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fruit-sy 2 days ago
April being the best big sis ever + How she met the turts (more under the cut)
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waokevale 2 days ago
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Edo Lullaby馃幖
I'd like to think Atsuko used to sing this to young Splinter to sleep or to calm him down. So once he had kids of his own he began singing this song from his memories as well.
Later on when he became more depressed and spent less and less time with his kids, Raph began to sing it instead (I'd feel like Raph would remember things that felt extremely important to him, hence why.)
And once Splinter began getting more involved with his children again, and especially after the events of the movie, they sang the song together to their family.
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anatawahitorijanai 2 days ago
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Y鈥檃ll remember that sailor moon meme that went around a couple or so years ago?
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ingunnsara 3 days ago
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Here are some stuff I have done!
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Fun Fact: Alligator Snapping Turtles often eat other turtles
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funneylizzie a day ago
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(Reposted to include part 2!)
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cupcakeslushie 2 days ago
You know a fun episode that would still work with the seperated au?
Stuck on you!
Raph wants the family to work better as a team so he sticks them all together using one of donnie's experiments.
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You鈥檙e so right. The chaos.
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brickatello 2 days ago
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turtle doodle reqs wahaha
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mikyomix a day ago
3 - Battle
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the first thought to go through my head was a battle of the bands type thing, and I thought "haha what if Leo defeated the krang with the power of song" then I immediately thought of the ending to the spongebob movie so I scrapped everything else that would've been cooler and did what I do best... the silly.
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missmousebean 2 days ago
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you cannot tell me donnie wouldnt be the biggest vocaloid enjoyer
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beanstalk-nicholas 2 days ago
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kytiit0o 2 days ago
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comic inspired by LFLS fic by eternalglitch
this even DOES NOT happen in the fic nor I expect it to happen, I just wanted to try my hand at a sad comic :- )
edit: (1/2)
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misteria247 2 days ago
Rise Splinter: So is anyone going to explain to me why the older turtles look so spooked? Exhausted??? Both???
Rise Raph: Well......it's a long story.
Rise Splinter: Well I'm ready to hear it tell me boys.
Rise Mikey: Ya see pops our friends are um......
Rise Leo: They're what you'd call uh.......
Rise Splinter: What?
Rise Donnie: They're orphans papa.
Rise Splinter:.......I'm sorry they're what?????
Rise Raph: Their dad he's......he's no longer with them.
Rise Leo: So Lee and his brothers have been on their own for awhile.
Rise Splinter parental concern: Their father is......then who's keeping an eye on them? Who's keeping them safe and clothed?? Who's making sure that their clan is being kept together????? Are they eating properly???? They look rather thin??? And tired???? Have they been sleeping well????? Who's making sure that they get love and affection??????
Rise Donnie: Lee. He's the head of the clan for him and his brothers.
Rise Mikey: Yep, he does a pretty good job too. Then again it's only been about a year since they've been orphaned.
Rise Splinter already going to get adoption papers: No. Absolutely not, I refuse to allow this to continue. As the head of our clan, I Hamato Yoshi am going to do what must be done. No sons of mine are gonna be orphans!!! These four new turtles are now my babies as well, they're mine to feed and nurture and protect, and if anyone tries to take them from me I will personally make them regret even breathing in their direction. We'll need to make the lair bigger for your newest brothers to stay with us and no I will not accept anything else other than this. They're my boys now and you can't stop me from adopting them-!!!!
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anatawahitorijanai a day ago
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I really need to... remember to post on Tumblr.
Here鈥檚 what I call my ROTTMNT Magical Girl AU!! It鈥檚 an AU where they can transform into these designs that got cut from the S2 Finale 鈥淩ise鈥 storyboards!
More details under the cut!
Each of the boys have some new improved powers!! These are LIMITED FORMS HOWEVER, which means they can assume these forms for a short amount of time. A last resort, a power burst.
Raph mostly still uses his Ninpo powers, but now he can form other things with them! Like the dragon claw you see, he can also fully transform himself into a larger creature, almost like a dragon or a dinosaur.
Donnie is made of code. In which, his body interacts with the world differently now--and he has access to a digital copy of the world that exists parallely with it. He can make himself turn into code/glitches to dodge attacks, and can also phase through electronics to make them malfunction. When he鈥檚 tired though, he may flicker inbetween the lines that separate the digital version of the world and the real world.
Leo is basically made of fire. He can make himself go intangible. His mask tails defy gravity and are made of fire themselves--like Hades (Disney鈥檚 Hercules), if he鈥檚 tired or distracted, they may go out.
Mikey is basically... a god. You know Okami? Okay, now take the Celestial Brush and give it to Mikey. Now, in Mikey鈥檚 case, he can鈥檛 use his powers fully at first. He can only draw chains, and also cut things... but he learns how to do other things as he practices his new powers. However, after summoning his brush, it takes a massive amount of energy, so he鈥檚 only able to help for so long before he passes out for, like, a week.
There鈥檚 more to it, but this is the basics! Thanks for coming to my Magical Girl ted talk :)
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rottmnt-incorrect-quotes 2 days ago
Little Leo, shatters a window and climbs through it:
Little Leo, turns around and helps Little Mikey through it: Breaking and entering is wrong Mikey
Little Mikey: Okay
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one-evil-rottmnt-enjoyer 2 days ago
LFLS SPOILERS!!! If you don鈥檛 want them avert your eyes!!!! I also have spoiler warning tagged just in case :)))
Noooo I鈥檓 not drawing LFLS fanart what ahahahaa
(Yes I am)
@eternalglitch that new chapter hurt me :(
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(Without border)
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radicaldadood 2 days ago
Y/N: you're an attention-seeker.
Leo, gasp: i am not!
Leo: I'm the total opposite of an attention-seeker. I'm the best there ever is, the great Leon Neon do not- hey don't look away when I'm talking here.
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