bigfatbreak · 2 days
How many "episodes" will the AU get?
to be honest it was supposed to stop at that first chapter i made with the fair. and then the second one doubled in length while i was working on it. so if u wanna ask that question angle it upwards and see if god will answer you with the same indifference he answers me
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mrkida-art · 2 days
i dont know if you take requests but id love to see a dwarrowdam in your style with a magnificent moustache!!! i love your art
Thank you :D I don't generally take requests but here , you get one anyways!
Tumblr media
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timethehobo · 1 day
Tumblr media
Agsjsbsjd thank you so much! I’m glad peeps seem to be enjoying them, especially the Charlies. Still trying to find a style that’d fit them. 🤗
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luckthebard · 2 days
Weirdly specific and overly long Critical Role Ask Meme: C, D, E, G
Had to go to my blog to find these letters, lol, I don't do that often.
C. Minor character people in the fandom are obsessed with that makes you go “them? why?"
Honestly, Bryce. They were, like, fine, but they were ultimately just a random townsguard who was an early campaign quest-giver.
D. Minor character you are (correctly) obsessed with.
If he counts as minor, Eadwulf. I want to know so much more about that dude.
If he doesn't, the guard in Eiselcross who Jester convinces to build a snowman. One of Matt's more charming instant creations.
E. Meta you would write if you did not fear people would be SUPER weird about it. This is also an invitation to write that meta and block the haters.
I think a couple people have answered this the same way but I have a LOT of thoughts about Caleb's feelings for Jester and how they evolved over the campaign and the point at which he ultimately laid them to rest and transitioned into strong friendship feelings. I think this is an incredibly interesting part of Caleb's story and moving on from his feelings for her was of huge importance to his healing process. But there is no way people would be normal about everything I have to say about that.
G. Alternate outcome in a main campaign that you don’t necessarily wish happened, but that you wish you could see played out in an alternate universe before returning to ours.
I would love to see what a version of C1 looked like where Scanlan never came back. I want to live in the alternate universe where Sam played Tary in the final battle against Vecna. Just to see lol.
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gideonisms · 8 hours
what’s it like reading homestuck just because of the locked tomb… totally not because i’m also considering it 🫣
Well, as someone who understands the plot of harrow the ninth and is also listening to a podcast to help me understand the plot of homestuck, I still don't understand the plot of homestuck. Fortunately this doesn't matter because the point seems to be making various characters meet up and say things to each other. Overall, my main opinion is I would like to feed karkat a carrot. his little teeth are adorable and I want to watch him chomp and bite
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blueteller · 3 days
I was reading through your posts earlier and saw the one about LSH CJS & KRS' abilities, and it made me want to share my personal headcanon for another Ability of KRS. As a disclaimer, I think this is very unlikely to be canon, but I found it such an interesting idea that I have pretty much integrated it into my headcanons and just wanted to share since you were also guessing about potential other abilities for him. Basically, I think an interesting third ability for KRS would be: being in the right place at the right time. I know it sounds pretty lackluster, but hear me out. Over the course of canon, there have been a LOT of lucky coincidences for Cale. He is constantly stumbling into people who desperately need his help at exactly the right moment to provide it (and earn their undying loyalty.) Hannah and Jack are just one of many examples of this. It's like his random encounter chance is at 100% at all times. Now, I do understand this is run of the mill for fiction, and in order to have a good and interesting story you need to maintain a certain suspension of disbelief for the lucky/unlucky coincidences the protagonist runs into, and I have no issues with that, which is why I say I doubt this is a canon ability. BUT, I do think it would be both interesting and reasonable within the setting for KRS to have that sort of ability. To explain my imagined details, it is basically an intuition of "if you go to this place at this time, then something you want/need to do will be there". No hints or anything about what will happen, just "go here and figure the rest out on your own." For the guy who can never leave anyone to suffer, even as he insists he wants to be a slacker, I think it would be something he couldn't ignore. Basically, it is a useless and even confusing ability for anyone but Cale, who has maxed out observation and strategy skills allowing him to notice the Random Encounters in his vicinity. It would also explain all the times he just so happens to run into exactly the person he needs to solve either a current or future problem. Honestly, what inspired me to think about this was the idea that a lot of Cale's dear friends and family members would straight up be dead if he hadn't coincidentally been there to give them the opportunity to save themselves, and it made me really sad so I came up with an Ability to fix it. I basically overthought things so much the power of Cale's protagonist halo leading him to story-relevant events was unable to soothe me, lol.
