vlad---masters · 2 days
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oni-tengu · 2 days
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advice about piercings...from a piercing enthusiast
EDIT: i have been informed that his ears are not a body mod!
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ane-doodles · 6 hours
so umm... i just made this recently. Actually some of the sketches were supposed to be full drawings but i need the reference.
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this is my sun and moon design (yep, keep changing, now looks more like noddles)
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stickus1 · 2 days
late at night sitting drawing little reference of my Scout's skin's, I love this boy and I have 2 skin's for two different teams, if you don't mind I would like to leave this reference here, maybe this reference will get bigger and you will learn more about them <33💜
(in general, for the future I plan to draw a comic with them)
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magnuspirate · 2 days
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barrenclan · 19 hours
Does… does ladybugstar have a design… please tell me they are red
Special delivery just for you maddy :) Unfortunately I did not read the rest of your ask before opening it so he is brown </3 but his EYES are red!
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He was the leader after Wheatstar, and took over during BarrenClan's most unhinged, disorganized point. The effort of pulling the Clan back together nearly killed him, and he was feverish and skinny for the rest of his tenure. He often lost his train of thought during meetings, forgot to eat, and slept a lot.
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decepti-thots · 11 hours
So I was hoping I would find it and I did: it turns out someone DID take video of the TFN panel where they went through the first ever draft they found for the TF animated movie. It's just not on Youtube, which will teach me to not look harder for this shit, lmao.
Anyway I promised some folks I would post it if I found it so. Here! I'm so glad this got recorded, it was a BLAST. Watching it is the best way to uhhhh. Experience this draft, trust me.
(Sidenote! These are hosted on MEGA, so you may have a daily GB streaming limit that you come up against, but if you download them it should be OK- the limit is harsher for streaming than downloading.)
Almost every TFN 2022 panel was recorded in fact- see here! I know some folks who follow me were interested in Brian Ruckley's panel, for example, they got that one.
…the ONLY ONE they seemingly didn't get of real interest is the IDW retrospective one and let me tell u when I recorded that thing on my phone voice recorder Just In Case, i can only assume i was being given divine inspiration to do so.
ANYWAY. Go watch the first draft presentation, it's fucking Nuts.
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jookpubstock · 1 day
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New references!
Please read the Rules
You can also find me on
Twitter - Instagram - Patreon - Ko-Fi - Mastodon - Pinterest
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Assorted hands pngs
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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grumpy-zane · 3 days
((You know I like to draw Dareth but I feel like he is, in general, a pretty hard character to draw. So hard in fact that I avoided drawing him for a long period of time compared to drawing the ninja (and the cursed typo fusion).
So, I thought of a quick guide that may help! Its mostly his hair that is a nightmare to figure out, but I will try to dissect it.
Tumblr media
(The first Image is a conglomerate of 4 screenshots of Dareth from multiple angles, mainly focusing on his hair. He is smiling with his eyes close in 3 of the cropped screenshots, with the smallest having him looking uncharacteristically done with the situation he is in.)
The first step is to look at him and not take psychic damage. It can be challenging, but possible. Gather a good sense of the shape of it.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
(The Second and Third image is a series of progressive drawings. The first of which starts with a shape of a head drawn in grey, with a brown hairline with sideburns drawn on top of it. The second drawing on the first image adds to this, completing a general shape of hair that rises slightly in the front and center above the hairline. The Third Image starts with onto where the second image left off. Lines are added to the general shape, identifying the general direction the hair is going, which happens to be up and back. There are two smaller drawing beside it emphasizing the motion in which the lines flow. Just as the lines move up and back in the front, they carry on and move down and towards the center of the back of the head. the lines in the back point to the center base of the hairline on the neck.)
Secondly, its about capturing the general direction of it. Once you get that down, you can play with it whichever way you want! ))
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jade-the-kobold · 2 days
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An incredible updated reference sheet from the delightful ScribbleLiz
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raintailed · 2 days
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AUUUGH forgot to post this!!!
wickcats are awesome :]]] also for the soul, the only abnormal part is the flame being multicolored
notes transcript under the cut
Notes transcript:
Main reference
Foli; he/him
always wide-eyed
flame color and brightness vary
flower on back
before the flowers: different expression and behavior
soul has multicolored flame
Flame color guide
flame colors can mix!
neutral/happy: orange, angry: blue, sad: red, afraid: yellow
brightness matches energy level
subdued: low brightness, excited: high brightness
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House Beneviento
The exterior (better quality and without the white layer)
Good luck to the sims community!
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willoillo · 19 hours
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Commission for Venseyness of a reference page for his OC!! He's a bit silly but very cute. First time in a while I did the little chibi ponies, too, think they turned out great n_n
Support me on Patreon or Ko-Fi Check out my website for more like this Commissions Open!! DM me for more info!!
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022023 · 1 day
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kukulkahn · 1 day
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A visual breakdown of Namor’s Cenotes/Surface Outfit, and how the design pulls from Mesoamerican influences. By @Majora__Z on Twitter:
“The piercings, necklace, cloak (tho rulers usually had blue ones), and upper armlets here are perfect, almost 1:1 to actual Mesoamerican regalia The bracelets & pauldron shape are more fantasy or southeast asian (jtho latter has Maya motifs) but this was def namor's best outfit”
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