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it takes a village to raise a child
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 capcom you fucking cowards
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im tired
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This is the worst thing I’ve made all month, please enjoy
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Would you believe this was based on a scene from Glee?
Because it is. My flatmate, who had never seen Glee, recently got to enjoy some "Glee moments out of context" videos and upon seeing one person wielding a butcher knife and clubbing down onto a slab of meat, my flatmate said "Lady Dimitrescu vibes". So here we are.
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The Lord's helping their s/o recover from an injury
Alcina Dimitrescu
She had left you in care of her daughter's
Or them in your care
She was leaving to meet with the other Lord's and Mother Miranda
Lady D gone, the girls wanted to play a game
Hide and seek!!
They hide and you... well you don't seek
You actually just do whatever, and they end up popping up whenever
You sat on the balcony, reading and enjoying some coffee
The girls had started to play earlier in the day
It was afternoon, when you started to get worried about them
You got up to search rhe castle
Finding your way into the library, you heard their laughter
One at the top of the steps Daniela, shot out in front of you
Letting out a "boo", raising her hands above you (you know like a monster on Halloween)
You yelped and tumbled down both sets of stairs
"Uh oh..." Cassandra said, standing next to her sisters
You landed heavily on your side, blood streaming from your head
The girls rushed to you, finding you knocked unconscious
Things got worse, as Alcina finally came home and saw the trio trying to maneuver you to your room
"What happened?!" She barked, taking you from them
Though not listening for an answer she took you up
You sturred in her arms, "Al...Alcina?"
She shushed you, caressing your cheek
"You have a head wound, Darling. But do not fall asleep."
You tried to nod, but failed, resting your head on her shoulder
Once bandaged up, she asked you what happened
You explained, leaving out the part about the girls scaring you
She nodded and looked at you wound
"You'll stay here with me until your fully healed."
You tried to argue, but she only stood, taking you with her
And tucked you in
For the next few weeks, Alcina took care of all your needs
Food, drink, changing your bandages, keeping you company
She almost gave you a bath, but you protested to the point of almost being drug into the bathroom
She finally conceded and let you bathe alone (sometimes)
"Why are you coddling me, Alcina? I'm an adult! Yo-"
"If something where to happen to you. If I was to lose you, my wrath would know no end."
You shut your face after that
And finally let her take care of you
Your head finally fully healed and Alcina finally backed off
She keeps a better eye in you though
Salvatore Moreau
"Its was an accident, Salvatore."
"You shouldn't have been there, my precious."
You where in the bed, surrounded by blankets
Bruised ribs, is what Donna told you
And you knew you couldn't move
But that don't matter now, your safe
Salvatore kept you there, serving you hand and foot
But you had gotten tired off his constant condescending tones
"Darling, shut it. Your not helping me heal by stressing us BOTH out. Please." You rubbed your head
And he promptly shut his mouth, reaching over with a cool hand, soothing you
Letting out a humm, you enjoyed his hand, gently rubbing your now throbbing head
Smiling, your fish man stood and you let out a whine
"Im going to get you some pain medicine, my dear. Ill be back shortly." He promised, lumbering away
He kept his word, bring you something for your ribs and head
He helped you sit up, and you huffed after taking the medicine
"Im sorry for snapping at you..."
You know he never took your snapping at him as a serious matter, he was always patient with you
Moreau took your hand in his and smiled
"My Precious. You know I don't mind."
You frowned, whincing from the pain and from his gentle tone
"You get it enough from the big bitch and metal bastard.... I shouldn't give you shit..."
He hummed, sensing your pain, both emotional and physical
"Yes... but do rest..."
You settled down for another nap
This continued for a few weeks...
Until you were able to walk on your own
Yet he ordered some of the Vârcolac to keep at your side
Angie and Donna Beneviento
It happened in the damn garden
You told Donna to get rid of the roots from some of the bigger plants
But she insisted it was for the better
And now you were sitting still with ice on your sprained ankle
And your girlfriend buzzing about like a bee
"Im sorry. I didn't think they would get in the way like that..."
