expressing admiration for the man that had clearly stepped up and risked dealing all of the damage for their sake. His incredible strength and indomitable mental fortitude were a force to be reckoned with, and they knew more than anyone else just how awe-inspiring he was.
But a small part of them—the part that dug its heel in and turned its nose away to spout venomous words in their mind—remained stubbornly annoyed. Hadn’t their own feelings sprouted from admiration as well? It was how things started, wasn’t it?
No, no, that wouldn’t do. They shook their head at the awful thoughts that clouded their mind, no longer even looking through the window, too caught up in their messy thoughts. Before pointing any fingers and getting mad at a woman they’d never even met prior to this, they’d have to remember that Zoro didn’t owe them anything. After all, there hadn’t been anything official between them; nothing of concrete substance. It wasn’t as though he was their boyfriend.
Still, the very thought alone drove a sharp knife deeper into their gut, twisting and leaving a gut-wrenching pain in its wake. Perhaps it was only wishful thinking and useless whining on their part, but a part of them had believed that words weren’t needed to expressed the affection they’d thought they’d shared between them—and perhaps they’d blindly hoped that that same sentiment would’ve been enough reason for him to completely rebuke any approaches from Hiyori. He couldn’t be that oblivious, really, could he?
This was just ridiculous. With a roll of their shoulders and a determined expression on their face, they brushed off all their distracting thoughts. Dwelling too long on this was useless. The conversation going on inside had long turned to background noise, and with that, they walked off.
After finally catching up with the rest of the crew at the ruins of Oden castle, they slumped in their seat, a detached and rather despondent look on their face.
“Weren’t you with Zoro?” Nami asked, a small frown on her face as she watched a troubled look flash in their eyes. “What did that idiot do?”
They weren’t really trying to be rude or anything, but they hadn’t the willpower to mention anything they’d seen. It wasn’t important anyways, so they only shrugged and hoped that it would pass as that. Nami’s frown only deepened, but before she could open her mouth to question them further, a loud cry of their names had them turning around to watch as Brook leaped in their midst.
“Zoro-san!” he cried out, his jaw dropping as he seemed incredulous, “You’d never believe what I saw him doing!”
Furrowing their eyebrows, they looked up at him. “What happened?”
“He was asleep, with a lovely maiden in his arms! They seemed rather cozy too,” Brook hid his face in his hands, clearly distraught, “I don’t think I’ve ever been this envious of him. She looked so coy and sweet too.” Sighing, he went on to say, “I wished she’d look into my eyes like that while cuddled up to me… though I have no eyes, and there’s only bones for her to cuddle! Yo ho ho ho!”
“Oh my,” Robin chuckled, amusement flickering in her eyes, “That’s certainly an interesting turn of events.”
Neither of them had noticed how their face had turned away as their heart plummeted at his words. Though Brook was a terrible gossip, he was never one to tell a lie, so what he’d just said had to be the truth and nothing but. A small part of them argued in the back of their mind that there had to be some sort of logical explanation or a misunderstanding of some sort, but even if there had been, it didn’t matter. The swelling pain in their chest that threatened to spill their tears wasn’t letting up, and they didn’t care to know more about Zoro and that Hiyori anymore.
There were many cries of envy and shocked gasps and murmurs amongst the crew members, but they could hardly pay attention to anything other than their own thunderous heartbeat in their easy and that queasy feeling in their gut. Since when did Zoro let others—aside from their crew on certain occasions, that is—cling to him? It was nauseating; how jealous they felt at the moment, and how upsetting it was admitting that fact to themself alone.
Without so much as a word, they brushed themself off and got up, mumbling something about wanting to go for a walk. Though Sanji made a concerned comment, they shouldered every single one of their jumbled emotions like a heavy jacket and left the crew behind for a bit of fresh air, and hopefully some clarity of thoughts.
“Hey. Hey. Oi!”
Sitting on a jagged tree stump, they turned at the voice of the person they least wanted to see at the moment. Mustering their nerves, they gave him their most withering look, to which Zoro visibly winced.
