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samwisethewitch · 3 months ago
I literally do not care what the Bible says about any political issue. I am not Christian. Christian scripture should have zero effect on my life or my personal freedoms. 
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emordnilapxpalindrome · 3 months ago
“If anyone needs to go camping in my state…” “If anyone needs to visit their aunt/cousin/friend…”
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Even IF you personally know every person you’re offering this to and know with 100% certainty that they’re legit: YOU HAVE JUST CREATED A POTENTIALLY LEGALLY DAMNING DIGITAL PAPER TRAIL.
I know how obnoxious this is to say, but please: reblog this. I see these posts a lot, and I know most of you have good intentions. But these unoffical auntie networks are dangerous, both for those trying to help, and those seeking help. Law enforcement sees you. Violent anti-abortion extremists see you.
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[Twitter thread]
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leepacey · 2 months ago
yesterday on july 29th 2022, west virginia republicans were going to pass the US’s most restrictive abortion laws — it would’ve banned abortion in ALL cases, including rape, incest, and medical emergencies. their reasoning for banning it in cases of rape? because women are all liars, so any slut could get pregnant and then just lie and say they were raped.
because of all the protestors, the bill was NOT able to pass
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because of them and our few democrat lawmakers successfully filibustering, the bill failed to pass, and we got a few more weeks of legal abortion care, until the lawmakers reconvene and debate all over again
our democrat lawmakers (mike pushkin and danielle walker)’s faces when the republicans were talking about women all lying about being raped:
Tumblr media
additionally, they let a few protesters speak on why abortion should remain legal:
this 12 year old girl spoke on behalf of young rape victims:
Tumblr media
a transgender person spoke and was horribly mistreated by the republicans:
Tumblr media
(link to their fundraiser for WV reproductive rights)
and katie quiñonez, director of the only abortion clinic in all of WV, was dragged away from the podium as she shouted “when i was in high school, i chose life. i chose MY life, because my life is sacred” (link goes to the video)
when liberals and leftists laugh about natural disasters happening in places like appalachia and say we’re getting what we deserve, people like these protestors are the ones you’re condemning to die. appalachia is full of leftists; they’re the ones in the most danger from the “all rape victims are liars” republicans, and they’re the ones on the frontlines of national reproductive rights — because if abortion is completely banned in red states, we’re one step closer to the national ban republicans are pushing for
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cishetsbeingcishet · a year ago
in light of the texas abortion ban here’s a reminder to stop debating what counts as a human, baby, or life with pro-lifers because that is not a debate you can win. you can not win a philosophical debate about what counts as a person, and you will not change their minds.
what can be proven is that in no situation under united states law is an individual legally obligated to lend their body or organs for the sake of another life. 
4.5 million people each year are in need of blood transfusion, the entire process of donating blood takes a little over an hour, it’s free, and a single pint of blood can save up to 3 peoples lives, but there is no legal obligation or requirement to donate blood in place. 
it is illegal to take organs from deceased peoples’ bodies without permission. CORPSES. bodily integrity is prioritized by law, even after death.
it doesn’t fucking matter whether a fetus is a person, whether a fetus is alive, whether a fetus has a soul. it literally doesn’t matter. pro-lifers set up the argument through that lens (hence their name) to evoke empathy and pity and take the focus away from the actual process of pregnancy, which changes a person’s body FOREVER. that is not an exaggeration. whether the pregnancy is complicated and high-risk or totally smooth sailing, the birthing person will physically never be the same. if they’re lucky, they’ll come out of it with weight gain, differently shaped breasts, and changes to the cervix/vagina. if they aren’t, there’s a fucking laundry list of potential complications that could arise, that may eventually fix themselves, need surgical or therapeutic intervention, or never go away, like varicose veins, separation of the abdominal muscles, incontinence, prolapse, diabetes, postpartum depression, and chronic pain, just off the top of my head. and this makes no mention of the very real possibility of income disruption, as well as the financial cost of giving birth, and the chance of fucking death, which is even higher for underserved communities like black women.
there is no basis for a governing body forcing an individual to lend their body or organs for the sake of another life. that is the argument. period the end.
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they-callme-ami · 3 months ago
Yt women want to be the number one victims at all time soooooo bad, don't they. Women of color--especially black women in the past 2 years tried to warn y'all, just like with EVERYTHING they suddenly want woc to 'help' when oppression finally affects them. Now all of a sudden, we get shit like this:
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Straight up making it seem like other protests for the lives of black people meant nothing, the protests of the lives of Asian people meant nothing, advocation of immigrants and so much more--oh that's nothing to themed! They never cared. They are making the overturning of Roe v. Wade all about them, get woke points and sympathy.
I'm tired of it.
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unwashedace · a year ago
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tributary · a year ago
the availability of abortion is not a necessary evil but a social good
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magnetothemagnificent · a month ago
If you're a pharmacist and you refuse to fill a prescription due to "religious beliefs".... don't be a pharmacist. It's as simple as that.
My religious beliefs prevent me from eating pork. That's why I don't work as a food taster.
If you're a pharmacist, you're gonna have to fill all kinds of prescriptions. Birth control, Plan B, hormones...sorry but that's part of the job description.
You can't go into a job where part of the job description is filling prescriptions, and then cry about having to fill a prescription you "don't agree with."
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cherrypigeon · 13 days ago
for the last time being pro-choice isn't about whether or not the fetus counts as a person, it's about whether or not the government should have the ability to make you act as a life support incubation unit for nine fucking months.