You tried to tell her that it was fine but she kept coming into the room and out of the room
Handing you tea and snacks every ten damn minutes
You finally grabbed her and pulled her into your lap
"Donna. My love. Dearest thing. Please. Calm down. I just sprained my ankle. I just need to stay off of it for a while ok?"
Donna finally took a few breaths and relaxed against you
"O-ok. I-"
You patted her head and gently rubbed her back.
"Yeah, yeah. Just be quiet for a bit ok?"
She could really be worrisome, and sometimes you had to remind her to cool it.
She soon fell asleep on you and you followed suit
Karl Heisenberg
"I told you to keep outta my part of the Factory. And look at you now. All wrapped up like a burrito."
You glared at him
It was true, your food was wrapped up like a burrito
But that was because your boyfriend was an idiot
A mechanical genius
But a fat idiot when it came to matters about you.
"Karl. I only stubbed my toe. You're over reacting."
He huffed and placed a tray of food on your lap
And sat next to your foot, giving it a poke
You frowned and kicked him with your bandage boot
Well tried to
In retaliation, he stood up and laid on you with his full weight
Knocking the wind out of you
It was just his way of keeping you still and in his arms
Just an idiots way of dealing with the love of his life
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I finally got around to playing bloodborne and ya know what? A lot of similarities to re8, maybe I’ll make more crossover art in the future 🤔
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Devil on your shoulder 😈❤
Based on @crumb-crumblet-s-crumbington 's devil/angel au!
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Graduate student Donna Beneviento x Professor Y/N
Alright, so a while ago, I posted an idea I had for professor Donna x Y/N, but my friend @althememelord suggested this scenario. I have not forgotten about it! I've just been too busy with other projects. Donna is still a milf in this one because I'm gross. Read the one about professor Donna here ! Let's get into it!
Donna was in her last year of graduate school. She had enrolled later in life after her daughter, Angie, had become old enough to go to school. She wanted to finish her education and hoped to become a botanist. She also had a major interest in ecology. Donna was very intelligent, but she often found it hard to make friends and connections. She was, rather painfully, shy.
On the first day of classes, she walks into her plant genetics class and sees somebody already in the room.
You are casually sitting on the edge of a desk, reading. You have a book in one hand and a coffee cup in the other.
Donna notices just how attractive you are. She reasons that you must be her professor. You shouldn't be allowed to be this good-looking. How is she expected to focus?!
You see movement out of the corner of your eye and look up with a smile. "Hi, there!" You say in a friendly voice, but your eyes go wide... Wow, what a gorgeous woman. She looked to be about your age, but it's possible she might even be a bit older than you..
Donna's dark eyes flit downward in embarrassment. "I hope I'm not bothering you, professor. I know class doesn't start for ten more minutes, but-"
"No, no, nonsense!" You wave dismissively. "I'm Y/N L/N." You introduce yourself, standing up and holding out your hand to her.
Donna giggles at your kindness and walks over to gently shake your hand. She is so glad she finally got a seat in your class. Donna has heard wonderful things about you, but whenever she tried to register for the courses you taught, they were always full.
You love how warm her hand is. She smells really nice too... Damn, get your head in the game, L/N!
"I'm Donna." She tells you.
Your eyes light up. "Ah, yes, Donna Beneviento... I recognized your name on my list of students for this semester. I've read over a few of your research papers from when you've submitted for grants before. You're very impressive." You smile.
Donna blushes bright red at your praise. You've seen her work? And you liked it?? There must be some mistake.
"Actually, if you have time at the end of class, I'd like to have you meet with the head of ecology here at the school. There are some research opportunities I’m taking charge of that I think you'll be perfect for. Just need to run it by the boss.” You say, smiling.
Donna's heart stutters a few beats. This is what she had been hoping for. A chance to prove her skills. She looks at you with even more appreciation. You didn't have to do this, and yet, you decided she was worth the effort. You must really value her work. "T-thank you, Professor L/N. I'm honored."
"No worries. This department could really use your help." You say, laughing. "Also... You can drop the title. Y/N is fine." You wink.
Yeah... Donna's pretty sure her heart just stopped.