“What did that damn skeleton say?”
“I don’t know, is there something in particular you didn’t want him telling us?” they cooly replied, arching their brow pointedly as he seemed to struggle with what to say.
“No, but knowing him he probably said things that weren’t true,” he grumbled.
They prickled at that. “Are you implying that Brook is a liar?”
“I didn’t say that,” he quickly shot back, “I just… he probably hasn’t said everything or explained anything properly.”
“And why does it matter to you? What you personally do shouldn’t concern any of us.” Shrugging, they crossed their legs. “It’s your life after all, not ours. You don’t owe us any explanations.”
“Stop pretending like you don’t care,” Zoro snapped, scowling at them even though his eyes showed clear concern for them. “Just… listen, okay?” He paused for a second, watching the dubious expression on their face, before adding, “Please.”
Hesitating for only a moment, they nodded. “Alright.”
He sat near their feet, crossing his legs as he leaned back a little against the tree stump. “Kamazo got me with his scythe.” Lightly, his fingers grazed the bandages on his chest. “That woman—Hiyori—she managed to stop the bleeding and wrapped me up like this when I was passed out. Woke up, she thanked me and told me of her identity.” He looked up at them. “I’ll tell you about who she is when we regroup. Anyways, I fell asleep again in the middle. Too tired.”
“Best sleep of your life, I’d wager,” they mumbled under their breath, rolling their eyes as they let their annoyance slip past the icy façade for a moment.
Zoro’s stare intensified at their face, something akin to helplessness on his own. A small, bitter part of them was glad to see him fumbling to find answer.
“You know damn well that’s not true,” he sounded a little irritated as he said this, and so he took a couple of seconds to close his eye and calm himself down. “Woke up and the damn woman was stuck to me like a leech. Said something about it being cold. Dunno, I was pretty much out of it when I first woke up.”
It seemed he was being honest, so they took the chance to ask him, “Did she… happen to show any indications of any…intentions?”
Zoro awkwardly glanced to the side as he cleared his throat. “Yeah. She said men liked it when she slept beside them. Asked me if I did,” and before they could interrupt him, he continued, “And I told her to shut the hell up. Think I got the message across.”
For a few seconds they both remained silent, before they nodded, “Fine. I believe you.”
The swordsman blinked blankly. “Is… is that it? You don’t have anything to ask me?”
“I mean, what else should I say?” they sighed, something cold and hard in their chest melting slowly as the brown eye they always found themself seeking worriedly tried reading their expression. They stood up, offering him a hand to pull him up. “Come on, looking up like that can’t be comfortable for your back. Let’s get back to them. You need proper rest.”
“I’m fine,” he grumbled a little, but remained otherwise quiet as he followed them. And maybe it was just their imagination, but they could’ve sworn that Zoro had walked much closer to them than he usually did—and maybe it was their own selfish desire to see him smiling at them only, but they were almost sure they saw the corners of his lips quirk upwards a little. The warmth of their cheeks probably gave their thoughts away.
Separated for a while after having reunited with the group at the ruins, they waited patiently for Zoro to come back. He’d said he had something to do, and so they’d nodded and silently promised him they’d wait for him. Understanding in his own eye, he’d went off, and they’d grown annoyed to notice that Hiyori had trailed after him. It was a little comforting to know that Zoro had no interest in the woman who’d turned out to be such an important person, but still; was it necessary for her to follow him like a lost duckling?
Upon his return, the other Strawhats had already begun to walk off, too impatient to wait on him all this time. In his arms he carried an unfamiliar sword, its blade gleaming in the light of the setting sun. It almost looked majestic. Though they were gaping in awe at it, they didn’t fail to notice how Hiyori’s smile was a little sweeter and more eager as she walked next to him.
“Enma was my father’s. I know it’s in good hands now,” her voice was soft as she said that, her smile gentle.
Zoro hummed. “Ah.” He paused only seconds later, a slightly concerned look on his face as he spotted the aggravation on theirs. “What’s wrong? Where are the others?”
