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bennetsbooks · 2 days ago
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robin-buck1ey · 2 days ago
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limoncella-bella · 15 hours ago
Steve: Myself and Robin are best friends.
Robin: Platonic soulmates, if you will.
Steve: We share everything.
Robin: Food-
Steve: Clothes-
Robin: Music taste-
Steve: taste in women-
Robin: gender-
Steve: a single brain cell-
Robin: the only thing we don’t share is an interest in men.
Steve: *holding Eddie’s hand* damn my bisexuality for ruining something so perfect.
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izbelross · a day ago
Warm feelings
A/N: Welcome back to a new fic based on my incapacity to stay away from obsessions. This new round we all need to thank @saddykar for chutarse an entire friday and weekend tolerating my cries for Eddie. So, here is the ending result of almost six litters of Coca cola, four bags of popcorn and many many others types of chunk food, a bunch of fics I'll be posting with the long part of this week and perhaps the next.
P.D.: this fic is shorter, as well the others will be, but I love them just as much... this fics are my beibis.
Pairings: Steve Harrington x reader.
Warnings: angst (for a while, relax) / fluff / kinda strong language / more fluff.
Synopsis: A year after closing the second portal to the Upsidedown, you find yourself in the limbo, trying to get over the nightmares, going through your last year at school, having to choose what path you'll like to take and between all of that, probably the most complicated part, were the feelings for your friend Steve. And the cherry on top? He was most probably still hung up with Nancy.
As we already know, Hawkins is a hunted city, everyone could fall for the quietness at arriving but from then on the days only become longer, weirder and colder. But for you, disappearances, strange noises and red lights coming from nowhere at the darkest of night were pretty common occurrences.
You didn't just survived the majority of the last couple years by pure luck... well, yes, mostly, but because it was like a tradition to be a weirdo in WeirdLand too.
Honestly, the curious part of it all was the fact that you made friends along the way. Now you were part of "The Gang", the secret heroes of Hawkins. Quite amused, quite depressed and with some troubles that every teenager went through plus the knowledge that the unreal isn't as much as you all wanted it to be.
After all the "almost to death" bunch of experiences you've had, the year is coming to an end, you're to decide where you want to study and suddenly the need for money is there at every step, no matter if it is for your own amusement or because you'll be needing it to exist.
That's why you thanked whatever powerful being there is for the existence of Robin and Steve who helped you get into Family Videos and, that was not the best part, it was actually the extra amount of time you got to spend with Steve, your ehm, friend, best friend... the closest like- like the one who you loved and liked and who you didn't totally have a crush on.
And who you totally didn't cry at night to because even if you loved him and wanted to spend the rest of your miserable, imperfect and beautiful life with him, Steve was still hung up on Nancy, who just didn't happen to be probably the only girl he has loved but she was your friend as well.
Your relationship with Steve didn't bloom from day to night, oh no, no, no. You used to hate each other. Him being the rich popular kid at school and you the one who didn't give a single fuck what everyone else thought about you, not wanting to impress, not wanting to fit. So, it was kinda intense when you both got into trouble because one of his fake friends would try to prank you and he tried to help them or because you were each others headaches at class.
At the end, when you helped the kids with their weird friend and had to work with them, as well as the princess of school, you saw him change into a more mature person. You had a change too, don't get me wrong.
Going from the private suffocated being to at least being able to form long conversations, no matter how much they bored you. And trust, much more trust to your friends was thrown their way. Yep, this last year had being something that changed you.
"You should take another path y'know?" Told you Robin, while she unpacked the new VHS and you priced them. "Like... I don't know, Hawkins? For life? For adulthood? Yeah, nu huh, thank you but, I rather swallow a bunch of dicks before staying stuck here... I mean, look at us, this isn't the way we should be spending our youth, our golden years,"
Steve send you an amused look from behind the counter, doing his own task. Your heart didn't went on a running spree like every-time he took notice of you, nah, it actually did a double mortal with a steady fall, 10/10, normal, yep. "Aren't the golden days supposed to be when we're old?" He asked.
"Think we probably are old already," you sighed, getting up from the floor, where you sat two hours straight with Robin, your back making a popping sound that made both your friends chuckle. "Yep, old." Murmured Robin.
"C'mon girls! We still have a lot of years ahead!" You chanced a glance to the tired girl on the floor. "Yeah, let's see... where do you see yourselves from a few years on?"