Before you get a chance to say anything else, more students come flooding in and you excuse yourself to go make introductions. Throughout class, Donna is having a really hard time focusing. All she can think about is you. How kind you are, how generous you are... How good of a kisser you probably are. Wait, what?! Damn it! She didn't want to blow this opportunity because she had a crush on you. She takes a deep breath and tries to calm herself. She's not very successful.
After class, you escort Donna to her meeting with the head of ecology. It goes... Really well. You have only good things to say about her, and she ends up being brought onto the research team. She wants to cry she's so happy. If she does well, the head of the department said she would become a permanent member after she graduates... The only problem is, she will report to you. She's gonna need to nip this crush in the bud.
You two end up walking out to the parking lot together.
"I'm over here." You say, pointing to your car with a grin. "Tomorrow morning we'll get started over in the lab. I'm really excited this worked out." You beam.
Donna flushes at the breathtaking smile you are giving her. "T-thank you for believing in me." Donna says quietly with a shy smile of her own.
"You've earned this." You tell her. "I'll see you tomorrow!" You call out as you head over to your car.
Donna can't help the butterflies she feels as she makes her way over to her car... However, as she goes to put the key in the ignition, the car doesn't start. She tries it again a few more times but no luck.
Donna sighs. She's going to need to call somebody. She gets out of the car and reaches into her purse for her phone, but she is startled slightly by your voice. She turns around, only to see you again.
You had seen her frustrated face as she got back out of her car and came over to see if you could help. "Having car trouble?" You ask.
Donna sighs. "Yes... And today was going so well too." She pouts.
You think she looks adorable. "You might just need a jump. Mind if I take a look under the hood?" You ask, wanting to help.
"Oh, you don't need to-" Donna begins, but you hold up a hand.
"No worries. I'm happy to." You grin.
Donna takes a deep breath to try and control her emotions before she nods. "Thank you." She tells you.
"Not a problem at all." You say and begin taking your blazer off. "Would you mind holding this for me? I don't really care if this shirt gets dirty, but that jacket is the only nice one I have." You say, scratching your neck in embarrassment.
Donna can't help but admire your toned arms in the short-sleeve shirt you've got on. She literally feels her mouth begin to water at the sight of you. Thankfully, she snaps out of her stupor before you notice her staring and eagerly holds out her hands to take the jacket.
You pop the hood open and take a look. "Could you try to start it again?" You ask her.
"Of course." Donna says bashfully. She gets back in and tries it once more.
All you hear is a clicking sound. "Yeah, it's the battery. Thankfully, it's an easy fix." You tell her as you come over to the driver's side door. "I've got jumper cables so I'll give you a quick jump and you should be good to go." You smile and give her a thumbs up before you go over to your car.
Donna can't get over how nice you are... It doesn't help that you're also very charming. She lies her head back on the headrest and groans. If simply interacting with you makes her flustered, how is she ever going to be able to work with you? Only time will tell, she supposes...
Note: I loved writing this. Let me know if you want another part!
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I said it in my silly essay but I think it’s so fucking juicy how heisenberg thinks he’s the only one who wants to be free without realizing he’s the only one who CAN be free. like lady d had an entire life before this. she was a grown ass woman when miranda kidnapped her. you think moreau doesn’t wish he wasn’t an ugly fish person and more people loved him than Mother Miranda??? you think Donna isn’t lonely and wishes she weren’t stuck in a cycle of constantly encouraging her own mental illness to please Miranda??? heisenberg is the only one who doesn’t have a grotesque physical mutation or bond to Miranda isolating him from society but heisenberg doesn’t understand that they don’t have any other option, he just sees a complacency because Miranda has purposefully created dynamics that turn them all against each other so they can’t unite against her (because if they did let’s be real 3/4 turn into big fuck off dragons and the fourth has hallucination powers I’m sure they could do some major damage)
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my rose♡
Tumblr media
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DISCLAIMER: everything i know about resident evil is 7 minutes long video with The Duke moments compilation. But it's enough for me to be The Duke fan! Why did they put him in this creepy game, i want him in a date sim... 
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Any headcanons about the 4 lords childhoods?
