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env0 · 3 months ago
EXU: Calamity said love is the strongest force in the cosmos. That we break and make the world for those we love. That we will ruin ourselves or become our best selves, or both with and through the power of love. That even amidst grief and tragedy there is always a thread of hope pulling everyone through towards that tomorrow. That dreaded, hopeful, destined morning.
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melamemea · a month ago
i am a forgetful role player.
     sometimes i will post inbox calls, starter calls or interaction calls and i will happily begin ... when i have muse for it, and sometimes i will lack muse, and i may forget about it all.
     that is not because of you, the other part.
     forgetfulness is something that we often frown upon, take as an insult directly towards us as a person. “but they never write to me”, “they always forget about me”, “i’m not gonna interact because they always forget” and while these things are totally valid, it must be said that forgetting things are human. not only is it human, but we should allow role players to be forgetful every now and then, simply because many, if not all, have lives outside of Tumblr that require a lot of them.
     my forgetfulness is never directed towards you as a person.
     my forgetfulness is never directed towards your creations.
     sometimes i forget because ...
i am tired.
i have a lot on my mind.
i get lost in other tasks.
i have to prioritize.
i bite over more than i can chew.
i simply forget.
     therefore it must be said, have patience. reach out. don’t just sit back and huff about how you “always seem to be forgotten”. some folks have a lot on their minds, and that needs to be allowed.
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wendylover2008 · 2 months ago
🎸 ENGLISH COVER ║ Parasite! (害虫) ║ Shellah 
Part of the role play I’m doing with @starlightmocha
Stone of fire presents 
Parasite! English version 
Nemu- lead voice (high pitched voice)
Kanade- voice growler (sings in metal growls)
Wander-electric guitar   and secondary singing (is going to duet with Courtney)
Courtney-secondary singing and bass  guitar (doesn’t play bass guitar in this song some songs she does and is going to duet with wander) 
Chloe-keyboard (doesn’t perform in sweet so sweet and parasite! and others some songs she will play her keyboard in other times she uses different instruments)
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c4llmebf · 29 days ago
Taehyung icons.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Ne kadar uzaksak o kadar yakınız.
Like or rb.
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Open starter
*open to fandom and non fandom characters - men or women*
Tumblr media
It had been a long day, no long week. The latest project at the museum was a big one and they were nowhere near finished with it. She smirked thinking about the few small items she had already slipped out under their noses as if they had never even existed. She had already shed herself of her jacket and heels as soon as she got in the door. Now as she walked into the kitchen, she was starting to unbutton her top as she pulled a wine glass from the cupboard. Would she be spending another night alone or would one of her lovers actually call and give her some company? She sighed aloud as she wondered which wine to pour tonight. It was a hard decision when she didn’t know if she was going to be alone or who her company was going to be, that is if she was having any at all.
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bratty-painkiller · 23 days ago
Tumblr media
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huccowmilk · a month ago
Kidnap me, tie me up and force me to read what you wrote on the paper in front of me as you record me saying it.
"I am nothing,I was born to serve men. I was born to produce milk for my master and give him offspring. My body belongs to him to do what he pleases when he pleases. My holes available 24/7 to do anything with. I was a nothing and am nothing without my master, i will worship him and his cock."
Pause the recording and then make a new one. You hold up a new paper and tell me to repeat what it says;
I'm a whore
I'm worthless
I'm a cow
I'm a cunt
Im a toilet
Im a pig
Im nothing
Im an object
Im useless
Im a dog
Im a slut
Im a only made to serve master
I am absolutely nothing without my master
You stop recording and leave. A few hours later you come back with headphones and force me to listen to myself as I degrade myself. You do this multiple times in the day to brainwash me.
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About Sebastian's ddd I was thinking about sounding, pact play, pain play and overstimulation until he passes out from fatigue, what do you think?
I think I'm really a pervert lol
So, do you think these topics are good? after all i love your writing
Dw I love it!!
Tumblr media
Destroy Dick December: Sebastian, pain play, pact play
Cw: overstim, sound/ing, pact play, pain play, instead of using a sounding rod, you use a quill/pen, slight dub con, predator/prey elements, spoilers (it’s role play), cb/t,
A toy.
That is what you had referred to him as.
Sebastian glared at you, eyes shifting to that of his demon form. “You dare refer to me as an object?” He hissed out, taking a few steps closer to you, you knew it was meant to threaten you, but you knew he was harmless, with the pact, you’re his master. He can’t hurt you, he’s completely beneath you.
“On your knees.”
You ordered, not softening your gaze as Sebastian is forced to the ground. “Hands behind your back.” You didn’t even have to finish the sentence before he was putting his hands behind his back. His chest was pushed out, he struggled against the invisible binds that held him there.