That's truly, really interesting! I don't think you overthought this at all – because it matches quite well with a certain theory of mine! …Well, not 100%, but hear me out.
Personally, I don't believe that Cale has a "luck" ability.
It's still a solid theory, of course – because if he had such an ability, there's a high possibility that he wouldn't realize it (having lived an extremely difficult life, on the top of being emotionally dense). In his previous life as Kim Rok Soo, he was under the Curse of the God of Death, which caused him constant misfortune and suffering. However, a "luck" ability would alleviate the symptoms a bit. Meaning: despite the odds, KRS still survived. He still made friends. He still experienced joy. Perhaps it was just because the Curse was weakened for KRS in comparison to the White Star, but perhaps he also had a natural affinity for good fortune, which helped him out.
I don't believe that's the case, though. Because you forget another important factor in TCF which hadn't been explained in detail yet: and that is Karma.
Now, according too google, Karma (in Hinduism and Buddhism) is "the sum of a person's actions in this and previous states of existence, viewed as deciding their fate in future existences." In TCF, it seems Karma is some form of energy, which can be obtained in three ways:
being naturally born with it
saving a lot of people by sacrificing yourself
stealing from other people by killing them
While we know that Karma can be used for transportation between universes ("I dedicate my Karma", a method used by the Hunters), and also having a lot of it means ascention into a divine being like a God or a Wanderer… I believe that Karma is also tied to fate, in a way. Good fate, to be specific.
Someone like KRS, who bore the Curse by no fault of his own, his Karma would remain unaffected. He would have earned a lot of it by saving people through-out his life and sacrificing himself constantly. Remember the incident where Choi Jung Soo and Lee Soo Hyuk died? KRS decided to stay and sacrifice himself, too. Just because he didn't die doesn't mean his sacrifice didn't count.
My point is: I think KRS got a lot of Karma. Which means there was a lot of good fortune in store for him. However, due to the Curse blocking all of it (or most of it, who knows), it was bottled up and unavailable… until the moment he transmigrated as Cale.
As Cale, he suddenly had a huge untapped reserves of good fortune on his side. And I think that was the reason why he was so lucky. He was guided to all the allies he would need by this force of Karma, which is directly tied to Fate. He was even able to alter the fate of the Black Dragon's – Raon's – death. The narrative stated that it was such an important event, that even Nature took notice of it and had to "accept" Raon as living in the world. Cale's earned Karma was so powerful he was able to implement such a huge change.
To sum it up, I don't think Cale is lucky because he's a protagonist written that way, or because it's an ability of his. I really think it's because of Karma, and that we will find out more about it in the future.
Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts with me! I hope my reply did not disappoint 😊
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wizzard890 · 11 hours
It was the brilliant Billy Thomas, a Brooklyn-based photographer, videographer, and all around lovely man. He was one of the best things about our wedding, I've never met such an affirming and creative guy. Here are some shots he got of the venue, our rings, and even the perfume Aria and I wore day-of.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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decisiontoleave · 1 day
top 5 tv shows
okay I gotta split this up..
utopia (2013) by dennis kelly
the hour (2011)
Mr. robot
bojack horseman
also westworld, mad men, lost, les revenants, the knick, halt and catch fire, atlanta, fleabag, glitch 2015, etc etc etc
the great
we are lady parts
mythic quest
the lazarus project
sort of, the bear, the serpent queen, iwtv, succession, severance, luther (lol)
the bisexual (2018)
the third day
it's a sin
picnic at hanging rock (2018)
brand new cherry flavor, miss sherlock, young pope, now apocalypse
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ancientannoyance · 1 day
What is the meaning of the constellation in your Sixth House drawing?
No real meaning, the constellation is cassiopeia and cassiopeia is also the name of the founder of the sixth house, ergo a kind of symbolic depiction of the sixth house's history and origin.
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lotshusband · 2 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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andorerso · 3 days
I think RebelCaptain shippers are so insecure about Melshian because you all know it will become Cass’ most popular ship one way or another. I don’t see any of you talking bad stuff about Bix/Cassian because, well, nobody cares about them so there’s no need, right? But you see Melshian as a threat because if RebelCaptain stops being Cassian’s most popular ship, Jyn will lose the only spotlight she has, right? Because people only care about her when talking about the ship with Cassian because she’s not relevant by herself
sweetie, no one's insecure here but you. I'm perfectly happy and chill with our over four thousand fics, dozens of brilliant authors, plenty of fanart and gifsets and manips, and plenty of people who still love them. no one even talks badly about melshian, you're the one who comes into our inboxes to harass us each and every single time. I don't even think about them until you come here to talk shit. I've said a million times that I'm perfectly fine with melshian, what I'm not fine with is you refusing to mind your own fucking business. so if we're talking shit about anything, it's not melshian, it's YOU. we're talking shit about you.
listen to me when I say this: not shipping something doesn't mean you automatically hate it. although I get how that might be confusing for you, since you clearly dedicate a lot more energy into hating rebelcaptain than into actually shipping melshian.