Yes <3
Headcanons about Donna Beneviento, Salvatore Moreau, Karl Heisenberg, and Alcina Dimitrescu's childhoods.
Warnings: mention of injury.
Masterlists here!
Donna Beneviento
Tumblr media Tumblr media
She was the type of kid that sat outside and made daisy chains. She was also the type of kid that sat outside after it rained and played with the worms.
Before Angie was made, Donna verbally communicated by making little noises. Whines, sighs, etc. She preferred to gesture or nod/shake her head, though.
She started using Angie to talk a few months into having her around. She'd say two or three words at a time, and only after being directly addressed by her parents, sister, or the gardener.
The scar she had on the right side of her face? It was from attempting to grab a full glass on a counter much taller than her, accidentally knocking it to the floor and breaking it, then slipping and cutting her face open. She actually got a few other scars during the incident. They're on the palms of her hands and forearms. They were also far less severe than the one on her face.
Although she was close to both of her parents, Donna was definitely a bit more of a daddy's girl.
And as for the gardener, Donna considered him family. He was the only parental figure she had in her life after her parents died.
Claudia, Donna's older sister, died from influenza, which she caught from Donna. Claudia was practically Donna's best friend. ...Aside from Angie, of course.
Donna couldn't go to sleep without a bedtime story.
Salvatore Moreau
Tumblr media Tumblr media
When Sal was six, his family got a beagle. Her name was Dash and she lived until Sal turned nineteen. You'd see him with that dog more often than you didn't.
He had a brother and two sisters. They were all older than him.
When Salvatore was four, his brother taught him how to fish. It quickly became one of Sal's favorite things to do.
He also rather enjoyed spending his time playing marbles and jackstraws, drawing in the dirt with sticks, and collecting cool rocks.
Salvatore was a complete and utter mama's boy.
He didn't get on too well with his father, but he wanted a closer relationship with him. So bad. That never happened.
He used to go by the nickname Salvo.
He would suck on his middle and ring fingers, which ended up giving him an open bite.
Karl Heisenberg
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Karl lived with his grandparents, parents, and three brothers.
He was a bit of a crybaby up until his teen years.
Also, a massive chatterbox. More so around adults or older kids than people his age.
That dog tag he wears around his neck? Karl's grandfather gave it to him when his health started deteriorating. Karl was about nine when he died. He's worn it almost every day since.
Any German he knows he learned from his grandparents, who natively spoke it and knew minimal English.
Karl kept his hair fairly long. Usually about midway down his shoulder blades.
He and his family came to live in the village when he turned right.
Alcina Dimitrescu
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Alcina has had an interest in music for as long as she can remember. She started taking piano lessons when she was three, was always listening to the radio, records, or one of her aunt's wax cylinders; kept songs she wrote in her diary, begging to go to live performances...
And speaking of her aunt, she lived nearby and Alcina was closer to her than either of her parents.
She had two younger brothers. She didn't have much of a relationship with either of them. She practically resented the older one.
She was someone who snuck around a lot and hid a lot of things, which wasn't too difficult since her parents were always more focused on her brothers.
And when she was particularly young, she was a fighter and a biter. You said something Alcina didn't like? Guess who's getting shoved! Or bitten. Her parents—or rather, her nannies quickly put a stop to all that.
She was a chubby kid.
She had one close friend growing up. Her name was Claudia, and they ended up dating in secret when they were teenagers.