He didn’t meet your gaze, his head lowered a little bit. “You’re being a bad boy, shall I punish you now?” You lift up his chin, you stared down at him, daring him to try anything. You kneel down, letting your free hand slide to start unbuttoning his shirt.
Sebastian didn’t try to move away, he rested his head on your hand and you noticed his eyes softening when he meets your gaze. You smirked. “Good boy. You’re finally learning your place.” You opened his shirt, letting your hand teasingly rub over his nipples. “Too bad you still need to be punished.”
Sebastian’s eyes widened and he visibly struggled against the nonexistent binds that kept him trapped. “Master, please don’t-I’ll behave, please-“ You put your finger up to hiss lips and ‘shushed’ him. You had his full attention.
“Tell me, how should I punish you?” Sebastian remained quiet, you lift his head up, telling him to sit up. He obeyed without hesitation, you noticed his eyes had changed back to their human-like appearance. You tapped his lips. “Well? What do you think I should do to you?“
Sebastian didn’t respond, giving you a pouty face. You pretend to not notice that he’s trying to give you puppy eyes. “Master, I don’t need to be punished-“ He stopped mid sentence, noticing your scowl and quickly lightening his voice. “I’m sorry, please, let me make it up to you?”
You paused, a grin spreading across your face. “‘Make it up to me?’ Hmm…how about I punish you with the first thing I grab on my desk?” Sebastian nods with visible tension going through his body. You order him to undress, and remain knelt in front of you. You reach behind you, picking up the first thing you felt.
It was soft and easy to bend, you pick it up and hold it so Sebastian can see it first, watching his reaction. He gave a relived look, it must be something pretty harmless. You look at it, pausing when you see what you grabbed.
A quill.
A fucking quill.
It was brand new, you haven’t even used it yet, so you could just use it as you wish.
Sebastian gave a light laugh before speaking. “Are you going to tickle me?” You looked him over, getting an idea. You brush your quill along his cock. You grin, seeing his cock start to harden. “O-oh, that feels weird…” Sebastian tried to angle his hips so you couldn’t touch his sensitive parts.
It didn’t work, you quickly found his sensitive spots and abused them, teasingly brushing the soft part against the slit of his cock. You flipped the end you were holding, using the sharper end to tease him. Sebastian hissed and jerked under you, hips accidentally twitching forward, pushing the quill inside his cock.
Sebastian’s breathing hitched and he froze completely, looking between you and the tool warily. “M-Master, please, I-it’s uncomfortable-it feels like you’re trying to tear my cock up.” He whimpered out pathetically. “Please, Master, I’m sorry, please, I’ll do whatever you want, just don’t punish me-“
You put your finger over his lips to silence him. You give him a soft smile. “You’re always so cute when you beg.” You say warmly. Sebastian lowers his head to make himself have to look up to you. You knew the trick he was going for, act all cute and obedient to sneak his way out of a punishment. You smirk, murmuring out. “Not to mention you’re always so sweet when I have your cute little dick in the palm of my hand.”
Before he could retort, you twirled the feather in his cock, catching him off guard and making him thrash, almost moving away from your touch. You hum and bob the feather, grinning at the obvious jerks every time you bumped a nerve.
He yowled when you yanked the feather out.
He choked out a moan, you grinned, feeling him throb in your hand and cum spilled out. “Oh? You’re enjoying yourself that much?” You laughed out, your tone saccharine in nature. Your hand stroked him quickly, making his breathing hitch. You glance over the quill, noticing the feather is completely ruined now, his cum coated it, you sighed and brought it up to his face.
Sebastian pauses but then obeys, lightly licking the quill. You hum, grinning at the display in-front of you. “Does your cum taste good?” You purr out, the demons face was bright red now. He avoided making eye contact with you, in fact he chose to close his eyes at this point. You laughed, keeping your tone low. “No need to get embarrassed, your just following orders, Honey. Or are you embarrassed by the fact you’re enjoying this?”
Sebastian’s eyes opened at the last part, glaring at you and he froze completely. He huffed, cleaning off the quil obediently. When he finished he looked up to you, letting out a defeated whine. “Please, I’ve been good, please-“ You stop him from continuing his whining by pushing him on his back, getting on top of him.
You reached back and grabbed another item from your desk, this time the object was more firm, you were hoping it would be something better than a quill. You looked down, to see a small pen in your hand. You hummed as you alighted the pen with the slit of his cock, slowly easing it in.
His cum made good lube, allowing you to slide the pen in and out quickly. Your hips rested on his, allowing you to rock against his cock. You could feel him throbbing, even with the layers of fabric between your body and his. You grinned, timing the movement of your hips to match the pace of the pen.