Both Robin and you groaned, she going back to her duties at taking vhs out the box while you got closer to the counter where Steve was, in search of more stickers for the prices. He reclined on the table, a few inches away from your face. "C'mon darling" you ignored the way your body heated, "I imagine myself in a nice house, not too big, not too small. A good job, maybe one or two kids-"
"More than you already have?" "And- " Steve completely ignored Robin, you didn't dare look at him when he started to talk again, you already knew what he was going to say next. This wasn't the first time he has told you about what he wishes to have when older. "And the woman I love beside me."
Robin was about to start talking again but stoped herself when she looked at Steve, and then you and then again at Steve. "Shit", she thought. Standing as fast as she could she brought the box with her and started walking to the back of the store "I finished this box, I'll go for more! Keep doing your tasks children!" Robin smiled at Steve that sent her a grateful smile, you however looked at her like two tentacles had suddenly sprung from her retreating back.
"The fuck, Robin, there are still like two dozens of-" "I said I'll be back!" She interrupted you, and the last hanging sound was the door being shut.
"Well... if she isn't acting weird then I don't-" you didn't finish your sentence because of the sudden look Steve had, directed straight at your eyes. His brown eyes were heavy with an emotion you have never seen in him, not directed at you at least. "Are you- eh-" you cleared your throat, the computer at his side suddenly a quite interesting machine "you okay?"
Steve didn't answer, instead asked you the same question from moments before, "Where do you see yourself in the future, (y/n)?" He inclined his head, hair falling softly and your heart started a race for winning a price, you didn't know what but it surely was important, your being got stuck in there, the spot where Steve's eyes where roaming your face, warm eyes, soft smile waiting and big hands taking yours, caressing them. You cleared your throat again. "Can-" Steve licked his lips, "Can you look at me, (y/n)?"
Slowly, so slowly, your gaze moved to his face, looking at his lips, and nose, going straight to his eyebrows and then his hair, his stupid perfectly un-combed hair. And finally, finally, your eyes found his and in an instant your cheeks turned red.
Steve's smile widened and his hands tightened yours a little more, assuring himself, and you.
"I'll tell you more about the future I want." His body moved a bit closer, his eyes jumping from both of yours, to your lips and nose and back to your eyes. "I see, this home, warm, maybe a dog or a cat, I don't care. A little garden, three rooms. Two of them for the kids and," his nose brushed yours, and you giggled. Steve's eyes crinkling with the sound, "the last room, sweetheart... Our room." The next thing you know, his lips were in yours, a soft gasping moan coming from you and the sudden pull from one of his hands on your face grounding you from floating away.
Silk lips brushing yours at first, testing if you were okay with this, with Steve Harrington pushing your head to his from the neck, moaning in your mouth and kissing you harder. His lips parting and his tongue darting out. He let out a long pleasured moan when your own tongue touched his.
So, so much for being just a dream. It was enough for you to lock your hand in his, the other finding way on his cheek. Both of you let out muffled giggles that broke the long deep contact but didn't stop you from pecking his lips. "What do you think, hmm?"
Steve didn't let you get as far, his forehead pressed against yours, breathing heavily and leaving small kisses every few seconds on your smiling lips. "I would definitely like a cat." He laughed at that, eyes closing with the force of his happiness. Getting impatient with the fucking counter between you, he jumped over it and dragged you to his body. Arms enveloping you and not letting you move too far, only for his mouth to find yours again. Kissing you deeply.
Now you did let yourself fall on his embrace, moving your arms one around his neck and the other to his back, obliging him to incline his tall frame on you.
Minutes went past, with you against the counter while Steve kissed you, all tongue and teeth, and small giggles, tired laughs. His lips brushing against your jaw, leaving the tingle sensation of love that only the love of your life could mark on you. You stroked his hair and pulled when his lips found in your neck that spot that made you moan near his ear. Steve only letting out a raspy chuckle.
With your body inclining more to his, who started to push you more against the counter, your back arching with the edge pressing to your middle back. Time passed, floating endlessly around you two.
A muffled "Hey... guys?" Was barely heard from behind the backdoor. Between Steve's hands squeezing your hips here and there you didn't hear Robin until her fist slamming against the door made you both jump. "Not me being a bad friend, cutting your moment, which I really hope you are having because I'm tired of both of you whining about the other, but I think I might have, kinda "kinda" locked myself in here..."
You shared a look with Steve, smiles coming into laughs, one of his arms still on your waist, two pair of running hearts and red cheeks. "Could you be so kind to get me out? It's kinda getting hard to breath, I'm not really fond of small spaces, y'know? Yeah, you know... I mean-"
"Coming!" You said and before you walked to open the door, your hand was hanging onto Steve's neck, your lips kissing his. As if something normal between you. It lasted a few seconds but it was enough to leave him breathless when you pulled away, murmuring softly to him, "I love you too, Steve." Proud of the idiot smile you left on his face, you went to open the door.
