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daily-deliciousness · 2 days ago
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Steak marsala
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themegalosaurus · 4 months ago
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The take-a-walk type (inspired by this post by @prelawboy, which really tickled me)
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monstrologie · 4 months ago
in red meat when sam “died,” dean wanted to stay. he wanted to stay he didn’t want to leave he was going to stay. he promised to come back when he had to leave but he wanted to stay he wanted to stay and be killed by the werewolves beside sam he wanted to stay he wanted-
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kansaskissedlips · 4 months ago
So glad you’re taking prompts again, I missed you! Can I just get some sweet, fluffy, later seasons Wincest cuddles? ❤️
"You sure you're okay?" Dean murmurs, running his fingers up and down Sam's bare back, mindful of where he's still bandaged from his gunshot wound.
"I'm fine," Sam sighs out, sleepy as he curls towards Dean. "Just a little sore." He closes his eyes, bone-deep exhausted.
"I just - it's barely been a week since - y'know. You were shot. I just need you to take it easy out there." He moves his fingers from Sam's back, grazing them over Sam's belly - over the wound there.
Sam opens his eyes, tilting his chin up to look at Dean. "The pain's manageable, Dean. And I'm - I'm okay. Really. I survived. That's all that matters."
Dean pulls him closer, grip tightening. "Just checking. 'Cause if you need to talk to me about it...well, y'know. I'm here."
"I'm fine," Sam says again, "I swear." He goes quiet for a second. "That's nice. What you're doing on my skin."
Dean smiles. "Yeah?" He applies a little more pressure, letting his fingernails graze Sam's back and chest. He traces his name with his finger.
Sam grins. "What - you branding me, or something?"
There's a light snort. "You wish, sweetheart. 'Sides, I've already branded you six ways from Sunday." He gives Sam a little smirk.
"You love it."
It's quiet for a moment, and then Sam asks, "Dean - back there. Did something else happen?"
"No. No, Sam. Everything's fine."
They both know Dean's lying, but maybe that's a conversation for a different night.
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archivistsammy · 5 months ago
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stackednatural, march 30
1.17 “hell house” // 7.18 “party on, garth” // 11.17 “red meat” // 12.6 “ladies drink free”
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suncaptor · 9 months ago
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naves04 · a month ago
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junkdrawerbrain · 3 months ago
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Red Meat by Max Cannon, 2022-Jun-07
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emmi-kat · 2 months ago
Just a PSA that these use pork gelatin, for those who may have sensitivities.
I think I've been taking these the entire time I've had chronic pain and I didn't think to check until a year after I was told to avoid red meat products. 🤦‍♀️
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11.17 red meat / hands
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daily-deliciousness · 2 months ago
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Marinated london broil
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1kn3wk1llroy · a year ago
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peach-coke · a year ago
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➤ Supernatural || 11.17 – Red Meat ⤷ On Dean. In his own way, with different outcomes— he just went through the same thing.
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christ-our-glory · 4 months ago
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Christians are free to eat anything that the Old Testament once prohibited, except what was determined in the Jerusalem Council (Acts 15): • abstain from things contaminated by idols • abstain from what has been strangled • abstain from blood These dietary restrictions were instituted for the Gentile Christians so that they wouldn’t become a stumbling block to their Jewish Christian brethren. Interestingly, Paul says it’s fine to eat meat that was sacrificed to idols as long as you don’t know it was sacrificed to idols, but if you know it was sacrificed to idols then you can’t eat it (1 Corinthians 10:27-28). So, realistically, you have two of three dietary restrictions still in effect (since you can simply not ask if it was sacrificed to idols). Also, does that mean you can’t eat a rare steak? Fun fact, steaks are bloodless. The red dripping down your meat is composed of water and a muscle tissue protein called myoglobin. Blood is actually drained from animals before they get cut into pieces. Weirdly enough, some women eat their placenta after giving birth (super gross and creepy). This would definitely fall under the “abstain from blood” command that all Christians must still obey since the "blood" from the dietary restriction refers to lifeblood (Leviticus 17:14). If you don’t go around visiting butcher shops asking to buy blood so you may drink it raw while pretending to be a vampire or run around trying to choke chickens to death so you may eat them, you will most likely never break these dietary restrictions that are still in place for all Christians.
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her-penetrating-soul · 10 months ago
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Bon Appetite..
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ghost-go-roasty-mctoasty · 10 months ago
Watching the Romeo and Juliet episode rn, don't you just love it when they parallel sam and dean with couples? Amazing television. Watching Dean comfort and help sam while the werewolf boyfriend is doing the same thing in the background is just spectacular
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yourmadnesswon · a month ago
Decided Lucifer did keep Sam alive in Red Meat because Sam inadvertently sent a prayer to him (more like begging for mercy in confusion of oxygen deprivation and agony), and Lucifer kept him alive and justified it was okay because he got to watch Sam hide and walk around in agony.
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