With every upward rock, you got cum leaking out of his throbbing cock. Sebastian moaned, hips twitching forward with every stroke. You twisted the pen in him, earning a choked out scream.
You couldn’t help the laugh that escaped you when more cum gushed from his cock. “Really? You’re that excited?” You tease, nudging him. Your hips didn’t still, still milking his exhausted cock.
“M-Master, please, mercy, mercy I’ve learned my lesson please-!” He babbled, some of his words ended up slurring a bit. Even with the layers of fabric between yourself and his cock, you could feel the heat radiating off it. You couldn’t help but laugh, you’d never gotten him to fall apart this fast before. “Ah-! Please no more, gonna can again please it’s too mu-!”
You yanked the pen out, grinning as cum spills from his cock once again. You slowed down noticing he was seemingly going soft under you, actually he wasn’t squirming anymore. You paused, looking down and noticed his eyes were closed and he was limp under you.
He’s unconscious.
You realize, panic starts to come across your mind but with a light nudge you got him to move, though he was grumbling about how tired he is. “Are you ok? Was that too far?” You ask, worry etching your tone, he could heal from anything you could do to him, sure, but pain is pain.
Sebastian is a little groggy, muttering out something you couldn’t understand. You try to get him to speak up, only for him to yank you down along side him. Sebastian wrapped his arms around you, resting his head on your shoulder then closed his eyes.
You try to speak up but he ignores you, you last remember being in the your office, but now you’re in your bed, completely clean with a needy demon wrapped around you and sound asleep.
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ask-the-stone-hashira · 4 days ago
Celesti hums softly to herself as she finds a spot to observe the clouds. She was just about to sit down when she saw a mysterious person. Another cloud watcher! She approached the person, smiling, “Observing the clouds too?”
Gyomei hears the woman approach, rails of excitement in her voice and answers softly
If only I could. Instead, I'm enjoying the breeze and all the other feelings and sounds that come with nature. You're welcome to sit with me and watch the clouds. I enjoy descriptions of them.
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steven-g-rogers · a month ago
Steve Rogers hadn’t been out of the ice very long.  He felt lost and helpless, and very very alone.  All his friends were dead.  His family was dead.  Peggy was dead.  He didn’t understand anything about the world as it was now, and to add to the fact that he felt completely isolated and out of place, he was now standing in a room looking at the tesseract.  The very device he’d killed himself to stop destroying the world.  He’d sacrificed everything and it was for nothing!  He spent nights beating the shit out of heavy bags trying to get out his frustration over how completely useless he felt, and here he was, staring at the thing that had nearly destroyed the world, and it was sparking and acting wildly and it was like it was happening all over again, because people couldn’t leave shit alone.  He felt so done, so completely and utterly over everything.  He wanted to walk away and let them all fend for themselves because it didn’t matter what he did.
Fury and Barton were saying something to Selvig, but Steve wasn’t listening.  His fists were clenched so tightly that his knuckles were turning white.
There was a flash from the cubic and a giant disembodied tentacle flew from it, and skidded across the floor leaving a trail of blue goo behind it.  Steve immediately jumped into defensive mode, crouching low and shoving his shield in front of him.  From the blue gate on the platform a woman holding a shield stepped out.
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ask-underfazverse · 5 months ago
No one knew where it came from. One day a small cube with a door appeared in the underground. It was labeled "Exibit of Smiles! Opening Soon!" No one knew who was setting the place up, when it was opening, or even how to open the door. The door was completely stuck.
One night, when Fredbear was taking a walk to take his mind off another nightmare, he saw that the door had finally opened. There was a light shining from the door.
"Welp... that's certainly not ominous."
He opens the door, and heads in. "Not the best thing to do after a nightmare, but eh. Poor life decisions-"
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jamaicanamazon · 5 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
These niggas don’t wanna see Yumeko in a game 🌚
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melamemea · 11 days ago
send “penny for your thoughts” for me to talk about...
... either a topic that is on my mind, or something specific by sending “penny for your thoughts on (topic)”. could be everything from tumblr to society, expectations, insecurities, ships, series and so on !
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noirflavouredgifs · a month ago
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hello  !  hello  !  OVER  HERE  you  can  find  74  high-quality  gifs  of  jon  bernthal  starring  as  josh  in  sharp  stick  (  2022  ).  all  gifs   were  made  by  me  so  please  do  not  claim  them  as  yours  !  you  can,  though,  turn  them  into  gif  icons  c:  please,  LIKE  AND  /  OR  REBLOG  if  you  find  them  useful  !  means  a  world.  this  pack  is  completely  free  !  enjoy  c:
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c4llmebf · a month ago
you're my dream boy. 🖤
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haiyouchashaobao · a year ago
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The tables have turned
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bratty-painkiller · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Power Ranger, Trini vibes
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