Jyn is pretty relevant all by herself, and most of us love her just as much as we love Cassian, if not more. she's gonna be just fine. also get real for a second... rebelcaptain will always be Cassian's most popular ship.
give it up, buddy. you're not making anyone angry with these, you're just making yourself look pathetic.
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bigfatbreak · 2 days
Hey boss are you alive? Just checking in.
yea ive been. playing with pokemon kgjndfg
i promise ill have the next update out this week legit ive been sitting on the frames for like five days, it'll be here i promise-
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idkhowbut-art · 12 hours
So.. does like any ghoul that sits next to Rain when he is wearing a dress feel the urge to lift the skirt and touch the inside of is thigh? Or is it just me? 👀
Oh most definitely 
On days/nights/events where he does wear a dress there’s all eyes on him 
The others are tripping over themselves trying to be the first to grab his attention and sit next to him when they are literally anywhere 
Sometimes when they are sitting there’s always that thought, the thought of ‘should i?’ Of course if they do rain wouldn’t oppose 
He lives for the attention, you’ve seen him on stage, he loves it. Any and all attention he can get from his peers he’s happy with. So on those occasions where ghouls may get handsy, he simply pretends to ignore it.  the slow glide of a hand up his leg isn’t easy to ignore, especially as it inches closer and closer to his inner thigh. Once it does reach that point he stops it, not because he doesn’t like it, but more because he can’t have anything showing through the flowyness of the dress.  once that point is reached though it’s fair game to that ghoul, they have him for the night.  Trust me once the event is over he’s immediately gone with that ghoul, and that pretty dress is definitely put to good use, hiked up around his waist as he’s being completely ruined by that one lucky ghoul. ;)
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alicent-criston · 17 hours
Atp I doubt theyll even include Alys since they seem to be going for (unrequited?) helaemond, aemon/naerys style. Dont see how Aemond suddenly falling for Alys would fit in unless theyre gonna make it about his childhood brothel trauma. Or theyll simply have a mutually beneficial relationship where they help each other but they're not in a romantic relationship&the writers will say it was the maesters making assumptions about their relationship.
i like helaemond, i really do, but i don't see how "they are going for" anything. it's a ship based on headcanons and two vague looks, and a desire that helaena is in a loving relationship, so i don't see how aemond couldn't fall in love with alys or why it should be some trauma. aemond/alys will absolutely happen, this isn't some sara snow type of a situation, the question is just if she will be playing him or not.
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luckthebard · 2 days
For the recent CR ask meme; 6 and 19.
6. NPC you would most like to see as the subject of a Tales of Exandria series.
I think it would be cool to do one of Ja'Mon Sa Ord. Maybe even something about the founding of Ank'Harel. Give me that comic.
19. You can swap one subclass (not class) for any one main campaign main cast PC. Which character, and what's their new subclass?
The subclass didn't exist at the time so this wouldn't have worked, but I would love to see a version of Caleb where he reinvents himself directly as a Chronurgy Wizard. Like if Matt had created the subclass at the time and Caleb was played as inventing/creating the time spells and abilities as he leveled up? That would have been super cool.
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gideonisms · 5 hours
Similarly--can I read TM's fic without learning anything about H*mestuck (corollary, should I)
For the oneshots, I would say absolutely you can read them no extra info required. She has some random john/karkat and dave/terezi and I think one about jade that are basically just, slice of life stories with angst in the background. All you need to know is there are aliens and they're in love with various human characters, and something bad has happened to their home planet. For serendipity gospels. Hmm. I read that fic before reading homestuck and it made homestuck more comprehensible. Take that as you will. SHOULD you read it? Well it certainly, has flavor. I mean if you absolutely cannot stand A) long unfinished fics B) long passages in the internet speak of the early 2010s (much like the memes in gtn there is a point to it but whether you find it readable is up to personal taste) and C) the infamous troll romance quadrants (which she basically treats like an outdated social code the characters can't get past) then no you should not. I'm trying to summarize it and coming up short but basically, two aliens have a strange and violent romance for 130k words and tazmuir commits to the clown religion bit harder than anyone has ever committed to the bit
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