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馃拃 Death Lurks Everywhere 馃拃
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THE LAST OF US聽| official teaser聽+ game quotes聽
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(by Riley)
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Riley's life is so hard.
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Ghost x reader
"I didnt you you where funny!"
Summary: you and ghost get stuck in the infirmary with nothing to do but say cheesy morbid jokes
Tw: talking about death, dead baby jokes, violence
A/n: this is just fluff nothing really romantic
You and ghost were stuck in the infirmary together after a nasty attack from the enemy, you suffered a bullet wound in your thigh, and ghost suffered from a stab wound in his abdomen protecting you from getting hit from the knife.
You layed next to each other in the infirmary ghost his eyes closed and hands clasped together and you on your side facing him trying to not put weight on your thigh. Luckily you slepped on your side so it all wroked out.
"Thanks for saving me out there" you said tracing shapes into the sheet of your bed
Ghost grunted "Didnt want you to get killed"
"I would kill for some vodka right now" you sighed "being drunk would feel so much better than feeling this fucking pain"
"Whiskey sounds great" he said
You made a face "i dont know how you drink that stuff it burns so much"
"You have to savor the flavor" he replied
"Hey" you say "A skeleton walks into the bar, and ask the bartender hey, can I have a whiskey and a mop?" You joked
"Thats a good one" ghost replied "mind if i use it?"
"Go right ahead,you know you never finished the joke you started" you said
"Which one?" He asked
"The gold fish one we got attacked before you said the punchline"
"Oh two gold fish where a the tank"
"One lookes to the other and says "you know how to drive this thing"
You giggled
"How do you make a octopus laugh?" You asked
"You give it ten tickles" he replied
"Heres a better one, what do you call a man woth no arms and legs in water" he replied
You started to chuckle
"What do you call a guy with no arms and legs at the door"
"Matt" you replied
ghost rolled his eyes and let out a sigh/chuckle
"Whats the difference between a dead body and a humvee?" He asked
" i dont have a humvee in my garage"
"Oh my god!" You laughed "so now were getting dark okay!" You could see a smirk form in ghosts eyes.
"How do you get 100 babies in a bucket"
"How?" he said
"You use a blender" you said
He looked at you eyes serious
"Thats fucked up y/n."He chuckled
"What can i say i have dark humor" you replied
"What is funnier than a dead baby?" Ghost asked
A dead baby in a clown costume."
You laughed loudly "THATS WORSE THAN MY JOKE"
Ghost laughed
"looks like i found my match"
"Inded you did" you replied still laughing
For the rest of the night the two of you started exchanging more dark jokes with each other. This might have been the first time ghost has had a laugh in a while.
After that night the two of you start exchanging jokes all the time from silly dad joke to completely morbid ones.
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Finally, the last part of the Twitter request portraits! This part's theme is "everyone who didn't fit any of the previous categories".
(The characters are listed in the alt text)
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Keeping Up with the Cullens - Episode 20, pt 4.
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i miss kevin riley so much he was the best character in the world it was insane he got space high and was the most annoying man on the planet and then like 6 episodes later they were like hey he鈥檚 still the most annoying man on the planet and also he鈥檚 one of the only 9 witnesses to a horrific mass murder in which his entire family died
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Team Red Brothers 馃拃馃Ъ
Tumblr media
I thought I'd draw them both in the team red operator skins. I love these two. I think they have a very nice friendship. 鉂わ笍鉂わ笍鉂わ笍鉂わ笍 鈾( 鈼♀库棥 )
Here are two more versions... well, what's two. Once in black and white and the other are the messy lines. (锝°兓//蔚//銉伙健)
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@pscentral鈥 event 09: comfort
Ellie Williams and her comfort people聽 (lyrics: Ghost Towns by Radical Face)
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kestrafagnor a month ago
If Marvel can give Andrew!Peter Parker closure by catching MJ in NWH, they can do the same for Sam.
I don't care if it's with Torres, the new Falcon, or Barnes, who also has trauma for not being caught in a fall...
They just have to do it.
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those customers
Ever had to deal with someone like this? lmao Comm for Titled
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Riley and the two animals that followed him home
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