“They already went off. I was waiting for you,” they glanced back at Hiyori, who was currently murmuring something in Toko’s ears and grinning so wide her face seemed almost dazzling, “Looks like you’re receiving gifts of love now. Don’t let me interrupt.” Part of them was joking, a half-smile on their face, but some annoyance still brimmed underneath the surface, the jealousy still clawing at their chest.
Zoro rolled his eye, exasperation on his face as he impatiently strutted over to them. “Idiot,” he grunted, sheathing his brand new sword and snatching their hand so quickly it momentarily stunned them. Quick to drag them away, their confusion morphed into hyperawareness as his hand curled around theirs, the calloused skin a lot warmer than they expected. “Doesn’t matter how I got it or who gave it to me. Don’t overthink it.”
Now picking up the pace to fall in step beside him, they glanced down at their tightly entwined hands, a grin making its way onto their face as they glanced up to see him flush up till the tips of his ears. Cool-headed and stoic as he might seem to others, it was rather endearing how he was always so easily embarrassed and flustered by any show of affection towards anyone.
The skinship was no exception, but their heart melted just the tiniest bit in their chest as they realized that he’d done that as a form of reassurance; confirmation that whatever they had wasn’t just going on inside their head. Perhaps it was a miniscule display for someone else, but for them, it meant the entire world, knowing just how meaningful it was to Zoro himself; for him to put himself completely out there and expose vulnerability to someone else.
“Getting all soft on me, Zoro?” they teased, despite the blush that warmed their own cheeks as they smiled at him, pointing their chin at their clasped hands as they walked through a much more secluded area.
“Shut up,” he mumbled peevishly, not even turning to face them as his face grew impossibly redder, a strained look on his face, and they struggled to chuckle out loud at how desperately he was trying to not let his embarrassment show any further.
“Oh, but it’s fun to tease you a little,” they grinned, an uncharacteristic joyfulness painting their words as they reveled in the newfound physical touch. They glanced around, noting that there barely was anyone around, if at all, “And no one’s here, anyways, so—“
Before they could say another word, Zoro halted in place, rough hand reaching up to push back their hair and leave a clumsy kiss to their forehead. Rooted to the spot, their eyes blew wide as his lips brushed their skin, leaving it tingling as he pulled away without so much as a glance back. His raging blush to the nape of his neck was more than telling, however, even as he grit his teeth and walked away wordlessly.
Spluttering, they gaped after him, heart clamoring in their chest as a multitude of swelling emotions fought inside them. Of all of the mixed feelings that jumbled up together, the most prominent of them was a deep affection that bordered on something else; something they didn’t dare name lest it slip past their fingers. It completely washed out the bitter taste of any previous jealousy from their mouth, clearing their mind of any coherent thought of anything aside from him and his strong figure in front of them bathed in the warm colors of the sunset. It was a little striking, and they stumbled for a second at the realization.
“I—You can’t just do that! Hey, Zoro!”
Tumblr media
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pokeharvest · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Hey guys, take a look...
One Piece - Ch 130
((please credit/reblog if using!))
[Image ID: A digitally colored manga panel of Roronoa Zoro from One Piece. He is holding a pair of binoculars, wrapped in a brown blanket, and covered in snow. Speech bubbles around him read, “Hey, guys, take a look...Is that somebody standing out there?” End ID.]
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nifaswriting · a day ago
Baby, it’s cold outside
CHARACTER : Roronoa Zoro x GN reader
TW : none, only fluff with the favorite marimo <3
SUMMARY : The weather on Grand Line is always unexpected, and you find yourself freezing cold in the middle of the night because your lover decided to sleep on his side of the bed.
AUTHOR’S NOTE : This was mostly an excuse to write a fluff scenario with pre-timeskip Zoro because he’s my beloved. Also this is not proofread at all !
Tumblr media
It was late. You knew it the moment your eyes flustered open slowly, only to be met with the darkness surrounding the bedroom.