Turns out you were absolutely wrong, and you have never been more happy about it.
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222unknown · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
maya hawke in her taylor swift era
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juneberrie · a day ago
dating robin buckley
lizzie’s thoughts 💭: this is a repost from my old blog.
pairing: robin buckley x fem!reader
fandom: stranger things
Tumblr media
okay so
she literally cannot stop talking
we all know this
but with you?
she either lets you ramble (rare occasions only) and doesn't really talk or she will not Shut Up™️
but she's cute so its fine
you, Steve, and her work together, first at scoops ahoy and then at family video
cuddles with her >>>>
she will be the big spoon, she luvs holding her baby
she's like a living heater?
so warm
nicknames!!!! she'd probably call you: honey, baby, sweetheart, angel, sunshine, sunflower, and princess!!
you would prob call her: bubba, Robbie, robs, belt buckle, honey, pretty girl.
side note robin loovveess being called pretty girl and she will probably be like "🥺 no you" and that's how you're spending the next half hour
going on dates to the drive-in and also (before s3) at star court, and by "dates" at star court I mean she basically gave you free ice cream and used up all of her breaks to hang out with you
you guys were "best friends" to everyone except Steve, who knew
also, random thought I had: during the season 3 thing in the russian base (WHO DO YOU WORK FOR???! heh. scoops.), the russians used you to get robin to talk, iykwim? idk how got explain it without being to violent so you imagine that, but robin was probably sobbing and yelling, at them not to hurt you anymore :c
you got pulled into the upside down with Steve, her, Nancy, and eddie
the fruity five lol
another random thought: vecna almost got you in the upside down too but robin was there, holding ur hand and pulling you down, tearily singing your favorite song until you collapse into her arms, hyperventilating, and she's comforting you, softly stroking your hair and rubbing her hands up and down your arms, quietly whispering and pressing kisses into your hair.
"I'm here, baby, im here, im not leaving, not letting' you go, okay?"
I want a robin pls
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farren-elwood · 2 days ago
Headcanon (Robin/Ronance):
Sometimes she forgets to take off her rings when she goes to sleep, so the next morning she wakes up feeling her fingers all weird.
Same goes with her wristwatch (that black one from season 3).
If Nancy is there she will remind her
Or directly, carefully, take them off her
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sophemeva · a month ago
Nancy : Why is Dustin crying?
Steve : I am having Max be mean to him.
Nancy: What?? Why??
Steve: He got a D in Spanish and then cheated.
Nancy : Well, you can't use Max for that, discipline your child yourself.
Robin : Nance, max got straight A's , she needs to be rewarded too.
Eddie : it's a win-win.
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hawkinsqueers · 25 days ago
Steve has had a crush on every single person in this photo...
Tumblr media
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mr-junior-mints · 3 months ago
Steve and Robin in the car alone one evening and he works up the courage to be like “how did you know you were gay 🧍‍♂️” and she’s like this motherfucker 🙄🙄
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troy-bolton-undercover · 3 months ago
Steve: Yeah, we just met, but I would fuck you if you asked.
Eddie: What?
Steve: What?
Dustin and Robin, in the background, eating chips:
Dustin: You said you would fuck him if he asked.
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robin-buck1ey · 3 months ago
Who said same-sex couples couldn’t adopt till 2017 in the U.S? /j
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Robin Nancy Max + Steve Eddie Dustin
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limoncella-bella · 23 days ago
Steve: Hey Robin, I’m going to get my ear pierced. Do you know which one is the gay ear?
Robin: Steve, I can’t believe you’re asking me this! You know it doesn’t matter, it’s just a piercing!
Robin:…is this because Eddie still thinks you’re straight?
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steddiesucker · a month ago
Everyone sitting in Steve’s living room, high off their minds
Nancy, very seriously: Is having a penis fun?
Jonathan: It has its ups and downs.
Argyle: it comes in handy outside, though.
Eddie: Sometimes it’s a little hard.
Steve, snorting: It’s a pain in the ass, is what it is.
Eddie, full on laughing now: Sorry babe!
Robin: Oh, Jesus, fuck, guys, come on.
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bujomoss · a month ago
Tumblr media
roadtrip drawings pt. II
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stevesbipanic · 2 months ago
Eddie: Why are your tongues purple?
Robin: We had slushies. I had a blue one.
Nancy: I had a red one.
Eddie: oh.
Eddie: OH.
Steve: You drank eachothers slushies?
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jellolegos · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
something about Nancy saying she needs a quote for an article about the band, then pulling robin in for a kiss in a secluded part of the library… felt I had to draw it
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