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𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐃𝐞𝐩𝐭𝐡 𝐨𝐟 𝐘𝐨𝐮𝐫 𝐖𝐨𝐫𝐝𝐬 ~ 𝐀𝐥𝐜𝐢𝐧𝐚 𝐃𝐢𝐦𝐢𝐭𝐫𝐞𝐬𝐜𝐮 𝐱 𝐑𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐞𝐫
Tumblr media
Summary: As a Countess of a village on the outskirts of Romania, something Alcina valued very dearly was culture and tradition, whether it'd be the food, the celebration, the language, and the like, they were held close to her heart. Of course, not as dearly as her family, but close. You understood this, and while you tried to keep up you felt something was missing. So you took it upon yourself to learn the language of your wife's home country, enlisting the help of your daughters along the way. OR You learn how to speak Romanian and somehow it only makes Alcina fall for you even harder. Pairing: Alcina Dimitrescu x Reader Warnings: Very mild suggestive language (although it does all take place in Romanian), but regardless, 18+. Otherwise, just a whole boatload of fluff. Author's Note: Hello my lovelies, I know I haven't written anything besides short little prompts in a solid millennium, so here you go! Did I absolutely pump this out as I was supposed to be studying? Absolutely. But hey, the little joys in life take precedence, no? Hope you enjoy :))
You weren't born and raised in the village. Hell, you weren't even from Romania in the slightest, only coming to visit as a naive tourist who happened to stumble into Castle Dimitrescu and by some miracle managed to not die. Even more so, you were able to catch the attention of the ever-graceful and powerful Countess Alcina Dimitrescu, making her fall for you, and you in turn. For who could resist the charms of a Goddess herself?
But you always felt something...off, a disconnect between yourself and the rich culture of Alcina and her family's hometown. Of course, you tried your best, ate the (very delicious) food, and upheld traditions. But there was one extra step you wanted to take. learning the language, at least a bit.
So you took it upon yourself to find every Romanian book in the library and try to learn it yourself, so you could at least have somewhat of a conversation with Alcina.
One day, however, the girls walk in on you fully immersed in your studying, writing down notes and squinting at the words so unfamiliar to you. You were concentrated entirely on your studies, zoned in so much so that the outside world was completely outside your field of focus.
"What are you doing, mama?" Dani asked curiously, peering over your shoulder. you shrieked loudly as you felt a part of your soul dissipate in the air in your fright, quickly inhaling air as you tried to calm your heavily beating heart. Your daughters only snorted with laughter at your reaction as they waited for you to calm down.
"Don't...laugh at me, alright?" you say with a nervous chuckle, but you knew they would do anything but. They merely leaned in curiously as they waited for you to tell them what you had been up to.
"I'm trying to learn Romanian for your mother, I know how much she values tradition and the land she was born in, so..." you say, gesturing broadly to the piles of books surrounding you. The titles ranged from fairytales, dictionaries, and even "Romanian for Dummies".
Bela only smirked at you knowingly as her eyes sparked up in awe at your dedication, a similar expression on Cassandra's face. Dani, however, looked at you as though you had just painted the sky with Alcina in mind, her eyes glowing like freshly spun gold as she swooned.
"Oh! That is so impossibly sweet, Mother would absolutely love that, mama. She would end up falling for you even more somehow, I'm sure," she says with a squeal.
"Although I for one am confused as to why you didn't come to us for help, mama. Had you forgotten that she's not the only Romanian in this household," Bela says, stepping forward to pick up one of the fairytales to analyze before glancing at you with a grin.
You feel yourself flush lightly in embarrassment, that fact had completely flown over your head in your drive to learn.
"I...suppose I had, Bela. Although any help would be greatly appreciated now," you say, your fingers playing around with one of your butterflies. A byproduct of your cadou products, and a great focus when you wanted to look anywhere else but your daughters in the light of your silly mistake.
"Nope, that's definitely a Bela and Dani sort of thing, my Romanian is absolute ass and probably even worse than yours," Cassandra says, her hands up in the air. "Now weapons training on the other hand, that I can help you with."
Bela only snorts in response. "Absolute ass is an understatement Cass. Remember that one test we took back when we were newly turned? If I can recall correctly Mother had taken one glance at yours and just handed you your sickle as she sighed."
Dani laughed out loud at the memory, “I remember that!! You didn’t even notice Mother’s reaction, you just took the sickle and bolted out the door as fast as possible,” Dani reminisces, her eyes growing distant as she recalls the fond memory from way back when.
“OKAY! Okay, I get it. I think Mama gets the point,” she huffs, arms crossing over her chest in annoyance.
You stand up and float over to her, pressing a kiss to her forehead gently.