Resting on your back, your still sleepy gaze fell onto the ceiling above your head for a mere second, but the heaviness of your eyelids was hard to fight, your body never failing to remind you how tired you were, especially at such a late hour. You closed your eyes again, ready to accept the sweet embrace of sleep, but the reason for your awakening made itself known once again.
A cold shiver ran down your spine, goosebumps erupting on your skin, and you immediately sank further into the blanket, hoping to get at least a bit of warmth, but it was all in vain as the sudden shift of your body against the bedsheets quickly reminded you of the state you were in. You were freezing cold.
How much you hated the weather on Grand Line. It could be so unpredictable that you were currently unable to fall back asleep because of how cold it was when the night before had been just fine. Though, it seemed that the sudden change in temperature wasn’t the only reason you were freezing. Something was missing.
A loud snore echoed just when you whined in displeasure, turning on your side with your hand looking for Zoro. You finally reached him, your fingers brushing against his bare back as he faced the opposite way, and you huffed in annoyance. How could he be sleeping so carelessly without even minding that you were freezing right there, just next to him ? You would get back at him for this later, but for now, you simply wanted to warm yourself up a little bit.
Hand falling flat against his skin, the warmth provided by his body created a nice feeling against your palm and fingertips, and you sighed quietly in content. You shifted closer, arms wrapping around his torso in an attempt to get more of his body heat.
However, the sudden cold against his skin seemed to pull him out of his peaceful slumber, and you felt him move in your arms after a few minutes. Zoro was easy to wake up, being always on guard, but with you around he seemed to be relaxing a lot more, even allowing himself to get a slightly deeper rest than he usually did.
“Mhm…” He groaned, the sleepiness clearly visible in his low grumble. “What’re you doing ?”
“What are you doing ? Why are you facing the other way ?” You asked without even answering his question and Zoro frowned slightly in confusion.
“What kind of question is that ? I’m sleeping… was.”
“Well, I’m cold.” You declared and he sighed softly, already aware of what your next request would be. “So cuddle me ? Pretty please, Zoro.”
How could he deny you anything, especially when you asked so nicely ? It didn’t get lots of begging for him to turn around, muttering a quiet and affectionate “are you a child ?”. Now facing you, his arms wrapped around your form, and he brought you against his chest, huffing against your hair as he closed his eyes.
“How is that ?” He asked in a grumpy yet soft tone.
“Much better.”
You hummed happily, a small smile gracing your lips as you nuzzled against him, his entire being engulfing you in a comfortable feeling of safety and warmth. And now shielded from the cold air, it didn’t take long for you to fall back asleep, your gentle snores lulling Zoro back into his dreams as well.
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everyroronoazoro · a day ago
Tumblr media
casting director
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tutenhub · 3 days ago
Straw Hats Jobs if they weren't pirates according to Oda 😎
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hooliescorner · 2 days ago
okay hi new idea again; bath sex with zoro…………
horny police gonna take me to jail
warnings: nsfw contains: handjob reader: gender neutral words: 0.2k
Mature content under the cut
Tumblr media
Usually, the only way to get Zoro to take a bath was with a promise of sake afterwords or if you joined him. You adored times like this, not only being able to spend time with him but also get a less stinky boyfriend out of it. Unfortunately, neither of you ever seemed to be able to keep your hands off the other.
"Fuck..." Your hand was steady under the soapy water, small droplets gathering on Zoro’s toned chest with each pump of your hand. “Dammit… slow down.” he huffed, hands digging into the sides on tue tub.
You laugh at his remark, lips curling up into a smirk and kissing his shoulder. “Just making sure you get washed up everywhere.”
“You’re going to regret this later-” he tries to say but interrupts himself with his own groan of pleasure, your hands feeing heavenly around his throbbing length.
“What was that?” you snicker, free hand going to trace along his v-line.
“You’re… you’re in for it later.”
Tumblr media
anyways… have fun with this 👀👀 thanks for reading bye
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