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twilightcitysky · 3 months ago
My daughter is four. She came home from school and told me she was playing a game called “Princess Gets Rescued From a Tower”. The kid of two feminists, living in a liberal city in a blue state, at the age of four, has internalized the idea that princesses need rescuing. 
I did four years of residency in ObGyn and three years of residency in Psychiatry. I am an MD and a practicing psychiatrist. I don’t have the bandwidth to look at the numbers right now, but I will tell you from personal experience with hundreds and hundreds of patients that women are the strong ones. Most of the babies of teen girls I delivered had no support apart from their own mothers. I wrote “father of baby not involved” in the chart more times than I can count. Most of the pregnancy terminations I performed were for girls and women on their own. Nothing made me feel like I’d made more of a difference than providing a desired termination for a teenager and placing her IUD. Now that girl gets to continue her education, develop her frontal lobe, and decide who she wants to be and what she wants to do. She doesn’t have to be a baby trying to raise a baby. She doesn’t have to be another cog in a system that perpetuates the cycle of poverty in order to keep women and people of color from working towards equality, equity, fairness and real change. 
Make no mistake. The overturning of Roe vs. Wade today is not about saving the lives of the unborn. It is about control of women’s bodies and agency, particularly poor women without the resources to travel out of state for a pregnancy termination. Women are meant to be property. Don’t believe me? How many letters have I received addressed to “Mrs. Husband’s First Name – Husband’s Last Name” instead of “Dr. My First Name – My Last Name”? How many people think my kids have their dad’s last name, because he’s the man and when you get married you’re supposed to give up your identity? Yes, it’s only a name. Yes, it’s tradition. But try speaking up against it— even that one, small thing— and see how much resistance you run into. 
Now women want more than our own names. We want to be paid the same as our male colleagues. We want our voices to be heard in legislation and government. We’d even like to be the president someday. At bare minimum, we’d like to decide the timing and circumstances of when we become parents, because women still carry the majority of responsibility for raising children today, with rare exceptions. We are on a tightrope with no safety net, because there’s so little in the way of institutional support for people who end up with a baby to support and no way to put food on the table. 
People who are thinking about how to get from one day to the next aren’t in the streets protesting. People who are terrified that they’ll be beaten or raped by their partner aren’t rallying for change. People who are trying to raise a child on a minimum wage salary with no parental leave benefits, without any sort of support, aren’t getting an education. People who are working two jobs to keep a roof over their heads aren’t voting. 
And that’s the goal. 
The princess in the tower may need a rescue now, but ask yourself who put her there. Ask yourself who robbed her of the tools to escape, because she’s strong and capable. If you’re a woman, stay safe. If you’re a woman of privilege, help your sisters. If you’re a man, speak up for us. And if there’s any part of you who feels that this is a move that will help any human beings at all, including the unborn children who are the proposed beneficiaries, I cheerfully invite you to get fucked. Nobody wins when women are forced to have kids they can’t or don’t want to support. Not them, not the kids… and not you. 
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gaymageclub · 3 months ago
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we have a moral obligation to help each other
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fem-fatalist · a year ago
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Figured I’d share this for anyone struggling in Texas right now, or anyone who needs abortion help. 
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roguebelle · a year ago
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[Text:  So… apparently Texas has passed some asinine anti-abortion law where private citizens can claim a fucking bounty for spying on their neighbours, and someone setup this site to take reports from anyone on which women to persecute prolifewhistleblower.com Remember the Trump Tulsa rally ticket fiasco? It’s time to poison the dataset, my friends. If you’re in the US, go and enter as many random reports as you can. Use fake but believable names. If you’re outside the US, use a VPN. Spread the word. Let’s see if the WordPress instance they’re running this shitheap on will hold up.]
I encourage y’all to be creative with what you submit! From me, they’re getting quotes from The Crucible, reporting various characters from the play.
If you need an address, the Texas Capitol is in Austin, Travis County,  78701.
Can someone alert the TikTok kids and the KPop fans? I feel like they could have this website broken by dawn.
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socialistexan · 3 months ago
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"People who have the physical power to create, nurture, and give life also have the power to decide when and if it is the right time to do so."
Abortion bans are a violation of my religious liberty as a Jewish person. Banning contraceptives is a violation of my religious liberty as a Jewish person. Adjudicating law solely through a Christian lens and standards is a violation of my religious liberty as a Jewish person.
It is exceedingly clear that when politicians and the Right-wing in this country talk about "religious liberty" they mean the liberty for the most extremist Christian fundamentalists to impose their beliefs onto this country and turn us into a theocracy. Plain and simple.
That dog whistle should start sounding like a bullhorn to y'all now.
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spaceshipsandpurpledrank · 4 months ago
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pwh3 · 12 months ago
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Women's March NYC, October 2nd, 2021.
Women's March events were held all over the country in response to recent efforts by right-wing radicals to use the rigged judicial system to restrict the rights of women. Here in New York City, a large rally and march was organized. The rally began in Foley Square where participants listened to guest speakers and musical performances.
Several of the guest speakers urged everyone present to vote out any politician who is not staunchly supportive of women's rights. Other speakers pointed out that the Supreme Court has been compromised by right-wing radical judges and should be expanded during the Biden Presidency to restore balance to the institution.
After the rally, the group took to the streets, marching from Foley Square to Washington Square Park. The weather once again favored liberal New Yorkers, with an unusually warm October day featuring bright sunshine and temperatures nearing 80F (27C) degrees. --PWH3
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