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You can go download a bunch of off putting holiday cards I made!
Follow me on twitter and insta! I’m markerslinger on both!
If you can spare it and wanna yell at the sky with me and see some other stuff and maybe get some of the goods. Become a patron!
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nightingaelic · 2 days
I made a quiz to find out which Fallout companion robot you are :) 
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madcat-world · 2 days
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the Dump - Maxime Desmettre
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salamanding · 2 days
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one time I drew homoerotic Bionicle fan art
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reddokkaebe · 16 hours
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CF : F-B1 / 'DELTA'
[Next to 'DELTA', F0X-BAT-01 is part of the Chiro/Ptera-Forge faction of Canis-F. ---Units such as 'Delta' rely more on jet-propulsion & are quicker on land though they lack as much maneuverability + true-flight of the 'F-B1'.]
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gnarlyghost · 3 days
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Post singularity autonomous zone
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foolybot · 2 days
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Good evening and welcome to Fooly's fuck dolls. We recently received a new shipment of sex drones in our warehouse... what are you looking for??
Ah.. I see, we may have the perfect thing for you. I'll order them to come here so you can have a... test run
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saintbobo · 2 days
This is as risqué as I'm willing to go I think, this is how you can tell I've ran out of things to post
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There are a lot of great Mech games, so this is a continuation of this week's theme!
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Breakup on Re-Entry by Riverhouse Games
Earth is at war w/ The Colonies. Mech pilots must keep their identities secret or risk assassination. You just realized your lover has been secretly piloting your rival mech. It all comes down to this battle. Do you want to keep fighting?
This is a roleplaying game for two Mecha pilots who do not know yet that their mortal enemy sleeps by their side every night. You will need a deck of Poker cards and two index cards to play this game.
Players will draw from the deck of cards and answer questions about Civilian Life, the War, the Fight at Hand and your Lover. Your character won't realize who exactly it is they are fighting until they draw the King of Hearts - and then you will get to roleplay all of the heartbreak and betrayal: if you stop fighting, you will get do decide what happens after. This is a simple, short game, great for two people who want to roleplay out something dramatic without requiring a time commitment longer than a few hours.
Bro, is it Gay to GATTAI? by Lucas Valensa.
Bro, he’s your whole world. He makes you feel fabulous. He completes you. He’s huge, made of metal, and has a heart powered by plutonium.
He’s a giant robot. And so are you.
You’re in love and the two of you combine into an even bigger giant robot.
This is “Bro, Is It Gay To GATTAI!?” a Gay Game about telling your boyfriend you love him and how much he means to you. This game is a hack of “Hot Gay Bro Dragons” by Riverhouse Games, inspired Transformers, LEGO Bionicle, and any other media where two giant robots combine into a bigger robot.  
You'll need some kind of toy robot to build as you play this game together. As you build, you'll ask (and answer) questions about your relationship. Puns and bad jokes are encouraged! This is an excellent game for couples, or people who would like to try romantic roleplay.
Apocalypse Frame by Binary Star Games.
In a ruined and terraformed world where most of humanity is under the yoke of a brutal regime, the former workers of a once-remote factory - now known as The Collective - have risen up to create a future of freedom from oppression. You are an Ace - a highly skilled pilot referred from a Division in The Collective and assigned a humanoid combat vehicle known as a Frame. You and your Strike Team of fellow Aces must take on The Collective’s greatest threats, ensure its survival, and carve a path for its continued success.
APOCALYPSE FRAME is designed to be very fast to pick up and play, and it's suitable for both one-shots and extended campaigns. Combat is quick, punchy, and deadly for Aces' enemies. 
Player characters have three attributes: Drive, Speed and Control. You will choose one of your three attributes for every attack roll you make, and roll a number of d6's equal to your Attribute number. Apocalypse Frame uses the LUMEN system and comes with pre-generated characters (for the table that wants to get roleplaying right away) as well as an expansion called Aces High! You can also pick up Ballad of Industrial Gods, and Explore the Ruined World, which contain missions and seasonal content for Apocalypse Frame. With easy rules and a lot of content, your party can get a new campaign up and running quickly!
Mobile Frame Zero: Firebrands by Lumpley Games (Meguey & Vincent Baker.)
Humanity has spread through the Milky way, using interstellar transit gate technology to colonize the galaxy. Mobile frames are the hard-working, hard-fighting combat- and labor mecha they’ve brought with them.
You are romantic ace mobile frame pilots, caught up in an undeclared war for the future of the Bantral system.
MOBILE FRAME ZERO: FIREBRANDS is a roleplaying party game by Meguey Baker & D. Vincent Baker, set in Joshua A.C. Newman’s MOBILE FRAME ZERO universe. You don’t need to be familiar with MF0: RAPID ATTACK or MF0: INTERCEPT ORBIT to play. To play, you’ll need 3–5 players, a copy of the playbook for each, and a handful of coins.
This is the precursor to the Firebrands series, a game in which players engage in a series of mini games in order to play out a series of scenes between their characters. If you are a fan of Mobile Frame Zero, if you like the idea of romance and big mech pilots, if you like games focused on narrative more than anything else, this is the game for you.
Disaster/Wing by A Couple of Drakes.
Deal with drama, pass the test, doubt yourself, trust your friends, face down the Alien Horde, and GET IN THE ROBOT.  
DISASTER/WING, prep for launch.
DISASTER/WING is a mecha tabletop game  made to tell stories of fantastic adolescent heroism and giant robots. The characters are teenagers in a world very much like our own. They go to school, get embroiled in teen drama, and try to find their place in the face of onrushing adult responsibility and societal expectation. They are also in a city that is actually a giant spaceship, hurtling through space, fleeing a catastrophic war with technologically-superior aliens that destroyed their world generations ago. They are also, through no fault of their own, the only ones who can pilot the centuries-old war machines that are their city’s only hope when the aliens inevitably return. They exist between these worlds, juggling their teenage feelings and responsibilities with the duty that has been thrust upon them. 
Another Forged in the Dark game, this game adds the teenage experience to the mecha genre. You'll be running through missions without the fiddly planning, focusing on the action and quick d6-based pools.
Nova by GilaRpgs
NOVA is a rules-lite tabletop RPG in a world where the sun exploded, and humanity struggles to hold onto what little light they have left. The players will pilot exosuits, called Sparks, exploring the dark ruins of old earth, searching for the technology and knowledge that may just bring on a new dawn.
NOVA also uses the LUMEN system, which is designed for action-packed combat, equipping the players with a set of powers that bring the power fantasy feelings of looter shooters to the tabletop. Players will each choose a Spark to pilot, specialized exosuits designed to explore the dangers of the Dusk. Each exosuit was designed by humanity to serve a particular function, and the LUMEN system equips the players with a set of powers and abilities that allow them to excel while on their dangerous missions.
This is a game with a slew of third-party content available for you to modify your gam with, including new Sparks, alternate mechanics and additions to the world. You're not going to get gigantic robots in this game, but you'll get the same theme of humans going up against larger-than-life odds, fighting desperately to cling onto hope. This is a twice-Ennie-nominated game, so it's worth checking out!
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atomcyber · 3 days
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Destroy all robots
Artwork done for a music release from 2020 by Simon jones
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takunwilliams · 3 days
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Frankenstein Jr.
Art by Steve Rude
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kanemlem · 1 day
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moonie-loonie · 2 days
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Ultimate Optimus Prime!
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a-cog-in-gloves · 1 day
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Toontown // Now the contest is over, I can finally share the concept of ‘The Apple-Anvil Assorting Assistant’ I made for it!
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