“It’s alright, sweet child. No one is good at everything, and your weapons skills definitely make up for the fact,” you say reassuringly as you run your fingers through her hair fondly. “Enough teasing your sister, girls. Or must I remind you of the time Daniela decided the balcony was a-”
“NO, DON’T REMIND THEM,” Daniela jumps in immediately as the first few words leave your mouth.
“Or the whole kitchen fiasco-”
“Nope, enough of that. I have no idea what you mean,” Bela says, eyes widening in slight panic.
You only grin at their reactions before drifting over to your other two daughters, pressing a kiss to each of their foreheads as well.
“Alright, alright. But don’t forget, nothing escapes this mind,” you say, tapping the side of your head to prove your point.
Oh, how you were sorely mistaken.
From that day forward, Romanian lessons were everyday from 1-2pm when Alcina was deep within her paperwork, timed correctly as to not arise suspicion. Bela was overlooking your studies as Cass and Dani had joined in, as she had been the one to help tutor them when they were younger after their Mother’s lessons.
Bit by bit you had learned the language, but not without difficulty. Sometimes the words just refused to stick no matter how many times you had gone over them, or your mouth just failed to produce the necessary sounds and you ended up saying a different word completely. But nothing comes without hard work, so you kept at it and before long you could keep up a somewhat decent conversation.
“Yes! Excellent work, mama. Your phrasing was perfect that time,” Bela says with an excited clap of her hands.
You exhale somewhat shakily as your mind runs a million miles a minute, running through the entire dictionary you had accumulated through these lessons.
“Oh thank Mother Miranda, I feel like I just did a finals exam,” you say with a tired grin.
“Well you passed with flying colours, that’s for sure,” Bela reassures.
“Okay but let’s be honest, will Mama really saying “the dinner is delicious” to Mother? Where is the FLAVOUR,” Dani exclaims with a huff.
“I say that all the time though…” you murmur.
“What do you mean, what else would she say?” Bela asks confusedly.
“I love you, I need you, or mi-as dori ca faţa ta sa fie sub pasarica mea in loc de acest scaun ca sa ma pot aseza pe fata ta,” Dani says with a mischevious smirk while Cassandra howls with laughter and Bela’s jaw drops to the floor.
“ABSOLUTELY NOT, if anything Mother can teach her that phrase, I’m sure they could make good use of it,” Bela says, her face red but still smirking in amusement.
The only word you could pick up from that phrase was chair…which is mildly concerning, but you kept it in your back pocket regardless.
“I have no clue what you said, but I do think ‘I love you’ would be very sweet,” you say.
“Oh that one is easy, it’s just ‘te’” Cassandra says, gesturing for you to mimic.
“Iubesc,” and Cassandra nods.
“Te iubesc,” you say.
“Or ‘va iubesc’ in plural form,” Bela adds.
“Well then, va iubesc, fiicele mele,” you say. ‘I love you, my daughters’
A chorus of ‘awww’s are heard before the three of them are surrounding you in a group hug as they say their ‘I love you’s back. After a little while, they pull away and Bela speaks up.
“I think you’re ready. At least for now, of course, there’s a lot more to learn, but even now I’m sure Mother would be over the moon at your level of speaking,”
“Yeah! Even if you just said one word to her it would be enough,” Cassandra chimes in. “You know how she is, of course.”
A wave of slight nervousness washes over you, which was odd. She was your wife after all, but you understood the importance her culture held, and to completely butcher it is a horrifying prospect even if you knew she wouldn’t mind.
“Mama, you’ll be fine. Just remember what we taught you and it’ll be enough. Besides, mama needs a break,” Dani says before she pulls a plate of cornulete cu gem out of thin air, a type of white chocolate and apricot cookie.
“Where-, how?” you ask confusedly.
“Don’t question it, just go,” she says before shoving you out of the library and towards Alcina’s office.
Floating through the hallway your emotions, despite not showing on your face, are inconcealable with your butterflies, who flitted around more quickly than usual and were hotter to the touch. Pausing for a moment you think of cold things, ice cream, icebergs, iced water, ice.
“GO MAMA,” you hear Cassandra shout as she pokes her head out of the library door, “enough dawdling!!”
You felt like a child whose parents just made them go up to the counter and order food, what a horrible time that was. It always paid off though, but at what price?
Huffing lightly you float over to the office door, knocking lightly.
“You know you don’t have to knock, my love,” you hear Alcina say from within, and you take that as your sign to enter.
“I know, I know, but just in case you were busy,” you say, matching your wife’s smiling face as she looks at you with an impossible amount of fondness that was of course possible because it was the two of you.
Her eyes drag over your body unashamedly, eyes darkening the tiniest bit.
“You look stunning today darling, good enough to eat,” she says lowly.
“I could be wearing nothing but a flour bag gone through the incinerator and you would still say the same thing, Alcina,” you say with a laugh, making your way to her side before pressing a kiss to her blood-red lips.
“I can’t help it if it’s the truth, my sweet, as though you cast a spell on me I can’t help but be honest.”
Your cheeks flush at the admission even after all this time and you glance away in mild embarrassment.
“While…you can’t eat me just yet,” Alcina’s eyes light up at that, “I do have something you would enjoy,” you say as you show her the cookies.
“Oh my, just what I needed,” she says as her nails scratch gently through your hair before making a home on your cheek. “Work was just getting tedious as of a few moments ago, you always seem to know.” You only smiled in response, shrugging your shoulders.
“Sit with me? I just had tea made a little while ago,” she says, gesturing to the teapot on the side table.
“Of course, my love,” you say.
Too lazy to move about, you simply cast out your butterflies and they carry the tea and chair to the desk, the room lighting up in a fiery glow before they make their way back to their place as part of your body.
Alcina can’t help but watch in awe, no matter how many times she saw your powers in action they never failed to leave her speechless.
Reaching out, she was about to pour the both of you some tea but you beat her to the chase.
“Allow me, Alcina. You’ve been working all this time,” you murmur.
“If you insist, sweet thing,” she says fondly, and you begin preparing the tea just how you knew she liked it. Once that was done you sat back down before your world got tilted on its axis as she pulled you into her lap.
“No need to be so far away, my love,” she says with a mischievous smirk, hands running up and down your thighs lightly.
“If you insist,” you repeat back to her playfully. She only chuckles in response before taking a sip of her tea and picking up a cookie.
You watched her as she took a bite, her eyes closing in bliss as she savoured the flavour of a dessert she adored, and you couldn’t help the words that slipped out of your mouth despite all other plans of holding an actual conversation with her.
“Te iubesc,” you whisper softly, surprising yourself as you hadn’t meant to say them out loud.
In an instant Alcina’s eyes are wide open in surprise, looking down at you as if she couldn’t believe her ears.
“What did you just say?” she asks softly, but you knew she had heard you.
“I-, Te Iubesc Alcina,” you say more assuredly this time around, but no less nervous awaiting her reaction. Her eyes widen once more in shock, and even more, beneath all that was nothing but absolute adoration as she dropped the cookie onto the plate and pulled you into a breathtaking kiss. You shifted in her lap so that you could wrap your arms around her neck, and that lead her to deepen the kiss even further so that the full range of her emotions could be heard, or felt rather.
After a short while, she pulled away as you both panted lightly, and as you looked up at her all you saw was that eternal love you had both promised each other, and then some.
“When did you learn Romanian, dearest?” she asked curiously, fingers trailing up and down your back affectionately.
“I had thought it would’ve been nice since you value the tradition and culture of the village so much, you know? The girls had helped out a lot as well, giving me lessons as you worked.”
“Well it was quite the surprise,” she smiles, “one no less appreciated, however. What else did you learn?”
“Um…” you think back to that phrase Dani had said earlier. How had it gone? You were curious as to what it meant if it garnered that kind of reaction. “Mi-as dori ca faţa ta sa fie sub pasarica mea in loc de acest scaun ca sa ma pot aseza pe fata ta?” Alcina almost freezes like a deer in headlights as she processes your words before her eyes darken with lust, and she leans down so that her lips are pressed to your ear.
“Asta se poate aranja.” she says before you’re swept into her arms and carried off to your shared rooms, silent promises of what she was going to do to you lingering in the air.
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